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The Planters' banner. (Franklin, Attakapas Co., Lou.) 1849-1872, January 04, 1849, Image 4

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Mr. A. B. <RAuaETIER, dppuiq npid afsf
coinml.l dains seoise oa.,uiui, y deviimot Wý8-C ét de;
à.:jssur. li rnuaisn deromtawici rrstlrn la I. us.é.:wj
(file praéiéemnict SIL P. J. PAVY& L CU.
Nuuvlle Urlisius, ler Juil.-e, 1Ide.

The subscrsber baviag located himself at
Patterunvlle, (or the prpose of carryiong o!
the inercantiie busines s wo.ld rultcit aon call
the attenaton of Pliuters and the trading comi
munity in general .o . ad tout!
naw stock "
direct fGIon Jeenewse nou
now rpeniný` tag of a
fol and cbh.e l so
oi all description'.
Cashmeres, Muslin Delalns, Black and en!
ored Alpaccas, Fancy I)res Siks, Pro'e,,
Ginghams, Engliah and Swiss Dresses, al-n
Bishops, Lawns, Jackonet, Tl'hreud and Swiss
Edgings, losertings, worked Muslin Collarýr
and Habits; Plain aid Check Cambriea, &c.
In a worJ, 1 would -ay to the ladws that I
have as large and as well ,elected assartie,elzt
of Dress Giods as has ever be.n omffred i hlli-,
marK*t. Fl'. Itther plo1l you will pla-.-e r:i.
and examine. And to the gentlemen I would 'iv
say that my stock of
is noteuce!led by any in Attakipais.
Als., a good assortment it $addllryv. Ho -rd -
ware, Crockery, and Glass Wa ere; lats. I'ap, I
Whale, Winter strained Sperm, and L;.r-e I
A good assortment of Ship Chai llie y.
P. S. The above ,goods hi:ve teen shlct-ed'
wit!h great care and wilh an e.pecial v:ew to ii.
patronage of the Attakapis tlade, thereioire iI
have no hesitation in piedging mse ,lt to ,Il a I.'
will examine isy stock, not only to Ile:tse %,ar
style, extent, and variety, but altao to offer ,o. i
such bargains as will make it an oulject worth.:
of your attention. c
Panersnnville, Sep:. 14, 18-1.
Goode at Pattereonvillc. i
The undersigned, having established them
selves at Pittersoiville, Pariash of St. Mary, anti
leased the store, warehouses, and wh-rlf owned.l
by ( B. Gi. Whelden, and lately occupied by T.
ft. Hine & Co., for the purpose of carryt.ng ion
a general DRI GOODS and COIMISSIo)N :'
BUSINESS, would respectfully solicit a share '
of the patronage of their Irltuds and the pulilt 1
The;r stock of goods is now complete, can. -
sisting of every thing kept in a general ratid'f
slore. Sugar planters may rely on findJng, in p
Sour stock, every va. ietv of goods need,.d on
pantation. We have an excellent sssortmentn
SNegrc Clothing, Uunset Brogans, Oils,;'
eots, Turpentine; S:iddlery. Bridles. Mar. i"
tingals, Harness and Harness Leather, Collars, Yt
lhams, Coopling and trace Chains; Crockery
:toad Hardware, Cutlery., Carpenter's and Coop.
r's Tools; Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, ready ol
Clothing, Blankets, e., d&c, r.
good assortment of Ship Chandlery, and U
supply of 'Te, Coffee, Sugar, Liquors, V
ttthe very beat quality. H
i e also a well selected assortment of C
ladies. To all persons wishing
a their lihe of business then would D
say mad Examine our Stock. aS
Plant please notice that we shall ever T
be ready vessels for them in shipping, h
their sugar ai~sses to any market the' al
may choose, a.. ll " always ready to at.
tend to any bu alded to our care.
B. & W. -
We have received an a fine assort.
Wnent of the Best Qils, am are Lard
Oil, Winter Bleached Sperm, Linseed,
Neats-foot, &c., which will be low.
f Ianters ind house-keepers will well to
all J W & RE TAL
Oct 5
The public are herely warned against per
chasing any one of the Noles given by me, be
fore Alex. Brette, Notary Public, in fvov of C
.C. C. Martin, on the 22d Februa.y, 1848, earch
for the sum of $1666 661100. As I haven.al.
ficient reason for behleving 0hat tie said Martin
cannot make good the consideration for ahi'h
the sand notes were given, they will not be paid
until I have a prospect of receiving that c.n.id.
eranion. JOHN DOOLE'Y.
Bayou 83uf0, La., Nov. 16, 1848.
- - Plough. -
Trash, Cromwell, and Cary Ploughs for sale
}uy S. S.,ITH.
Franklin Dec. 6th 1948.
New Goode !
Just seceived, per schooner Sea Bell, from
New York, Boston and Philadelphia. a full as.
sortmnent of
consisting in part, of Shoes and Boots of all
kinds, Oils, Tar, Blankets, Kerseys, Negro C lu
thing, &c. Also, a fine assortment of
of all kinds, such as Silks, Bareges, Alpaca.
Muslin Delanes, Ball Dresses, &c., all of thel
latest styles and newest patterns. Also, the
most superior article and style of Ladies' and
chilMren's Shoes ever brought to the market,
muanufactured in Philadelphia expressly to order;,
together with a general stock of all kinds oilf
Goods usually kept in country stores, al! of"
which we will sell on the most resonable terms.'
N. B. Our stouk of Oils is of very large and
ine varietis.
Franklin, Sept. 14, 1848.
Mr. A. B. CAPA.Trresn. for nine years a
clerk in our house, beo.mes from this date a
partner thereof. The style and signature of the
dre seaia the same as previously.
P. J. PAVY & CO.
New Orleans, July 1, 1848.
Cae Knivres.
A superior and approved article made to or.
der by en Atakaep patters, just received sad a
for sa by J. W. & R. . TALBOT.
8apt SS
Fraaklin Tattersal.
_ The subscriber would respectfully in
Sorm the public that his stables are now
I aisuall times open. He will keep constan
tly on hand a supply of the best of provender
the country affrds, -o~ that persons leaving their
horses with him may depend on having them
well provided tor, on rea.onable terms.
He will keep constantly on hand horses and
mules for sale iHe bas at hi ti time 60 head
of large Kentucky mules and 3t1 head of hires,
consisting of Buggy, Farm and haddle horse..
Franklin. La, Oct. 5i 191'.
Plantation Bells.
The planters of $. 11,srs, are re.pec:rfully
Snljrmed that tthe siuu.criwer hlds been alfpp.inr.
.d .tentl of l & %V Clji, it, ir.. Hll aind Blras
Founiders at Ihe iuckeve IS,-1 l"'Furi rv i-. (:.i.
" lni..I, One,, anid Ithalit he i prfep redt to r.
a'.le orders nr IHELLS ,i e.ver* ,li--cr.,itru
tnd Iln.' req ii ard. 111 orders, through hi,.,
*"r R1.l, :ait ,e :.r;aniie or tue.ve ,um~ t te t, ii .:
i le,r.,k. In r .s o ri irnakL:. e ia:li..~ ;h,.
limine, inet' i.le u:f tihe aslliP ,IZe ;aCd t:i ly Ka t.
'be loin:.!i""d _ritit-.
JAMl' 'S. sI.1M. NS.
t in. p.- ,it, h. Bl .\ e. b..'.ht at ai r pril .*- .'"',rJ
,: i Ih, ql , t.:ty. J. S..
'.,isho; ut S:..\lary, 1:arh 1t), l"4,.
cwý r (woods.
Fall '48 and Winter of '48-'49.
'l'bhe oh- r-llhers arire now rec Ir.ii pe.r itri_
Ii'l itfe., and witll continue i. receive 1a Inttur '
.arivt;s tiori the. N ,rth, an uIIu Iui n t l ,nd nei
i.af td sup,;ly of Gi o.ds, ionsisdtig n 1 ;r: iut
cornii-tong a h:indssmne ns.-ortullent of Fan,')
and ..ack Dres.s Dili,-. De L:ai..ss. Cueiheri s,
\Vold. Platds, ('il:ctes unu.aiillv clhepr, a'ind
esery variety of dress G,oods.
.I' eterv dlecription. Call and examine them.
(;ent's Cloth, aund 't'weed (Coats of varius
sty les, do. Pants. Vests, Drawers, &ce., hai- n
,ood assortmlnent of toy's clothing.
fSts., Caps, Hosiery and Gloves; Strawi
(Goids. Rthbons and Artifirials ; Piano Fortes,
Paper Hiantiings and Bordering.
*ompirising assortment nl school Books; Or.
liamen!a! Entlih and French do., wit'h iantsi I
itandard works of French Literature.
>f new and various styles; Ladies' and Child-'
ren's shoes of new and improved materials,L
Lamhrellas, Parasols, Trunks, Carpet Ba:g.,iI
Vasises, Saddler), Leather, Powder and Sho,
letmp and Manilla Cordage, Nails, Hardware,;
Cutlery, &ec.
China, Glass, Ealjhern, and Tin Ware,
Drugs and Medicines, Perfumery, Paints, Oils,
and Window (;lass. I,
'eas, Wiies and Liquors, Candlies, Soap, Teo.
iseno, Segars, Bale Hav, Tar, Rosin Pileh &Se.
ll ot which will be sold at unusual low prices.
J. W. & -R. E. TALBOT.
Franklin, Sept. 21, 184_.
PJlantation for Sale.
The subscnber offers for sale a Plantation
rt- situated on Bayou Vermillion, containing about
rd 500 superficial arpents, nearly 200 of which'
id. are under a good state of cultivation. The
plantation is well timbered, a portion of it wir:h
o cypress, but the most of it with the| best of sugar!
wood. There is an abundance of prairie lands
the rear of it which can he purchased low.
is so situated that an extensive stock of cattle'
Sraised with much ease. The plantas
r tion on it agood horse.power sugar mill, a!
a trn with 4 kettles, a sugar house in good
Scondition the negro cabins, out-buildings and
'hfence are il eellent order. About 150 hhds.
I- of sugar willke made on the place this season.
in The dwellin ~Jase is convenient and comfl;r
h'table. Any wishing to purchase a
id 'plantation suitabldto work 25 or .30 hands,
d- would do 'aell to inquire Ih relation to this place
,beflre they purchase elsewhere. The subscri.
her is positive that few plantations in the coun
try oflr such inducements to purchasersas this
idoes. Au accurate description of premises adl
le terms can be obtained by applying~so D. Den.
nett at the office of the l'lanters' Bannar.
Oct. 5. 1849.
u- - New Fancy Goods! !
Ohristmas is Coming.
Call at Apothecary Hall where 3ou will find,
fin choice lot ol Fancy Goods. Can't possibly
I ;enumerate thenm.
Also received from the celebrated Optician,
RBenj. Pike, .r., New York. a lo; of Optical and
i eteortº,ltlmica Instruments. ii
SPckles, Preserves. fine Wines for the sick.l
'and Medicine of all kinds, as herntof,.re.
S)K. R.% BE &CO
1t Comnmission Bausiness.
dl The subscriber, engaged in the G'ner:l Com-t
mission Business, in New York, well make i- i
hirsl Cash Advances on SUGAR and MO-
LASSES. Apply to J. W. Balley, Napoleon.L
- lle, or to Boganr & Foley, New Orleans.
Nor. 9, 1848.
Came Carts.
The subscriber has reeently d
receiued, and has for sale, a new' t:
supply of Iron.Aale Cane.Carts and Bagasse .
Carts. Also, Lever Jacks for greasing G(rliI
Axles, made by A. Butts & Co., of Wheeling,j.
Va.; all of which are warranted good materials a
sad workmanship. P
Fran kli, Angnst2O, 1858.
The sub.criber, hiving purchased th*
Interest of his late p:rtnlrr, ANDlnl & ()Lt.
vr:a, mn the wheuleile al d rertail ru, E tabhlai.
r nent, corner of Chartres and Biencvile streels,
r -. O., lor a numltr uo years Ipat1 CuoIdUCled
Ij" ivtly by threl under tnhe style ol A.ireira
Oliver & Co., hlsi .c,,mulletie, his arrltrnigne'l tsl
I or 11 mre exltended businaes wean tihat hithe-rli
I dlnet b) the old house. My smiek oul )rugs,
.Medicines and (hcemwcals, Surgacal Inslru.
menl.s land PI'crumery, ecubru.lteg, us. I i110eid ,I
;shall, every arielle tiredJl l o the- hed. lioi Fenie
lies, Plantetrs 1and Count(iry I Dteirsr, wel il"
.tbe exceeded in excellicer ol qua.iiy lor -i 'onii.
tieirtnsS o, price by aiy or her housie tII the
'trade; while as a _Gnertl I'AT..ENT ItED.IcN
AGE(NT, orders can be addres.rd 1to ni e itih a!
,i ltidenl ce ant d ceriainty ol havitig th In pi , l . -,
)y uatud larthlui y atliiended to, e.ut prl enoualy ex
pl rieeced in thils place.
iii' The .usual credits and f.cilhties of trade
..: si.l.ed to( c.u.t llle rs.
t::" 'I'u the, .Oin~,, e. ani. otlh r nartclh.i
ricin riicr I lin iy presetllt e.xlii.i the stock, I
would eslecialk, dorect alltnlonm :
5110) lb. (;'.caphor, 100 lb "l'iir:nric Arid
''.-si! " llneCar", 1St0 "" S. lid z ii % urr,
2.0 " .ii,brba b. 51111 " :Crei uIn tar,
21,t) " .lalap, 501 " t.,n Artoe,
I.0 " Rochelle,- Set ,l 150 (;inm (),,luwm, tk.
5U u " ul. Cari,. S.dui. 00 dU" lE.Xtrct l coricte
1114)0 ,,z. Sualh. Quinine, 200 oz l,+dine,
5ni ' " ,lurphine, 20 Idhlde Mrrcury
2:" Acetate " 20 "Oi() En.gor,
25 " Tannin. 10 Si ihcheme,
2(O0 " lodide Po'tauss, 5 Veritrane,
25 ". Irun, 253 ' Plperrie.
100 lb Calomel, Eng, 150 lb Blue .lass,
200 " " Americanl, 100 " C.rroiv hub.
100 " lIrd Precipitate; 2) " Liuad r &(;ustic.j
Shermlin's prepiratlrti"in.Gardclier'a Liniment,
(:Carlentr'r" . t. B,:ihg.' Astrigenlit Sir
Fuhine.tock's d) up.
Crnistock's d, lodine iini nt,ii
C'h ry, l~right'.- I:iiii I',1 I,
". V .rmihctLe, ( mliitntlet'. Age I'I1.. i.
S" SIrsap. & 'ur " '.t,:i ii;s do.
Pt!,, ('t hesi's RhnI . E.t, ru.
\l'istar's Bilsim 1W1il con,,,
Cherry, Bull's Ext.Sassaparnllla.
Coleman's Bitters, Pi'leter's S)p "
" nounrrhiwaSandl.'s ""
1 ixtuu, e 'i'ot in,,'nd's
Fahoestock's vernmufugc- )t",d Shot,
Kerr'.. " Swaiin:' Vt rmifiige,
C'.inadin " Carpeiutcr's & Sher
Henry's Genuine Mag- manu' droli
nesia, Peters' Pills, I.
Bleckwich's Plls, Bralndreth's Pills,
Mlirrisou's Pills ; Parr's Pills,
Alpha and Omega Pills.Sappingtirn's Pills,
Baumne de Ninon, '1 hiru's Extract Copai I
S'liz"r Aperient, ba, I
IMrs. Gardimer's Liver.Sargparilla and Wild
wore, e:C. Cherry Bitetrs I
Successor to Andrew Oliver & Co., corner
of Bienville and Chartr.es streels.
New Orleans, Miarch 30. 184t.-1 v.
Carriage Ilaufactory.
'The subsc ocr tenders his thanks to ith
-planlters of Atrlakapas lur the liberal p;itro4.i4s
he has received since he corunluenced bu.llurs.
n in thia place, and b,"gs to inform them that he
it has ; t elasiderab:e expense fitted up a new ant
hcoummuodtous estab!ishment, wheie he would I*
e glad to see his cu.rnoera and all wbho may Ia
i vor hi, with a call. HIe is prepared to build to
r,,rder BUGGIES, SULKI ES, ., or the
divery). miterials, at prices as Qow as can be
.affoTdd , and will guarantee boih:Mtatenais and
Sworkmj hp. l''lhse who preler Nortnernº
.htanuf .re to nonme.made, cau bhave any d's.
!cripttio Carria'es lurnished, by leaving thent
l'orders P him; his object being to accotmon
J date all who may want any aitrele in his isne.
Hlls aequaintatnce with the character of tbe
. Noriner. establishments, will enable him to art
I.uch work is he cian recommend. plc is also
I plrepared to restore almost to their original
, be,nty and durability, Carriages appare-nil
won out and pseless. Those living in the Pa
-IassH o ST. MARTIN or in any part of the
I.wounty, can send their carriages by ateamaboat,
Itad depend on having them repatred to Ihire
I satisfaction. Charges moderate.
tIlehas on hand, at his ware. room. corner of
.ilain aid Jackesn streets, opposite the store of
.1lr. J. B.Birdsall, two slidain seat HIIGGIES
and two family BAROUCHES, lorone or two
ho. ses which will be sold on moderate terms.
l 'Pease ca'l and see them.
Franklit, La., May 15, 1848.
SLi4quors! ,
'The subscribers have for sale a very superior
.;quality of choice LIQUORS, consisting of
I'Cognac Brandy. Jamaica Rum, St. Croix ditto,
iOld Monongah.la Whiskey, Port, Madeira, Mas
aga and C(laret Wines, Cordial', &c., to which
we invite the attention of connoisseurs.
J. W. & R. E. TALBOT.
Franklin, Oct 4. 1848.
To the Public.
My Mill is now in operation, and I shall be
happy to tfill orders for LU IBER of any de.
scription. and on as good terms as can be done
by any establishment in the country.
Orders left with S. SITrr, Esq., Franklin. or
addressed to me at this place, will be attended
to. C. H. G. WHELDEN.
Pattersonville, June 5th, 1848.
All persons are firbidden to trade for a note'
drawn in favor of John Dooly, fur 81,800. datel
the 4th day of July, 1848, payable on the 1st of,
.March next. The said note was drawn by D.
Delahoussaye, Notary Public for the Parish of
St. Mar). As the consideration for which the
said note was given has not been rece -1, the;
payment of the same has been stopped
Terrabonne, Oct. 2, 1848.
I. 1\. Arthur & Co.
S 51 and 53 T'choupitudas S.treet.
Ie .!200 bags, Rio, IlcavaoI and lvJava CouRte.
rlit 200 pacikaites Tea oa superior quallty, Black
led and Green,
a 30 b.x.eb, Yellow and HWhile Ilavana Sugar,
cI bL btirret. Leall, Crushed and Puwdered Stgier,
rtc 5 iter-4s bI Caulllln a KI-te.
gs, l20 c..ks Bdaon I enes, Sid..- anid Shouldrrs,
ruI" 40 bsils ch,,ice' (Old Liuotrli .\ teie..ke-,
LI ii 3 dt'. do. Old .1,lelll0 l.elahtea h ,hkie-,
lc iu sixteethli p.es (15 galls.) liut. Frenchb
ied lBrancdy,
.u-i It hall eilre. and qr. cask. fine Cogniac Biand),
thi i 3 puncheoni. llar U l I rishl ,Vih ie-,
a13 1li1ws HIUlllind Gwl, be.t: AeIcllcan 1i'lllskey,
,I o J.ll ca'ls'e Icpoic ed Clarte, gueucd.
e - 45 qr. (c-k.. . Mde'riia, PC r lll .icd Ma1llega Ill' C1e.
A-, 1o u.-kres supe our 1.t-hia imelgit-t, Ii lralts auid
(qj uaits.
Ide I.2i a.k,. Llendoen (Club Poriter,
IUU1U00 u! I (:uice acid cuclecicin Quait:irs Ci
I... g r ,
I30 ta;J xe Virginia and Mo,. manuulfactured To
21,0 Ilirrse Nio. 1 S:.ar Seap,
r,' t50 do. ipc. inl nknI Adamal.lltline Canrdles,
6io bai.ket O.ar (Id,
ti) ,n' t., .. . I .e til- iC s,
Cr ;5 bt e 1iti1. R. Raiti ca c l
' l',gerhe r a wlh a lull :assortment of Provi
s.ois ard (. ,ee ri.c s... fe a e,. g.l. s fo. r tl.,
sale ot orn lid,., t('orni 'rutuers and ýi.:I
r) ers, eld Ne.wel; s Psies Screws.
SWagoueis and CarlI.
' . & H. .'nARoNUCK, \1"litrlhnt"
a , ee.Icueicturtrers ue C r i uind
b.,l ui . eis, wceeid rrspeclulll solicit a share ul
iC. tch ie risonage oI Ile plntelrs ol SI. M.ar'.
i'aics. :
Wagons delivered in New Orleans or Piqce.
r-i mine.
C.arts ditro ditto, with bfd., 95
C' arts ditto di:;i, wilhout beds, 71).
Is. I;.ghseC Ca-rts, dire, till
" All orders transmhited by mail, rur leflt with
ithe s .ue.crIber, at Ce.rt:irev-,lle, will le. Ieunictiual
ly ShiCtr'd.ed Ie. T III)S. L. llOREIM IUS.
u. N. H.-Pcanters e'di, orda-rs, will piease
Sbe particular , 'Jt'.,echitle 'the work ordered.
Centevlalell , . lpril 4, 1a44.--1 y.
Mlavo'ss Music Store, ,.
No. 5 Camp Street, 'e
I At this estal(iishic ent call be tfýund the
r largest assortment of the best PAs no
jol VOYTE, fully guarenteed, and at v-ery los pni.,
Ices. MrUSIcAL frTRURMEYTa ofall kinds. ITA.,
LIAN S.TrINQ fir Violins and Guitars. Every;
kind " Music published in the United States
and Europe. Catajogues sent, on application,
i by post. All articles guaranteed and terms li.,
beral. WM. T. MAlO.
Id W. T. M. is Agent for T. Gilber & Co's.,'
Pias. i wi . Coleman'a beautiful Lolian At.'
tacchment. d-Gn-6n
I have this day associated with me in part-.
nership, my brother, Joszlra W. TALBOT, and:
our business will hereafter lie continued unlder
the firm of J. W. & R. E. T'A.or.
lu Franklin. Julp 10th, 1845.
Spices, &ac.
Just received al the ";tiANKLIN DRUG;
STORE, CAnson's BcILv Io, j
20 lbs. NamreIIII , 10 i.s. Mare,
50 " All.plce, 50 " Piwper,
10 " Cloves, 10 " C'innamon,
25 " Gonger Root, 25 " Powde ed do,.I
10 " Sege, 10 " Cosenn.- P.p.
"'loelhrer with Indr'n. C.+stle S,°Ip,. Sp|,o.
Candlte, Saleratu'. , 1Whunll0, Kta,'k Lend, Em.
ery and varrlOu other artilces, which wri; be
old low. Call and see.
Female Boarding and Day School.
The undersigned restsectfully informs his
friends and the public generally, that, istending
to conduct the education of his own chitdren
he is desirous to receive a limit.d number otl
Boarding and Day Scholars ; and hopes by the'
strict attention paid to the advancement as welll
as to the manners and deportment of hbs pupils,;
topiýet and receive a share of public patron.I
ajife. ,,."
A competent Frenihad Music teacher will
be engaged as soon as p .
Terms m:ode known by apply t1 is R
dersigned at his residence. 4.
Rector of St. Mary's Chure..
Franklin. June 12th, 1l4Ji.
19 Canal SlreeI (row,
OprosI.E Tru C-rrTOMHO'SE,
.TVew Orleans.
At this establishment c*n Iw t,'unid a hlsrge
assortment of Creole, Atiakapas, Spanish, Co.
lumbia, Enhlish and Amnriran Saddles. also a
great variety of Ladies', Misses'. end Boys' Sud
dies, together with Bridles, Martinoales, Sur.
singles, Girths, Horse and Mule Collars,
Britrhngs, Haames, Whips, Bitis, saddle Begs,
&c. &.c.
Jan. 18, 1848-6m.
All persons having claims against the Esl
ate of the late Col. Davtlo Bis.. will please
present them to J. V. CONRAD.
Franklin, La., Aug. 9, 1848.
-riatish Periodical Literature.
Subscribe carly while the terms are low ' '
T.: .1ogru U.arlTltui Ilhl:vW,
'I RAE 11 S f : a,' Itylld W,
l''he abb,ve Periodtials are rteprined in New
I, Ik, InlniedlrteIv on their arriva*l by the
I |rlish sr. a'ners, ia a btaultilu clhar type, on
iie white 'p; r. and tair arhiul copies of the
orrtgiial, HLACKwooD'u s ,JAGAZItI being an
exertjfac-srntiue ol tIe I.dittburgh edition.
They enlmuance the views of the three great
jidrt.es liit L:u,talml-T,,hmry, 1 hei, and R:dlcali.
-" lhi,,tt ,o'd and the " Lnd,,dn (.Quarterly"
are l',ry ; the " Ediniburgh Review" % h'g;
.and the Ih1estmtns,,ler RIs'.e" KnRdical. 'Th
'" N..r'h t.titsh Rest, w" is more 1, a religious
ch.,r;acter, havIn0g beenl originally edited by Dr.
('hlmtners, and now, stice has death, tbing con.
dueled. by ha. s.n.fn.iaw, [Jr. [lannan assocll
ted with itI L) Ivid Brc.fier. Its literary char.
iaoler t. 2tl cie very llyhhe-t order.
(I( Las Fe": i-4!), Ite SCL.tCRIBEU FOR EARLY.)
I ,r 'r I:.o* of ,t'r Iavor Revw.ws, :3,00 per an.
[ .r .a,\ ti.a , d... 5,00 "
Fir an. tirer, do. '?,00 '"
Ficr i;l tutr ot the. Iheviews, b.00 "
F' r Iekw cod -s .l',s:szane. ,1,0 ,'
I" ,r ill;ck wod and three Reviews, 9,00 "
For Btackwod aslid tor Review,, 10,00 "
Paymntietr to be made in all cases in adrance.
('inistt of bick volumes of the following
to.ut ib'e w ir ,, t lh:
'Tue li, rolullItan Mhaaznre.
Ti. I); ii L Unser..iy Magazine.
hack w.,d' l z .,aaznlle.
'The Lo,,i:un, the I ;,tnbutgh, the Foreign
4(jQ:,ailrl), and the ,erlatsminater Re.
Any .ii," .,uba.:rirtin to llackwood, or ti one
of tIe ie', ws, at $3 a year, or to auy tm u of
the Pl'..msie., a at . wai receive, grt vis, o
vtturni' of any oft the pretiiutas sha~b t.,mwd.
A a.th-cr.ter iti arl.y hr,.e of the Perrni,e.als
at 87 a year, iur i,, the tour Hesiews at $.,
w.al r.ct- tne teut Ire, Itiiomi) vtlliiice.s am above.
A subaserhl.r tI, Ii akwomlth nd three Re.
istan, it' 9:, i 'e.., mr to, the the Four Revi.rews
atn.l l .i-. w...!, ;t 810, will re.ceive three pre
litIlsit Vi,' Itil'a-.
!(Y= Ph'.s"' ht particular in naming the pre.
mi i,.r. deh sir.r anl Ih"u h.orks.subscribedfor.
Four copies of any or all of the above works
will be sent i t one address on pay tpem o the
egular subscription fur three--the I(rtlr copy
being grate. a
S, . No premiums, will be gire where
above allowance is made to clubs, nor will pree
turnus to any case be lurnished, umlless the sub.
JrpJtion t 01 a jgfullt ulhout
recouase to atn agent.
A lute arrangement with the British publ it
ers of Blick xtmmd's M.mgtzine secures toIs u ha
vy shrets of that work, by whch we 'shall by
tob;e to plice the entire miumtwr itn the hands oe
-uI.a'trters beiotre atl y piorilnti of it can be re .
pimu'ed mml iny (of Ihe Amlericaltn Ju. s. For
his tuid ,tlher advanllltgessecuired i .r subacir?
wers, we pay sit larige a ct,osih-relson, thar we1
may.e cmnpellted to raise the price of the -Mag
az tie. Theretore we repeat 'subsci early
while L&:price is low.'
Rimtseanets anid enmmunicloi should be
mlw.sa addr.'ssed, post paid or franked to the
1,ubliehers. C
79 Fution at., New York.
The subscriber respectfilly informs the pub
lic, that haring taken charge of the Blacksmith" t
ing business t~rmerly carried on by Elber: Mil
ler, in this place, he is prepared to execute all
orders which may be entrusted to him, with neat.
ness and despatch.
.As the sub-criber has three Forges in blast,
tie lhanters in the neighborhood may depend
upon having any orders left with him executed
at the sho,rtest possible notice. t
Hl" would also call the attention of Planters to !
a superior article of PLoce;las, which he is ma.
nu:acturing, and with which he wall supply them
at reasonable charges.
Franklin, La. June 17, 1847.
Liquorx, Dry Goods, &e.
The subscriber .as Just received and o1rs
for sale on reasonable terms,
30 cases fine Bordeaux Wine,
20 baskets superfine Anizette,
15000, Corks,
A lot of Reeve's Saddle Trees, made in Vet,
A lot of Leatter,
A ne o ry Goods, Clothi
w be kept up by constant arrivals.
Franklin, la., Feb. 3, l.46.
" Carriage .aPlakag D Rep.Irf.ft.
The subscraber having employred an exc. Ien
workman is n'w prepared toundertake all work
relantig ro carriage building and repairing with
the cert.iinty of ,;ivanl compelete ssaisncaln to
all who may call on hin both as regards the et:
ecutiun of the work sad charges.
J. E.fISON & CO,
Franklin, June 17. 1847.
All persons having claims against the sub.
scriber will please present tLem, as soon as
posiilie, ai.d all indebted to him will greatly
oblige him by settling without delay.
Frmnkiin. La.. Sept 14. 1848
Wood! Wood!
S3 . cords well spit cvpress, about one
hall ul which is well seasoned, for sale by
Parish ul Terrcbanne, O'). 17th 1I8.

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