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®|)c omette anir Comet.
THURSDAY, ::Ü::: i !::!:!:::DKC. 21, 1805.
H AI.otaht V ikws *m> K KMAIIKH.
feelings touching I,fie policy of tho pro»
Louisville Journal gives expression to it»
Ina* touching tue
«ut Congre«*, a» follow*:
The U. 8. Congress I n in session. H is
a great body — grant In it* character »ml
great In Ita rosponslbllllln»; it inust'neooa»
earlly bo groat in It* Influences upon the
affairs of the Kopnblie. It has tremendous
dut Sen to do that no other Congress «vor
bud, and that no future Congress may ovor
bo called on to do or havo >u opportu
nity of doing. It can, if It, will, bring to
us the parlent pacification of the whole
country, and, by doing that, entitle itaclf
to the bleaalnga of nil the generation*.
But thoro am malignant members of
Congress. There are f ace lion« member*.
There are member* who can livn in no at
mosphere but that of fierce agitation. All
these will d<> everything t hey can to throw
obstacles in the way of the restoration of
tne Union. They aro enemies of our poo
ale— enomie* of the human race. Nut,
satisfied with having contributed their |
»liar«, a full «bare, a terrible «luire, to the
getting up of the moat dreadful war known
to htimlu history, thoy are unwilling that
it should he closed except upon condition*
most unjust and oppressive to the South.
They may have made a groat many mis
take* before, but tiioy a^o now making a*
great a one a* thoy ever made— perhaps n
greater one.
Oh, that the Congress of the United
Ht.ates might truly represent the people of
tbo United State*. Then all would bo
right. Wo should bo once more a united
nation, and the might,io*t on the face of
tho whole earth.
FumfCNCK.— Florence, tlie new
capital of Italy, bid* fuir to become
the most brilliant capital of the
world. I'aris, with nil itn utiparal
elod charms, all the resources of its
gay life and ila enchantment* of the
atre* and art, public gardens and
cafe*, lac.lîH, on tho whole that pecu
liar olaHsical majesty which ih the
crowning grace of Italy.
London, during the season (hough
far more imposing than I'aris in
masaive grandeur and in social state
lines* and dignity, ia foggy London
all the same, with aaooiety controlled
by the territorial grandee* <d England,
who, after a fashionable spree in the
over-crowded metropolis, enjoy only
with a keener zost the seclusion of
their feudal castle* and rural estates.
Florence i* superior to them all in
unity of bounty. Even the lowest
Tuscans look interesting and picture*»
que in comparison to the showy rab
ble of the Boulevards and common
place snol'B of Fall-Mall. There i*
nothing in Florence, either in people
or in nature, to mar this all-pervading
sense of tho beautiful. Surrounded
by the Appenines, watered by the Ar
no, Bauctilied by a hundred and sev
enty churches, and magnificently en
dowed with palaces and galleries of
art, thero i* no oilier spot in all tho
world where all that is most inspiring
ill the tradition* of the past is so
marvelously blended with perennial
beauties of nature and the sympathet
ic tttmosphere of a generous people.
HïAmnusirn» litis»»!! lUruiitsH, F urhimkw aso!
New Orleans, Modem Iter 4, IHOö. j
(HrouUir No. ÏB.
Tho following rules for tho Interpreta
tion of contract* between omployois and
froedmen are announced :
1. Blank forms will bo distributed from
this ollleo for the purpose of securing uni
formity in contracts and to indicate tho
matters concerning which the parties
should contract. Beyond this tho bar
gains must bo entirely voluntary and un
Laborors shall choose their employers,
•nd it i* their privilego, as well a* their
duty to obtain the bent terms thoy can for
their eorvlcca.
All contract,* for labor should bo mndo
in triplicate, and should be approved by
tho Agent of tho Bureau, for the i'urisii
in which the parties reside ; ono copy to
be retained by the employer, and tho other
two eoplos *ent to thin omee—ono to bo for
warded to Washington.
Contracts made otherwise than as thus
prescribed, will not bo regarded as bind
ing by tho Bureau nor as meriting its in
torforoneo to enforce them, unions for tho
protection of tho laborer.
2. A» far as practicable, nil tho members
of the samo family should contract con
Jointly for their labor, so that tho number
of useful hand* and the number of infirm
who have to bo supported,may l>o regarded
in fixing tho rate of pay. The labor of
minor children to bo contracted for by
their parents or guardians, and, in tho ab
sence of either, by tho Agent of tho Bu
8. The monthly wages must be a just
compensation for tho labor required to bo
4. Twenty-six days, of ten hours each,
In summer, and nine hours in winter, bo
twoon tho hours of daylight and dark,
«hall ho considered a montu. •
5. Any work in excess of this will bo
considered as extra labor, and six hours
will be considered as an equivalent lor a
day's work, and fractional parts of tho six
hours will ho paid lor at, tbo name rate.
Ö. Laborors working extra time will bo
«(lowed a half ration extra for ouch and
every six hours' labor per,ormod.
7. In addition to the monthly wages
paid to laborers, good and wholesome
rntiens, comfortable clothing and quarters,
medical attendance and just treatment,
und tho opportunity for instruction of
children will bo furnished free ot charge ;
but tho rations, clothing and quarters, fuel
and other privileges granted by tho em
{lioyor aro pert, of tho consideration which
le pay» for tho worvioos of the laborer, and
are as really and fullv wages as tho money
contracted to be paid, ami arc always tak
en into the account «ri fixing tho amount
of money wages to be paid.
10. The aliowanco of clothing will bo
two summer and one winter nuits for each
laborer or momberof a family, orclothing
may bo commuted at tho rato of throe dol
lars per month for first class hands, two
«nd one-half dollars per for month seoond
•nd third class hands, and one and one
Iialf dollars per month for children—-at
tho option of the laborer.
11. quarter* will im *uch as to protect
ihn laborer and his family from tiio In
clemency of tho weather, and must con
tain accommodations for oooklng, and, In
addition, one-half aero of land contiguous
to tlie houses, will bo set apart for each
family for garden purposes.
la. Should the contracting nartins porfor
it, the laborers can engage to furnish their
own food and clothing, their wage* to ho
repu I a tod accordingly. Those supplies
may bo purchased from the employer, who
must, If ho undertake* to supply hi* hands,
in all cases keen a regular book occount for
each hand, ami soil at usual market rotos,
which aeoounts must bo open at all times
to tho inspection of tho Agent* of this
Bureau ; this mode of contract Is recom
mended to the froedmen. Should thoy
desire to oontract for a certain portion of
the crop, thoy can do so, and tho employ
er, ill all contracts of this kind, will bo re
quired to comply with section XVII of
tiii* circular, anil also to pay over to tho
Agontof this Bureau ono twentieth of the
value of tbo laborer's share of «nid crop
monthly, or whenever demanded, for
school purposes ; this estimate to bo Iiasod
on the average production of tho land un
der cultivation.
in, Five per cent, of tho monthly wagss
of tho laborers will bo retained in the
hand» of tho employer, and paid ovor
when demanded' to tlie agent authorized
to rooeivo it, to bo used for the purpose of
sustaining schools for the education of the
children of the freodinen and for no other
purpose ; nod If not demanded lor tho pur
pose designated, during tho year, tbo
amount so rotniliod will lie paid over to
the laborer at the settlement of his ac
count. One half of tho balance of tho
monthly wag s will be paid to the laborer
on tho last day of each month, and tlie
remaining one half will lie retained by the
oinplover until tho contract is fulfilled,
when It will he paid over to to tho laborer.
14. Should tho laborer refuse to do the
work contracted for, or should he loavo
tho plantation or place on which, or em
ployer for whom, ho has engaged to work
for tho purpose of avoiding labor, without
just cause or provocation, which will be de
termined by the agent of thoBurenu for the
parish In which ho resides, upon applica
tion—and failure to make application for
redress by the laborer will be considered as
prima facia evidence against him he shall
forfeit all wages that may bo due to him at
the time of leaving to his employer; and
should lie refuse alter having voluntarily
entered Into an agrcivmont to labor, or fall
to comply with, and I)" governed by such
ordinary and reasonable rules as may bo
adopted by Iii» employer for the nyntematio
carrying on of Ids business, or fail in any
way to be a good and faithful laborer oe
cording to bis contract; or be wanting In
due respect and obedience to his employer
or family, in the performance of hlsor I, hoir
duties, ho limy be discharged, and obliged
to remove his family from the premises ol
his employer, by application to the agent
of this Bureau, for the perish in which ho
rosi'les. Kor failure to bo at the appointed
place of labor at, tho usual hour of com
mending work, unless in case of sickness,
the employer may deduct twice tho amount
«(' money wages for the time lout, to com
pensate for clothing and rations, as well as
lost, time.
Ifi. Planters and others employing labor
will, when the uaturo of their business re
quires that work bo performed at night and
on Sundays, during certain periods, dis
tinctly spooify in tho contract that tho otn
ployooM agree to do such work, at such
tones as it, may be required tho consid
eration for which must bo distinctly stated
in the agreement.
10. No restraints or disabilities shall bo
imposed upon froedmen that aro not im
posed upon white men. Thoy arc amena
bio to tho same lawn, and can only he re
strained in tho free exercise of their rights
and privileges by reason of a violation of
tlie lawn of the land, a* made and provid
ed for the government of white mon.
17. Should tho agent deem it necessary,
lie will require the employer to give secur
ity that the requisite amount of provision
to furnish the laborers with the specified
ration sluill be on hand on the plantation
from month to month for issue or sale to
tho laborors and their families, as tho terms
of their contract, may require. Tho rations
and clothing specified in tho order will ho
tho minimum that, will bo regarded by the
Bureau as sufficient food ami comfortabli
18. Kmployors con adopt rule* forays
tomatizing tho work on their plantations
or elsewhere, which rules and regulations
shall bo read in the presence of the lahorern
previous to contracting; and which, if as
sented to, shall be made part of the agree
ment, and bo binding upon both pnrtios.
And tho parties may agree upon a system
ol lines or violation of these rules, which
lino* shall constitute a lund, to bo distri
buted amongst the laborers who have not
boon delinquent, and in case there are none
such, to be paid ovor to the agent of this
Bureau, to bo applied to tho support of
froodmon's schools.
111. All crops and property on any plan
tation where laborer* are employed, will
bo hold to lie covered by a lion against, ail
other creditors to tho oxtont of tho wag»»
duc employées, and such lion will follow
such crops and property in any and all
hands until such labor is lui I y paid and
20. Kor tho purpose of reimbursing to
tho United States some portion ol the ox
penses of this system, ami of supporting
tho aged, infirm and holplonn, the follow
ing lax will be colloctod :
Kor each plantar, for every hand employ
oil by him, not,ween tho age* of oigntoon
and ilfty, ono dollar per annum.
This sum will bo paid and colloctod on
tho first day of .Inno next, and will bo paid
over to tho Superintendent of Freodmon
for disbursement.
By order of lirovot M.ij.Ocn. A. Baiiii»,
U. H. Volunteers, Assistant Commissioner
Bureau of Kefngcos, Froedmen and Aban
doned Lands, State of Louisiana.
1). (J. FENNO,
First Lieut ena nt and A. A. A. G.
Ktat «1« U I.ouisiiwio — Paroi**» «J'Ounwt HâtOïl
Kounw— Cour du f>m« District — No. '781— -Marie
Otàui'llon, ùpoiiMtt i|i< Juan Haptisto (Jliomin va.
.Inait HapMKlH Chemin.
S (JKTTK OAUBB le défendeur J»nn llnp
tint« Chemin, ayabt enré^hlré i *a réponuo
ei cornent.*« du qu« l'aflairn p»rai*»M Immedeat**
niwr t, 1 k loi fit u » h prouvea étant mu laveur «I« la
iKuii uiiditrcNH».
il «*atparcotiRer]tienl dé- 1 »été,que Marie(IrC'rnlI
lon Mit- jugement rentre son époux. Jean Hapli*te
Chemin, défendeur, en la aoiumc de quatre cent
quatre flojrt quatre piaatrea et quatre vingt dix
noun, avee Inti'rift Irtfal à computer de la demande
judiciaire, «avoir: I« 1er Décembre, 18(10, ju«qu'A
parfait paiement .
lloat de plu* décrété, que jusqu'à concurrence
de la dite solum«, elle ait privilège et hypothèque
*ur 'ou* le* hlena de ion dit époux à partir du l '2
de Juin, 1B58, éjv que à Inqu'elle 11 reçut le mua
tant, sus-dit .
Il <»*t de plus décrété, que la demander«**« Holt
*rp.irce de bien d» «on * poux, et qu'elle ait pleine
et entière administration de sca bW'U» parnpher
naux, et tfpan g, etquo le défendeur paie lea frais
de ce proeès.
Fait, lu et sfgnrf, en Cour, ce llrae jour do Dé
cembre, A. l). t 1805.
(SlgL<*,) R. T. P08ET,
Juge du Orne Dist . Jud .
Copie conforme a l'Original .
Bureau du Qrcfller, Ouest Bâton Rouge, co
13m» jaur de Décembre, A D.,
dctfl 0. M. Uttuso» Oreiller,
Kt *l il* In Loalslaau— Parol»»» d'On*«t IB * too
M<i»g»-- Oour du im» DI»lriot—No, 1787—Ko»4
lino Variier, époute, TA Htlenne {«Ball.
CKTTM OA US 18 »y tut p»ru par eeOMffltoinaot
ilea parti»«, *t apr6< r»udlllon 4m témoign
ait»» »J*iit Ali «ournlt» à la Oour, «t I» lu) at 1»«
prouve» étant ne faveur d» I» demsnderett».
Il »ut psr eonoequnnt déarété, qu» Itoaélln» Var
n«r ait jugement oontr» (on époux, Ktlerrn» I*
llall, I* tï»f#nd»ur, »n I» aemm» d» doux mille
quatre eent quatr» vingt »»pt pl»«tr»« on» »nu»,
»vor Intérétlégal A computer d» la d»ta»nd»Judl
clahe «avoir 11» ÏW de NoV»mbr», lïlft.
Il eat d» plut dénrété qu» la dit» d»tn*nd»rea»e
»Il privilege »t hypothèque »or tout le» bl»n» d»
«on dit époux It partir du 17 V*vrl»r, IHÖI, époque
' laquall»' Iii reçut I» montant aua-dlt: Quell»
«oit aépnréa de bien il» «on dit époux, et qu'elle ait
pleine et entière admlnUtratlon de «e» bien» p»
raplinrnepui et aAparAa et que I» défendeur pal»
le frala do oe proeêa
fait, lu et alinA, «n Oour, «»11m» jour de
Décembre, A. D. 1H00.
(BI(Dé,) R. T. POHET,
Juge du 6 m» Ulat.
Oopl* conform» it l'Original.
Durand du Oreiller, O'ueat Hilton Roug», o»
Um» Jour de Décembre, A- D., 1886.
decïl L. A. OouarAK », Dep . OreOef.
Htato nf Louielana— -Pariah of Weet Ilaton
Itouge—FHXh DletrlotOourt— No. 17B8—
A»i>ailo LeHIano, wife, va. Theophile
Al lain, huabund.
TU IH OAHK waa taken up by consent,
and after te»tiinony adduced, aubinit
tod to tlie (lourt, and tho law and evidence
bolng In favor thereof, it ia ordered, ad
Judgod and deoreod tliat the plaintlflr Aa
pa»io LeHIano, wlfo, have judgment
airainat, and reoover from her huaband,
'I heophilo Allein, the Defendant, the
euin id'ton thoii»and, elgiit hundroa,and
ninoty-nino dollar» and eleven oeiit», with
logal lntoro»t. fropi Judicial demand, to
wit: the 22d day of November, 1885, until
It is further ordored, that she have a le
gal mortgage and priviloge over all the
property of her hu*batid the Defendant
from tho time when he received tho
above amount to-wit: the 28th day of
February, 1848.
It la further ordered, that aald 1'laintiff
Im noparato In property from her aald hus
band, tho Dofondant, and that she have
tlio full and free admlniatratlen of|her
eoparalo and paraphernal property, and
that neul Dofondant, pay the cost» of this
Dono, road and signed in open Court,
this 11th day of Dooomber, A. t),, 18fi5.
( Hignod ) B.T.P08EY,
Judgo Fifth Judicial Dietriot.
A true copy of the original.
citrk'ft offlce, Wo»t Baton Ronge, this
lJIt.li ilay of December, A. I)., 1866.
doo81. 0. M. LkOi.ano , Clerk
Ktat île la Louisiane —Paroixee d'Ouest
Uâton Rouge— Cour du 6me District—
AspnNie LeBlano, épouse de Théophile
Alliiin, vs. Théophile Allaln, No. 1766.
C1KTTK cause ayant paru par consento
! ment des parties et aprfts l'audition
dos témoignages ayant été soumise
la Cour ; at la loi et les preuves étant en
faveur do la domnndoresso ; Il est par oon
séquent déorété «jue Aspasie LeUlanoatt
jugement contre son époux Théophile Ai
lain lo défendeur en la somme de dix mille
huit cent i|uatro-vingt dix neuf piastres ot
oiiïo sous, avec intérêt logal K computer
de la demande judiciaire, savoir : du 22
Novembre, 1806, jusqu ' à parfait paiement.
It est do plus décrété que jusqu'à concur
rence do la dite somme elle aît privilège et
hypothèque sur tous los biens de «on «lit
époux, K partir du 28 de Février, 1848,
époque it laquelle il vient le montant sus
dit ; Il est de plus déorété que la dite de
miMtdoresse soit separéo de biens do son
dit époux et qu'ello ait pleine et entière
administration île ses biens paraphornaux
et séparés ot quo lo défendour paie les
frais do ce procès.
fait, lu et signé en Cour, oe lime jour
do Décembre, A. D., 1805.
(Signé ) R. T. P08EY,
Juge du fimo Dist. Judiciaire.
Copie conformé il l'Original, ce 1 Ilmo
jour de December, A. I)., 1866.
deo21. O. M. LmBlano , Greffier
Btato of Louisiana—Parish of West Baton
Boug«—fifth District Court—No. 1748—
Mrs. Auroline Landry, wife, vs. Dr.
Tbos. l'.Vaughn, husband.
r I^H18 CASE having this day beon taken
-L nil for trial, by conaont of parties, af
ter evidence adduced, the ease gas sub
mi'ted to tho Court, the law and evidence
being In favor of tho same.
It is Ihoroforo ordored, adjudged and de
crood, that the Plaintiff, Mrs. Aurellns
Landry, wife of Dr. Tbos. P. Vaughn, do
have and recover of the Defenilant, T
P. Vaughn, tho sum of five thousand, ono
hundred,.and fifty eight 6-lOQdollar», with
Ave per cont interost ftom tho 28d day of
Novembor, 186G, until paid, and with legal
mortgage on all of Defendant's property as
follows, to-wit:
For tho sum of |155 29 from 28d July
1851; $181 40 from 11th October, 1852
$34i 87 from 6th August 1863; $744 42
from 16th March, 1864; $62# 80 from 24th
March 1855; $607 08 from 6th August, 1856
f22 19 from September, 1869; $1000 00
from 1st Deoombor, 1858; $800 00 from 1st
January, 1862; $700 00 from 1st Decem
ber, 1864.
It is further ordorod, adjudged and tie
creed, that Plaintiff's property be separate
from that of Defendant, and that »ho have
the administration of tho Harne, and costs
of suit.
Done, road and signed in opon Court, this
11th day of Decombor, A. D.,1865.
(Signed) lt. T. POSEY,
Judgo Fifth Judicial District.
A true cony of tho original.
Clerk's office, West Baton Rougo, this
18th day of December, A. D., 1865.
doo21. O. M- LkBlano Clerk.
Stat de la I^ oulalane — l' arota »» d ' Oueat li& tnn
Kouge — Oour du f > me Dietriot — No . 1748— Mrae .
Aurliline Landry , epouae V«. Dr . Thoa P. Vaughn
(1BTTK CAUHK ayant paru par le oonaente -
1 m ent dus parti «« et » pria l 'audition de » t <>
moignag »* » y » nt bU< a» umlae <i la Cour , et la loi
et lea |ir»UTin Miint en faveur de lu deraandere «ae.
Il ei t pur con » équent dfwrété qu Aurftlln * l^ ndry
ait junement contre » on ipoux , Dr . Tho ». P.
Vuugh », le défendeur , en la aomrue de cinq mille
cent cinquante huit 8-100 pl »« tre avec Intérêt 4
rnUou de cinq pour cent a il Citer du 23 Novembre ,
1HB5, junqu '4 concurrence de la dite Boaame , qu '
ello nil hypothèque « ur toua le « bien » de son mari
pour lea tomme « et à computer de » dite » nul van -
te , « avoir : Pour I» somme d »
$11)5 2» due Î3 Juillet , lttil ; »151 40 du 11 Oct .
1H52 ; 1347 87 oil 6 Août , 1XR3 ; $744 42 du 16
Mar «, 18M; $62» 80 du 24 Mar «, 1865; 60Î 0S du
(. Août , 185»; $22 1« du Sept . 1869; $1000 ( Ml du
1er Décembre , lKf,8; $800 00 du 1er jauvier , 1802;
$700 00 du 1er Décembre , 1864.
I! eat d6crété de plu » que la dite demandereme
toit iilparAe de blem de aon dit époux , et qu ' elle
ait pleine et entière admlnlatratlon de aea bien »
p » raphern » ux et « éparés et que le défendeur pale
lea frala de ce procèa .
Fuit , lu Ht signé «D Oour , ce Haie jour de Dé
cembre , 1865.
( Signé ,) R. T. P08KV,
Juge du (me District .
Copie conforme A l ' Original .
Hureaii du Wrefller d ' Oueit Bâton Rouge , ce
ISrae jour de Décembre , A. D., 186).
dee21 O. U. L x B laü O, Greffier .
XI My present »isortment It complet».
juiyia JULIUS 0. BOG«..
State of Louisiana—Parish of West Baton
Rouge—Fifth Dlstrlot Court—No. 178#—
Klvine Landry, wife, ve. Alfred Hebert,
THIB CASE wo» taken up bjr oonsent,
and after testimony adduced, submit
ted to the Coart, and the law and evidence
being In favor thereof. It Is therefore or
dered, adjudged and deereed that Elvlna
Landry, wife of Alfred Hebert, the plain
tiff, have judgment apainst and reoover
from tbo Defendant Alfred Hubert, In the
sum of eleven thousand nine hundred end
fourteen dollars and nlnetoen oents (|119
14 1»,) with Interest at the rate of Ave per
cent, per annum from November loth,
1865, until paid,
It 1» farther ordered that the plaintiff
have a legal mortgage on tho property of
said defendant for fourteen hundred snd
eleven V4-100 dollars, to date back to Janu
ary 26, 18f»8, when said amount wus re
oelved by him ; for five hundred and
eighty-five 15-100 dollars from May
Bth, 1864, : for thirteen hundred and
twenty eight 85 100 dollars from May 1st,
1865 ; for thirteen hundred and forty-nine
7-100 dollars from May 20th, 1866 ; for
three hundred oml forty -throe U9-100 dol
lars from 1st March, 1817 ; for sixteen
hundred and thirty-four 60-100 dollars
from Aprl! 1st, 1858 : and for five thou
sand two hundrod ana sixty 89-100 dollars
from April 15th 1859.
It is further ordered that said Klvlna
Landry, the plain tiff, be separate In pro
perty from her husband, Alfred hebert,
the defendant ; that »he huvo the admin
istration of her separate property, and
that defendant pav the cost of this suit.
Done, road and signed in open court,
this 11th Dooomber, A. !>., 1865.
(Higned) R. T. P08EY,
A true cop;
tho original .
Judge 5th Judicial Dlstrlot.
>y of tho origins).
Clerk's Office, West Baton Rouge, this
14th, December, A. D., 1866,
decSl Deputy Clerk.
Ktat de la Ixiulalan»— Psrnlaa» d'Oueat IIAton
Rouge—^ Oour du lime District—No, 1736— Klvloa
l.anciry, épouae, V». Alfred Hébert.
CtKTTM OA US H ayant par» par contentement
J de» partlea, «t apréa l'audition de» temolen
ag»a ayant été aoumla» A la (Jour, et la loi et I»»
preuvea étant »n faveur de la demander«»«.
Il eat par conaéquent décrété, qu» Klvlna l.»n
•y, ait Ju«»ment contre «on épout, Alfred fié
bert, le défendeur, en I« «minne de mise mille neuf
__ t I» 1 .
dry, nit Juiretn»nt oontr» won époux, Alfr»«! lié
rent quaUtr » e plastr » et dix neuf Bout , [11, V14 1 WJ
aveoIntérét A « Ina pour cent par an du It Nov -
embre , lSODJuaqn 'à palemeut .
Il » at d * plu » déorété , qu » Ju « qu 'à concurrence
de la dite «nrome elle alt Privileg« et hypothèque
aur toua lea bien » de « on dit époux , pour I» wimin »
de qualm »» oent otite piaatrea quatre - vlngl qua
torse août , a partir du 26 Janvier , 1H68, époque A
laquelle II rennt lemotilaiil tutdlt , pour I» a,,mm«
de cinq oent qnatr » vingt olnq 1IM00 piaatrea . à
partir du 9 Mal , 1854 ; pour trelia c »at vingt huit
SO-lOO piaNtre « du 1er Ma ), I8D6, pour tretie cent
quarante neuf 07-00 pl «« trea , du 20 Mai , I8S8J;
pour trola cent quarante trola 00 100 piaatrea du
1er Mara , 1807 j pour «elte cent trente quatre
30-100 pl »« tre du 1er Avril , 1HJ8, et pour la summe
de cinq mille deux c»nt « oliant » H0 100 piaatrea
dn 16 Avril , 1860.
Il « et de plu » décrété , que I» dit » demander »»»«
«oit aép » réa de bien » de « on époux , et qu' ell » oit
pleine et entière admlnlatratlon d » aea Idsna ps -
rapheroaui , et aéperù * et que I» défendeur pal »
lea fraia de procét .
Kalt , lu et élu"' 1 , en . Cour , ce Um » jour d» Dé
oembr », A. D., 1806,
(Signé,) R. T. POS ET,
Juge du Rme Dit . Jud .
Copie conforme A l ' Original
Hureau du () rem « r , Ouett ll& ton Hong », ce 14
Décembre , A. D., 1865. 1. A. C. iüuiADr .,
déçût D4;> uté ( iicltlf r .
State of Louisiana—Pariah of West liston
Rouge—Fifth District Court—No. 1798
Josephinn Landry, wife, vs. William
Whito, huaband.
IN TU 18 CAHE, Defendant having filed
hi» aiiHWor, same waa token up for trial,
and aftor introduction of tostimony and
argument ofcounnel, for reason of the law
and evidence being in favor thereof, It is
ordered, adjudgod and deoreed that tho
Plaintiff Jesephine Landry, wifo, do have,
and recover of the Dofondant, Wra. White,
hunband, the sum of throe thousand and
thirty se von 82)<dollarn, with fivo percent
internst from Doc. 8th, 18B5, until paid,
ami also with mortgage on all his property,
from 22d February, 1841.
It ia also ordered that Plaintiff have the
administration of hor separate property,
that there bn judgment of non-suit for
plaintiff» claim against Defendant, for
amount of monies rocovered from tho sue
cession of hor father, Armand Landry de
ceaaod, and that defendant pay costs of
this suit
Dono, read and signed in open Court,
thi* 11th day of December, A. I)., 1855.
(Higned) R. T. POSEY,
Judgo 5th Judicial Dietriot.
A true copy of tho original.
Clerk's office, Wo»t Baton Rouge, this
18th day of Decern ber, A, D., 1865.
dec'il. O. M.LbBlasc , Clerk.
Ktat de I» t. oul « l » n »— Parol «»» d ' Oueat BAton
Itouge — Oour du èine DUtrlct — No . 17118— Joté -
phlne l. andry , époua ». V». William White .
( IKT'I'K OAUHK ayant paru aprè » répona » enré -
j nlitrée par le défendeur , et aprè « l ' audition
dea témoignage » et » prêt plaidoyer fait , la loi et
let preuvet étant en faveur de la deinanderette .
Il ett par conaéquent décrété que Joaephln »
Landry ait jugement contre ton époux , Wlllltm
White , le défendeur , en I» « omme d » trois mille et
trente sept N'JX- lOOtpISttreS , avec Intérêt A ralaoo
de cinq pour ceut . A computer du 8 Décembre ,
I «er,, jusqu ' il la eonourrenc » de la dite t" iiim », et
qu ' elle ait bvpothèqua « ur toute» aea proprleléa A
dâtre de 2Ï tfevrler , 1841.
il ett de » lus décrété , que la dit « demander »»»
• oit téparée dn blent d » ton dit épou », « t qu » c»
jugement lui donne pouvoir d' Intenter proc *« « no -
tre le défendeur , pour lo fond » qu ' il A reçu de la
• ucce «« lon de «on père , Armand l.andry, décédé ,
et que le défendeur pale le » fral « d » ce procèt .
Falt , lu et « Igné en Cour , c » lime jour do Dé -
cembre , A. D., 1865.
(Signé,) H. T, POSE Y,
Juge du 6m» Dilt .
Oopie conform » A l ' Original .
Ilurnau du Oreiller , Oueat BAI,nu Roug », oe 13
Décembre , A. D., 186S.
( jncili O. M. Un M KO, Or »M» r .
Htnt,e.of Louisiana—Parish of Wost Raton
Ronge— In Fifth District Court—Rose
line Varnor, wife, vs. Etienne LeBail,
husband—December 8th, 1885—No. 1787.
rriHIBcaao wuh takon up by consent and
X after testimony adduced,submitted to
the Court, and the law and evidenco being
in favor thereof,
It is therefore ordered, adjudgod and
docreed that tho Plaintiff, Roeeiino Varner,
wifo, have judgmont against and recover
from the Defendant, Etionne LeBail, her
hunband, tho sum of two thousand four
hundred and eighty-seven dollars and
twelve cent», with legal intereat from Ju
dicial demand, to-wit: tho 29th day of
November, 1805.
It is further ordered that said Plaintiff
have a privilege and mortgage on all the
property of her hunband from the time the
above amount came into his hands, to-wit :
tho 17th day of Febiuary, 1851, that Bbe
bo separate in property from her husband,
snd tnat »he have tlie full and froo admin
istration of her paraphernal property and
effects, and that Defendant pay the costs
of this suit.
Done, read and signed in opon Court this
11th day of December, A. D., 1885.
(Signed) R. T. POSEY,
Judge 5th Judicial District.
A true copy of the origiual.
Clerk's oiïico, Wost Baton Rouge, this
14th day of December, A. D., 1865.
L. A- C oostaoe,
dec21. Deputy Clerk,
Etat d« la Louisiane—Paroisse d'Ouest
Bâton Rouge—Cour du 6me District
Alexandrine Dtlgre, épouse, va. Flavien
CETTE causa ayant oe jour paru par le
consentement dee partie», et après
l'audition dea témoignages et la loi et les
preuves étant en faveur de la demanderes
se. Il est par ooneéquent déorété qu'A
lexandrine Datgre, ait jugement oontre
eon époux Flavien Tuilier le défendeur,
en la somme de alx oent quatre-vingt dou
*e 17 g -100 piastres aveo intérêt à olnq
pour oent de la demande judiciaire et
qu'elle ait hypothèque aur toute oea pro
priétés pour les sommes et à partir
des dit tea suivante», savoir: Pour la
somme de $292,02} du 6 Juin, 1884,
$200,00 du 1er Janvier, 1848, $50,20 du
24 Juin I860, $81,f>0 du 7 Avril, 1862,
$08,05 du 21 Mars, 1860.
Il est de plus décrété qua la deraande
'admlnlstratlon de ses biens pa
raphernaux et séparés at que le défendeur
paie les frais de ce prooèa.
Fait, lu et signé en Cour, oe 11 Décem
bre A. I)., 1805,
(Signé) R. T. P08EY,
Juge du 6me District.
Copie oonformo à l'Original.
Bureau du Greffier, Ouest Bâton Rouge,
ce 18 Deoetnbro, A .D., 1805.
deo21. O. M. LkBlawc, profiler.
State of Louisiana--Parish of West Baton
Rouge—Fifth District Court—Emma
Bahui, wife, vs. Theodore Blanchard,
husband—No. 17««.
IN THIS CASE,the defendantTheoilore
Blanohard having filled his answer and
name being takon up by consent, for
reason of tlie law and evidenco being in
favor thereof,
It is ordered, adjudged and deoreed that
tho plaintiff, Emma Tiabln, do have and
recover of the defendant, Theooore Blan
ohard, husband, the sum of three hundred
and twantv-two 7-100 dollars, wlt.h fivo
per cent, interost from 29th day of Nov
ember, 1805, and with a legal mortgage on
all defendant 's proporty from thel2t,h day
June, 1854.
It Is further ordered, adjudgod and de
oreed that plaintiff, Emma Babm, have a
separate administration of her property,
aod oosts of this suit to be taxed.
Done, read and signed in open court,
this 11th day of December, A. D. 1885.
(Signed) R. T. POSEY,
Judgo 5th Judicial District.
A true copy of original.
Clçrk's office, West Baton Rouge, this
18th day ol Decombor A. I)., 1865.
L. A. C ouutaok,
«local Doputy Clerk.
Ktat d» I» l.oulal»ne— ParoUte d'Oueat HAtnn
itouge—Oour du im» Iliatrlot—No. 1744 —Ktnm«
liebln, époua», va. Théodore Blanohard.
CIU'I'TIO OAUHK ayant paru parcona»nlament
j ds» partie« apréa qu» I» défendeur, Théo
dore Hlancbard, «ùt anréglatré a» répona», «t la
loi «t let preuvea étant en faveur d» la damande
Il »»t psr oonaequ»nt décrété, qu'Kinm» Dabin
alt jugniiient oontre aon épou», Théodore Hlan
cbard, »n la »omin« de trola oent vingt deux 7 IM)
Siattret. »VM Intérét A cinq pour cant par ko du
t Novambre, lHfir ,,, qu'ell» ait hypothéqua aur
tout lea blent de aon dit époux du 12 Juin, 1854.
Il eat de plua décrété, que la deiuandnreaae, Km
ma llabln, «oit «6p»rée de bl»ni ne ton dit époux,
et qu'elle »II plein» et entière admlnlatratlon d»
ana bien p»isph»rnsux et aéparéa, «t qu» le dé
leudtiur pal» !»» fral» d» oe procèt.
ITalt, lu «t « igné eu Oour, os Unie jour (ls Dé -
cembre . A. D,, 1SW>.
(Hlgné,) . K. T. POBKY,
Juge du bois Dltt. Jud.
Oopl» conforme A l'Original.
Iluraau du Oreiller, Oueat Haton Hong», ce Ulms
Jour de Décembre , A. D., 1880.
deo'Jl h. A. C ourt*B», Dep. Orefllnr.
State of Louisiana—Parish of West Baton
Rouge— Filth Judioial District Court
No. 1788- Estelle Dalgle, wife, vs. Vil
leneuve Blanchard, husband.
rpllIS CASE having this day been taken
I up by oonsent of parties, an answer
filed, after hearing the evidence adduced,
the law being in favor of same. It is or
dered, adjudged and deoreed that the plain
tiff Estelle Diiigle, wlfo of Villeneuve
Blsnchiird do have and recover of hor said
husband, Villenauve Blanchard, judgment
for the sum of forty-two hundrod and fifty
two dollars ($4252 00,) with five per cent.
Interost from tho 2Vth day of Novembor,
1885, until paid, and tho oosts of suit. It
is further ordered and adjudged thatplain
tifTs property be separata from that of her
husband ami that she have the adminis
tration of same and also that she be decreed
a mortgage on all the property of lier lins
band lrom tho 21st day of February, 1881,
until paid.
Done, read and signed in open Court
this 11th, day of December A. D., 1885.
(Signed) R.T.POSEY,
Judge 6th Judicial District.
A true copy of original.
Clerk's odloe, West Baton Rougo, this
18th day ot Decombor, 1885.
dec21 L. A. Courtaox , Dopt. Cik.
Ktat d» I» I/iulalan»— P»rolate d'Oueat B&ton
Eouge--Oour du Cime Dlatrlct—No 1709— Kateile
I'algle, épouae, V». Villeneuve Itlenchard.
C^KTTK OAUHK ayant o» jour paru par non
j «entament de psrtles st apréa répona» enré
glatrée par I« de'endear, et la loi st lea preuvea
étant en faveur de la deuianderette.
Il ett par eoniéquent décrété qu'Kttel'e Dalgle
ait jugement oontre ton époux Villeneuve Hlan
cbard, en la tommnd» quatre mille deux cent cin
quante deux ulaatre ($4 ,2f>'4 00) avee Intérét, A
ralaoo de cinq pour o»nt par »n, du 20 Novembre,
ISflfi, jutq'a concurrence de la dite tonm».
Il ett de plut décrété, que la dite demandereaa»
■oit «éparée de bien» de ton dit époux, et qu'elle
»it pleine et «ntlére admlnlatratina de te« hl»nt
2p»raphernaux st séparé«. Il est d»rr< ; t< ds plut
u'ells ait hypothèque tur tout le» bien» de »on
poux A dater du 21 fttvrler, 1801, Juiqu'a paie
ment de la tu« dite somme.
Kalt, In «t «Igné, en Cour, ce lime jour de Dé
cembre, A. D., 1866.
(Hlgné) R. T. P08KV,
Jag» du im» Dist. Jud.
Copie conforme A l'Original.
Ilureau du (Jreffler d'Outnt Rftten Kong», ce
13m» jour de Décembre, A. D , 1885.
decîl L. A. O oOstads , Dep. Oreiller.
State of Louisiana—Parish of West Baton
Rouge—-Fifth District Court--Mrs. Mary
Uremlllon, wife, vs. John B. Chemin,
husband—No. 1781.
IN THIS CASE tho defendant, John B.
Chemin having filed his answer, arid
^°nsont to immediate trial, and tho same
"ci ng taken un, for tha reason of the law
tt nd evidence boinp in favor of tho same,
It is ordored, adjudged end decreed that
the plaintiff, Mary Gromillon, do have and
recovor of her husband, John B. Chemin,
defendant, the sum of four hundred and
four dollars 88-100 dollars, with five per
cont. interest from judicial demand, to
wit : 1st December, 1885 until paid, and
also with legal mortgage upon all proper
ty of defendant from tho 12th day of Juno
It is further ordered that plaintiff havo
tho administration of her separate propor
ty, costs of suit to be taxed.
Done, road and signed in open court,
thi* 11th day of December, A. I). 1885.
(Signed) R. T. POSEY,
Judge 5th Judicial District.
A true copy of tho original.
Clerk's (Mice, West Baton Rouge,this
13th day of Decombor, A. D. 1885.
d«c29 U. M. bthuiM, Clark.
State of Louisiana • Parish of VV«»t Ha
ton Rougo—in tho Fifth District Court—
No. 175— Paulino I/itfUoii, wife, vs. F.
R. Allaln, htislmnd.
'"PUIS CASE was token tin by con sont,
A and aftor tostimony adduced submit
ted to tho Court, and the law and cvldonco
being In favor of tho same. 11 Is therefore
ordered, adjudgod and|docreed that Plains
tiff Paulino LefHon have judgmont ngoln«
and reoover from her huaband, Fran colt
R. Allaln, tho Defendant, tho sum of two
thousand six hundred and seventeen dol
lars with legal interest from judicial de
mand, to wit i The 2Sd day of Novembor,
1885. till paid. It Is flurthor ordered that,
she navo a privilego arid mortgage on all
the proporty of lior husband from August
Bet 1844, for tho above amount, It being tho
date when ho received It.
It la further ordernd that said Plaintiff',
be soparted in property from her said bun
band tho dofondant, and that sbo havo tho
full and froo administration of hor separ
ate property.
It is lurthor ordorod that tlio defendant
pay tho costs of this suit.
Done, rood and signed In opon Court, the
11 tii Decombor, A. D. 1885.
(Signed) R.T.POSEY,
Judge 50i District Court.
A true oopy of tne original.
Clerk's office, West Baton Rouge, this
18th day of Deoombor, A, D. 1885.
L. A. CotiaTAoic, Deputy Clerk.
HUL d© In fjotillWnt—Parol**« d'Ottftut DAton
ttouf«—Oour (In Öid « IM*trtot—No. 17AT--Pau
line I'nOtoti, 6pOU*« <1» W. H. AII a I u r*. If. II.
(1KTTK (JA (IHK ayant , paru par ron »« nt » m «> it
j ilea parties , « t » pré » l' uudltlim dut témoign -
age » symitélé » oumls » A I» ( Jour , et In loi ol l»<
preuvea étant ell fsveur il » la ( l »m» Qil » ra « le .
Il « at par conaéqunnt décrété , que l' sulltl » I «11.
ton alt jugement centre sun époux , K. II. Allaln ,
le défend » ur , »u la lommv d » d » ux mille «Ix emit
dix aept piaatrea , aveo Intérêt lég.»l A computer
d« I» demandeJudlcl » li », aav « ln du 'U Nov . 1885,
Juaqu 'A parfait paiement .
Il ett de plut démélé , quejiiaqu 'A concurrenco
do la dite aomme , « Ile »II, prlvllég » et hypothéqua
tur tout lea bleu « d » aon dit époux , A partir du 11
Mart , 1844, époque A laquelle II r »V'> t le montant ,
tu . « lit :
Il ett déplut dCyrété , que la dit » di mandnreaao
• oit téparée de blniii d » anu dit . époux , et qu ' elle
stt pleine et entière admlnlatratlon d » in bien »
parephcriiaiix , et aéparéa , « t que le déf » nd » ur
pale les frala de ce prucêa .
Kail , tu « t algné en ( Jour , ce lime Jour de Dé -
cembre , A, D., 1805.
(«igné,) R. t . power,
Juge du Orne 1)1 it .
Oop ' e oonform » A l ' Original
Hureau du Oreiller , Oueat llfttim Itouge ,
decïl t, A. Ooi ; ar « ns , Dep . ( ireffler .
State of Louisiana—Parish of Wont Baton
Kouge— lo Fifth District Court -Emma
Uroussurd, wife, vs. John Adonis Lan
dry, husband—No. 172«.
THIS CASE waa taken up by consent,,
and after testimony adduced, submit
ted to the Court : the law and thoovldence
being in favor of the same,
It Is ihoroforo ordered, adjudged and
deoreed that plaintiff, Emma Brouasard,
have judgment against, and.rocovor from
the defendant, John Adonis Landry, her
husband, tho sum of nine hundred dollars,
with Ilvo per cent, interest per annum,
from judioial demand, to- wit : from Nov
ember 18th, 1865, until paid.
It is further ordered that she have legal
mortgage on the proporty of said defen
dant in the sum of on« hundred dollars
from the 1st day of September, 1884, and
In the «um «f ono hundred dollars from
tho 25th day of April, 1885. and in tbo
sum of seven hundred dollars from tho
28d day of Scntcinber, 1885, when her hus
band received said amount.
It is further ordered that tho plant! il' be
separate In property from defendant, and
that she have the administration of her
property, and that defendant, pay the oosts
of this suit.
Done, read and signed in open court,
this 11th day of December. A. I)., 1806.
(Signed) R. T. POSEY,
Judge Sth Judioial District.
A true copy of tho original.
Clerk's ofllce, West Baton Kongo, this
18th day of Deccrabor, A. I). 1885.
dfloSl ". M. LiBlaxo ,Clark.
Etat do la Louisiane — Paroisse d'Ouest
BAton Rouge— Cour du Orne District —■
Emma Brouasard, épouse do John Ado
nis Landry, vs. John Adonis Landry —
No. 1729.
C1ETTE cause ayant paru par conscntc
> ment des parties cf. ttprfss l'audition
des témoignages ayant (U6 soumise à la,
Cour ; et la, loi et les preuves étant eu fu
vour de In demandresao ; Il est. pur cou f <5
quent d^eriUi'- qu'Emma Brouasard ait ju
gement, contre son époux John Adonis
Landry le défendour, en In somme de neuf
oents piastres avec intérêt ldgnl à compu
ter de la demande judiciaire, savoir ; du
13 Novembre, IHlir», jusqu'il parfait paie
ment. Il est de plus décrété que jusqu'à
concurrence de la dite somme eile aît pri
vilège et hypothèque sur tons les biens
de son dit époux, «n la somme do cent
piastres à partir du 1er Septembre, IKiil,
sur In somme de cent piastres du 25 Avril
1805, et sur la somme de aept cents pias
tres du 'S'i Septembre, IW15, époque, a In
quelle il vient les montant susdits :
Il est de plus décrété que ln dite dé
mandresse soit séparée de biens de son dit.
époux et qu'ello aît pleine et entière ad
ministration de ses biens paraphera aux et
séparés et que lo dit défendeur paie lea
frais do ce procès.
Fait, lu et signé en Cour, co llino jour
do Décembre, A. D., IKH5,
(Signé) R. T. POSE Y,
Juge du 5mo District Judiciaire.
Copie oonformo à l'Original.
Bureau du Greffier, Ouest Bâton Ronge,
co liimejourde Décembre, A. 1)., 1805.
dec21. O. M. LkDi.ano , (Jrellier.
Btato of Louisiana Parish of West Baton
Kouge—Fifth Dlstrlot Court—Alexan
drine Daigre, wifo, vs. Flavien Tuiilier,
husband—No. 17W1 -
fJ"MI IH case having been taken up by con
JL sent of parties this day for trial, and
after evidence adduced for reason, the law
being in favor of same,
It is therefore ordered, adjudged and
decreed that tho i'laintilf, Alexandrine
Daigre, wifo, do havo and recover from
her husband, Flavien Tuiilier, tho De
fendant, the sum of six hundred and
ninety-two 175 7-100 dollars, with five per
cent interost thereon from Judicial de
mand, and with legal mortgage on all
hi* proporty as follows, to-wit: for the
sum of $292 02 5-7 from the 5th of June,
1884; $200 00 from tho 1st of January,
1848; $60 20 from the 24th of June, 1850;
$81 60 from the 7th of April, 1852; $08 85
from the 2lst of March, 1880.
It is further ordered that the Plaintiff
have the administration of her seperate
proporty, and costs of suit to by taxed.
Done, read and signed in open <!ourt this
11th day ol December, A. I)., 1SG5.
(Mijjned) R. T. POSEY,
Judgo 5th Judicial District.
A true copy ol the original.
Clerk's office, West Baton Kongo, thia
13th day ol December, A. I)., 1806.
decUl, O. M. Li^x-A.sc, Clerk,

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