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"* «
♦ NO 9.
Ben Butler's House.
when '%e was rooted to the
gotrltouse Clatioti.
one year, in advance j 00
Six months ( 75
Three montas "VHI—>«*■—
advertising bates.
1 square,
'i squares.
4 squares.
4 column
$ column
1 column.
1 mo I 3 mos | 6 mos | 1 y eat.
f-î 00
5 00
8 50
10 00
20 00
40 00
§6 50
9 50
15 00
18 00
40 00
60 00
$9 00
15 00
23 00
30 00
50 00
90 00
£10 00
20 00
30 00
40 GO
70 00
125 00
Transient advertisements will be m
rJted at the rate of 1 50 per square ^
tin lines for the first insertion awl 7o
cents for each subsequent insertion.
Frank faughan,
attorney at law,
Bastrop, Louisiana.
, wm ÄcÄ«
St cSÄ \ 4- —
before the Magistrate 's Courts.
j). c. «?BOR
attorney at law,
Will [practice in State and Federal
Courts a P nllllV
SmMJffSOJt" tjEft i
attorney at law;
Bastrop, Louisiana.
Office— Soath-enst corner of Public
Will practice in the courts of the
141 h Judicial District composed ot
the parishes of Morehouse, Ouachita and
Richland, and in the Supreme Court at
Monroe. jalyl9-y
Bussey ft JVair,
Bastrop, Louisiana.
Will practice in the courts ot the 14th
Judicial District, composed of the parishes
of Morehouse, Ouachita and Richland, and
n the Supreme Court at Monroe; also in
the Federal Ooutts.
Office—East side ot publte square;
,%'ewton ft Haitj
attorneys at la w,
Bastrop, Louisiana.
Wili practice in the«ourts of the 14th
Judicial District, composed of the par
ishes of Morehouse, Ouachita and
iichland; and also in the parishes of
Union, Franklin, Carroll, Catahoula
indJacksou, and in the Supiieme Court
*»t Monroe, Louisiana.
ZPSt. F.-C. GMr,
Offers tis professiodal sei vices to the
eopie of Bastrop and vicinity. Can be
found at his residence, or at the drug störe
ot Dr. A. L. Bussey, when not profes
onally engaged. feb9-y
tSeo. B. Jliarable , Jfl. D
I hereby tender my professional services
to the people of Bastrop and Morehouse
parish. When not professioually engaged,
can be found at my residenco one mile
eas or town at âight, and at the Drug
Store of Dr. A. L. Bussey during the day
I, for a term of years, the
saw mill of Mr. J. D. Howell, We are now
Soliciting Orders for Lumber.
All of thé machinery is <ff th» best qual
ity, in the best repaid an< * we will
Orders for lumber will be filled promptly
W .L. &.T. J. DOSS.
Fancy Barber,
MONROE, Louisiana.
Shop in the Kindermann Building.
A few bashols of pore African Cotton
Seed for sale. Apply to the Publishers
the Clarion. Price f 1 per bushel.
The two-story frame building on the
sonthetet corner of the public square.
For »articula» apply to
decl2 E. K. W. ROSS
bills filled
on shot notice
at prices to
Cypress a Speciality,
and as cheap as pine.
Mill six miles West of Bastrdp. Free
Ferty at Magnolia place^ ^ Dm s 0 X.
A. L. BUSSET, Pro 'r,
Bastrop, Louisiana,
Keeps constantly on Hand a Full
Supply of
Patent Medicines.
Toilet Articles,
Perfumer^, '
frine Tobacco,
and Cigar
Fine Liquors For Medical Purposes
Constantly on Hand
Prescriptions carefully prepared at all
hours, Sunday* included, ia the fliotlt relià
hlc manner. Call at the City Drug Store of
The undersigned respectfully informs
the public that he has now on hand a
well-selected stock of Burial Caskets,
coffin trimming such as handles, plateè
plates, screws, etc. He is als» prepared
40 in.wufaotnie.or repair i»ny style of
furniture, on the very shortest notice,
gnuranteeing satisfaction. Always on
band Hermetic Bririal cases ^nd caskets
[successor to RAWLINS & MCRflELL,]
Commission Merchant
No. 45 Union St.,
Offers to the public Kia professional
experience of thirty years in thé above
speciality for the treatment of all dis
bases peculiar to the mouth and preser
vation of its. natural organs; the teeth.
Charges for all dental services graded
by quality and tSharacter desired, to suit
the times. For Cental substitute*, from
$15. |60. $75, $'100, $200, np to Buatt's
celebrated improved gold plats, $350 for
fall sets, recommended as healthy, and
to perform the functions of mastication
satisfactorily as to kind selected.
Without previous arrangements, cash
is invariably expected.
Moved to new office, neat the Baptist
dental surgeon, respectfully offers his
professional services to the people of
Bastrop and Surrounding country. Ail
work warranted. Office—first door south
of F. Vatighan's law office, and lately oc
ounied by Dr. McCroight
The Morehouse Änrsery,
One Mile Above Point Pieasaht,
• tt • . . >
On Bayou Barthblomew.
The undersigned is nbw ready to te
ceive orders for fruit trees for next fal
delivery. All trees guaranteed.
Wm. H. Graham
Brickmaker and Layer.
Is prepared to do all work ertrusted
to him quickly and in a Workmanlike
manner. Tombs, cisterns, Chimneys and
other work solicited. Orders left at H.
P. Vaughad's will bo promptly attended
to. aug22 -'m
w. ,w. wjisnBtnjr,
Office at A. L. Bussey's Drug |tore,
Police Jury Proceedings.
An Ordinance
Makin«- an Appropriation to pay
claims allowed by claims com
mittee of parish of Morehouse at
its January term, 1880.
Be it ordained by the Police Jary
of the parish of Morehouse at its
January meeting, 1880, That the
sum of $138 87" be and is hereby
appropriated to pay claims allowed
by the claims' oommittee of the
Police Jury at its January meeting.
Be it further ordained, etc., That
this ordinance take effect from and
after its passage.
Adopted January Gth, 1880.
W. T. Hall , President.
Geo. A. Spyker, Clerk.
An Ordinance
Making an additional appropriation
to repair the windows in Sheriff
and Clerk's offices.
Be it ordained by the police jury
of parish of Morehouse, that the
sum of four dollars, in addition to
the previous appropriation, be and
the same is htereby appropriated to
repair the Windows in Sheriff and
Clerk's offices. —
Be it further ordained tha,t this
ordinance take effect from and af
ter its passage.
Adopted Jan. 6th, 1880.
W. Tt Hall , President,
Geo. A. Spyker, Clerk.
An Ordinance
Makiiig an appropriation to repair
the bridge across the DeGallion
on tjie road leading from the
Turpin place to Little Bonne
Idete levee.
Be it ordained by the Police Jury
of the parish of Morehoiise at its
January meeting, 188t), that the
sum of seventy-five dollars be and
the same is hereby appropriated to
repair the bridge across the DeGal
lion on thè road leading from the
Turpin place to Little Bonne Idee
levee, and that Frank Turpin and
Zeff Sisson be appointed commis
Zelt ftisson ne appoinieu cuimuis
Biewers to let-©#<aM ivbrk-aftd-öM^»
their certificate that the work has
been completed according to con
tract, that the President of the Po
lice Jury be required to issue a
warrant in payment of same when
the condition of the treasury will
admit of it. •
Be it further ordained, etc., That
this ordinance" take effect froni
and after its passage.
Adopted Jan. i'G, 1880.
W. T. Hall , President,
Geo. A. Spyker, Clerk.
A h Ordinance
Appropriating tho sum of six thou
sand dollars, or so much thereof
, as may be necessary, with which
to pay and compromise, with the
creditors of thé parish holding
warrants or approved claims
against the parish, authorizing
the President of the Police Jury
to pay in comprdmise of said in
debtedness, sixty-five cents on
the dollar, and authorizing the
President of the Police Jury to
warrant on the treasury in pay
ment of the amounts, etc.
Sec. I. Be it ordained by the Po
lice Jury of the. ; parish of More
house, at its adjourned meeting
commencing Jan. the 5th, 1880,
That the„sum of six thousand dol
lars, or so much thereof as may be
necessary, be and the same is
hereby appropriated -for the pur
pose of enabling the President of
the Police Jury to compromise and
pay the creditors of the parish,
holding warrants or approved
oWraa Ojyoluat lhp poriaH- -,
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained
etc., That W. T. Hall is hereby ap
pointed agent of thè parish to com
pipmise with the creditors, but he
is hereby limited to paying sixty
five cents on the dollar of said in
Sec. 3. Be it' further ordained,
etc., That the President of the Po
licé Jury is hereby authorized to
warrant on the treasurer inpajonent
of sufh debts as he . may compro
mise^ as herein provided for.
Sec. 4. Be it further ordained,
That this ordinance take effect and
be in force from and after its pas
Adopted Jan. 6th, 1880.
W. T. HA li ;, President,
Geo. A. Spyker, Clerk.
To the Hon. President and mem
bers ot the Police Jury, parish
of Morehouse.
; i ' r men~-We, your Finance
C:.-;'.-. beg leave to report
that "V". a r v f? received, from the
Treasurer his annual report and af
ter due examination, w® ; -find the
same correct, which report we here
with present and l)cg to make the
spe part of this, our /report. It
Will be seen that there is a cash
balance in the treasury forty-eight
hundred and sixty-five and 45-100
dollars. Your committee are of
qfhiion that the current 1 -indebtéd
ne« 1879 has all been paid, indwe
recommend that the cash on hand
used in the way of coçipronus
ins and paying thy, Aföt . u«le.f>ts>£
n«s oi thg parish.^ Wewatc hot
made the usual annttal, settlement
with the tax-collector for the rea
son that he will not go out of office*
prior to April next, and a final set
tlement now would be entirely un
necessary. We have, however, ex
amined his license account and find
the same correct.
We respectfully ask that this,
our report, be received and that the
same, together with report of the
treasurer, be published, and that
we be discharged from further ser
vice at this term of your Honorable
bpdv. Jas. B. Williams,
Chairman Finance Com.
Jan. 0, 1880. ,
Annual Statement from January 27th,
1879., to January 1st, 1880.
J. T. Dalton, Treasurer, In Acc't with
the Parish of Morehouse.
1879. Drt.
Jan. 27—Tt> cash bal. as per
statement rendered $ 1,452-01
Mar. 10—To amt rects to first
quarter— 304 94
June 2—To amt rec'ts 2d qiiar. 2,509 (id
fctept I- " 3d " 1,139 47
Jan. 3d—To amt rec'ts 4th qnar
and month December.. 12,390 96
§17,797 96
1879. CR.
J4ar 10—By amt war'ts handed
finance committee 146 15
By amt disbursed as per
vouchers 1,112 71
Jyne' 4 2—By anit war'ts handed
> finance ''committee 1,558 87
By amt disbursed as per
finance coiSmftSte.
By amt disbursed as per
Jau. 3—By amt war'ts handed
finauce committee ^
By amt disbursed as per
Cash bal. duo at date... 4,865 42
, vounebers
857 70
*992 27
592 06
4,665 50
3,007 28
1880. $17,797 96
Jau 3»-To cash balance due
parish at dato. .$4,862 42
Respectfully submitted,
Parish Treasurer.
Bastrop, La. January 6th, lb80.
Office Parish Treasurer, ?
Bastrop, Louisiana, Jau. 6, 1880. )
To the Hon. the President and Members
of the Police Jury of the parish o£
Gentlemen — I herewith hand you
ststemeut of bills receivable for account
of parish, which is as follows:
Steele, lease Ouachita City Ferry
duo April 10, 1880 $10 20
Easou & Huffman, lease Lake La
fourche ferry, due Apr 10, '80.. 151 09
W. A. Higmau, lease Ward's ferry
due April 10, 1881 10 00
W. A. Higmau,lease Ward's ferry
due April 10, 1882 10 00
W. A. Higmau,lease Ward's ferry
due April 10, 1883.— 10 00
W. A. Higman, lease Ward's ferry
due April 10, 1884 10 00
Total.---- $201 20
J. T. Dalton , Parish Treas.
Office Parish Treasurer,
Bastrop, Louisiana, Jan. 6, 1880.
To tbe Hon. Chairman of the Finance
Committee, parish of Morehouse:
Dear Sir—As per your request, I have
this carefully examined the warrant
buok, for registered and re-registered
warrants, and find a balance outstand
. old warrants, as follows:
aJ t ! book lor regrtterea «jnn™ "»"•JE
" re-registered " 6377 14
Making a total of outstanding old
warrants $8163 39
Respectfully j
Parish Treasurer.
"It is so hard to be a widow,"
cried a French lady, who had
just lost her husband. "Wed
nesday is my reception day, and
generally I have a great many
calls, but yesterday was com
pelled to keep my room and
weep all the time," "Ah," was
the reply, "don't you say any
thing against widowhood. I my
self have just married a widow,
and the clothes of her first hus
band fit me like a glove."
Heller & Turner sells light thim
ble-skein wagons for $55.
Ben Butler's House.
has three elegant man
sions —one at Washington City,
oue at Bay Vie.w, $nd' one at
Lowell. His Washington home
is a great granite block, imme
diately adjoiuing the capitol
grounds. î?rom the windows
0,78 oaursôe the wooded banks of
yfle Potomac ; t<? 'IMft |>oiu
they lose themselves below Alex
andria and Mt. Yernon. East
erly the'view takes in the Ana
costa.and the green hills of Mary
land. The Bay View honöa is a
summer house on the Cape Anil
coast of Massachusetts. It is a
substantial granite house, of one
story, with a mansard roof, such
as are generally built by the
wealthy people along the coast.
Ben Butler's Lowell h< me is
called Belvidere. The house is
in a beautiful spot, on a grand
hill crowned with oak and vines.
It is in his home-life that Gen
eral Bluter is seen at hi ? best.
In conversation with bis friends,
Butler is one of the most genial
of men. II; was this hoflse that
was mostly the home of Mrs
Butler, now many years dead
Mrs. Ames, the daughter,
Blanche Butler, spends mnctr ot
her time with her father.
Ben Butler's father destined
him for West Point. His mother
wished him to enter the church
He went to college. He helped
to pay his college dues by work
ing at chair making for thirty
cents a day. He narrowly es
caped explusion on account of a
row with the faculty about relig
ions mattish '•»
Butler is a fine billiard player
He is not an early rise». He .is
a tremendous worker," and has
the faculy of sleeping at any
time and in any place, as the
little ebrporai had. He man
ages his immêase 'business by
rigid adherence to system. He
usually has two or three secre
taries about him who write short
hand.—[Chicago Tribune.
An Editors Dream.
Thö editor of the Stamford
Advocate dreamed that he was
dead, and in another world; He
approached a city before him
and knocked for admittance, but
no one anSwered his summons*
The gate remained closad against
him. Then he cried aloud for an
entrance, but the only response
was scores of heads appearing
above the wall on the other side
of the gate. At sight of him the
the heads set up a dis
mal howl and one of them cried:
"Why didn't you notice that big
egg that I gave you?" At this
horrid and most unexpected in
terrogation, the poor local turned
in the direction of the voice to
learn its owner, when another
voice shrieked: "Where's that
piece you were going to write
abotit my soda fountain?" and
close upon this was the awful de
mand: "Why did you write
about old Tomlin8on's hens, and
never speak of my new gate?"
Whatever answer he was going
to frame to this appeal was cut
short by the astonishing query,
,'Why did you spell my name
wrong ip the programme?" The
miserable man turned to
when '%e was rooted to the
ground by these terrible de- .
mands: " Why did you put ray
marri ige among the deaths?"
He was on the point of saying
the foreman did it, t?hen a shrill
voice madly cried. "You spoiled
the sale of my horse by publish
ing t£at" runaway." And an-"
othe« "If I catch iau , àltfne I
vOTTrok"'j&iftT whof you 'saïtf
about me when I was before the
police court." Another: "Why
didn't you shpw up the school
question when 1 told you to?"
And tit® was followed by the
voice of a female hysterically ex
claiming, "This iâ the brute
that botched my poetry and
made me ridiculous!" Whereup
on hundreds of voices screamed,.
"Where is mr article? Grive më
back my« article." And in the
midst of £he horrid%iri the poor
wrètch awoke perspiring at every
pore and sergé ming for help,—
N. Y. Tribune.
i •
;"It Hasn't Been Decided Yet."
'*I say 'tis Sd."
? ? I say 'tipn't.'
î?hey walked into a hotel dowd
street thus talking.
"We've made a wager," said
ohé of them to the proprietor of
the hotel,^"and w.ö .can't settle it
just now. Let qs have a couple
of bottles of wide."
"Certainly," said the boss,'
make it three."
"Willing to "wait until we de
civie the "bet ain't' yon?''
"Oh, certainly: Anything yon
want. Havp the house if j*ou
want it."
„»"Welt fix it up as äobn, as we
can decide it."
"Don't make your mini un
easy about that, 'Im satisfied."
The wine was produced and
"What is the,bet?" asked the'
landlord after the wiçe had dis
appeared^ }
"Well, Jakê here, bet that
when Trinity Church steeple fell
it would fall in Broadway and I
bet tbat it would tppple over
into the graveyard and break
sixteen or seventeen tombstones;
As soon as we find out Who wins
we'll come aronnd and pay for
the wine."
The other evening Mts. Nickle
pinch read the following néwâ
item: "A man in Dutch Flat*
Cal., picked up a stone the other
day to throw at a cow. The
weight of it attracted his atten
tion, and on examidatioa it was
found to contain more than
S1UU wortlf o! ^oid." "That's
just tbe way," said Nicklepinch;
"everything that some men tonoh
turns to gold. If I had picked
up that stone to throw at a cow
it would have been nothing more
nor less than a stone, and very
likely it would hav<> hit her be
hind thé ear and killed her a«
dead as Julius Caesar. Then I
woulä had to pay $75, or have
been sent to jail. What's thd
use of living, anyhow."
A mother, noticing her littl^
daughter wiping her mouth with
her dress-sleeve, asked her what
her handkerchief was for. Said
the little one, "It is to shake at
the ladies in the street. That is
what papa does with his."

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