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Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays.
T. B. B. HATCH, : : : : : Editor.
TÜESD AY,::::::::::::::: :::::::OCT. 1. 1367
Newspaper and Collecting Agent*, 115 Common «treet,
between Cauip ana St. Charte» »treet«, New Orleans
KW I- C. MORRIS, Collector and General Agent
for the settlement of Clairon, Hills. A.c. Also, author
lied Agent and Collector for T iik G azette L C omkt.
Office at the Court House. .
BF'Tlie Nina Simrnes failed to
mnke her regular trip to this place on
Saturday last, something having oc
curred to her machinery, requiring
her to lay up for some time at New
Orleans. Her mails were brought
up by the Lafourche on Suuday
The statemeut made by us in
our last, touching the immediate ad
vent of the anuiversary of the Jewish
Atonement, was somewhat prema
ture. It, occurred in September of
last year, but will be a little later
this year—say the 10th of the pres
ent month. The festival observed
during the past two days by jtlie
Jewish brotherhood, was in com
memoration of their new year—Anno
M undi, 5C28, according to the Mosaic
» ♦ >
Way Col. Clins. Al. Bradford, a
New Orleans lawyer of considerable
note, died in that city, on Thursday,
the 20tli ult. He was 43 yeais of
age and leaves a wife aud several
children, all of whom have just recov
ered from the yellow fever. Col. B.
commanded a battalion and afterwards
» regiment of Louisiana troops, in
the late war, at Pensacola and on
the Virginia Peninula.
T iii: R oydras F unds .—Mr. J. H
Ilalsey, Commissioner of the Poy
dras Runds, reports to the Police
Jury of the Parish of Point Coupee,
that the total amount of principal
and interest due said Funds, up to
April 1st, 18G7, is sixty five thou
sand three hundred and forty-four
dollars and sixty four cents. Since
lie has held the position of Commis
sioner, he has been able to collect
only twenty-two hundred and forty,
nine dollars, which amount was paid
by six persons holding mouies of
said Funds. Many other persons
have had suits entered against them
to enforce payments.
The Roydras Funds, it is well
known, are for the support of the
Roydras College, and the investiture
of dowry to all indigent girls of the
parish at the time ol their marriage.
II blp for tub S ick and î^eedv.
It is gratifying to see the noble alac
rity with which not only the chari
tably disposed citizens of New Oi
leans hut also those of the Noitbern
and Western cities are sending in
their thousands to the Howard As
sociation of the former city to be ex
pended for the relief of the sick and
needy. The expense ot the Associa
tion is said to amount to one thou
sand dollars a day. The wide scope
of its merciful commission, takes in
New Orleans and the other places in
this State which are visited by the
pestilence, as also remoter points,
similarly afflicted, in Texas.
I \efficient L evee B oards.—
The Point Coupée Echo of the 21st
inst., concludes a well written article
on those humbug political pets,
yclept Levee Commissioners, as fol
lows :
We of this parish are tired of the
miserable failures in levee making,
an I have suffered enough to learn
that it is a question which will not
admit of trilling, and must uot be
tiusied to inexperienced men norde
signing aud ainbitous politicians.
11 niesty, common sense and expe
rience are the commodities now most
in deinaud, and until we find them,
we cannot expect any amelioration
ui our circumstances.
BÖST" McPlierson, the Radical Clerk
of the Ilotise of Representatives, says
ilia President will not be impeached
because there i3 so great , r difference
of opinion uinong the Republicuc
The election lor delegates to a
State Convention caüie off in this
parish, on Friday and Saturday last,
resulting in the success of the ex
treme Radical Ticket, by a very
large majority. Very little interest
was manifested by the whites on the
occasion. Whether, if this had been
otherwise, the result of the vote
would have been changed, it is diffi
cult, in these strange times of pol iti
cal hallucination, fanaticism and
prejudice, to determine. Many seem
to think it might have been, to a
partial extent at least. The Radical
candidates and the new-fledged puf
fragansand leaders exhibited a wide
awake course of electioneering wor
thy the political jockeys and jobbers
of by gone days. Not a stone was
left unturned by which their purpose
could be subserved. No doubt they
exulted in the clear and open fit-Id
abandoned to them by "the white
trash," who, iu turn, consoled them
selves with the reflection that it was
now the poor befoolled and bedeveled
darkies who had to "tote" upon their
shoulders the poliiical demagogues
and tricksters who «re destined to
ride them to their hearts' content.
As to the manner in which the
election was conducted at the polls,
we have this much to say, that, it
was characterized by good order and
tranquility. In fact, we have never
known a quieter election—if as quiet.
We have not been able to get the
full returns of the vote in time to
publish them in our present number.
Foreign and »nmcwtlc.
L ondon , Sept. 23.—Accounts from Itnlv
nro conflicting. Kiols h: d occurred at
Moderns, Milan, Genoa i.nd Naples.
1 he Pope thanks iNapoleou for Gari
baldi's ariest.
A special Florence d'spalch my* Gari
baldi is confined in the fortress of a lessan
dria, his Italian companions are prison
ers and his munition» seized. Intense ex
citement prevails.
F lokknok , Sept. 28.—Serious riots have
broken out in Northern Italy, vixty mile,
trom Venice. Armed bands paraded the
streets, clamoring for revolution. These
band* were largely composed of Garabsl
dian volunteers, who had been compelled
to lly from the Koman frontier by the Ital
ia i troop«.
G knoa , Sept. 27.—Crowds of men as
sembled in the streets of this city yesler
day and loudly cried tor the reieape ol
Garibaldi. Some violence was done, but
no one seriously injured.
F lobknck , Sept. 27. —The partizans of
Garbaldi are creating tumults in Vnriou»
parts of Italy for tne purpose of obtaining
the release of their leader. It is reported
that King Victor Emanuel is about to issue
a proclamation calling an extraordinary
session ol the Italian parliament.
L iverpool , Sept 28 - Evening.-Cotton
under a more favorable trade report, closed
firmer and with more doing.
H avana , Sept. 25—Gen. Manzano's
death took placo at 4 0.5 o'clock in the
morning. The body has beeu embalmed
and is lying in slate. '1 he whole city is in
mourning. Half hour guns were tired all
day yesterday. The flags on all the Con
sular buildings are at half mast. Field
Marshal Vereat takes-eommaud of all the
military forces on the island.
Halmugada has beeu sworn in as Pro
visional Captain Goueral. Manzauo died
of typhoid lever.
Nfcw Y okk , Sept. 28. — Mnnoy easier at
[email protected] ^eent. Gold dull, 14,SV£. Govern
menis heavy aud lower; 5-2o'b of '«2, cou
pons, H3%.
A S windler .—The Ma-onic Lodge
and It. A. Chapter at Pontotoc, M ts.s,
hav# had occa-ion recently to warn
the craft against a certain erring
brother whose misdeeds «ere com
municated to tin m by the Giand
Master of the Hinte of Aikansas.
They publish the individual as follows;
The Craft general'v aie hereby can
tinned against a swindler, who when
here passed by tiie naine of Ai xj A
L. Pryne, formerly of Wirt Ad.unV
Miss. Cavalry, imposed himself upon
the members ol this Lodjje and ot>
tained relief. We have since heard
of him at Helena, Aik., where he ob
tained mon-y under lalse put. i, is
from the master of the lodge theie
and afterwards at Little Kock Ark.,
where he claimed to be (i. R. Cherry,
of this lodge, and obtained money fiom
the Grand Master of the State o
Arkansas, and stole fiorn bis house »
«old watch and chitin, also sonn
money. Said Pryne is a'young man
about 23 or 24 years of aije nb'.tit
5 feet 10 inches high, spare-mad»,
black hair and black eyes, will weigh
about 140 pounds, very quick spoken
and has quite a restless manner.
» ♦ I
tar- It seems that the Treasury
Department has at length aroused it
self to the importance of facilitating
the removal of cotton frcm poiuts
ot general shipment. The new ar
rangements just published will re
lievo the planter and common carrit-i
from the necessity of ptovidiaf foi
the prepayment of the tax.
P ariph up I berville* L a.. I
September 27th, 1807.
Mr. Jüiitor— Since your departure from
our midst—three weess ago—an alarming
symptom of future mischief and trouble
has manifested itself at our very doors.
1 allude to the very inanv large and dan
gerous breaks which have occuried in the
banks, ou o.ther side of the Mississippi —
and which —if not attended to, in lime
must entail untold sulfuring upon the peo
ple. To tin— as you are aware - the "levee
question" is a jearly-recurring one-one
which will obtruae itself upon the most
thoughtless. As 1 may not hope to shed
new light on a subject so often discussed -
nor suggosf'ways and means" adequato to
the pressing wantsofthe hour, allow mo to
state that, in common with a majority of
those most irterested—1 fully concur in
tho views of the Editor of the ' Iberville
South"—who earnestly coun-els prompt
action, on the part of the people 'hem
selves, and a resort to taxation- if lliey
really wish to have their levees rebui't
To those who are already groaning under
manifold burthens, such an announcement
muy —at the first blush— provo somewhat
stnnning-but let them duly ponder the
difficulties, delays and ctl, incident to
other methods, and this-it is believed —
most cimmtnd itself to their accept
ance. So impressed with its fea-ibilitv
(comparatively speaking,) were many
planters ot this and the adjoining Parish
( Ascension—) that on Monday last-231
nst.,—they held a meeting in the latter
Parish, where —as a preliminary step to
ulterior action —they passed resolutions,
asking that Special Urler No. 180 be
rescinded ; that the Police Juries of Ea-t
Baton Rouge and Iberville co-operate wi;h
that of Ascension in such moasures as may
be needful, &o. All the proceedings were
rrvist harmonious and no word of dissent
wis heard. The New River region was
wei^represented and gentlemen wore ap
pointed to visit your place for the purpose
of making known to your Hon, Police
Jury the absolute necessity of well con
verted mem-urea, if they would avert a ca
lamity, the contemplation of which —in its
results—is appalling. Wo all confidently
trust, that their mission will be productive
of good ! to effect which —most expedi
tiously—all the Parishos should combine
iu one common effort : for they form, as it
were—a lengthened chain —one of which
being rent—the whole is rendered useless
Speaking of Australia. Douglas Jerrold
folicitously said : " Tickle her wi'h a hue and
the la'iyhs with a haire.4." With much
more reason do I apply the remark to our
own loved land! Shall wo, then ,view with
indifference the threatened ruin of all that
is left us? No; one more struggle with
the enemy and, if foiled, call upon all the
gods at once. From the window where
I write, the eye may wander over broad
acres fast relapsing into lorest and wood
land, arid I can even fancy that there tho
spirit of Solitude (Alastor), holds undis
puted sway; but more willingly still do I
people the scene with extinct actors, who
recall the past. Up^n this last,do I pre
ferably linger, for it revives the feelings
and the emotione of other and liai pier
times, and gives mo assurance that what
has been may be again. The evening wind
s ghs a dirge to tho departing year and
woos mortals to meditation and thought.
As our soul» become attuned to the un
earthly music, we quietly yield to some
unknown power, and think of tho buali
t ides of a coming Millennium.
Though tho ravages of the cotton worm
have not bean as great as reported, in our
Parish, you may safely publish to the
world, that the jieldwillbe small, very
email. For this there are many reasons.
Uiipropitious weather,during the planting
ot the samo and after, too much coco-grass
Ac. Yesterday, for the fitst time, I began
picking—which is some six weeks lator
than usual. The cotton. 1 um told, is
generally of an inferior quality. So much
for King Cotton at whose burial, wo are
to assist, in all likelihood, butin whose
resurrection —pagan that I am —I may
liardiy believe. To digress a little. Did
you know that from an idealist in philoso
phy, 1 had attached myself, of late, to the
fortunes of the '^radgriud school, which,
as I tuke it, i- rallier an i m provement on
Comte? 'Two and two are four and
nothing ever," says Thomas Gradgritid,
'■wh.' >i it ... tv be ta I teed into allowing for
anything.' How pithy and how pregnant
will« meaning I Some months since, a
wail of distress from famishing fami
lies ;vas heard. Did it reach the ears
o the very numerous family of the
Gradgrinds? Yes, but they are men ot
"facta" only and would do nothing,
unless they knew the assets and li
bilities ot" the parties; they never could
think of encouraging idlenessin man, wo
man or child. So you see the Gradgrind
philosophy enables one to add to his gold
heaps by never giving; biu I am credibly
informed that poor men —men ot fine feel
ing-no footier become acquainted witn
the practical working of the system, than
they hasten to abandon it. Some evil
minded persons go so far as to assert, that
some not able Gradgtinds have invol
untarily lived, bccause their philosophy
would not sanction the purchase of a hal
ter. Rut this, too, is not well authenti
cated. A friend, "who does good by
stealth, and blui-hes to find it fame"—in
conversation thPuther day— had the hardi
hood to compare all the Gradgrind family
to Judas I sea riot., u exce/'l that they have tin
h ■uth to g ut, h nut " My impression is, that
they are destined to outlive all suiîh
calumnies and flourish perennially!..,,
Tb« cuae bus been benefited by th^lute
1 rairm, hut it i« yet cmull for the reason.
I Some persons ute inclined to believe that
our otoi'k ot cuto has degenerated, owii.tr
' to tho length of time, during which they
have never been lenewed. Many think
t. at it would be well for the planters,
(neighbor*) to exehunge some of theii
s od. i am unable to decide the question,
but would not, by any means, adviso any
one to invent largely in the manufacture
ot riigar— for that of the Beet i» looming
up, and with all the resource» of that moot
wotiderlul of sciences —Chemistry — be not
b '. m prised it, in the end, it overshadow the
other. 1 have made a sufficiency of corn,
wh ( h, Ï am sorry to snv, is not very gen
erally the <:u>e with others. There will
bu- a little sugar made in Ascension, but
not much ot anything else, J am told.
Gen. Camp's plantation, in this Parish,
c lUtaining some 20UU acres was sold,Bome
days since, to James Hewitt, of New Or
leans, tor #180 000 - which is far beyond
i'H value a-» limes go. 'J he health of the
Parish is good. The freedmen, in my
neighborhood, deserve honorable mention
and commendation for their very assidu
ous devotion to their duties. They com
pare most favorably with their sadtîlo
colored and white brethren. Au revoir.
'1 110 mas GBA DOHIND .
PUT The dedication of the Antie
tain National Cemetery on the 17tli
inst., was attended by an immense
1 lining, consisting of Masonic and
Military bodies, the President, Gov
ernors of several States and many
others, officials as well as civiliane
A monumental corner stone was laid
by the Grand Masonic Master of
the State of Mary land, and an ora
tion was delivered by ex Gov. Rrad
President Johnson, in the courge
of a brief speech, snid :
I am merely here to give my
countenance and aid to the ceremo
nies on i his occasion, but 1 must be
permitted to expies- my hope that
we may follow the example which
lias been so eloquently alluded to
this after noon, aud which has Iweii
so clearly set by the illustrious dead.
When we look on yon battle field,
and think of the brave men on both
s des who fell in the fierce struggle
of battle, and who sleep in silence in
their graves—yes, who sleep in si
leiice mifl peace alter the earnest
conflict has ceased ; would to God
we of the living could imitate their
example, as they lay sleeping in
peace iu their tombs, and live to
gether in friendship and peace.
[Applause] You, my fellow-citizens,
have my earnest wishes as yon have
had my eft'u-ts in times gone by, iu
the ear iest and most trying period,
to preserve the Union of these States,
to restore peace aud harmony to our
destracted and divided country, and
you shall have my last efforts in vin
cliea ion of the H ig of the Republic,
and of the Constitution of our lathers.
[Applause. J
Dir ving S vvkkt P otators.-»- A
very commendable idea is that sug
g.-sittil liy the Rev C. K. Marshall,
through (hu columns ot the Yicks
hurg Times, iu the shape of ail in
quiry, accompanied with plausible
deductions and addressed to planters
and scientific men, thus:
Cannot sweet potatoes, which our
oil and climate are so wonderfully
adapted to produce, be cut up into
fdices, say an inch thick and dried ;
and so dried, that they may be made,
in that condition, an article of mer
chandise ! Apples,peaches,tomatoes,
and tiiiiny other fruits and vegetables
are diied and prepared for shipment,
and aie valuable crops ] ( sweet po
tatoes can be so dried, as to preserve
the saccharine matter they contain,
and then cmke-l and made an ariicle
f food ot fair quality, if not near as
igreeable as the uiulried root in its
best condition for use, they would
pay as handsomely as any product
of Southern soil.
A steam tight house, in which
2.500 bushels of potatoes might be
dried at once, could be put up in a
given neighborhood, and the pre
pared potatoes dried for toll, as corn
is ground at a mill. And a simple
apparatus could be constructed by
which the potatoes could be cut up
with the greatest speed desiiable.
It may also be borne in mind, that
the places where these esculents
grow in the greatest abundance, are
generally remote from the best modes
of transportai ion, t i i e soils poor for
other growths, and the people gen
erally poor. In such districts the
potato i* raised, and could be r-.ised
at so small a cost as to admit of the
use of sugar iu the drying and curing
process, and possibly produce a good
and valuable article of vegetable
food lor all „„d «P .M. .1 i
Iransporîatioa to all parts of the
If this can be Fuccefsfully accom
plished, the sweet potato crop of the
South might become as valuable aa
one half her cotton crop formerly was,
Some scientific man might tun
his inventive genius iu this direction
aud produce results more rémunéra
live than are nine hundred ot any
thousand ot the patent-rights issued
from the patent office yearly.
"Who can furnish an answer?"
A H eroic S bntimbnt.— I d lb
course of » recent speech, at Bali
more, President Johnson uttered the
lolLwing sentiment ;
"My llieoiy of civii war in this :
Tho lower we h ive of ihem the bet
ter, and the way to prevent them i
to cultivate good and friendly ie!a
tions by doing justice to all class,
ami to all conditions of men ; and a
soon as the H g of rebellion is struck
then foi tliwith to extend the con
qtierei's hand to lift Up and cheei
sustain and encourage ilia piostrate.''
At his late residence, on Monday morn
ing. 30th inst.. MICHAEL MUI.VII1ILL
uged about 48 years, a nutive ot Ireland.
The friends and acquaintances ate in
vited to attend his funeral from his late
residence on Rayai stroet, between Amer
ica and Africa, at, Ü o'clock tins morning
On Sunday, 29ih inst, THOMAS KPG
LER. eldest son of the late P. A. Kugler
aged 10 yeais, 10 months arid 28 days.
In Now Orleans, on Thurpday, Septem
ber 28th, of yellow fever, J >MES s.
HYATT, a na'iva of Baton Rouge, s sred
twenty-seven years, a mcmberof he Third
Louisiana Regiment, late C. S. A.
In New Orleans, on Friday. September
20th. 1867, IDA, infant daughter of J. A.
and Mary L. Smith.
"Farly, bright, transient,
i (,'haste a« morning d**w
She spaikled, and exhaled
And wont to heaven."
Valuable Li ml anil Impromni'uts
rp'IK UVDKU8IGNH) will seli I ab le Auc
-L tlou, st (he Court House, in llaton nuu^'e en
SATVUDAY, I ht SSOth of Oclober, 1N57,
th- TR\0T OK t-ANO on which he r ow reside*
silUJtt-d n ar ihe I'lai k I Old i>n Wtd u'w llajnu
fourlien nil- s 'rem leiti n l ouge SaijJ trtci
c ititaii^ 25i> urt'ent* nhou 4 'of nnich ars ctesrvi
For nurtieuU'f, appt.Y t'i Ui« lindsrti.'hul on the
prMtBi^HS, or to 1«. Souuecsz*» ut Hat n Hi u »
»otl-iil W11.1.1 A M .-HAW
Notice to Contractors.
HP HE UNDKHUGNKD Pomniitlee »il receive
X proposals tor relaying (he Sidtwa.ltB aiouud
court Hnune Fquar», null
Tlnuwlny, the 4lh (In}' iifdclolwr nnl
at 10 o'clock. A. M., when Ihe préposai» »III he
opened at ihe • Sice of J W. liCKell'SS, on ( bun h
Btieet. Th* work, when completed, will be paid
iu l'a il-h Warrants.
For specification», 4c , apply to .1. W. ItrJBOESS,
at his office.
The OoiTimittee reserve the right to rnjmt any
or all bids.
.1 b. ii miu kt,
*fpt26- td
r f^llE UXDEIlSltiNKII res,eclful'y liiforms Ibe
,JL public >nid his cii*t»mcrs gem rally, ttiat his
bl<"<l «i l be ulosetj from llit; üüih lost, uuti.
October '„'d .1 Klillft,
Septü8 Corner tain and T"ird strw t«
dicial District Court- l'aiish of Ei st Bu
t>m Ronge— Jacob Seitz vs. M. Fljnti—
No 1203.
BY VlKTUE of a writ nffi. fa. issued
in Ihe above suit and dnected to the
Sheriff of said Parish, from the Honorable
Court aforesaid, 1 haveseized and will ex
pose to public sale in fr. 115 of ihe Court
M "tiaß dorr of said Parish, in the city ol
Baton Rouge, on
>ntur<lny.lhe 'ill ilny of November, 1N67
at 11 oVIoek, A. M. of said day. all ihe
ritfiit,, title, in ere-t and claim of the de
fendant, in and to the tollowing described
property, to-wit:
Eisrhly acres of unimproved land, beinp
the Northern hall ot a tract or parcel ol
land situated in the Parish ol East Bat'.n
Kong», described in Certificate No. 3543
issued by J. Ii. McClendori, Receiver ol
the Land Otliee of the United Mates, a'
Greensbnrjr, Lu.. February 4 h. 18fi9 as
the Northeast quarter ol Section 2« in
Township No 5. South of Rnni/e one East,
con i ai ni i s one hundred and sixty and
'■«-100 acres, and bought by Luke Flynii
trim Wiiliam Sevier, on tho 21ot day of
December. 1865.
A I mo , one Colt.
Seized to pay and satisfy the amount ot
jndirnient, interest and cost claimed herein.
T-'tms of sale—cash, with the beiielit ol
octl Deputy fdieiiff.
- —- -r
ber, 1S5I.
dicial District Court Parish of Ea-t
Baton Ronge-N. K. Knox vs. Succession
ol Ueoige Menard -No. 1377.
BY vi IC'I UK of a wiit ol seizure and
?ale issued in the above suit and di
rected to the Sheriff of said Parish trom
Ihe Honorable Court aforesaid, I have
seized and will expose to public sale in
front of the Court lioiise door of said Par
ish, in the city of Baton Rouge, on
Sal urilny.tlie Six! <lny or November, 1S07.
at 11 o'clock, A. M. of said day. all the
rieht, title, interest und claim ot tho de
fendant, in aud to the following descriheJ
property, to wit :
One and a half lots of ground, situate
in that part of the city ol Baton Runge
laid oat by Gilbert Leonard, and desig
nate 1 on the plan thereof as lot No. 3 and
the West half of lot No. 2, of square No 6;
lot No. 3 measuring sixty teet iront on
Convention street by one hundred and
twenty teet in depth and forms the North
west corner of said sqnare No. 5 K nd the
West half of No. 2 has thirty teet front on
Con vention St. bv one lui ndred and twenty
teet in depth, all French measure, which
property was acquired by tho vendor from
George S. Lacey with the approval and
Seiznd to pay and satisfy the nmmnt of
ju '!?ttisnt, i'.iUjrui-land coat* claimed herein
T vhvs of S ale —Cash, with the benetit
of apj.raifteinent.
octl Deputy
Independent Packet.
CAPr. J C. D0W1Y.
LRAVK8 * e» Orleans ctery äfttur*
(1 y evtiifutf môiMJlnk.
■ « v«o (Jit u Koif.* t»n thw r«'urt |
trJ,j «very 'Jhurtd»«.* i;iuri»i'g. ar 8 o
'ihe m\ Mv'ii'M.A,"* i* h lud v iv*r racket,
minting to <Jrun i fccoTe, but iu .km rvgiiUr la*«
*h *b.iv?i.tai«d. P. fVilol, Tl'K,
uuglO-Suj Collector.
New Orleans and Bayou Sara
JL K- K. OKU&A, M»8'«r; J. O i
i-eptT I n.o.
«no»! md ,i iikno , Clerk« „
i eaves N.w Ore u. ruiiOuyml 9o™.„„ ., „
.nd v* jdnesilaje .n ö IV .M. i e' umfi g, » ill e ve
iliyou v «ra on Monday « dThu „day I'.vwiiimi.
N. C'»in»ctli>n Willi any u n,„ r u , Mt n. w ruu
'ug to tis trade. t'. .Mil 1,1,11 ►,
A[«:il lor llati.u Knuge.
Partisan Life with Mosby.
Late C. S. A.
o i sleel, eiK'a el btr IU lpisi » one
m .IhWtTT. and neurit Hi y lliu lialio s ein.
tir.ici". tirt.ai* I He il . Ill . rs and Caplalii», f
Hie ilittalhii « ^lap id iViUBï'ô Oon'ed iar;,
ni i,un er. us ,pli|.,d lilur.iut.oijs ul
a'd^, ai d Hum r-.us lneid«ii n
Fre|»» r ' d wl h t « ta 11 ou und cn-i juration of
tJol Mi..Bï n .d sold only n> win-c Ipliou
<k«i.i.- m d l 'anviisseis ure sauied tj canvas«
•or ilia ,.buve llo k, and
Address lliiKLU« K & I U.,
peptH 130 C trial Si riet, Ne< Orleans.
( Otloii! Coilon ! ! Cotton ! ! !
NüliOii Ï) I'LAN l'hltö. — Iii« uitd. rnigxed,
dealer in IT-, n ta «ion ami I'auiiiy supp* es
ti.iK m -th- d of'lu oriuiug the in
general, that hu I- prepared to
To Iiis ill (.'reliant in |\u, v Orleans,
mikIn« llherd ndvanres on ihe name In OASIf or
MODS, as may lie r^qu rc 1. and will fiive Ms
personal attention to Ket suth Cotuin enlru t,d
to hl« care. Krelghts li,«,r than are usually
charged liy Ag. n s
N. II.- Highest, cash prior» paid for Cot'on.
IJ ÎU tN 11» w til r. ceive ati<l Oiw.ird
_ t'olton- making all cu-Ci.m.iy i.dvBr.cKB—
Iree ot'auy charge lor lorna duig or rti y», e
J^fll Ut ufcAtt
pit 15 umleriogiied »ill m.-ike 111 eral c-oh ad
[ vxncB .n co.ton sh m-wl I. Int. In.-i.cism
w urleai.« i^o c arjje will l>. made b> ujb lor
shl|),.iUK c t.on f.oin lb s pl,ee
►cpi]Jo il V. IMIIIN, »gent
To M ere lia ut s ami rianicrs.
HA VIM) htieri «(.( O n'e l Agi-rit lor ihe retf.
billed "Arrow i ie, ' ..r I'nint.d H>ndx .or
IHK «.o lun, I Diu Iircfiuied lo hell the satue ot
New urleaub pricuH.
au.'ia anuhkw . upk ^ on
. a ea cumuie'e Kubslilue lor r .pit g nnd
ing Ctitiou c uiijii.M, ib . utn ont is uiji.icily
I'll the g.iale.-t p.issiole ►ei-uriiy 1 l.ej aie
ur than i op^—are u>ic «d q'iitker, and
l.eb«l. % .<•»* in s z tna,-. Ho(o. 'Ihe
öau.e c iu ht. h ^ i, l .t« w Or lea 1,1, price-, .. t
!■> ANlHtfcVt J al K O.t'3
liagging, and Arrow Tie.
Lti! reevived, i>. a gesupp y oi ihe above «r
lic e», ai I Ii« Triai „ular More building, one
Mjusre below it.c Uotrtliouse
•"•Id'« II V. UAKIN. Agent
JAM CLO.'ING ,u Ht ^nearly cost). Ilia bsl
an, e f i:..o».ig 'lh- touovlll»
u.ive "Sei.i.uei" w. h K ich n ati«, lin em em
piète '1 t .one in i - * 'i ■ i mu I i »an obi*
rior arllc.e ai a ha g„in Iroin
nepU»-tit J a, Mm ÄI c V a V
bU i >e "
IllAVr ju.-t received a • h ice lot „I Urrffed
Kh.oin g ,1*. mj ,i oiiu. d ie.t;, lor taie at
.un nttjb b, jam. a Vti.tV
Also, ..111 Itai.dr, <||| ee j. y), tlu'ta l otihtk
ui era, i -cjthe and uimv . isi„.ie» rnaLLes, l.ui.i'»
jnd Col i.,e' Kentucky hi d ïai.kee Aie» t» ood
' w - K it ch ai.d cut eo, tli.i a b» - U i u, aanoi t
inei.l Ol Hie Hi».#., at 111. i\ew .• ton. o.
•opUS Jailha MoVAY
\ HITtTA'l ION it h toictier in n p iv*'e f iraily
XJL rwHiiiig in .lie c uuii y, oy « i % ,iy woo c..o
tfte b«ot of r«i
• e-pe..tn : inty. .-a.
in .ne ht« u i- g ol *
tH'iie Lome nppijr
' to quin
■ and
U eu ana > e pec
n not
• i'tiai.1
i tin» . Hi
for itunr.
'pilRR» I.ARUK AlliY IP o)lj o<or |h e
L Scop e's rtti.r., oppi.Mte h itaui., 1 b.rd
i'o. |ii lieu ars i.pi>i> at th
I'r.oit'. h'-i STultIC
ACOMtOKT i BI j K dwi lit* g frii «niail T mid -
i'y, coi.t .iuiUk! t ur to Uin c iiv«uieiit y«id,
tiaied ou l'ie cruer ot a.
<iai.te.ts Apply
il y
o »tu u e -, Ac
Olm r le % und fcu
»ep i»
1WVZE to kent.
America s»ie i — iiie prop r 'y of
«p..y .o
fou rent.
ACOMFORTABI.M.WKI LI -O.cmalnlng six
r oo m,, con reu!« lit jar.l, i utln.u . h . uardi n
te., titu le! -n Uoveriiuieut street b t lwe ö u et"
charle- and «t ler-luand Apuym
avpi^tf y. III-, IDE.
wool wanted.
HTGIIK8T PR i;K paid lor Wool, hurry or
picaed, at the oUlt,c of the . eniiei.tl ny.
»optfi .1 ii m*ti a. (Jie-k.
T^IIR SCHOOL OF K I) VtILfO\ Kill ho re
. turned at the Lity flail, -Mo. d iy, te./UUjher
A t-- w hoarders wiil be rrcuiveJ into his family.
sop t o
rrMIK OF^ICt". of the Ire>-duien*s 11 u ^ hq hag
X he«" rem. ved Ir m I'.ke'h how lo ihe Uralt
I'viet ing ll.u.e on the ci i er of l.auie and it
ll-vp lite rtrctts, near the I ltlle I e hei (!l urch
(Freed menai. WM. Ü WKoSI'Ht
UtAieut. V K C , and As .'t 8ub-A»b't. Ci'm'r.Ä
Il K F a. d A L. !e
»T^llK FXriH(J,fK< ol t hl« xchool will be re
X turned on We doe.diy Vil of Oi t her nest
i uiih.u or sesoiun ol s.i, )0 monihs «75 00
VV. :|. N )laUHUPr.K.
Just reoïlvtd

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