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The Planters' banner. (Franklin, Attakapas Co., Lou.) 1849-1872, May 31, 1849, Image 4

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M4r. A. 0. CUARtPA.ITljiE, de'puis neft ans
commnit dans etoi.. ciinsmau, y devi,.ot 11989CI6 de
c .jtwr, lit rnis-bn decomrnercf- rrouvra lit mêmen
que- piéiédem.ni-rtt. P. J. PA VY & Co.

Jest vrsivedthe mrW l q usat of
ever brought 10 O.iai The Ladies and
gentlemea ts lynvited to call and ex
amine my i J elry, coqsisting of the Ia
test ide of LB" ' Coral, Cloter and Cameo
Broaches; Cosut i secklaces and Beads; plain,
chaste, Garnet, Tarquliq and Alliatce Finger
Rings; Plain, Chaste, Cluster. Coral, Jet and
Garnet Ear Rings ; Octagon, Oval, Kound and1
.'Hatiig Lockets ; Plain, Chaste, Box, Cameou
andoid Bracelet Clasps ; Cameo and Corals
,Bara; Illuminated Motto Visiting Cards,
and Caud cases; Gold Waist-Buckles, eteel,
Beads and Kings.
I have for the Gentlemen, Gold and Silver1
iatches ; DiamoJd, Coral, Garnet, Turquis,,
Box, Plain and chaste "tuds ; Gold F,'b and
Vest Chains; Vest Butons, fine watch Keys;
old Peans; Gold and Silver Pen.-holders; Gold
and Silver &aspes~ler-Buckles; Diamond, Co.
ral and Gp..rt Pins; l'opaz, Cornelian and
plaim Signut Rings, and many other articles
tedious to enumerate.
Frahklin, March 29, 1649-3m.
Just resivcd, direct from N. York, a splendid
assortment of
and a General Assortment of the most Fashion.
able Jewelry.
The Subscriber is prepared to execute all
kinds of Watch-work in the most superior and
workmanlike manner.
Watonmaker sad Jeweler.
Respectfully inlorms hi.i friends and the pub,
dic generally, that he has obtained" the house
formerly occupied by Mr.C. B.rnard. near Mr.
S. Smith's Store, whets no will repair watch.
es and clocks ol every derrlplti.n, in the neaI
est nod most workmampship style. (entlemen
and Lades can leave ae Watches in has care
with AkLe outidepec of having them"carefully
theroyghly, and promply repaired. He hopes
by close Ateetion to bnioassn to merit a liberal
shee of public palrpoage.
Fraklim Lau, Feb. 8, 1841.
Blackslmitllki and Carriage
1T. Partnership existing under the style oi
Jame.wmisa 4i Co., was on tae st of March
last di~.sresd amunal consent.
Tihe subscriY will carry on business o his
pwa CeoctI at his shop on Jackson street,
where he ie prepared t do all kide of pleate.
tim anad erriage work am the mot reasoable
terms. Those having lt'trg es re lhave them
repaired at the old stand of Mr, buertnwait s
heretofore. ROST. I.ASHLEY.
Franklin, April 20, 1849.
Frederick Ehrhardt would respectfully in.
form the citizens of Franklin and the public,
that he has lately opened a shop on Main st.,
op die corner of Wezels lot, and nearly appo.
site Messrs Hrp &e Brdsall's store, where be'
will earry on the Tailoring .lhsinets, and will
at all demrs be ready to attend to the wi.hes of
those pho may favor him with his custom. His
experience as a tailor, and his knowledge of hia
busiosa, he trUsts, will enable him to give Ilp
best of satisfaction to his customers.
ranklio, Dec. 28, 1849
Rpenama. nt., Tomb:!
tis enser psr haviag pened a MariJle
ard i Frlakl i prepared to build ly
VaIls, Temb Head oes, see., and also
make the l scr$ptid wbm restaired at the
phoest notice.
He has e aat large ,assrtmept of It4l.
insanrd . Gnevi e Marble. All lmrk will
be pedrted.subetnitally and in a workmen.
lihn.ue.on. -
:ornprtiuelhr apply to A. F. MeLain or
Miids la oses, Fltakf, La.
Ajrirl.-l4 . J. GRAOUILLA.
The ag iers ae ies ag pseow to en.
Fgage alivey is BRIC G, tenders
his service pblic. url be able to
pFmr webs swa, Sand a his
Orders leat i this ece will be puecstally a.
FPailia, Feb. 32, 1849.
T. the ?"b1Ic.
son AM~ t ~ d6· be
f Ismail a vfod ras as can. be done
by aOl ""L-nt e etry.
!!l. , Esq., FraakUim. 4
adrmsd tom at tis plts, will be atteed
to. C. 5 G. WHELDKN.
PmtiOsuemw Jbm Nib, 1848.
fl r mugb scri mSbe eMrsqsct im.
Ihi~bnadpiiae pubicthat bid sao aeow
i tir~C e Be ) f· m il IWI c'osrb·.
tie t~~ ~6 that '~wri~ their
Jir es with hima may deped on kaIng them
H.wiUh4p qph!º0md horses sad
aria' . O hap ' Ia tin a eeMed
pFrankihmnim Oct. 5,1848.
Fric$io.. e LA . .v ,ugar
The subscriber would respectfully inform
the planters ol Alttaka;pas that he has sInel*
returned from ihe North with a few sets of (ric
a0on rollers made to order, and he is prepared
to conlrc.l to attach them to sugar mills in
complee order. Those wishing to avall them.
selves of this i:nprovenieu will do well to ap.
.ily in season that I may order the necessary
apply from the north tbeore it is too late.
Pprsons wishing for a lull desciiption of thi
,1inprovemen! can obtain ii of Mr. John M.
B ,t.-man of Pattersonville, who has fully tested
its imnortance.
Franklin, Lnu., May 18. 1~49-ly.
Tim Ware
The undersigned, having now in his employ.
me$t tgerl esperieneaed tinenrs lately from
the North, is enabled to Ibrnish Franhliu and
the _urrnundipg country with all articles that
maybe needed in his line of business. at Whole.
safe or Retail. Merchants will find it to their
interest to call and examine his STOCK and
PRICES Iefore purchasipg elsewhere.
Iaving made great preparations to furnish
the country with TIN WARE of every des.
cription, so aS to give Plauters and the people
generally an opportunity of patronizing Home,
Industry, and intending to make it to their In.
.erest to palronize him, the subscriber hopes
that his list of old customers will remain tn.
changed, and that a long list of new ones may
be added to it. All kinds of
such as Pipe, Dippers, Skimmers, Gutters, &c
and all kinds of
SHaTr Ilnx Wong, STRsx BoAT Cnas.ss,
[lon PAss,
will be atteuted to by the subscriber.
He will also at all times he able to furnish
ann put down copper or Lead Supply Pipes at
,the shortest notice, and will be able to supply to
lorder all otf ho fixtures in his line for Sugar
Houses. I
He will always study to please those who
may favor him with a call.
Franklin, Feb. 15th, 1849,
The auoscriber having bree
iuthotired to act as agent for
.thr bIteen l'uwnend, C.srr & Co., of Pitts.
burgh, to contrasct or and furnish planter. aid
others with IRON and WOODEN AXLE
TREE CANE CARTS, Light One Horse
Carts, Bagasse Car;s, Drays, Waptons for
two or four horses, Ltbht one horse Pleasure
Waggons, Canal Wheel Barrows, Porters'
Barrows, Wood Barrows, and Timber Carri. i
ages, is enabled to furnish the above work on
as good terms, and as cheap as can be fur-.I
onshed b) y any establshmet to the U, States. .
The subecriber alan continues to furnish i
work from Wheeling, Va., as usual.
•He has now for sale:
92 Iroe Axle Cane Carts, without bodies,
17 Mule and Os Carts with bodies,
1 Four horse Iron axle Waggon, without body
1 Four bhorse Wood-.a:e Waggon do.
6 COaal Wbeel.Barrows,
2 Woad wheel-barrows, for sugar house use,
Harness and H *ess; ;
81radbs Patent Corn-MH, ,
Double glered Hore Power,
Bel sl--tio do., do.;
MItelta Jhume Pmps made to Ciocinati, ex.
arely farese juice;
Plantieamu Netls,
Anti aiuioin uwmetl:
Globe Cteks. for steam engines,
Geage Cetke, for steam ea gie boilers,
Cyitnder Cocks for steam cylimnders-- sizes.
N. B Old eapper, brasw, composition box.
es and broken Bells, beeght at fair prices me.
carding to quality. m29
FP kiglis Saw 1WlI,
The subscriber, now ready to receive and i
fill orders for Sawing or ;or Planing Liamber i
at tI (afllowing prices, to wit :
For all a.rchsatable Lumber sawed t fill say I
bill s pe.direetioe at ,i0 per Iousand.
For Palings sawed or rapped, from one inch
awtl, at $10 per thousand.
For Latioe work at P5 per thousand, running
For planieo, tonguieg sad grooving, flooring or
ceiling, $10 per thousand.
For plansng the lace without the tongue and
groove, 07,50 per thousand.
'l hey teel confident that the quality of their
Lumber, and neatness of their work will please
the most fastidmous-and feeling thus, they
would respectfully invite all those who want
Lumber, to call aud see them before purchas.
ing elsewhere. All they ask is a reasonable
share ol patronage, which they will endeavor
to merit.
April 24. GATES & BARNARD.
Carriage .Warg r a* Irepaisrfes.
The subscriber bhaving employed an ec c lien
workman is an w prepared toundertake all work
relating to carrtage building and repairing withb
the certeastl ql giving complete satisfaction to
all who may pall on him both as regards the es.
ecualio of the work oJd charges.
Franklie, June IT. 1847.
T'e subcriber lu a y informs the pub
ie, that hauig ltket au of the Blacksmith
g tesiesa y sru yrrJ see by Elbert Mil.
er, is this place, he is prepared to execute all
ordemawi " aayleasatrstedto him, with neSt.
As tie aphesriber has thrpe Forgps in blat,
the 'isaues in the meim h e d may depam
pen having anyp d. i4p him exeesis
; he eGuseo peeuIle n~ sp.
Swa.eaklso call tie aeution of Planters to
a ,upiesrivt.eIe IPzauu,, which . o is ma.
-a,:ad with w 'ieks will .upp them
... ..: . EMIOb N ds CO.
FanMkli., L. June 17, 1847.
P. R. FELL & CO.
Wholesale and Retail,
(Near the Verandah.)
Will have consiantly on hand a superior
is ortment ot Goods in their hlne, such as
In assost'd crates, or re-packed to order fore
country dealers in the saltest manner.
Plain white, and whtte and gilt, various pat
terns, in Tea sets, Dainner sets, or by thb duz.
Plain, pressed antd cut Decanters, Di.hes,
Bowls, liatcbers, 'l'umblers, Wises, &c. &c.
' Plated Castors, Canalesticks &c.; Britannia
Castors, Pltchers, Tea Sets. Spoons, &'. .;
iJapanned Tea Trays ; Knives and Forks In
sets and by the dozen: So ar table, side and,
hanging Lamps; Wicks and Lamps Glasses;!
;German Stlver Forks, Spouons. &c.
0:7- We solicit country merchants and fami.
hes to cxamine our stock belore purchasin
'elsewhere Goods will be offered at low prices
The most particular attention will be paid In'
p-,tting up goods for the country, and satis
faction in all cases guaranteed.
Morgau's Literary Depot.
At the above establishment may alwaysi.
be found Books of every description, consist
int ol Nov-ls, History, Iitigraphv, Scienisic,
Commercial, Geographital and Medicial Works
Also, a Complete Assortment of Stationery, to.
gether with all the principal Daily and Week.'i
ly Newspapers and Magazines.
Country orders for any article in the trade
supplied and forwarded with dispatch. Books I
aniled. Prompt attention paid to any work
ordered by mail. Foreign Books imported to
Literary Depot, adjoining the Post Ojice, Near
Orleans, L...
P. S. Complete arrangements have been
made with the principal Publishers throughout
the Union, for a supply of new works as fast
as issued. J. C. x.
Tin, Copper and Sheet-Iron.
The subscraber having commenced the man
ufacture of Tin, Copper and Sheet.Iron Ware
in this place, is prepared to execute all orders{
in his line with neatness and despatch. Hea
would also inform the Planters th.,t he is pre.'
pared to put on tin or copper roots, gutters, pipest
or anything they may wish in that line, in ahe'
most durable manner and at the lowest prices.
Shop at the corner of First and Willow str-ets.
Franklin, Aug. 2. 1848.
Clothilg ! Clothing !
The subscriber is now opening at his
the most extensive assortment of SUMMER
CLOTHING ever offered in :lhts Marker, to!
which he w..uld call the attentbon of has numer.
ous customers and the people generally who'
desire Cheap Bargains and A No. I G(ooDs.
rThe Stock has been laid in with great care and
cannot fail to suit all who will call and exam-.'
ine it.
Pattersonville, March 11, 1849.
Apothecary Hall.
The undersigned will always keep on hand a
large and select assortment of Drugs, Medi.
ecnes, Chemicals, Perfumery, Family and Pa
tent Medicines, Window Glass, Ols, Paints
and other articles in his line; all of which he
Iofars to the public on accommodsting terms
and low prices.
The assortment of Botanic Medicines will
Ibe kept up asu oomplete as heretofore.
FrPeek eIdciAce.
An addditioal sopply which completes my
assortment, just received by
F.Rantia DoUe 8,ous,
FiNe Cutlery.
A small invoice of sup.-ror Pocket and Fan.
cy Cutlery, consisting of Fine Cungress Pocket
Knives; Wade & Butcher's. ;Ellot's Genumie
Razors; Scissors, &c., just received at the
Franklin Drug Store- I1.
Paper and Waper-langiglS .
We invite atteation to a large and haudsome
supply of wall paper. bordering, screons, win.
dow blinds, &c., just received nd for sale by
seep2 J. W. & R. E. TALBOT.
Children's Shoes and Clothking
Call and examine our large stock ol Youths
and Children's Boots Shoes and Clothing as
they are going of" rapidly.
s2t J. W. & L. TALBOT.
Bishep Pelk's Remedy for
The prescription for the above preparation
has at last reached us, and the very judicious
comnbination of several potent Stimulauts, Ann.
Id,ers, Aa&ti.pasmodics and &Stdori6ic, make at
iavaluable in the early stages of the disease.
From the nature o its oagred4wits, it will promp.
tly produce a waran perspiration-settle the
I ones and vomiting. and 'theace will bring
abeul a reaction, and the purging will erase, to
depeadent of the strong opiatee generally used.
Sit has been careflily prepared ea my shop where
i is for sale, and where I will furnish writtea
I and verbal inlormation of its use from observa.
ties and otherwise.
c. nABE, M. D.
April 24,.1849, Apothecary's Hall
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Will practice in the Courts composintg the
Fourteenth Judicial District.
Franklln, La.
Will devote particular attention to all hosi.
iness confided to him in the several Courts of
the Fourteenth Judicial District.
I He may he lhund at the Ilanner otffice.
SMarch 8, 15.49.
Attorney at Law,
Having located in Franklin, will attend to
the practice ot his profession, in the sevenrtl
Courts of the Fourteenth Judicial Distri.t.
Professional business confided to his care
will be promptly attended to.
Otffice 2d door from the Reading Room.
Attornies and Oounsallors at Law,
Have associated themselves in the practice .0
their profession. Legal business of all kinds
promptly attended to.
Otlice on 1Main street, Franklin, Lou.
Oct. 5th, 184a.. A. a SPLAN.E.
if. C. cOOK.
W. 1W. RICE,
Attorney at Law,
fran.klitn, Lou.
Attorney at Law,
Will attend to the practice of his profession
in the several courts oft' the Fourteenth Judicial
All collections which may be entrusted to
him, promptly attended to.
)::Fr' Office at the Franklin Exchange.
Surveying, Levelling,
Orders for surv-y·,g LmndJ,, I.y'ing out Cta
nali and Iurn,hinng pati'es fhr the samae wh-r-.
by the necessary excsvation will Ibe ,lhown-
or for or Maps of Plangalt.na, rep,resrntii,, all:
improvemenls, In the areas of dlferent lpro,,r ,n
of tha field, the dllches, cnnals. rands, lence!,
I and all inlrmatton iseful to planters for reter.
ence, will be promplly aul*nde ion. Comml.
oirationa addreewd to them at Franklin, Lou.
N. B. Patents lot Lands procured. 6mt d7
Special attenoluo given Io the s;tle of Souan
and MoLAsess.
N. B. Orders for Pioe Lumbar, either for.
warded direct to Mobile, or I.t at the office of
the Planters' Banner, Franklin, will be puocu.
nllv ar'ended tn.
Coamisaion ea usiness.
The undersigned tenders his thaks to the!
Planters for their liberal pitrunage durim. thei
last season, and begs leave to inalrm ithem, thatl
he will continue thelt same bu.ine.s and hopes.
to merit a continunce of their iflvors.
i N. B. The syte'm adopted by him for ihei
sale of SUGAR and MOLASyES will he ,l ri'.ll,
observed. JOSEPH HALL.
0j* Orders for Lumber, &c., (whclh should
be given early in the soasuoo) will be attended
to. J. H.
Mobile, Ala., Nov. 2, 1848.
Commission Business.
The subscriper engaged iu the generia Comn.
mission business in New York, wl:I ,make libe.
ral cash advances on Sugar anid MIlaaw.-
Apply to J. W. B.ilev, Nlpoleonville or Wim.
J. H* wes, Esq., New Orleans.
Ap126 HAVEN & CO.
Mr. Beiley is now an New Y,,k aod will
remain there till the let S .Qtember. Pl'rs.ns
having busorse wiah him, will please address
him ears of Haven & Co., New ourk.
S- - - _______________________________
The cO-partneruhip Iwrel.fwe elisting un0
der Ihe ame of Yaney 4' Co. has been dissm,.
'ed by mutual consent. Ihe business ofl hei
firm will be continued by Mr. W. S. Cary,
who is authorgeed to settle with all persons
taving claims agaimst us.
Centreville, Lou,, March 15, 1849.
Mr. A. B. CHasurstAT . for nine years a
clerk in our house, becomes from this date ,a
partner thereoC The stjle and signature of the
firm remain the same as previously.
P. J. PAVY & CO.
New Orleans, July i, 184S.
I have appoicted Mr. John Yeney of this
plac, my agent during my abernce Imm Ih..
country. All persons ,.dbted to me, or has.
ing claims against me, will please call on ham
for settleamet of the same.
Centreyille, March 12. 1849.
I have appointed W. W. RICE, Esq..
this place, my goenral and spe',l Aitut and,
Attorney; and all persons b.aveg cl.imsl
against me or being indebted to m,', will i!.-ase
settle with bhm. R. WILSON.
Franklin, Jan. 18, 1849.
-"Of Interest to All."
.tLost . air s glery to woman" says Paul.
And all feel the trwlhof thes pious quotatoe i
Preserve It thou, ladhes-your gloay may fall,
Untes you protect t with thispreparatioa.
It) ou wssh a rich, luxuisant head ot hair, free from
danuruff anti scurf, do not folt to piooure she genusqo
BalIa of tolustbia. I case of balldue.. it will more
theia exceed your txpectatsunsW . Many who have lost
their hair for twenty years, have h u it restored to its
origiaul perrlecl'n uy the use of tl a btalms. Age,
stale ur cuntiIlon, appeadrs ti. ee nO obstacle whatever;
it also causes the thlu to flow with which the. delicate
hair Iultas is ti.led, by whtL;ict lmeasst.lihotsand (whose
hair ea, gray as the Asiatac eagle) bhave ban their
hair restsured to ias natural c.'lor by tbh invaluable
relsely. Iin il ca ses of ever It will be found the
most p.iteasnt wish that Call be used. few applaca
liaus oily artl iecersary to keep the hair from talling
out. It strelngthens the roots. it never laets to imprt
o rich .lo,-y appearance. and as a psrlun.e for the
toilet is untequalled. It hulbls three stiles as much aIl
other us,,called hair realorativte, sand is more ellectual
I-y Curti.on.---Never buy it unless you lind time
naume of I uil.tuock a t o.. proreturors, on hbe wrapper
of each bottle, or you are cheated with a counterfeit
Comstock's Howes' Nerve and Bone Liniment,
and Indian Vegetable Elkxir, is warranted to cure any
case of Rlhenaiamu, on, on, Cotracted Chords and
Muscles. or tifflJounts, strel.gtllsn Weak LUsubt and
e:nahies those who are cripp:ed to walk again. Use
this article and be cured, or go wh.bout it and suffer.
a. you please. Certiticates of cures by the Ihundred
can be seen at 21 Coriaudt st -, N. '., where this ar
ticle is sold only geCnuae.
Use Dr. '.cNatr's Acuustic Oil, for the cure of
Deafless. Also, all thes disagreeable noises, like the
buzzing of llnerts, falltug of water, which are symp
tuoms ul approachlilg dteafelieaa. Many persuna who
have beel deafrlor teu,fifteeni, or twersly years, and
were subject to use ear-tauslpels. havt, after using
onie or two bottles, thrown aswle these trumpets, being
slld, perfe .tly well. It has cured cases of te., fifteen
anmd even thirty years stanudig ofdeafiessi. Price, li
per flask.
The a ur-t att.ck of the Pllts are effectually and
perliatieln!ny cured is a shors tune by the u.e of the
ensuuuae Hay a Liulitait. Huudredsl c u our first citl
Senc throughiiut thel country) hate used this liOtment
witn co.pieite .ucc.ss. It Is warranted to cure the
nri..t .iggrav.lte case.
t.r u ut n.-.-ever buy tt unless you find the
nistle oful u4tistucit a to. upon the wrapper, pruprie
tors . -he geulsie artile, ur youu are iImastedi with a
Soutitetll it.
i 11) 'Aii y.,u suffer wln utaill Utlressig coun
plasit when a remaiu.iy is at hiaid that wIll not tall 10
sure )yuu? [his reus-uy will erectually destroy any
attack of the lieaiiclhe, elither nervous or biiiulu . It
hescure. cases ol tweu y )e..rS' stimuuag.
ui oRLP' souEg.tU. -PRNo.y t cED BY ALL
Whhilt Swelling, llf.liin.,laitil, atln in the
lbaik, 1t .u Lil~ib.I, ilserlr or Sure .eet, and
all Scr.iulous Sores art- speedily anti perma
si tally cureJ Cby o)tisil'a .Ji.iiL:ti P.aiU.i..!tire.
for ; Ati-ciiulis i the Lulng, Ague in thie ic.ce
ireisas, Tic lDo.iureaux, Crouiic Stire Eyes.
iJt.,ltred Zurl.ti'se, r&c. It is equally beuei
acidl im nil klsid's : litH1 Aiiatory uIJseia's, such
a, Suit Ntppirs uand ily. s, S.radi"s, itheumc
isirn, Viiiite S*riliii and Ucesis, BrlUises,
.Bait it-, Chtlbe:thi , t, I ry apt-., jit1, Ec.-wall
;quickl be relleved by the applliscaion of this
alVt II has the imlst perl.rit iowur over gil
palli by file, positively .stlivlng the sncferlog
aOsiolt Immsnralatlrly upon *Is applicalloIu. If
any iliabelliese Ihe atalemr t, we wtouldd earest
I iIViter :liher to call snod extnine the nutir
o.is un.llt.'tlct-d ilerllaliTles of renierkable cures
wsought bs this ialve. It llas fier LLooths been
.s-old upon the lollowiig ItILrul terlia, to wtit:
ii the user was stlt perieteiVy s.i.fied,a.e d even
dehlilsed with Its s.11'ts, ulid lur:lirrinore, ii i:
aid hiot lully answer u;: rC,oi.mendaltliodns,
ib.ir Is.uney iwas rturtned lInetiijln:el t their
reque-il. On these term. iti:sa ;itllCt heal.all
tias now soil ; andi we sln,pl; as' n i Ise IlubliC
cars d. oninad anythinlg more realsolnbler Kind
Ilmarertt, keep it csu,alaiiiy on handil; irs castes of
nt-eiJetl by fire, itle may Ib losl without it;
but by its use all bUtri are subihj, ct to lts con
Itrl, unsless its Vitals are d.strl,..d.
Caution: Not Pailo 1Exraciir Cati be genuine
unlusi .s uu find aho a.ltieturr dof Calisalntek &
Go. on lth wlapper ol aclii tol. Beware of
the cuunterfeit
Comstock 4. Co.'s C,ot:eutrated C:ompoud
Fluid Extr;ict u: .arsrap,.,rl.ua,
Ior the cur- .nI Scruluia, Ciru,rau" Rt.humatism
Ge;,.eral Debihlmt, CuIa;,,rous Jhase,.s, 8r-avy
i'rupiol. ofi the Skin, T".-lter. Panpie. or Pus*
lules on the Face, Lve-r Aff0rceto,, Merruerll
and Syphils lhIaseaae, B:r. lltrim an Impure
Hablt of the Body. Ulkeraonlos oI the I broat
and Leg, Pains and Swelling of the iBoses, and
all diseassa arslrso from an Impure State oJ the
ihooud, Espusure an.. Imprudence in Lde, Ez.
cestve Ue e of Meeaur. 6e.
This sarsuyarilla is warranted positively as
good as an, other, (that can be made at one
dollar.) just hall the price of hose so much ad.
vertlsed, and as strong. vis: .50 Cnts per bottle
or six boulttles for $2,500. Remember to ask'
lor Comatuock's Sceopesrhll, and take ns other.
All of the above ammed articles are m
Franklin by Dr. Charles Rake, in Caesumeille
by Yaney & Co, in Patter.meaile by J. Canal
Drugs and Medicines.
A supply ot French, Englsh and American
manufacture and proiuction, just received and
t;,r sale on reasonable terms, at the FRAxKtLEx
DRUG STORn, No. 2 Carson's Building Main
street, consisting in part of
French adni Amercan Quinine and
Morphine, nuglish Blue Mass, Bi
carb. Soda, and Cream 'Tartar;
American Castor Oil, English Ca
lomel; Ipecac, Rhubarb, ('am
phor, Gum, ELpsom Salts, Opium,
Olive Oil, Iodine and its prepara
tlions; together with many other
arthade...ominss'V sld to E.ctssablthnm olnoJ Isb
d-.rriptio,,s, as Pate,: MeiJensl, Fancy articles
drc.; m.ediinre cless filted and suopplies for
Pllata sions lurrnshed on the usual New Or.
I; leans irms.
cI P.rticular attention paid to pulasg up Pbysi
cians' Prescriplions.
kin , Jul G.NY.8EAG.AVE
Franklin La., July 13th 1848.

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