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One y«r, in advance -
; mollis •
[bree nonths "
1 sqi'»"
S quart9
4 square.
4 columi
^ columi
j colauu.
1 mo i 3 mos | G mos | 1 year.
S3 00
5 00
8 50
10 00
20 00
40 00
«8 50
9 50
15 00
18 00
40 00
t>0 00
$<j 0 i
15 00
23 00
30 00
50 00
90 00
$10 00
•20 CO
30 00
40 00
70 00
125 00
Traust" t. advertisements will be m
«ctted a." the rate of 1 50 per square of
•en linei for the first insertion, and 75
ient-s lo! each subsequent insertion.
Jackfrost and thick coats.
All shades of Alexander kid
gloves it Wolff & Silbernagel's.
Damp feet and pneumonia.
The wet weather drowned out
the Methodist protracted meeting.
"Skeeters" are in a dyiug con
ditiota. No mourning, either.
Buy your silks and satins at
Wolff & Silbernagel's.
The Clarion is again indebted to
5fr. G. H- Wimberley for Little
Bock pipers.
Little girls dresses ready made
and nicely trimmed for little monej r
at Oehlber & Goldman's.
A bâïgain in Sewing Machines at
Handys. S 10 to the manchine can
l, e saved by buying of him.
Finest stock of ladies custom
made shoes at
Oehlber & Goldman's.
The ladies should avail them
selves of the bargains offered in
dress goods, shoes, hats, gloves,
&e., &c., at Sam Silbernagel's.
The railroad fever was raging in
town this week. We haven't the
exact number of cases, however.
* The grocery department of Sam
Silbernagel's "store is full of fresh,
choice and cheap goods.
The largest stock of dry goods
in Bastrop at
Oehlber & Goldman's.
Money saved is money
Buy some seed Barley
Handy and plant foo
ter use, and sare you
Beat brands flou i
Hams, Bacon, Lard,^15ligar
Coffee, cheap for cash , at
McMbans Bros.
A splendid assortment of boys'
clothing; men's suits of every color
and size, at Sam Silbernagel's.
Latest styles of ladies and chil
drens hats at
Oehlber & Goldman's.
I bave a couple of wagons left
which I will sell on most reasonable
terms. J. S. Handy.
Satins and silks to match any
color of dress goods at
Oehlber & Goldman's.
Mr. Bolton has our thanks for
Little Rock and Hot Springs pa
pers. He is in Union parish this
week, but will be at his gallery
Monday morning.
The best selected stock of all
kind goods at
Oehlber & Goldman's.
The stove business is still going
on at Handy's. Old style Charter
Oak $27. 50. Another good make
for $20. Call, consider and
Sheriff Dougl
from the city, W<
He vas in the Tax
tion while in New'Orleans, but
thinks that very little was accom
plished by that body.
We are receiving onr fall and
winter dry goods, and respectfully
ask an examination of the same at
the hands of our customers and
the pnblic generally. Our goods
have been marded low down.
Mrs. Mollie I>. Turpin is at home
a g8in after quite a lengthy visit to
relatives in Mississippi. Miss Mil
ledge Golphin has gone to Vienna
a Visit.
s. Oehlber & Goldman have
hand some beautiful clothing
«Ü! men ' youths boys, which
®ey are offering at extremely low
We are sorry to hear of the se
illness of thq wife of Mr. Ben
Hawes, of the third ward. She is
®hicken with swamp fever and very
hopes are entertained of her
l *»overy.
Last Sunday was one of those
wet days that remind us of the
of Noah.
dawu MÜ1 high
rain fell, and
ditcu, ana
pressed into
Jr vom
waters could uot.gef
as they f.;ii. 7i m as a
rain—it v as à •
was a rain Ihit picked
the peep of
torrents of
sewer. and
town were
-il 1! ie
...j a> fast
r. ra il. It
tiful ùust au 1 converted it into |
great gobs of mud. It was a r n
that beat the uu: I mo ••.
the earth and liileù i.i Jyes and
nose and month full of slop, ana
slime, and filth, and left him to
bewail the calamity that befell him
"forever and forever." If one
half the water that fell in Bastrop
last Sunday had been sprinkled
over this parish last July, there
would not be such an army of woe
begone merchants and planters in
Morehouse now. But the water
didn't fall then and we do not pro
pose to dwell now on what might
have been. We take rain now
whenever it comes, provided there's
no shelter near by. That's what
we do !
No trouble to show goods at
Oehlber & Goldman's.
Provisions of all kinds are de
clining in prices. Cotton bounded
up a quarter of a cent or more this
week. It is the opinion of retail
dealers now that the late high
prices of provisions were forced by
Chicago "corner" men, who pur
chased and locked up all of the
graiu and meat they could obtain
and then sprang the prices. As
soon as they unlocked their im
mense depots prices fell to their
natural values, which are always
graded according to the laws of
supply and deman.l. It may be
that our provision bills will not be
so great for the next ten months as
we feared, and the scuffle for an
other year's subsistence maj' not be
euch a bug-beai as we had a right
to expect a few days ago. We
earnestly hope not.
Latest st3 T les of dress gg
n very sick
nox is also con
er room with that painful
lease. Mr. Leon Sugar is slowly
recovering from his protracted at
tack of pneumonia. People should
be very cautious now with
their health. They have passed
through a remarkable summer, both
in its duration and its intense heat,
and there has been very little sick
ness. The change bas come and
people's systems are enervated,
They are not prepared to make a
vigorous contest with disease.
Therefore shun exposure and save
your health.
Clothing ! Clothing !
Messrs. Oehlber & Goldman have
just received a complete assortment
of fall and winter clothing. Every
body can be suited, both in quality
and price. Call and examine their
The surveyors of the contempla
ted railroad were in town Tuesday
night, and passed on Wednesday
morning. The line of their survey
runs parallel with the public square
about 25^^^ÉHÉ&t of the Court
e by no means
n of the road,
are now south
the direction of
oe. If a railroad is ever built
or through Bastrop, her people
are nearer the day of its completion
than they ever were before
that's all we know about it.
think and hope, however, that
within the next two years out town
will be linked by rail to the great
marts of the commercial world, and
then Bastrop will be what it should
be—one of the livest and most
pleasant towns in Louisiana.
We notice in the W est Carroll
Watchman that our young friend,
Sam Baird, has embarked in the
law business at Floyd. Athough
Sam is not yet a licensed practi
tioner—not Deing old enough to ob
tain license—we are banking on
him as a "legal adviser" and ex
pect to hear of him one of these
days as a leading lawyer at the
Floyd bar. Oue thing we do know
and that is the sincerity of our
heart when we wish Mr. Baird un
bounded success.
Naw goods and low prices at
Oehlber & Goldman's.
Mr. Harry Gray, Deputy U. S.
Marshall, went up to Monticello
last week after John Farmer, a col
ored man, who is charged with rob
bing the mail between here and
Monroe last Jane. John is now in
our parish prison, where it is likely
ho will be kept until nest January,
when he wiil be taken to Opelousas
a.«d tried before the United States
District C ourt.
was the driver of the stage that
left 1ère last June with a registered
package that never got to Monroe
and that the Clarion then spoke of.
Call at McMeans Bros, and buy
a genuine Rogers, or Wosten
holme's pocket knife. They have
a beautiful line of pocket and table
cutlery, which can be had cheap.
They also have a fine assortment of
pistol cartridges, hatchets, axes,
tin ware, etc.
The recent heavy rains increased
the volume of water in the Barthol
omew very perceptibly. A little
navigation to Point Pleasant now
would result beneficially to the peo
ple of our parish. Shipping goods
over the Vicksburg railroad and
them hauling them from Monroe to
Bastrop are heavy burdens on the
people's pockets, and we shall be
glad when a bayou shall relieve
them of these enormous expenses.
Every one visiting Bastrop should
not neglect to call at the store of
Oehlber & Goldman. It is a posi
tive fact that they have the largest
stock of goods that ever came to
Bastrop and they defy competition
in prices. Their motto is quick
sales and small profits.
We are glad to learn that the
Town Council will at once enforce
the ordinance requiring property
owners to build and repair the side
walks in front of their doors around
the publi c square^ There ara s o:
îanks of the public for
fen determination to see that the
pavements are repaired.
Clothing! Clothing!
In this line we make a speciality,
and if you will give us a trial we
will prove to you that we can and
will sell clothing 20 per cent, less
than any house in Bastrop. '
Wolff & Silbernagel.
This week we send out, folded in
the Clarion, five hundred bills,
which announce stubborn facts re
garding those live merchants of onr
town, Messrs. Oehlber & Goldman.
Their stock is immense, and was
purchased by the senior member of
the ürin in person, who had an eye
single to the stringency of the
times and the wants of the people
when he was buying.
Cotton picking is about done in
our parish. The crop is very light,
and very little of it has been thrown
on the market yet. Corn is selling
in town for a dollar per bushel—
very little offered even at that
Facts ! Facts ! Facts
Come and be convinced of the
fact that goods can be bought for
less money at Wolff & Silbernagel's
than at any other house in North
Those progressive merchants,
Wolff & Silbernagel, are visiting
our readers this week through a big
advertisement ; read what they say,
and then go and see whether or not
they a. a willing to do what they
"A good saddle aud bridle and
an old w ork bridle" were found in
Mr. Isaac Brown's plantation the
other ctay. The supposition is that
f he articles had been stolen and se
questered by some sneak. Mr.
John M. Brown can tell the owner
of them all of the particulars.
leokO?!!! JLuok Out!
For aa explosion cî th" cannon
K g higl, pri3es to kill at the Corner
Store. We preached the funeral of
high price years ago.
Wolff es Silbernagel.
The h w Tost Master, Mr. H. C
Wright. Ins ree*»:«v : 1 hîf commis
siüü ? - now duly installed in J
tv r oiikf.
Goo d i ijii • ' ■ ■ - sc 1 s r c. y o.
fire-wood—and lock it up.
Go out in the d^mp air, or sit
unprotected in a draught, and
vonr throat will feel sore and
your head uncomfortable. You
havfl taken a cold, which y^u oau
remove as promptly hs vou re
ceived it by using Aver s Cherry
One house bought in S2SC0
worth of cotton last week iu
Delta. Miidison parish made
the largest cotton crop this year
of any other in the State.
Beys' and children's suits at
prices to suit everybody at
Oehlber & Goldman's.
For one Hundred and Five dol
lars cash you can buy a good buggy
find harness from Handy which is
825 less than same style of Buggies
have been sold at many places.
Have also a very stylish turnout for
$1 2.5 and for cheap work can go as
ljw as $75 for a top buggy. Walk
round and ride.
200,000 brick for sale at from
$8 to $12 50 per thousand.
H. D. Vaughan.
One Thousand bushels c
wanted by the undersigned.
J. S. Handy.
H ew Advertisements.
Public notice is hereby given that I
intend to prosecute, to the full extent
ot the law, all parties caught hauling
wood off my land. P. 8. KOLLEIüH.
Part'es who owe taxes had better
come forward and settle same at once,
if they want to save costs and penalties.
No more d»,lays I must collect imme
diately. WM, P. DOUGLASS,
Oet. 28. Tax JJollçctor
branded with a J D very in'
Also G on left hip. Also a roan
months old, branded P, and runi
with said mare; no other marks
brands. Estrayed by G. B. Vaugban,
the owner of which is unknown.
Now, therefore, unless the owner shall
appear, and prove property, and
charges according to^
ceed to sell the same
Plautersville on
Wednesday, Novoi
to the highest bidder, ^
lie auction, at not less than two-tliirds
of appraised value.
J. P. 7th Ward,
I have requested persons owing-ac
counts to the estate of A. L. Bus&ey,
deceased, to come forward and close
same with cash or note. Some haVe
done so. Others have not, and very
soon these last will find theinaccounts
in the hands of an officer.
The public is reminded that I will
continue to furnish beef, mutton, saus
age, etc , every morning (Sundays ex
cepted) at my old stand. Tue best beef
that can be had will furnished at 6 and
8 cents per pound. I wi»'. buy all cattle
in good order, delivered in Bastrop.
Don't forget that this is the '"'«Id relia
ble'' and only beef market ia tow a.
J. I. ADAMS & Co.
Nos. 43, 45 and 47 Pi
We are ready to fill all orders for lnm-
tber at our mill 4£ miles Soath of Bas
trop at the following prices, cash :
Mixed lumber—heart and sap—$10 per
thousand feet; all heart, $14 ; oak, $15"
Laths, from 3 to 4 inches, wide board
measure, $15. If delivered in Bastrop,
35 cents per hundred added. Orders left
with W. A. Pratt. Bastrop, La., will be
promptly attended to.
feb24-ly PKATT & BRO.
Regular Bayou Barthol
ome wPacket.
H. Hannah Blanks.
R. D. MARBLE Master.
Tbe above named steamer will make
regular through trips from Ner Orleans
to Liixd Grove, commencing with the
first navigable waters, and remaining
until the expiration of the season.
1'brough bills Lading will be given
rrom St. Louis to Lind Grove.
svn or at the stump.
T. ■»Ola will receive,
pioxupt attention.

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