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nºm -ni n
SI.ree Doears per annum, payable in advance
fiue Dollars, at the ezpiration of the year.
Advertiswments and ontices in the Banner will
be published Three month., ex.ept whets the
jw, custom, or the person a..rertising specitiet
•ibe time.
Candidates for office will he required to pay
S.*tvance orbteir annsuncement.
Ailadvertising and job work pay.ble as soon
s cowtlleted ; and ten per cent will he deducted
rea all bills that are paid to the publisher per.
serally, when due.
Shortly before the declaration of the war of
i81u against Great Britain, Captain -
mmua.uded a ship which sailed fr.n the Unitedi
mate. to Portsmnout. England. hv the way of
West Indies. A acum.er of British naval
eicers, stationed at one of the West India Is
s had been ordered home, and took passage
his ship. C,oversation during the voyage
d frequently upon the prospect of war he.
4weea the two countries- "If," said the Enr.
sh officers, "war should take place, we shall
capture every ship in the American navy. It
impossible that we should Gtil!" To this.
~comed hraggadocio of John Bull, the Cap
a simply replied : *"Gentlemea. you may live
find yourselves disappointed " 'his English
'rit of boasting was kept up duringtbe entire
yage, with.mut, however, disturhing friendly
ags.-They reached Portrsmouth isn a fe,
had only been in port a few weeks, when
he rtartling news arrived, that Hull had taken.
the English frigate Guerriere. commanded byv
Captain Dacres. The day after the reception
of the newa, the o'd Captain purrhased a white
bat, small ckhbes &c.. &c., and went to the
Navy Yard to hichb his passengers had been
ordaeed. Hl. founi them grouened together.i
talkingeoer the serious news.- "Good mortiineg.
.atlemtea," said he. "have you hard the
ýnws?" "Oh, yes, Captain ! e suppose you/
reter to the victory of Hull?" "'Not at all.
geatlemn: rev nellws !, that he has ween hroken,
by a Court Martial !" "VWhv. Captain von are
lot is earnest? Wt:at do you mean? We are
'astonished, indeed !" 'Yes," cont nmed the
Captain, ''the American Congress pased a re'.
ov.tion, that if an American frigate did not take
a British frigate inefteca minut.s, the comman
der should he cashiered ; and yn know it took
Hlul just a~evtero miagt e anda .alfto take,
j Guerriere U1" Is liew.s dispersed. as
.thie riot act had been read; but not without
weig evident tokens of deep mo'titication
As Irthe Captain, we gmadu it a rule to v'otalu
ias white hat and obnrts, and call at the Na vi
Yasd, ne the news of each successful virto rpy
reached him, secong.stulate his former boasting .
English Naval friends.
SJAr.rToa' OF iSDW[I Foausr FROM HIs
Wwls.-The M. Y. Suu4av Atlas of the 29th
ltk. announces drat Edwin Forret, The tragedi
an, bas been sepaQated from his wife, Caroline
Norton Sinclair Fm'ret, 'laughter of the rocal
l1s, John Sinclair. They were married in 13a6,
in London, and have lived happily, as abe Atla.
states, until the beginning ofthe last winter,
when Mr. F. became moody and melancholy.
'rh Atlas s :
In the monthofDecember Mr. Forrest return
d from a prulsusonat engagement in Philadel.
phis, ina u *st unhappy state of mind, and at
aone demanded a separatino. .e assigned no
,eanse, or.id so apoiogy f. the position h as
m.ued, and when tas immediate friends of the
paties interfered, ad asked to he informed why
was ithat bo asked tor repudiation, hi. only
ply was a studied, iacospeehensibhl silence.
i.e was otto be interrogated : he demnanded
..a.par..aia, and be has accomplished his oh.
jest. Mr. Forrest and his wirb have uterally
Mr1 Persmst is described as a lady nftaleat
and beauty. She. ha been the iubher of four
Schildren all of whom, however,died ia infancy.
-. PMVluemuta--sAm'siw8 .AoW.--y Mm..*
m. FIey--Noting is mur simaple sad
eesemaidl. My dlis.avry is a easily pat io
paoties, at ufue'ar almost led out to believe
it. aae.uthless, all conjectures ase vain :
SsLd ýaeaar mihesL to eoasice bimself of what
I ery. , ei ar p mIhe.. t rmammed.
at seine lia ie sa lharge ,s b s hIo dug is
`bs . sad shtJ.( Is Pbe sase way s the
mssms do. As see si the pruocess is cmple
sd, thtrow Ia he taues yao desires to pre.
serve (beig cruear at at the lime entirely cov.
ers them,) ad lease them these tbwes hours;
at . 0 s.pia1ls of' which time take them out,
wash tem, pad dry them is the sun. By
li Str tresmely easy aad simple oeth.
ad, y can p sear'e yar pat...os fr smre i
yars w~thlsu the ioe of fla.r, sad they will
-e retea o.
- T1x1 Diucmrne tuýºarsxrtwmu. '1 soa
vinati th. L .sa. psary, wbich U.SNahledI
* kM. Roq. M. .y lac, emicated
Mine. WRimw l Replies, t'r Gorur it
3.3s. Njucau. e(New Oriesm fs.Umeuesat
GWinNfr tel Zusi.r ýLno u Lr Audito..
'+s =b -t rr S . -- tb. diket are very
* Our. Ou Ocoac .brtet s kaow tibmubis
___osbar will bs ed sol sd ksrs star
pd thirr ..tst wsrriurs the cudict.-Bs
t* '` r .-Ak bri's wife, is .sp&'mg
.IEi WasI'M., pate _ and iswIrgeao. at
-a 1W s y¢ea rs old. to saladyacuain.
ltin sa id, "He - zsa d saudy is any pan
dth* 51kbL pst oh. wholesaeblsin sad
weed insqsa veil asof' ts bh" `Tis, ml
,,at iss the'
I.I4,ada dFI Mbursi' £iblaL"-E W~
A Naw VEGOrrABLe. -The Taro.-We have
ijust seen a specimen of this new vegetable oh.
tained from Dr. J. G. CARso.. of T'unmpkin,'
Bend, who has been cuitivating it for many
years on his plantation. The Taru is a trops
cal plant peculiar to the islands of tne Southern
SPacific, where it grows spontaneously and in
htbe greatest abundance. Among the natives it
'forms one of the principle articles of diet. It is
;a bulbous root, not unlike the potatoe in form,
hut in many respects it is superior. Although in
flavor not so delicate as the potatoe. it is said to
be tar more productive and less liable to be in
;ured by the frusts. For this latter reason it
would he well for planters to turn their attention
'to its cultivation. It sometimes happens that
the whole pntatof, crop is destroyed by early
frost-., in which case the Taro would lobr an
excellent substitute. It may be easily preserv
ed the whole year round anil even ifleft in the
around it would live through the winter, and grow
up again in the spring. On plantations it would
lbe of peculiar service at seasons when other
vegetables are scarce, For all who wish to
obtain a new and delic'ious article ofdiet Imr the
table, and provide amply and in thbe cheapest
way for their negroes, the Tarn deserves at
least a trial.-Fromn the Lake Proridence (La)
was roundiy asserted by a speaker in a demnocra.
iic convention in Charleston, previous to the
prezidenttal election-that "the northern branch
I .o the deleated party would go over to the Ab.
olitionists." Look at the loilowing declaration
Ir-an a northern democratic paper :
[Fromathe Daity M ;sconsin, of April 9]
Tni. LIgZTED DE OCR.Atc OF WIscosst..
We lear,, t,,at, previtus to the adjournment uof
hiae Legis!awture, the Democrats and Free Soilers
perfected a union on the basi of sound princi.
p e.- aad that, in cousequeuce thereol, but one
- ate ConceaFion is to be called neat fail for the
a wainstion , Governor, etc., to be represented
by w., delegates fromt each Asaemubly District in
toe state.
It has long bgen perceived tet the difIlren.
;ces were a mere mratter oI organization. That
'tenacity has fºattlately yielded, and no'.z the
Democrats who supported tass and fan Buren
wilt murk together, *nd thus secure it. Wisconsin
a DemocratLc mnaj,,rty alike inmpregnable to ,he
effect and seductions of the Taylor .dmini.ara.
tron. 'he united umajority of Cas. and 1'an
B aren over Taylor was 11,000. We a'anl
scarcely expect so targe a majority hereatier.
as many Whigs wh9 acted with the Free $oil
party will join the Tyliur party; but we can
give the largest Demuocratic murjority.of'any in
the Union.
It is pertinently suggested that the cramul of
the Democracy rj our glorious State all be
fomnd worthy of emiaation is orher States. We
have a natural pride in saying that Wisconsin
is the pioneer State, where this union has hcen
frit consummated
A Yc.so aur. To sm Huro.-Leittia Blais
dell. tie youWug girl who contfesed to having ad
,raioa.tered morphine to seteral members of
Ikcjawuin Bla.eUll's family, at New Boutou,
Nass. by which one child died, ha been sen
tenced to be hung nest August.--The girl is
said to be young anJ pretty. She was an aoup.
ted daughter in the fauily. Her motives ior at
1eanpug to destroy the fainily remain in mystery.
-The Judge, in his sentence, said-- We
cannot account for them upon any satisfactory
principles of humaw action."-N. O. Bee.
CANADA.-A despatch ulthe th nilSt., gives
the ,lhowiag pamrtcurs of an atiray iu the
streets ut Muntreal, between the uarnch and
a.ogish populat:on:
la co~sequence of the announcement thA the
Govenor had given orders to put under arms
ivre busdrena Frech cwustablee, and the tiet
that toWe men actatlly appeared in the streets,
te soub became stil ilore aasperated. A
arty, composed of'twenty Eagrsh geatleamea,
eruled theuaelves into a body and encuntered
these armed pulice, or cun.we le in the utreets,
when quite a arce euageeneut ensued. Shots
were ecihaulged, awnl Wa the conict two meWn
were badly wounded, and uothers lghtiy. The
Goverauient am.rices pe*rceiving lat they had
adupted rather an u pua measure, aad im
.rder to preserve peace, cisatermaaaded the or.
der ia regard u the u .strabsarlygesce aid had
them dn_ _aed.
SThe juoavrille Jerwe contains the an
-euad frightad narrative :
.eariide.-- t"ririv or Saturday a san
samed tewkirk, living twelve or litiena mles
(trim this city, between the Bardhtowa and aat
Lick roads, su his own another, nearly a hun
dred years old. Atier the perpetration of the
deed he re-kueded his gun, and, with ieres
threats, odered a negru buy about twelve years
to shout him. TIle buy ired the gun btn
purpuosey missed him. Newkirk whipped she
ty ternrily and then sent ftr a aneigbor to
waum be remarked : "1 have shot my m .her
do you think they will bang me 1" Hie soon
erwaros disappeared, and, at the last accounts,
all ta e.rt. ou the olbcers ofjustice to ihad
i-.a had been uusut aL. We believe his
aInghYr. gesasauy thank that he is insane,
BI rnsTaoln.a 8nseacu. Ouunoa'.'
We hearn, says Bu .oe Jormal, that Dr.
Warren, of his ity, rekaetly took frum the
tumsac of sn Irwb girl, at the Ms-uchbseus
Imnsl tIlospital, by mneas of isciusio a
sap worma furty ee fit asd usl i c s is
length. Tae uperanse was pertbrmed while
the eunlrer was under the ianemee of ether.
bhe oseerved, i ouming to her aense, "Si! !
La. bad a pi.eas. daeas,and l nl relieved."
'Ie wound was dresld witb grat care, aad
sM be. scarcely oumpaused f iain eaces tshM
uperatu- . Th's, aw ar old, m the only casj
s reneed, where the tap. wore bee been lit.
-ru st mtnte hu m ua le ..
Cbild.-Muther, I want a piece of cake.
Muther -1 haven't any-it's all gone.
C.-t know there is some up in the cupboardt
-1 saw it when you opened the door.
M. -Well, you don't need any now; cake
burts childreo.
C.--No it don't-(whining)-I want a piece
M1.-Be stii, I say, I shan't give you a bie if'
you don't leave off crying.
C.-(Still crying)-- want a piece of cake ;
I want a piece ofecake.
M.-(Riuing hastily and reaching a piece)
There, take that and hold your tongue ! Eat'
it up quickly; I'hear Ben coming. Now, doun't
tell him, you've had any.
(Ben enters.)C.-l've bad a piece of cake
you can t have any.
Ben.-Yes, I will; mother, give me a piece. ;
M.l-There, take that-it seems as if1 I nev.
er could keep a bit of any thing in the house.
You see, sir, (turning to the child,) if you get
any thing next time.
(Another room.) C.-I've had a piece of
Young Sister.-Oh, I want some too.
C.- Well, you bawrl, and mother 'Il give you
a piece.
An Antidote for poison.-A correspoodelat
oftbe London Literary Gazette, alluding to the
numerous cases of deaths from accidental pui.
soning, and particularly the mnelancholy fate of
the late Royal Academicain, Mr. Owen, adds:
"I venture to aflirm, there is scarce even a cut.
tage in this country that does not contain an iia.
valuable, certain, immediate remedy for such
events; nothing more than a desert spoonful of
made mustard, wixed in a tumbler of warm wa
ter and drank immediately. It acts as an instan.
taneous emetic, is always ready, and may be us
ed with safety in every case where one as re.
quired. By making this simple antidote known,
you may be the means ofsaving many a fellow
creature tfom an untimely end."
Dentr-clion of Saakes.--lor about a week
past, says the St. Francisvillo Chronicle, somej
few of our citZens have enjoyed themselves1
bhooting these terrors to man, in the back wo.;
ter near our town. They seem to seek refuge
in the trees, where it is supposed they resort to
bask in the sun. They have succeeded in des
troying upwards of one thousand, and they still
ezxit in abundance. They have been known to
take lodging in some of the houses in Bayoui
Sara, when occupants of the dwelling are occa
sionally greatly frightened by discovering them
snugly ensconsed in the beds prepared for thein
own comfort and convenience. We have not
yet participated in the sport, but have been in
.,rmed that it is rare fun.
SDeocuATrc.-ýlajor Lewis Figg odras
ibimself as a candidate for the convention to e
model the Constitution of Kentucky. He an.
nouaces that he will not only advocate the elec.
tion of Judges. Magistrates, &c, &c, by the peo.
ple, Iut will also go for the election of Preacher,,
School masters and Tavern keepers. As to
w..ritfs, Constables, &c, he regards them as
nutisaces, and says he will go for abolishing
them. lie considers it quite Anti Democratic
to grant any set of men exclusive privileges,
merely to bedevil and barrassother people about
paying their debts, while they never pay their
"Paoscurrrow ! Paoscarruwron!! Panscar,.
TIo ! ! I-The Guillotine at work-Aisolher
Head Of!-The faithful Democratic Poemas.
e.e of this place has been proscribed for his
opinions, guillotined for his political ýitb, by the
'no party' President ! Democratic papers
throughout the Union please copy."
We are pleased to add, in connection with
the above, that Washington Chapman, Esq.,.
removed a jew months since fot being a Whig,
has been reinstated as Postmgster at this pie
f[Florsda Whig.
VERY Co:.UDA .ral.-A man in New York
lately stood in the street and ate Dine bananas
at four cents apiece, remarking that if they werl
not so high he would take a couple home to his
lWhem I goes a shoppin," says Mrs. Par.
tingto., "1 allays asks for what I wants, and i
.hey have it, and it's suitable and I feel inclined
to bua it, and it's cheap, and can't be got at en
my other place for less, I most allays takes it
without chapperin' about it all day long, like
some people does."
O'" "ou want a flogging, that's what you
want," said a parent to his unruly son
"I know it, dad, but I'll try to get along with
out it," said the independent brat.
A sonot the Emerald Isle meetingacountry
man whose face was not pertectly remembered,
after saluting him most cordially, inquired his
"Wash," was the answer.
"Wash, Wash," responded Paddy, are you
not from Dublina ? I knew two old maids there
of that name-was either of them yer mother ?"
Or The amtmegtree flourishes in 8ingapore
near the equator.-Claslraad mllea.
The Bostou Times says it flourishes in Con
oreticut also, where it is commonly called whim
We i.at.d to show up some ofe no-souled
fellows who are in the habit o ltprrowing their
neighbor's newspaper. A mah who is is
the habit of borrowig a paper because he is
too penurious to ibeoribe for one which costs
sia cents a week, we luuk upon as but little bet.
er than thief, for be takes that which the po
editor perhaps soeat hours is cudgelliog hii
brais to produce, without leave or license, Ihuul
defrauding hint of his jest dues. If this meet
the eye of a borrower let him reform uad sen
is hi, bilL.-Knickerbecker.
Another Sabstitule.-As a sample of the mean )
ness that presides over the Baltmore and Phil-i
adelphia Itailrad, they are tuo penurious to evenr
buy whistles for their locomotives. They used
pork as a substitute, or in other words, they keep
a bog on each engine, and when they approachI
ýa crossing, they just twist his tail till be squeals
-Rocbester American.
This shows it is possible to make a whistle
out of a pig's tail Troy Post.
TeE OVERFLOWED LAnns.-The las Con
cordi:, Intelligencer says that in Jtil6, in l82*,
and 144, the :ands overflowed were free from
sicknoes ; but it tks been observed and deemed
rather remarkable that the summer of the year
succeeding the year of overflow has always
been sickly on the overflowed lands.
The N. 0O. Bulletin states that the steameri
Mliqsouri, which left N. Orleans on the 29th ult.
lstl on her trip thirteen deck passengers by
cholera. Several others were sick, and with
but little chance of recovery.
on the "History of the Precious Metals," re.
cenily published in Hartford, Conn., says tbej
value of the Silver Tea.spoons in the United,
States is estimated at 836.000.000, of Silver
Table spoons 827.000,00:). of Silver FoPrk44,.
500,000, and ofplate and dining service 85,500,
If the speculator mnips his aim, everybody
'cries out "he's a fool,' and sometimes "he's ai
rogue." If he succeeds, they besiege his door,
and denaaud his daughter in marriage.
Deaths in New York city for 1848, 16,919;
adults 7020, children 8499.
RATHER STrnoo.-'hbe Wilmington Blue;
Hen's Chicken says, that the last Legislature o
Delaware "was charanerized by two strong and
predominating princeiples-the love of rnam and
the hate of uiggers."
"A lawyer," said Lord Brougham, in a face
tious mood. "is a learned gentleman who res
cues your estates from your enemies, and keeps
t aem himself."
NswsPraPa Dwars.-There is owing to the
Natiunal Inlelligencer at Washington, from de.
'linqueut suhecrahers and others, $400,000.
The suaacrber having been
uthoizsed to act as agent for
u, It, us ul t uwnsend, Crr & Co., of Pitrs.
burgh, to contract Ior and lurnish planters aid
whera with IRON and WOODEN AXLE
TREE CANE CARTS, Light One Horfs
uarts, Bagasea Car:s, Drays, Waggons for
iwo or four horses, Ltht one horse Pleasure
Waggoae, Canal Wheel Barrows, Porters'
Barrows, Wood Barrows, and Timber Carri.
agsu, is enabled to lurnash the above work on
as good terms, and as cheap as can be lur.
a.thed by any establishment In the U, Satles.
The sub.eriber, also conlinues to famish
work from Wheeling, Va., as usual.
He has now for sale:
23 Iron Axle Cane Carts, without bodies,
17 Mule and Ox Certs with bodies,
I Four horse Iron axle Waggon, without body
I Four h,,rse Wood-axle Waggon do.
6 Canal Wheel.Barrows,
2 Wood wb.eel.barruws, for sugar house use,
Harness and Hames ;
Stra.bs Patent Corn.Mil!,
Double geared Horse Power,
Belt motion do., do,;
Metallic Juice Pumps made in Cincinnati, es.
preesly for cane juice;
Plalstation Bells,
IAnti attritiou metal:
Globe Cuicks, for steam engines,
Gcage Cocks, bor steam engine boilers,
Cylinder Cýccki for steraO cylinders-3 sizes.
N. B O;d copper, brass, composition box
es and broken B-lls, bought at fair prices sc.
carding to quality. m29
Franklia Saw lill.
The subscriber, now ready to receive anm
611 orders br Sawing or 'or Planing Lumabe,
at the following prices, to wit:
Fur all mnerchantable Lumber sawed It fill oan
bill as per directuon at So0 per thousand.
For Palings sawed or ripped, from one iech
stuff, at $10 per thousand.
For LMtice work at $5 perthousand, rounning
For plannlt., tonguing and grooving, Sooringor
ceiling, 80 per Ihousand.
For planing the lace walbout the tongue and
groove, $7,50 per thousand.
'1 hey eel confident that the quality of their
Lumber, and neatness of Iheir work will please
the meet lassidiou-and feeling thus, they
would respectfully invite all those who want
Lumber, to call and see them before purches.
iug.elaewhere. All Ibey ask is reuaneabl'
ahare ol patronage, which they will endeavot
to merit.
Apnl 24. GATES de BARNARD.
Blae.snmItlim arn Clarra.e
The Partnershp exsting under the style o
James Emnison d Co., was on tae st oIMarch
last dissolved by mutual cnnouat. ,
rThe subscriber will carry on basils oe his
wn accouct' at his shop on Jackson treet,
where he i prepared to do all kinds o( plata.
lion and carriage work on the ment reasonabl
ecrme. Tbose havint carruages can have them
repaired at the old stand of Mr. Sa.IprtwaIIt as
hersiofore. ROBer. I.ASHI.BY.
Franklia, Aprl 26, 184.
Splendid Jewelry.
Just received the largest assortment of
ever brought to Franklin. The Ladies and
gentlemen are respectaully invited to call and ex.
;amune my stuck otfJwelry, consisting of the la
tet stile ,.f Ladies' Coral, Cluster and Cameo
Broaches ; Coral Necklaces and Beads; plain,
'chaste, Garnet, I'urquois and Alliaace Finger
'RKings ; Plain. Chaste, Cluster, Coral, Jet and
Garnet Ear Rings; Octagon, Oval, Round and
lunting Lockets ; Plain, Chaste, Box, Cameo
and Coral Bracelet Clasps; Cameo and Coral
Blracelets; Illuminated Motto Visiting Cards,
and Card cases; Gold Waist-Buckles, steel
Beads and Rings.
I have tor the Gientlemeo, Gold and Silver
Watches ; Diamond, Coral, Garnet, Turquois,
Bhex, Plain and chaste Mtuds ; Gold Fob and
:est Chains; Vest Buttons, tine watch Keys;
Gold Pens; Gold and Silver Pen.holders; Gold
and Silve. Suspender.Buckles ; Diamond, Co
ral and Garnet Pius ; Topaz, Cornelian and
plain Signet Rings, and many other articles
too tedious to enumerate.
Flanklin, March 29, 1649-3m.
Bishop Polk's Remeedy for
The prescription four the above preparation
ilha at last reached us, and the very judicious
eunmbinatioo of several potent Stimulants, Ano.
dybnes, Anti..pasl.odaes and Sudird~cs, make at
invaluable in 'he early stages of the disease.
From the nature of its angredients, it will r. imp.
Ily produce a warm perspiration-setle the
nausea and vomiting, and thence will bring
'blUts a reaction, and the purging will cease, in.
dependent of the strong opiates generally used.
It has been carefully prepared at my shop where
ii is tur sale, and where I will lurnish written
and verbal Inlormatlon of tie use from observa.
tion and otherwise.
C. BABE, M. D.
April 24, 1349, Apothecary's Halt
Mlorgad's Literary Depot.
At the above establishment may always
be found Books of erey .dscriplioa, consistM
inr of Novels, Histor', Biiography, Scientific,
Commercial, Geographical and Medical Works
Also, a Complete Assoriment ofStationery, to
getlhr with all the principal Daily and Week
ly Newspapers and Magazines.
Counry orders for any article in the trade
supplied and forwarded with dispatch. Books
mailed. Prompt attention paid to any work
ordered by mail. Foreign Books imported to
Literry Depot, adjoining the Post Olce, N'te
Orleans, L...
P. 8. Complete arrangements have bees
made with the principal Publishers bIhoughout
the Union, for a supply of new works as fast
as isqued. j. c. k.
Frederick Ehrhardt would respectrully in.
form the citizens of Franklin and the public,
that he has lately opened a shop on jain at.,
on the cnrner of Wrxel's lot, and nearly oppo.
site Messrs Hare & Birdsall's store, where be
will ca-rv on the Tailorang Baisineea, and will
at all times be ready to attend to the wiabes of
those who may favor him with his custom. His
experience as a tailor, and his knowledge of his
bitaines, he trusts, will enable him to giie the
best of satislaction to his customers.
Frankltin. ),.h.28. N144
Brick Makilg.
The undersigned being now prepared to en.
gage actively in BRIUK MAKING, tenders
his services to the public. U. will be able to
perlorm jobs witb dispatch, and guarantees his
Orders left at this oice will be punctally at
Franklin, Feb. 22n 1849.
ClotelLri Clthaia i
The subscnber as now opening at his
the racst ezteesive aseortmest of SUMRllR
CWLOTHING ever offered in this Market, to
which he wuld cell the attentin of hbe sotner.
ous customers end the people lpeaerlly who
desire Cheep Bargqins and A No. 1 Gooas.
The Stock haes been latd in with grea care ad
rannot fad to suit all who wll call and exam.
ce it.
Pattersonville, March II, 1849.
I have appoiated Mr. Jan Yasey of this
place, my agent during my absence Irom the
conetry. All persons r.debted to me, or bar.
ia claiems agmaant me, will please call on himp
for settlemeat 9( the some.
1. P. YANRY.
Centreville, March 12.1843.
Apothecary aul.
The undersigned will always keep on hand.
large and select asmertomet of Drgp, Medi
emes, Chemicals, Perfuetery, Family and Pa
rent Medicines, Window Glass, Oils, Paints
and other articles in his hae; all of which he
,.g.rs to the public on accommodating trms
and low prces.
Th assortmeat of Btneic Mediciae will
be kept up as complete as beretlfore.

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