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devoted to politics, agriculture , rome interests, the material dev elopme nt of the country.
NO 7.
pmfamfte Clarion.
One year in advance---- - - — ^ "J
Six months (< , 7 j
Three inoptbft
Space, j I *fto 1 3 a«» ] 6 moa ( 1 year.
1 sqrarô.
2 gq« Aires.
4 eqn.lres.
i column
J (JÄWmbu.
1 colhfnn.
«3 00
5 00
10 00
26 00
40 00
$6 50
9 50
15 «0
18 eo
40 00
m oo
$9 00
15 00
23 00
30 00
50 00
90 00
$10 00
20 00
30 00
40 00
70 00
125 00
fransiont advertisements will be in
setted at the rate of 1 50 per square of
te« lines for the first insertion, and 75
cents for each subséquent insertion.
frank raughan,
attorney at law,
Bastrop, Louisiana.
Will practice in the Courts of More
'honse and West Carroll. Special atten
tion to the collection of claims by suit
before the Magistrate'« Courts.
gp. c.
attorney at law,
Will «pradfce in State and Federal
•Courts. apmïl-y
a tt oli ney a t là w,
lUsïi*ui>, 'jA)tiisiiiua.
Office—SontliH^wA toraer of Public
Will practice in the courts of the
14th Judicial District cotuprtSed of
t'ho parishes of M6reh^nse, Ouachitaand
RfclilKiMt, and iit the SuWl-me Court at
Mown«, .Vilyl9-y
jas. Buasav .........h.ïi. n\hf
linns* y Sf
Bastrop, Louisiana.
Will practice in the courts «t the J 1th
Judicial I)i«triei, composed of the parish«»8
vf Môrt- h'utw, Ouachit* and Richland, and
il the Sup'.*«''; Cowrt al Monroe; also in
tliH Fedcnll Courts«
Office—East siiieUf public square;
.tyitt&n >v Half.
at top neys at law;
Hastrdp, Louisiana.
W'li practice in the con its of the 14th
Judicial District, eotolposed of the par
ishes of 3#>rebou«e, Ouachita iind
Richland; aid also iu the parishes of
ITiii««), Franklin, Carroll, Catahoüla
»»id Jackson, and in r.lw Supreme Court
H Moaioe, Louisiana.
todd sf hrigha m,
Bastrop, Louisiana!
Practice in the courts of t,he 14th Ju
dicial District, composed of the parishes
of Morehouse; Ouachita aud Richland,
and In the Supreme Court at Monroe.
Office— Jefferson street, opposite pub
lic square.
on. f . c. Giwr,
Offers his prufesslodal sei vi ces to the
.eople of Bastrop and vicinity. Can be
tound at his residence, or at the drug store
of'Dr. a. L, Bussey, when not profes
onally engaged. feb9-y
geo. b. marable , JV. 0 •
» '
M astbop, LA w
I hereby tend® my professional services
to the people of Basttop and Morehouse
parish. When mt professionally engaged,
can be found at my resldenco one mile
•as of town at light, and at the Drug
Store of Dr. A. L Bussey during the day
LUMBER ! LtatBER i !
Having ïbasod,for a term of yeais, the
mill of Mr. J. D. Howell, we are noW
Soliciting Orders for Lumber,
of the Machinery is of the best qual
ty» In the best repair, and we will
Orders for litmbexwill be filled promptly.
W.^Li. &T. J. DOSS.
t^aney Barber,
MOKROB, Louisiana.
_Shep i» the ' (ermann Building.
bills filled
on shot notice
! ' f ' 1 f) ? f ; ' ; U ** '
cypress a speciality,
Mill six miles West, of Bastrop. Free
Ferry at Magnolia place.
A. L. BUSSEY, Pro'r,
Bastrop, Louisiana,
Keeps constantly on Hand a,Fall
Supply of
Patent. Medicines,
Toilet Articles,
Fine Tobacco,
aud Cigat
Fine Liquors For Medical Purposfefe
Constantly dn Hand
PrtGcriptwus earrfully prepared at dll
hours-, Sunday* indudiA, ia the most relia
ble nM-Muer. Call at the. City Drug Store of
Tin undersigned respectfully inform»
the. public that he lias now on hand a
we)\-eelected stock, of Burial Caskets,
coffitt trimming sncli as handles, plates
plates, screws, etc. He is also prepared
to niiumfaetuie or Bepair any style of
furniture, on the vety shortest, notice,
gnurtiiiteeing satisfaction. Always on
hand Hermetic Burifil cases and caskets.
Commission Merchant
No. 45 Ünion St.,
Offers to the public his professional
ex{>crience of thïtty years in the above
speciality for the treatment of all dis
eases peculiar to the tfioiith and preser
vation of its natural organs, the teeth.
Charges for all dental sfervices graded
by quality and character desired, to suit
the times. For dental substitute», from
$15, $60, $75, $100, $200, up to Buatt's
celebrated improved gold plate, $350 for
full sets, recommended as healthy, and
to perform the functions of mastication
satisfactorily as to kiud selected.
Without previous arrangements, cash
is invariably expected.
Moved to now office, near the Baptist
dental surgeon, respectfully offers his
professional services to the people of
Bastrop aud surrounding country. All
work warranted. Office—first door south
of F. Vaughan's law office, and lately oc
cupied by Dr. McCreight,
The Morehouse Nursery,
One Mile AboVe Point Pleasant,
On Bay oö Bartholomew.
The undersigned is now rerfdy to re
ceive' orders for ffuit trees fof next fal
delivery. All trees guaranteed.
marl4-y JNÖ. MULHOlLAND.
W to. II. Graham
Brickmakef and Layer.
Is prepared to do all work er trusted
to him quickly and in a Workmanlike
manne/. Tombs, cisterns, chimneys and
other work solicited. Ordeïs left at H.
D. Vaughan's will be promptly attended
to. aug22-6m
w*. jft.
Office at A. L. Bussey'? Drug Store,
An Ordinance
Appropriating money to liuilil a
bridge inWard No. 6.
Section 1. He it further or
dained by the ?oliee Jury of the
parish of Morehoise at its regular
December term, 1871), That the
sum of sixty-fin dollars, or so
much thereof as may be necessary
be and the same is hereby appro
priated to build a bridge in ward 6,
on the road leading from I)r. Cot
ten's across the Cool», to the foot
of the red hill.
Stec. 2. Be it further ordained,
etc., That A. T. Woriey and Fount
Davenport be and they are hereby
appointed commissioners to let out
and receive said work and upon
their certificate that tlie work has
been done in accordance with con
tract and tfie ordinance of the
Police {Jury the Président of the
Police Jury is hereby authorized to
issue a warrant on the Parish
Treasurer at such time as the treas
ury will admit of.
Section 3. Beit further ordained
etc., That this ordinance take effect
and be in force from and after its
Adopted December 9th, 1879.
W. T. Hall , President;
G. A. Spyker, Clerk.
An Ordinance
Making an additional appropriation
of twehty-five dollars to build two
bridges in ward 1.
Sectidh 1. Be it ordained by the
Police Jury of the parish of More
house at its December term, 1879,
-That thfe sum of twenty-five dollars
be and the same is hereby appro
priated for building and repairing
two bridges in ward 1.
Section 2. Be it further ordained
That this ordinance take effect and
bè in force from and after it» 4 ? pas
Adopted Dec. 8th, 1879.
W. T. Hall , President;
G. A. Spyreu , Clerk.
An Ordinance
Authorizing the President of tiië
Polite Jury to issue a warrant
for one hundred dollars, to be is
sued bythe Tax Collector, to L.
F; Leavel on his paying amount
of same.
Sec. 1. Be it ordained bvthe Po
lice Jury of the parish of More
house, at its December term, 1879,
That the President of the Police
Jury be and he is hereby author
ized to issue a license for one hun
dred dollars, to be delivered to the
tax oollectOr, and by hirri issued to'
L. F. Leatel as keeper of a coffee
house, said Leavel having already
paid $50 on said occupation.
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained,
That this ordinance take effect from
and after its passage.
Adopted Dec. 9th, 187f.
W. T. Hall , President,
G. A. Spyker , Clerk,
An Ordinance
Reducing the assessment of the
property belonging to S. P. Bu
Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the Po
lice Jury of the parish of More
house, at its December term 1879,
that the assessor of the parish of
Morehouse be and he is hereby in
structed and required to reduce the
assessment of S. P. Buatt's real es
tate, situated near the town of Bas
trop, to five hundred dollars.
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained,
etc., That this ordinance take ef
fect from and after its passage.
Adopted December 9, 1879.
W. T. Hall , President.
Gr. A. Spyker, Clerk.
An Ordinance
Making an appropriation <0 repair
bridge in ward 6.
Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the
Police Jury of the parish of More
house, at its regular December
term, 1879, That the sum of Forty
Dollars,- or so much thereof as may
be necessary, be and the same is
hereby appropriated to repair a
bridge in ward 6 on the road lead
ing from Michel Mîchie's to James
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained,
etc., that Michel Mrehie and Jona
than Ogden bo and they are heréfty
appointed commissioners to let out
and receive s?id repairs, and upOti
their certificate that the work has
b«en do.ic according to contract,
tïje Preside,u of the Police Jury is
eby authorized to issue a wär
en tfce Parish Treasurer in
payment of same at süeh time aä
the condition of the Treasury Will
admit of, and that this ordinance
take effect and be in full force from
and after its passage.
Adopted December 9th, 1879.
W. T. Hall , President.
G. A. Spyker, Clark.
An Ordinance
Requiring the Parish Attorney to
institute suit against Asahel Cur
Sec. 1. Be it ordained by tlié
Police Jury of the parish of More
house, at its December term 1879,
That the parish attorney of the
parish of Morehouse be and he is
hereby instructed to institute suit
against Asahel Curtis to recover the
amount paid him for the building
adjoining the parish jail and knbWn
as the jailor's residence, on account
of the bad and defectiee construc
tion of said building.
Sec. 2. Be it further Ordained,
etc., That this ordinance take ef
fect and be in force from and af
ter its passage.
Adopted December 9th, 1879.
W. T. Hall $ President.
G. A; Spyker, Clerk.
An Ordinanbe
Appropriating five dollars to repäir
windows in Recorders andClerk's
Be it ordained by th a^umffgur y
at its regular Decembl
That the sum of five do 1
propriated to repair the
the Clerk's and Recorders O
Be it further Ordained tha 1
Sheriff be authorized to have s
repairs done and on his certificat^
that said work has been done
cording to contract, the' Preside
of the Police Jury be authorized to
warrant for the same whenever the
treasury is in condition for him to
issue his warrant for the same.
Be it further ordained that this
ordinance take effect from and af
ter its passage.
Adopted Dec. 9th, 1879.
W. T. Hall ,- President,
G. A. Spyker , Clerk.
An Ordinahce
Making appropriation, to pay com
missions S. W. Reily, ex-parish
Tax Collector for taxes collected
and paid in the treasury in 1876
and 1877.
Sec. i; Be it ordairied bythe Po
lice Jury of the parish of More
house, a I its December term, 1879,
•That the Sum of one hundred and
four and 70-100 dollars be and the
same is hereby appropriated out Of
any money in the treastMy to the
credit of the taxes of 1876 and
1877 and not Otherwise appropri
ated for the purpose of paying the
commissions of S. W. Reily, ex
Tax Collector, for taxes collected
in 1876 and Î877 and paid into th£
treasury by said Reily.
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained,
etc., That this ordinance take effect
and be in force from and after its
Adopted Dec. 9th, 1879.
W. T. HALL, President,
G. A- Sptker , Clefk.
A Safe Rule .—After the con
clusion of a lively horse-trade', a
witness of the transaction asted
cne of the traders what sort Of a
horse he had got by the ex
"Oh, jast medium—jast a com
mon sort of a plag," was the re
"And how old is he?"
"Twenty years; old.
"Bat Ï did not see yoff look at
his teeth,"
"No you did not yoaüg mao.
I have traded horses foi! the last
thirty years, and I hayë owned
as many as eight hundred differ
ent animals. My rale has always
been to mentally oalenfate the
asre of the other man's horse at
twenty. In this way I make Ho
mistakes atad suffer no disap
"Didn't your role ever fail?"
"Well, iff did fail'once. I was
trading horses in pontiac, and t
made the usual estimate of
twenty-yeâfs, but the critter died
of old agB while I was trying to'
beat a größer down two cents ob'
the price of a peck of oata"
The Advantage bf having a Purpose.
The careers of two men in one
of our Connecticut cities afford
subject for thought, whatever the
moral deduced. Not tfteiity
years ago oue of the most prom,
ising Espiscopaliàn clergymen in
Connecticut was the Rev. Mr.—
Settled iu a beautiful city with a
parish that adored him, young,
handsome and talented, he easily
married in one of the oldest and
wealthiest families of the town,
and all seemed bright before him*
To-day I hear of him as stagger
ing through the streets of a ruial
town with a helpless invalid wife
and a half-starved family.
The wheel has turned very
fä&t with him for while his pro
gress was upward so far as pro
motion to larger and larger cities
is concerned, yèt his degradation
of late years been no less rapid.
Not that he is altogether to
blame for the mischances that
have befallen hi«n, for there have
been some domestic misfortanes,
and there were some unfortodate
influences in some of the
churches over which he hasminis
red that did not help him. 1fet
onger man would have oter
e these and the fact remains
t a brilliant writer and
an has gone to wreck
years a[ * '
ician, who acc
upon the town,
liked the looks of things, an
stuck up his shingle without a
single acquaintance save a drug
gist, who told him be was "a fool
to settle there.
"We shall See," was the re
The first Sunday of his stay he
attended church, and on hiä re
turn he said, "I saw my wife at
church to-day."
"What do you mean? I un
derstood you to be a bachelor."
"So I am; but I saw rtt chtfreh
the lady I shall marry."
"Who is she?"
"I doïft know. I neve* saw
her before, but she sat in the
center of the middle aisle and
was dressed so and so."
"Goodness, that is Miss
of one our oldest families. She
wouldn't look at a poor yonag
doctor like you."
"We «fcall see," said the doc
tor, who in less than two years
made a bride of the lady in ones
tion rose to a fine practice in the
town, and is to-day, as he has
been fo years, the leading phys
ician of one oi the leading cities
in America, in possession of a
princely income, a man whose
name would be recognized by
two-thirds of oar readers were it
given bWe. This man has a pur
pose.—[Springfield Republican.
The healthiest town efei 1
known was in Illinois one sum
mer, When the doctors went east
to attend a medical convention,
neglecting to return' for several
months. The doctors found that
when they did get back, their pa
tients had all recovered, th 6
nurses had opened daticing
schools, the cemetery Was eût up
into building lots, the undertaker
had gone to making Violins, and
the hearse had beeil' gaddïly
painted and sold for a circufe
You mil always find'thë'ladids
buying at Peterkins. Why ? Be
cause the ladiès keep' posted in'
styles and prices.
fôrilnt's Boyiio<kÙ
A cousiu and sohool-mate of
Gen. Grant, says that "Hi"—as
the general was called in hid
childhood— toâë a Bhort, stout
plain, boy, who talked little and
stopped at home a great deal,
but who had a tremendous
amount of determination. Jf he
once set about a thing he never
rested until he accomplished it,
Î Sometimes," says this cousin;
"the boys would get after the
rats which had tlibir holes under
the stables and biiilditlgs about;
well when this scheme vfras once
on foot, 'Hi' would go farther
than anybody else to gët those
rats odt. He would stay theré
and work âfter many oi the oth
ers had given up, and he would
persist antil the stable ^as nearly
torn down, but iie'd get the ratä
out." Once youn^ Grants
fathet sent bird iüio the woods!
with à team to get sdüie logä
—bea^y timbers that d strong
man coüll hardly mandge. The
boy brought back the ldgs on the
sledge to the father's Surprise,
whdse object in âënding him on
such an errahd lié did not ex
plain. <; He hrtd accomplished
the tadk," adds the chiohioler
in the Préss of Philadelphia,
"btit no doubt he thohght his
father had imposed upon him
and h%d hot rteated him with
boy, än'd if when he under
took something, étri accident oc
curred, or it became impossible
fof him to accomplish the end
he desired, he was apt to cry—
not in a babyish kind of a way
at tfot being able to get what he
wanted, but as if, his pride were
wtfanded."—[N. Y. Tribune.
She Visits à Prftftlngf Oltfce*
£he came into the office, smil
ing and beautiful. George and
she were engaged, and George
bad a case. He had a galley of
solid nonpareil on hid frame,*
which' he waff about £6 look op
and prove. George, blushing
like a' girl, shfrok her hand and
called his darling.' She eyed the*
galley and smiled sweeter thacf
"Bbddy dear," she stfid, still
eyeing the galley of nolàfpareil,
"are them the tftfngd you print
"YeS, dafling!" tfiid D'oddy,
She swept her taper fingers'
over the mallter, squabbling the
entire galley.
"Blötitfyöa, my darling!" said
Goorge chokingly, the sWeati
pouring dotfn hiB face.
She lobked op' at hin* ftticf
"Why, Doddy, dear, it'a all to
little pieces, ain't it?'
"YeS, love," said 1 Georgé, gen
tly taking her hand and leading
her toward the door. "Good'
bye, d'atling!" he said.
"Bye-bye, Doddy; be sute you
come to-night."
"Dear me," she soliloquized,
how Gteorge loveif rile! He
nearly sobbed when f tôuéhed
those fobny little bits of thihg
GWge moödily, "I wish all 1
worried' v/Qté in —heaven/'
Whén thé bee stung the Pro-"
fessor of entomology, hé re
marked/"Well, I lilfe Entomol
ogy, btit I can't Bay that! ad
mirfc' ttiese end -to me-logiiat'
iokea."— iStönbedville Herald.

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