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President Johnson and Senator
Sumner .—A cotempotary gives the
following repart of a conversation
which recently took place between
the President and Senator Sum
"Good evening, Mr. President,"
said Senator Sumner, last week,
upon entering the President's room
in the White House.
"Good evening, Mr. Senator,'' re
plied the President. "Please bo
seated for h moment, until I finish
a letter to an old friend."
The letter being finished, the
President turned to Mr. Sumner,
when the latter said :
"Mr. President, I called upon
you for the purpose of expressing
to you the view« of our people on
the subject of reconstruction."
'Well, sir," replied the Prési
Mr. Sumner, commenced by say
ing : "Sir, your North Carolina
Proclamation does uot meet the ap
probation of our people, and they
will not submit to have the great
results of the war thus thrown
"What people are you represent
ing, Sir?" asked the President.
"The whole Northern people,"
said Mr. Sumner.
"I apprehend you will find, you
but represent a small portion of the
Northern people,"replied Mr. John
■'Then," said Mr. Sumner, "we
must take your North Carolina pro
clamation as an indication of your
policy, are we?"
"Yes, sir," replied the President.
"Then, sir," said Sumner, "you
do not intend to enfranchise the
black man V
"I have nothing to do with the
subject ; that exclusively belongs
to the States. Yt.u certainly would
think it an usurpation on my part
if I attempted to interfere in fixing
the qualifications of electors iu
"But," replied Sumner, "Massa
' chu setts has always been a loyal
"That may be," replied the Presi
dent, "but the loyal men of the
" South have made untold sacrifices
for their IJniou sentiments, whil«
Massachusetts has made hundreds
of millions out of her loyalty, and it
would be a poor return for Southern
adherence to the Government, if the
latter should, in violation ot the
Constitution, thrust upon them
local laws in opposition to their
At this reply of the President,
Mr. Sumner, became impatient and
irritable, and rejoined by saying,
"1 am sorry to see you evincing so
little sympathy with that element
that placed you in power."
At this, the color Hashed to the
President's face, and he added, em
phatically: "You and 1 might as
well understand each other now as
any other time. You are aware sir,
1 have uo respect for a secessionist;
but, as much as I despise them, I
still have a greater detestation and
contempt for a fanatic."
"Good evening," said Sumner,
and left in a hulf.
« » -—
An Argument in Favor of Matiu*
mosy .—We never remember to have
Seen the field canvassed from the
point of view here chosen. We
present it for the sage consideration
of our fair readers :
No one will contend that there
are no crimes committed by mar
ried men, Facts would look such
an assertion out of couuteuanee.—
Put it may be said with truth, that
there are very few crimes commit
ted by married men compared with
the number committed by those who
are unmarried. Whatever faults
Voltaire, may have had, he certainly
showed himself a man of sense
when he said : "The more mauried
men you have the fewer crimes there
will be. Marriage renders a man
more virtuous and more wise."-—
An uumarried man is but half of a
perfect being, and it requires the
other half to make things right ;
and it cannot be expected that in
this imperfect slate he can keep
the straight path of rectitude any
more than a boat with one oar, or a
bird with one wing - can keep a
straight course. In nine causes out
of ten, where married men become
drunkards, or where they commit
crimes against the peace of the
community, the foundation of these
acts was laid while in a single
state, or where the wife is, as some
times the case, an unsuitable match.
Marriage changes the whole cur
rent of a man's feelings, and gives
him a centre for his thoughts, his
affections and his acts. Here is a
home for the entire man, and the
counsel, the affections, the example
and the interests of his ''better
half" keep him from erratic courses,
and from falling into'a thousand
temptations to which he would oth
erwise; be exposed. Therefore, the
friend to marriage is the friend to
society and to his country. And
we have no doubt but a similar ef
fect is produced by'marriage on the
woman ; though from the differ
ence in their labors and the greater
exposure to temptation on the part
of the men, we have no doubt but
man reaps a greater advantage
from the restraining influences of
marriage than woman does. But as
our Heavenly Father said at a very
early period in the existence of hu
man beings : "It is not good for
either to be alone.
writing .—Consider the materials
of writing. The first was stone.
Shells, plates of various materials,
ivory, bark, and leaves oi trees, have
been some of the early substitutes
for paper. Hesiod's works were
written on leadeu tables. Montlaucon
speaks of a book with eight leaden
leaves. The laws of the Cretans
were on bronze tables. The Romans
put their public records upon brass.
Copper plates have been dug up near
Bengal, dated a century before the
birth of Christ. Sometimes songs
have been found on strips of leather.
The Arabs took the shoulder-bones
of sheep, and carved remarkable
events upon them, and then hung!
them up ill their rabiiu'is. . in a Ii- 1
brary of Europe, there is a letter j
upon a piece of bark about t wo yards
long. In others are copies' of the
Bible written upon palm leaves. The
skins of animals anrl serpents were
also used. Wax was also used in
different forms, sometimes of itself
and sometimes on wooden tablets.
The Egyptian papyrus superseded
all former materials. This grew in
large quantities on the banks of the
Nile. After the eighth century, the
papyrus was superseded by parch
ment. Paper from cotton was made
as early as the ninth century ; from
linen in the thirteenth. The first !
paper-mill in England was erected j
by a German in 1Ô8S. Thomas [
Watkius brought the art of paper- j
making to perfection in 1715. The j
pens used in the translation of the
Bible were iron styles. The Romans
used ivory for writing. It was not
before the seventh century that quills
were used. We possess no ink in
beauty and color equal to that used
by the ancients. The manuscripts
written from the fifth to the twelfth
century are iri a better state of
preservation than those from the
fifteenth to the seventeenth century.
{fey - Massachusetts lets niggers vote
who have two hundred aud fifty dol
lars' worth of property. She is willing
to be governed by rich niggers, but
not by poor one».— Louisville Journal
O F F I C IA L..
Tl»e Military Division ol'tlic. Southwest
I)lM;o;itlnueil—'1'lie Military Division
«il" f lie «Ulf KstnlilUlicrt—Depart iiic.n
tnl Ot'K>iuiznl>o>.s.
lUAWil'ABTKRS Ml! V. »IV. OF Till! (lOI K, I
New Orleans, La., July 17, 186». )
General Ordert), No.l.
The Military Division ot tlie Southwest,
which was ci'eatod for special purposes, is
In compliance with Goticral Orders, No.
IIS, dated War Department, Adjutant I
General's Office, June 27th, 18li5, the ttn
d'- rMtcnod hereby assumes command of the j
Military Division of the «ulf, consisting j
1. The Department of Mississippi, Mtij.
(•inn. II. W. Sloenni, commanding; emlira- j
einer thé -State of Mississippi, Headquarters j
at Vieksburg. J
IL. The Department of Florida, Major
0 en. J . < !. Foster, com m andi ojr; em Ijraei ng \
the State of Florida, Headquarters at Tat- j
1 « liasse«
HI. The Department of Louisiana and j
Texas, Major Gen. K. Ii- S. Canny, com- j
tnanding; embracing the States of Loni- i
j siana and Texas, Headquarters at .New ;
Orleans La.
The Headquarters Military Division of 1
the Gull will be at Now Orleans, La.
Major General U. S. A
Leave* Xetc Orkans every tinttirdoy, it 5 J'. M.
pOlt vicksbiikg, okani> gulf,
J. Rodney, Katehe?., Kort Adams,
J. Rodney, Katehe?., Kort Adams,
Hog Point, Morgan**, llayou tor*.wÊbâÊmmt
Baton Rouge, Placjuemlne, ilonaldsouville, and
all intermediate Coast Landing*, the New and
i swift-running side-wheel steamer
i DKT- as« ■ ■ ■ 9
! 1M>. PRATT. Corad'r; CHAS. GKATK.H, Clerk,
i reTor freighter passage apply on board »r tu J
a. BR1CTON, !
r No. 7 Frojt street. !
Oor. Bienville & Old !.. vee.
No«. 17 and 19 New l.i.vce.
, jaaeS ■ Agent, Third street. Baton Rouge.
Between Xtw Oiloaim aiul Vlcksbnrg
Touching at ail Intermediate Landi'm«.
THE splendid passeuger packet «p«»
Richardson, master; A. McVay andÄü'i 'Wm
i Jl. A. Owen, Clerks, -will remain in the above ;
trad«, and continue to ply as a regular packet there
in, nil reports to the contrary, notwithstanding.
She will touch at Baton Rouge on her upward
trips, «very Sunday morning, and on her down
ward tri pi every Thursday morning.
i 'or freight çr passage, apply on board, or to I
july* Agent, Third street. |
-I- the public lor the liberal patronage hereto
fore extended me. I beg leave reippctfully to an
: nonnee to thera that I lure opened at my old
stand 0J Lafayette street,
where will lie found from !) o'clock A.M., until
9 o'clock P. M., the bent of
july4-lm Lafayette Street.
The Freedmen'« Bureau.
war dki'aktkkn , A dj't gkseral'b Office, (
Washington, .lune 17,1805. f
General Order* No. 84.
The following order of the President of
the United Stales in relation to transfer of
abandoned lands, funds und property set
apart for the use of Freednteu, to the
Bureau ot I'efugees, Freedmen and Aban
doned Land«, is published for the infor
mation and guidance of all concerned :
F.xKCimvr. Mansion, \
Washington, D. C., June 12, 1865. /
Whereat, IJy an act of Congress, ap
proved March S, 1865, there was estab
lished in the War Department a Dureauof
Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands
and to whieh, in accordance with the Said
act of Congress, is committed the super
vision and management of all abandoned
lands, and the control of all subjects re
lating tu refugees; and freoduaeu from re
bel States, or from any district of country
within the territory embraced in the oper
ations of tire army, under such rules and
regulations as may bo prescribed by the
head of the bureau nnd approved by the
President; and whereas, it appears that the
management of abandoned lands, and sub
jects relating to retugees and freedmen, as
aforesaid, have been, and still are, by or
ders based on military exigencies, or leg
islation based on previous statutes, partly
in the banda of military officers disconnec
ted with said bureau, and partly in charge
of officers of the Treasury Department; it
is therefore Ordered, That all officers of
the Treasury Department, all military of
ficers, aud all others iu the service of the
United States, tum over to the authorized
officers of said bureau all abandoned lands
and property contemplated iu said act of
Congress, approved March 3, 1865, estab
lishing the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen
and Abandoned Lauds, that may now bo
under or within their control. They will
also turn over to such offices all funds
collected by tax or otherwise for the bene
fit of refugees or freedmen, or accruing
from abandoned lauds or property set
apart for their use, aud will transfer to
them all official records connected with the
administration of affairs which pertain to
said bureau.
Andrew Johnson.
By order of the Secretary of War.
E. 1). T ownskn », Asst. Adjt. Gen.
Uedem pt ton of Mutilated Hunk Notes.
The following important circular has
been issued by the Treasury Department :
Treasury Department, )
Office of the Comptt öfter, of Currency, V
Washiugton, I). C. j
The following suggestions are offered
relative .to the redemption of mutilated
circulating notes of national batiks, and
their return to this office :
First—The notes are to be redeemed by
the banks by which they are respectively
issued, and should not be returned to this
office in sums less than five hundred dol
lars, or iu eveu multiples of that amount.
Second—Mutilated notes which have
beeu torn or defaced will be received, when
presented by the bauk that issued them,
provided all the fragments are returned
aud the engraving or signatures are not
so far obliterated that it cannot be deter
mined by what bank the uotes were issued.
Third—Fragments should be redeemed
by banks in full when accompanied by an
affidavit staging the case and manner of
mutilation, and that, the missing part of
the note is totally destroyed. The good
character of the affiant, should also be fully
vouched for by the officer before whom the
affidavit is taken.
These affidavits must be forwarded to
Ulis office, with the fragments to which
they relate, in order that the banks pre
senting such parts of notes may obtain
crédit for the saine.
Exceptional eases may occur in which
ua affidavit can be obtained, and where uo
reasonable, doubts can exist in regard to
the entire destruction or irreparable dam
age to missing portions of notes—as by
fire, acids, etc. —where evidence of identity
is ample by the signature of one or both
officers, or title or locality of the bank,
aud the denomination of the note—where
the integrity of the bill-holder is unexcep
tionable, and where no question conid
:i rise in regard to a fraudulent or improper
use of missing parts ; in such instances
judicious discrimination must necessarily
be exercised by the officers of the banks.
It is, however, advised that such notes
be received at their full face value, a per
fect note given therefor, a record being
preserved of the fact, to be sent to this of
fice with the mutilated note when returned
for redemption by the bank, in which case
full credit will be .allowed in this depart
Fourth—When uo satisfaction c&n be
obtained in regard to the missing parts,
and a possibility exists that any improper
use can be made of the same, it is recom
mended that a proportionate value only be
allowed, estimating this by comparison of
the propoition returned to the missing
parts. A record should be kept of the
amount allowed in all such instances, and
a voucher of the same reudered to this of
fice, when the mutilated note or notes shall
be returned for redemption.
F. Clarke,
Co»ptroll»r of the Currency.
litroitTANT,—Maj. Gen. Lawler issues
the following important circular, whieh it
would do well "for all persons concerned,
to tako into due and timely consideration.
We trust it may lead all who liave been
gnilty of the outrages complained of, to
make full and proper restitution to those
who may have suffered from unjust spolia
tions at their hands :
IIsadq'bs District of East Louisiana, I
limon Rollte, La., July 11,1862. f
Circular, No, 1.
Until the civil authority is fully restored,
aud civil courts are invested with full and
complete powers, any person found com
And those persons who have of late or
heretofore beeu guilty of such déprédations
or robberies, aue wap.nep , that tuiloss they
immediately return the property which
they have stolen, to the proper owners,
they will be arrested by the Military au
thorities, tried by a Military Commission,
and the full extaut of the Military law iu
reference to guerrillas and jayhawkers.
By command of
Brovot Mn,i. Gen. M. K. Lawler.
Lieut. & A. A. A. G.
lleatUiuai'tcrs District of Katon Kohi;(.
Baton Roi.'ot, La ., April Ith, 18US,
General Orders No. 20.
A tnx uf one thousand dollars per mnotli will be
SKseKHd on the real and per«i»fl|il pr purty ot the
Citizen« of Batou K< ii<e, tor the nurpoaeôl paying
tb. Gat Company for lighting the city, repairini.'
and improving the utreets.
All public buildiiiKS churches and charitubie
Institutions, unimproved real estate and 411 proj -
erty used by the United States Oovernnmnt, on
which, no rent is paid, will be evesipt from the
William Markham, If. D. Phillips and S. M.
Hart, :»r<> appointed Assessor» and will proceed
immediately to make the asseshment.
Oeo. A. Pike is xppoiuted Collector, and all tax
payers, on being notif ed by him of the amount
apportioned to them, will make immediate pay
ment for the present month, and on th» tirst of
etch succeeding month pay the same to him.
Persons not. complying within three days of the
time specified, will t>*> nharsted double.
The money collected will be paid out on the or
der of the Provost Mawlial, approved by the Bis
trli I Commander.
ar ori>kr or brio. oek. k. k. lawi kji
Majrrr antt A. A. General.
Hea<i<|uart<'rs District of Baton lionne,
Baton Rocoe, La ., April Ith, ISfiO.
General Orders No. 25.
To insure the health of the city, Iir. L. L. Lay
cook, Cltiien Physician, is appoint«! Sanitary
Commissioner, autl is charged with the sanitary
mei'sures necessary to be taken by the citizens.
Be will inspect their premises and üive all
needful direction?, wh : cli will be Immediately
complied with, he will direct where tb« tilth wilt
ho takeu to and how disposed of.
Pertons failing to comply with Iii« IiiatTuelionf
will incur a penalty of not legs than -"ifi for each
ollensii and day of non compliance. The i'r >v -I.
Marsha! of I he District will alford all military ai.l
nectary for carrying out this order.
ÏSV OKTVf'H or usio. era. H. K UT!.a :
ROBERT 1>ks A Ml KS,
Major and A. A. Ge.nerrt.
IStutcofLonlalanu —ParlshetEusI Hsloii
Buug«— Fifth Judicial Oistnct Court—No..''»IT,
Probate—In the Matter i.f the Accession ol
James M. Klaui, ileceised.
J)V VIRTUE of a commission to me directed
> from the Honorable tbe Jud^e of the l'iflh
Judicial District Court, of tbe State and Parish
aforesaid, 1 will expose to public sale at the rosi
deuce ob which the deceased. James M. Kl.tm,
resided at the lime of his death.
On Saturday, the 22d day of July
nest, A. ti., 18B5, at 12 o'clock M., the following de
scribed property, belong.ny to the succession of
James M. Ham, late of said Parish, deceased, vis .
Certain improvements upon Lot So 7 of Square
Ko. 26. iu Beauregard Town, consisting of a
FRANK BUILDING, fronting ou St, Ferdinand
street, a WELL HOUSE, a MILK HOUSE, and a
i : AT II 110UKB, together with a lot of 8KRVAXT
ROOMS and 8TOKH ROOM, added to .he Kitchen
on the premises. Upon the following tnrms and
renditions, via.'
for ca«h, iu V. S. Treasury Notes.
julyl« Sheriff.
Stntc ol'tionlHlnit«— I'nrisl« oI Kast Union
Rouge—Fifth Judicial District Uourt—No. 171,
Henry K Graham«« Joshua II. Alexander.
BY VlltTUKof a writ of fieri J'avia*, to me di
rected from the Honorable the Judge of the
Fifth Judicial District Court, iu and for the Par
ish and State aforesaid, I have seized and will ex
pose to public sale, at the residence of J B. Al
exander, about twelve miles from the city of Ba
ton Rouge,on the Bayou Sara Road, on
Saturday, the 5th day of August
next, A. P., 18(35, at 1^ o'clottk, AI., the following
described property, to-wit :
A certain tract or parcel of laud, situated in
Ihe Parish of Kast Baton Kouge, on the Bayou
Sara Road, about, twelve miles from the city of
Baton Kouge, containing six hundred aliu forty
(640) acre*, bounded North by lands belonging to
Vance, Kast by lands ofaullivan. South by lands
of Vailandisham, and West by lands of Robert
Young, with all buildings and improvements
1 cakhiaof,
10 Bales of COTTON, in tbe seed, more or less
And also,
ô Bales of COTTON, to be sold at the Court, j
lloure door, in the city ot' Baton Rouge, oa said
Seized to pay and satisfy the writ issued in tbe
above entitled suit, together with interest and
r ott.
Terms of sale, etixh, in U. R. Treasury Nt'tea,
with tho bene tit of appraisement.
ED. cousin ARD,
julyl Sheriff.
State of «n—I*«rlHli of Ka«t Bat<»»•
Rout?«—Fifth Judicial District Court—No. 7U0,
In the Matter of the Bmiceasioa ot' Eapeaw A.
£herburne, deceased—No. tî-JO —Probate.
BY virtue of a commission to me directed from
the Honorable tho Fifth Judicial District Court,
of the Parish and State aforesaid,! will expose to
public sale, at the Court House door, in the City
of Baton Konge, os
Monday, t]ie 7th day of August
next, A. D., 1866, at 11 o'clock A. M., of said day.
Isi. A certain tract of land, containing five hun
dred acres, known ax the "Fountain* Tract," on
nl ich the deceased last resided, with all the
buildings and improvements thereon
Üd. Another tuict of I tiid containing five hun
dred acres, known as the "Poller Heirs Tract,"
bounded North by Fountain* Tract, South by
Woolsides à Nettles, East by Woolsldes and West
by Nettles.
Upon the following terms and conditions, viz :
For cith, in IT. S. Treasury Notes.
july* Sheriff.
THK undersigned begs leave to
aunouuee to the public that
be will ruu a Stage tine regularly^
between Baton Kouge and Clinton,
as follows :
Zetwttt Baton Hmcge.eveiy Monday and Friday,
nt 6 o'clock, A. JH.
KcttV:>iny,leace» Clinton, Tuesday and Wrdne. dan, j
at O o'clock. A. M.
53P~The Stag» will start from the tbe Stable»
of Mr. B. B. Harbour, on Convention Street, Batou
Rouge, where packages and ortler« may ho left.
A t Clin ton, from Mr. Hyman's Boarding House.
J3T" Passsage or package» muât b» paid for
When booked.
State of Lenltlaiia- P»rl»h ofEast Baton
Bouge— Fifth Judicial District Court—wo. 348—
Jahlkti. Woodseudoe vs William F, Tcssaiui.
By virtue of a writ of seizure and sale to me
directed from the Hon. Fifth Judicial District
Court, of the Sta te and Parish aforesaid, I have
seized and will expose to public sale at the Court
House door, In the city of Baton Iloujfe, on
Saturday, the 5th day OP Aüüust nkxt,
a. d., 1865, at 12 o'clock, M., the following de
scribed mortgaged property, to-wit :
A certain lot of grouud situated in that part of
the city of Baton Rouçe, laid out by the late Rich
ard Devall. and designated on the plan thereof as
lot No eleven (11) ot sqaare No. fire (5), measur
ing sixty leet iront, oti Uhurch street,(uow Main)
by one hundred and sixty te et in depth, French
measure, with all the buildings and improvement»
Seized to pay and satisfy the writ issued in the
alioTe entitled suit, together with interest aud
Terms of sale, canh, in U. 8. Treasury Notes,
wiih tbe benefit of appraisement.
julyl sheriff.
Stnteof (.»iilalitiia — I'aiish of Knut But on
Roug,—Fifth Judicial District Court—No. tsil,
Probate—In the matter of the succession of Un.
BKKT Daiohk , deceased.
BY VIK'i'UK ot »commission to me directed from
the Honorable the Filth Judicial Jlstrlct
Court, of (be Parish and Stat« aforesaid, I will
expos.- to public sale at the Court House door.iu
the city of II.,ton Kouge, on
Saturday, ;mil 5th day of August n kxt,
A. D., 1855, at !*-4 o'clock. M., of said day the fo!
louiup described property, belonging to the suc
cession of GiuitKT OAKia;., late ol said Parish, de
ceased, to-vrt; ;
A certain tract of land or plantation, on which
Mrs. *(.1 y Ë. Dafôre resides, known as the Mulber
ry i; rove Plantation, in this Parish, containing
fonrt.jen liuudren acres, mora or less, bounded on
I he North by lands of Widow Daigre, fronting on
the Mississippi River; East by lands of Widow
Paiure and Penlstou, and West by "llolywood
Plantation," if i$li all tb» buildings and improve
ments tberooti .
Term« of ssle, i-ui/i, la I), s. Treasury Notes.
i:d. COU sinabd,
jurl Sheriff.
Stutc wi l^ouUlann—Pariah of East Baton
Kouge— luth Judicial District Court—No. 84Ù,
Lkos HostiKc'A»!: ««. William F. 'I h. vsaej).
BV VIRTUE I,fa writ ol Ji ja., to nie directed
from the Honorable the Filth Judicial Court,
ol tbe Parish slid State aluresbl, J have seized
and will-expose to public snlc.at the Court lieuse
door, in the city of Baton ltouge, on
saturday, Tllli öth ua\ OfAuGLST NEXT,
A. D., 1865, ut l'Ä o'clock, M., tJit? following de
scribed property, to-ivit;
A certain lot of ground situated in that part of
the city ol' Hatuu ltouge, laid rut by the la;t>
Richard Itevajl, und designated on the plan
thereoi a*. lut .so. Lin, ( 10), ol square No five, (5),
measuring sixty ivrl front on Churoh street,
(now Main), by one buudred und. fifty feet In
depth, French measure, together with all th«
buiIUii gs and tin > .eojctits ihereon.
Seittui to a)- and Mtl-Jy thu writ issued in the
above I.umbered cause, together with Interest
nnd cost.
'J'unus of srilo, «iiufft, lo 1j. S. Treattiry Notes,
with the benefit of .ippraistmeut
jnlyl. Sheriff.
S til 1 1- olTiUU Islnn M _ Parish ot East Un Mn
Kouge—« ifib Judicial District Court—No. 754.
Probate—In Hi« matter of tbe guccesalon of
Joshua La.nJi , deceased.
f)y VIRTUE of a commission to me directed,
) from the Honorable the Fifth Judicial District
Court, ot ti t Parish and State aforesaid, 1 will
expose to public sale at tile plantation on which
the deceased, JoSIlOA Land, i ended at the time of
bis death, on
Wehnesdav , the 2i> day of August next,
A. D., 1S05, at o'clock M., of said ^ay—a cer
tain tract of land, kuosu and described as situa
ted, about twenty seven miles from the city of
Baton KoUge, on the Saudy Creek Road, in the
l'arteh or c-ast Baton Kouge. bounded North by
James Neasupa, Kast by the heirs of Lloyd, South
by heirs ol'lj i ge Chaney, and V>est by Joseph
Drehr,.. containing live hundred and thirty
ac ts. w re or less, together with ail the personal
properly belonging to the estate of the said Jossen
Land , deceased, consisting ol-
B U O U »,
Several bale-, i . COTTON, in seed,
■ I!., 4c., Ac.
Terms ol -i.e, ca*/t, in U. S. Treasui^ Notes.
julyl Sheriff.
Klateof Louisiana—Pa oi'ftaal Baton
Kouge—Kitrh Judicial Dint riet Court—No.l0-i
Jon> Brno th, iIr..\rifc'ita Williams.
I) V ViHTIJK «f a writ of seizure aud sale, to me
) 'liriyot a «u'i ».bo Honorable the Judge ot the
«Hu »ti « trie Court, of the Parish and
rttaie aJojtJo^iü. 1 have seized, an«) will expo«» to
public sale al the Court iioune door, in t lie i ity
uf Baton Kouge, ou
Saturday, tue 5th day of August next,
A.D., l^cr» at I'i o'clock, M., the followiuj de
si-ribid mortgaged property, to-wit:
A .crtuiii plantation, known as the Arlington
Plantation, containing twenty two and a half
arpent« fron*, on the >usNitjsippi river, by forty in
depth, lea vir nine hundred and tlxirt> superß
uiai ariicnu, together with all the buildings and
iiuproveuients thereon, bounded above by lands
of t he succession of Guy Duplantiwr.
Also another tract of land iu said Parish, ad
joining the one just described, on the lower line,
containing: six arpents front on the said river, by
forty in depth, bounded as e»tat«d by the tract
tirsi bore desci ibed, and by >ands of Phillip
Hick*, Mow, with the buildings and improve
ments thereon.
Seized to pay and satisfy a writ issued upon a
twelve months bond, together with interest and
Terms of sale, c ' cWa , without the benefit of ap
praisement. in 1 fc>. Treasury Notes.
fci>. CODS1NARI),
julyl. She» iff.
StatiufLeitl^iaim-Puriith offen*! Baton
ilOBge—PUttt Judicial District Court—No. 172,
Mary Eu» m a tiraham *w. Joshua B. Alexander.
BV VIKTUK of n writ of ßcrl facias to me di
rected from the llonoraoie Judge of the
Fifth Judicial bistrict Court, in aud for the Par
ish and State afore-aid, T have* ««ix«d and will
expose to public sale, at the residence of Joshua
Ii. Alexander, about twelve (12) nilietJ from tho
city of liatou Kouge, on the ilayou àara Koad, on
Saturday, the 5th day of August
next, A. V., 1805, at 114 o'clock, M., the following
described property, to-wit:
A certain timet or parcel of laud, situated in
the Parish of Esst Baton ltouge, twelve milea
from the city of Baton Kouge, on th« llayon Hara
Koiid, containing six hundred and forty (tilO)
acres, bounded North by land« belonging to
Vanca, Kant by lands of Sullivan, .South by lunda
of Vallandlgham, and West by Unds of Hilbert
Young, with all the buildings and improvement«
— Also—
2 HOKBff!?,
10 llaleaofOCiTON,in the ««ed.more or ItM,
Aud alae,
& Bale* of COTTON, to lie sold at the Court
House d'.'Or, iu tho city of Baton Ituuge, on »aid
ätlzed to pay and eatisfy the writ iasu"d in the
above ontit!«J suit, together with iuteroet and
Term» of sale, cash, in U. S. Treasury Notes,
w ith the benefit of appraisement
1 ill. C0U81NARD,
jnljl Sheriff.
Withit ! flvb iniles of this city,
well leased and having a good _
dwelling house thereon. The
land is new and of the best quality, with about
one half of It cleared, the balance in pasture. The
place Is admirably adapted for a nurnery anil
garden. For particulars enqulrre at the otfic« of
tli» G aaette an d Comet. j an 14.
The Br itish Reviews,
b lao k wood's magazine.
6. /
For any of the four Reviews $•'! tui
For any two of the fonr Reviews & Ü0
For any three of the four Reviews J t>0
For all four of the Reviews S 00
For Blackwood's Magazine., 8 Ct>
For Blackwoed and one Review S 00
For Blackwood and two Reviews 7 00
For Blackwood and three Heviews 9 00
For Blackwood and tbe four Reviews 10 00
j V . B—The pricein Great Britain of the five Peri,
odicaliabort named in $01 per annum.
Published by
No. 3N Walker Sirrrt,
aprl7-ly.] Nf.w York.
J. A. Fellows , of Marion Lodge, No. 08,
Grand Master.
K dwakd SÎM'.N'KTT. of Oceuu liOdge, No. 144, Dep
uty Grand Master.
G kob < ii A. P ike , of St. James Lodge, No. -17, Se
nior Grand Warden.
John Booth , of Mount Moriah Lodgn, No. S!l,
Junior Qrand Warden.
Hk H rv R. gWASit, of George Washington Lodue,
No. 05, Urnnd Trensuror.
Sa.mlbl M. Todd , of Marlon Lodge, No. tffi, Grand
JoesG. Di slap , of Mount Moriah Lodge, No.
Grand Chaplain.
A a no-) H arm », of Louisiana Lodge, No. 102,
Senior Grand Deacon.
Jons A. Stbybhsos , of Dudley Ixidßf, No, fki,
Junior Qrand Descoti.
J oseph T. Hobnok , of Marion Lodge, No. «S,
Grand Marshal.
Thomas Cbipps , of Msrlon Lodge, No. tl8, Grand
Sword Bearer
A. G oldman , of Ocean Lodge, No. 144, Grand
M. A. C auisuki :, of Perseverance Lodge. No 4 :
0. F. Husitt , of Orleans Lodge, No. 78; U ksr
Gt'TinnBEZ, of Concord laidge, No. 3) J. F. M.
FoipARD , of Foyer Maconniciue, No 44, Grand
OVtS'i'Avcs Sokta «, of George Washington Lodge,
No. t!5, Grand Tyler.
r. o. o. r.
The R. W. Grand Lodge of Louisiana, 1.0. 0. J'.
meets semi-annually oij the Fourth Tuesi'ay In
Jitiuary and July, i» Grand Lodge Room, Odd
Fellowt Hall, corner of Cninp aud I.uiK>et I«
streets. New Orleans.
otocebs ï'or me viti:sr .nt vkar:
A Wallace Hunter , of Teiuplar Lodge, No. 10,
M. W. Grand Master.
Gi;okoe NtiKOSKsBlt, of Geruianla Lodge, No. -9,
R. W. D. Grand Master.
J. G. Humus, of Washington Lodge, N'o. 3, R. W.
Grand Warden.
Hkn av Bikb , of Hope Lodge, Nn. I t, R. W.
Grand Secretary.
N. W. Woolvkrtos , of Union Lodge, Ne. ti, It.
W. Grand Treasurer.
P. G. M. h. Homes , and I'. u, R. L. F. Towra
Representatives to the R. W. Grand Lodge, Uni«
ted States. 9'
J. G Duni.ap , of Howard Lodge, No. 13, r. vv.
Grand Chaplain.
G. N Mohison , of Commercial Lodge, No. '
R. W. Grand Marshal.
F. KorNMFJtiT/., of lndep<!ndence Lodge, No. Ifil,
K. W. Grand Conductor.
A. T homson , of Union Lodge, No. I>,R. W. Grand
•John Fha.nkfobd , of Crescent Lodge, No. 3, R.
W. Grand Herald.
A. T. Y enni , of Covenant Lodge, No. 1 7, District
No. 2, comprising Washington Lodge, No. 3, and
Covenant. Lodge, No. 17.
John E. Walker , of Pacilie Lodge, No. 33, l)is
trict No. comprising Jefferson Lodge, r »o. 9,
and Pacific Lodge, No. 33.
J. C. Charrotte , of De Soto Lodge, No. 7, Dis
trict No. 7, comprising De Soto Lodge, No. 7.
Jacok F. Hern, of Hermann Lodge, No. 39,
District No. 15, comprising Teutonia Lodge, No.
10, Independence Lodge, No, X!, Germanin Lodge
No. 39, and Helvetia Lodge, No. 44,
All communications to the R. W. Orand Master
or Grand Secretary should be forwarded to the
Office of Grand Secretary, In Odd Fellows Hull.
Orand Secretary.
1 establishment, west of the Market, is now sup.
plied with the very liest
All the attachés of the establishment are scien
tific compounders of SMASHKSand COCKTAILS;
interested In maintaining the reputation of the
bouse. There is a tine BILLIARD TABLKin the
front room and a CLUB-ROOM up stairs, free to
all gentlemen visiting the house.
octl-3m Proprietor,
Lafayette Street Restaurant,
urnt, y — THE undersigned lieg»
*Lli l^ave respectfully to an
T'nfl§l.(är nounee to the public and
to his old friends and*
customers, that the above establishment has un
dergone thorough repairs and will be re-opened
on Monday the 3d of April, 18CS. None hut. the
best of WINES, LIQI OBS AND CIGARS will be
kept in the establishment.
r^MIE undersigned beg leave to announce to tbe
citizens and the public generally of Baton Roug»
& surrounding country that they have Opened aij
loo House
in the store formerly occupied by the late Col. A.
Matta , on Main street, near the river, where par
ties can be supplied at wholesale and retail,and
at such prices as to defy competition.
will bo opened from 6 o'clock In the morning to 1
in the evening. On Sundays, frei» n to 8 o'clock
in the morning.
Proprietors, "City loo ffouvt-.'
Baton" Roche , May, 1*«5.
Lumber Î Lumber ! Î
THE undersigned respectfully announce
to the public that they have on hand and for
«aie a large supply of assorted
IL* u mm. mm mesz .wot. §
They have a Saw Mill in operation, which ena
blet'nem to supply the public with any variety er
quantity of lumber, and will be happy at all
times to recive ordars from customers
LKFF.VKtt A\ JA inn,
july-lm Cor. Lafayette and Main Sts,

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