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jrtlflteiiouse Clarion.
"published e very 1r i day .
= " " "termi"of"subschiptions. }
One year, in advanw------------■-j ™
Six months — ~r
rhree months .
"advertising rates.
1 square.
■1 squares,
j column
j column.
1 column.
I ul0 I :! mos I <5 mos | 1 year.
a oo
5 00
8 50
10 00
■JO 00
40 00
§6 50
9 50
15 00
18 00
40 00
00 00
sa oo
15 00
23 00
30 00
50 00
90 00
.|lO 00
•20 00
30 00
40 00
70 00
125 00
Transient advertisements will be in
serted at the rate of 1 50 ,per square of
ten lines for the first insertion, and 75
cents for each subsequent insertion.
Fish are biting well in the Bar
Go to Heller & Turner's for
heavy tliimble-skein wagons.
Cheap goods for cash at Leo
Mayor-elect Stivers was the re
cipient of a serenade from his ad
mirers last Monday night.
Preaching at the Baptist Church
Sunday. Don't fail to attend and
bring your dogs.
Genuine Sandal slippers, for la
dies, from 12's to 2's, at
Schuster & Silbernagel's.
A beautiful display of hardware,
tinware, woodenware, and crockery
at Leopold's.
Elder A. Tomlin, who is now
here, will preach at Pine Grove
Meeting House near E. Hayden's,
on Sunday next.
The editor returns his thanks to
Messrs. Schrocder & McFarlin for
the labors they have performed for
him this week.
The Supreme Court met in Mon
roe last Monday. Only two appeal
cases whrc taken up from this par
Our parish will be completely out
of debt at the end of this year, and
money to spare—thanks to the
financial skill and good manage
ment of our Police Jury.
For Sale .—Col. Brown has on
hand a few choice Berkshire pigs,
w/iich he is offering at reasonable
figures. Call and see them.
Ladies Fancy Goods, Lace Col
lars, Bibs, Fichus, Ties, the great
est variety, at less than ever sold
before, at
tf: Schuster & Silbernagel's.
Frpm every section of the parish
tome flattering reports concerning
the crops of both corn and cotton.
Should no unforçeen mishap befall
our farmers, a full harvest this fall
will be the result.
The Police Jury met in regular
session last Monday, and, after
transacting a considerable amount
of business, adjourned sine die
Tuesday evening. Proceedings will
appear in our next week's issue.
Prof. Cathcart, who has beeij
teaching for the past eight months
at the college, closed his school and
returned to Arkansas last week.
We regret to lose the Professor.
He was a nice gentleman.
The financial condition of Bas
trop is excellent. Taxes are light
and plenty money on hand to pay
running expenses. Our people fully
appreciate the wise efforts of the
present town administration, as in
stanced by their recent re-election.
Nice clear rice and sugar at 10
cents per pound.
Genuine Cordova coffee,
Fine assortment of nuts, candies,
sardines, canned goods, pickles,
etc., at Leopold's..
Mr. Conner, the contractor, has
commenced laying the foundation
for one of Mr. M. Levy's new brick
'tores. The sound of the hammer
md trowel is once more heard in
ftir town. Let the good work go
teavely on. When we get our rail
road, Bastrop will, in a few years,
grow to be a handsome little city.
A »
a tri-weekly mail route leading
from this place to Oak Ridge, via
frame MerRouge, and a Post Office
W the latter place, ought to be es
tablished. If the citizens of Bas
Jfc Prairie MerRouge and Oak
®%e will make proper efforts,
King will put the measure
On the morning of the 9th inst.,
little MARY, daughter of A. C.
and Muggie McMeans, aged 13
months and 9 days.
We deeply sympathize with Mr.
and Mrs. McMeans in this their
hour of deep affliction. The blight
ing hand of death has taken from
them their little pet and cast his
gloomy mantle over one of earth's
sweetest and brightest flowers.
Their innocent bud, just unfolding
in superior loveliness, has been
transferred to a more congenia 1
clime—to that bright land "where
sorrow never enters and flowers
never fade."
" Oh white - robed angels , ye came una -
wares ,
And wafted our darling away ;
Bu t over the river , beyond the bright
She basks in the sunshine to - day .
" Oh soft little hands , like the pearly
rose leaf ,
Lie on her innocent breast .
And sweet baby fingers are holding
pure flowers —
For ever and ever at rest ." s.
Mr. Isaac A. Ross died in this
town last Saturday night, at the
residence of his uncle, Maj. E. K.
W. Ross, aged 46 years. Mr. Ross
was an intense sufferer for several
months prior to his death, but bore
his sufferings with Christian forti
tude and resignation. In the death
of this truly good man the commu
nity has sustained a severe loss.
He was extremely popular among
all classes of people, and deservedly
so, for he had a big, kind heart,
that beat sympathetic to every call
of distress. Peace to his ashes.
We learn from Mr. J. C. Weaks,
Census Enumerator for the Fourth
Ward, that there are over 800 in
habitants within the corporate limits
of Bastrop. The limits of the
town, should, we think, be ex
tended so as to take in the thickly
settled localities immediately out
side of the corporation. This
would swell the census list of Bas
trop to something over one thou
I Have for Sale at a Bargain
2 young mules, over 15 hands high.
6 open and 6 top Buggies.
2 two-horse double-seat buggies.
1 one-horse wagon and 5 two-horse
wagons under New Orleans prices.
J. S. Handy.
The election last Monday for
municipal officers passed off quietly.
The following gentlemen were
elected : S. H. Stivers, Mayor;
and Messrs. J. S. Handy, J. T.
Dalton, Jas. Campbell, W. R. Mc
Creight, and H. D. Vaughan,
Councilmen — all present incum
bents except Mr. Vaughan, who
succeeds Mr. J. S. Heller. The
latter declined to accept a re-elec
A Handsome Present
For Boys. Much safer and far
more convenient. Shoots four times
as fast as a muzzle-loader—brings
down many more squirrels. All
parents should buy one for their
boys. We mean Handy's breech
loaders. He has them from $12 50
to $60.
Mr. McKee, the vigilant pastor
of the Methodist Church in this
place, has a singing class which
meëts at his church on Wednesday
evenings and makes very delightful
music. The pastor teaches his class
fiee of charge, and there is no rea
son why everybody in Bastrop
should not become a melodious
Judge Norwood, who is now lo
cated in West Carroll parish and is
a leading member of the Floyd Bar,
is on a visit to Bastrop. We were
glad to hear, through Judge Nor
wood, of the successful law-prac
tice of our old friend, T. J. Polk.
Messrs. Macy & Jones have fitted
up a Singer Sewing Machine Depot
in the Parsons office, and are pre
pared to furnish machines to the
citizens of Bastrop and Morehouse
parish Call and see them.
The Rev. B. F. Alexander preach
ed an excellent sermon in the Meth
odist Church last Sunday night.
We did not hear the Presiding El
der, but learn that his sermon made
quite an impression upon those who
Last Sunday evening Mr. Levi
Rogers, who lived in Gum Swamp,
after having been absent from home
all day, returned, unsaddled his
horse, and, as he was in the net of
stepping upon his gallery, he re
ceived in Iiis throat and breast a
huge load of buckshot from the
gun of some unknown fiend. It is
thought from the charge of lead
found in his body that he died in
stantly. No clue to the perpetrator
of this cowardly and atrocious
crime could be elicited by the jury
of inquest. We are sorry that such
hell-hounds live in our parish, and
we hope that in this case the old
adage that "murder will out," may
be fully exemplified.
Mr. Rogers has many friends
who deplore his tragic fate, and
who are anxious to see justice
meted out to the sneaking scoun
drel who shot him down.
Can't Be Undersold.
I am selling for cash, with full
set attachments, Sewing Machines
as follows :
New American, 2 drawers and
drop leaf $35 ; agent's price $40 to
New Wilson, 2 drawers and drop
leaf $30 ; agent's price $40 to $50.
Singer, 2 drawers and drop leaf
$27.50; agent's price $40 to 650.
Have a real beauty in Wilson's
3 drawer No. 5. Come and see it.
Wilson, American and Singer
needles always on hand.
J. S. Handy.
Mr. R. H. Jones, Jr., placed on
our table on the 8th the first cotton
bloom of the season. This speaks
well for the first year of Bob's man
agement of his father's plantation.
He speaks boastingly of his corn
crop, and promises plenty of cotton
blooms by „the last of this week.
Bob is a good friend of ours, and
we sincerely congratulate him upon
his successful farming.
We are in receipt of a letter from
Capt. T. C. Butler, of the steamer
Ollie B., denying that any such
man as that found dead in the
bayou near Mr. Ward's, some weeks
ago, was ever in any way connected
with his boat. We are glad to make
the statement ; and at the same
time, we can assure Capt. Butler
that no one dreamed of thinking
that he was responsible for the
man's misfortune.
New Goods ! Low Prices!
At the Cheap Cash Store of
s. wolff & bro.
We' are prepared to supply the
wants of the people of Morehouse
with anything usually kept in b
country store, and solicit a liberal
share of our friends' patronage.
Successors to Wolff & Silbernagel.
We had the pleasure of hand
shaking this week with the 5th
Ward's popular member of the Po
lice Jury, Mr. J. M. Sharp. He
was the first to tell us of the fine
crops in his ward, the citizens of
which are justly deserving of pros
perity and plenty ; for no better
and more kospitable people live
upon the face of the earth.
Our genial friend, Dr. J. H. Mc
Cormick, of Monroe, paid Bastrop
a visit this week, and remembered
the Clarion to the tune of $2 for
another year's subscription. The
Doctor has quit physic and farming
and is now associated with the pop
ular house of Sholars & Key. Ile
will be pleased to see any of his old
Morehouse friends, when visiting
The editor returns a thousand
thanks to Mr. w. J. Haynie, his
wife, and many others, for kind
acts rendered during the week. We
shall ever remember such deeds as
an oasis in our life's pathway.
"For Ladies Only."
Just received—another supply of
pretty underwear, ready-made cali
co wrappers, dresses and ulsters at
tf. Schuster & Silbernagel's.
I will keep constantly on hand,
until new crop comes in, fresh corn
meal, made of Morehohse corn, to
be received regularly every Satur
day. [jll-4t.] j. T. DALTON.
Remember, that Leopold has fa
cilities, unsurpassed by any house
in North Louisiana, for selling
cheap goods.
Hoe handles each -•'> cents.
Clivices each 25 cents.
Lap rings 10 cents.
Very best Sweeps ?. r > 50.
Sweep blades 75 cents.
Plow points 25 to 35 cents.
Boys' iron axle wagons, with ca
pacity 100 to 20Q lbs. $5 to $7 50.
Nice buggy for the baby $10.
First class single-barrel breech
loading shot gun $15—guaranteed.
A good no-top buggy. $77 50.
A good top buggy 8100 ; cheaper
kind $85.
All of the above, and whatever
else you need, can be found at
HANDY'S, without going any
further, and at prices that compete
with many larges places than Bas
trop. Call on him and he will
prove it to you.
The Executive Committee of the
Fifth Congressional District assem
bled on Monday, and fixed Monroe
as the place, and August 11th as
the time for holding the Congress
ional Convention. The basis of
representation will be one delegate
for every 100 and fraction over 50
of the vove for Gov. Wiltz.—[Mon
roe Bulletin.
Messrs. J. E. McGowen, R. W.
Whetstone, Willie Moore, Mat
Grayson, J. P. Daily and Mr.
Boozman, of the 5th Ward, were in
town this week. Mr. Daily says
that he has never had a better crop
of both cotton and corn in his life.
He also informs us that the burning
of his gin house recently was the
work of an incendiary.
Our energetic townsman, Mr. J.
D. Howell, will subscribe $1000 to
the Monroe & Bastrop Railroad
whenever Canvasser Washbrn-n calls
on him. Mr. II. is a wide-a-wake
and active citizen.
Mr. A. R. Macey lias just re
ceived another lot of 25 of the gen
uine Singer machines. Mr. Macey
is an active and tireless worker for
the Company lie represents.
A doting mother labeled her
preserves, "Pat up by Mrf. D."
Her son ate them, aud wrote on
the labels, "Put down by Johnoy
Mrs. Flournoy, nee Miss Ophy
Stivers, formerly of Bastrop but
now of Avoyelles parish, is visiting
her brother, Dr. S. II. Stivers, this
If you want groceries at New
Orleans prices with freight added,
go around to Leopold's.
500 bushels corn, 300 oats, 200
barrels flour, at Leopold's, cheap
for cash.
Established in 1852.
falls into the line of battle
F o rtified and armed with a huge stock
of Spring and Summer
dry goods.
Enough for everybody , all to be sold
just above cost .
He means business in the strictest sense
af the word . No humbug . Trial solic -
ited .
John Chaffe & Sons,
Ootton Factors,
and general
Commission merchants,
John R. Rudisill,
MONROE, Louisiana.
[Near the railroad.]
Dealer in staple groceries , and ev -
etythiiig usually kept in a first - class
grocery store .
Having just received a large and va*
ried assortment of Millinery Goods , such
as straw hats , laces , ribbons , artificial
flowers, and everything belonging to the
millinery business , i am prepared to ac -
commodate the ladies , who are request -
ed to call aud examine my goods .
Store — In the room adjoining Mrs .
Collins '. m'me m. a. winfrey.
Miss carrie white,
In connection with dress - making , cut -
t ing and fittir g , stamping , plaiting , etc .,
lias added a nice line of millinery and
>' <- v gonds , hats and bonnets , of the
cities, tor spring and summer .
Old hats made new .
Se" • in^Machine Depot,
(Bet a een Bourbon aud Dauphine Sts.)
Oidenl Stuing JlSuchine Mouse
in the South.
This cut represents tliu NEW IM
PROVED SINGER, with Loose Balance
Wheel—Price $30.00.
New __
Singer 25 to |35; The Light Kunning Domestic 30 to $15; New iWne ~25 to~$35~
White 25 to $33. Every machine furnished with a complete sot of attachments
without extra charge. Needles for the Singer Machine 25c. {.er dozen; all other
kinds 35c. All kinds of machines repaired at low prices. When tho meuey is re
ceived with order we will deliver tiie machine to tho nearest railroad depot or
steamboat landing, freight paid; or we will sendjit C. O. D., and pay freight if
§5.01) is sent with order.
Should one of our improved Singer Machines at any time prove defective, or iu
any way unsatisfactory, it may bo returned to us for exchange, at our expense
both ways, or we will refund the money paid for same and all freight ciiarups.
Send for Price list and Circulars. CASH AGENTSW ANTED. Address,
[Late PECK BROTHERS] 153 Canal s 'treet, New Orleans, La.
Eclipse Livery and Sale Stable,
O trj
B 02
H— I
BONTA NO. 1 at tho Head of my heard aud niy 'sor/s, LADYIPHILPOT and
M OREHOUSE BEAUTY, received first sweeps tak prize at Monticelio , Ark . All
from imported and registered stock.
Fouitür Stoch\for Sale at'iReasonable Rates.
Blacksmith and Wheelwright Shop.
The citizens of Morehouse are hereby notified that we have permauentlyestab -
lished at the PHELHPS OLD SHOPS a first class blacksmith and wheelwright
shop, where the best of mechanics are employed , hence we have no hesitation i n
assuring all that the orders left with us, for either manufacturing or repairing ,
will receive prompt attention, and wiil also be executed In the best of style and
fully guaranteed. Come and see our stock of wagons and buggies at lowest
RATES. We want a trial with a view of showing what can be done in Bastrop
Prices £» suit the times. heller & turner'
¥@1® TOW» & riklliS.
established iust 1874 ■

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