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Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, July 12, 1899, Image 3

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"mifflintown. pa.
vjElfflSPA Y, JULY 12, 1899.
gtIBscBiPTiox $1.00 per year If paid
,a advance; " not P1 in ad-
fnsient advertising and local
-ic. 8 rent a line.
peduotions will be made to those de
fl.gto advertise by the year, half or
quarter year
Lilia Ll among friend in
ye Fairview.
The fitinily f W. Maloy, are
BHrtjiig to Lewiatown.
Pr. KiiiR's Nw Ijfe Pills.
Jliss 1-iliiii MI Humid is visiting
friends in I'hiilipwburg.
jfiss M:iggi Marks spent the
past wwk i l- isown.
Pr. King's New Discovery.
Mis Mlna Uiiulis npent lust
wwk inning friends in Lewistowu.
..: .... TT.vW- .-. rrfnl',: ' - - . J. unuuu,,
.,.,., ...... j
bun from lwm college in Al-
There was an iiii-omnion raiu at ,
Mi-Iist'ivilleon the evenine or,
the ."th.
Buck leu's Arnica SSalve.
Miss l'lellc Aiigherly of Alien
town is the guest of Miss Emily
Fen! Meyers sold his Newfound-
liinu uog io comiij commissioner
Buekleii's A mica Salve. : -Jt
I-he democrat of Westmoreland
connlv, Lave re-nominated Jadge
t n..tv l
Lt i " "oiy
.Miss Klsie Albert of Peublo,
(!., is inc j;uesi oi ner cousin .
K. K. McMeen.
Dr. King's Xew Life Pills.
Mr. and Mrs. L'olterl Laird
Tyrone, peut a few days of
week with the Misses Laird.
Miss Willa MeXitt has lieen
hist ;
guest of her uncle lr. Haker in(
Lewistown for the past week.
Misses Maude Wilson and 1 teas ;
I'eimt'll have been visiting the
Caldwell home in Lewistown.
Maine Xipple and sister Miss
Nell, have returned home from
ShipienslMirg Xormal School.
Dr. King's Xew Life Pills.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. II. Long and
little niece Mamie Warner, spent
several days in Thouipsontown.
The -till of July dynamite explo
sion here at Miiltintown awakened
the people many miles from town.
Ir. King's Xew Discovery.
Miss Mary Middah left Thurs
day to spend several months in
Buffalo. X. Y., witli--her rister
Mrs. Chas. Sloan. " :
Harry Martin, Principal of the
Shirlevsbnrg Academy, is spend-
his vacation with his parents Mr.
and Mrs. Howard Martin.
Dr. King's Xew Discovery.
Mr. and Mrs. Matth. Allison
and brother Leslie Allison of Ty
rone, spent last week with their
mother Mrs. Ellen Allison.
Misses l!ess and Maude Bnrch
field ot llarrrisburg and Miss Em
ma Lobison of Danville, were
guests of Mrs. Frank Burchfield, re
cently. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walker and
Utile daughter of Philadelphia,
have leen visiting Mrs. Walker's
parents Mr. aud Mrs. Samuel
Dr. King's Xew Discovery.
On the th inst., John Fry, son
of Nicholas Fry of Delaware town
ship, met with a painful and singu
lar accident that may result fatally.
He was lxiildmg wheat ona wagon.
The wd gun upset and hewascanght
on the prongs of fork. The
prongs rai upward and almost
through his body.
Ir. King's Xew Discovery.
Sensible Schley. At . Walling
frd. Pa., on the 3rd of July, a re
ception was given to Keal Admiral
Schley. It was the anniversary of
Schley's destruction of the
Spanish tieet at Santiago. Five
thousand people were there at Col
onel M 'lure's place; a number of
pirls wanted to kiss Schley, bat the
sensible man did'nt say he does not
rare for kisses, but belaid, he
thoii"ht to much of th4o-rfe e
Hobson act.
Ir. King's Xew L ifePills.
A (lie in the south end of the
upper story of a house occupied by
John Kennedy in Pattersou was
the cause of the sounding of the
fire alarm at noon several days
!.''. The house is owned by Mr.
HiiN-n miss of this town. By the
use ot gardea hose and buckets,
the tire was gotten under control,
ana iy the tune the fire depart
uient with their machinery came
"Pii the scene, the flames were
extinguished. How the lire got
there is a mvstcry. The Kennedy
family w ere not at home at the time
of the di.saster. Neighbors forced
their way into the house and car
neu i ne household effects out ex
P'ting the building to bum.
Uiicklen's Arnica Salve.
Mrs. I'orsythe wife of Robert
Forsythe, del-eased, late of Derry
township, Mifflin county, met with
shocking accident a few niorn
'DfrsNiueein Lewistown. She start
ed to go to the farm. In passing
tlie tannery escaping steam fright
ened her horse. He gave a
sudden jerk and Mrs. Forsythe fell
jrwardouthe buggy dash-board.
At that moniont the horse kicked.
struck her- v.- ith
Sneh fnroA ti,t ...
nliuded. and a day or two after
the doctors removed what remain
ed of the sightless organs. She is
lying at the honaeofMrs. Fonythe
her mother-in lair in Lewistown in
critical condition. The occur
red was of such a nature that the
deepest sympathy has been arous
ed in all that community for the un
fortunate woman.
The Republican County Primary
Election, will be held onSaturday,
July 22 and the county convention
on Monday, July 24.
Miw Minnie Stray'er returned
home after a several weeks visit to
her sister Mrs. Chas. Stone in
Washington, D. C.
Mrs. Eruminger children ftuul sis
ter Miss (irace Wright of Philadel
phia, are visiting their parents Mr.
and Mrs. Clark Wright.
At the recent commencement of
the Juniata College, Huntingdon,
I a., the degree of liacbelor of Arts
was conferred upon J. Lloyd Ilart
man of Juniata county.
Kx-SheritT Xoble received the
coutract for the construction of a
sewer in Patterson from near the
railroad to the river for three hun
dred and eighty-eight dollars. ;
Itev V t r.lh.... rri
jiiiinom and itev. John Calhoun of
i'ambridffe. Illinois, wm h.
guests of their cousin
Ex Sheriff i
Calhoun and family, several
last week.
A hoy on the street teased an?
other loy. The teased loy threw
a stone, missed his mark, but hit
one of the French plate windows of
the First National Jlahk, breaking
a hole bisr enonsrh to nut a fi
and cracking the glass across the
nice irom (tide to side,
The mother of the average col
onial dame, that is the first Amer
n 1
,"S,.,ueish won vho
re no shoes in summer-time and
wore mojipj, in the wjnter and
smoked a corn-cob pipe bv thecab-
iu nre; couiu tell
v tree and srrub a
clearing equal to a man; could take
me hide otra deer or other wild
animal, emial to the skill of tlie
liiiieliera nf to-rl-iv Silio u.nl.l hna
- - " ' . v r..a.k '
corn, cycle wheat and shoot the
head off a squirrel a hundred yards
A tJypfeey Camp Entertainment
will i giveniunder the auspices of
the Young l-idies Foreign Miss
ionary bociety of the
church on Tuesday evening, July
13, on the lawn of Mrs. J. Howard
Xeely. There will be music and
recitations ami many of the quaint
customs and diversions of the gyp
sies will be shown. At six o'clock
a luncheon will lie served with a
view to promoting the social and
financial interests of the society.
The pitronage and svmpathy of
the public is requested.
Itaymoud, a two year and a half
old son of W. W. Goodman of
Tnrbett township, cameito what was
seemingly an untimely end on the
5th day of July. A neighbor who
had borrowed laudanum returned
the vial when Mrs.' Goodmun was
out. The eon saw the ial placed
in the cupboard and when alone
shoved a chair to the cupboard,
took the vial, drank its contents
and then walked out to his mother,
showed Ler the bottle and said he
drank what was in it. A doctor
was hastily called, an emetic was
given, and the little boy seemed to
be on a fair way to a recovery from
the dose. lie drank the laudan
um on ' Sunday, -July 2nd. On
Wednesday, the 5th, convulsions
set in and after that he soon died.
A quart of milk
tbould yield an
ounce of butter.
Mrtin Stoaffrr of this
place baa
enlisted io the Navy.
Ham-fat is a good thing to reduce
the ewellirg of a bee sting
Albert Hackenberger has been ap
pointed on the police force.
The 4th of July was celebrated in
Cuba, Porto Rico and at Manila.
There was a soaking rain on Sat
urday that did the corn great good.
Wheat for December delivery
old in Chicago on Saturday at 75cts
a ba-hel.
A 6 span steel railroad bridge is to
be bnilt in Japan by American con
As far as reported 300 persons re
quired treatment in Philadelphia for
4tn OI July injuries.
The JnniaJa Valley Camp meeting
at Newton Hamilton will be opened
on the 15th of Aujnat.
The Bloomfield Freeman has charg
ed its size from a seven column folio
to a six column quarto.
The gold bug democrats are pow
erless to Btem the advance of the sil
ver bugs within party lines.
The Lewistown Democrat and
Santinal is beine issued as a semi-
weekly. It is newsy paper.
,Westorn papers are criticising
Common Pleas Jndcres for exchang
inff benches as frequently as they
Boss Bryan is lining the demo
crats up for his old time silver plat
form with himself as the Presiden
tial candidate.
A certain eure for the sting of the
kissing bug is tne application oi
thick plaster of mud. Clay . mud
best, if it can be had.
1000 Democrats gave a dollar din.
for Brvan at Col um dub, uuio,
last Friday There wm i silver tin
ing about the whole affair.
A Clearfield county man plants
the same variety of potatoes that be
began planting on his farm 60 years
ago, tne long ionn tuww
The site for the location of nation
.i .ornment buildinss in Altoons,
-f tt, northeast corner of Chest
aat avenue and Eleventh streets.
Mr. Lewis, who went with her
I v.iw.. noilttr Dr. B. F. AoUey
a A marCnld eountv. last
spring." has returned to BiHmtown
- The narrows between Miffiintowa
and Lewistown is a popular resort
for picnie parties.
The Hollidaysborg gas company is
in the hands of the sheriff on an ex
ecution for over twenty five thousand
1 Help for the bite of the kissing
bug. Apply ammonia to the bitten
part and afterwards laudanum and
and sugar of lead.'
The 10th Pennsylvania .volunteers
have, left Manila for home. They
are expected at San Francisco, Cali
fornia about the 1st of August.
The Bellwood Bulletin of the 7th
inst, mentions the death of Ai Nel
son of near Gardner's Mills, Blair
county, sged 43 years of membran
eous croup.
Lightning recently burnt a barn of
Henry Hopple in Black Log Valley.
A cow, carriage and farming imple
ments were consumed in the fire
Insurance $400.
The city man longs to live in the
country and the conntry man longs
to live in the city. Be contented,
virtuous, and you will be happy,
whether in city or country.
Chicago newspapers report over
seventeen hundred 4th of July fire
works accident. If that many peo
ple in Mifflintown and Patterson were
laid up in one day what would you
The Ohambersburg Repository of
July 5 says; On Friday, June 30th,
Coyle and Diehl received the first
new wheat of the crop of 1899. The
quality of the wheat is rather poor
and the yield very discouraging.
There has not been as much wheat
raised on the farms in Pennsylvsnia
as will supply the people of the state
with bread the coming year. It takes
twenty-five million bushels of wheat
to bread Pennsylvania one year.
Wasted. Agents for Mifflintown
and vicinity to sell our teas, coffees,
spices and baking powders to con
sumers. Liberal commission paid
Address Grand Union Tea Co. 35 N.
3rd street, HarriBburg, Pa. 4t
The noise patriots exploded dyn
amite on the night of the 3rd and
broke a lot of window glass in the
buildings on the North farm and
glass in the windows of a house own
ed by Dr. Atkinson and occupied by
Moses Pannebaker.
It is a number of years since the
"bicycle heart" has become known.
Excessivel bicycle riding devslopes
the bicycle heart, but it is only re
cently that the bicycle kidney has
been discovered. What -a ill the bi
cycle next develop?
Miss Sadie Fenicle of Perry Co.,
while picking berries by the side of
a worm fence on a farm in Rye town
ship encountered a large rattle-snake
on the fence. She took a piece of
fenoe rail and killed the snake. It
had 11 rattles and a button.
The kissing bug is a name recent
ly given to almost anv and every kind
of bng that stings. The kissing bng
is an old native residenter with a new
name. It has been stinging people
every summer. It isn't as bad as the
southern "wood tick" bug. . .. .
Talk about watering enterprises.
The champion of watered affairs lives
in Chicago.. His name is C r.
Brown. His business was that of a
promoter. He bad over a million
and a half dollars debts and fire dol
lara with which to pay them.
A troubled but trusting subscriber
recently wrote to tbe editor of the
Huron. Kan. Herald: "What ails my
bene? Every morning I find one ot
more of them keeled over; to rise no
mora. The reply was: -ne iowis
are dead- It is an old complaint and
nothing can be done except to bury
them." Boston Transcript.
Two ladies while encamping at
Roaring Run in the narrows with
other ladies and gentlemen from this
v;cinity, killed a seven and a half
foot blacksnake. Charles JMoble
gives the names of the ladies who
found and killed the snake at a
spring some distance from the run as
Mrs. Clara McMamgle and airs. Mar
ry Tyson.
The valley of the Brazos river in
Texas, was flooded by rain last week.
All the flat land was under 6 to 3U
feet of water. Tbe valley is about
500 miles lone and 50 miles wide.
Tbe loss of life and property is large.
Some three hundred people were
drowned. Live stock by the thou
sand were drowned and property to
the amount of millions wss washed
Postmaster Geo. C Wagenseller of
Selinsgrove was returning home from
Shamokin Dam tbe other night when
two highwaymen stopped his horse
in a covered bridge across Penn's
Creek, and demanded bis money
He had left his pistol at home so he
handed over the $16 he had in his
pocket. He wanted to give them
bis watch, but they refused to take it
Ha inTited him to no With him to
SelinseTove and have a drink, but
they declined.
The first night's din of the 4th of
July carousal is beet described by
tbe effect tbat a citizen ma it ami
- ... . . i jm
on his dog. The dog began to bark
when the noise oi explosives oegan
The explosives kept going and tbe
Acer kpnt barkincr. The dog's bark
was vigorous tin mia-nignr, uui uj
that time his bark grew less vigor
- L . . . ... 1 1 L 1
n.,a .nil crraduallv from that fame
it erew weaker till dayiignr, wuen it
o ... . .... i
mtten down or up tust as yon
nlAsae to a faint squeal. On the 4th
and 5th the dog looked as if be was
...fri-;nr from the effects ot an at
tack of acute sore throat.'
A day or two since while Stewait
Horrell was in the act of hitching a
team of horses to a grain binder, he
was kicked by one of the horses. The
beast was induced to kick by another
).nrW hiteimr the kicker on the neck.
Both bind feet struck Stewart One
foot struck him near the middle of
k.)iMuL The other foot struck
bim on the ribs on the left side: He
was knocked onto tbe platform of tbe
binder, and was for a snort time un
When he revived Har
uui rWanar took him to his home
at Mt. Pleasant, Walker township.
The next day Horrell was again
deck as an emoient hand as he
ways is on the farm.
The catch of shad ai Newport ia in
ereaawg. The past season there
were more shad caught there than ia
any one season since the canal has
Amos Basom of Iowa, paid his an
nual visit to Juniata last week. He
does not forget the land of his nativ
ity. He does not appear to be a man
of more than 66 years while in point
of fact he is 75 yean old. Long
may he live. When he moved to
Iowa in 1855 there were only five
families settled in the oouaty in
which he located.
Michael Korbish, aged 7 years,
John Korbish, aged 9 yean, and
John Zomblock, aged 7 years, are
under indictment to answer before
Judge Savidge's court for having
maliciously wrecked the "Cannon
Ball,' Express train a few days since
m Northumberland county, thereby
causing the death of the firemen of
the train Rollin Morgan.
A few evenings since a large com
pany of substantial citizens were en
tertained at the hospital home of
Mr. and Mrs. Svenson, to form the
acquaintance of Mr. 8venson, who is
a Pittsbnrg architect, who has bnilt
himself a handsome residence at tbe
East End for be and Mrs. Svenson
and .Mr. and Mn. Thomas Mcdellan,
who are the parents of Mrs. Svenson.
It wss a pleasant occasion and was
highly appreciated by all who had
the pleasure of being present.
A few days since a swarm of Ital
ian bees came down in Mr. William
Hawk's lot on 4th street Hawk bad
a bee box on his garret He brought
the box to the lot and nicely mved
tbe new comers and now has a nice
bee colony. The bees immediately
weut to work and already have a tier
of combs completed, which they are
rapidly filling with honey. One bee
distills the full of a common sized
thimble of honey in a season.
On the morning of the 6th., last
Thursday, Charles Cleck living near
this town missed one oi bis horses
from the pasture field in hich it had
been placed the evening previous.
The horse company to which Cleck
belonged was promptly notified and
telephone messages sent in all direc
tions, and every preparation made
for a vigorous search, when unexpect
edly tbe animal retnrned. From the
general appearance of the beast it
looked tbat the last nse the horse
had been put was to some work in
harneas. The return of the animal
saved an expensive search.
In 1893, James McClellan in rail
road employment in Virginia, sent a
Virginia Chamelon -Lizard to his
father Captain McClellan in this
town. The reptile was tame and
had tbe freedom of the house, but
bad Ben Be of locality strong enough
to mute its borne in a box tbat bad
been provided for it. One day its
tail was caught in a closing door and
about a balf inch of the caudal ex
tremity pinched off. After being in
the Captain's house about a year it
disappeared. That was five years
ago and the recollection of the thing
had become like a dream, when, lo!
and behold! the same identical lizard
returned oe the-8rd - day of July,
1899. In its five years of absence it
bad grown stouter, but the balf inch
of lost tail is still wanting. It rec
ognized tbe old time box that bad
first been provided for it aud bas
again taken np its quarters there.
It is hardly probable that it was on a
trip to its native home in lrgiuia..
On account of the Prohibition
State Convention, to be betd at Phil
adelphia, July 21, 1899, the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company has arrang
ed to sell to all persons applying ex
cursion tickets from stitioos on its
line in the State of Pennsylvania to
Philadelphia, at rate of single fare
for tbe round trip (minimum rate
fifty cents).
Tickets will be soli on Ju y 20
only, and will be good to return un
til July 23, inclusive. j20.
Rush Brown. . On t he Is
inst., at Mifflintown by Rev. W H.
Fabs, Henry W. Rush of Lebanon,
Pa., and Susan Brown of Susque
hanna township.
Granted. July 4 to Kevin M.
Shearer of Lack township, Juniata
county and Mary E. Love of Kich-
va'e, Huntingdon Co., Pa.
Evans. On the 7th inst.. Mrs.
Mary A. Evans of Camden, X. J.
at the home of her father Mr
Francis Hower of Slim Valley, Jun
iata Co., Pa., where she had gone
with the expectation of improving
her health.
She died of a complication of
diseases, aired 27 years, 6mos. and
22 days. Interment in the Free
byterian Cemetery on the 9th inst,
The uiiderniinied Admin iterator of
Manraiet Hurrell. late of Lack town
nhin. Juniata county. Pennsylvania,
deueaaed, by virtue of an order of the
Orphans' Court of Juniata county, will
UL UUUIU; BWC Ul UUI , via lire
preniiHes on
Monday, Ji;i.v 31st, 1889,
at 2 o'clock P. M.. the following Real
A tract of land in Ijack townnhip,
Juniata eountv. Pennsylvania, bounu-
ed on tbe north by lauds of James
Wonddide and Robert Woodside: east
by lands of W. D. Walla; south by lands
or W ru. tienry. uu west uy tana oi
Wm Henry d west by land of Wm.
Henry, containing
more or lew.
Terms of Sale. Ten per eeasf pur
chase money in Vash on day f "
Forty per cent when sale ia cunfliniod
hv the Court rSertt. 19th. lHfle): balance
on January let, 1900, when deed will be
July 6th, 199.
It ytm want to be well, see to it that year Kl&aeye and Bleed ate la a
healthy condition. ' It is an easy matter to le&ra what state year Kidaeys are ia.
Place seme of your urine ia a bottle or tumbler, and leave It stand one day and
Bight A sediment at the bottom shows that yon have a daagettms Kidney
disease. Pains in the small of the back indicate the same thing." So does a
desire to pass water often, particnlarly at night, and a scalding pain ia riaeCag
at StiU another certain sign. '
gerous, and should not be neglected a single
Read what
inent member
ever failed where the directions were followed. It is also a specific for the
troubles peculiar to females. All druggists sell it at $1.00 a bottle.
Cf"'a rtflr Fflrr T If yon wul send your full poatoffice address
OT.taV wlHV IIVV1 to the Da. David Kinnbdv CoarokATiotf,
Rondout, N. Y., and mtntien this fafitr, we will forward yon, prepaid, a
free sample bottle of the Farorite Remedy, together with full directions
for its use. You can depend upon this offer being genuine, sad should write at
eace for a free trial bottle.
Shott's Stores.
A Host of Bargains in Dry Goods,
Shoes and Carpets.
Uohleaohed mnslias at Sets a yard.
Better anbleaobed muslin at 4ets a vard.
Kxtra quality unbleached muslin, VJ0 yarda for $1 00.
Beat bleached Hill muslin, 15 yds for $1.00.
lOo mnilis, out prioca, at 6o a yard.
Union sraah toweling, 7jda for 25ets.
All Linen crash toweling 6yds for 25et.
Good ealiooes for 3lo a yard.
Btst Lancaster Ginghams at 5eta; worth to day 7lcts.
Table Oil Cloth, 2jd for 25cts.
- Flora Oil Cloth and Linoliums for 20o, 25a to 35e; worth 50sta.
Carpet! at 12e, 18o, 20o and 25o.
Now ia jour time to buy carpet. Thej are going higher.
Fins Rags in Braaael aud Valvet for 76ets and $1.00.
Stair Oil Cloth in Cat Prices at 4e a yard. ,
Men's Cheviot every day shirt ioga, 7yds for 48ota
Fine Sooteh lawna at 4lo.
All onr fine summer dress goods at extra low reduced prises.
Tied Bord See Table Linen at 25eU; worth 40ete.
jYhite Sanimar Blankets, at 50ot a pair.
ia the most important News of this Sale.
m ear offerings. .Not a plunger apasmor exoitoaent, but a merchant's
plan, calmly formed and thoroughly executed. The purpose ia to make a
a ale of shoes for cheapness and magnitudes, which ia without precedent.
These shoes are all new, their equals are selling at 35 per eeni higher through,
ent the Shoe Trade.
Mens CalfSkin Shoe at $1.47; worth $2.50.
Meu't Wil!ow Calf and Viei Leather at $1 47.
Men's Black Drasa foot wear:
Tana and Blacks, Hyie'a French Patent Leather all $4 aheea at $2.68.
Ladies Blaok and Tan fins kid Leather Shoes, 800 pair, English styles
makes at $1.47, a saving of $I.00aa pair.
at equally reduced prioes at Extra low valuea
1865. ESTABLISHED. 1890.
Special Invitation To The Publix
To Attend tbe Attractive Sale
' ; " OF-
'- ' - ....
" It will be .
Who have money to invest to
, It is truly marvelous to See
of Suits and Overooats at the
fli nriM Imm all Comtietitors in the rear, so don't iifl
tafjve h& call if m ns)d of
Mir. zterd Kemmedjr'm Fmrmrlto Memedr
what you seed. It will care you sorely if you do not
delay too long in taking h. Kidney diseases are dan
P. H. Kirr, of Union,' N. Y.,
of the G. A R., says: " I was troubled
with my Kidneys and urinary Organs and
suffered great annoyance day and Bight,
bat since using Dr. Dmvid Kennedy
Favorite Remedy I have greatly im
proved, and that eroadral burning sense
tioa has entirely gone. I had on my Up
what was called a pipe cancer, which spread
'most across my lip. and was exceedinar
painfol; now that is almost weQ. I also had severe
heart trouble, so that it was difficult to work; that Is
a great deal better. I have gained nine potmen
since I commenced taking the Fmrorite Remedy I
am greatly benefited ia every way, and csnaet
praise it too much."
Tmvmite Remedy is a apsdflc for Kidney,
Liver and Urinary troubles. Ia Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia, Dyspepsia, and Skin and Blood Diseases, it
Bargain Days
4,000 pair of fiae shoes included is-
You save ever SI on a
of Clothing that goes on daily
examine the Stock of Goods for
Wonderfully Low Prioes.
; New Stock of Spring Clothing,
Meyers' Big Stores.
0 0 0 0
Men's and Boy's New Spring Suits.
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and we bave them in aingle and double breasted at $4 62. Now men
fall into line and secure one of these Fine Imported Dress Suits, in
all shades and colors, and made perfect to equal merchant tailor
prices. Worth 18. for only $12 These Frock and Sack Suits we
have tbem in nil sizes and styles, and we guarantee to give you a per-
feet fit at $6.50. Yon can take your pick and fit from 372 fine drasa
suits, which are made ia Sacks and Cutaways, we have them in all
shades. Suite worth $12 we sell now at $8 75. We start tbe Boy a
department from $1 87 to $8.50. The assortment includes hundreds
of double snd single breasted suits. Many of these suits being all
wool and thev are all in the LATEST SPRING PATTERNS in
brown, plaids, checks and plain colors. These are all well made and
trimmed, and run in age from 10 to 19. Immense sssortment to
select from.
Our Children's Department.
The largest displsy of Boys' pants in Juniata County, and tbry are
all made of strong material. The sizes run from 3 to 16, and sell
from 18c. to 50c. 300 Children's Sails, sizes from 3 to 16, at 90o.
265 splended Vested Suits, at $1.25, would be cheap at the regular
price of $2. 567 Children's Suite, in Double Breasted and other
styles. Your choice at $2 38. 375 Chttdren's Suits, this is a gJd
line strictly, all wool, Double Breasted at $388, wbioh should be f5.
A grand new line of Spring Hats and Caps and Gents Few
nuhing Goods, of the greatest values ever offered, A car load
of Trunks and Satchels at low price.
Tbemost marvelous showing of up to date Furniture ever attempt
ed. Everything new in design, no old slock Nothing but the very
best makes by the best manufacturers with such forsightodness that
we ofTer "Beautiful Furniture" at jnet one balf tbe regular value.
We juat received and unpacked the grandest design of new and
upon date Furniture. Our three floors are packed to the utmost ex
tent for your inspection. A grand selection of Parlor 8uitp, Uphola.
tered Beckers, Conches, Lonngss, Sofas, Extension Tables, Hall Racks,
Side Boards. Bed Room Suits in numerous styles, Office, Dining Room
and Kitchen Chairs, Spring Mattrrwep, Cols, Cribs snd Cradles. In
fact everything kept in a first class Furniture store.
Ferd Meyers,
Tn8carora Valley Railroad.
- 1898.
Blair's Mills .......... L v. 7 25 1 45
Waterloo.. 7 31 1 51
Leonard's Grove 7 37 1 57
Robs Farm 7 45 2 05
Perulack., 7 52 2 12
East Waterford 8 0 2 25
Heckman 8 17 2 37
Horov Grove 8 22 2 42
Fort Bigbatn 8 30 2 50
Warble 8 39 2 59
Pleasant View 8 44 3 04
Seven Pirns 8 52 3 12
Spruce Hill 8 55 S 15
Graham's ; 9 03 3 23
Stewart 9 06 3 26
Freedom 9 09 3 29
Turbett 9 12 3 32
Old Pert 9 183 38
Port Royal Ar.9 53 45
Trains Kos. 1 aad 2 connect at Port Royal
with Way Passenger and Seashore Express
oa P. B. B., and No. 8 and 4 with Mail east
A. -.M. P. M.
Port Koyal
Old Port
0.0 10 20,5 05
1.3(10 3715 12
810 335 IS
a.7h0 3fi5 21
10 39 5. 24
10 42 5 -ill
Spruce Hill. .
10 50 5 354
Seven Pines
10 53 5 38
Pleasant Yiew.1 . . .
llr-01 5 46
Warble... .
Fort Bkrbam.
11 065 1
11 15 6 00
Honey Grove
11 23 6 08
11 28 6 13
East Waterford
Boss Farm.
11 40 6 25
11 53 6 38
12 00 6 45
Leonard's Grore...
Blair's Mills..... Ar
12 OS 6 53
12 14 6 69
12 20 7 05
u n -t V .miiim( Mftir'a
Mills with Cowcord, Dovleabsrg Dry Ran,
2abv411. Nnliin. Shade OaD. Shade
Valley ana uosnorn owuon owge i,iuc.
' Prmidmi.
. IjCC Dirmf nt tn to
1 111 I taaa Medici ft mt
mt ftae to aar tMlr.
IH flf)V
Hi RnadT has bean niapand hy atlw"
w. or Koenm. of Fort .waraa, lad. ajaca UK, t
im v nreparad andar his direcMoa or the
KOeNIO MED. COn Chieagw
oldlrrPrcs4staaats'arla Ovbrt
:Mrre!Ma.aU.W. SatUtahr
Lai over atrala nrored br Ms
vbsn all otter preparations railed, that
0 0 0 0 0
115 and 117,
Bridge Street.
Tbe following acbednle went Into effect
Nov. 16, 1896, and the traina will he ran as
p. m
4 80
4 tt
4 89
8 41
4 45
4 46
4 61
4 61
4 5ti
9 00
9 U
9 14
9 22
9 24
9 2T
Leave Arrive a. m p. m
Dancannon 7 64 2 28
Kmg'DMill 7 49 Sat
Snlphur Spring 7 4S 2 20 .
"Corman Siding 7 41 S 18
Montebeilo Park 7 41 2 16
Weaw 7 40 21s
Rndrlf 7 80 2 68
Hndman 7 83 2 66
Roj-er 7 81 2 08
VahanoT 7 28 2 00
BloomUeld 7 23 I 41
Trculer 7 09 1 86
Nellson 7 04 1 tt
Dom'e 7 01 12
Elllotabarg 68 12
Bernheial'c S 61 1 29
Groen Pwk 6 48 1 1
Mootnnr inne 6 88 1 IS
Landisburg 6 28 2 60
Arrive Leave be pa
6 10 10 43
6 16 9 49
6 21 9 64
6 24 9 67
6 27 10 06
6 82 10 1 7
6 84 10 17
6 87 10 30
6 02 10 86
p. m a. m
Train leaves Bloomfleld at 6.68 a. St.,
and arrives at Landiabnrg at 6.28 a. aa.
Train leaves Landiabnrg at 6.06 p. m., aad
arrives at Bloomfleld al 6.40 p. m.
All stations marked () are flag stations,
at which traina will coma to a full atep oa
signal. t
Caaa. H. Sauav,
Pre idenl.
8. H. Bnear,
11 lev Railroad Companv. Time table
of passenger traina, to effect ea Monde y.
May lh, 1896.
warl. r m a
Newport ...
Buffalo Brid a.....
6 06 10 S
6 08 10 88
f 1210 42
6 16 10 46
6 2510 62
S 86
4oniata Furnace ...
Watr Ping
Bloomfleld Jonct'n.
Taller Road
6 22 1101
8 11
6 8111 09
6 891109
8 nt ...
Elliot Ubnrr
6 61 11 21
6 64 1124
Green Park
!,osfTille .........
Fort Kobeaoa .....
7 0&!ll 86
Ttmi 41
7 26
Center .. , , . , . ...
7 15) U 46
7 1
7 1
TXuna's Bwa . . .
J ZI U ftl
Anderaoajtasra) ,..
Blalsj . . . ..
Monat PlwaiSt ...
New GerDuM'a ...
7 10
7 4H1SI1
6 68
6 60'
D. OSIN9, raaWwt aad Mi
. A. Mhieb, Genera agent.
VariaUs FtMIn Ftf
I Ccstsr Crtr.lt Ecjisa
Rapid, Srororate, atrons; and attnple. with tmr
7aMaciiy. Araiiinvw sr-
Rills or ivhrvl. Mronts
arulfuife. No FnrfjsilirT.
Hajilrr kstsi crcr
alsMlFci. Afm tandiar
aliCUltDIBl ImptVETM'DtjB.
Ifjenvrmiir. tiaj rreBM
a apecUlty. Send ft
CmUloffue and prioM ttt
L BaFASlwSJUt C3.fLtt,Ttrkfrin
A wonderful Imprinrmrnt In FrWltaa naShJ aa
. ' I tt k . luu-KmoltonolCa'TlnKT IhaniMM
ValKtna all the ftrd frlns lowainl rtlll ablla hark.
Inc: Ut v to ewwrr mmf weer. twhv.
,(unt. aiHi pTtc aw r.nria llarvwwev
V-tt ivafora, ar Pteatera, Hh-llrra,
fir&ilKrMOOU.Wf..York.- .
Mir, wvmmm.

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