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Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, August 02, 1899, Image 3

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gTOWN. PA. .
tsnAY, AUG. 2, 1889.
.KO-fl.OO per year if paid
St"4 .1 hi if not naid In ad-
" advertising and! local
I1: ..n will be made to those de-
..uertise by the year, half or
net ?
Rcklen's Arnica Salve.
umcv is persuasive thing, i
The knitting fswtory is at work.
The war the rhillippine
jfi K""1 -XuKer 1S a,nong rel"
Hve i Harrisburg. ,
frank Murray of Washington,
p C, is home on a vacation, y
Mrs. Kl. is visiting her
B.,liei Mrs. Chubb in Oriental.
Bm klcn's Arnica Salve.
There was a dante on the Port
Royal lair groium iai rriuajr
night. (
uiss I'aiuiabaker ot Philauel-.
" r . r T T
phia is the jruest oi ,ur. neurj
Si.-ht.ll. t
Mi- Maud MU key ami frieud of
Baltimore is viBiuug miss cess
Ali.s Margery I'atter.on visited
. . t : ... f-. 111-.
her auiil .Mrs iiimsiii .uixusunc
liist week.
Ir. King's New Life Pills, y'
Ellis Stump of Philadelphia is
spending his vatsation with his pa
rents in town. y
i". V. Hal ford of New
Geniiantown is the guest of T. W.
Anker's laniily.
I nlavorable we-ather has dam
jyel the wheat in Washington and
Oregon i-r cent. y
Mr. ami Mrs. Fred Mickey of
Tlioinjisontown have taken up their
rei'len e on 3Iain street.
Ir. King's New Life Pills, y'
Miss Nettie Sniyser of Newport,
has Ixt'ii spending a few days past
with lit t friends m town.
The man who sleeps in church
(liirin-' incachiiiii is credited with
having a clear conscience. '
Win. Xankivel and family ofAl
tiMina will move into Sehlegel's
Those who have threshed oats
report a large yield, but the yield
of wheat is not up to expectation
1 here is yet a large percentage
of the its to cut. Some farmers
num. A., ti ' nnmt Af -r. Jsn-
Pa ,cnred herself of diabetes by a
fast of twentv-fmir HaV. ai
nothing and drank only water dor-
Dr. King's New Discovery.
Alonza Robert
WesteistSt., New York city, is
under surgical attention bv th
connty oh aceonnt of a broken leg,
received on the cars on which he
was beating his way. Sheriff Ston
er has him in charge.
Dr. King's New Discovery. .
List of uncalled for letters re
maimng m the Mifflintown, Pa.
Post Office, at the close of business
on Saturday evening, July 29th,
1899: Miss Sallie Hinderliter.
Miss Anna McCartle, George S.
McLean, William Mooney and
Bender L. Boss.
Dr. King's New LifePills.
Rev. John Beashore and Mrs.
Beashore his wife of Blair county.
were in town on Monday on , their
return from the funeral of the
mother of Mrs. Beashore, Mrs.
Peter Shellenberger. The inter
ment of Mrs. Beashore took place
at the Mennonite cemeterv imar
Richfield. Mrs. Shellenbercer was
aged 89 years, months and 3
Dr. King's New Discovery.
Mr. B. W. Kaulfman the enter
prising carpet factory proprietor
met with a painful accident recent
ly by having his right foot caught
iu the machinery of the factory en
gine. One toe was clipped off and
A I -
ine auioiuiiijr creat toe was so
crushed that amputation became
necessary. It is hoped Mr. Kanff
man may soon le about in his us
ual useful way.
Dr. King's New Discovery.
C P Huntingdon one of the rich
men in the United States gives
this recipe for getting rich. "The
best way to become rich is not to
talkdnring business hours. Don't let
your competitors know what jour
next move is. Might hours sleep
every day and twelve work. IKia
little more than you agree. Meet
bills as they fall due. Put by a $1
bill out of ever' live you earn aud
invest it in some sound banking,
railroad or real estate enterprise."
Dr. King's New Discovery.
At White Cloud, Mich., on the
31st of July, a threshing eugine ex
ploded and was blown 150 feet,
driving it through the barn where
it was at work. Half of the sep
al TViaS3UT AT
Send for a eopy of Dr. Humph
rey's Manual of all diseases and doe
tor yourself at home. Sent free on
request. Humphrev'i Medicine Co.,
New York city.
Hollobaogh't Building on Bridge
St, JlfuHintown, Pa , suitable for
Restaurant and Billiard Hall, Photo
graph Gallery, Cigar Manufao
tury, Kintergarden, Fnrnitare Ware
Booms, Axs., and two-etory building
with basement. Address,
J. E. Hollobacgh,
Mifflintown, Juniata Co , Pa.
Aquinaldo, a Filipino, that
not want to be Americanized.
The thermometer ran along among
the 80's the greater pai tol labt week.
The sale of wild west horses took
place last Thursday on the North
The Indian Mound harvest home
will be held Saturday. August 19,
Joseph Hughes and daughter of
Jjewiatown. epest last Friday in
Miss Lottie Hackenberger of Phil
adelphia is visiting her parents at
East Point.
D. B. McCulloch of Port Royal has
gone to join the Juniata colony in
North Dakota.
urator was carried with the ensrine
M:iin Stropt. Patterson. fthnnigh the barn. Six of the
. . ' threshins crew were killed and two
. 1. 1- I 1 , I
were severely injured. Low wa
ter in the boiler caused the explo
sion. The engineer knew the wa
ter was low and raked out the fire
before"nrning ou water, but the
have their ots cron iii theirhanis. boiler was too hot when the water
Mr. and Mrs. Georce Kersuerwa
if Danville are visiting Mrs. K's
parents Mr. and Mrs. Berry of this
Miss Helen Dimm of Lewistowu.
spent Sundav with her icrand-pa-
; "JT.Vir. a id Mrs. Captain " Me
Clellan. "
liiickleu's Arnica Salve.
was turned on.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
'The testimony against
said the police justice, "is
and conclusive. You spend your
time committing petty thefts."
"Yes, your Honor," responded the
prisoner, venturing to wink at the
Court, "lam an embodied protest
against the existing condition of
things. I am a round robin, j our
Honor." But his Honor was, equal
to the emergency. "For the next
sixty days, anyhow," he said,
frowning at the prisoner, "you
won't be around robbin'. You'll le
aj'ailbird. Call the next case."
Dr. King's New Life Pills
While crossing the fields north
of town last Monday, Kev. Wm.
Pickens found an . ancient looking
"land turtle," but when he turn
ed it to look on the under side he
was more surprised at the ancient
date that was plainly visible ou the
under shell. The old date sur
prised him more than the old ap
pearauee of "the turtle." There
was plainly to lie seen the letter C,
and nnder the C. were the letters
W. A., and the figures or date
177i. The marks of letters and
figures indicate that they were put
on the turtle years ago, but it is
an unsettled question whether they
were placed there in the year 177(5
or at a later date.
Dr. King's New Discovery.
Mr. Kurtz Kauffman another
prominent and highly respected
citizen of Fermanagh township.
Miss Lizzie K earns of Mifflin Co.,
nwle to town on her bicycle, Sat
urday ami spent the day with
Mrs. Chas. Stone and children of
Washington, I. C, are visiting
Mrs. Stone's mother Mrs. Strayer
of Patterson.
People who are troubled with
iusnmania. sleeplessness may find a
reined v bv usiiur a smelling bottle
of asal'oetide.
.John G. Fisher for many years
editor of the P.edford Gazette, died
in I'-edl'ord ou the 17th day of July,
aged : years
The month for the making of the
com ( nip is here, if August lie
conies a dry month the coru crop
must needs be a short one.
I;ev. m. M. I-indis. dietl on
the LMith of Julv at Kebersburg,
Centre county, after a two days
illness of paralysis of the Itowels.
I'm-laiine! letters in the Patter
son. Pa., TMst office, Aug, 1, 1899:
J;is. Hiisler. Clem Danirherty, A.
.J. (Jross, Win. Kuapp, J. Ryan
When a church gets a new
preacher, it has the same effect for
a time on the meinliers as a New
vm's resolution. Atchison Globe.
Alter having spent six weeks at
'he 1 teof Tom. McClellan in the
Kast Kiu, Miss P.ennett of IVan
ville, returned to her home Satur
I he eorn and oats on the farms
of .J. W. Orwig. Pharesuiid Elmer
v h-.unback near Middleburg, Sny-
lcr county, was destroyed bv hail
Mrs Lemuel Seiler and daugh
ter of (ettyshurg, returned home
rruiay, after having spent two
woeks with Mrs. Sieber's mother
Mrs. Rothroek.
The Leiters are not in wheat
speculation, but arc headingacom
bination of all air-power moter ve
hicle coiu erns in Chicago and New
York uuder a capital of twenty
million dollars.
Alexander Boggs of Lack town
ship, died last Saturday of a com
plication of diseases aged Ii9 years.
The funeral took place on Monday.
Interment in the Waterloo Presby
terian cemetery.
M rs. A n n ie Ul rich of G lobe Mills,
Snyder county, is reported serious
ly ill from the bite of a house snake.
The snake was eight inches long
and was concealed among some
plants that she was handling.
Kloointield Times, July 28
The luKly of Daniel Gauntz, who
has lieeu missing for some weeks,
was found iu the woods near Marys-
ville a few rlnva in TTa tiaA ox-i.
deutlv committed suicide, and such ! One of his daughters is the wifeof
was the verdict of the inouest. ' senator wm. nenzicr. mo mu
Considerable cash and a pension ' eral takes place this Wednesday
An earth-quake and the vomit of a
volcano took the life of two hundred
people in Honolula.
The preachers are giving Bob In
gersoll "hail Columbia," or some
thing not quite bo soothing.
The new possession of Hawaii has
climate and soil adapted to the prof
itable raising of coffee and sugar.
Young women are taking to the
fashion of their great grand-mothers
of wearing night-caps to keep their
hair in place at night.
A Snyder county man bad a peach
orchard that contained 2000 bushels
of fruit. A hail storm came and
knocked off every peach.
The coming fuel is electricity and
when the new fuel is fairly introduc
ed the days of coal mining will have
b:cn numbered with the past.
Too body of Robert G. Ingersoll
was cremated in a xork state crema
tory last xnursday. The coma was
plain blnck without ornamentation.
Bryan charges one hundred to two
hundred dollars for a speech, if he
has not to travel too far to deliver it
There is that much in the name of
A. P. Simpson of Mill Creek, Hunt
ingdon county, has a plum orchard
of 2100 traeB from which he expects
to shake or pick 1000 bushels of yel
low plums at 91.25 a bushel.
The laundry enterprise from Lew
istewn did not materialize. There
are people here who are positive in
the expreeson of the belief that i
laundry if properly managed will pay.
Whenever business centers and
centers of manufacturing interests
begin to prosper strikes and riots
take place. Can't the average man
stand prosperity or what is the mat
ter. . -. . .
"A good cure for poison from poi
son ivy is to dissolve a handful of
quick lime in a pint of cold water.
Bathe the parts often and after a
very few applications they will be
quite well."
The oats harvest time does not
come at the same time on all the
farms, OiU har.es ting is now tak
ing place on some farms. On other
farms it will not take place for a
Tweek and more.
The Villa Marie Bank one of the
oldest concerns in Montreal went np
the financial flume last week to the
consternation of stock-holders and
depositors on occonnt of the short
comings of the cashier.
Wanted. Agents for Mifflintown
and vicinity to sell our teas, coffees,
spices and baking powders to con
sumers. Liberal commission paid
Address Grand Union Tea Co. 35 N.
3rd street, Ilarriabnrg, Pa. 4t
Jackson Ritzman, one of the Juni
ata colony that left last spring for the
north wfst died at bis home in Ben
son county. North Dakota, not far
from Church's Ferry. His ailment
was consumption. A wife and ten
children survive him.
Critics of Bob Ingersoll are ex
pressing the regret that he did not
pass the ordeal of a long illness so
that they might kno v what effect n
The TJcser Tueearora and Path
Valley Harvest home Association will
hold iu 17th Annual Picnic in Leon
ard's Orove on SUturday," August i
26th, 1899. This is one of the most
beautiful groves ia the Tusearora
Vallev and is the most accessible.
The T. V. R. R. runs throught it and
offers low excursion rates from all
Christian Neal laniruishes ia Hunt
ingdon jail on account of too much
familiarity with another mans prop
erty. Without consent he took a
horse and buggy owned by Jjewis U.
Giffard below ML Union and drove
to Orbisonia and there turned the
horse loose. If they bad Neal in the
west he'd be hung to ihe limb of the
first tree big enough to hold him.
In Huntingdon they'd only give him
a few years in prison for horse steal
The horseless carriage is rapidly
coming into use, and that will give
another back-set to the horse, trade.
It will not be many years till almost
all the hauling will be done on the
streets of citiej by the horseless wag
ons. Already express companies in a
number of places have adopted the
method, The distance has recently
been made from Cleveland to New
York, 707 miles in 47 hours at the
rate of about 15 miles an hour. A
man owning a horseless carriage
in Miffl nlown could go to Phil
adelphia in 12 hours. Starting at
midnight on a moonlight night,
arriving there next noon. The next
thing will be an invention to take the
place of the horse for plowing pur
poses. The adoption of the horse
less wagon must needs affect the
price of corn and oats, for such
things do not eat oats and corn, and
every horseless carriage that is made
is just that much less demand on the
c rr, oats and nay crop.
For the annual Meet of the League
of American Wheelmen at Boston,
August 14 snd 19, the Pennsylvania
R iilroad Company will sell excursion
tickets, from all points on its line, to
Boston at rate of single fare for the
rcund trip. Tickets will be Bold on
Augnst 12 to 14, good to return
August 14 to 20 when properly exe
cuted before sgent of initial line from
Boston, not later than August 19,
and the payment of fifty cents, tick
ets may be extended to leave Boston
not later tban August 31
Bicycles carried free whan not ac
compauied by other baggage. Spec
ial arrangements for clubs traveling
as a body. a9. .
Saved from the Surgeon s Kuite
No rsrana ate ef creater importance to the human sedr
Their dttty is to sift and strain the poisonous and waste Bitter from the blood,
and if they tail to do this, the trouble shows ia the aervens system, aad evea la
the brain. Tour life ia at stake whan there are pains in th small of year
when yon are compelled to get np at night to urinate when the passing ef
causes scalding pain when there is a sediment ia the arine ia the vssssl. ef
Whea it appears white or milky. When so afflicted, you can conquer the treuble
with Dr. Dmrid Kennedy Fnrorlte Remedy, the greatest
civilisation has ever known for curing Kidney,
Bladder, Blood aad Liver Diseases.
- James Lattice, of Canajoharie, N. V., tells of
his wonderful cure: " Some years ago I was attacked
with pains ia my back
sides .that
and sides .that were
fearful. I could not con
trol my kidneys, and
what earn from me was
filled with mucus aad blood.
Aa Albany doctor was to
perform aa operation upon
me, and said my home doctor
could take eare ef me after. I
saw an advertisement of Dr.
Dmrid Kennedy' m Favorite
Kennedy, which seemed to fit my
case, so I decided to try that before I
submitted to the eperation. 1 began
its use. When I had taken about
two bottles the flow from the bladder grew cleaner, and the pain stopped, and la
a short time I was saved from the surgeon's knife, and am now well."
Fnrorite Remedy also curea Eczema, Scrofula, Rheumatism, Dyspepsia
and Constipation. For Female Troubles it is unequal ed. It Is sold for $i.oo a
bottle at all drug stores.
C"aa Rfftlr Fftff T 1 order that sufferers may be convinced of
Tta-aarl V UVIIIV llVt 1 the curative virtues of Fmrorlte Remedy,
a free sample bottle will be sent, prepaid, to those who send their full postoffice
address to the Da. David Kennedy Cokpokatiom, Rondout, N. Y. It is necessary
to say that you saw the advertisement la this paper if you wish to take advantage
of this genuine and liberal offer. Send today.
Wll'.vu . ....... --r: w , ,
died about 6 o'clock on Mouday J srfitfvw! approach to the portals of
65 years
Visaing Nisgara Fh'.Ip, Toronto,
Thousand Islands, Quebec, Montreal,
Au Sable Chasm, Lake Champlain
and Lake George, Saratoga and the
Highlands of the Hudson. Leave
Philadelphia by special train August
12. The tour will be in charge of
one of the company's experienced
tourist agents, and a chaperon, bar
ing especial charge of unescorted
ladies, will also accompany the party.
The rate of $100 from New York,
Brooklyn, Newark, Trenton, Phila
delphia, Harrisburg, Baltimore and
Washington covers railway aud boat
fare for the entire round trip, parlor
car seats, meals en route, hotel enter
tainment, transfer charges and car
riage hire.
For detailed itinerarj: tickets, or
any additional information, address
Tourist Agent, Pennsylvania Rail
road Company, 1196 Broadway, New
York; Ticket Agent, S60 Fulton St ,
Brooklyn; 789 Broad Street, Newark,
N. J.; or Geo. W. Boyd, Assistant
General Passenger Agent, Broad
Street Station, Philadelphia. a9
The Pennsylvania Railroad Com.
pany has selected the following dates
for its popular ten-day excursions to
Niagara Falls from Philadelphia,
Baltimore and Washington.- July 27,
August 10 and 24, September 7 and
21 and October 5 aad 19. An ex
perienced tourist agent and chaper
on will accompany each excursion.
Excursion tickets good for return
passage on any regular train, exclu
sive of limited express train, within
ten days, will be sold at $10 from
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washing
ton and all points on the Delaware
Division; 11.25 from Atlantic City;
$9.60 from Lancaster; $8 50 from
Altoona and Harrisburg; $6.90 from
Sunbnry snd Wilkesbarre; $5.75
frcm Williamsport; antljat proportion
rates from other points. A stop-ov
er will be allowed at Buffalo, Roch-
nr, July .11, 1899, aged about I death would have bad on his opm Canandaigua, aud
irs. Mr. KanrTnian lived onions. I within the limit returning,
his farm aloiit a mile .south-east of
town. He was an unobstnisive up
right man, a capable man. able to
manage his affairs satisfactorily
and for the good of himself and the
On the 25th day of July at St.
Cloud, Minn., James Hassen of Free
port and Agnes Herzog of Mull wood,
were seated on a porch at the honse
of a friend. The lightning struck
public generally. The community ne,. Gf the house and killod
were engaged to be
is the letter for his having lived
in it. It all men Mere as he was,
the prison bouse anil the poor
hou-e would lc institutions un
known in the land. In his early
manhood days he did business with
Sotiire (Jeorge Jacolw, Sr., . deceas
ed as a merchant, iu a build
ing that stood ou the corner
of Main and Bridge streets.
The corner is now vacant. The
building wits destroyed by one of
the fires that swept that part of
the town. But the life of a mer
chant was not as congenial to Mr.
Kaufl'inan's taste as farming and he
retired from the store business and
purchased what was once the Hen
ry Moist farm and there lived the
life of a farmer the past many
years. His illness was not of long
duration. On the 27th inst , he
took cholera morbus. By the 28th
he had greatly improved, but a re'
lapse set iu and was aggravated by
heart complications. On Sunday
he became unconscious in which
condition he remained till on Mon
day morning when his spirit pass
ed into a better world. A wife
and three daughters survive him.
both. Tbey
It is onlr about a dozen vears
since electricity began to be used in
railroading. To-dav the electric
roads supply one hundred and sev
enty-five thousand men. Taking all
the employees in the electrie works of
different kinds tbe number of people
employed is about one million peo
ple. Moses Pry or and John Matthews,
both colored, fell ont over a game of
cards at Sprues Creek on the even,
ing of the 22pd day of July. Matth
ews put three revolver shots into
Pryor's body from the effects of
which the latter died. Pryor's wife
took up a pistol shot at Matthews,
hitting bim in tbe leg, but he escap
ed. When the fire eating Canadian
said in the Canadian Parliament that
tbe Alaskan boundary line would be
settled by war, be was rash in expres
sion. Canada certainly does not de
sire war and the prime minister one
would think of aU men would not
want war. War to him would mean
loss of a sitnation for the Americana
would not be many years over-running
Canada, and that would pat
bim out of a job. xle evidently did
check which led to his identity Interment in Lost Creek Mennon- j not look at the situation in that light
were found in bis pockets. te graveyard. when be delivered his war talk.
A special train of Pullman parly
cars una day coaches will be ran
with each excursion. An extra charge
will Le made for parlor car seats.
Tickets for a side-trip to tbe thou,
sand Islands (Alexandria Bay) will
be sold from Rocbester in connec
tion with excursions of July 27, Aug
ust 10 and 24, September 7 and 21,
good to return to Rochester or to
Canandaigua via Syracuse within five
days at the rate of $5.50.
Tickets for a side trip to Toronto
will be sold at Niagara Falls for $1..
00 on July 29; August 12 and 26.
and September 13. In connection
with excursion of September 7, tick
ets will be sold to Toronto Fair.
For time i f connecting trains and
further information apply to nearest
ticket agent, or address Geo. W.
Boyd, Assistant General Passenger
Agent, Broad 8treet Station, Phila
delphia, tf.
uirruisTowN grain hark hts
Wtfll $
Cora in
..... TO
.. 20 to 30
Cloverseeoj 92 to$2.50
Butter 12
EfK 11
Ham 12
Shoulder 12
Lard 8
Side 7
Timothy seed... $1.40
F'axseed SO
Bran 70
Cbop 86c to 90c
Middling! 90
Ground A lun Salt...... ........ 76
American Salt.... .....r....... 60c
Mid-Summer Bargain Days
Shott's Stores.
A Host of Bargtrfns in Dry Goods,
Shoes and Carpets.
. Unbleaohed muslins at Sets a yard.
Better unbleaohed muslin st 4cts a yard.
JCxtra quality nnblesebcd muslin, 20 yards for f I 00.
Best blcscbed Hill muslin, 15 yds for $1.00.
lOo madia, cnt prices, at 6o a yard.
Union erasb toweling, 7yds for 25ets.
All Linen crash toweling 5yds for 25ots.
Good ealiooes for 3io a yard.
Best Lancaster Ginghams at 5ots; worth to day 7iots.
Tsble Oil Cloth, 2yds for 25cu.
Flora Oil Cloth and Lioolinms for 20c, 25c to 35o; worth 50ots.
Carpet at 12 Jo, 18o, 20o snd; 25c.
Now is your time to buy carpet. Tbey are going higher.
Fine Rags is Brassel and Velvet for 75ots sod $1.00.
Stair Oil Cloth in Cut Prices at 4o a yard.
Men's Cheviot every day shirtings, 7yds for 48ota
Floe Sootch lawns at 4o.
AH our fine summer dress goods at extra low reduced price.
Red Bord fine Table Linen at 25ot; worth 40cts.
White Summer Blankets, at 50ots a pair.
is the most important News of this Sale. 4,000 pair of fine shoes included io
ta our offerings. Not a plunger spasm or excitement, but a merchant's
plan, calmly formed and thoroughly executed. Tbe purpose ia to make a
sale of shoes for cheapness snd msgnitndee, wbiob is without precedent
These shoes are sll new, their equals are selling at 35 per cent higher through,
out tbe Shoe Trade.
Men's Calf Skin Shoes at $1.47; worth $2.50.
.Men's Wil.'ow Calf and Vici Leather at $1.47. Yeu save over $1 on a
Men's Black Dress foot wear:
Tsns snd Blacks, Hyle's French Patent Leather all $4 shoes at $2.68.
Ladies Blsok and Tan fine kid Leather Shoes, 800 psir, English styles
mskes at $1.47, a saving of $I.00,a pair.
at equally reduced prices at Extra low values
New Stock' of Spring Clothing,
Meyers' Big Stores.
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Men's and Boy's New Spring Suits.
.... .. . . ai ll
These Men a suits are strictly au wool ana wo nave mem -.
and we have them in single and doable breasted at $4 62. Now men
fall into line and secure one of. these Fine Imported Dress Smts, in
all shades and colors, and made perfect to equal merchant tailor
prices. Worth $18. for only $12. These Frock and Sack Suits we
have tbem in 11 sizes and styles, and we guarantee to give you a per
fect fit at $6.50. Yon can take your pick and fit from 372 fine dress
sails, which are made in Sacks and Cutaways, we have them in ail
shadeg. Suits worth $12 we sell now at $8.75. We start the Boy s
department from $1 87 to $8.50. The assortment includes hundreds
of double and single breasted suits." Many of these suits being all
wool and tbey a all in the LATEST SPRING PATTERNS in
brown, plaids, checks and plain colors. These are all well made and
trimmed, and run in age from 10 to 19. Immense assortment to
select from.
Our Children's Department.
The largest display of Boys' pants in Juniata County, and they are
all made of strong material. The sizes run from 3 to 16. and sell
from 18c. to 50c. 300 Children's Suils, s.zes from 3 to 16, at 90c.
2C5 splended Vested Suits, at 12, would be cheap at the regular
price of $2. 567 Children's Suits, in Double Breasted and other
styles. Your choice at $2 38. 375 Children's Suits this is a grand
line strictly, all wool, DouMe Breasted at $3 88, which should be f5.
A grand new line of Spring Hats and Caps and Gents Far
niching Goods, of the greatest values ever offered, A car load
of Trunks and Satchels at low prices.
Themost maivelous showing of up to date Furniture ever attempt
ed. Everything new in design, no old stock. Nothing but the very
bestmakes by tbe best manufacturers with such forsightedness that
we offer "Beautiful Furniture" at just one half the regular value.
We just received and unpacked the grandest design of new and
upon-dale Fnrnitare. Our three floors are packed to the utmost ex
tent for your inspection. A grand selection of Parlor Suitp, Uphols
tered Rccleis, Conches, Lounges, Sofas, Extension Tables, Hall Racks,
Side Boards, Bed Room Suits in numerous style". Office, Dining Room
and Kitchen Chairs, Spring Mattrrsses, Cots, Cribs and Cradlep. In
fact everything kept in a first clars Furniture store.
Ferd Meyers,
115 and 117,
Bridge Street.
Tusearora Valley Railroad.
l$05t ESTABLISHED. 1890,
Special Invitation 2V The Public
To attend the AttraclrVe Sale of Clothing f iiat goes on daily
, OF
It will be
Who Have money to invest to examine the Stock of Goods for
It is truly marvelous to See
of Suits and Overcoats at the Wonderfully Low Prices.
His prices leave all Competitors in the rear, so don't fail
to give him a call if in need of Clothing
r No.l No.3
A. M. P. V.
Blair's Mills Lv. 7 25 1 45
Waterloo.. 7 Sll 51
Leonard's Orove 7 37 1 57
Boss Farm 7 45 2 05
Perulack 7 52 2 12
East Waterford 8 05 2 25
Heckman 8 17 2 37
Honpv Grove 8 22 2 42
Fort Bieham 8 30 2 50
Wsrhle 8 39 2 59
Pleasart View 8 44 3 04
Seven Pines..... 8 52 3 12
Spruce Hill 8 55 3 15
Grahams 9 03 3 23
Stewart 9 06 3 26
Freedom 9 09 3 29
Turbett 9 12 3 32
OldP&rt 9 18 3 38
Port Royal Ar.9 25 3 45
Tbe following schedule went Into effect
Nov. 16, 1896, snd the trains will be run aa
4 30
4 86
4 89
3 41
4 61
4 64
4 -r6
4 69
6 10 10 48
6 16 9 49
6 21 9 64
5 24 9 67
5 27 10 06
6 32 10 07
6 84 10 17
6 97 10 30
6 02 10 35
p. m t. ra
a. m
9 00
9 06
9 11
9 14
9 19
9 22
9 24
Leave Amve a. m
Dancannon 7 64
King's Mill 7 49
Snlphnr Spring 7 46
VajDn8idiiig 7 44
Koad jr
Groeo Pwk
Montour Jane
T 40.
7 as
7 SI
7 04
7 01
6 61
6 48
6 88
6 28
2 28
2 28
8 18
I 84
1 2
1 28
1 18
Leave a. m p
Train leaves Bloomfleld at 6.63 a.
and arrives at Landisbnrg at 6.28 a. SB.
Train leaves Landisbnrg at 6.08 p. m., and
arrives at Bloomfleld at 6.40 p. m.
All stations marked () are flag stations,
at which trains will come to a full stop oa
Cbas. H. Sbilbv, 8. H. Bscs,
President. Snpt.
Trains Nos. 1 sad 2 connect at Port Royal
with Way Passenger and Seashore Express
on P. R. B., sd Nos. 8 snd 4 with Mail esst
Port Royal 0.0
Old Port 1.3
Tnrbett 2.8
Freedom 3.7
Stewart 4.4
Graham's. 5.0
Spruce 7.2
Seven Pines
Pleasant View 9.0
Warble 10.0
Fort Bipham. 12.0
Honey Grove 14.0
Heckman 15.1
East Waterford.... 17.5
Perulack 20.5
Roes Farm. 22.0
Leonard's Grove... 24.0
Waterloo 25.5
Blair's Mills Ar. 27.0
11 ley Railroad Company. Time table
of passenger trains, in effect on Monday,
May 181b, 1896.
M. P. M.
20'5 05
27i5 12
i 33 5 18
3fi 5 21
I 39:5 24
I 42 5 27
I 50 5 35
53,5 38
le 46
06 5 51
15 6 00
23j6 08
2816 13
406 25
53 6 38
00:6 45
08 6 53
14 6 59
2017 05
. Trains Nos. 2 and 8 connect at Blair's
Mills with Concord, Doyleburg Dry Bun,
Nossville, N eel j ton, Shade Oap, Shade
vaiiey ana uosftorn Station Stage Lines.
BuOhIo Bridge
Juniats Furnace ...
Wat-r Plug
Bloomtield Junct'n.
Vallev Road
Green Park
Fort Robeson
Ciana's Rnn , ,
Blain . . ,,..
ti . ri i .
Mount rmwi
6 06 10 36
6 0310 38
6 12 10 42
6 16 10 46
6 25 10 62
6 22 11 01
6 31 11 09
6 89:11 09
6 61 11 21
6 6411 24
7 05 11 85
7 11 1141
7 15 11 46
7 21:11 61
7 27111 67
7 851
7 41
7 46!
12 05
12 11
18 11
8 80
8 27
8 23
8 20
8 16
8 11
8 08
8 00
7 45
7 10
1 84
7 1
7 10
7 08
6 60'
8 57
8 60
8 46
8 88
8 82
8 16
2 i
2 46
2 4Q
D. GR1KG. PrssiuVr' -wager
. "V. M&taa, General Agent.
-- CMt an -Km .
Piwewea ent fea to as tu-irt
and poor patients can r-o pH.
tada wdtcl tree or chare'.
llu remedy baa been jpraparad bytba ReTi rr
ror Koenig. of Port Wame. Ind- atnee
a prepared onder his direction by the
I'.OtvNIC MED. COM Chicago, i:t.
ScldbyDraaxlataatOlper Battle. 6 fir
tarseSlae.ai.7S Bottle fcrr S0.
4 over again proved bv its core.
wben iL other preparations failed, th,:
Y:riiile Friction Fee
Ajax Center Crank Eifgfaa
lipM, neenrate, error,; um J linplt. with
i!i or wh!". h:'i
fxtpafe. rare.Mr.nr
llellrr baa cvrr -
B!aell- AIca KtutulMiaV
tpricuHuml Imprffw bii
f specialty, flerwj fhr
CaiMlnBTiia. ami mm.
A. B.FARQUHA3 CO., Ltd., Tort, Pi.
A wonderfu! Improvement In Frirtlnn FeejTi C"l
(ilf-Hiirk. tiiclcmo;ionot( rrtiH. j;B..! u i
:. tijf oUier in ilieiuarkru Krirtin Inn h li-.i,
tu!.tiig aU tbe ltl carin? ti. pluir. i u : . . - .
Ing: ereat aavine ia power nmt -rr.
lotnie and prlcea frte. AifK Jirin - f
Citiivatars, Cera Flanttra, Wiv'..- ,
Y'-i.'trM fnts a ,- .

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