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C losing üf rüsinkss. —In ncoor
dunce with the recent orders of Scor»
tary McCulloeh, Hon. F>. F. Flanders,
Supervising Special Agent of the
Treasury Departmeut, and O. N.
Cutler, United State» Purchasing
Agent, are engaged making prépara
lions to close up business, and at onue
make their final reports to Wanbiug
too. Mr. .Flanders, we learn, has
turned over all the government plan
tations, confiscated houses, etc., to
Mr. Oouway, Superindent of Refugee^
Freedcneti and Abandoned Lands, and
the remainder of bis business will be
transfered to Collector Kellogg. Abol
ishing Mr. Flander's office will throw
out of position a great number of
<l Ldcal Special Agents," and other
Headquarter* Olatrtet of" Bat on Hange,
B aton R ouge , Li., April «h, 186S.
General Orders No. 26.
A tax of one thousand dollars per mouth will be
assassed on the real and personal property of the
citizen« of Baton Rouge, lor the purp^seof paying
lb« Uas Company for lighting the city, repairing
and improving the »tr«ets.
All public buildings churches and charitable
Institutions, unimproved real estate and all prop
erty used by the United States Government, on
which no rent is paid, will be exempt from the
William Mark ham, W. D. Phillips and S. if.
Hart, are appointe«! Assessors aad will proceed
immediately to make the .issi-swueat. .
Geo. A. Pike is appointed Collector, and all tax
payers, on being noticed by him of the amount
"apportioned to thfihi, will make immediate pay
taunt for the present mouth, and on the first of
•acta succeeding month pay the same to him.
persons not complying within three days of the
»Im* specified, will bis charged double.
The money collected will be paid out on the or
der of the Provost Mandl*!, approved by the Dis
trict Commander.
BT OBflEE or BBIO.OE«. U.U. S.iWlSX:l
Majfr mi 4, A, Centré
Smoking and Chewing Tobacco,
Corner of Third auti Florida streets,
IN addition to bis large asHortmeotof the
best brand» and (juaiities of ail articles in tbe
line of a Tobaocouist, CAMILLO QUINTERO,
keeps ai»o on h» a»l a choice vari«ty of ".Notion«,
wuoh as fine Pocket, Knives, Stationery, etc., to
which he invites public attention, guaranteeing
to give satiKlawrtion to all customers. julyl-tf
The Freedxnen's Bureau.
Win D ctaktmkn , A oj 'T G KNKRAI .'S O ffick, I
Washington, June Jî, 18t>5. |
(}• imral Order* No. 84.
! Tlie following order of the President of
, . , . - ,
: the United States m relation to transferor
abandoned liwdff, funds and property aet
apart, for the use of Freedmen, to the
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Aban
doned Lauds, is published for the infor
mation àtld guidance of all concerned :
E xecutive M ansion, )
Washington, D. C., June 12, 1865. /
Whereon, By an aet of Congress, ap
proved March 3, 18(55, there was cdtab
lished in the War Department a Bureau of
Refugees, Freedmen und Abandoned Lauds
and to which, iu accordance with the said
act of Congress, is committed the super
vision and management of all abandoned
lands, and the control of m U subjects re
lating to refugees; and frmdnien from re
bel States, or from any district of country
witbili the territory embraced in the oper
ations of the army, under such rules and
regulations as may be prescribed by the
head of the bureau and approved by the
President; and whereas, it appears that the
management of abandoned lands, and sub
jects relating to refugees and freedmen, as
aforesaid, have been, and still are, by or
ders based on military exigencies, or leg
islation based ou previous statutes, partly
n the hands of military officers disoonnec
ed with 8$id bureau, and partly in charge
1'officers of the Treasury Department; it
s therefore Ordered, That all officers of
he Treasury Department, all military of
cers, and all others in the service of the
nited .States, turn over to the authorized
fficer? of said bureau all abandoned lands
nd property contemplated in said act of
/Ongress, approved March 3, 1805, estab
ishing the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen
,nd Abandoned Lauds, that may now be
uder or within their control. They will
teo tarn over to such offices all funds
ollected by tax or otherwise for the beiie
t of refugees or freedmen, or accruing
Vom abandoned lands or property set
part for their use, and will transfer to
hem all official records connected with the
administration of affairs which pertain to
said bureau.
A. ndbew J ohnson.
By order of the Secretary of War.
* E. I). T ownsexd, Asst. Adjt. Oen.
Redemption of Mutilated Bank Kote*.
The following important circular has
been issued by the Treasury Department :
T ri: as un v D epartment, |
Office of the Comptroller of Currency,
Washington, D. C.
The following suggestions are offered
relative to the redemption of mutilated
circulating notes of national banks, and
their return to this office :
First—The notes arc to be redeemed by
the bank* by which they are respectively
issued, and should not be returned to this
office in sums less than five hundred dol
lars, or in even multiples of that amount.
Second—Mutilated notes which have
been torn or defaced will lie received, when
presented by the batik that isstued theui, i
provided all the fragments are returned
» , 6 . -
and the engraving or signatures are not
• hi far obliterated that it, cannot be deter
mined by what bank the. notes were issued.
Third—FragmetitK should be redeemed
hy banks in full when accompanied by an
itffidavit stating tho case and manner of
mutilation, and that the missiug part of!
the note is totally destroyed The good i
character uf the affiant should aW> be fully !
vouched for by the officcr before whom the
affidavit is taken.
These affidavits must be forwarded to
this office, with the fragments to which
they relate, in order that the banks pre
senting such parts of notes may obtain
credit for the same.
Exceptional cases may occur in which
no affidavit enn be obtained, and wh.trono
reasonable doubts can vxini iu regard to
the entire destruction or irreparable dam- i
age to missing portions of notes—as by j
tiro acids, etc.—where evidence of identity |
i, ample ky lb. »t o„ or both
officers, or title or locality ot the bank,
and the denomination of the note—where
tbe integrity of the bill-holder is unexcep
tionable, aud where uo question could
arise in regard to a fraudulent or improper
use of missing parts ; in such
IiiCUt. _
Fourth—When no satisfaction can be
obtained in regard to the "üssing parts
and a possibility exists that any improper
use can be made of tbe same, it is recom
„„ded «,«. proponio».««!.. .»If b.
allowed, estimating this by comparison ot
judicious discrimination must necessarily
be exercised by the officers of tbe banks.
it is, however, advised that such notes
be received at their full face value, a per
fect note given therefor, a reeord being
preserved of the fact, to be sent to this of
fice with the mutilated note when returned
for redemption by the bank, in which case
full credit will be allowed in this depart
tho propoition returned to tho missing
parts. A record should be kept of the
amount allowed in all stich instances, and
a voucher of the same rendered to this of
fice, when the mutilated note or notes shall
be returned for redemption.
F. Clarke,
Com ptroller Of the Currency,
Leaves New Orleans every Saturday, at i P. M.
J? Kudus;, Natchez, Fort Adams,
Hog Poînt, Morganaa, Bayou Sara,;
Baton Rouge, Plaquemine, Donaldsonville, and
all intermediate Coast Landings, th» New and
swift-running side-wheel steamer
,m>. sm je**«» 3«r9
A,,J. MAY, Commander.; SAM'L AY LBS, Clerk.
MfJ'sr freight or passage apply on board or to
No. 7 Frojt street.
Cor. Bienville k Old Levee.
Nos. 17 and 19 New Lsvee.
juneö Agent, Front Levee, Baton Rouge.
Brlwern Stw Orleans and Vlckafourg,
Touching at all JnlenrudUUe Landnot.
THE splendid passenger packet
Rieliardaen. master ; A. McVay and:
«. A. Owen, Ofcrtr*, will remain Initie abovt
trade, and continue to ply a» a regular packet there
in. all report» to the contrary, notwithstanding.
She will touch at Baton Rouge on her upward
tr | pSt every gunday morning, and on her down
ward trip« every Thursday morning.
For freight or passage, apply on board, or to
julyi Ageot, Third street.
THE undersigned begs leave to
aunounce to the public that
be will ruu a Stage Lino regularly;
between Baten Roug*» and Clinton,
as follows:
Lcaws Botmi Renege,every Monday and F riday^
at 8 o'clock, A. 91.
Returning, leaves Clinton, Tuesday and Wednesday,
at 6 o'clock, A. M.
The Stage will start from the the Stahles
of Mr. 8- B. Harbour, on Convention 8treet, Baton
Rouge, where packages and orders may be lett.
At Clinton, from Mr. Hyman's Boarding House.
t3J~ Passaag« or packages must bo paid far
Then booked.
rjtHE undersigned beg leave to announce to the
citizens and the public generally of Baton Rouge
.1 surrounding country that they havo opened an
loo House
iu tbe store formerly occupied by the late Cel. A.
M att *, on Main street, near the river, where par
tis* can be supplied at wholesale and retail, and
at .such prices as to defy competition.
will be opened from 6 o'clock in the morning to 7
in the evening. On Sundays, frei» 6 to 8 o'clock
in the morning,
Proprietors, "City Ice House."
B aton R ooms , May, 1809.
Headquarters District of Baton Rouge,
B aton R ouob , L a ., April 4th, 1S65.
! Central Order* No. as.
To insure the health of the city, Dr. L. L. Lay
cock, Citizen Physician, is appointed Sanitary
Commissioner, and Is charged with tbe sanitary
measures necessary v> be taken by the citizens.
He will inspect their premises »nd give al!
needful direction«, wh'cli will be immediately
j complied with, he will direct where the filth will
be taken to and how disposed of.
IVr-ons failing to comply with his instructions
i will incur a penalty of not less than $25 for each
oliense and day of non-compliance. The Provost
Marshal of the District will afford all military aid
necessary for carrying out this order.
BY ORnift or BRIO. OF.*. M. K. LAWIBR:
Major aiul A. A. General.
State olXoulslann—Parish of Raust. Baton
House—t'.rih Judicial District Court—No. 171,
Henry K. Graliam es .loshua B. Alexander.
BY VIRTUE of a writ of .fieri facia*, 10 me di
rected from the Honorable the Judge of the
Fifth Judicial District Court, in and for the Par
ish and State aforesaid, I have seized and will ex
pose to public sale, at tbe residence of J. B. Al
exander, about twelve miles from the city of Ba
ton Rouge, on the Bayou Sara Road, on
Saturday, the 5th day of August
next, A. D., I860,,at 12 o'clock, M., tbe following
described property, to-wit:
A certain tract or parcel of land, situated in
i the Parish of Bast Baton Itouge, on the Bayou
Sara Road,about twelve miles from the city of
Baton Rouirc, containing six hundred ana forty
8 - - --- - - ■ •
(6-t'J) acroi, bounded North by lands belonging to
Vance, East by lands of Sullivan, South by lands
of Vallandi-ham, and West by lands of Robert
Young, With all buildings and improvements
thereon. - *
ÎU Bales of COTTON, in theseed.more or less
And also,
6 B&I uk of COTTON, to be sokl at the Court,
House door, in the city of Baton Rouge, on said
Seised to pay and satisfy the writ issued in the
above entitled suit, together with Interest and
Terms of sale, cash, in Ü. 8. Treasury Notes,
with the benefit of appraisement.
j oly I Sheriff.
staleof i^ou^iana-ParUHof East Baton
r ouk ,,_-f ilth Judicial District Court—No. 390,
J obs B ird va. Heirs of G korge M. H bbojub.
- ■ - • - - ™ ■ —■»
District Court, of the State and Parish aforesaid,
1 have seised and will expose to public sale, at
the Court House door, in the City of Baton
Rouge on
Six lot« of ground situated in that part of the
city of Baton Konge, lai«t out by the late Richard
Devall, and designated on the plan thereof as
lots Nos. six, seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven,
or square No. six. First lot, No. six, measure»
sixty feet frsnt on Florida street, by one hundred
and fifty feet in depth. Lots Nos. seven, eight,
nine, ten and eleven measures each sixty feet on
Main ( bow Church) street, by one hundred and
twenty feet in depth, all French measure Lots
Nos. seven and 1 :1 VC II forming the Southeast and
Northeast comer of said square No. six, together
j with all and «ingular the buildings and iinprove
j ments thereon.
j iud cosl
j Terms of sale—On a credit of twalv» months—
llay ot saIe uain pal j_ mor tga?e retained on the
T> r operty aold until final payment of the bond.
Oats and Bran!
1 ?CLL supplies of the above articles.
£ Just receive* »nd '^.VlTOASS,
julyl-tf Cor, Mai» ao4 St«.
Proclamation by tbe Goveraor.
)A, 1
kent, ).
E xecutive 1>kp*kment,
New Orleans, June 10,
To tb» People of the Parishes of 8t. Tammany,
Washington, Bt. Helena, Livingston, West Ba
ton Rouge, Pointe Coupée, St. Martin, Concor
dia, Madison, Carroll, Franklin, St. Mary, East
Feliciana, West Feliciana, Tensas, Vermillion,
St. Landry, La&yette, Calcasieu, Avoyelles,
Natchitoches, Sabine, Caddo, Ouachita, DeSoto,
Rapides, Onion, Jackson, Caldwell, Catahoula,
Claiborne,Bossier, Bienville and Winn :
I extend to you my hèarlfelt congratu
lations on your being restored to the pro
tection of the flag of our country, tbe sym
bol of law, order and freedom, and whiob
now waves in majestic power over an un
divided nation. Our once wealthy and
fertile State, now bankrupt and desolate
from the ravages of intostipo war resumes
lier natural relations (which have been
temporarily disrupted) within tbeglorious
Union of theStates, united by the bonds of
universal freedom and tie* thatCau ncvor
be dissevered. It is not my purpase to
rake up the ashes of the past, by inquiring
who has erred and who has not erred in
the foarfnl struggle tbe nation has just
passed thrpngb. Whatever may have been
the causes or the outbreak, and however
bitter may havo been the feelings engen
dered in tbe hearU of some, it is better
that all such matters be buried outoftiight
forever- It is not the past, but the pres
ent and future we havo to, deal wîth.
Great and responsible duties reet upon ev
ery citizen at this crisis, to manfully go to
work and assist in the re-establishment of
civil government. In that connection it is
a moHt cheering sign to see the spirit of
submission to the laws, and willingness to
acquiesce in the result, manifested by those
so recently engaged in hostility to the
Government. Even the soldiers return to
their homes wiser and better men, frankly
owning to the failure of their experiment,
and all expressing a desire to atone for the
errors of the past by cheerful obedience t,o
tbe Government, and glad again to enjoy
itsbenlfioent rule. You, my friends and
fellow-citizens, for I esteem it a privilege
to call you so,must follow in the footsteps
of so gootj an example. You must go to
work to organize civil government in your
rospectivK Parishes. Sheriffs, Kôcorder»,
Clerks of Courts and Police Jurors will
have to be appointed provisionally, until
elections can be hold to fill these offices,
as provided by law. You must, confer
among yourselves, and select meu of in
tegrity and capacity to fill these positions.
1 will act on your recommendations by
appointing the persons named by you, if
they are men of proper character, aad
have taken the ô&ïh prescribed in the R e
fcident's Proclamation of the âth of De
cember, lgtJS, or that, of the 29th of May,
This will be pre-requisite in all cades,
the original or certified copy of which oath
must be transmitted with the application
tor appointment. It is also my intention
to organiso the Judiciary throughout the
State by appointing provisionally Judges
of the District Courts and District Attor
neys as soon as practicable. Tbe former
class of officers are made appointive by the
Executive, under the new constitution, for
a term of six years, and 1 invite recom
mendations from yor. us to who shall fill
those offices, as also District Attorneys.
I cannot urge upon you too strongly the
importance of your acting promptly and
with unanimity in tho matters herein
brought to your notice. If you neglect to
avail yourselves of the opportunity offered
you I shall be compiled to make appoint
iuents to offica for your section, from the
best information in ray possession, and
you cannot blame me if they are not ac
ceptable to you. Important elections will
bo held this fall. Members of Congress
and a Legislature will have to be elected,
and if each Parish is provided with proper
o IB cor s to open the polls, an election for
Governor and othor State officer«, accord
ing to the new constitution, will takeplace
at the same time.
While the population of that portion of
the State whieh has been so fortunate as to
enjoy the protection of the strong arm of
the "General Government, sooner than
other sections,(and for which they are not
entitled to any merit of their own 1 in or
tlor to hasten the restoration of civil gov
ernment in the State, havo adopted a new
constitution and elected a Legislature
which has passed laws, yet I feel author
ized to say that it was with no intention
of forestalling or denying your rights lo
participate in the making of the fundamen
tal, as well as all other laws.
In conclusion, I assure you that no one
is more anxious to have the whole State
represented in all genornl elections, and
particularly lor the ollice of Governor,
than myself. J. M adison W ells,
Governor ol Louisiana.
Important Order by Gen. Henon.
Fr««-<lmen Owlcrid »« Remain with
Their Farmer Masten.
N orthjbiü D ivision - or Locusuni. » •
Shreveport, Lit,, June ! 1th, IStio. )
General Orders No. 24.
Great and «udden changes in the condition of
anv das'- of people are always productive of
suffering,*and the transition of the blacks from a
etate of iiavcry to freedom c*..not fail to cause
temporary Buffering t'> all classes. Already this
is being manifested by the ufgroen leaving their
homes and setting out en masse, for the military
pouts, aad with no definite purpose, except t°
leave the scene of their former bondage.
The result of this state of things, if allowed,
would be—
1st. The los» of the crops and the «utire ruin of
the agricultural interests in this part of the
8 tat«.
2d. Untold suffering, starvation and misery
among the blacks themselves.
Without attempting, therefore, to regulate all
the various interests arising out of this question,
and which pertain properly to the i'reedman's
Bureau, the Major General Commanding deems it
his duty to make such rules as in his opinion will
best prevent suffering and restore quiet at the
present time. It is therefore ordered that all
persona heretofore held as slaves remain for the
presont with their former masters, and by their
labor secure the crops of the present season. The
only place where they can obtain a living for
themselves and their families is in the field,
where they have been accustomed to work If
found wandering about the country, or gathering
at military posts, they wil' be arrestou and pun
ished, and all transits and private steamboats
running on Red River are prohibited from carry
ing this class of people except upon a written
pass, which will be given only in exceptional
cases if necessarv lor them to leave home or
visit "any of the military posts they will be fur
nished with a pass by their employer t» prevent
their arrest as vagrants. But while it is found
necessary during Lhe present unsettled state of
the country to make these orders re'atlve to the
blacks, the planters are reminded that 'he mat
ter depends largely on them, and that only by
fair treatment ef the haads can they hope to ma
ture and harvest their crops and carry on their
plantations. ,
Definite contracts must be made with the ne
groes, which will be binding for til» balance of
the present season.
Planters who endeavor to da this m good faith
will be assisted in all proper ways, and It will do
much towards restoring quiet and confidence.
Hy Command of Msjor General H kbbon:
Capt. and Ass't. Adj't. General;
»oned), left at the Gaiette and Comet Office,"
will meet with prompt attention. Junes
■State of Louisiana— Parish of Bast Baton
Ronge— Fifth .Indicia! District Court—mo. 348—
JAHL«;L W oodbbidos ti. WILLIAM K. Ucähwu».
ay V1RTUK of a writ or seizure and sale to me
directed from the Hon. Fifth Judicial Distriot
Court, of the State and Parish aforesaid, I have
seiied and will expose to public sale at the Court
House door, in the aity of Baton Bouge, on
S atukdat, thk 5 th »ay of A ugust next,
A. D., I860, at 12 o'clock, M., tbe following de
scribed mortgaged property, to-wit :
A certain, lot of ground situated in that part of
tbe city of Baton Rouge, laid out by tho late Rioh
ard Devall, and designated on the plan thereof as
lot No. eleven (11) of square No. five (5), measur
ing sixty feet iroot, on Church street, inow Main)
by one hundred arid sixty teet in depth, French
measure, with all the building» aad improvements
Seiaeiî ta pay and satisfy the writ issued in the
above entitled suit, together with interest aud
CÄStl .
Terms of sale, cm/i, in U. S. Treasury Notes,
vitn the benefit of appraisement.
julyt tjiieriit.
State ol'f,»Mtsluiin—Parish ofEuat Baton
KougFifth Judieia! District Court—No. «84,
I'robate— In the matter of tbe succession of Git
»ERT Datoai:, deceased.
BV VlttXUE ot a commission tome directed from
the Honorable the Fiith Judicial jistriüt
Court, Ol the Parish and state aforesaid, I will
expo.-* to public sale, at the Court House door, in
the city of Baton Rouge, on
A. D , 186&, al I* o'cleWlc, ST., of said day the fo'
lowing described property, belonging to the suc
cession of G II »ear D akikc , late of said Parish, de
ceased, to-wit :
A certain tract uf land or plantation, on which
Mrs. Ma y K. Daigre ret-idea,known as the Mulber
ry Urove Plantation, iu this Parish, containing
fourteen hundrel acres, more or less, bounded oo
the North by lands of Widow Daigre, fronting on
the Mississippi River; Kast by lands of Widow
Daiirrc and Pemstm, aud West by "Holywood
Plantation," with all the buildings and improve*
ments thereou.
T»i ms of sale, cash, in U. S. Treasury Notes
. BD. OtMlalNAltD,
J" J' 1 Sheriff.
St« t e of LrfjulHt a lia- Pu i lsh of East Ba ton
Hongc—l-ifrti Judicial District Court—N q . 84f,
Blfo.N Be.NKiCAïii JW. W illuk F. 'i casus». '
\ \IlilUci oia wiifc x)\ ji fa. t to tu« directed
n-oui the Honorable the Fifth Judicial Court
or the Parish and State aioresia, 1 U»ve seised
and Mil t-vpoce to publie w.e.at the Court Mouse
aojM , ia tbe city ol Baton üouge, ou
S atiîûdav , Tiiit öth day .or A ugust mext,
A, b, lMiii, at la o'clock, M., (he following de
ecribed property, to-wit ;
A certain lot of ground sitnatcd In that part of
thi; city ot Baton Rouge, laid out by lhe ia.e
Itichard Detail, and designated on the plan
thereof as lot iNo. ten, (10), of npiare No tiw, (5)
measuring sixty leet Iront ou Curch sLreet,'
("«*' Main), by one hundred *nd fifty feet in
depth, French nieasu-i,, together with all tbe
buildicgn and irn - .entente thereon.
Heir.ru to ay and sallif» the writ Issued In the
above nu .ibered cause, together with interest
and cost. '
Terms ot aale, oath, in C. S. Treasury Notes
with the benefit of appralseuiçnt.
J" 1 -? 1 !' Sheriff.
State Iiff.onislnnu—Parish of Kast Baton
Kotige— Kjl'ih Judicial District Court—No. 7j4
Probate —In ti.c matter oi the succesuion of
Jowcj. L an », deceased.
By Vi HT Ilk, of a commission to me directed,
from the Honorable the Fifth Judicial District
Ctftirc, of the l'ari.-h aud State aloresaid, T will
expose to publio sale at thii plantation oa which
the deceased, Josuca L anh , resided at l he time of
hin death, on
WtsDNnaiiAY, the 2d day ot AidtsT next,
A. D., ISßä, at 13 o'clock M , of said >lay—a cer
tain tract or laud, kuowu and described as situa
ted, about twenty seven miles troui the city of
Haton Rouge, ou the Äandy Creek Road, in the
Parish of hast Baton Kouge, bounded North by
James Neasotu, East by 'he heirs of l.loyd, South
oy heirs of t< u>e Chaney, and rest by Joseph
Drehr, a containing five hundred and thirty
ac es, ni' re or less, together with all tbe personal
property belonging to theestate of the said JossFH
L ahd , deceased, consisting oi—
■ ' B U (iJl 1 ,
Several bale, c, COTTON, in soed,
- o., Ac., Ac.
Terms ot e, t ash, in U. S. Treasury Notes.
julyl Sheriff.
Stale ol iaouista na— Pa i KK k ol Ka*t ISaioti
r»ou^e— b'iUù District Court—No. 1021
J ohn B ïri > i^.'HEMiisrrrA W illiams.
pi VlKTU>i of a writ i)i'i»«izuie aod sale, tome
l) i( ; ihn Honorable the «Judge of the
. titu -t. .Mrict Court, of the Parish and
btate aiorehaiù. 1 hav« seized, an<J will expof+e to
public salé at the Court nousu door, in ttie city
of Baton Rouge, ou
S atijrdav , tue ôtli day of A ugust next,
A. 1>-, ISüö at IS o'clock, M., the following de
Heribed mortgaged property, to-wit :
A >ertain plantation, kuown as the Arlington
Plantation, conlainin;; twenty-two aud a half
arpents irou f . ou the Aiasissippi fiver, by forty in
depth, hiviiig liinc hundred and thirty superfi
cial amants, together with all the buildings and
improvements thereon, bounded above by lands
of the succession of Wuy Uuplantier.
Also another tract oi land- in Said Parish, ad
joining tho one just described, on tbe lower line,
con In in in i; six arpents front on the said river, by
fort,, in depth, hounded an stat«d by the tract
first bove described, and by ,ands of Phillip
llicky, beloft, with the building and improve
ments thereou.
Seized to pay and satiety a writ issued upon a
twelve months bond, together with interest aad
Terms of sale, cash, withou' the benefit of ap
praisement, in D. S. Treasury Notes.
fcjö. COUfclN 'ARD,
öhe» iff.
Stuteof Louisiana—Pnrlall ofiDast Baton
Rouge—tilth Judicial District Court—No. 174,
Mary Emma Graham vs. Joshua B. Alexander.
BY VIRTUE of a writ of fieri facias to me di
rected from the iiouoratll« Judge of ibe
tifth Judicial Kistrict Court, iu and lor the Par
ish and State aloresaid, I have seised and will
expose to public sale, at the residence of Joshua
B. Alexander, about twelve (1Ï) miles from the
city of Baton Rouge, on the Bayou Sara Road, on
Saturday, the 5th day of August
next, A. D., 1865, at 1» o'clock, M., the following
described property, to-wit :
A certain taact or parcel of land, situated in
the Parish of Kast Baton Rouge, twelve miles
from the city of Baton Rouge, on the Bayou Sara
Koad, containing six hundred and forty t610)
acres, bounded North by lands belonging to
Vane», Kast by lands of Sullivan, South hy lands
of Valtadigliam, and West by lands of Robert
Young, with all the buildings and improvements
—- AIro—
i -MULKs,
i carriage,
10 Baies of COTTON, in tbe seed, more or less,
And also,
5 Bales of COTTON, to be sold at the Court
House door, in the city of Baton Rouge, on said
Seized to pay and satisfy the writ issued In the
above entitled suit, together with interost and
Terms of sale, cash, in U. 8. Treasury Notes,
with the beneiit of appraisement
juljl Sheriff.
[within five mile« of this city>*MV
ell fented and having a good ..iiB—
_, mm ,„.dwelling house thereon. The"" " 1 '
laud is new and of the best qualDyt *'th about
one half of it cleared, the halaucelu pasture. The
place Is admirably adapted for a onrsery and
garden. For particulars enquifre at the office of
tb» Gasstte and Cotent. janW,
Third Street, Opposite the Bank.
with Lightning Cresses, Card and Paper Cutters,
and the latest and moat improved Labor Saving
inventions render our
equal to the best. Kvery variety of PLAIN and
from Visiting Cards to Posters, will be done »X- .
peditlously, at the very' lowest rates,
sa, ALS O—B OOK-RIN»! SC.f»
The British Héviews ,
' a.
For any of tbe four Reviews $3 00
For any two cf the bur Reviews (i 00
For any three of the four Reviews ? 00
For all four of the Reviews i 8 00
For Blackwood's Magazine S 00
For Blackftöed and one Review 6 00
For Blackwood abd two Reviews 7 Oi)
For Blackwood and three Uevisws 0 00
For Blackwood and the four Reviews 10 00
.V B — Theprieein Great Uritain of the.fivtPeri
odicals above named is $31 per annum.
Pnblished by
So. 38 Walk« r Street,
s.prl7-ly.] N kw Y ork.
( .T. <i. A. F miows , of Marion Lodge, No. «8,
! Grand Master.
E dwarh B ahsett , of Ocean Lodg®, No. 114, Dep
uty Grand Master.
, O torce A. P ike , of St. .Tames LoSge, .No. 47, Se
nior Oriind Warden.
■loitM B oot «, of Mount Moriah Lodge, No. 68,
Jnuior Grand Warden.
H ENitv R. S wasït , of George Washington Lodge,
No. 6i. Grund Treasurer.
SAMum M. T odd , or Marlon Lodge, No. 08, Grand
J ohn G. Dt;su p, of Mount Moriah Lodge, No. 69,
Grand Chaplain.
A a»om U ahris . of Louisiana Lodge, No, 102,
Senior Grand Deacon.
Jouit A. S tïvbsboji , of Dudley Lodge, No. «C,
Junior Grand Deacon.
J oskpji T. II oknob , of Marion Lodge, No. Ü8,
Grand Marshal.
T homas G ripps , of Marion Lodge, No. 68, Grand
Sword Bearer.
A. G olshas of Ocean Lodge, No. 144, Grand
M. A. C al OKOMS , of Perseverance Lodge, No. 4 ;
C. F. Horpr, of Orleans Lodge, No. 78; Rob
G utiirkez , of Concord Lodge, No. 3; J. F. M.
F ondahd , of Foyer Maçonnique, No 44, Grand
GrSTAVtTS S ostag , of George Washington Lodge,
No. 83, Grand Tyler.
r. a. o. f.
The R. W. Orand Lodge of Louisiana, I. O. O. F.
meets semi-annually on the Fourth Tuesday in
Juiuaiy and July, ia Grand Lodge Room, Odd
Felln*« nail, corner of Camp and Lafayette
streets, New Orleans.
A. W allacb liusTra, of Templar Lodge, No. 19,
M. W. Grand Master.
G kokue NciiGimKR, of Germania Lodge, No. £0,
R. W. D.Grand M It« ter.
J. G. H ikdks , of Washington Lodge, No. 3, H. W.
Grand Warden.
H kübi B i A h, of Hope Lodge, No. 14, R. W.
Grand Secretary.
N. W. W oolvxrton , of Union Lodge, Ne. 6, R.
W.Grand Treasurer.
P. G. M. L. HiuiM, and P.O. R. L. F. Towr.u
Representatives to the R. W. Grand Lodge, Uni
ted States.
J. G. D obup , of Howard Lodge, No. 13, R. W.
Grand Chaplain.
G. N M orimis , of Commercial Lodge, No. 12,
R. W. Grand Marshal.
F. K oskheritz . of Independence Lodge, No. 2.%
It. W. Grand Conductor.
A. T homso », of Union Lodge, No. 6, R. W. Grand
J ohn F rankford , of Crescent Lodge, No. 3, B.
W. Oraad Herald.
A. T. Y iwsi . of C"venatit Lodge, No. 17, District
No. 2, comprising W.t hiugton Lodge, No. 3, and
Covenant Lodge, No. 17.
Jons IS. W alxer , of Pacific Lodga, No. S3, Dis
trict No 3, romprlsirg Jefferson Lodge, no. 9,
and Pacific Lodge, No. 33.
J. C. C barrotti , of De Soto Lodge, No. 7, Dis
trict, No 7, comprising De Soto Lodge, No. 7.
J acob F. Horn, ol Hermann Lodge, No. !>9,
District No. 16, comprising 'leutonia Lodge, Ne.
10, Independence Lodge, No. 23, Germania Lodge
No. 39, and Helvetia Lodge, No. 44.
All communication* to the R. W. Orand Master
or Grand Secretary should be forwarded to th*
Office of Grand Secretary, in Odd Fellcws Hall.
Grand Secretary.
This old , well known and popular
GHUblishmMit, went of tha Market, ia now sup
plied with the rery beat
AU the attachés of tlie e> tabllshment are seien
tiflc compounder* of 8MASH KS and COCKTAIL";
interested in maintaining tbe reputation of the
house. There is a fine BILLIARD TABLE In tbe
front room and a OiitTB-ROOM up stairs, free to
all gebtlemcn Visiting th« bouse.
! octl-am Propri etor.
Lafayette Street Restaurant,
j VICTOR CALVAYRAC,.... P koprijjtob .
i THK undersigned be*»
GL / j S.V i 01 ™ respectfully to an
^ACttr nouncetothepublicand
to bis old friend(■: and*
customers, that the above establishment tuts un
dergone thorough repair 1! and will be re-opener!
I on Monday the 3d of April, 1S6Ö. None but the
1 best of WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS will b»
kept in the establishment.

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