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Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, December 24, 1890, Image 2

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DSC. 24. MM.
"V F. SclTwlTl E It ,
arras abb rseraiBTea.
aa t a J
David L. Kib preaKSen J116
of Clearfield county, waa fenken fi
nancially by the failure cf Sacaier
Tub Bis; Indian Sitt;-.' Ball M
kil'.ed in a fij;Lt last "week. Sittinj
Bull mi aot a great ejldi.r or fit
... t
er. Ha u a atroojf man aa a ra:e
uhief maker.
Et SiNif a W.ilaia A. WaUee, of
Claarf.al.l, lste -oinpetitor ufGoveru
or Pettisou fr Ua dema-era'-ic nomi
nation f. r (Werner fail J last wek
to the am-unt cf about $400,000.
Hi. friende i hie aatftta will pay all
hia dehts
A rbu askable feature of tha poli
tico of the lata campaign in Pennsyl
vania ia tLat WUiM Barker ef the
Independent party, ','iliiaUi Wal'ace
of tha leui ciatic irt- , nd
IMsiaater o the t uUicen party
ara bankrupt.
Tm beak eoroa tinauciers dia-rue
,,...)hi i. Uida to tha ai-
t.ressicii. that tr j pewole wLo ara -or
the free coinage of ei'ver, desits ta
wake silver th leading eoiu. Saeb
ia not tha mc, tha peop'.e oui da
iia that ailve.- coinage ba placed on
au equality bafore tha law with gold
In 1873 alu'l waa quietly engineer.
ad through cj,,'r-., atopp:t g tae
free co.tia;; of silver, and since then
that piecio i metal La circulated on
jte inherent, iatriu.io Talna. It i
tiuio that Cuu'raasi raatora- t to ita
lagal right. -TLat'a alL"'
Tub Lab-ialatr.ra thia wiutar aaould
paaa a law mi'aiiiii( all candidates
for alica in tea towtiahipa and lor
ougba al tba spring eie4iuu to be
aominatad aud aouounoad at leaat
tww wteks Lefwie alectiau day. The
pi ut taaauer wf ueuiuatiu ia a
bad uiit. It irta any eue oistwo or
threw or rauie mtu aa oppui tuuity
va tba Liik-kt before aactiuu day to
foiai a tiekat, have it printed, aud
hare it circulated ni Vaetioa dv fur
the parpoea of dafeatiug luau ther
lx aut lika, and fr tha purpose oi
'.til.uf ris j ujau ts ollira. I tke
prataat syiiM. a litvle rit.g of - er o
t:iu, i aa r-r.'um aud defeat tha bent
ai pu.aa of tlic pewpi of a towrship
r borugh. t'srlsraly tha pejpla j
are sudcieutlT ictal':k.eat to hrek
to ur..i
.f BeiDi0.-,tbe
jlilcei-v. If
up such a wrrjf e;atn i
tieti ;er mlt r.u ai cn o
t! e noiuitaiiona at s repaired to Le
luaie two waks prir t tLa e!ctuu
.TWry Uiu iu (Le retpoctiro .l:stric:a,
will hae ample time to learn al! a
BKjtit the respartiva cadidate. wod
the;r fitue fur the oSlca for wUicn
-i -r-1 . i
tbe 1 !; rarniit tba Bbumatisa to ,
be U.S le ia tba tazM i eie'tful way. !
Namica'.iona fcr c-aty. s'.ae aud
l. at iot.al t llicea ara utade moutha a
head of the time for the hcl ucrf vf
t.oi , axi I
the uux.r.t-
tlwi.a imi-m u-.a la ae-ise ia pertained
to fi.na a ticket -.Ut ur a tii&ht be
fore the eleclh n aud circulate it on
election dsy. People in the town,
ahir a shoa'.d a4opt the cauuty, and
atate aud na'.ioual aTiteru ef noiuina
tieu, and thereby seeiue a osore sat
iafaUety ttiDtauriL of lowusbip
alia irs.
Sheep Thief Convicted.
Krnni the liiooiuLe'.d Advocate cf
tha 17th isst: About the tfrst of last
Septeail er tusuy of our raadeia will
remember, two individuals appeared
iu tha upper end ef this coiintv with
a drove of '2'Z aheep w.ch they sold
to Mr. Alhau MciiiJea, of 'Saudv
rlill, fir 70. It wit shortly d:ac.y
eiel 1 li t the sl.a.p bad beea stolen
fmui W. J. HorkanLa-rv. of 1'sth
Va.ley, Franklin ceuaty and David
1. Iaviuny was arrested for tba
theft. Last. wak Da-u-may was
trt-l iu C'haiularvburg; aud found
gniltr. Pending h.s kbulm a com
mittee of physiv-iaiiB wsa a;T-o:utd ta
exsiii.nai his condition. Aboat tao
waaka previous to his tria', be sud
denly ted over in the jail cerrhW
aud ardeavored to roneey the im
presicn that ha wsa paralyzed.
I'rom that, be refnsed to or was una
bla to talk aad tbe e;n ..'angnage
has been his meat.s cf eommBiicatiag
with his IrllowB. lo Court ha could
not answe- (uestions except bv nod
bag hia head or by the sia lan
guage be had adepted. Ha ai at
teiapted to axplaiu thiat he tould not
write. The jail physician does not
believe Lis totgue is paralysed aa
upon beinj rrpieeted to tbrnst the
member away out- a feat ha coxLl
not have performed if the muscles
had been tiec with paralysie he
performed the act iat successful!'.
The physieiana aubjaete-l Iev:caey
to tlie influence if chloraform. Thie
fa-ling ether was applied an 1 ha was
not long is aivJibly respoadm;
Jndge S'ewart thj.-a senterjeed the
prisanar to pay a fir. of Sa, and acet,
t i.-etlier with an .ipriaoemant of
lo luontha ia tha peai;eatiary.
I'rainnay is a character anvl his
pi evioua record is not eavory. ahont
dozen yeara j ha waa triad for
tha mnrder af hia aon, vhose aup-pi-aed
U nas were feuna on tha
monutair. Ha eseiped eoa - icn
aud his an afterward raturnad hosse.
Far veara a hex of ln-i was tiaajrad
ia tha eharitre office, Chambataburp,
aa those of Devianev 'a aon and tba
tradition of tha retirt i:ue waa ae
ahnt-kevl wben yonrj Iyiruey ranie
back with all hia boase securely joint
ai beneath bia living flesh. From
whose body came tha bonaa so lone;
treasured and atill boxevl up in tha
aherifTa etlica has bean ainea Devia
iiej a retttrn a ruttr t'f uncertainty.
may ara rua. ii.m lo-ump KJ,.;tl,M W
b.mujh ele- tiot-.a a: a the most ia j -..ui;,, luerit. A:
poitatit ef a'.i our a'.actioca. aud vs. j w:.o has usru .t wliut
dwindling a Preacher.
A naw awindlinj Bcheme is bain
practiced daily by unprincip'aJ Yeo I
pla wiu are too hzv to earn ac hou-
st living To 0T.Hh th
.-bem, it take the unite I fT.-rK of
- I . -e.
Mini a ii a wonmu. iinM UIows:
Thu rocpla neoura a r .BUtirfii $'0
bill; ft xJat
f , a !TriV' DT , rr '
Iotmd. Alter an.t i tied the!
Iran ban-is t u mi'.iarer bill.
stating that ha wtshea to par & fac.
tf $.. The 1a1r.i-.trr ii.as not aTara
ina thr bill v. n- clos .ly, lundi oYir
$! trhar.pa aevl tba hatiT coui.li
leave f.-r ant"iar towu and proceed
iu tba aamc tiauuer.
Utrrurr .folcs.
The 1 tuaricaii Hak'zinn La? o
coitx t'j ba reoDie t m tha woild
otr a ...e best idustrateil a&d mj.t
ably t a l.icted; in fa.-t. it isai 1 ti-at
ar trhion ara ulk in Kugiand of at
U-ar twj of our leading mura'azinea
than if thoEu;li'a m.tuthlya. Thia
me iiti m has resulted from the fact
thr t tha American luaaziuas hesitate
at no expense-, e.thir for the purrbstaa
o.' luauuscript or illustration JoO.O'iO
has beau paid by oaa magazine far a
aiugle aoi is. i 11 vns Ki e iuTM;e.l
in tbe buein-.S3, aud tbny csu wall af
ford to pay at v price f r an ar.irie
of unusual iuUrr&l. i'roiauly n
single ciiusr i. haritg aucii an afia.-t
in tiie edir-ation ot bolii old and
youug America n thaa iuskaziu-s.
Thar are 'eiiairsiiug ilij r,y
housahuld. I bir ba.il r 11. n;m-
iui,e set tj aa iiintrnrtora . aw
utiaoia or to bj.v t'licuil i i.ucit
popular autbi'ie reroguia tLat tliey
can obi.-tin more nioiuey fiom t;
ms-sziua th.in by puli uh;Kin o.-k
form. Iu prwpxriion to boiiJ
yoluinea, the magu.ua gives as f . r
to one Take for instance the (."
Mot-oi.iraN. which contains aunuallv
lodii pages Vy tbe leading writers i.f
the world, aud moiatbau 1200 iilu.
trations by c ever arti-ta, Tl. at would
makafour volumes of neariy eOO pages
each, yet ia furnialie 1 to lue subs -ri-b,r
ui only $2.4.) a year. The four
l-outid VLhirinrs which it would make
Would be worth ou the book siauds
not la, than $12.00. It imp-.h
ible tha; so much i.ould be furnish
ed for aa iittie. and it m only wi.au
tbe number raachea luO.000 ,r up
wards ttat audi work can be turned
out at a profit to tha publiaher.
Foimarlv is km consuioiad ii.pe
hible to p!aca sui-h inagalna before
the pubiie tor les thsu ti 00 pei
atiiiiiLL,, ami the predictions ware
n itueieiiH, when the price of the
v.obMo ur waa ma.! at j u. -mat j
it nuuU be Knp.l.'a far it t- u.t.v.
at such a n-ure. i t.a puo.-sl.er , Tum niard.r , wolilkU w.
iiffn.l tbiit h tir-it-c,i4 ni.isziur ail..
in" low price oi w."tijl iv lifk
... ..T.n,l0a cy lum puo-ic. I
i iMfi'iMidus iia.e ies luora tl.
... i . i i
rilin j, uUu.lVr.n,Ur
, -m .K-UTi, rea-hva the 10U. I
:0'0 luaia. I
Ask Tatur I'rleud Aboait It.
o;:r distressing con. h can borui
ad. We know it hecau-n K-n;.
la.su:ii within ti. pn.t t-vv
has cured So tcsrn i-u.i;'n au 1
c io J I ,
in tl.ia coiumuiiit v i.
1 0IUU1 iL
.i 1 . v v ;!.
-'U.e tuend
hi- t'.iit. i v.f
bemp s Ualawa.
1 liar.- Ut i iit;. !l-
ritie mi puia. uoii.i a elTcctive.
Large bot:: G0.' r.ud 1 r.t all dm-
' ss:r.
f;E. A';. JL - H ITl-US.
Kd si; w ha, frdlou n"r ieavlville
Whole olvvee exterminate red ar.ts
and cjwlbs.
Sae".teen snow at rn.a ara pre
dicted fjr this winter.
Jjaiuner (Id.) faroiera in a general
hunt have just I ag.-ed 2:ili0 rildj.ts.
A alracge rr.a'ady afllicts H.--atri'a
i Neb. ) cattls; last weak JoO.iltiO ,: lb
A fstil d'.saasK amotig T-ti:i.s:.-huisf-s
:s attributed to rottou cirn
foddar. Miohaal liar a", of S-rant. n, -Las
beeu convicted of uullir iha Iudl.
eat of a bal.y horse.
A ((rwm relriifcnj f r hunting pur
poa frru a tcloou almoat in tha
very heart f Heading.
Lehigh county has seve-i apple-jat-k
disti.ir rien, which are aaid tu i mv 'Jki
cents per gallon on thir ; : iuct
A pair of horses ran awa. Oi
ford aav-rul dura ago. ti j ::jTi?d
sevau miles without doit g a. y dam
age. There are fifty caaan nf djphtherirt
in Allaidown, and duriu; tba p ot
f wevtka there have b.ta. four
dtatha in one family.
A man well ai tainted with the
degrttrt i,f rel.t vuiahip of marriage
say : -I married a widow who bad
a daughter. My father visited our
bone frequently, fell in love and
married my step daughter. Thnt
tny father bacrm my aon-in law, and
my st p-daughtfr my mother, be
cause hlie waa my fatlier's wif". JJt
stepdaughter hud a!a a hoc; lie waa
f course my brother, and at tbe
same tim my grand chibl, for he ws
the aon af my daughter. My w :a
waa my grandmother becauf-e al
waa tuy mother'a mother. I waa
aiy wife'a tiBaband aucl grand child
at the same ;;uie ; ar.d
mm Ik.. I. .. .
hand of a ,,arW. ur.ndmotl.er .
his -rrandfather. I wsa mv own r.n.l.
J.vi not hnnt for tha borers at all
but y.t doctor them a little. Make
a mixture of alont ote iuart of wood
ashes to pail of water and atir it
we'l. Nett make a rid-e f aaith
around tha tree a few inches from it,
and hih ainuh so when yon penr
your ttiiitiue iato a circle it will run
into tha hole k Ii tha worms
It is aure death to them aud costa
lesa than oi.e rant a tree. Yon may
bav to ,io it twua the firat
Oer 100,000 Chrlatiuaa treea have .
Lan chopitnl ia tha I'ocono Mount,
nut after that a very littl- care" will I a l a f of hi I f I""; "
keep vonr trees ftee fr ru lht m. I '.it.' 11 -a'' l0il. W t"" ot To',, Tud"- u" V-ea ll,!i
vou hav uo wl-aaha. uae . thn rl '-Pi'd u the UmU r. , hP. -u...... Co . Pa. d.a..,t.
-h.t. ar. f. n !,' i. it 1 am with tie dead d: Le.trta t-uaienlary uj.n the abora a.m
white w,vhof lime iu It p ace If WulIllll..i ..ku .( Q j ea e.Ut. h.vin, barn fc-ri,..J to ..je k.4,r.
you caw a Isree nun her of rees y r. ,ittUai fchots . . , J W" , . all rr.on. t.y,ae ei-iu.. aaiaat
can. uaa strips of line or ah.et it n the trim a .,'.! 1" 1 , 1 T ! """ P'"" "'"n "r pavmtit, .la-
al oat four or five inches w:de .url 1 ' L wbnebed boa i!aa - ly aaihaaticted. , tb., indei.i taareto
on-enonffhtothaciacleof earth i uu"u- 11 ' "-v- 1 boetihs 1 ave : le ai.tt imo.Mii.:. p,v,u-t t
.on. enoun 10 iu cia.ie 01 earin. U;cn. nD .:r... ; - .... ; JOSKfH u. rvivh
I alni and ara bwing shipped to Phila-
delpbia and Sew York.
1 Anan w were anly abye what a
??lCcQt reHr there would ba
. . m on r.
for him on the l)e:aoaratia
wri'in- n: -"MclvaleT uric-en "
ml i.
. .I.-..ew U U ... Il . . T i
a iii:uuir,
we,)t "n H a lai.d to j.-at a
::r f. ncr
. 1 T , V , . v
d.ja 1 b&e thjso caujal-back
I a the wr.u.u are vraarjnff." a-u 1
Mre. Joou."
carnal back. Tboas With Ihe kum p BUrht wiU b a special ane for f-a
on eai h sbouldar." joccaaiut.. C .111- ind h-ar the issues
A pirl in Lmcolu rouut, Kan., .of the day liacuKsed by able apoifc
who. e father gia bar a fa:a a few ( '- Society com uaucas at 7 o'clock
yeaia ag), last yt ar pni-1 all the ax- hharp. All are CurdinLy invited to
peases vf tba placr, snpportrd her- atieu.l.
a:f and rlearrd Jl.t'00, baairie doing Sausuian haa a choice let of
all tba crk hral'. i '-hristmaa -audy on bauds giva him
ir. j- .. . ....... . , ' a trial and ba c jurincod.
JJayor Kfaer. of idiaiusjiort, Laa
is.ue.l lu.iructiua tJ -hia p.lica to '. oaiTeaav.
arrat all (-arhoua.wi.iia nr bltck, rich Mra. S'taaj Miuwr an a-ad mother
or poor, i.ig r httlu, oi l or youi g, departed this Lfo ou Sabbalh eve to
who use profane or cbeoenca laa jfn tba liar: -py tiir.r.g na bef.ire.
guaga ou tha strwt-t. 1 dje was a consistent lueiiibar of tna
,.-r , , . , . . . ! Mennouit-i Chu-ci hviug ioinad
'U ry s 1 andaje of h .t salt outside ; i.- . n, , , 1.
, , , . ... , , wlien voiif.g. Uarini; iter sickiirss
the fa-e f or nturalgia; nh the uiouib 1 .1,. 1, 1 .,..,,. , , , ,, ,
.11. . . . . , 1 nal lUMif iTu.n to Imar out she
i:h hot fialt in ctue of tooth-ache; ,. . , . , ,
. i- .1 1 - t.ever inurruura I ulout bar ai-kne-;s
I"" 11111a in 1 Han 111 a pie. e 01 mus
lin, and then put it in the u.r for a
--.rid or t . when earacha ia trou
blasomo. tli.
Kutuely traniblers are worked up
over tha dcciaion !y tba Supreme
Court of the I'uitati S a as that
ia-n who I.bfc.H aawrivy at tirr pvkar
and iij'iH s, tin recottr from th
wiiinnr. l)ri poker
is a (,'ataa te
mak tiiiua 1.0 1 for somebody.
At Sal iu. 11L, on Thuradav J. L.
Midd.et. n. wheu down in the coal
luiur-, over SlOO feat, inspecting the
Kurt fii.-nr-l . i.n V-
i ------ -
1 Ktl tnui tj tLe ni:ne It iu aonM.tKtl
that tba owl went down through the
air abaft and havl been there a weak
or trn days. The bird lneaaurt-d
tight feet fioiu tip to tip.
Th" J.'i u;tie:u porn, which is be
i-oiiiii'g u p. nular iu V"etarn Kan-
aas, waaintio im l bv a I'liiBV conn
ty farruar, wh rrcnvd two jrama
of it from a luiaaionry froiii iBla
tma. rhagral-a -re pure whi'.a a.i i
raariy llat. It ,i ws lattar witi.out
tnoiatura thin wit: it. and ouir fails
whan the tut wiuds negiact to put
in an apperauce.
Al.T ona, Pa.. Da.-. KJ. Mia. Jane
Lewis, wtio reside 1 :u tke Katlla-,
ueir AUootia. -led fr.-'u injiries iu
;li -tvi l y tra.i.j a. H-r fare au I
uaad wpia noiiiS y c .1 is aevrsl
p.H.-iS aud her tongue ki aliuosi
nt ia tan. !' a.i I waa cep.imi!-
ud en WadtaaJay. Th- a:Tair .
r,llil(i ClI.,ltj.rbla eicitemni barr.
laTld Ttrork and
h-a bear dni
Lui i down m .;f.r.,i- iio.... tb.
- - - - -
ottier-iar. w:.ile th'
doga wef. ba.l n- ilruck Made h:s
..,,,. :,n,.e jr. .l..e.-tK.u tf h.r
t fll!1 1U!Iuea,M,;v b.t . en il
loncoa an 1 t'i
I er an 1 the .!!., at e brke fr m the
dog nd ruvJe frr brock. Uu
ll:-k. lism.- well up to th trick.
-t-d Crr.i until he came w.ttiin a
lew fv: . w :'i lit- ;.,! an ki-raiisr
.tl,:,;.liH,n ;! in ii' i hv. C m-
1. '
re a-; -.n
:r ti
.ii.t. t'.e
.iif a. da.
RIKt . v.n
sis - M .
H-o'k tf tira i
; u I e htart.
i- t au.e.
An ex. g' pa
r' iv- slu k, and
er .iys : AVhr-u
b'.iiriaas ia dull.
j and the w . kil:: :orc iu an aatabhah-jiu-nt
u.'ii in i.ijc', toe j:ision
nnsas. " "ho i an lv pr-d:" An 1
Ithe arsrrcr ia ukal.' to me n le B'.ma
of :l.e follow. ug cbarai'tri :
1. I tie man who o.-caa!onsllv l':b
drunk, nni'.ta bin s
If f r !a' or, an I ia
misiiug wi.au ho in waate 1.
T! -
t man who ia afiaid he hinil do mo:
ijfi; tl.a-i hw i.tts paid for. an. I wl
an'taring o emr.ojar. trvia t-- :
. . 1 .1. 1 . -
'', ami ijitg u.Ltri as ns-&tisnai .
he is. 4. 1 he luuu w ho iius. deceivaa
ai)-l las tw 1 facts, o. 'i be maa who.
tjuaria.s with Lie (thowaorkers, and j
aims, s and t- rinents tlie weak and
the voting, tj 'I hi- man who is rno-e
LI F u 1 j I ri ; a nn 1 111- .r. s I r.mn 1.
la f..r ( is em;.h.yer"s. 7. Tlie man
wh-aweais act! eiavkef., ao 1 dtil. a
thew;vIeeHtli.t.I.,tv:tl, - ltoUa'c.. -
.moU .i,,l I..I n,..,v ;i K H.
-1.-11 - -ri
ui.ii uvmiKit. ;t. ua BQ-n
"uu ia mui-uiar iinvcr 10 00 siiy
work which doveu't 1j1.d to hiia
10 Tlie rweryancy t accoa-aiadata"
.1 11 ti ' aiLuaaiauj..
ctheis. 11. The mnn who is so tied by
oatba aud promise to aonia secret clan,
that he is afraid to do what ia riLt
when he knows what ri"ht ia l'
-1 . 0 .
The man who ad .-rusty,
an.l neither f area OoJ nor rtfc,-:trde
hwi;n Ko'E A..PSCT, Dece'n' er
17. Tha lo.low injf are the actual il"-
tai'e of thn ti-' t in which hittirtr
Bull was kill.-: : T b tiolice. uml.r
Hall H..ad, I .!e.itii-.t f l-oii.-s,
bhve lleavl, li .-t Servant, wr-nt iii
t'i ramp near .Sitth-tf iJ..ll's vi ke.n
the ni'l t f tho 14 ii. a-,d iL-e i.-xt
nwrui' c wt.t is.t.. itili'a ca'i,;i , r. '
mail- 1 ho pith- S't-'i- liu 1
)i e 'l ii w 1 1 .. . s !u ..0 w . 1 jj
ti en., lut :iu:il uit k s .pia j r -j.-s:a'ioi.s
f .r ilia iiii, au,i orue.rd
L.s horse-to La r t'm n:i ir
U'lnl. ll,:l II...I ..t t.-.. 11. il
J tj' ..111 oiiar.- llB'l
wcra 111 the H.-.ack where ti old
1 chief waa .'afticjj ic.idv. two l-u.-ka
! a ! at. -nt-
I ,ll:k' n'1' i'ow-n- eff thi-
enured the
cir bliLk -
.1. ic ., ,.
s.tting lull a wifa 1 ad pone tut
aad aat up a howl, jrhirh stems to
ha.e l.n the ai-'aal fjr tb assault
Inthefirt t which 'ollowed I!ed
t t .- . I,
Tr mahawk kulad bitting Bnll. Tt a
-r more of Sittinp Uisli's foilowers
ware kilkd and Bull Head and Share
Hesd were desperately wenn.l.d
were il.cnar.l.la 1.1
TL.licew.r. now JZ.U, I
. it.;. : ;. - 7 I
. ..... jiunim a v apiam a ecUot
w;th Lia tia-licj; Oun and a Uotch
kiss, r.-achtd the a erne, and tt-...V, .1
douhteblv make ti-.
carape at I'ine IUdj;a.
way to tha
v-h lks, arl i !.. i.l 1- iter., al. i , Ka cail.J for tte vlliara. laiiaaoa. naar. ' r?-; j a 55 aS y 11 )
vat-hes t ha cl k, aud always pet a , apt came ; :aa a.uii.er. aa J in itiacanraa i 'y""" i'f-.j 5 . V M tV ;5 '
rea.ty t- ijllit l.afure the hor appoint- ar laaniy ui aatei e.i uJ co.a toj.tbar ) Tm JvV 4 ty S S W
el..".. 1 e luau wnois lu. ..bit.in.-atid auJ a I aii ii :a I.rbt iraw iba salt. l &aalL'aiaa JS?-r' al kiV S t2 f
Tami.ll,l...f.aa.. T e . a . I I .1 A r.t ,1 I IIK . a 1 1 f Br
- - ' lAl- 1
Oakland .to tea-
Cards are out announcing the
wedding- of Mr. David Foreman an 1
Mies A "Da Knislev Thursday eye at
G o'clock.
On ao-t.unt of the swieiv rondo-;
.n pip- i
,,,, p. .r 11 ,,
i J-
er -i-c-ll.Leoua n.W Tha ev-
1.. 1
; Toeafmuai b-r n,l-U.l fhn.V
1 r i i mi
but bore it I'Stiei.tlv and willing iy.
Kbe ws likid by rvi-rvbjdy. b-i-WiLs
k:!ld t the lioor. A tr.itlie:s
lor. , How thrillin..' t'.e a."i'd. I lie
ar,jjl si-iru ii-a at.-li -il over our in
fu t yeuia -iini c'n- ritri 11 -t witii bar
t-rjilin il.w f-:tl f,lli do
ir.j; t tiif fkt f--.i i ;r u.ir.,t of
s pnifiits !m a t rf-mu -i nw t-f iit 1
sxitt c.ji'-l oi
t ;.i.;ii. rs toiiu.
in t i be.itfcu iu
- Liiks the luu. aiar
, " "-rP oluu.t o oviirm n jui
' t th peai.lmg divmiiy f the
f:J-11 1 t'"' Lsl "J ' a cl :l
't-(tayaiil b-ia wiiru all atoiu.i
't- t tay mid h- i
er is v-r .hadowo l with lht gl-iiiu
lehpwiida-it-y aud de'pair. Tiie
f her t,'ood Uada tailed
like tin' luooiilx-Huia on tu" stoiiuy
-ea. lie;- t ilooiue journey of iif-i l
i'V.r and th soul l-;ta re' ui n ) to i a
ol- r unt ln.'jM- dni il i-. i in- i .v.t
nc ! i-s tioi li i"- Vt i". .vi -v j h
b:ni.-il u ani V.d e-.ua v foil -vr.-d
bv ii i- rttitl l-l.vl:Vr. to .w l I
lai r:le.- to . a.ill'1 :i;.d 1 ,U'-,
o;i,,-r, I mi.hi i-
?.'ul of 1 i-d aoll dona I
Thy gllHM WMrlart-'n las';
Tnc liait'i fought the r.- ia won.
aud thou art croauai at last.
Iu cuiifieaceading iua
Thy crad-lcfiA prAvcr b-- hrarj,
ADtl bai- thar auil-iru'y rt-iuwve
To thy t-ouiiata reward.
O.l bpV hai..v aonl
In ttttiia'.tfl ot oraiaa
L'.iiitr a. ai.riia' a:- ru I
Tbftu a--a!-t Iho .v intra 1 ar.
Its. Sr
A'rj tt uiouuum ring ol
j.artvf Inur h Tin r..aif,tiT utatin thai r
ar uoi.l ttiv caiiia u a ..a t at tu- ui j t.
ol' a Cat, tUt location ml whtrta a if -
ioiiajlj ktiuwa ta tcaui tout w mciu t,.y ha I
a-ip -rv-i. At-r-r a u".ai' i:-f(ifty'Uiiuii
tairpU(Miu tiief UuaieJ t ieia'. re ia pij
tr.i BiaA.i rt.U. Viiii it (bT ;ut i
tuivh. t.utrix ttim rtj :ia-y ca I'liii
and tiMttrf iu;l r pr-n:r 1 i, s-utC!u 0 4
tLr.r baa "I ac k,u and at inlvni a
HA.ki l, t:ockrJin t t9 k sa ur ' -uaa
ut lii pa -.1 1 cav te. Tt u
lUnr rut va J : c a rei tl.ga: o." tl as
irtatn taava aoraf,r, avuvn u.i.d u
tha tarro 6ara i-c due aad rruirk. ,
tnt tor lii (Ca'vij ua; r.-ira,o tanir atr.
wbi U vl Dtiu to da. Bat lti tor a
baru 1 rai-M. afil wen. out iaiu ail ia
r..rK.i.r br;er . mDV i:rp wro u&.i
Im tiiia di'i a.aia t.r t;t rrra ail it
but toon baia cal.iuy. for aaaij.., but rn r j
hr'i tba k burs ' iiipjr w.iict- '
GruiBf ahot, tbav ta ;ooui no aj,iaratati J
d atidar-! ant at for ha urn and jwfr come ! )
a i moat t d-pir. wtjaaa tur nt tufu caisgt.
a fltt cf lifhl tL i i a iara t-r a.r J
Ik tha di'an c. aud aa d ftrnt aair to bim-
tijpfit irw.a ttt aaa.'' )
tr.erawnli taaa areaaed lewsrea
It, au.i al.
in i.atin. 11 t autirr'v ). , t to ,
aitil by l'ii"l al :nr ainii ij imi-;x, ,ai
b aerp-Bf s u. c.rac: an ir aaa d ra-ap- '
f tr 10 IB. .a , oalil isrv at.aii,. i.d:
1 caiaa irutu th- ap-uiiia; 11,1a il.a .uai gli-.
aVvrlit::' .
. 1 . . . 1 . : . . . .
"l and coaclud'-l to itiaa.tivais it, ao tnera
' r'' '''' ir'art.uc ihir i,uia.a
;"?d!.'c',",,,'. ""' co" "P"
itat coa.t- p,.
uua a .-r t-rar.l t
. .i..i.,r.,f,lM,
' ' tavea-
. t aata It. L'lr lut an
I l it
?ti tad to eI.
1 ' wiiu au lu.uuiriant anj.p t t
" ,k,r ,re " aitru,rt 10 Ami
! G' n -'l'""',D " 'cc-jr' 'i"-r
.o.a,,,,,,,, jalgtnant, ovrrlouk'nr it-
.,11 and ju.i-.ui of u.i. whi. h ,r ahlyt
ed a'Htic. tut t.i euiigli.ea tbuna r laifa
to ,be:r ta'ruce at iL. er, c hear.
l'',, V'n ""d ,ub"-'li 'eat j. . bv
1 the will and kuoa iwivi ii , .
. rIiC(. k,, tiod ati-r ihr;, w"n,
, plat.a. a ill 1- !rtt in total drknc,. devoid
I . tha IikI or laith ci'u ta'. that ruine
! into rmic.-rd wi-h ih i I and p'aoant Goi
Chr.at aaid -. -He ttiat anT.rath i .tbv tlie
door mio the abarptoll, r.iit ci-.i:tatb na
' o!b,r w,v "'e u"! ' a ttner and a
,"'.'lr'.A'",l,"i.'': ."' Oo..r -
t : .o a
cn'l tint mil t cautit
1 (th! rtra !h jrrtt iia-ti
Tt.vrr atrial" 11 .i. aItli c 1
u : n. triO rra'iza- trie; ta..i . t
. ib-U ci) u- To id, hu I h-m , h--;:
lirM saw k ar Z t hzi
in II. n
.in- .l-a..-.- v' ...... MI .i-.I I7lU i.
iu.it. t.idi ) 1 "hi :.'it .r4 r- ar.?B
ii'T riwr iT 1 f ittv u-rna ih ni,
.. ' " !'"'l'le
ic-t ni'D in 11.111 naif In Dlt.l'i mq rin
;'"1 b 'o l'- Wlv a...j ha turn
: f"-'""'? '-" i ' r.und iu Ch,i, ao1
7J 3 C" ' ' eartb
! " in. -.1.-1
i.ic 11 t nun n "lUl'll it, a,rb
j ed i-rd. it, tntii tur ,-.m, oli, lu,a tfc.
""',Sh'- f" -v'- m; ou-a , 'tb , ,
i ,fi,n-""!en ' r' iht Ira r. Cariat.
I 10 ''0"1l0,, 'tuoes it be .
alwaasfiaiiilTaeen. aot tiirniB back to tr-
! ab 1. Lot's wit.. s F r
' Thr rhouU "pn aa farward until th-r
i""" Ui" ,h? ,uU lisht Je.ja, ,0
B' . "-D' 01 n tu Adsm'
race, oemjes led the Sue ot K C'""' ie
Exwotor at Acadeoiia, Janiata Co., Pa.
viuaiii aiaaa.
. "
Impure Blsid
Uil Rheam
Ktnrcss Prostraticn
At ail DraatelsaBftl.
PON'T tkaHmnhUui eia
j W t a mm w
irk aaj ii'hud reft- all it- rcb!t -
Jat -i a tiL aa of - atM. m-
llaW!aC. a. : neWa.i-.ajaTS. I ) iatfTOM ai'raT
Mkirr. riAiila' !:(! at Vhiia tlaac
fllfli r IT- asatai I umm . 1 Wtlti
Bfaadarrl- m. , Lit-, ia Ijtw Tux
aj- i ' '; ia O itiwnat. anuria?
aa i praa tr-r ajt Tii-e roiyL.'.a:t. wliiiai
Uaaty- jvll 'liaor.'vtn, of lh (oiaa.
t:.Ra'r :it bmJ rafiaiaa Hhm toet.
eS-o If i-r "t.ty ruraxi
Aeb lar would aitroart pnMlaa to tLo
wb au(Tar fr taiia .waajifT araviplaint:
ba. fort uaa T !y thir .H-una-aw da nft end
hra). and tha wn t;cf tv-v tam wiU ftad
tahreM lirtlay pt!i valoabi ir uianr wn thut
inT will mri ii wiliuic k wikoaTl Miem.
Mm aiHtr ail ! tea
im tha bnr of a laanr liyaws thai h-ra i t li"rT
w tnak mr frant iW-aat. Our Ui iu) it
whil othe-rn Ho dh
Ctmt'ii I-rmjt fjriit Vilim arffWT srra'l
aa i TT-y ramr to ak Ora r tii'iia m-itai
a J Tnv ara ajtvictly t ari Ja
not rripa r I'Hrtr. f'Wt y h-ir jretiile at,on
pWr i:l who n t.hm. In vifiU tt SSmitt.
live tVr SI al i etwajr-wwhrraj. or aat by amxui
t a a aa -ar-jreray -f-a-, a-
evrf: r-' t
m a w O W r a.
In itc First Stages.
At Vf? ai fmrt tHm yaiaaaaaiaaaa.
(.I.WK..L 4 U. a.
4.. W"t I b:r. .raar f
Z VvOla. f Jill ft
1 took Siclf.
1 1 :
I t
and 1 m vi;. :
Vo Irly Rest,
U EN'fi:;i TO TAKE
; 1 AN T
l'f lOO. F a Crl('e7
r 1 t I . irn t .f Pitr-rv CfA 1 iu.. !
: ! andHypopho.phi-tesofLirneand
SO;!a :" 1 "V! v C' t;i MV llH-j
l-lll OllStilltltl ton BUT SL1LT
;e i t. 1 . n.'.v ii iti:j
AT THE K!K i r- a rovxn A IY. I
1 ike 11 ji .1 a i.a-:ly as i ro n:ir..
-'.'i ll 1IM1M .SV Ii N ITIIIMJ W.
--rr's im 1 -.1 is im-in- womis
1 civ. Iki urwi".
Worth Knowing,
That i can stop tostbacb ia lr-is
Hra minutes: ne pain, ae extracting.
That 1 can extract teath without pain,
av the 11 - af a tlaid appued te tUa taeth
. zni naiw; no danger.
Tfcat I:-.raaed s?Qx Warns (ktioan
1 v,,,,,,; treat ,-"C-iw
d 1 ruin a ar i-1-. J i-'i .
d snccua-'nllT
raati-d is uvry
Trt in FiLLea aad wrr.atc tar lite.
Arfi;n-lal PraiS rrpaira!, uXtialincC ur,
' n'.-iidi l, f--a'n $.ce ta fli yr -t.
i rl'M'Tii: tjuai Kaaaiaiad 'tt-c-l iuirtt'd m!
prtr- I , ,n;t
4! .ark warr.tata.1 ta g!T pnrtert jt:-
' tik .l.l.k ....... .... ... - ...
I ...:.. .ai Bia cyijr . lai. v
imilt-d tecail.
Tlax Caah.
(J. L. DERIi,
I'l act iCia!,Uea tlxl.
vraBLinhO is mriLiirfwit, Ta., ia tt9.
Uct. 14 't'i.
riDcxuKn i
I.arjr F ,rn't .
K'-lir Cluisi'-j!
ir. in .11
1 iria si I
: j liiiil'litif.
'' V.-Iiil..M
MS rr
wo lull rii'i-.
41- :
S:. H
i.l.n.' S:
'. 0(-rv
V Ult'3iL.:u.
hi-:. L:-i
Klli-r ! lip;tl.- '. 1 Hvji.-n-
aud I'livncal Cul inr in i-li ir ,.f an tx
I p- ri-urf I 1 ln',-ir.. An' :ii i- hj f .
MUi-nt Kai t.,d tr.iT.a. L".-,-i..n on tlu
j LTTl.iriEl.l) .f ;rtt..!,n.z ni,,t plnaa;,,,!
j ar.d ha thv. :Kl:itll tTOItY .--
ran s , in aeptratp liuil'lings fur
twiaatid yoiin; i.ifn prr arinjf !,,r
nrn ur College under apei-i.,1 ,. ,re f jj,.
friricial an i tbr.-e a-.aiatni.ta. r.-aid 'njr it.i
' j.lehla id Dtm buildinz. Fall t-rm oj-r.,
titpt. 4tL, 1M. For Catalnaue,. ad.l,e
H. W. .VcKN'MUr, O. D.,
Pr.-aidtit, it
Kv. H. G. UUEULEK, A. M.,
Gettysburg, Pa. fnncip.il.
, .. . . - v. 1- l unian lwf
1 M riiaeoi u. " " -
l i.itiK,taa certain i ticincfair,
nnlit-bt and breath. Is fcrro.ula llunior. .
PoordietandnsnlKclenl rood, iutbhw- ;
laUoa, OHh, and dmpii. all as 1st the 5
alumhartac (ermi of Scrofula to ovr- ;
powxr tbe vitality of tbe iKMly and run .
rlat la tha ytauu The blood Jn it -prcx
c-J af renewiue Uie waaia oannot ;
eapelacy inherited talntof aaakneasar .
Imparity. It am only ho remeyed by
tba allien of on:e purifying medicinal S
ainry, wblch ajwi:d by rutriUoua .
fiKtd. well dicrf ted aad aeslmlboed Into ;
bloo.1. rradaally lnKorcs tha pooaloa S
of anuud health. Hieha recorat:a; rem-
aay baa lo-c' arairUia proved it- S
salftobe. ;
y.it as good, IT IS NOT.
Consumption Surely Cured.
To Tea annua:-I-l- lafarat Jiutaitn
hat I mmim a iMXiUra irtmmi-j tar thm tk.n ut4
,bi i By ih nail; im tboaakaaa ef aopalMs
Tt aav bn parwaaaatly aaraB. I aaaU ba glad
to aace. taa ttUa af aiy rama4y FKEB ta aay of
your raartora wko aava aBnafrttB if tbay wUi
ammM m laair Biaraaa aaa f. O. ai.aaa. Kaapaoa-
X. A. BLCXtM. M. C, 11 read BU. a. X.
jaAifi .
?.:'if IS V'v
The grcrtsst imirroyeirHfnt ia
Ccteis during the past tv.cnty,
ye::rs is the use of Condinc ia
thr j lace of horn or -whalebone
Il ii used in all of Dr. Warners
Coisets and in n ethers.
The advantages of Coralir.2
ever horn or whalebone are tht
;t does rvrvt become set like
whalebone, and it is more
L!c and more durable.
Dr. Warner's Coraline Corsets
are made in twenty-four differ
ent ttyles, fining every variety of
f,-j;.s thin, medium, stout,
long waists and short waists.
Sold everywhere.
New York and Chicaga
!."'A!. Oil
TI? A V hZ i
a .all am Nirn t sia.it 'alary, fx
' S .n t-ap!oirt ' j-arintft l
CHAvE H R t fl ! F. H S rtlall'ANT,
Baeha.irr. . T.
Pea. ; ' '.
Xotliing Ou Earth Will
Shsridars Condition Powder
It ia ahr.it'r anra. .jtieartael. In
31 UiVi U r.fc- iaM thsiK a Wnfh of a nt a al.
a"" ' '"- i,-a.ve,fit.ie-srea.il
i Tear wayajltv b:L,. V.aa.ti, sal' l a ttasUB af-.M
t.Ti ti.ua' :t.j,t. U r- efLJB say-l me le,
ar.d ait rarft tr, prvvarrit r-ua" a-arnton.. r.
1 t tl It aanJ ui M oaaH f,,r two pewan
M- 11H Jwii-b arao ft! u p t-n;al ; H ro Bat
aj.a (nasty fr. Xaltr ItavLaoaf; bnil tra with ffM
oar amavtv A. . JONI -.. J tV iSutBUaO. JvLau
a r -fei p-r-t , . - ar
I :.al tjf-i e. w-3 V v ,
i Ta-va I f4ia Cran I f.o rnt tr-i- mcr!y Vs
1 -r-a &n4ni Zsr a t'.aic, it J ti-n L&'.a f?:a xa
I laj-e a.iiv. I KEA.i A itADic-LL. Ci.iL.
A I'rp.Jeiiy atsdy. I wihriitt nj roracdr ti
t eaa Ui w.t ease. Jvaaso oiora hava
aad If eo re Jiaea I..r -t asw r-i-ivinz a cure
aJ 4m !tijl- -n-1 b T"ii t
r. ra Ifiu.aiiji ItiKBiir. ti: c Eia
aud iPeaj OIT-, ,t yw : -.- Xv-r a
trial, and It will ears yen. Aadii..
i l.C. ROOT, ra.C. lebPEASiSTNNyui
18 WEftK mi
Snrlnf from tha aflacta f yontbTu! errora, eattv
daeay. wartlnR waak aaa. loat naahovd. ate.. I will
a a Taiaabla traatl., laaaW rantaini full
partirnlara tr Lome rvra FREE charaa. A
apleodM zae.laal vark ; ahpnM mv raa4 by carr
aaaa who ia narreua aad dablUlaM. Addraaa,
lTof. P. c. FOWIXB, HeaxlBa, Conn.
I iiiis 5tD.ndr.rd br.ind of plttj
o is acknowledged to be
' 1 ' -.t chew snd the laryi.st
1 '"cl- T-.T the money in the mar
j - . f iks tin tag c;t each lump.
j extensive sale for nany years
:- cstablislied its reputation.
..;e is v oil: in g better. Try it.
- -. .v .-y dealers and orcccrs.
OO. bottlea fur S.OO w
: JFA R jar
p.T la 5i v aS
a -aa,
j ' & a aJ
' -:i ' -5e-' 4 ifX 1 S L, j
'12 vw3r.
f i? V rV &iy-il
Mm m)
-.vx .'-iasrv
v 1 1 TBBBB? af
Having purchased the clothing store of Samuel Straytr, we offr
l-argaina to make room for our new stock. " Ptcial
We expect to mka a specialty of Gents Farnibhing Goods.
We will alao keep a full line cf
And a aamplte stock of Boots, Shoes, Hats, Cspa, Ac.
Quick Suits and aanall profits, ia oar motto. Give tu a trial.
Hollobaugk & Son.
We Lave just re stocked our
store with Winter Goods for
ur customers'.
The Senior member of the
firm has just returned from
Eastern Markets, where he e- j
lected with great care the goods j
that his many patrons favor.
Our assortment is more com-.
, . ., i (
plete than ever. Come and bee.
Our euutomera liare appreciated ,
our efforts to give them goods to ;
. . ,
suit their purposes, and we,
believe that we are better pre- '
pared than ever to merit their
confidence. We invite you to ;
come and fee and b t-atihhed.
In our dress goods department
we have almost everything.
Don't be backward, call for
what vou want.
Our Boot and Shoe De
partment is full in its assort- '
mem, anu jou certainty can ue
suited in lit, tpuahty and price.
Whatever improvements have
i 3 3 i il r
I j.rTi iiWfvH hu Tito Tii!iniitai-rnrArf
-- w
iv ! IlIlTf t Iflll all. can
Biipplj- you with foot wear for
aiij- in or out door service. Our
grocery Department never lags.
We have on hand a lull line 01
Fresh, l'lain and Fancy
Also, the only full line
I Q 1: K E iN iS W A 11 E.
in the couiitv. Every house
jmust have its lull supply ol
Otieeiis and (jlas?VA;tre, this is
1 the store to call on for tuch ar-
I tides.
j To the lover ol the weed,
w e say we keep the best brands.
All orders by mail will re
ceive prompt attention.
Remember the place,
Mais Street, OrrosriK ijoi r.r lloLri
31 i lit in tow ii, lu.,
FrMl'k i;Mi:.mA II t:
tV Son.
-r is,' fa
'!iiT-i"! Ol ".Vh-ttibt. mo acMf ii, so hith?
n '.v -
: Tu rc.rris ins at.
rot r-uM Tn l is, ot-
CAuaa it ALaavui ivis -ma. c v
Send far illuattated circular tj
il. EuiiE'i; Jr., & Co.,
"'! ..i:. Hiroet.
it ireperly uinapcd. The P.ri-TRY B. L
Lrnx. pnbhahed monthly, finalr illustrated
. the beat p, per fnr fanc.cr iud iarnicr'
v-a inonm nrinca il 0
T" post Mid. S-Bd st.p f,lT Mnip,c PO
Add,... .,y f ulJtl;t .o6 ,.rl -
rw ioik.
- 1 s '
; a
,!bKrm l!ir" un'o worn nneemfortaMj tight.
a UI of ton all, o!T t ho f.t. To remedy
this evil tho
r,brrh0eTh!lh I,h0 ""',d? of tne lined witi.
ruotxr. Tin, clinp. to the W- n,..i , wnti
tha Kul.lcr from alipp.o oil
Call for the falrh....
vim 111a crjiui.-a-ln si,..,.
. . s. - " a" . -' v, i -v.
rS': ' ' CSf: ''' ---5 I ' 4 ,2." p. 111 , I inn 1 t ur;. 7 27 in.
."'VL-" i t'? 'II iTi. iKmi..A V m.. .Vn'rr-t ..:,. -.. ; p
t - -i"'r2.-5J ' .-.y- tu , '1 l i'ti pM iiii.x 11. p ni.. l'..rt U .a
""Tr.aiK '. Z'.JS ' l'.it K-ai. V:tf in. !.05 . ti.. Hr
:!- C'-a& vv1 V,11""' '-i60 V. 111 ,""',7 1-;:7.,":"
' -rrf.t. .'- -.-i . It.r tjp.ci.tr vtii. 1.4S p ,. , .,.rt K..ai
- "7 t?-jTj l- ' -j J m., M ftiii., a,l'..
viMivi,;.' , i . . .
T" v 4 ijfj-mmil S 11 4U a m ; HarTial.c:: ! 1 iu ; M.I
, '.-2 y"'' I CI p m ; l.fail'in n 5 25 p iu ; A t""h
'faj - ! 7,0 F tn : arr'vn at TitLsi 11 rj at 1 1 -'.'i 1 i.
r'?"-i fa 'V a,, ' 4 80 ' "''; Hairiabure. a 15 a. m.
. -- J.r'JaiS.aV T ; '. i Dtiucoiir.on. 8 54 a. ni.: Naanort. 2r. a
-Hfjivrtfc'vrS-'CfS."- ! Milleritown. 9 40 a. ni.;Tko:uifotii.r
4.JCalrrN 2 a. m.; Van l)yk. 1 a en ;, Tn-a'
y. '4.
M. Plvv...
ATlaifc0g a. rnSl, I t
ATTORNEYS - AT -1. a lV,
tr?-:.llectii!C and Cenveyssoiii ,.. ,
ly atUBded te. "ce r-rr-j.,
Orr.c0. M.ln .treat, i Fi,ca af
rice of Lams E. Atkis.,u, E., ,:ty uj
Kridga siree:.
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Jans VcLaresLia. Johkps tT aT..JM,
icial'c.mi.ex i. btimm( i
port royal, jvsiata Vo., Vj.
OyOcly reliable Comf ar.u-i reprcn-ut-r
j.n. i, i-iv
- -'""-."-r.inw,K " "..r,,
1 1 .4 . ...... - l .
of Mrdiciutf still tln-ir collatl r.l t.rjr.cbr.
(ift'ce at - d ataud. carnc-r ol Third d Or
:.'ie atrcta, M iWiut.iwn. I's. Uuuar bulb
el tkam will , lound at their o!Vic at t!
ttuie, uii'.-.-. otbaraiae i.rola..,ori,!ly an-
Aprii 1st,
T 1MK-TA 11 L K
as s!ter Similar l'c. 14. l!ti
, tiiat ,IOpat Mifflit r loi,.
Mifflin Accommodation lv.i. UiT.in t
G.40 a. m., FV.rt KotsI C.41 a. in.. Thaoin
.... J ' ''""'V-
.auaiown i .o. a. tu.. M uirrstoa-ii 7,1J i
lorl , .Jl s. m., Dun. nr.
9 t.
; m . alrTiila. 8,02. arrives at Harr!ur(,
h,2D a. ni.. I'biladelphia. 1,'J'i. p m.
I.rsvrs MilHin st 70 a. ni.. I'nrt Jlatu',
7.05 a. ai,. Thoma-'ntovrn. 7.'.'? a. m , il;!
l-rntkwn. 7.22 a. m.. arriri i Mmriahurg
a a tn., I'hi'al aif'l.ia ft 1. '.'.' ,m o,
I. ear. a M fii 11 a' S.nO J . m . I--,-: Sn,1
S.OS f. in.. Ttinn:p-ont"TT,. a 22 p. a ,
( leratoari. J.fia p. ci . arrivra llrr:f;-f .
7,oo p. in.. Phi!a.1!.hia al !.::.' p. v..
HiKRimrBa ArcnvB4ri-v !ti-i. a
tocba a ai:y t 6.2' a. ta., Trr.n- T '0 w
' Mnat I'tii'in at fi,S4 a. tr... j .-.
Lib 7 ti" a. in., SlaVeytoa a 7.2'J a. ia.. ! i"
ialewa 7,1") a. m.. Mii'Viri F.'J'i t e.. Mi
.l2 a.m.. f-art Keyal a. 17 a. -a-. V-iira .
2f, . iu . Tsscvora B 2'. m . l and; s
80 a. m .. Tliami Nuninwn mi.. D':r-
"iiJ a ui.. Hi'-i r rriri, a u..
,"or' 0'r" " " rrriri:"
at liarnsWnrT
lu.i.'o a. ni.. an.r at rnilaiPlplii.1, 1.26 r. m.
Ftk SnnKB Kjium levra aituana 1 aiM
at 7,16 s. iu., aud amppinf a all r-' .'.ar
atatior.a t-lwp-n Aitoana and l!arri..ti'M-e,
real lu-s Mi3'i:i a- 10.S0 . aa , U irr:hiiie
! 1 .40 p. M., a id arrival in P.iiiadr'ph.a til
t. 15 p. Bl.
Msil Tsaix led cs ri'tsl.tiif a'
Ft.?," a. in., AitiMi K at 2.' il p. rn., a:J ir;..
pin? at a!l regular KUtium arrival at JUSIt.
i 6 t3 p. rn.. IUrrii-liurc 7.e'j p. t.i., fiii i-nd-!'hia
lii.r5 p. m.
Mail Ex Tt-aa laaves fittil.ur- at 1 I '! ei
A ltauua t 2U p ni ; Tyroiie t: p 1:1 ; n'ntit
it!tJo:i i.l'i f m i I.cwiatuau .'". ) iu M;,
tlinSlSpis; Uarr:ilii;rg 1 0 Ii p hi ; fin:,, -via
1 hia 4 2d a iu.
La Vlxri-raa Iravas r.riit,-y a! i n A.
M.; Ah.-i.na 11.50 A. at ; n..r hf Ttrj-d
al LifT. .1. at 2.'0 T. U .: ar-ivta a: IU-n--burR
at ,2C f. 11.; st n.iia.ie'.tU-a.S.W T.
Philaaalpbia Kxpras will !o; U fit
at 11 87 j.. si., when ':.;--t
Minim Ao '.ii.i! 1 ilil i ii i' i v I'l'.aile'.
J In. . 1 P. 60 a in.. liaru. t r 12,1'' f. m..
V : ..... own, 1.1k p. us.. Tr.ii i." loar,
1.2S p ni., H xic... 1 .4 1 . p. iu , 1'i.rt Soul,
1.45 i. tu . M iiiin., lit', p. ra Kl-.isdel
i er, 1(1 14 a. m.; Mexico, 10 C7 a 1",
; R.jal, 10 IS a. 1.:.; Miffliu. 1 2B a. tr.
. Milti.nl, 10 2d a. tn ; Narr.ia v. in a. m.
I Lewixtown, 10 40 a. m.; McVertnirr.. 11 1
' a. m.; Newton Hamilton, 1 1 i. . ni.; Hut;
j titiedon, 12 1 7 p. tu.; T'nme, 1 Ul p. ni
' Altoona, 1 45 p. 111., and atop, at i! re iiir
station, between Mirn! -:rc ari ! Ai'aan, ;
OTaTra Kxrarai leaven pj.ila.ieli h:a j
j It at 5 22 p. ni., Harrialmrp, It 2w p. it.
storpine st Kockviila, Msravii, Dusciu-
nen, Newport, Uillrrtotn, Thoiiip.'nt(,u.
Port lieval, tiuio at aiifllin, 1 1 p. tn.; Ai
tonnn, 2 lb a. in., and Pittsburg, 6 10 a. tn.
Mail Tbaib leave 1 LilaJi h:a dai'v al
7.00 a. tn., Harrisliure 11.20 a. m., A
pert, 12 16 p. tn., Slifilin 12.52 p. m., not
Sing at all raf ular atatioua betacec ll.:ii;i
aud Altoena reacbaa Altooua a: 3. 4'J f
Pitt.barg 8.10 p. m.
Altooka Accomhodatio. lear.i ?ta'
adelpliia daily at 11 40 a. in., nirritanrf
4, 10 p.m., Dime, cton 4,4 p. to., Nt
port 6.12 p. lu., Miili-rtavrn o,22 f. ni.
Tboupaotitown o,KS p. tn., Vandyke ' 4 J
p. m., Tii.caror. 5,44 p. ui., .Vesire p.
aa., Port Kojal f 5,61 p. u.., Milton t
Ba., Leaist'iWB 0,20 p. ui., McVeyieas
45 f. a., iSawie. lia n l.n 7.6 p.
lluatiepdnn 7, ti p. m., Altnntix 'J Si) p. 10
Pacific Expre. leaves Phii.daipliis 11 -pm;
Harrisburp 8 10am; Ilutic.iinai
SS a in ; Iv'cwjorl 4 00 m ; M :!T::n 4 ?'
m; Lewistown i 01 a m ; McVevt"n 5
a. tn ; Mt. Union a :n ; J i ; r, r -
12am; Pet.-rsburc r, -j, j in ; 5 ; : t
6 40 a m ; Ttrre ? in rr ; Ha l'.
722 ai..; Alti-i.iia P 06 a i. ; Pit:-
1 1 4, t tu.
Pi-ttri V'm i. I. e I 1 ir i n and B t I e-.i
jte.4.u i:m.im. iiaj m-
siii(;i.i: iii.i.s. ir.
pditrtiiLi: (.riat .iiii-i-
Threshing Miirhiuca, ec
Send lor ilu-irated Cataleti.-A-
Ii : tIM(HI 4It O . V I 1'
uiillon ullce.
Tbe undi-rsii!iied,citi:-L. ol Wa:k-rTr .
Juniata county, Pa., hereby canti, n :l p-r-ons
bot to treipn8 en tbeir lanis f-r th,
pnrpoae uf l.r.i.tinp : John A. HaMapli-r.
Christ Mu.her, Calvin Maitruder, Ji.hn F.
Babr, David Divan, Samuel AuU.r, Cvrns
Siaber. Seih KtrLburr, William Cleca.

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