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A Devoted Wife,
Occasionally we hear of uiea
bo wicked and abandoned that
they have lost faith in woman,
and uo longer believe that the
accident of Bex entitles her to
itumeuse and invariable respect.
These are the depraved wretches
who hint that woman is some
times frivolous and fickle, that
she does not, in all circumstances,
tell the truth, and that she loves
tb« bonnet which perishes with
the using, more than all the
treasures of wisdom. If there
really is any man so utterly bad
as to enteitain these views, let
him read the touching story of a
brave Sicilian wife to her unfor
tunate husband. If it does not
melt bi<sn to tears and wring from
him the confession that there is
nothing in this world so bright
anl beautiful as woman's fidelity
then he is indeed a lust and
wretched man.
About a month ago, Signor
Carlo Malenchini, a rich proprie
tor, residing in Palmero, was cap
tured by brigand». He had
gone a few miles outside the city
walls to inspect au olive grove
which he had some thoughts of
buying, and having fallen into an
ambush, was carried by his cap
tors iuto the mountains and held
for ransom.
Signo: Malenchini had been
married rather less than a year,
and his wife was not only one of
the most beautiful women of Pal
ermo, but she was, at a moderate
estimate, three times as good as
she was beautiful. She loved
her husband devotedly, and no
matter how late he might be de
tained at the office or the lodgo,
or how often he was obliged to
attend dinnors given by the New
England Society or the Evangel
ical Alliance, or other respecta
ble bodies, she always sat up for
him, and gave him a smiling wel
come. She never flirted and, in
fact, never did anything to which
the sternest critic coold take ex
ception, and public opinion unan
imously pi on ou need her a model
When this young, beautiful,
and tender creature received a
letter from the brigand chief de
manding a ransom of $10,000 for
her husband, her sufferngs may
be imagined. The brigands gave
her a week in which to raise and
forward to them the ransom, and
announced that at the end of the
week, in case of the non-arrival
of the money, they would begin
to mutilate her husband. They
promised to cut off his ears on
Monday, his nose on Tuesday,
and lips on Wednesday. On
Thursday they undertook to put
out his eyes, and on Friday to
finish the job by cutting of his
head. Most women, on receiv
ing such an atrocious letter
would have had a fit of hysterics
at once, but the Signora Malen
chini was incapable of such
weakness, and without a minute's
delay, she began to raise the sum
necessary to sacure her hus
band's safety.
The sale of all bis personal ef
fects brought only $2,000,' and it
became necessary for her to ap
peal to the charity of her friends
and the public. For more than
a week that noble woman spent
the whole day in visiting ever
man in Palermo who was sup
posed to have any ready money.
She reèearsed a thousand times
the story of her husband's good
ness and his misfortune. She
averred that she would die if any»
thing happened to him, and that
if she could not raise the neces
sary ransom, she would go her
self to the brigands and demand
to share her husband's fate. This
delicate young woman climbed
on an average, seventy-three
flights of stairs daily and pre
sented her case to a hundred and
twenty or thirty different persous
eveiy day. No book agent ever
rivaled her m the extent of her
unselfish recklessness of shoe
leather has never been surpassed.
Palermo is not a rich city, and
$8,000 seemed to the Palermitans
an enormous sum. Few men
were able to withstand the noble
wife's entreaties and tears, and
almost every one to wLioui she
appealed gave her something, if
it was only a franc. The money
however came in slowly, and
when the week of grace came to
an end, Signora Malenchini had
collected only a little over $6,000.
Promptly on Monday tught the
city express wagon brought the
ears of Signor Malenchini to his
horrrified wife's door. The mis
erable woman was almost in des
pair, but she took the ears with
her and exhibited them to the
persons on whom she called—not
of course for publication, but as
an evidence of good faith. Thus
stimulated, the charity of Pal
ermo revived, and the good wife
secured in a single day nearly
The brigands kept their bar
barious promise. Day after day
fresh samples of the unhappy
Malenchini arrived in Palermo,
and were duly delivered to the
agonized wife. Day after day
she dragged her weary limbs from
house to house, begging for
money to save at least her hus
band's life. At a late hour on
Thursday evening she obtained
the last dollar, and went to her
desolate home with the full sum
of $10,000 in her pocket.
She was, indeed too late to
save the majority of her hus
band's organs. His ears, nose,
lips and eyes were gone, but
there was yet time for the loving
wife to save bis bead aud bring
him back to her devoted arms.
But she was wise as well as lov
ing, and she made up her mind
that it was wrong to encourage
brigandage. She said to her
mother, who had shared her
anxieties in collecting the ran
som; "Is my husband in his
present state worth $10,000?
Had I cot better refuse to take
him ou the ground that he is so
extensively damaged ? With the
money now in my possession I
can get a handsome trousseau
and whole husband. Is not this
my plain duty?" Her mother
hesitatingly said that it was, and
Signora Malenchini, after notifiy
ing the btigands that on the
whole she mu t decline to accept
the remnant of husband still iu
their possession, ordered a mass
to be said for his soul, and tried
to meet her loss with resigna
Such is the powèr of love in
the heart of a true woman. What
man can read this touching story
and still sneer at woman's fidel
ity?—[N. Y. Times.
Energy will do anything that
can be done in this world; and no
talents, no circumstances, no op
portunities, will make a two-leg
ged animal a man withont it.
The "They Say So's" are the
vipers of society. Eliminate
them from an-ong us, and this
earth would have a smack of
paradise about it.
It is said that there are one
hundred different ways of cook
ing onions, but, unfortdnately,
there is only one way of smelling
Can there be any greater do
tage in the world than for one to
gaide and direct his courses by
( he sound of a bell and not his
own judgement and discretion.
frigh I ful vengeance.
A few weeks ago a respectable
old peasant farmer in ßoumelia,
sajHten by the charms of p, young
gypev girl belonging to a tribe
wild "had squatted in the neigh
borhood of his farm, induced thn
maiden to listen to his addresses,
and finally obtained her consent
to become his wife. He received
several warnings from sundry of
her gyp8y lovers, couched in
threatening tenus, but was so in
fatuated by her surprising beauty
that he disregarded these moni
tions aud married her. On his
wedding night a number of stal
wart gypsy youths broke into his
house, seized him in his brida I
bed, bound him to a plank, and
deliberately sawed him in two
having previously strangled his
young wife before his eyes. On
the same night the tribe struck
its tents and decamped, nor have
the authorities as yet succeeded
in laying hands upon the perpe
trators of the crime.
One of the most thrilling ad
ventures in the annals of mining
happened at the Zeile mine, near
Jackson, Cal , on Wednesday last,
At the morning shift, Nocolaus
Noce, an Italian, with a number
of other miners, went to work on
the 240-foot level. Noce, it
seems, was separated from his
companions. They had been at
work but a few minutes when the
premonitory symptoms of a com
ing cave, such as the creaking of
timbers aud falling of small
pieces of rock told them that it
was time to seek safer quarters.
In withdrawing they were not
forgetful of Noce, shouting to
him to get out of danger's way.
He, however, did not realize the
nature of the trouble. The cries
of the comrades conveyed the
idea that something was wrong
and he retreated toward the face
of th6 tunnel. No sooner had he
got out of the way than the crash
came. One-half of the ledge
next to the hanging v\ all came
down with a thundering sound,
crushing the heavy timbers like
match sticks, the cave involving
about thirty feet along the ledge
rearing an effectual barrier be
tween Noce and his companions
and liberty. It was not long be
fore the awful nature of his situ
ation dawned upon Noce. He
was cut off in a tunnel, a lone
prisoner in one of the recesses of
the mine, with hundreds of tons
of rock and debris choking up the
only possible outlet from bis cell.
From the cave the tunnel was
Sixty feet in length which would
afford air for a day or two. He
was well provided with candles»
having two or three with him,
and he began to contemplate the
prospect of having to subsist by
eating them. Meanwhile the es
caped miners had communicated
with Superintendent Rose, ^and
within fifteen minutes a huddrei
men were picking a tunnel to the
rescue. About 7 o'clock in the
evening an aperture was made,
and Noce crawled ouc of his
"tomb for a day."
The latest puzzle is this :
Hard ; Eggs
Boiled Man.
The triok is to get the eggs in
side the man without breaking
the shells.
The Mobile Register thinks
that without great efforts upon
the part of the Democracy,
Grant stands a good chance to
carry Alabama if he be nomi
The happiness of your life de
pends upon the quality of your
thoughts, therefore guard ac
cordingly, and take care that
you entertain no notions unsuit
able to virtue and reasonable
Bastrop, La.
Always on hand Hermetic and other j
Burial Caskets, and coffin trimming.
All kinds of Furniture manufactured
and repaired on short notice and at liv- ;
ing rates.
cnYEn X j IKTE.
Steamer WILLIE,
JiglÉl! Captain R. D. MARBLE,
Steamer D. STEUV, ,
Captain J. M. TINDELL,
j—3 ^Steamer St. Francis Bell,
Captain LEW RICE.
— Cierk.
Will make regular weekly trips ill the
Bayou during the entire season, connect
ing regularly at Trenton with the Ulani
ii'oth sidewheel Weekly Packet, FRED
A. BLANKS, 'of 6' 00 bales capacity. No
danger of any delays in you; shipment.
Rates same as other boats aud guarantee
to land freight at Pt. Pleasant THREE
DAYS from time of shipment from New
Orleans, water permitting. Freights
shipped from New Orleans Wednesday
will be landed at Point Pleasant Satur
day evening.
Steamer Willie passes Point Pleasant,
foing up, Saturday eveing; going down,
'riday morning of every week.
For further particulars inquire of
JOHN A. MEEK, Agent,
feb20 6m Point Pleasant.
Regular Bayou Barthol
omew Packet.
Will leave New Orleans every ten days
throughout the season for Lind Grove,
Plantersville, Point Pleasant, and all
way landings on Bayou Bartholomew,
the fast, fine and Al passenger steamer
[Built expressly for the trade. 1
The Steamer "Wm. Fugan" will enter
the bayou ou the first rise au«l will con
tinue her trips, throughout the season.
Thankful for the liberal patronage ex
tended to the old boat, the "Bastrop,"
the owners of the Steamer " Wm. Fagan"
would respectfully solicit for the new
boat a continuance of the same.
j. finckney smith.
Hammonds, Ga<l (lis & Co.,
General Commission Merchants,
G5 aud 67 Carondelet Street,
Will make liberal advances and sell
on consignment, cotton, sugar, molasses,
rice, tobacco, wool, grain, live stock and
country produce of all kinds. Having
favorable connections here and in the
West for the pui chase of supplies, all
orders will receive strict attention, and
the interest of patrons will be closeiy
guarded in price, packing and freight
ontract. aug8-y
S. T. W. Meek's

For portable and stationary engines
of different styles, saw aud grist mills,
cotton gins, wagons, buggies, cane and
soighum mills, evaporators, and improv
ed agricultural implements. Persons de
sirous of purchasing would do well and
receive advantages by buying through
this agency. Address,
S. T, W. MEEK,
Hamburg, Ark.,
by letter, ^ho will promptly respond in
person. , Reters to Messrs. John Bussey,
A. L Bussey, W. A. Harrington, Col. J.
Win. Brown andHoa. Jas. Bnssey.
Bread and Cake Bakery,
W. Emjbling's bread wagon delivers
fresh bread in town, Prairie Mer Ronge,
Ba^on Bartholomew, Lind Grove, and
Gam Swamp when regular orders are re
ceived., Special attention paid to the
supplying of fish frys, barl'pcuea, public
dinners,,etc. Wedding cakes made oil
the shortest notice. june28-y
The Morehouse Nursery,
The undersigned is now ready to re
ceive orders for fruit trees for next fal
delivery. All trees guaranteed.
. ■.
Charles Winkler,
Bastrop, Louisiana.
; ., " . !"( ,
Will repair guns and pistols on abort
tice. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Made by A. Curtis
What they are Represented to I»« ?
We, the undersignod, who have hud
wells made by Mr. Curtis are satisfied
they are the best wells now in use, if
bricked with good brick and mortar.
They are everlasting wells, cutting off
all seap water, and if we wanted a per
manent well would prefer this to any
other, and consider they would be
cheaper than recurbing an old well. We
have been using said wells from one to
six years and are perfectly satisfied with
ho m.
G B Marable, M. D.
J L Pratt
James Bussey
J Wm Brown
W m Lawhead
A Friedham
J Lee Petti t
BeDj Silbernagel Sr
E K W Ross
B V McDonald
Henry Schneider
J Henry Gray M D
B C Hall
H H Sanders
Wm P Douglass
W E McMeans
J Harvey Brigham
Isaac T Naff ,
D M Evans
Giles M Croxton
John R Brodnax
W T Hall
H H Naff
J S Handy
Jesepli Levy
J T Dalton
TjH Sparks
Mat Levy
W R McCreight M D
J H Jones
A L Anderson
J G Flewellen
I could get twice as mauy names
within two mile» of town. A. Ct'RTIS
To those that wish to go iuto the bus
iness, the plain facts are : I am 66 years
old and can dig and brick 30 feet in sand
in 10 hours with the assistance of two
common laborers. This is a well three
feet in diameter, requiriug 36 brick to
the foot. The price I ask is $2 per toot
which no one, knowing the cost of dig
ging, etc., and the disposition to be made
of the profits, can say is too much.
I patented the well for charity's sake
and will put them down on the follow
ing terms : 1st. Ten per cent, of the
prjfits shall be deposited with the au
thorities of the town, city or parish in
which they are made, said fund to be ap
propriated to the benefit of the poor and
helpless. 2d. The balance, 90 per ceut,
to lie deposited in any safe bank subject
to my order or my agents order. The
reason that so small a portion of
the profits are lett where they are
put down is that there is not more than
one tenth of the United States that they
can be put down iu. It is a plenty aud
will clothe the naked and feed the 'starv
ing wherever they can be used. Not one
cent shall be appropriated for education.
While I don't wish to sell territory I can
give employment tothousauds for a roy
alty. A. CURTIS.
and PBfcSERVE the EYES
—by using —
Wendell's Perfect Fitting
—for sale by—
Spectacles and to suit any eye,. Gold
rings, breast-pins, shirt-studds, brace
lets, cuff buttons, watch-gu&rds, and
everything to be found in a first-class
jewelry shop, inctuding the celebrated
Calendar Clock , price only $15. Spe
cial attention paid to repairing. All
work guaranteed.
Country orders promptly attended to.
Wedding rings made to older.
jany P. S. ROLLEIGH.
J. Jft. FJiXTOJY » Co.,
founders, machinists and
This firm carries in warehouse full
stock of Plantation Machinery. Engines,
Horse Powers, Gin Stands, Grist Mills,
Cotton Presses, Belting and Packing,
and all kinds of fittings, etc., etc. And
in addition, have every department of
their large manufacturing and repair
establishment in full operation.
Wm. H. Graham
Brickmaker and Layer.
Is prepared to do all work ertrusted
to him quickly and in a workmanlike
manner. Tombs, cisterns, chimneyB and
other work solicited- Orders left at H.
D. Vaughan's will be promptly attended
to. aug22-6m
Grapes! Grapes!
Price-33 Cents Apiece.
Apply to JOHN L. PRATT.
IWowltousc dation,
A Weekly Newspaper Published hi
bastrop, LOUISIANA,
Offers Superior Inducements as
an Adveit'siug Medium,
We arc Prepai ;d to turn out as good
Mn the Slate
tjckms of sui1scripxio-'
One year in advance 2 00
Six months j ;io
Three months 70
Reasonable Discount to Those who
Adveitise by the Year.
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