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NO 45.
^Howltouse Clarion.
One year, in advance.. $2 00
gix months " ............ • 1 00
Three months " ......... 75
Space. I 1 mo I 3 mos | 6 mos \ 1 year.
1 gqnare.
t squares.
4 squares.
4 column
I column.
1 column.
5 00
8 50
10 00
20 00
40 00
$6 50
9 50
18 00
40 Off
60 00
$9 00
15 00
23 00
30 00
50 00
90 00
}10 00
20 00
30 00
40 00
70 00
125 00
Transient advertisements "will be in
serted at the rate of 1 50 per square of
ten lines for the first insertion, and 7o
cents for each subséquent insertion.
Frank Vaughan,
attorney at law,
Bastrop, Louisiana.
Will practice in the Courts of More
house and West Carroll. Special atten
tion to .the collection of claims by suit
before the Magistrate's Courts.
attorney at law,
Will (practice in State and Federal
Courts. aprilll-y
sjMisojr JLEWW ;
attorney at law,
Bastrop, Louisiana.
Office— South-east corner iof Publiç
Will practice in the conrts of the
14th Judicial District composed of
the parishes of Morehouse, Ouachita and
Richland, and in the Supreme Court at
Monroe. julyl9-y
HSussey Sf JTatT,
Bastrop, Louisiana.
Will practice in the courts ot the 8ixth
Judicial District, composed of the parishes
of Morehouse and West Carroll, and
n the Suprome Court at Monroe; also in
the Federal Courte.
Office—East side ot public squaro;
jVewton if Hall,
attorneys at law,
Bastrop, Louisiana.
Wili practice in the courts of the 6th
Judioi«' District, composed of the par
ishes of Morehouse, and West Carroll
and also in the parishes of Richland,
Ouschita, Union, Franklin, Catahoula,
aoi Jackson, and in tho Supreme Court
5f Monroe, Louisiana.
DR. F. €. GRAY)
Offers his professional sei vices to the
eoplo of Bastrop and vicinity. (Can be
found at his residence, or at the drug store
of Dr. A. L. Bussey, when not profes
onally engaged. feb9-y
Geo. B. Jtlarable, Jft. D
I hereby tender my professional services
to the people of Bastrop and Morehouse
parish. When not professionally engaged,
can be found at my residenco one milo
eas oitown at night, and at the Drug
Store of Dr. A. L. Bussey during the day
8. P. BTJA.TT,
Offers tö the publio his professional
experience of thirty years in the above
speciality for the treatment of all dis
cases peculiar to the mouth and preser
vation of its natural organs, the teeth.
Charges for all dental services graded
by quality and character desired, to suit
the times. For dental substitutes, from
$15, $60. $75, $100, $200, up to Buatt's
celebrated improved gold plate, $350 for
full sets, recommended as healthy, and
to perform the functions of mastication
satisfactorily as to kind selected.
Without previous arrangements, cash
is invariably expected.
Moved to new office, near the Baptist
Gold fillings from $2 to $5; silver fill
ings from $1 to S3; full upper and lower
set artificial teeth $40. Extracting teeth
ttj tpeoiality. Having had my office
newly fitted up, I wfll take pleasure in
serving all persons wishing work in my
The storehouses now occupied by T.
Oi Leavel & Co. Possession given the
; 1st Of October. D. M. EVANS,
Sept. 3. F.T TAYLO*
Hero from the brow of the hill I look,
Through a lattice of boughs and leaves,
On the old gray mill With its grambrel
And the moss on its»rotting eaves
I hear the clatter that jars its walls,
And the rushing water's sound,
And I see the black floats rise and fall
As the wheel goes slowly round.
I rode there often when 1 was young,
With my grist ou the horse before,
And talked with Nellie, ïhe Miller's girl,
As 1 waited my turn at the door.
And while she tossed her ringlet« brown,
And flirted and chatted so free,
The wheel might stop, or the w£eel
might go,
It was all the same to me.
Tis twenty years since last I stood
On the spot where I stand to-day,
And Nellie is wed, and the miller is dead,
'And the mill and I are gray
But both, till we fall into ruin and wreck
To our fortunes of toil are bound;
And the man goes and the stream flows.
And the wheel moves slowly round.
1 Out of twenty-six.. Governors
of Mississippi twenty-two have
been lawyers.
Moody and Sankey singing
books have made their àppear
anoe in the interior of Africa.
A Massachusetts man severely
whipped his wife and. and then
to tantalize her, wrote over the
door, "Our Happy Home."
A son of Oakea Ames, who
bears his father's bànie, istalked
of for a nomination to Congress
in Massachusetts*' • • 1 • •'
Over three milliöh persons
have taken advantage of the free
bath in New York City during
the last summer. .« J'»
The Mormoné are holding a
camp meéting near' Council
Bluffs, Iowa, whioh is attended
by great orowds of people.
Mon tgoméry Blair "has a great
many cows and sMls a great
deal of milki Be says he' is the
great milkman of the neighbor
hood. ' 11 !
• ' j.îlr ■ ' .. ci
The bloody shirt didn't take
well in Maine* Your little stock
in trade is no good, Messrs. Rad
icals. You ! may as" .well put
away the garment.
Thé first male child born in
Loudon county, Virginia, since
Gen. Hancock's nomination is
named Winfield Scott Hanoock
Talliferro." Thischild's parents
are colored, , '
He rested* his hot brow upon
his hand and -sighed: "Three
months ago she* towed that she
would never,? nèver t marry me,
and now she; is suing me i: for
breach of promise/' 1 !
rj• i.'ff !H.,» j.ifi jtinl
A bashful printer declined to
work where femile compositors
were employed, sayihg that hë
had never been, accustomed to
setting up with t|ie girls.
The Radioai 'party has kind
words and a 17,500 office for
Longstreet, and nothing but un
stinted abuse for the General
who defeated him in the most!
important battle of thé war.
Such is true loyalty'.—[Washing-,
ton Post, j, oj -,
The San Fràhcisco custom
house officers have a dog who
acts as a detective on, ,the, : ar
rival of Chinese vessels and dis
covers bundles containing smug
gled goods.
turned a number .ot s ibo^k®« the
covers of which were hollow and
contained opium', , A 'T ~
When a Denver editor wants
to benefit a friend who runs a
hoo* saloon he goes and writ*»
an article advising people §to
keep out of that saloon, »as,it is
the vilest place in town. And
then people think tney^. know
where to find jast the place they
want to frequent.
More than half the horses in
Boston and suburbs are suffering
to a greater or less degree from
a [distemper resembling a mild
.form of the epizootic of 1872. In
the opinion of veterinary sur
geons, there will scarcely be an
animal in the city nnaffeoted.
But there appears to be no
cause for alarm, for only a small
portion of the animals attaoked
are rendered incapable of work.
Franoe has annexed "The So
ciety Islands" in the South Pa
cific Ocean. These islands are
thirteen in number, contain about
580 square miles, and a popula
tion of loss than 25,000. These
islands are mountainous, but all
have fertile valleys skirting the
shores. The natives are of the
Malay race, and have long been
mainly under French role. They
are said to be industrious and
hospitable, but very sensual.
Missionaries sought out these
islands nearly one hundred years
ago, and have made considerable
progress in changing the belief
of the inhabitants from pagan
ism. A quarrel arose between
Protestant and Catholio minis
ters long since, and the Protes
tant ministers most left the
islands to the Oatholioo, who
were favored at the time by
Louis Phillipe, the French mon
What down at the bottom dis
courages the Republicans the
Republicans the most Is their
candidate. In the West they
believe him to be dishonest, and
that he obtained his nomination
by treachery; weighted with such
a man they feel that they are
fighting against fearful odd»
They are tired of defending this
i&an whom they despise at heart.
They know they must do more
than hold their own in order to
win, and holding their own is
only accomplished with the se
verest of struggles. The Repub
licans talk bravely, but the same
men who are saying that Maine
cannot affeot Indiana were two
or three days ago asserting that
they would carry Maine by ten
or fifteen thousand majority.—
■ j '' 111 ' *
A dispatch from Natchez,
Miss., under date of September
22d says a heavy cave pf the
river bank below the Gulch Ma
rengo levee of over half an acre
occurred Saturday night and has
continued at intervals. The
publio road has been swept away
for some distanoe. There is but
a narrow strip now left between
the river and Lake Oonaordia.
Both friends and opponents of
thé speoial levee tax—whioh
election will be held to-morrow
in Concordia parish—are hard
at work. Strenuous efforts are
being made to defeat the tax,
and defeat means overflow next
year» '
The Galveston News has the
following speoial from Uvalde,
Texas, under date of Sept. 22d:
The most damaging flood
known in this section occurred
on thé 17th and 18th. The Sab
inet and Maros rivers overflowed
their banks, doing severe damage
to crops and sweeping away
fences houses and stock.
"I don't want to make any
trouble, but there ia one man in
this city who ought to be gib
beted I" began a blunt spoken
woman of forty-five as she stood
before the officials of the police
When they inquired the par
ticulars she handed out a letter
and said ;
"Observe the envelope. That
letter is addressed to me. You
will see that writer calls me bis
jessamine, and he wants me to
set an early day for the wedding!"
When the Captain had finish
ed the letter, she waa ready with
another, adding:
"And this is addiessed to my
daughter Lucretia. You will
see that he calls her his rosy
angel, and he says he can't live
if she doesn't marry him. It's
the same man."
So it was, and his letter was
as tender as a spring chicken.
That finished, she handed out a
third, with the remark :
"This is direoted to my daugh
ter Helen. It's the very same
man, and in it he calls her his
pansy, and says he dreams of
"Why, he seemed to love the
whole family," remarked the
VThat's just it. I'm a widow
with two daughters, and he was
courting us all at once and en
gaged to three of us at the Bame
time. Oh, what wretches there
are in this world !"
l4 Yes, indeed. It's lucky you
found him out."
'Yes, it is. If I hadn't he
might have married the whole
caboodle of us. If Lucretia
hadn't opened one of my letters
and if I hadn't searched the
girls' pockets while they were
asleep, we-'d have thought him
an innocent lamb."
"And do you want him ar
rested ?"
"No, I guess not, but 1 want
this matter to go into the papers
as a warning to other women.
Just, think of his sitting up with
me Sunday night, Lucretia on
Wednesday night, and Helen on
Friday night, and calling each
one us of his climbing rose ! Oh,
Sir, the women ought to know
what a deceiving animal man is!"
"Yes, he's pretty tough."
! "It has learned me a lesson,"
she said as she was ready to go.
rr The next man that comes spark
ing around my house has got to
come right out and say whioh
he's after. If it's the girls I
won't say nothing, and if it's me
it won't do 'em a bit of good to
slam things around and twit me
of burying two husbands !"
Dr. Bemis, of the National
Board of Health at New Orleans,
telegraped the Secretary of that
Board that the commission re
cently appointe^ to investigate
the character oi a disease now
prevailing on the lower Missis
sippi, declares it to be malarial
and not yellow feyer, as has
been reported.
It has also been reported that
a number of cases of yellow fever
existed at Key West. Florida.
The National Board of Health
is informed, however, that the
disease is dengue fever.
Pride is like the beautiful ac
caoïa that lifts its head proudly
above its neighboring plants, for
getting that it, too like them, has
The St. Louis Globe-Demo
crat, (Republican) has this to say
regarding the result in Maine.
The result of the Maine elec
tion is now known with sufficient
accuracy to enable us to draw
our conclusions, and it would be
very foolish to attempt to dis
guise its meaning or diminish the
importance of Baserions a defeat.
It is really the greatest disaster
which has happened to the Re
publican party in twenty years,
and it cannot be disposed of by
affeoting to disregard it, or by
any of those cheap consolations
with which party managers are
wont to console themselves on
such occasions. We are at a
loss to understand what the New
York Tribune means, for in
tance, by calling it "a drawn bat
tle," or bv claiming that Maine
is a state which has had no share
in the recent revival of prosper
ity. If this is the case, why was
it not made known before the
election, why was the issue dis
tinctly made on the very point
that the country's prosperity
was the Republican party's plat
form? Maine was 'selected ot
acoepted as a battle-ground, and
the 5,000,000 Republican voters
of this country were told that the
election was a test of the feeling
of the whole country, and that
the chief reliance of the Republi
can party was the general pros
perity whicn its management had
done bo much to bring about.
After this, to turn around and
declare that the election ia not a
test; that the result means noth
ing; that there is no connection
between the politics of Maine
and the prosperity of tho country
s to insuit the intelligence of
every one who reads such com
* « • • •
If we try to dodge unpleasant
facts because they are unpleas
ant in September, we will be very
certain to have a muoh more un
pleasant fact to dodge in Octo
ber, and a faot so omnipresent in
November that wo can not dodge
it by any prossibility of evasion
or cowardice.
The lessen the event should
teach us is, that it never does
any good to deceive ourselves by
underentimating the strength of
the enemy; and the next plain
and homely truth it should en
force is, that we lost the eleotion
because we did not have voteB
Warning to Cotton Flauten.
We oannot too strongly im
press upon the farmers of this
and neighboring oonnties the ne
cessity of using great care in se
lecting and preserving cotton
seed for next season. The great
bulk of the seed of cotton that
was open or about to open dur
ing the recent rains, is utterly
worthless for planting purposes
and almost all of the old seed
has been sold or oonsumed ;
hence if early and close attention
is not given to the matter we
shall have a cotton seed famine
in this region next year. Do
not trust the selection of seed
for planting to others, but attend
to the matter yourself.—[Aber
deen Examiner.
Sambo settles the political
question: "De Lawd made each
one fur a spesbul purpose, an'
de chap who was created to use
a plow will git busted every time
he believe dat he was cut out fur
" 4 «^ampn n
It is of the least possible con
sequence to Gen. Garfield how
much money the Fosionists spent
if he doesn't have to pay it, or
whether Plaisted or Davis is to
be Governor for two years, or
what the exact majority may be
for either ; but it is of very great
moment to Gen, Garfield to know
whether he is to be the only Re
publican candide ta for the ; Pres
idency, since the organization of
the party a quarter of a century
ago, against whom the electoral
vote of Maine will be cast. Con
necticut is the only New En
gland Slate that has ever falter
ed in a national contest, and that
waB when Maine gave 16,000 to
Hayes; and it may occur to Gen.
Garfield that, if Maine is lost,
Connecticut is also lost, and that
New Hampshire won't stand in
the Republican line with Maine
and Connecticut sweeping by
and danoing the Democratic
racket.—[Philadelphia Times.
Faith is a light whioh shines
only upon duties, and not upon
results or events, It tells us
what is now to be done, but it
does not tell us what is to follow;
and accordingly it guides us but
a single step at a time. And
when we take that step under
the guidance of faith, we advance
into a land of shadows and dark
ness. Like the patriarch Abra
ham, we go, not knowing whither
we go, but only that God is with
us—a way of living which may
well be styled blessed and glo
rious, however mysterious it may
be to human vision. Indeed, it
is the only life worth possessing,
the only true life. < l0 ;
Corn-Meal Pudding.—Five table
spoonfuls of corn-meal, one quart
of milk, five eggs, two table-spoon
fuls of sugar (or to the taste) ;
boil one point of milk and stir in
the meal until thick, then pour in
the remainder of the milk, eggs
(well beaten) and the sugar, adding
raisins or currants, if liked. Bake
until a good brown, and eat with
cream, or a hard sauce of butter
and sugar.
Why is it that whiskey straight
will make a man walk crooked ?
[Boston Post. Why is it? Why
it is because you drink it. Did
you ever think of that? You
leave the whiskey in the jug, and
it will not make you walk
The man who never stumbles
knowB nothing of the. world of
sorrow beneath him, the wealth
of sympathy around and the
heaven of forgiving love over his
head.—[W. T. Clarke.
Mrs. Hazzard, of Montioello,
Ills., gave birth to five babies on
Saturday. They ate all alive,—
[Chicago «Telegram.
Gabriel Derrick, a well-known
German Republican of Cincin
nati, now President of the Board
of Aldeimen, is out for Hanoock.
Apples are so cheap in Ohio
that it doesen't pay the wind to
blow 'em down.
There is nothing»that so re
fines the face and mind as tho
presence of good thoughts.
I Hare for Sale at a Bargain
2 young mules, over 15 hands high.
6 open and 6 top buggiea.
2 two-horse double-seat buggies.
1 one-horse wagon and 5 two-horse
wagons under New Orleans prices.
J. S. H andï.

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