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Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, January 31, 1900, Image 3

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VEPyKSnAY, JAN. 31, 100
1 Kit MS.
!n advance if not paid int.
Transient dverttoing ndj local
notioes 8 cents line.
Dedurtloiin will he made to those de
urinjt to advertise by the year, half or
quarter year-
Bwklen's Arnica Salve.
A flitting passed through town
on .Monday.
i I lur i- j-af T ittt' iatvaurn avv6
J1. " a.Tavw mm n-u
Sunday iu town.
The gold democrats in Ohio are
not for Iiryan for president.
. Pr. King's Xew Discovery.
The government is b unting green
giMxls men in town and country.
" The wife of Win. Louder pre
sented him "'ith a son last week.
Tins Wednesday is the last day
of the first month of the year 1900.
The thermometer was within " 4
degrees of zero on Monday mnrn
. ing.
Ir. King's New Discovery.
Some Juniata county people are
preparing to visit the Paris Expos
ition. Tlie days are ' growing longer.
The sun sets this Wednesday, at 5.
17 p. m.
There is talk of organizing a
company to drill for oil in Thsca
nni valley.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The past two or three weeks
there seem to le more tramps on
the move.
There will le communion ser
vices in the Presbyterian church
net Sunday.
Land has lieeu leased in Tusca-
rora Vallev for the purpose of
prospecting for miueral psiiut.
' The full of a deep snow atCorry,
I'a., accounts for the increased
cold ut Mifflin town on Monday.-
Despatches from Manila indicate
that Aguinaldo is anxious to es
caiM' from the island and go to
- " J i iKer of leaders of the Juniata
'hnrles atts has gone to Se4rA terrified paid their respects
neusiugioii, vtesimoreianu coun
ty to engage in the printing of the
i ne rresnvtenans win noiu a
bazar and a farewell meeting for
their pastor in the church next Fri
day evening. '
W. ('. Brown and wife and Mrs.
Brown's mother Mrs. Johnson !of
Harrisburg visited Mrs. 8. r-E.
i- i . ,i ,
.......... ....TV
Dr. King's New Life Pills."
Miss Jennie Shatto of Green
Park, Perry Co., spent a lew days
last week with her sister Mrs.
Zeigler at the Keystone.
The Boers have been playing
havoc with the British army every
time the British try and make an
effort to advance their army.
. Dr. King's New Discovery.
The Lutherans held a supper for
the !eiieht of the new church fund
in Colonel Shower's vacant house
on Washington street last Friday
The democratic caucus and Re
publican caucus, of Mil ford town
ship, have nominated one and the
Mine school lioard. the iKtard that
n;is removed by decree of Court.
Mr. King's New Life Pills.
The uncalled for letters in the
Mifflintown, I'a. post office on Sat
urday evening, Jan'j- 27, 1900,
were for Mrs. Lucinda A. Rice,
Mrs. Mary Shelly, Horace Meyers.
The Philadelphia Times alman
ac for 1!MK) is full of information
ami valuable data. It is a good
weather prophet and digest to
have at hand in your house or bus
iness plae
Iist Saturd;iv niirlit. Tallies Ham
or. aged alout 50 years while dry
ing in the dark not far from Ty
rone drove down an embankment
fifty feet into the .Tnniata river and
was drowned.
W'm. ftoebel, democratic gover
nor of Kentucky was shot frouiam
i'lish and severely wounded last
Tuesday while walking across the
Cupitol grounds ar-Frankfort, Ky.
It is another blighting stain in
Kentucky civilization.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Wheat growers are looking at
their wheat in the fields tor when
the freezing weather of last week
came, the ground was soft and full
4 of water. Thev are anxiously look
nig now to learn what effect the
sudden freezing of the wet ground
may have on the growing wheat.
The British came . wid the fife
and drum, In mm le boom, lioom, to
spion Kop, a high Dutch nop
Hut the Boer he shoot wid his long
loin gnu and the British run,
boom le l)ooin boom, fifteen hun
dred dead British lav on top dat
nop, looiii le boom, boom, and den
tliH IJoers have a hop. on top ; that
nop, a Ixtorn le !oom, boom.
The Bazaar aud Social' will be
held in the Lecture Room of the
"est minster Presbyterian church,
Mitnintowu on Friday evenine of
the current week, February 2nd. at
nait past seven o clock. There will
b no admission- charges, but re
ireshincnts will lie served. The
entertainment is under the aus-
pices and direction of the Young
'uues Foreign Missionary Society.
no have arntnitvl an attractive
Werary ami musical programme to1
rendered durimr tha - eveninir.
Aplennantand enjoysble time is
promiaed and m. in. ,
on the tvb it nv ""??7
The Obdmpmh. a..
: . omh vonven
tio to meet at Harrisburg Apr?
Au Ohio Jndm . ' .
UW is collectable.
The state Sunday School asaocia
,d their .nnual SnTen-
7 ,n Aitoona on October
Two dollars a mxi r .
and rock -kJiSaS"
PSpany: the E-
lasrt ? ,Hertz er VM in
Sf,?, ith Conrad of the
i-Tl 5W".Jonrna1' Conrad is a
aPm frnd of the Seuator.
-fiILBedforCounty la8t yr $1,
.00 were paid out lor sheen tam'.
aRes. Durinzthe'
tax on dogs amounted to 1,900.
Dr. King's New life Pilbi.
There was a general shiver on
Friday in the cold freezing wind.
It seemed doubly cold after the
mud sprinir-like vmiw . ..
daylVfore: .
A numlier of the Ifi to 1 breth.
ren went to Harrisburg W Th..N.
day to see candidate Bryan. There
was a weeping time that day from
the clouds. Oh but it rained.
The House committee: on pen
sions reported a bill favorable to
pensioning rebel soldier wh
ed the government in the "late
Spanish war. n -
Dr. King's Xew Life Pills.
The thermometer reiristeml to
degrees above zero on Saturday
morning a strong wind from the
nortn-west made the morning un-
s tl-.i r..: i v ... v
pound O' possum .from' Warren
Ifmnphiey, whose children caught
it in a mx trap last week one day,
not far from town.'
, Forty thousand pound of corn,
rye, wheat, are considered a car
load on the railroad on the rail
road and thirty thousand pounds
are considered a car-load of oat.
Coal oil monopolists give a half
million to some institution that
they like and then they , raise the
price of .coal oil and -in ; ten days
At ... . . '
iney nave tneir contriuntion more
than returned to them.
The Silver Knight Ifi to 1 was at
narrisuurg last ihunuiay. A num-
enlisted under his iKinner for the
aa. v n . t ivtv aa . aca a aaai pniu i
The February election now en-'
pages the attention of many men.
Kiich township and . borough is a
little government in itself and its
government is good, bad or indif
fcreutjust as the men who are
v A
Dr. D. M. Crawford, Ferd M4y-
era, Emil Sehott. Martyn Craw
fowl, E. C.TroxeH -WSr" Arbo
gast, Frank r Patterson, George
Cramer and others whose names
have .not been reported, attended
the Brynn democratic meeting at
Harrisburp hist week.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
A regular pitched battle between
the. British and Boers has not been
fought. The place, for a pitched
battle has not lteen determined'.
The selection for such battles takes
place suddenly .just as circum
stances dictate. Where , the Brit
isli and the Boer pitched battle
will take place is not known.
The Kensington, Pit.. Keystone
lies on our table, it is a quarto,
elegantly printed in 1ook paper,
edited by Harry E. Bonsall, form
erly of the Juniata Tribune of this
place and flying the republican
ticket. Mr. Bonsall's many friends
here wish him abundant success ia
his new field of journalistic labor.
The Filipino war goes on and
while no large battles are fought,
the enemy keep up a running fight
iu which a few men on Itoth sides
are killed and wounded. To the
man killed or wounded it is all .the
same as if he had been killed or
wounded in a !attle in which a
nndred thousand men were en
wife, i
Dr. King's 'ew Discovery
Matthew L. Allison and
stopped off for a few days at Mif
flintown while on their way from
Tyrone to Washirgton, D. C4 Mr.
Allison was in the job printing
business at Tyrone and having dis
posed of his business there, will re
side in Washington, D. C, where
he has seenred a position in the
government printing office.
Dr. King's New Discovery
Huntingdon Presbytery met on
the 25th inst., to dissolve the pas
toral relations between Rev. A. X.
B;ivcn aud the Mifflintown Pres
byterian congregation. Mr. Raven
was to ill to co to the church.
sonsure ana tne nusinesB ""u
acted there.
Rev. Henry D. Strodach a well
known Lutheran preacher was not
well, and for exercise he walked
into one of the Reading parks last
Saturday night and for some rea
son was overcome and sank to the
ground. He was alone and was not
found till on Sunday morning when
he was frozen so badly that he
died soon after his removal. He
was .V? years old.
"A woman doesn'f know any
thing about politics an if-she has
sinse she won't thry to larn. r Pol
ities ironies nath'ral to a man.. I
lA vnto hefur I'd been
1CW MW . v
...wi. n' Timothy cud
mark a ballot befure he cud r-read.
Wot ve'drMolly Donahue not
know whether to put a crow on yer
ballot or to cut it on the Sfffr..
The author of "Mr. Dooley'!in the I
February Ladies' Home Journal. ,
Unless a deep snow falls in the
montn .or icebf-uary the rabbits
must needs be numerous next som-
. .Centre county will be one hon
dred years old on the 13th of Feb
ruary. General Buller had a portion of
his army within 14 miles of Lady
smith, but could not hold the ad
vanced position, i
' Mrs. Southard Parker and
daughter Miss Belle of Washing
ton, D. C, have been guests of Mr.
ana .Mrs, Chas. Mayer.
The hydrants, . generally speak
ing, have stood the winter quite
well, bnt don't be to sanguine un
til the month of February goes by. "
Fe, fi, fo, turn, I smell the Mood
of an Englishman,' , exclaim : the
Boers: "They 'll never get into this,
land of ours the way we make
" -
them ran.'"
Mrs. Florence Ort
and two.
daughters Misses Love and Carrie
of Corning, Kansas, are guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Ueo. L. Hower. Mrs.
Ort is a Bister of Mr. Hower. :
The word "VeW,'' means prsrie. j
Johnstown, Ctmbria county is to
have another water company. .
If the British could ns their navy,
how long would the 3jct war last?''
Mr. Kerchner has not sold his
farm south of town as it was report
ed he had.
The time for sales on the farms is
here. Itiss stag picnic, time for
many men. . . ...
The British and Boer war for some
reason absorbs more of the public
mind than the Filipino war. -'' :
Ei. C. Johnson of Perry county,
sowed two fields with" cloverseed in
Uhe middle week in January.'"'
Tolney B. Cashing will deliver a
temperance lecture in the . Presbyter
i.in church on Monday evening, Feb-
ruary 5, 1900.
Judge Theodore Schoeb, editor of
the Jeffersonian at Stroudsbnrp, Pa ,
died on Sunday, January 20, 1900,
aged 85 years."
Reports indicate that the wheat
has been damaged by the .freezing
weather It did not have the pro
teotion of a covering of snow.
Rev. O. G McClean, D. D., a re
tired Presbyterian preacher, died' at.
his home in Lewistown l ast Friday,
aed 82 years. He preached for the
Lewistown Presbyterians twtfnty-two .
years till age retired him.
The Berks county jury in the
Q linter. murder trial ran a hotel bill
that amounted to 262 30., which in
eluded $34 for drinks and 14 for ci
gars. The Commissioners don't .want
to pay for the drinks an i cigarr.
, When you hear something unkind
about your -neighbor, dsu't repeal it
unless you know it is true; if you re
peat it and should it turn out to be
untrue, you will be aliased among the
malignant gossips with your reputat
people, who destroy their own good
nam by telling what is untr ue about
other people. ." ,
The wood- extract factory at New
port pays 12-00 a cord for wood. A
Horse valley man was asked why the
extract wood of that valley was not
cut and shipped to the factory, to
which he replied in the Bloomfield
Times thus: In the fust place the
wood is worth 25cta a cord, on the
stump, second it will -take 45c ta a
cord to cut it, third it will take one
dollar is cord to haul it to East Wat
erf ord and I think the T. V. R. R
wants 70cis per cord to haul it ' to
Port Royal muking $2.30 per cord
do you set-T
The PenDsy'tyania Railroad. Com
psny has arranged for a special - per
sonally conducted tour through Cali
fornia to leave New Tork and Phila
delphia on February 27, by special
Pullman drawing-room sleaping car
and connecting at El Paso with the
"Mtxico and -California Special,"
composed exclusively of Pullman par
lor smoking, dining, drawing-room
alecping, compart, and observation
cars for tour through California, re
turning by March 29.
Round-trip tickets, covering all
necessary expenses, $375 from all
points on Pennsylvania Railroad.
Ivor lurmer iiiormaiiuu "PP'J w
ticket agent; Tourist Agent, ll'Jb
Broadway, New York; 4 tourt btreet,
Brooklyn; 789 Broad Street, Newark.
N. J.; B. Courlaender, Jr Passenger
Agent Baltimore District, Baltimore,
Md ; Colin Studds, Passenger Agent
Southeastern District, Washington,
D. C ; Thos. E Watt, Passenger
Agent, Western District, Pittsburg,
Ps.; or address Geo. W. Boyd, Assis
tant General Passenger Agent, Phil
adelphia. 125-
The first Pennsylvania Railroad
in;nr two weeks in Florida, will
leave New York . and Philadelphia,
February 6.
Excursion tickets, including rail
way transportation, Pullman accom
modations (one berth), and meals
route in both directions while travel
ing on the special train, will be sold
at the following rates: New York,
$5000; Philadelphia, Harrisburg,
Baltimore and Washington $48.00;
Pittsburg, $53 00, and at. proportion
ate rates from other points.
Far tickets itineraries, and other
information appiy to ticket agents.
Agent at 1196 Broadway, New-York;
iCeurt Street; Brooklyn; 789 Broad
Street, Newask, N.' J.; B. Courlaen
der, Jr , Passenger Agent Baltimore
District, Baltimore, Md.; -Colin
Studds, Passenger Agent South-eastern
District, Washington, D.C; Thos.
E Watt, Passenger Agent Western
nurieL Pittabnrff. Pa.; or to Geo.
W Jibvd, Assistant General Passen-
feb. 8-
' rOILiarUm isiKB cxro.
Manila and therPhillipine lslands
Exposition: 'A' railroad- car spec
ially fitted for Ihe exhibits of Phijj
Uppine curiosltie; "The "3ir ebn
talning thexhi6if' wilLbe n the
track at MifiHn station, Saturday,
and Monday, February 10 and 12
l00y Daily 0 a. m. to 9 p in. Adv
mission 10c;-children 5c;
Mantox Stanley Webb.
Pomona Orange No. 35 will meet
with the Walnut' Grange at the
homeofBro. J-W: Partner on
Thursday and Friday, Fel. "15th
and ifitb, 1900 at 10 o'clock a. m.
Address of Welcome by " Walnut
Orange. Ilpbnse bj'E." Davis. :
Ifleh - bV ettie-'A'tinian.-
-Taxation voiirs'Vnd' 'the "OtheV
prfW bv W'Smrth " '
The Farmer himself his. greatest
enemy 1y D.J". McWilli'ams.:
The Farmer as Reader, .by J.
w: Bepiogif. T.C-..d '
What fhonld we expect frptn our
County' officers by D.-:B,JEshV.
Select Reading, Ella Clark and
M. A.Ltnlerson. , :- ;
Recitations.. J. " H. Deen and
Gertie Hostettler, r . :
The Directors o Fire Insurance
Co., will meet at 4 o'clock . p. m.',
Feb. 15th in the hall. ".;
, By order of; Committee;
J.'W. M"CAH.tNV Lecturer. .
- - ' "... - -..-" ; "
ftnoLtrnon of resipect.
Whereas God. in his Iwe-'has
seen fit to remove from! this.: earth
ly .stage of action our' worthy." and
much esteemed memler Hon. oh n
Mcifeen, therefore te it ..
Resolved, that -we liow iu -Jium-ble
submission to that, messenger
whose call no man -can -resist,
knowing that our Messed-Master is
too wise to err and to good to ' 1
. Resolved-, that as we, -the board
of directors of the Juniata Farmets'
Mutual Fire Insurance Company,
feel that we have lost one of our
most faithful '-memlers and his
family a loving husband aud' fath
deepest symp'ajhy an-l.that we min
gle our, grief with "-.theirs - though
tenderly reimnding tbem tlia.t we
sorrow not 'sts' tTKo who Jha ve. ;no
hope. ' . '.".'-J m V,. i
Resolved that a copy ef these
resolution be-giwr the 'bereayed
family; a copy 'sent 'to two or more
county papers for insertion and al
so that these resolutions be record
ed npon'tbe minutes of" f Be; 'com -pa'ny
Respect fully submitted,
Wj l.r.IAM-PuKliXBKIlHt7- !
J... .Banks. .Wilson, :- '
H. J. Shkli.knbkkukk. - i;
MARRIED: . ... i
' GjS lltX-KFNIUiKRY'Qnthfe!
2rd inst.. at East AVrateHord;Pai
by, Rev. M. Si,' Durettnej - HaflSe
Glofca and Martha T-Hw-kenberv
rr-t.. ;t;v'vJ
STi-Bi.i-M-Myr.rjjf .1 ,6n - the
25th inst.. at Jlifflintown by ReV
W.H. Fahs, Dniel E. Stuble and;
M. Wilamina McMullin ,w 1
- v.? !
25th insU, at Mifflintown' by. Uev
W. II. Fahs, Christopher Bossing
er and Clara B. Niffle. - ''
" ' '.. DIED. - -
Ork. On the night of the 29th
inst., by being Tun over by a
freight train ou the railroad le
tween Mifflin and Port Royal,' Jon
athan Orr aged H7 years.
ti ARM AN.r-On tlie Srd inst;, .at
Tbonipsontoan, 'Jane flaruian jjX.
cancer .of the stomach. " Interment
in Thompson town Episcopal ceme-'
tery. .. - -' ' ' -:
Swanrkk'. On the ,27th inst.j
in W alker township of catarrhal
fever, Mary G. Swangor, aged Byrs
and 3 days. Interment at Locust
Run. . : -
Siebf.r. On the 23rd inst of
pneumonia, infant child of Jerome
and Rebecc Sieber, aged 9 months
and 9 days.' Interment in Presby-.
terian cemeterj'. .:'.'. .r
Wit.i.art. On dhe 28th ' inst.',
at Mexico, L. B. Willard of a com
plication of diseases aged 4 months
and 29 days. Interment in Union
cemeterv.. ' -
. .-. -. . '
The Pennsylvania 'Railroad Com
pany has arranged for a special .per-.
sonaUyconducted (our through old
Mexico by special Pullman train of
parlor smoking, dining, elf eping,
compartment, and observation cars,
to leave New fork and . Philadelphia
February 12, visiting all th princi
pal points of interest in the" "Lftbdof
Montezuma," and spending five days
in the City of Mexico. , , ". .
Round trip tickets, '.covering- all
necessary ,expenses, $300 from all
points on .the Pennsylvania railniacK
For further information 'appl' to.
ticket agents; Tourist Agent, 1196
Broadway, New Tork; 4 Court Street,
Brooklyn; 789 Broad Street, New
ark, N. J : B. Courlaender; Jr., "Pmbs
enger Agent, Biltimore District,' Jialr
tknorp, Md.; Colin Studds,' Passen
ger AgenT,"Southeastera District,
Washington. D. C ; Thos.- E. Watt,
Passenger Agent, Western 'District,
Pittsburg, Pa.; or address Geo, W.
Boyd, Assistant General ' Passenger
Agent, Philadelphia. . .j. feb. 10 -
- Lock Haven Express: John Cald
well and Abe Morton were cutting
wood along Sinnemahoning Crwk
yesterday, when tbey came-'across
three bears asleep under an old . log.
One man kept watch while the other
went home after bis gun. The three
bears were killed and bear steak, is
plenty in that section. Miles Smith
killed a bear in that vicinity last
week. Bruin was found asleep in a
hollow stump.
Tm aroobl with thouaaoda at
:y phyticiana Bnpboea it is. " Tha real
Bladderf- Doctora often fail to affect a cure, aimply becaoaa they aVon'l
five the" right remedy. ; Women aa wall flsh aa aaea caa aacartaia far tfcem
aalvea if. their Kidneya aro diseased, I j Simply fill a bottle or glaaa tura-
.. Dr. David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy is a perfect blood and nenra
medicine; ' It restores the liver to a healthy condition and cures the worst cases
Of constipation. It is a certain cure for all diseasea peculiar to females. N
Cample Bottle Froo
- - Favorite Remedy is such' a certain cure that the Da. David Kennkm
Corporation, Rondout, N. Y., will forward, prepaid, a free sample bottle to
every sufferer who sends his or her full postoflicc address and mentions this
paper. , The fact that our liberal offer appears in this paper is a guarantee of ita
All druggists sell Favorite Remedy at $i.oo a bottle.
Bargain Days!
Commencing Feb. i and contin
ue until Feb. 28th. i
. The general upward tendt no v iu Priees n akca our February Bargain 1
T" a- -v n . . 1
iays 01 more man ordinary interest,
saving opportunities
It will pay you
Stores not
Hundreds of Yards of fine Drees Goods in Siook at 7o a yard in Worst
ed and Brocade; worth l5o at 15c a yard .in iaoey Brocade and Henriettas,
40 inch ide, worth 35o, all colors at 171o a yd.
Bright fanoy worsted plaids, worth 38o tt 41- a ycrd; a fine unbleaobed
mnslin worth 6 Jo at 5o a yard, a smooth havy yellow muslin worth 80,
looks like Apple'oo A.
At 5o yd a good blcaofacd mnslis, wo:lh 7Jo.
At 60 yd a'berter quility B.eeohed mus.in, worth 80.
'At 7c yird,or yds for $1.09 for which you pay lOota a yard to day.
At lOJc a d, yellow pillow ease sheeting, 45 inch wide or a 42 , inoh
bUaobed pillow case cheeting, worth 15j. . .
: . At 12J0 a yd, a 10x4 yeilow sheeting, worth 15
i.'. 'At 15e a yard, a 10x4, bleached sheeting; worth 21o.
...At 12 Je yd, Ready made Pillow Cases Utioa Milhi; worth 18o
Atl7o yd, a Red Table Cloth; worth 25e. ..' . '
. . At 25c ayd; t.jble lines; worth 38o. " - ' -.
. At.45e a yd, s fine Irish Table Linen': worth 75o. 'S ?
At 3c a yd, a good toweling; worth 5e: ' ' ' 1 .. --,;.,,..- -..
T,r4 S001 ,lnen ch toweling; wprtb 9o. '
' At c yd, a good Shaker flannel; worth 80 " . ' -
At 5o a yardt Lancaster Amos Keag Ginghams worth 7a. -
At 4o a yard, a very good Gingham for oomfort, worth 6io.
; At 5o yd, Indigo Blue, fanoy and black calicoes, worth 7e. -
At 5e yd, good ou ing funnel, worth 80.
-At 50o, a pair of blankets, w irth 75e
At 89o, a pair of blankets, worth $1-25. ' ' '
At SI. 25, a pir of Blankets, worth SI. 75. ' .
At $2 98 to $4,50, a pair of fine California wool blankets, worth $540
to $6.00.
Carpets, Oil Clcth, Window Shades:
At lOo yd, a good stiiped Room Carpet worth 18o at 12 io a yd, a better
quality room carpet worth 20o.
At 21o yd, a very room carpet worth 30c. .''.
At 25c yd, a fine fl-iwer or rap carpi t. Worth 35e atd all the choicest se-
leotions of Carpet in Ingrains, Tapestry, Brnwels, Velvet minster at reduoed
At 14o yd, a good hair carpet
At 12ic, a vard of 45 inoh table oil esth worth lo.
At lOe for Felt Shades, at 25o for
'. Draperies and Rags at redused
At 12 0 red flannel children underweias, small sixes, worth 35c.
' At 45c, a shirt and drawer for men , worth 75e. .
- At 5c for children hose mostly lCc and 15o goods.
, At I9o for Ladies and children'! rubbers, sites 2 i to 4 in ladies
, At 75e, a pair of Ladies Shoes, former price 1.50 to 2.00.
Felt Boots, all foot wear at reduced prioes
Lsdies' ooaU and capes, Children's ooats, Ladies' skirts and waists st
extje low sad specially Reduced prices. . While winter and wearing it has
still three month in view, we rather have the lose bow when you use the goods,
and yon sova a great many dollars, if you qave to buy these goods next season.
While our Rooms are pouriog forth Grand Lots of seasonable goods
each Article yop save money, sometfmes half and often more.
- - -Don't miss these Bargain Days.
;: ' 103 to 109 Bridge Street.
1806, ESTABLISHED. 1900.
Special Invitation To The Pvblit
Tp attend the Attractive Sale of Clothing that goes on daily
from -Kr
":.-' - of
v---. ; It will be '..
Who nave money to invest to examine the Stock of Goods for
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of Suits and Overcoat at the Wonderfully Low Prices.
" " r. ' " ' "
flia prices leave -all Competitors in the rear, so don't fail
to give him a call if in need of Clothing.
D; W. H A R L E Y
csm ia not fi
tronbla liaa in the Kidaara, Livar aad
blor.witti arine and let it stand a
day and a sight If there' is a
sediment at the bottom, something is
wrong with the Kidneya. If thara ia a
desire to urinate often if there it a
'pain in the small of the,back if thenrina
stains linen look oat! . The Kidneys are
diseased. .. . '.
' Ladies can take Dr. Dmrtd Ken
nedy' 'm Favorite Remedy with perfect as
surance of relief. It will cure them ef Kidney,
Liver and Bladder disorders just aa certainly
as it cures men. . '- ... ' '
Mrs. G. V. Davenpot, of West Troy,
N. Y., says: "I was troubled with my Kid
nays, and suffered intense pain la my back and
loins. The wife of Dr. Robinson, pastor of the
First Avenue Methodist Church, recommended
Dr. Pmvid Kennedy' Favorite Remedy.
I got some, and hava used it ever since, with
the result that I am greatly benefited. Allpaias
have left me, and I am like another person."
Bargain Days!
-Al ,
uor s ores are now alive with money
to take the time and ooaie to our;
0l Shades. Spring Roller Lsjoe Cur-
Wiil :uve into the' Large
For years the room they are now in has been tod small for
their increasing business. It oecame a necessity to
" have more room and they will now increase
their stock to meet the demand.
Bargains Can be Had in Clothihg
As they desire to start with an Entire
New Line
APRIL 1st, ICttO.
iiind House-Furnishing
O oOo- O
Things are never 'dull hfite; oevfir stupid.- The full life of the store al
ways hi a cheerful welcome. fqr all comers, and shoppers arc quick to decide
in ftvnr of the Great 'Values tojpe. found in our new
IVeat, Stylish,
... .
A Specially Selected Stook of
Panges, Cook, Parlor and 'Tshop
Horse Blankets and Lap' Robes.
1, AM I S, large and small.
Come in and look around. We'll
make jou feel at -home.
Wr liave the largest Stock and
Stcre in the county.
Money Loaned at Lowest Bates.
March 5, 1808.
Juniata Valley
National Bank.
(iipital .... W0,000.
LOUIS K. ATKINHfiN, PreHideiit.
T. V. IRWIN, Cashier.
Iui E. Atkinson'. W. C. Pomeroy.
John Hertzler. J. L. Barton.
H. J. HhelleiiberKer. W. N. Bterrett
T. Van Irwin. .
Interest allowed on time deposit, si
the rate of three per cent, perannsm.
January 11, 1899.
Tha Sales f Hood'e 8snsriX.
are the lareeet in toe worta 1
tne ensss by Hood's
wonderful, perfect,
Hood' PUIS are the best tsr
I mCrfLrticaod Bar modkins. Sic
and Commodious Store I'oom
occupied by
- ' "
'77 is Dr, Humphreva' fumuns
Specific fi-r the cure of Grip and
Golds, and the prevention of Pneumo
nia. All druggists, 25c.
Subscribe for the Sentinel ano
Republican, a paper that contains
choice reading matter, full of inform
tion that does the reader good,, and
in addition to thnt all local ne wa that
are worth publishing find plnccs
its columns. tf
No. 1 Cures Fever.
No. 2 " Worn
No. 3 ' " Infai s Diseases
No. 4 " Diai 1 hea.
o. 7 " C01 i:hs.
No. 8 Cures N .ralaia.
No. 9 " Headache.
! No. IO " . Dyspepsia.
I No. 1 1 " Delayed Period,
j No. 12 " Leucorrhea.
I No. 13 Cures Croup.
I No. J 4 " : Skin Diseases. . ..
No. 13 " Rheumatism. '
ij. 1 o iviaiur-ia.
No. 19" Catarrh.-
No. SO Cures Whooping' Cougtj
No. 2 1 " Asthma.
No. 2 4 " General Debilitv.
No. 26 " - Sea-Sickness.
No. 27 " Kidney Diseases.
No.. 28 Cures Nervous Debility.
No. 30 " Urinary Diseases
No. 32 " Heart Disease. .
XT O A 14 T- r r .
No. 77 " Colds and Grip.
Tn. HmpaMia' Homeopatbtio Majtou,
of Diseases Mau.kd Fhek.
Small bottle of Dleawnt nrllrt. St. tht v
re matte S1.00 Hire onlv. Ilnninhnm M.
1 dne Company, 111 William St., New York.
eMirlatn Aim ' '
a"S .y rruffHn, r hm I W4 aa hl,i
HBBMnstr aXAa mail.

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