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Baton Rouge tri-weekly gazette & comet. [volume] (Baton Rouge, La.) 1865-18??, December 02, 1865, Morning, Image 4

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-•%, SI;
Not "»ta/}^e|" of mom or ere,
Jflat bid thé dumb canvaiw utter
-T to . Tbi P^iry lujMipa^hal) Wi
Your brush tball ;
yoar calory
Tb» varied hue« life wear»—
Ami, artist, to moisten jour palette,
When needed, I'll «tve you tears
Pfrst, paint on the magic canrass,
A mead«,* Of freshest f^eett,
Koelui, ragged and sharp and bloodstained.
Where tenner young feet bave gone.
From the dead motberVlëy hosotn
Y - ïot^ansbfr the roc les atoae.
Then,paint me a weary desert.
O'er hung with a leaden sky,
Where never a bird did carol,
Abdaever a breeze sweep by.
Uip Jfour brush In the water» of March,
And paint desolatjop there,
A barted ho»e, and a grave of love,
.m»*?*«W «Ha* ofdet» <J«»pilr.
Then, ne*t, paitit a fervid summer—
. R *lif gbrgtou#trtp(drf scene—
\ t > fi .Wth bursting fruit and bleeding vine»,
And the foliage rank and green ;
With rosy clnnds and folden
0'«< bartgf >ig the scene above—
With ay soul for your palette, artist,
IX(lA! i'aint me this dream of love.
A/^Then 811 tip ynnr canvass, painter,
yj'jt)» elp«d»of misty grey;
To-morrow is yet In c ^oudiapd,
Our picture Is dbne to-day.
I'll banglt where *11 shall honor
■« I* «»*& MÏÏ.ÂÎ.X "tut,
is known but tb you and me.
' 'Away will» Spectacle».
(Wdf jljres made now without Spectacle»,
JÉ^ctpr.pr Medicine. Patnphletinaileid free
on jt^cqjpt of ten cent». Addrsaa £. B.
jî'ooTE, M. D., 1180 Broadway, New York.
eclectic; magazine.
New Votum« begins Janoary, 1866.
rpiIE ECLi-CTIC MAGAZINE is, as it* name
I indicates, a »election trom other magazine«
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We b<ve ahm arfiiTiged to afecure choice selec
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*" «ov2D-3t
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Mil» Mackeszi«, by Anthony Trollope.
1'errv, or Portooes and Frolics, by Mrs. Sore.
Th* Young Cadet, by Oapt. Bellew.
Manoeuvres, by Mr«.
ïamjly Fallings.
The Mkrrying Mal».
A Marriage of Mystery.
The boviger, by M m. Gore.
Mottet* and flasghters, by Mrs. Gore.
/nnie. or Contentment, by Mrs. Mackensie
Epr sale hy JOSHUA BEAL,
nrrv?l-«t corner Third and Convention its.
[T^OR SALE at retail by,
Notice to the Public. : j ;
Tilt UNDKRSIGNEDhavingbongbt the »ntire
s tock of Drv Good»,Clothing, Ac., Ac., of J.
K owalski , at the old stand of P. Capdevielle.
b »g lerfv# to Aimnonee «0 the public that he will
«entinue the business as therefore, and hereby
appoint^Mr. A K .W a ME i as my Agent to carry
ing on said establishment and respectfully so
licits the patronage of my frieads and public
generally. L. DAL8I1EIMBR.
It will be seen by the above, that Mr. L. DAJr
SHE1MEÎI having bought the entire stock ofU.
Kowalski , has appointed me his. Agent to carry
on the Dry Goods and Clothiag bnrtnesi, etc , at
the old stand. Thankful.to my friends and the
jiuhUc gcuerally for their liberal pstronairs here
tnffi7e extended tho esUblishmont, solicits a son
tinuat'cetOf Unisame. A.KOWALSKI,
», (OT»14t Agent.
lafayïîtte street,
J^ESPKCTFULLY informs his friends and the
public generally, that he has on hand a comnleta
«tofk of the j ( ,
And is ready to furnish gentlemen witft
Suit« of Che liKteat eu id Richest Style«,
tST"AU çt&ars promptly toc^ecuUd. octlt-tf
Watchmaker » Jeweler,
itli t a» ,«i*' m rnt vsbt bust stti*.
IWAOg .') fe nil 0 . j ,'■! I .
A I. W *>' R ON HAND.
Lafayette Street, Baton Kouge, La.
,11/100Aw .aolttyri \.i > f ■ ■ ■■
FULL auppliei'Of the above archies.
l W , r M l^«dfor ÄsDAgg
3 aiyl-tr
Cor, Main and Leree St*.
Stata of Louisiana—Pariuh ot West Fell
dana,Judicial DiftirWÊenrtM-i
No. 181ir7-|:ii»»,Ç- *8- J- & H
Paritina. „ f .
BY V'IKTÜB of- it writ' (fpfléfi ' facto*
iaaaod on «» twelve-, months' bpaijl.,
and to me directed from the Hon - .the,
Judge of tbe Seventh Judicial District
Court, in and for tbe parish arid State afore*
•aid, I hate this day ^November 21(tt; : A,'
D. 1865,) seized and taken into.my ,portse&' J
aion and willeipose to public àaié(! at _the
Court House door of the Pariah Of £aat
Baton Kouge, in the City of B«ton Kouge,
w. •
Saturday, Ihe 6th day of January next
"A.""ö.'„ ; là«i, at 11 o'clock. M., of eaid
day the following deaoribed properly, up
on which the twelve montes' bond \yaji
given aa follows, tö^wit t :i i- ..
A oertain tract of LAND or PLANTA
TION known as tbe Bichland PliiHtfttion,
and situated in the Parish of East Baton
Bouge, at about two and oho half mile»
from the Oity oi Baton Bouge, aad con
taining nineteen hnndred and teleiven
(1911) acres, more Of less, WiVfe ail the
buildings "and improvements therfcunto
Also the following desciibed proporty
beloniting to Wis. ß. Pijtc,, to-wit:
1st. A certain LOT of ÇliUpNDaiuiaUid
in that part of the Cjtv pf Baton Kongo,
laid out by the lata G. Leonard, aji(I désig
na ted on the plan thereof atrLot Nq . 11, of
Square No. three (3.) meàhjijrfng. SO feet
front on Church street, by 120 feet in
depth on Convention »treet being a cor
ner lot. 1 $ .1
2d. Lots Nos. 6 and 12 of S^Oa+e No. 3,
situated in the city of Baton Kongq, and
in that part of said ùify'làid out t>y illckey,
Duncan and MaU»«r. ,
3d. A certain Lo t 1 of ÔBOUND sittiRfied'
in that part of tbe Oity of Butftn Kouge
laid out by the late Kiehard Öävall and,
dèsignated on the plan tbereot as Lot No.
1, of Suara No. 3, measuring 60 feut front
on Third street, by 120 feet in depth on
Florid* street, it bein» a corner* lot. '
4th. A certain LOT of OKOÜND situa
ted in that part,'of the C'rtr of Baton K obk»
laid out by the late QilOjrt Leonard, and
designated on the plan thyreo I tu Lot No.
10, of Square No. 8. measuring 60 feet
front on Church streot, (.formerly
street,) by 120 in depth, French mtxisure.
5th. Two certain LOTB of GROUND
situated in that part of the City of Baton
Bouge laid, out by Bichard Devalk and
d«si^nat«l on the plan theireof as Lots
Nos. 5 and 8, of Sqnara No. 8, measuring
each 60 feet front by 120 feet in depth,
French measure.
6th. A certain LOT of GLOUND situa
ted in that part of tbe City, of Baton Bouge,
laid out by Hiekey, Duncan & Mather, and
designated on the plan thereof as Lot No,
4, in Square No. 5, measuring 80 feet front
on Florida street, by 120 feöt in depth,
French measure. '
7th. A certain LOT of GltOLND situa
ted in that part of the City of Baton
Bonge, laid odt by Hickey, Duncan &
Mather, arm designated on the plan there
of as Lot No. 3, in Square No. 5, measur
ing 60 feet front on Florida street, by 120
leet between parallel lines.
8th. Three eertain LtJTS of OBQUND
»ituated in the same part ot the Cjty of
Baton Kouge, as the last above described,
being Lots Nos. S, 10 and 11, in Square
No. 5.
9th. Four certain LOTS of GROUND
situated in that part of the dity^of Baton
Rouge, laid, otitby Jlickey, Duncan &
Mather, and designated on the plan there
of, as made by W. & W. G. V^aller, as
lots Nos. 6. 7, 3 and 12, of Square No. 5-;
Lot No. 6, having a front «i tiu/oèt on St.
llypolite street, by a depth of Uo feet.
Lot No. 7, forming the south west corner
of 8t. H y pol it« and fjonvention strests, by
a depth of 120 feet on St. Mypolité' street.
Lot No. 8 having a fron t of HO foot on Con
vention street, by a depth of 12Ô feet. Lot
No. 12 having a front ol 60 leet on Fifth
street, by a depth of 150 feet, French
The foregoing lotB will be sold with all
the improvements on them röspeclävoiy,
and all the rights and privileges m any
manner appertaining to them.
Terms of sale—Cash, without the benefit
of apprisemeot.
Seized to pay hfid satisfy the writ issued
under a twelve months' bond, together
with interests and costs.
nov2S Sheriff.
Slnlc of Louisiana—Parish ilfKnst Union
Rouge— Fifth Judicial District Court-
Wrn. 8. Pike vs. I. N. Collins.—No. 402.
BY virtue of a writ of fieri facias to rue
directed from the Honorable the Judge
of Che Fifth Judicial District 'Court, of the
Parish and State aloresaid, I have seized
and will expose to public sale at the Court
House door, in the city of Baton Kouge on
Saturday, tbe 2d of December next,
A. D., 1865,at 12 o olock.M., the following
P T^o y £oT8 OF GROUND in the city of
Baton Bonge, {aid out by Richard Devall,
and denignated on the plan- thereof a* t,<hA~
No. 4 and 5 in Square No, 10.; mcanoring
sixty feet front, each, by one hundred »rid
twenty fèetin depth, F renelrmeasure with
the buildings and irnproY ec8( 'P IS thereon.
Seized to pay and satis# iWwrits issiwd
in the abofo cause together; uptji interest
and costs.
Terms of sale—cash, in U. 8. Treasury
Notes, With the benefit of appraisement.
oct31 Sheriff.
8tate of Louisiana—Fifth District Court
Parish of Kast Baton Rouge Succession
of Francis Thomas—No,. (SOI.
~X\7 ilEUEAS Jefferson Thonua of said
W Parish, has this day ti.odwith
tlse Clerk of said Court his application'-to*
be appointed Administrator of the above
auccession. •'<
Notice is hereby given to all parties in
terested to file their reasons (ir an^ they
have,) in writing, with the Clerk of said
Court, at his office, in tho city of Baton
Bonge, within ten days from the firwt pub
lication of this notice, why said up plica,-,
tion sh<mld notha grafted
Witness my hand and the seal of said
Court this th« 80th day of October.! A. D.,
1868. L. ALLA IN,
aov29-10d Deputy Clerk.
State of Louisiana— Fifth Distriet Ccrart
—Parish East Baton Roage ;- : No. 953—
SircMfSiénwjWîneé'S. Bfiblfej.
THEREA9 Leon Bnnnpeace ban tbm !
W d a y fifed with the Clerk "of said
Court his application to be appointed A«U
tpinistratoj- of ^he said. succession ,
Notfcé ts Were by g?vèn "fo all parties in
terested to file their reasons (if an^ they
have) in writing within ten day^ from
the first publication of this BOtioe, w*hy
said application should not be granted.
Witness my hand and the seal of said
Co «rt, this the' 29th day of November. 1865. !
' * t a LLAIN '
, - Detrntv Clerk
v '
FBW more barrels,of tke best in M«itet, just
»torsd and for sale by
Parish of East
State of Louisiana
Jti^l 'ftféfrWi Cöurt
No. SSï-rWillium Blaekie t « a J oht) Mc ^
of k Writ' of seiznrs 'a^'J
D «ale to m«/dir«cted frotm tha Hoinora
bl« the Fifth Judicial District?Coult,pf the
Parish and Stato fcforesaid, I have »eized<
and "Will expose to pnMib s^le at the Court'
ÏJptise do«r in tho city of Baton Konge on
Nalnrday, the 6th day of January next
A. D., 1SG«, at 11 o'clock, it., of said tlay,
the buiMingsland improvements thereon,
situated to that part of the City of Baton
Rotige, celled Hull's Kow^ : and d«srgjnat*d
00 ! the plan thereof as lot*No; ('9),, tline,
measuring (21) twen,ty-ooe.feet on Lafay
ette AfSe?, by (4fey fdrt^ ibdepfhoti North
street, being the name property purchased
by the present mprtgwiar,, fçcra William
•H. 'Krjberät, pel act before Sim. Skoflfieldj
Reorder, dated M5th of September, ljB55.
Seized to pay asd satisfy the writ Issued
in thei above cauae together with interests
and costs. s ; 1,1 " , ,8(
Tortus of sale— casli iö U. 9. Tréasury
ITotOs with the benefit of appraisement.
novas Depnty Sheriff
State of Louisiana,—Parish of Eâst Eel ici -
ana—Filial Judicial District Cburt—
Nov 1480rr Mary E.' Green vg. Jojin N.
Grepn^. tutor. ,
BY VT k TÜE of a writ oißeri facia» Jssued
sud to oig directed from tha Hon. tbe
! Ti<fth*JuSfcÄ#FD&»ict ftonÄfof'th« parish
and St»,U> »ft>r#t^id, I have seized and will
exposa'ro ptrblïc safe, Ön the plantation olè
John N. Green, the, défendant, situa#«^.
ubopt îj^miles.^naflth pf the city .of Baton
Rouge, on the "ty&Çvn Bouge and Bayou
Sâra tîottd,^ on
SatRrdit^i the rtth <Jay Of Jnnt»ry neit (
A. L)., 184«, at 12 o,'clock, M., ©f said day,
the following described property* té-wi» :
A certain TRACT OfLAND, Containing
two huodred and twenty acre»; Situated'
ïn the Pariah'of'Ecst Baton Bouge, about
Conyiaux, Weitt by landa,of JUrs. S.D.
Urnberhagen, and ip (rootJby .A. ß\ Um^
jberhagen. Said tract, of land was
chased by John N. Green, as per act passed
before K. 8-Stuart, Recorder, on tnei 14th
diiy of Dikiembér, A. fi., 1853, fr6m 'A. E.
U inberhàgêri.
Also tne following personal described
pi'Opêrty', tO-wltf
StX HltfA® OF CATTLE', " '
l'l V F 1 ' PA nf OF GE ARS.
Seized to'pajr 1 ahd satisfy the writ issued
inthe above cause, together with interests
ahd hosts. ' ' 1 I 1
This property will be sold subjec^ to a
lease of the sanle to J«hn T Landryi, e*iB
ou Wd by defendant Green on the 25tfe d<|J
of September, a. d ., 1865, as per act pastel
before J. O'Connor, Recorder.
nov28 Shejriff.
t)4 miles from the City of Baton
bounded as follows; fto,.tlwby ^e lands
of Mrs. Stephens, North by lan#s^o ' Mrs.
State of Louisiana—Parish of Pointe Con
pee—Seventh Judicial District C®urt—
No. 206—Probate— în tho matter of the
succession of Jules Landry, deceased.
"E>Y VIRTUE of a commission to rne di
O rected trom the Honorable Seventh
Judicial, District, Court, of the Parish and
Stifte * WmWAaM, I Will 'expose to public
^fle. at tlwî Qtft»ïl> Hont»e dooi;,^n'tlle city
of Bâton Kouge, on ' s |
Saturday, tbe 2d oi December pext,
A. D., 1865, at 11 o'clock, A. M., o't said
1st. A certain tract or parcel of LAND,
situated on St. Charles street,,in the city
of Bafcçn Rouge, measuring seventy-live
foot (Fronch measure,) more or less^frorit
on St. Charles street, by sixty-nine feet
six and three-quarter inches, more or less,
(French measure,) in depth, with the
buildings and improvements thereon, be
ing the South half of the corner lot, and
numbered ten (10.) of Square 'fenr (4,)
Leonard Town, as surveyed by Alessrs.
"Waller; part of Lot No. twelve (12) and
Lot No. eleven (11,) of Square four,, being
the (farhé property purchased by said de
ceased from 1 herese Sonlat, by act of sale
before William liabba. Beoorder, May 26th,
1840, in B ook S., Fôliè, 282, of Notariai
AotS. . j-r.r r ■'
Terms of sale—on a credit of twelve
months,the purchaser to furnish bis bond
with approved security, bearing eight per
cant, interest from the day of sale until
paid, mortgage retained on the property
sold until full and final payment of said
botld. A. J. HOGAN,
nov# Deputy Sheriff.
8tnt« or l,(illlnlin»-I'«rlHllofl'.n«t Union
Rouge—Fifth Judicial District Cotirt—
No._821—Probate—In tho matter of the
suoc^ssffcri. of Phillip Green weH and
i wife) both deceased.
BY VIRTÜE of a commission to me
directed from the Honorable Jjidjge of
the Fifth Judicial District Court| of the
Pàrishand State aforesaid,! Will expose lo
pubUç sale at the Cour^House door ifi thé
City'of Baton Rouge, oh
Saturday, 16th of December öext,
A. D.. 1865, at 12 o'clock, M., of said day,
the following described property, to-jwit:
, The T&ACT of LANOi on whicli de
ceased last rejiidédj in this parish, wjtjh all
^hulli'jiliBngs,; im|irivèaierit» and oppur
t<inâncCfTthtir Cunto "rrêfôti'gï Ö g , Cî>htainin£
faurTi undrÄLf40 , >):acr'5s-, diÄant about IS
miles from the city oi Baton Rouge ; and
bounded on the North by lancjstof the
heirs of Joel Barnett ; East by the Amite
river; South by the Greenwell Springs
tract; and West by Avery and Hubbs,
Terms of Sftle cash, in U. 8. Treasury
novll Shoriff.
Statte of Louisiana—Parish of East BaUta,
Rouge—Fifth Judicial District Cou^t-
No. 77S, :BrebaSe-*-lQ the siaùttr of the,
succession of Felix Brunot, deceased
Y virtue of acommist-ion to me directed
from fcbeHeoorable JatJgp pf-^he fifth
Judicial DiStriôr (jrMrt, 'of'the l'ärislj and
State ufovessid, I will eexpose to public sale
at the Court House door in the oity of Ba*
ton Roug«,©h :
Saturday, the 2d of December wxt,
B 1
! A.D.at 12 o'clock. M., of «aid day,
the following described property, to-wit :
Lot» pSD$-]f>pe. Wo atsd three df Square j
No. ; two, measuring Ofle JjppdTeJ and j
eighty feet front On America street, witti a 1
depth of one hundred and seventy feat Olj
Natchez street, with all the buildings and
! •nptotements thereon. j ' '' ' ' 1
Upon the following terms and aondi tions,
vij : '' ; 1 •. V
ferms öf sala— on a prédit of twelvé
'i' crras 'M ?a!e-on a créait or twelve
months, the purchaser to furnish his bond ;
with apjAvved sactirity, baring eight per f
cent, interest from tha day of sal» until j
paid— mortgage retained on the property j
aold until full and final payment of eald !
bond. ID, cousinard,
n ,vf Sheriff. I
State of Louisiana—Parish of East Baton
Rouge—Sijctirfnow Fifth) Judicial Dis
* "" 1 vs. H.
"I > Y virtue oi an alta i writ olfi. fa.
I 1 on a twalv». months' bond and
dinicted from the Honorable the Ju
ÎÏMIÎMW.1%» . iWJ District
Court, of the Parish and State aforesaid, I
1865,) seized and taken into my posset
and will ex^t»twwiMidWile, atfjfe Court
■H ohsö db6r,in Ihscity ofBatÖn Kouge, on
' Saturday, tbe 6th day of January,
d * <N ?"" b " ,t,b '
meaaure, hft^N wl*fc »11.tbe
m tb? pifcy pf/ B^ton gouge, meaAring
one nundred reet on Third street, by one
hundred and twenty feet in depth, French
and iniprt^meots thereon, baing thejsame
lately occupied by the Branch of the
siana State Bank, at Baton Roug«
residence of William 8. Pike. Th<
Another LOT OF GROUND, beingl,
«9-/Jo^«toWuriag)4ne handr.d feét
TU:„l hv nriH hnri/lr,»^ önrl
4th. Anoth^r.LOT "OF GROUND, ad
joining on the Kifst The *t4ro lota juftt ^e
scribed, b«iägäSötHe.<Twelve of thf said
Sçpttne >^c»J!Six#a?d measuring sixt^ feet
flWL ■ .
|«tKerwiib all the buildings and improve
thereon. The three lots lait de»-;
scribed were,p'ljichBsed by the said W|m. 8.
Pike from E. F. Phillips, on tho 27th day
of January. W54, fey act passed before! Sam.
äW-SÄ Ei
under a twelve months' bond and jn tho
aWfrè éAt'Itlëâ sait, together with irjterest
and costs, i i.
Torms of sale—cash, without the benéDt
of appraisement, in V. 9. Treasury notsa.
Six in that part of the city o:
Kongo laid oat by D^vall
2d. Anc " *
iaiöorttr/i r „
front on Third street, by one hundrefl and
twenty feet on Florida streqfr, Britttijmea
sure, together witb^tyiftJjuildinefc and
improvements thereon, wlrich ; ,
forms also a pctrtfpji pft<^ 8 five lots abi»'
referred to, and on which lot Is bjiilt a
brick tMrtftWrig kbéWn as -'Pike'» Roi.' !
ikLyatO ^rtain LOTS OF GROU-ND
adjornltiirlne first above described lot, for
.fBfdyiofcupied by the Branch of the Loui
siana State Bank, on the north of said lot,
Wtiare No. Six, Devall town, meaning
fifty feet eacit frtnt «d TMfcl istteet,
one hundred and twrpjti« fçevji depl^h;
"Laurä street, by one Irj n
in depth, all French measure, to
ill. «II ll.^ knlhlirirfü ar ,,l
State of Louisiana—Parish of East |?aton
K o ug e, ^ i ft h ,J n d ijjp 1 District Court—
No. S70—SatnuW ffkralsofi vs. John C.
Foreman find Nancy Foreman.
T)Y VIRTUE of a writ of fieri facia» to
_L> mc directed Irpni.the Honorable the
Judge of the Fifth Judicial Ufttiot Court,
Of tTia I^irish alia State aforesâfd ,T h%^e
seised and. will ejposf>>0 jmWjc sale at«h« '
tîôùrt House door, in the city of Jlalon
.Songe, »»tVoin« .laaili biltlX I
Saturday, tbe 2d of December pext,
A. D., 1SB5, at 12 o^fock, M., of said day
the foil owing described, mortgaged prop
erty, to^wit : . t
A certain tract or parcel ofLAND, »itu
ated ifi this warisbj on Bayou Manchac
ebeutf Értûrteèd laites IrÀén the city of Ba
ton Rouge, containing six l^uudrecS and
ninety-six (696) arpents, morèor le Sri,
bounded on the North ë^'lfciids formerly
belongiOff to Prendor <r»st (now Mansur;)
Wemt, by 1 an da ol Willis; East by lands of
Hereford, and South by Bayou Manschac,
together with âlî the buildings and im
provements thereonw''! 1 '
Seized to pay and satiafy tie wxjt »«wed
sfh ibfi 'iilxiM anÜtleVViit^ekgetlier iwith
the interest and costs.
Terms of »alowön a credit of twelve
months, the purchaser to furnish his bond
with approved security, béaring eight pier
cent interest from the day 0^ sale tintil
paid, mortgage retffittted on the property
sold until tbe full and final paymapt of
said bond. ED. COUSINARD,
nov9 Sheriff.
State of Louisiana— Pariah of East Baton
Rougo—Fifth Judicial District Coart—
. No^893—N. KyXnox y», |. Al V^liJiams
aÀmi»istr*tw,»«na a*».' - \
BY virtue of writ oifi, fa- issued anfi to
me directed from the Honorablè tho
Judge of tbo Fifth Judicial District Court,
of the Parish and .State aforesaid,I have
seited and will expo.«e t <i public f«ile, at the
f-ourt House door, in the city of B|aton
Rouge, on
Saturday, the (Tib flay of .January next,
A. D., 18(56, at 12 o'elock, M,, of said day,
the following described property, to-wit:
All the right, title, interest anddistribu
tive portion of Defendant, Isaac A Wil
liams, in the succesaion of his mother Mrs.
Henrietta E. Williams,deceased.
Seized to pay ajid satisfy tbe writ issued
in the above Stilt,' together with interest
aiyl-CPftte, < < -y s rr .
Tefms 'of sale—caBh, m U. 8. Ttessury
Notes, with thft benefit of appraisement.
St «teof I.otilHl«nn— Piirlsh »fEMt Bnton
Rouge—Fifth Jödiöla! District Court
No. 810—Id thetoatjter of the succession
: of Heory Droz, deceaaeid.
BY virtue of aoornmieston to me direct
ed from the Honorable the Judge
of the Fifth J udieial District CourÇ, 6f the
Parish and State aforesaid, I wlil expose
to public sale, on the premises whereon the
decejueed-tast ridâetk, in tliis Parish about
15)4 miles f rom the city of Baton Roug«,
j &atwday, thè^ IGtb ol December next,
A. D.,1865, at 12 o'clock,^., the following
described property, to-wit:
1st. A céftaîn tract or parcel ofLAND,
lyiHg uHd- beisg in the Pifish of East Ba
ton Rougo. on tbe Amite Elver, and frbont
fifteen and a half mile« from the Caty of
Baton Rouge, bounded on the North by
Jttn/ls of De. G. W. Daârlng ; East by the
Amite River ; South by the heirg of West
ly Chambers, and West by public land»,
containing six hundred and thirty acres,
m ore <>r less, together witl( all the build
j ings, improvement tmA appurtenances
j thereunto belonging.
1 " ' "
âd. 50 boad of (j ATTL ?, ïpors or les».
5(f head of HOGS, more or les».
i horse C art,
1 plow and gear,
1 harkow.
Terms and cokdittohs or Sate—Ons
half cash and the balance I» on» and two
; years from the day of sale, bearing 6 per
f cent, interest! from date until paid* with
j mortgage, retained on tbe property sold
j until full aad final payment, with peraon
! al security to tbe »atiafactlon of the ad
I uof25 ED. cousinard, Sheriff.
, amd, C,.,k
George Kaddin'a l^fij, ,fwi. ,^.he East by
Lewis Kelly, 8outh by John S. Keddili anft
William Kelly. Also, |-s*l
1 Iron AXIS hxkMW,
hs J HrOwTi'fclowlo.MULE,
, B bi CULT,4 years-old.
r f p ti • ? 1 L i;
Upon jfcUo3fjng t ,,tgrin»i and cbndi
I £ ,
octal .vnMWki i#^
o i i EHir i 'u 0 ATM3.
Bonge—Fifkb Judicial Distriot Cq
Mûftday. a life Ath/ôk ildcember
sided, on the Liberty and Baten ^oftg'a"
Boad, and about twenty-ftyp, pules ;ft»rri
" " of Batotl Kou^«, t^ÄfljifnE : "
property belonging to saia st|c
f t
on which the deceased
parish v wiV
méhts ktld
iie buüdifigs and improW
Ippu'rtenahccs thereunto
Judicial JL^istrict uourt, of ino rarinn ana
8..W, I -U1 «P». «. p-blij.»!»
.J.lW P.;
ing fi'
>if?3|itk;ançl ^We ,DiiO Seized
and"will expose to public sale at the Court
h of Kant
State fffLQnliilaii» T ]
R"o1ige--tifth .mi
• - A'Hatî'A Générés vs. Ko
INfr 55!?- Sit «7 WJ1A Si. ,
»Y virtue _o_f a writ, of seizure and j»ale
) to me directed from tho Honorable the
Judge of the Fi ftV Judicial District, Or Wo
HOW* döö^'l» *hei dit'y Of 'B^iton Rougu, o/i
Saturday, tli« 2d day of >B«#epbMr
next A. D., 18€5i'at 12 o'clock, M., of said
drt^l,¥ 1 .WP1'«aged
property, to- Wit :
A I rftft. of T j A'NI ) Hltnflt.ftfl flFul 1V \ Ti CT in
A tract of XAND situated and lying in
$ PiiTléh Of BastiÄiitou coiitalft-* 1
äve hundred (500) arpent», on 4>H«oh'I
U 1 Mallny reMidss, 'and under tujji
east by HcHugh and west by Mrs. Nettèt 1 "
vilie^ iwith-all th» btllWili'gf. and impl^««e
menta thereon, ponsisting of a Dwalling
Hcuse, Kitchen, Out houses, Negro Cabins,
Stables-, Barn, Ginho««e arid Préss, Gar^
den, &Q., the plaee being Wa'H iraphivâff-^
being th^. : wjnft property *v4Vi9MKiiJiy| said
Robt. Mulioy of I). D. Avery, Atti^rneJ'
M fslit ö^hefrs Of Caleb Wieks.
i Seized to pay and satisfy thB writ issued
in the above cause together with interest
and costs.
U /1Ä < 7i 1 d l 'BUeriff.
Sta»»f Loi: isiana-Parish I East Baton.
Kouge—Fifth Judicial District Court,--'
, îW. tl8Ai I'robat/e— lo tl» liMKMPof llife
succession of, George Redden, deceased
£) Y virtue or a commission to me directec
> from tji® Hojiioruil)!® UjeTJtulge ojf'tî(
Fiftn Judicial District Court, of the PWrMh
atidBtafe at*.railsl 'Wlfl pujfjjc
sale. %t the Ç.ourj, HofWe door, in tha city,
of Batori Bougé, bw
Saturday, tbe 2d (A Lîrt«t'*rtiér next,
A.Df, JS65, at lS.p'^lock,. M,, H o^#j»i(l diiy,
thé fctlWi'tfg dé'èrîhed 'ptoperty. to wit:'
Ä tfaet of LAND sfttiawd ri tlilÀ'parish
on Biif Saudy Creek, «buftt.-twentfcr^
miles Northeast of the city of Baton Kotige,
on the roadleadliig to Liberty, MissisSipM?
and conWlnfrtg tlftéé J Hîindrcd and t,wtÀty
( 820) acres, wtfundAd AcilPHhe Nortl by.
lands of heir« of Clianey, 4Ut*!by lan'ls
oi Louis Jv-lly. in theSBath byiiiid^'^f
the estate of Sun)., L Morgwj* and west,
by lands of William Kèlly,
Upon the folloi^iilg'ttîrhis and condi
tions, viz : l / - <1 " t
One thirdCash, and the balance pays&iio
in equal annual instalments from thei day f
of sale, withefjiht per cent interest frMfn
the day of Sale, and special mortgage' int«
porting confession judgment reserved
upop the property, until -toll and final
payment. ED. CÛL'fcÛNAKD,
no*2. .... _
State of Louisiana—Parish of East Baten
Ronge^-Fifth Jodicial' lWrtrict Court-
No. 677— Probate— d* 1 ^» «a*M«i®f tho
successiofi of' Rojand MçCuljom, dee'd."»
BY vlRtyE of à commission to mo
directed fVo/n tlie Honor; ble Jüdgo
of the Fifth Judicial District Court, of the
Parish and State aforesiud, I h#v^,poized
and Will expowTO jfnSncfeale 'rfn' ' '
Saturday, the 2d of December nejif,
A. £>., 18(55, at 12 o'cjoçki M,.,. .pa yi/e opliftt
tatiou where the deceased last resided,
parish, tha following described property,
belonging to said estate, te-wit ;. .
A certain tract or parcel of LAND, Con
taining sit hohdrsrl sffld forty t aores,
bounded North by lands of^Wm. S. Pilta;i
West byBrogdeb, Hanry i arid Mis. Allaln*;
Sçuth by Phillii » and Lacey ; Last-b .V llar
ris and Sims, together with all the build
a«d improvertfertfs tWrtiA. Also,
the following pery^yi^l jirp^erty, to-wit:
1 CARRIAGE, v . «V
S Yokes of OXEN,
Farming UTENSILS on band, and
abont ^^enrailejr^rop^ipoity;«^ l'.at(OQ
Rouge, on the Jones Creek RoadVin
.Iluusehold and Kitcheai FURNP t
Upon.,t4a fdlWsHug■'tJbljp* aiflft&ndi
tions, to-wit: For casn.
sept28 ;t AO DepctySirartff.
State of Louisiana-r^ift^ District,Court
Parish of East Baton Rouge—Succession
of William Thomw-rNo. p<4.
IIEKEAS Jeffer«on .Thomas ^f said
aris-h, ha* thfc wifli
the Clerk of said Court an appjicatiop to
be appointed administrator 6f tnc Bucces
dlon of William Thomas, dècètiife'rî,
Notice is hereby given' to aH r *rïles In
terested to file their reason* (W.any they,
have,) in writing with the CJerk of said,
Court, at his otöce, in thaCity of Buu>n
Rouge, within ten davs from the first pub
lication of this notice why said application
should not be granted'.
Witness the Hon. R. T. Po W ,: Judge
of said Court, November 29tb . l$6ä.
nov29-10d. Deputy Clerk.
Fresh Jirrivals
j HAVE just received ftp» 8t. Louli—
100 barrels (best brand) PLOUR.
150 >ae'/9 White and Teltow CORN.
3 tierces Sugar-Cored HAMS
Which Xam selling a^^smalt profit, for th, caeh,
auglO Near the Court Uotue,
luiimirr ' n im le s.
I >d «oo«!wfi! Alternd» H. D etVhW? about
df Dedertabër' next,
: A. M. ( thiJ : follow
i ^¥'ÄWIs w<,pert# ' ,,<,wit<! " ' '
.•jMdMÜA» 0#>e»TÎLE, ■ '' ! '
. _ Jonrt.—
No. 40tt.— Elisa London, wife, v*. Alex
t5W HénûfwjiÇtnô'J udtfe
J n diciaf D fat rict COtt fT , of tho
t>v:rv j a7\ «• l »
id*4WttlJQIfp>'»in latin it* 11« ed >r
> .UAlHBADilOGS; .itii.ja.lü .J. A
MWâ, « I'M"WW* rç°. r ^9.f th9
/. ; ,S«jz«d toipay amdsat«?fy'the judgment,
intore.^iRd^ ijiafae, »bow catmc.
Terms of sale-Cash on the spot in U.
P Ô, T mJila5?I n u ,J X'. J. W B'Î )OAN
JWT liiU io iItjÏJ f.
i >n D»pdty^Bheriff.
8tate of Louisen a—Parish of East Baton
Il)i3 ÏÀfthi, Jpdtciaii Disitvfot Court—
^ m?W«oi tho
ftqcc e feiqp of Lncy Morgan, decked.
f On *t1Te North by, Mx »^Racl
1 befoii^in
-r.il ho
T)Y YlliTUH Wf i' Immission to me
i O: directed 6om.üb»HotiOr*b4«thie'Jui]go
of the Filth JwAW(d. J D|isjii:itt6 UpprAfof tho
rarifih and bsîïe aforesaid. I will exnono
bj[il(e aforesaid, I will „„„„„„
utttt awtes"is;
SftndyiOeile.'l* ateoot OT rilles Prr/rn tho
city of Baton RongeiQB ui .1 Jotnib
Tuesday, tir« fith of DeçeDlbçr next,
AW&m, at'l2 a 9jcfpcit, M . of said day,
thorfWlowinglj^sctibed pro^èrty,'th wit :
à AarfMPA ÖDLAND containing "one hun
dred and a/arm, : %il tho
buildings dtirfimprovements thereon, and
g to
the »bmetifon, So nth by A laxan.itr < 'ou rt
W^rWbliJoJin V,i.;Mcnrgan, also
toub rrxm;
.UKfi W«RK BULL. ■ !tt
TEN STOCK HOG#," 1 j '
:a v Wb'®AfeKKTS,
THREE TITI7N KS and contents,
<?SB G«INI> f»fö«K,- T
UpoB" the 1 f&Wowlbg' ' ! t&tai' '4SÄ con
nKive'ablo nroMrtv payable one
iHalfctrtb, and tWotHerh/alf twclVe jjionth»
day pt, Mil9 ( ,!wilJi, approved aoaurity ;
•M, W fmttiß V|wp >/ y«ars'
brewit from aay of sale, purchaser to fur
«1sô ;»M«» f !wî.tn' improved Mictrt-ib^, and
.mtirtgugö-j^ftiBed.on thö property until
nov2 .l»d1lih Il'jrdno SHériff.
'j X jto ÏÏ 'i>ï I oinii n£')f<i •• 'r
Stale of Louisiana—Parish of East Baton
Hrtto^e^rifth ttudicfaV District Oourt
No. b4»^-lW tlw mwt.er Of the su^esoion
B«ri.i>rtl,dpc(ift!j«d. )
'-.AS. Mra. Ann HQlmee, widow
»Säjtn BçrViS/î, Tias this diiy filed
>»es *i^»licmiun fdr tht> AdiiiisWaUon of
(l^e above,o.tajte.,, , #<1I |. , , r j}
Notlöe Is hereby,gi von that all legal op
^^»(UMh^'td 1 the grariting ofMu^s/of a.l
ml|W*Mitl»Jio* to said wtdcrw.lmihli 64 filed
in the Crcrk's office of this PasL»^ -^ithin
ten days from, the first publication hereof,
i Öiveti» rt^ier Wy hand utidseal ol «aid
CkilWt lÜiifi '21AJ> day of November, a.
IS65. 1 . JOS. NKI'ilt.Kk,
'doMV>!< ' *' ' Ölirk.
[vt lon iw li b m ,J >
D' liiVlbSlTJI notifie» his ifrlcnÀ« ihat, b»
if itiHt, »éteited »large eat] -nut
ilia filfv ',ili t 'i "vil lietlJ
. ♦ *
And *11 Up NotiOB9,of tja» Age, end to which h»
redßectflÜTy frfvltu» attention, before purclianiog
elMWbar». IIIIBI
, The p^otie> frUpd, Mr ß. H. ASIIittt, will hs
fsôéil 4 ir fively'iml âccôtntoodàtlDg as ever, "be
hind tiwip^hetcr.
u ' ü i v ,;,Ä
Leave* New Orleayg every Saturday< at 6 I'. M.
J /I
' lto<iri»y, «Nàtahe*,
Î 1 WÄEiß uMuA
. Buy op " i jriiii î T%iih
ilojç Point, Morgan«», B hvou
Baton Ko^ ifÄ, ^P &(|4ieèiWef Fmnalrlaon vill«, and
al! int^rmndiate Const Landing«, the Now and
m?- jm.. m* * mp m; *
V-ti-MUiT, Çaind't; O^S. OR*W:B, Clerk.
; JJ»r frei«titwï4»»ag« sppij «B boani ««to
« !.l t...r Ko;T froit «»feet.
Cor. Bienville A Old l,< 7ee.
At 1 J Si »• w 19 New Levee.
janea A .. Ttiir(l »t»««t, B*t<iii Rous;«.
M^jTER MAS0SÄ» AtfRfo 'S, yHT
XtiVAUMfA\ APKfMlft AUD 8-Ä8HK8. ' ▼ ^
>A b M b a»iorliaent,iuit received and for sale by
lulylö ilDWI'S C. BOtlKL.
VU ih !
Ï »reeeat a«»ortro>-Bt. il,complète.
iV JU^lC« C. B<lO*L.
Window Shades ! Window Shades!!
A LARGE and choice assortnient of
I-SaüoiÄ * '' ' 1 „
jalyl.tf Qny^lte tha L a 6tat» Hapl t.
"'"BWïchers* and Counter Scale».
B0TOHRR8 SAW? atd K^ltEfi.
| ' 8TBKMI snd CtEAtESS.
J-Ofk rée^lvèd', and for sale bjt
juiTia-«" , '' t tfawks M c V a y.
TK 'BBJLS. FX»ODE, JuHt received and
I V 'tort ale by X J. UCSÖAHS,
jttlytftf Cor. Mai!) und Levee ftt».
BLS. FLOl/S,. J ust revived and
Im «»le by
gqlyl W
!*. WAX,
Near thlCoort ilonse.

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