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The Planters' banner. [volume] (Franklin, Attakapas Co., Lou.) 1849-1872, August 30, 1849, Image 3

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Nous somme autorisés à annoncer P. DELA
HOUSSAYE comme candidat pour la place de
Sherifdc celte paroisse.
Nous snmmes autorisé6 à annoncer HAR
DIN HURNLEY comme Candidat pour la
place de Shérif de cette Paroise.
Nou* tommes autorisés à annoncer HENRY
R. NERSON comme candidat pour la place
d'As.swssepr de retii Parniqce.
Nous sommes autorisés à annoncer JOSEPH
MILLET comme Candidat pour la place d'As.
sesseur de cette Paroisse.
PamoIh- Swa. MatBs,
En vertu d'une Proelmauti laudms ée -
Excelle. I, JobcIke GOeinrs a l'esa
de it Louiie., sous I dae de4 AY~, 184e,
et oi adresmoi, les vur hisijS a la par.
oiasse s Marie, e. s ihnrd e peiPm ses
qu'aue electiom pour lI doiui-vae, me.
re âe Luadi, SPjoer de Nsembre, 1849:
UG QOuvmmr - P& la. Louisias..
Us Liesimet o OrWn poor lBlua de la
Un Audtrer du Ompls Publi" a por lPoas
de h Louis[es.
uea Rpessidt au Congrs pm l q.ei.
be Dis.rici Cocgrsioual dceM Btt.
Un ISncatur d'Sit pour le distrie eopose
tl paroisse te. Marie.
Deati Rp.resa à Ib gislatu de I'ai
pour la paroiss e Marie.
UD Bberifpour la paroise Ste Malri
Uo Ju~e de Paix pour chebau do se Medis
meat da Jury de Polioe de la paroisse S
Marie, excepte dam rtorrwdi~ st qui
eompred la vij de Freklia, e deux Jges
de Pain doivl tre 6l, a ssi
oU Costable poe hobeqe MrnMedm de
Jury de Podio dams l dh peioimse.
Un Recorder poar la peroiske Maro.
Un Gresr de Ceor de Distrii pour la
ow8 ae Marde.
Ua SerirnMde d - dudles peMiqu p la
perose &e Marie.
uD Assesseur peur la p..r mss Ute.
La dite éteufa eds .m teneal M Jr,
ort'dles epllse e*e tI à A. o et ,
(ude 44 ehou P. i doie a de sr
da l tiuieosdes. erml
Ci*après dits et some«" : r
1 arroad , iumdet l ia Rb Wlhk, G
. o au l om, ww:t
a So aW la rmidesde Da. A.
e arro.. piuners B Boeri, Ahltr B.
, U, Ie Lpfrod ia as msaon Pr est.
7 rrne a, AP Irrt, AlcidePst
sB EEbsses. le d'Ephrai. MIPrlhMi
e.,sU sery 4b S à uidsde dve 0 Bodi
to. Msa ae m as de Gdaillard.
l am«e., prde J T asi, JGPeroB
tr AMW Its rsie edll·tmm ss.
Td A eiIasdità J A Toauisr, W WT l
ai JcMa*i , à la mioes du Caor.
*f psedetl J T liDwkiis, la Be r.
iésso u, usà teidee de dJT Bae.
e duvans D Ureiol, N Berui.
lr i., parduvasi TL DsreeM, J Tasy
su Bcr &oa c uBCoserstwells.
i6f purdvuet Dvid lobtiaw, Joie
Ernhh We Agre, su aAèilbeu-essid.'
I saB..uvdus R n Brashssw, ChNf
"w Brier, et J ooa Collin., à l residence John
A Bryant.
Les dit. Commissaires feront leurs resour
de la dite e!ections au Sherif de cette Paroiss
conformément à l In h, pour rit. lje. officiers à
lire, à l'exception du Jud._- -je Paàs dcan. l'nt
roodissement qui co~nprei.ti *vill.- de Frankit,
pour lequel ils feront leut, re(.urs au Cronmer.
comme il est ordonné par la 30me seciion de
l'Ac.e reglantit les élections pour l'Elat de li
Lousiqine, appruuvé e ler Juin, 1846.
L. R. CURTIS, Sherf.

A few years ago the Native American party
numbered very many adherents in this State
and the sueject of repealing or greatly modify-I
ing the raturalisation laws was mooted in the
Legislatae. On one occasion, while ALrXA.I
as DInca our was a member of the House of.
Reoresatatives, a resolution was offered re.
questing or Senators and Representatives inm
Cogress to use their best efforts to have the
iatlralizatiaf foreigners, r.pealed or radical
ly modified, o'as to prolong the probationary
term to twenty-one years. This resolution
passed the House by nearly an unanimous vote
--Gen. DECLOUET, iu company with only
We have facts, figures and dates to prove this.
Here is substantial evidence of Gen. Da.
cLoarE's sentiments towards our adopted citi.
seas. He was apposed to any odious distinc.
tions between the native and naturalized citizen,
and had the moral courage to resist the torrent
off public opinion at a period when it had inva.
ded our halls of legislation, and bad irresistibly
swayed the minds of both political parties.
And here follows a statement which will cause
Lhe people of St. Mary to open their eyes with
astonishment on "Old Jo." What say the friends
of Judge Potter to this? What kind of sufrage
does Mr. Walker believe in ?
Now, for General Walker. In 1834, Gen
eral Josana WALRan was a candidate for the
fgice of United States Senator, and his opponent
was the lament'ed patriot and statesman ALEX.
AEDxza PoaRTE, an Irishman by birth, but as
time an American in feeling and principle as amy
that ever drew his first breath in our fair land.
The coustest was close and the result doubtful
On the first ballot, each of the two prominent
candidates had abe same number of votes, and
see vote was thrown away. On the second bal.
lot, zLx.zwaE Poaran succeeded by a bare
majonty. This result, it may be fairly pre.
sotaed, was extremely unpalatable to General
WALIas, and though a veteran politician, and
well schooled in the art ofkeeping his thoughts I
to himn elf his disappointment was net easily 1
brooked, and he talked pretty freely about it. s
On one occasion, he was accosted by a gentle. i
man of Louisiana, who is well and widely I
known, a few days after the election. The con. t
versation turned upon Gen. Walker's defeat, and I
the gentleman in question expressed to the Gen.
eral his regret at his failure to be elected. Gen- I
eral Walker thanked him for hbis sympathy and I
add that he felt his defeat the more sensibly. ,
as Ms opposme (Judge Porter) .as a FOR- a
£ImZsBR, or atreied dl~iad , and LIat hel
did not think it proper to dleate suck cixiens i
tp a high a post.- . O. ec.e
As InrorA xT IrsTrIros -Woret fron.
Messrs. Wickersbaw d Walker, of Philadel.
phi., have a patent right the manufaceue o
Wome i~rs. This imprsemet does away
with the necessity of pirvat for ibe purpose of
fSiaening iron work together, where it is used
-fr grating of any description. The manufae.
tare are enabled to weave iroe as Iarge as rail
read "ara, o the msaltea descripton of wire
They are sow applying it to the following prw
Iro rai s of endless vUarietes, em
g beauty, streth and syle offinish never
--rpassed, for public gouneds, buildings cottages.
verandmhe, laws, ee'neeeries, &c., &c., ireo
briges, galleries for churbes. gratingsq (or pri
seas, wiedow shkners, and grating, for stores.
eems a d ad rices to coysages, tree bhaes,
mamer houses, guerds for decks of eeaseboats
and vessels, 4., di., being cheaper than wood or
'at ins.-. warlof anarerce.
B.knssmar Sr.,..-Recipe for, saig im
To we qmts of jele ol blackberries add one
pied of Ieat sugar and two ounces of a.spice.
ad el all tqgether for about tee minstes.
Whemeald, add one pt of file Frenebready.
oalk it tigt, and it will keep any length of
Them ahee misesei is -o dr summr coon.
- dd lll a, dyseamy.
SA.dmi a is i& t hres mon old. is . a
. aeepme.M oevry two bears anm if l eh6
euash dd, * easpese esa he b ie us every
Sa mr, til r olieed. Ye. must
,tin da es aedlig tbs uthe u s tab
and lb qks of th pedent.
Ama. dlt way take hlf a wiso gln.s oevry
.le bAlre.
aI. .e Suo uau--The Forsyth (G.) Pee
$thsmth sbe.,sreeurda aikids of as wrual
A-persey bsh mems of Sams
a si. o aeYVa .Ree, whiuk ld
alls hM aId ~a mued hiM.Wre nee
-n t abs usmten w of du
rse anad ethur ea.utr.
.vista gad that yiew, ean he
e ltimsts bsensr her two
- asegre aebonsges.,
bM srsf. bes
rwhn chr
~inr YU~ s Awe
F!WIswr Ma
~-a~rchmr Clhti
~~~IILl bmhuWE l
MmP~lmbis mEl)
~;r-Lp~~S=~,&qrl ICti
#6 go5 mq~~i dbwt' bn
~ d~q giumibr:
New SytraS or Muste.-It is said that a
new system of musical notation has been inian.
td by a German professor, which bas created no
little sensation among the musical profession
By the simplest method in the world it
sweeps away all the complexities of the pres
ent system, and makes music an ABC sort ofan
affair. Several of the most eminent musicians
in New York have, it is said, examined and ap.
proved it. It has been patented at Wasbington,
and the French Go'erment have also offered a
CATIOxS A YEAs.-Make a weak alum-water,
and mix your British Lusture with it, perhaps!
Iwo tea.spoontulis to a gill of alum-water ; lets
the stove be cold, brush it with the mixture,
then take a dry brush and rub the stove till it is
perfectly dry. Should any part, before polish
ing, become so dry as to look gray, moisten it
with a wet brush and proceed as befote.
y On Saturday, the 25th inst., at his late resi
dence on Bayou Sale, Jon. J. GannaET, aged
e 66 years.
h l'be deceased was born'in Opelousas, on the
S3d of September, 1783. When he was about
12 years of age his father moved with his family
to a place now owned by Mr. Chas. Grevemberg
of this peris. After remaining there a few years :
- he moved larther down the Teche, and settled
e just below Centreville. Seven or eight years
it afterwards he moved on Bayou Sal6, and lived
on the place now owned by Mr. Jesse Lacy,
s and about twelve years since he moved five miles
jfarther down the bayou, and opened the planta.'
. tion on which he lived up to the time of his de
I cease.
It For duty four years he lived in this parish, and
d no man had more friends than be-enemies he
.had none. He was one of nature's children, a
e jstranger to polished duplicity and fashionable de
,Jceit, his thoughts and feelings were all honest,
LI and his lips were always a true index to his
i heart. His children will ahways bear testimony
s that he was one of the tenderest and most indul.
y gent of fathers, and if the voice of his departed
.companion could break the silence ol the tomb
its gentle tones would bear witness to the kind
p ness of his heart, and the purity of his affection
as a husband ; and the public will long remember
I his Irank countenounce and friendly deportment.
Possesb: an iron constitution and a restless
mind, he never felt that time dragged heavily,
I or that life was a mere blank. In the fore part
Sof his life he engaged in the most laborious toils, I
and in various hunting excursions in prairie I
and woo., land, and whether following the plough
t in the field, or plying the axe to the oaks of the
forest, or scouting the bayous. torests or prairies J
in pursuit of the bounding deer or fierce panther,
his courage, his spirits, his energies, and his per. J
severence were always the same. Thee is not A
a prairie in the parish with which Ihe was not C
familiar, not a bayou our a lake, not a forest
nor a marsh that he has sot scoured with his
unerring gun in the punrsit of the pleasures of
the chase. I,
By his industry and ecowomy be succeeded in a
amassing a handsome property whist be has b
left to bulittdren, whose interests were always c
near his hube, and whose happlims was al. a
ways to him a source o high msistaction. l
Like other men he erred; but his were er. a
rors of the head-his heart was always right. t,
He was an honest man-not honest from inter. t,
est, or from any motive that codd be question. p
ed-he possessed no caleclating, covoentional
honesty, it was all the natural truits ofan honest
heart. His character, feelings, thoghts, affec
loes and deportment were those of a genoine .1
Creole-a better speciminen of a noble Creol
never trod upon the soil of St. Mary, and never J
will. The original Creole character is last pas.
sing away-another race is springing up to At
the places vacated by the Creole fathers-like a
the subjet ftlbis neotice, their names and their r
pe uliar iflosely be kn.ws by he tradi.
nime i se mmo et feir chides. The fU
of thea that remain liager oa sbe lut ngse q
t.ielike ~r seswlionarl fathers-they are as
al ieks e. sehig rhe pat wkh the time,
those links will moa be sa , te re). the ehaim,
and a s will be formed which thet el'
mer lsw y. eF.
?vrira le .ý
The ubsartier havfrg deber-imed to have
Fraaklia, *rs bed, atsfir at., all his
hnpULshe ~mi~tia~eh Uallwre 3.5mm.. a
Amlo Iud oll Cows, anw Rockaway 3..
rnoch. aid the sew obiche was erectieg em
his dwe ll. lots Mlaim ireht, to be removed
bythe p lsea, asd thoeuehi, hisbed by the
Tom. Al s o £be doflarbad le.,
eM ;-it at uqvms that aIo it, the-tmr.
ghaem wlll he !nis g a mrhsiir.Ne with
ied *W pehmusablst1 ! d pe
F-are seqgs td to
II -'t-dmmllua it ýsewlv., at tM sh .
ý mhu lrtbthe heIre h illueeIs,
$0, "5 1840-it
7- 1 Pnr or as~qri
&lr hs rj=1 ?mwr hram
Id d~
mum, mu~ - maim.sr
tom.m . IS, 1643-IL
p dm, o 191 ai wham abi
m irmppu, Iw k h~r w Oi~ll - a -m
ryraad -m w' aml eas, &r
M thas i tis 9016
ora do% hd am tsmd to U mdw
arouos tlio r ao f d
"·: f crý'aid (rl d=6
The undersigned respecifully announces him.
self as an independent Waro CANornATZ to
represent the Parish of St. Mary in the next
Legislature. ALFRED C. WEEKS.
We are authorised to annonace P. DELA.
HOUSSAYE as a candidate for the office
Sheriffof this parish.
We ale autbhoised to announce tlA|lUIlN
BURNLEY as a candidate for the office of she.
riffofthis perish.
We are authuorsed to announce HENiRY R.
NERSON ass candidate for the Assessorsbip
of this parish.
We are authorised to announce JOSEPH
MILLET as a candidate for the Assessorship
of this parish. .. I
Permanent Fund by Act of Iacorporation,
Parent Ofce, No. 94 Oravier stret.
Between Camp and St. Charles ate.
John Hagao, Joseph Walker. John S. Allina,
Peter Coorey Jr. Manamel White, Win. L. Leverich
Robert J. Ward, Saen. Stewart. Edward Sparrow
Isaac Johnson. 0. awbridge. Hay. 8. Buckner.
Peter Conrey, Jr., Preaidewt Board of R.aterm
Jes. W. Stanton. John Stroud Sr., l. H. CObe.,
John L. Lewis, John Calhoun. Preston W Farrar
W M Goodrich. Joshua Baldwin, We H White,,
J LSaffarans, Warwick Martin. John D. Beino,
A D Crosnan, Mark Walton. We C Tompkans,
Coral Fellowes. Joseph Lallande, John 5 Leefe,
Edw. Jenner Coze.
(Qr This Compoan is prepared to entertain
applications for .lfe lesuraece, and isee Po.
leclee, oo all sound and healthy White persons
and Negroes, at the Table ofaB a essablshe
by Ite Board. which are less thean he raes
charged bb New York and Lonade ocffies ad
without their restricUons as to raeidescesJ the
South. By the charter, davideada of profat
are declared annually, and the predta drawli.
teress, and can be aIvqilable at once to the e.
teat of two.thirds of their amount, where the
party has Imoa his premiums in lull.
Jola Has.a, President of the Company,
Pnarrom W. FAraan , Vice Preeadoet.
A. J Wsaonuaisa M. D. Medical Board o
Twoxas Hurx, M. D. Consultation,
HAauA. DoAea, Secretary.
I. W. LrUaN, Medical Examiner, Franklin La.
California Permits are issued to Life law.
ance Members at New York ead Laodos
rates. Prospetse, table f rates, and all iw
formaio o a so :1.i leurasea, sad all paper
aresalary to e Ist lasurameman be had at the
o. abe agent of the Compan at Faaklis,
In order to amoomdate all clases of er
iases, young aes ad ameheees beavig (a.
milies depeedeot upee them, the Company will
allow all persons issrinag fr life, where the
premium amouate.to over $S per assew to
pay oone-alf in cash and one.half to siefeo.
ry eoodorad aote at 12 meths, bearing inlet.
est at 8 per east per masem.
N.e. The besi.ase of this Compay is
coanfad to [vLars eIm asy o,. By a ret.
olut o of the Buard, so Fare, ver or Marine
Risks are take.
Age.a, at the Custom-house, Fraklin, La.
An +I . . . . . . .
Emaibrage Home Waaslhcture
SThe usdersigned would mmps" lly s -le,.
hai frieds oand the tbepublic S llmdy, that
he has opened -
as Main sreet, nearly opposite the Odd Fe..
-lows' Hatll,
He wil endeavor to keep oa bald lesmetmt
supply l torouAy maed Ware, so ss to supI
ply all demands with gbod articles;, t whol.ale
!or ttail.
He has employed a superior workmha, a.d
will e enabled to fursish work at short notice,
lair prices. sad in a manner which, for work.
uas-llp, cannot be sorpassed in the country.
Sia h srurew is hbu lime repeared or
faro , and 2% ,eu.kr Copper or 2%
amtd led work made to ord.r.
Frutklim, Aungst 28 1849.
Tebw o is isr - po.eioin a1 -o
oiOW md DmRAY, and wdi lb ready matl
tism Jo peel . any laher mbst may be sited
11.W itab- b o( bwaham.,, Any Msp~
lria ibm mug... of trankima ad Yrnioiy rwill
beilml folly saisd.
bbafl SAMUEL 1 T.
Frasldi., July S. 1e 4.
WhiLe Jamisca fir.,
Biwa ~d WN., S8.d, Turn,,.v
and Jo fsr br se als At.
4dw6y C ROs
to Psausa or Sr. MAYr.
=t By virtue of a proclamation issued by his
Excellency, Isaac Johnson. Governor of the
A Sizae of Louisiana, under date the 4th day o"
August 184V, and to me directed ,the qualified
voters of the Parish of St. Mary, are hereby
n. otified that an election for the fo!lowsag ,C .
e. cars will be held on Monday, th, 5th day u,
November next, A. D. 1849, viz:
For Governor of the State of Louisiana.
For Lieutenant Governor "
For Auditor of Public Accounts of the State
of Lousiana.
One Representative to Congress for the'
ip Fourth Congressional District.
- One State Senator from the District composed,
.A of the Parish of St. Mary.
de Two Representatives to State Legislature for!
the Parish of St. Mary. i
A Sheriff for the Parish of St. Mary. I
la A Coroner ,fr the Parish of St. Mary. t
One Justice ol the Peace for each Police Jury i
- Ward in the Parish, excep, in the Ward that6d
comprises the Town of Franklin, wherein two;l
Ce Justices of the Peace will be elected.
One Constable for each Police Jury Ward in I
H the Pariash.
a. A Recorder of Mortgages for the Parish of
St. Mary.
A (Clerk of the District Court for the Pariah
of St. Mary.
0. A Superintendent of Public Education for
the Pariah of St. Mary.
An Assessor for the Parish of St. Mary.
Said Elec:ion will be terminated in one day.
and the polls will be opened at 9 o'clock, A. M.
and closed at 4 o'clock, P. M., in each anod ev.
cry precinct in this Parish, and will be held at
the places, and before the Commissioners here. i
mafter mentioned, viz :
1st Ward, Richard Wilkins, George Single
ton, and Wm Rose, at the house of A Romero.
2d Ward, Benj Borel, Albert Heaton. Lufroy
Bonvillain, at P. Prevost's store.
3d Ward, J A Frere, Alcide Perot and C
Pecot, at the house of Ephraim McCullum.
4th Ward, Fred Sigur, Jos Legnon, Jr. and -
Henry Penn, at the house of Gregoire Bodio.
1th Ward, Jas Taylor, W 8 Harding, and M
Pilcher, at Gaillard's store.
oth Ward, H R Nerson, Gustave Perrett and
A McWilliamns, at the house of H R Nelson.
7tb Ward, J A Tessler, W W Rice and J B
hMurphy, at the Court House in Franklin.
r8h Ward, J T Hawkins, Jno B.,rnard, and
SJ H Jobhnson, at the house of J T Hawkins.
thb Ward, N Berwick, John Met riman and
D Berwick, at the house of D Berwick.
r 10th Ward, Thos L Doremus, John Yeaey,
and R B Royster, at the coffee beause Centreville
11th Ward, David Robbins, John Mtggah
and Wm Agre, at Ag's coffee house,
12th Ward, R B Brashbeer, C W Briea sad
John Collies, at the house of J H Bryant. y
And the said Comissioaers shall make their at
retnrm of said Eleeion t the Sheriff asesd. Is
4er s. as. *tears to sbe bd
Swith the eeptioa of Justice of 'the Pce i
Sand for the Sevebth Ward. which they will
,make rases to the Coroner, as directed by the to
30th ectio of the Act for the amforms rsegla- l
tin of Elections, approved June lt, one shoes.
and eight hundred and forty.i, (18418.
L. R. CURTIS, 8 writ*.
Young Ladies Academy.
Madam P. Delahoussaye informs bet friends
and the public that she has opened a Young La.
dies' Academy in Franklin, and that opains
will be spared to secure to her school a reputa
tion'as high as that of similar schools in New
Orleans, or at the North.
Madanm D. fully appreciating the necessity of
correct instruction in the English language in
this country, and trusting that it will be the na
tive language of the largest number of her scdol.
ars, has availed herself of the services of two
competent English Teachers to instruct in that
language who will have the sole charge of the
English branches, and will give lessons in mu.
sic. Madame D., representing herself to her
husband's friends, promires in exchange for
their support, the most tender and moatherly at.
tenlion to the children entrusted to her care.
RATIs OF TIrrTIo, &c.
Board, 8 10 per monthb
Dinners only - 4 "
English and French, 6 " "
English or French 4 " *
Music - 6 " "
Washing . . S a .
School Furniture, , fbrnished by the par
eants. Regular boarders will pay three month.
in advance. Others will pay every month
Regular boarders will be instructed in needle
work gratis.
Franklin, Lou. August 2, 1849.
New Orleans and Attakapas Packet.
E. Crrx.o, Master,
BHaing commenced her regular trips between
Attakapas and New Orleans, and being well
adapted to this trade, will continue running ta
this route during the season. Nopais will be
spared to promote the comfort passengers,
ad give si.ction to all who may favor the
boat with their patronage.
Rqgul Peiket beawee. New Ordawe ad Si
wFatireuill m Berwie&' Boy nod
BswM Boasr
1b liibt draught and wdl km..w sm...
VB6TA, Cap Geo. PFauoseS avi
ihbneCgh repair., sad raakio(a.
lusalra OSSle boa take.
ouL~ esmwm ~ocr bwcll
T~i captain ope w- cad sauei ut
ua a r a t o b as i bo vq ea smah ar ti p ub..o i a l N s rd
1alrº'> beallrd
SAl pArorm.ara herebvy oroearned am to
I with my wife Betsy Cropk, on my aeooamt,
having sreastad herself irom aNasice th
20th of Aeg. 1848. A reward e o Sfe del.
a s will be gives to any one inforaiag 'e
her whereaboats.
srlgtlS-4t. HEKRY .iNBL..
Ia bu i. wt u ur igals at lbs Fein.
G. N. 83AGRA0&LV
A Wew Supy 9
madiq w , ebsusals aud may otwhr at
baimt ase,bavstbu week bau taimmd
fie. N. York.
Tb. publicis is lvud to lookat ta he.
N.D. Ab1stofera whims lmsdel "uIp.
AU po ar11r w
Zany ad.s siuesw b tM by ýa
ma ayt. apes his da et1 myý
e 6.tease ht cossisaaiusa efeb.
" 1itS18e40.
SCeppermith Works.
Tim. ondrsiged would respeslualy ishm.
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For f.rther information . write t.be s d b
.riber at Tu'ibodauxvilk, La.
Thibodaurile, La., June 14, 184. "et
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Ameria varieties.
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kiss, Pres., Prmerved A , Brdies, Es.
-... -........ Cordals., Im. Jiss, cpa.,
cheoie Liquors thr ses of isulide, iI it
which wll be roued at the fret ety.
C. R&P

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