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, . k.i '
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 12, 1900.
In thecontested election case of Hack
endorn agaiust Beaver for a seat in the
Assembly at Harrisburg; few . people
can be found, who believe that Mr.
Hackendorn Is the prime mover in the
case. There are men behind the bush
out of sight of the public eye, who are
pujungine strings. Mr. Hackendorn
tanas in the light of the public glare.
icu oeuina me Dush in this town have
oeen working io lead strings that run
out to Mr. Hackendorn. Day, and
uaya ago iney declared that Hacken-
aprn should contest Beaver's seat. The
behind the bush men do not. care for
rerorm. How many tax receipts candi
dates have they, worked in their dav?
now much booze have they employed
w iuuueuc voters? when the side
iignts are turned ou how will the situ
rrrf ii is true if men rote
fraudulently, the fraudulent voter
should be punished, but the behiudthe
dush men are not hunting the men who
they allege voted fraudulently. They
are huntiog the candidates. 6f course
u may prove a satisfaction to know
who they are that cast fraudulent votes
ai the late election and it is presumed
uuunemen who petitioned in Mr
T T. ,.TU a . . '
nicuuuni a otnair can come and
point out the fraudulent votes and make
tneir charge good. If they cannot,
uiiuen? uyanabythe men who
are behind the bush working Mr. Hack-
enaornand his petitioners will have
some light thrown behind their hiiah
Buch an event would scare them worse
4V. A A. . .
uu a Birea 01 light scares a lot of
ts in a grainery. The unfortunate
and yet the most fortunate for i the be
hind the bush gang is, that the district
had no President Judge before whom
to start the proceedings in contest. The
Associate Judges for this county held a
court for the transaction of such busi
ness a may be transacted by a bench
of associate Judges and the behind
the bush reformers made the venture of
pushing Hackendorn and his petition
ere into the Court of the Associate
Judges. The Behind the Bush Hack
endorn election reform seance will cost
the tax-payers of JumaU county auy-
wnere between one hundred dollarsand
twenty thousand dollars, for the county
has to pay the costs of the movement
of the behind the bush Hackendorn
election fraud reformers. Following is
ine list or petitioners:
B. F Crozier, Sr., 8. H. Kell, W. R.
Harris, B. C Kell, B. P. Clark, T. A.
Harris, McClellan Foltz, Harry Fauna
baker, J. C. Kinsloe, Harry Swartz,
R. I.. Boon, H. W. Milliken, J. M.
Telfer, W. L. Telfer, John Fitzgerald,
D. Stewart Allen, E. E. Hackedorn,
J. L. Kunkle, 8. C. Woodward, John
King, W. U. Diehl, Thomas Armstrong,
Frank Armstrong, C Weibley, John
Bryner, J. F. Bryner, C. F. Tressler,
David Beale, " John C. Beale, . T. D.
Barnard, Thomas Hockenberry, Wm.
M. Bender, T. A. Fitagerald, Henry W.
- Bailor, !. W. Bailor, W. H. Donahey,
J.' F. Bousum, W. B. L. Gilson,
Charles B. Crawford. -1
The petition was sworn to by W.
Donahey, G. F. Bousum, W. B.
Gilson, D. Stewert Allen, Chan.
Thirty of the names are signed
pencil and nine in ink.
The Philadelphia Times of the
7th inst:-Mrs. Charles Eobison of
Pittsburg has jnst received a letter
fTm her sister Mrs. Enim De
Knight Sieeth oi Arkansas City, j
Ark., telling the strange story of
Belle Giveswetur, an Indian girl,
who after twenty years civilization
went back to her tribe.
She was put into the Ponca
school in Indian territory when
she was 6 years old. Mrs. Robin
son and Mrs. Sieeth were teachers
there. When Mrs. Robinson came
to Pittsburg to live she began
correspondence with her pupil.
At 15 the girl was sent to the
Haskell Seminary at Lawrence,
Kan. She kept her former teach
er informed as to her progress.
She became a teacher in Sunday
scnooi, leauer oi tne lonng
ttt -n . if
tt viuvu o vunauau .tiBftuciaiion,
organist in the chapel, instructor
of vocal and instrumental music,
and an expert book-keeper and
type-writer. In the last letter re
ceived last spring she told of her
engagement to a young white man
of Lawrence.
Then Mrs. Sieeth wrote that
Belle disappeared.
"I hare gone back to the Pon-
cas. Don't look for me," is the
message she left.
Empty-handed and bare-headed,
she traveled afoot 400 miles to the
reservation. Her fiance followed
her and begged her to go back with
him, but the Indian girl refused
and he returned broken-hearted
and alone.
The commander of the allied
army of Christian European troops
in China, took offense at General
Chaffee the commander of the
American troops, because he ex
pressed an objection to the whole
sale plundering that the European
soldiers were engaged in. There
was not a thing that was within
reach that was safe from the vio
lence and thievery of the profess
edly Christian soldier from Europe.
Americans too often it is said, en
gaged in thievery and all kinds of
violence. When General Chaffee
protested he voiced the better
sense and manhood and woman
hood of the people, of the United
States. i
wlas a Seaaa ,a FmsIIm Ii
etaaata taa Ceaasaaar Waa DalaraS
a ad Was Caaa plated I a til taa
tas raeaea Ortr tha Ullla.
The following true narrative of the
first Masonic burial In Arizona, aa re
lated to me by my old friend. Colom
W. M. Williams of Cairo, Ilia, will
doubtless Interest your readers. 1 give
it. as nearly as .possible. In his own
words: . .
In 1800 I was In Arizona as 'super
intendent of the St. Louis Mining com
pany. Iocs ted on the San Pedro river,
snort distance west of what Is now
known as Tombstone and 40 miles east
of Fort Buchanan.
Cn one occasion 1 made a visit to the
Fanta Rita mines, located In another
part of the territory. These were man
aged by Cincinnati parties and were
known as the Ilclntzleuian tntnes.
When I arrived there and introduced
myself, as none of us had ever met be
fore. 1 was greeted, with that cordial
hospitality known only to those who
have lived on the frontier or In mining
camps by Mr, II. C. Grosvenor of Cln
clnnati. the superintendent, with two
others who occupied positions at the
One of these, Mr. J. T. Mason
found seriously Indisposed: the other I
sent to Fort Buchanan to bring pr. J,
n v . .. . . i 2 a.
r. u. irniu, surgeon ai iut ymtu
then devoted my time to the sick man.
who was growing more feeble each
hour. He told me If he died he wanted
to be buried with Masonic honors.
I had "tried" him and found him to
be a bright third degree Mason,
promised to do all I could to carry out
bis request. lie died before morning,
and the messenger sent for the doctor
bad not returned, and It was uncertain
as to when. If ever, he might return.
As In those days there were not over
C5 Americans to the territory outside
of the troops, the taking of life by the
Indians was dnlly expected. In this
emergency It devolved upon uic to ar
range for the burial of our friend. I
sent peon messengers to Tubac and
oilier places where Americans were
known to le to come ta my aid.
Durlog the day I selected a beautiful
spot ovcrrrLndowi-d by a large mesqiilte
tree and there hod a very deep grave
dug. as In thai country the coyote Is a
kind of hyena, that will unenrth any
corpse If not laid deep In the ground.
This work was done by peons, while I
stood guard to keep the Indians from
surprising us.
By niiorillit the messengers I ba!
sent out commenced returning with
the few who ceuld come with them. I
found nmou those who arrived two
or three Masons, who, like myself,
were "rusty In the Masonic burial
ritual. We ciencd the trunk of the
deceased, hoping to flud something to
guide us ir li!Ilng bis last request.
The only i!.... we discovered was aa
Episcopal rttunL The following per
sons couiMscd the funeral cortege: Dr.
C. B. Hughes. J. Howard Well. Wil
Ham S. Oury. II. C. Grosvenor. Colo
nel Titus. S. Warner and myself.
We hnd determined to bnry the ttody
at night. la the unrkncAs. having no
light except a candle In one of the old
time perfornt.Hl tin lanterns by which
I could nail the service.
After lowering the body Info the
grave 1 commenced to read the serv
Ice. I stood close to the head of the
grave, and Mr. Howard Wells held the
lantern behind .me. -A rustllugoound
was heanL It was supposed to come
from lurking Indians, and every one
looked out for himself. The man hold
ing the lantern dropped It Into the
grave, and I fell In after it.
Th n I wiu with the Corpse In a
deep grave. I had my pistols and
Sharp's carbine with me. and I real
ized that if the Indians peered Into the
grave I could fill it with dead bodies. 1
listened. Not a sound was heard. My
companions had. I supitose. sccri'ied
themselves and no doubt thought 1
bad done the same.
After the lapse of alut four hours
day began to dawn, aud as I stood
upon the corpse (no cotlins were In use
la Arizona at the time of this occur
rence, the dead being simply wrapped
In their blankets) and cautiously look
C(J OVCr tLC "" ?' "" Krave to take
in Cut SOTOuuiliinrs.
i soon so vr u:r iroUirM Jca. 6iie ly iiHa.
CnlC-rging from behind rocks. wUers
they had hastily secreted tliemselves.
no one knowing where the others were.
I called aloud for help and was soon
assisted from the prison In which I
had been confined for fully four hours,
and as this Is the first Masonic funeral
that was ever held In Arizona I think
it deserves a record.
After comparing notes we discovered
that the mesQoite tree under which we
were holding our solemn service waa
the roosting place of a colony of crows,
our Intrusion having disturbed them
and thereby causing us to stampede.
As the sun rose above the mountain
tops we returned to the grave aud
completed the reading of the ritual
and covered our friend with the clods
of the valley and left blm sleeping
where he will rest until the resurrec
tion mora. Evelyn 1). Baldwin In New
York Masonic Standard.
Tha WarM'a FaalC
"There Is one thing I like about you,"
said the Intimate friend, "and that Is
your lack of vanity. Xou don't pretend
to be the greatest actor the world has
ever seen."
"No," answered Mr. Stormington
Barnes thoughtfully, "but I would be
If the world would only come to see
me." Washington Star.
In Scotland all licensed premises, ex
cept hotels, are closed Sundays, and
one must be at least technically "a
traveler" before he can obtain liquor.
A Wkalfwa Caaialaatlaa af Faa
aaa PkllMopfcr.
tCopjrrltht, law. bjr C. B. Lewis.
Some people vhos born dot way und
can't help It. Last week my hrudder-In-law
goes oudt In der woods to kill a
rabbit. lie doan'- find no rabbits, hut
he kills a fox nnd den comes home end
kicks about his hard luck.
In soy time I haf caught some fish
dot weighed 20 pounds apiece, bnt dot
doau' satisfy me. I vhas always
mourning after dose ash which weigh
ed 22 pounds apiece und got avhay
from ma.
I haf had men pick my pockets, and
I haf had friends borrow my money,
und I can't quite figure out why der
The difference between a fort and a
fortress lies In the fact that the former
is designed to contain solely the garri
son and their munitions, while the lat
ter Is often s city containing a large
number of noncombata.-ts.
Er t as an article of diet were first
osec'by the Malaccsns. and when Wa
speak of Shanghai chickens wa Put
mention aa Asiatic name.
V i i
Caisl Bsaka Cltaafl
T Vt to Data
' It was stated recently as a fact sf
Dovel and material Interest that It waa
bow possible to lnsura tor tha eootlsv I
fsacy oC betng the father of twlas. 1
Aad so tt Is. Too eaa also msare pro-1
spectiTe triplets. But that Is a small '
matter compared to the queer risks tn
ursnce companies are taking rvary
day. Anything, from the rtctssltades
f playing a fast bowler on a kicking
wicket to tha chance of aa heir ehana
mg his religious tenets, ts bow a sob-
J act for an Insurance policy.
We Insure peopw against the boss!
butty of any calamity, whatever It may
be." said Ur. Armstrong of the Ocean
Accident Insurance company to a Mail
Frequently we are asked to lasaro
against a man changing hts name. Say I
VHKwiuj mica m invywj wmh
.1.11. .u vu W.M..VM .a.
name and style of Howard
. i
reocy Vandelenr.
Ho wants to borrow
money oa his property.
The lender de -
money on the
dues to advance the money on the
Vandelenr won't return to being call
ed Smith. We Insure the lender
against that contingency, and Vande
lenr (nee Smith) gets bis money.
'Another typs of case Is an Insurance
&noiner type oi case is an insurance
rauBi w,,
A. prodigal son leaves home for his
country's good, and nobody knows
nmniinai ssnn iMiram rmnui mr niia
where he Is. His father, years later.
leaves his property to be divided equal
ly among his children. The trustee of
the will finds himself In a difficulty,
The prodigal may return from bis
busks, and then the other heirs will
have had more than their share. Wo
Insure the trustee against the prodi
gal's return.
"Not long ago we Insured a mort
gagee against the mortgageor's marry
ing outside the faith, because such a
marriage would have cost the mort-
gageor his property." London Mail.
The Taaaa- JUi Like Jelly, aai Ha
rtlM His Maalk.
A young man whose work keeps him
down town until the early morning
hours usually reaches home with a
sharp appetite. Ills mother, an In
dulgent mother, too. puts a little lunch
out where he can get It but this fre
quently falls to satisfy him. His wise
parent knows this, and she saves the
larder from a wholesale onslaught by
locking things up.
Now. If there Is one thing In particu
lar that thlsoutb dotes upon It Is
jelly. But Jelly hi an article of food
JV... i -l... H-. -1,111 t. tt.
aratlon, and If the lady left her Jelly
Jars at bis disposal well, there would
be none to dispose of after a few
mornings. So the Jelly Is locked up
the tightest of alL
The other morning the youth let him
self Into the house Just as the gray
streaks of dawn were crossbarrtng
the eastern sky. There waa milk and
bread awaiting him. but bis soul
craved for Jelly. He determined to
hunt for some. Taking a slice of bread
and a knife, he stole down cellar and
searched the fruit shelves. What hap
plness! He dimly made out the out
lines of a Jelly Jar. Was there any
JeUy In It? He dipped In bis knife and
felt the soft and quivering mass. What
a joke on his usually careful mother!
She had actually forgotten to torn the
key on this treasure. t
He drew out a generous quantity and
carefully spread It on the bread. - He
bad to do It largely by guesswork, be
cause the cclhr was almost totally
dark. When the spreading was done,
he smacked his Hps lightly and took 4
generous bite.
No. it wasn't Jelly; It was soft soap.
Cleveland Tlaln Dealer.
Tke Lark's Saasr-
A writer on "The Wonders of the
Spring" rays that the volume of sound
produced by the skylark is most won
derful. "The lark ascends nnttl It
appears no larger than a mlde and
can with difficulty he seen by the mi-
aided eye. and yet every note of Its
song will Ik clearly audible to persons
who are fully half a mile from the
nest over which the bird utters Its
'Moreover, It never cesses to eiag
fur a moment, a frnt which seems won
'? tyiwt helnira. wjjo Cud
Ibui a bt'Utf Oi bi. v. bcicii initiated ia
length, tbougu interspersed with rests
and pauses. Is more than trying. Tet
this bird will pour out a continuous
song of uearly 20 minutes In length
aud all the time has to support Itself
in the air by the constant use of Its
A Baslaeaa Praaaaltlaa.
Now, here Is a poet who Is practical
enoiiglu He halls from Dooly county,
and It will be seen from his letter that
be means busluci;. He writes:
"I hare wrote a poeui nluiiit 100
yards long, as nigh as I kin guess. It
took me six mouths an two hours to
write it. , I ain't no Judge of these
things, sn what I want to know Is
where I kin hire a good man to read
it for me an tell ine wbiit It Is. To
slch a man I will pay $1 a day till he
gits through, only lie mustn't take too
long!" Atlanta Constitution.
I'D ta Date SpeelallaO' -
Doctor-1 put mirrors In tny waiting
com I11ster.1l of ituiKazlnes.
Friend - How doe it work?
Doctor- Fine. Pi-ople are so fond of
looking at themselves that they come
early so n to have a chance to watt.
Town Topics.
Thr Ru and llir Prufraaor.
"1 was mimicking Tiofesfor Bore
yesterday, anil lie caught me."
"What i!l lie say?"
Tolil me to slop making a Tool of
myself t'hii-ao t'lirouide.
EspaFleaee Teraas Taearr.
"Marcus Aurcllus says." the profess
or began, 'that nothing happens to
anybody which be Is not fitted by na
ture to bear."
"Oh. that's rot!" replied the man who
had eloped at th age of 21 with a girl
whom he had known three weeks.
"Just tell Mare for me that be has an
other guess coming." Chicago Times
Herald. A OaaaM Ovsalaa.
An old servant wss asked by an art
tat what she thought of her master's
portrait, which he was painting.
She looked at tt critically. "Ta might
have made him a trifle better looking,
may be, but if ye had ye'd ha' spoilt
ft." Ptck-Me-Cp.
avaa S9S.
"Did 700 sea Jones? He was looking
for you."
"Tea; I saw him, but 1 managed
things so bm didn't see me. Chicago
Becord. ( -
' Interference with digestion Is a by
no means uncommon effect af excass-
tve exercise, and. so far as training la !
concerned, tt la of the
eti uc Uvs.
law smiiIm MaaMCJ
Am t i. ii kteMaaalr'.uf .
SftaiiMIaMawr - -.
. . ass
ns imIiMm mm yaaISV
sABsjrtTals Jots.
IhavlastrlaMl aku iM Msaaa
taa aa lima to Mtktm. mmr mm ataaa.
A Umi awa kanv aasd 44 Mam,
VmN aailit ml iliMlsi mja.
Ana X. Backaaa la r.llifili.1. aaBrtaV
rtmrnt Caaa latvaaasad
Caatcaapt aC CaarC
Some of the members of the bar wen
discussing contempt cases bees not of
a recent notable event In the state, and
nn- nf fhp littln coterla tvlatafl a neiw
, ..i .tikHmum
1 ..j Uvr -t and h,a mJ n.
. -mnatti Ihmmh a llttla mmtn
lawyer who knew a great deal, but I
never bad a big case and was notorious
for bis ability In abusing Justices of
the peace. It may seem a preposter
ous statement, but I bad never beard
or thoueht of such a thine as contempt
of court wt,en i had my nrst profce-
siouai exitenence in a common pieas
court No sooner bad the opposition
attorney maae an oujcction tnan xne
Judge ruled against me.
"I proceeded to Inform blm that he
was wrong, that he knew he wss
wrong and that I wished he would quit
his pettifogging. The lawyers In at
tendance were temporarily petrified;
the venerable Judge glared at me over
bis glasses, finally smiled In a forgiv
ing sort of way and told. me to pro
ceed. Very soon there was another
well taken objection, and again he
ruled against me. This practically took
the props from under my case, and 1
went at the Judge as my Instructor bsd
been accustomed to go at a Justice of
the peace In a back township.
" 'Your honor.' 1 declaimed. 'Is a po
litical accident In the eternal fitness
of things you should be digging coal
or cleaning out underbrush. You have
no more sense of Justice thsn a Zulu
chief of mercy. Thank heaven there Is
a higher Judicial tribunal In this state
that' But there 1 was baited by a
fine of $200 or 00 days In JalL Tho
Judge took me to his private room,
where he learned my story and remit
ted the fine. To pay $200 at that time
would .liove pauperized me. 1 now
have quite a reputation for never rub-
J blng the court the wrong way.
' De
. . r
troit free Tress.
A Kali aaa Klallaa Mailer.
Mr. Barrte was one day at Waterloo
station In a hurry to catch a train. lie
was hastening from the bookstall
laden with papers, "a good many six
penny ones among them,' he dolefully
relates, when. In rushing around a
corner, be fell Into the arms of Bud
yard Kipling, equally In a tearing hur
ry. They turned on eacn otuer witn
scowling faces, then smiled In recogni
tion and asked each other whither he
went. Then Kipling, exclaiming.
"Lucky beggar, you've got papers!"
seized the bundle from n.trrlo. flung
him some money and made oft. "But
you did not stoop to pick up hi-dlrty
halfpence, did you?" queried one of
Mr. Barrie's bearers amusedly. "Didn't
I, though ?" returned Bnrrle. and added
ruefully. "But he hadn't flung me half
enough." St. James Cazette.
M Pealaraa af Fraaea Bleat loaa.
' There are some curious features con
nected with French parliamentary elec
tions. For Instance, no wall literature
Issued by a candidate or his friends
may be printed on while paper, white
being the color reserved for official an
nouncements. In the days of the em
pire, when official candidates were
known In the land, the addresses of
the government's nominees were, print
ed cn white paper, and this 110 doubt
had due weight with the more Ignorant
voters. Again, any elector whojv name
Is mentioned In a ncwspner can. If he
feci himself aggrieved, call upon the
editor to publish a reply. This, how
ever, is not connood to elections, but I
Is a right enjoyed by French citizens
under the law of the country. London
Tka Plat Water.
Of pigs It Is commonly reported that j
so queerly fashioned are they that If
they attempt to swim they cut their
throats with their fore fcetji't this U
only an old wife's fable Whether wild
or tame, they are all good swimmers.
though, owing to the shortness of their
legs, they Just touch their throats with
their fore feet and beat the water very
high. Many of the Islands of the south
ern seas are now Inhabited by wild
pigs, which are the descendants of
those which have swum ashore, some
times great distances, from wrecked
easels. Peterson's Magazine.
White 1 understand young Green
lost all the money his father left him
on the races, and he's now looking for
a job. He won't have so soft a thing
as he has had.
Brown Oh, 1 don't know. He'll have
a soft thing as long as he doesn't loss
his head. Chicago News.
Kaaw the Daasrar.
"What makes you avoid that girl so.
even If ycu do not Intend to propose to
"I'm afraid she'U take a notion to
make me propose." Chicago Record.
- Chinese children begin to learn their
A B Cs at 8 years old and are ex
pected to learn 1,000 letters In three
A pound of cork will sustain la tha
water a man weighing 194 pounds.
Cattta Wateta tlaaaas.
. In the prcductlon of common watch
glasses tktf glass la blown hsso a sphere
about a meter la diameter, sufficient
material betng taken to glvrtha dassr
ed thickness, as the ease may bo. Disks
are then cut out from this sphere with
the aid of a pair of compasses having
a diamond at tha extremity of one log.
There is a knack la detaching the disk
after It has been eat. A good work
man win. It la aaad. cut 8,000
in a day.
Wtaa It
'Dear nardnn."
man. gathering bis taatoros together
again, "l simply couldnt suppress that
-Don't mention It" replied tha bright I
girl. "By she way, that reminds me. I
vlsted the Mammoth cave lest suss-
Cltlsen Otrsber.
ate where I (hlc) liveT
a tor Bigboddy, you
Officer Wbafs yer cook's
citizen Mary Ana (hie)
O nicer Four Mocks down
-4fors to yer right Jadga. .
- tas t-a fs-
-Ttit Cs yea fcJt 1 a a .;wbb,
-Zu!y carrlM IU tnt'ssss borne
"Well, that dspsass. Wow. If a
basin us Is to sail Mqoor. tar
at isn't Jnst tha thtasT tar alsa ta taka a
great deal of It homo with kits every
lCbt.M-Bostoa Transcript.
Ba Blaalaaasllr.
"Aanle Mlbblaa to tha saeaneat kind j
of a gossip."
"What variety la that!"
"She's the kind that dosoat tell any
thing bersalf. bat gets yoa to tall all
I yon aaaw." Chicago Becord.
la India tha flash of lbs elephant is
fanria dish, while la AfaMa tBO 1
I and IB KaTTvt tkO OBSSal aWS OatSSl W1IB
Akron. Ohio. Xovember 15.
The corner-atone of the old high
school building, which is being
torn down to make room for
freight station, was removed to'
day. The box it contained was
delivered to a oommitteeof the Ak
ron lodge of Masons. When open
ed a bur bine fly buzzed a moment
and flew ont from amone the oa
. . - . .
I pen In the box. Tne DOX nad
I been buried in the
fifty years, and the
fly could not
have got into it after the stone was
Worst 65 to 75
n. inaar 25 to 80c B helled 60
Oats......... . dm 80
Bye SO
Batter 20
Kfs 24
Haa 11
SbaaMar 8
Laid 8
Sides 10
Ctovsraeed ........ 6to7ets.
TtBMtby aaad 2 50
flax seed 60
Bran 90
Chop l.OOtol.10
Bhddliaga 1 00
Groona lu . Salt...... ........ 90
American Salt.... ... 65 to 70
oTicK of Anncal Election.
The Policy holders of tho Juniata
Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance com
pany will hold their Annual Election.
at the house of O. B. BuloufT in McAl-
isterville, on Monday, January Htb,
1801, between the hours of 9 A. M. and
3 o'clock, P.M.
William Pcfkexbekokk,
4t. Sec'y.
Stockholders' Meeting. Jcni-
ata Valley National Bank
Notice Is hereby given that tho An
nual meeting of stock-holders of this
bank, for the election of seven directors,
will be held in tho banking rooms In
Mifllintown, on Tuesday, January 15,
1901, between tho hours of 10 a. k and
12 M. By order of tho Board.
T. Van Irwin, Cashier-
Aiecomber II, iauu. jan.'J.
10 jesse 1 aim. tate 01 tne uountv or
Juniata, State of Pennsylvania.
wnereas, .Nancy is. raina. yc
our wife
has filed a libel in the Court of Common
fleas of Juniata county. No. 48, April
Term, 1800, praying a divorce against
you, now you are Hereby notified and
requirea to appear in said court on or
before Monday,-the 8rd day of Decem
ber 1900, next, to-answer the complaint
of tne said Nancy E. Palm, and in de
fault of such appearance you will be
liable to have a divorce granted In your
BDsenca. . ulaytoi mtoneb.
Sheriffs Office,
Mifllintown, Oct. 9, 1900.
Juniata Valley
. .
otl-rio Kanlf" I
iwuviiui uui u.
Capital . . . $60,000
T. V. IRWIN, Cashier
Louis E. Atkinson.
John Hertzler.
H. J. Rbellenberger.
T. Van
W. C. Pomeroy
J. L. Barton.
W. N. Sterrett
Interest allowed on time deposits a'
the rate of three per cent, per annum.
January 11, 1899.
Board, Tuition and Furnished
Room for the Term,
4, HfluWuVSlNGER,
Mifllintown, Juniata county. Pa.
HoMMSsxaas ExctraaKma.
On tho first and third Tuesdays in
eaeh month daring 1900 from Chica
go via Chicago, Milwaukee and St.
Paul railway to p tinta in Iowa, South
nd North Dakota, Minnesota,
tana, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Or
agon and Washington at the rato of
one fare plus two dollars for the
round trio, eond 31 daa For fn
thar information all on nr mAA-.
W.S. Howell, O . P. A, 881
I Broedwar. New York or John R.
Pott. D. P. A, 486 Williams street.
! Williamsport, Pa. dlO-
IVwUS Troubles are eTssa aa
Impeeerisuod blood. Hood's 8ss
is, U th One True Blood
O-OcOketioiMaBdaa lool boai -
u t
rtwwins rV fJOITRT HOIIHK.
.xaAWfam.iMawi uttwm
H. D. kt. (ntAWFOKP m wow,
I a aartaaraaia far tha prastirs
afHadiehMaaataair eoUattarsl araaeW.
OSes at oM stsaa.eoraor rsira saa or
m atiaata. HlfluitOWa. PS. Oaesr both
thaaa aul ha feasd at tkair Offieo at all
nsMs, anises olbsralso profossioaally sa
April 1st, ISM.
Graduate of tho Fbiladelpbia Deals!
College. Off oe at old established lo
satioa. Bridge Street, opposite Coart
I House, Afiffliatown, ra.
I i. . aa
urovra aaa iwiag wara;
Painless Extraction.
All work guaranteed.
Im sa S at Van aa M
IT ITT? 17.1?. PT7!T? niTroF!
-a. ja.a.a a a jl. ua vs.sjaa.', Ja I
7 Loaned at Lowest Hates,
area 6. 1898.
Schedule in Effect, Xot 26.
Way Passenger, leaves Philadelphia
at za a. m; narnsDurg a uu a. m:
Duncannon 8 35 a. m; New Port 9 OS
a. m; Millerstown 9 15 a. m; Durword
9 21 a. m; Thompaontown 9 26 a. m;
Van Dyke 9 83 a. m; Tuscarora 9 86 a.
m: Mexico 9 40 a. m: Port Rova! 9 44 a
m: Mifflin 9 50 a. m: Den holm 9 5-5 a.
m; Lewistown 10 13 a. m; Mcv eytown
lUSBa. m: Aiewton Hamilton 11 on a
1 m: Mount union 11 OS a. m: Huntlnir-1
I don 11 82 p. m; Tyrone 12 20 p. m; Al-I
I toon a 1 00 p. m : Pittsburg 5 60 p. m.
Mail leaves Philadelphia at 7 00 a. m;
Harrisburg at 11 48 a. m; Mifflin 1 11
p. m: Lewistown 1 SO p. m; Hunting-1
aon x hi p. m: Tyrone s. 12 p. m: Al-1
toons S 45 p. m; Pittsbunr 8 40 p. m.
Altoona Accommodation leaves Har-
risburs; at 5 00 p. m; Duncannon 5 84
. m; Newport 6 02 p. m; Millerstown
11 p. m: Thompson town 6 21 d. m:
Tuscarora 8 80 p. m: Mexico 6 33 p. m:
Port Roval 8 88 d. m: Mifflin 6 43 i. m:
Den holm 6 49 p. m: Lewistown 7 07 T.
m; McVeytown 7 86 p. m; Newton
Hamilton 7 50 p. m; Huntingdon 8 20
p. m; Tyrone 9 02 p. m; Altoona 9 35
p. m.; Pittsburg; 1.50 a. m,
Pacific Express leaves Philadelphia
at 11 zu p. m; htarnsburg at s ou a. m
Marysville 3 14 a. m. Duncannon 3 29
a. m. Newport 3 52 a m. Port Royal
z a. m. Aiimin a. m. iewistown
m .... TV i.rn jiwjiiiiuu u oa B, 111
Huntingdon 6 03 a. m. Petersburg 6 19
ia. m. Tyrone 0 52 a. m. Altoona 7 40 a.
tnttaiNirs; 13 10 a. m.
Oyster Express leaves Philadelphia
at 00 p. m. narnsnunr at 10 ua n. m.
Newport 11 12 p. m. Mifflin 11 04 p. m.
Lewistown 12 02 p. m.; Huntingdon 12
58 a. 1x1. Tyrone 1 82 a. m. Altoona 2 00
a. m. Pittsburg 5 80 a. m.
Fast Line leaves Philadelphia at 12
25 p. m. Harrisburg 3 45 p. m. Duncan
non 4 10 p. m. Newport 4 SO p. m. Mif-
fliu 5 02 p. m. Lewistown 5 22 p. m,
Mount Union 6 03 p. m. Huntingdon
6. 22 p. m. Tyrone 6 59 p. m. Altoona
7 35 p. m. Pittsburg 11 SO p. m.
Altoona Accommodation leaves Al
toona at 5 00 a. m. Tvrone 5 24 a. m.
Petersburg 5 45 a.m. Huntingdon 5 67
a. m. Newton Hamilton 6 21 a, m. Mc-
V eytown 6 37 a. m. Lewistown 6 88
m. Mifflin 7.18 a. m. Port Royal 7 22 a.
m. Thorn psontown 7 37 a. m. Millers
town 7 46 a. m. Newport 7 65 a. m
Duncannon 8 20 a. m. Harrisburg 8 50
a. m., rnuaaeipnia
Sea Shore leaves Pittsburs; at 2 50 a.
m. Altoona 7 10 a. m. Tyrone 7 38 a. ta.
Huntingdon 8 25 a. m. MeVeytown 9 10
a. m. Lewistown 9 30 a. m. Mifflin 9 50
a. m. fort Koyal 64 a. m. Thompson
town 10 04 a. m. Millerstown 10 17 a.
m. xxewport 10 27 a. m. Duncannon 10
49 a. m. Marysville 11 02 a. m. Harns-
Durg 11 -M a. m. Philadelphia 3 17 p. m.
Main Line Express leaves Pittsburg
at 8 00 a. m. Altoona 11 40 a. m. Tyrone
12 ua p. m. .Huntingdon iz 80 p. m
Lewistown 1 83 p. m. Mifflin 1 50 p. m.
Harrisburs; 3 10 p. m. Baltimore 6 00 p.
m. Washington 7 15 p. m. Philadelnhla
6 23 p. m.
ail leaves Altoona at 2 05 p. m. Ty
rone 285 p. ns. Huntingdon 8 17 p m.
Newton Hamilton 8 47 p. m. McVey
town 4 20 p. m. Lewistown 4 83 p. m.
Mifflin 4 65 p.m. Port Royal 5 00 p. m.
Mexico 5 20 p. 111. Thompaontown 5 18
rm. MillerBtown 5 28 p. m. Newport
89 p. m. Duncannon 6 08 p. m. Har
risburs; 6 45 p. m.
Mail Express leaves Pittsbunr at 12 45
p. m. Altoona 5 55 p- m. Tyrone 6 27
p- m. Huntingdon 710 p. m. McVey
town 7 61 p. m- Lewistown 8 10 p. m.
Mifflin 8 80p.m. Port Royal 8 84 p. m.
Millerstown 8 57 p. m. Newport 9 05 n
m. Duncaunon 9 29 . m. Harriahur
10 00 p m.
Express leaves Pitts-
burg at 4 80 n. m. Altoona I IK n. m
ayiuua a os p. m. nannnguon 10 11 p.
m. Mount Union 10 82 p. nu Lewis
towB 11 16 p. m. Jflfflin 11 87 n. m. Hw.
town 11 10 p. m. jnmin 11 87 p. m. I
risburg 1 Off a. m. Philadelphia 4 25.
At Lewistown Junction. For
Durv 7 su a. m. ana 3 41 n n
For Jfllroy 7 55, 11 45 a. m. and 8 00
p. m. week-days.
At Tyrone For Clearfield nut rs,
wensvuie a sn a. m. a ai nd 7 20 p.
or afeuannte ana Aioek Him a ia
s. m. 12 80 and 7 15 p. m- week-da vm
For furtnar infiumaatian
Ticket Agents, or Thomas BL Watt
Passencer - Aawnt. Western nhriair
Comer Fifth Avenue and RmitKfla
Plttahnnr. .
J. B. HUTtfHINaON. J.RWnnn
General afin'g'r. Casneral Paaa'r. a it
C28Li0DAUpI2- 2. SOW
Maze their Entire Line of Fall
lend iWtnter Utotkmg note in.
ConaiatiiisT of lien's. Bava
I '
eoavts, Hats, Shoes, Shirts and
, . - , ,
I mjukb m jreuar luriusuuig.
If vou want
dressed their's is
the County where you will find
Call Examine and satisfy yourself.
In Quantity, quality; Style, fit fin-
? Nsh and Price--
We defy Competition.
Hollobaugh & Son,
TtfirCT TWTaP-'Q
ATAVV n sf
; TT A D r.
land House-Furnishing
I . -sat WWW
Things are never dull here: never
ws6 has a cheerful weleone for all comers, and shoppers are q nick to decide
ia favor of the Great Valaes to he found in oar new
Neat, Stylish,
A Specially Selected Stock of
Rsnges, Cook, Parlor snd Shop
Horse Blankets and Lap Robes.
LAMPS, largeand small.
Come in and look around. We'll
make you feel at home. '
We have the largest Stock snd
Store in the eounty.
A vonderftil 1 1-1 M
CIS-Back. BKk BmloottOuriir,:! thmf
in . . i . . -
Mmtttm tht
1 Cures FoTer.
" Infai.V
" Diarrheeu
7 " Cot it-
8 Cure N .ralgisu
O " Headache.
10 " Dyspepsia.
11 m Delayed Periods
IS M Leueorpliea.
IS Cures Croup.
14 Skin Diseases.
18 " Rheumatism.
1 . " Malaria.
1 " ' Catarrh.
SO Cures Whooping Cough
21 1 Asthma.
" General Debilitv.
No. 26 " Soa-Sickness.
No. 27 Kidney Dlaeaaaa.
No. 28 Cures Nervous Debilitv
No. SO " Urina T-!
No- S2 " Heart Di
No. 34 " Sore Throat.
No. 77 rVkiH. m, -
D- Hosmnurrs' HoMtoATn
'ar '
an,so rasa.
Casjpea,. 1U WlUi'sCsaw
."f1'. Homparar? Masf
ns nu aismirirr a
"in it si .pas i
CSSSferassiats. or asat pranaid aaoa
lrrr . ?r aaaia. axoaot Nn.
m awa slss alas
and Children's Suit-
ia fact all that goes to make
. . . "
to be
the onlv store
i aaU K-f
f f rlTiJjJ
"V "tf ' '
stupid. . The full life of the' store sk-
Great Cures proved by thousand
of testimonials show that 1 lood'i Sar
caparilla possesses power to purify,
Vitalize and enrich the blood.
Hood's Pills ere the only pills t
0 taken with Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Cet asi
Aa axaastionoi ......
to youas mn an1 vmm. ...
KJ? . lLrrt Mwn or lor bun net . -
Z. L rtal" oirao; also tou.i U
SST? tnd3r nro best rt!ta to
u su Amj ui
Ssjutai Stats
w ossmi wwslWVl
tCCK MAVZM. eantaa Ca..
RaiMtaoma SnlMInc perfectly rqalpp1,
. lctn- iifbta, abuDdancr of
liura moantaln ntor. mmmIw n ,...
U '
A Tiuoc Msatte
a-. DuiSNS
rt1TT Copvniokts As.
Anyoaa aaodlac a abate and SaaartaNoa aar
jateair aanrlata oar oparioa fraa wbcthar aa
KvaattoB ta arobablj aatantabla. Coaataalaa.
SteaaaMaUrooaSdaotbil. Handbook aa Pauaaa
aant fraa. Oldaat aaaaar for aaeariac paMBta.
Fatama takan tbroaak Him A Co. raaatra
SNal aka. wtthot ahaaia. km Ua
Scitntlfic Hr.tricatt
Aliaadaomalrreuaaatad aaikfr. Iraat
aalatlon of aa? aataatiSa loarnaL Tarau. SIS
tr: Soar aaoataa. SL Sold arall aawadaalwa
- . h mi mmmm
rISW lfca
Oi r tL. WaaWnctaa-
OR EAT SALES prove tbegMA
merit of Hood's SarsaDanlhV
Hood's Sarsanarilla sells becaase S
-crapusb.es GREAT CURIt
F 1 Santa taaaaaaaa au . Ha?
yM . camaa ca.. ra. pt
Ranrtaoma SnlMlnca prrfaMljr rqalpp1, B
Jtm la. f-lcwi ligbta, abandancr of H
CI ami atblnlc stouiula. Xzneaata low. Mad
Ml far catalog. M
U J. R. FLICKINCCR. Priacisal.
a Cftatrai Stita lomtl School, 9

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