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The Planters' banner. (Franklin, Attakapas Co., Lou.) 1849-1872, September 27, 1849, Image 4

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la Lf+lairrk U r
Eove d'eau 4roçia4naion lance par mn
B Excellen c JM"Gouveroeur de PJUat
J.ak~yig u kli u 4oû 1849,
1 de Iýq y -outrailui
de l'a puar.
'ua..ne em:eu pouar opar.esi te
u tiqu Luand, b.. * '0"' mLrer 19491
U n Gouvvroeur pour 1! ia - o<tjiOo e.
no Lieuietoni CGouéeru pour rasie la
VUk Auditeqr de Comptes IPWiqp qtr Pe m
de la Lýuisiaie.
V, Peprefntao nta ll q
ènae! L)isrîrct C~ahnibiasidP1d a cete Etat.
U' n Seonreur d'Etra peur le compoSe*ý
làa paroisse Ste. Matie.
Deux l1-presentans à,la LaiS e de l'Etat
pour la paroisSe Ste Marie..
I ULSheri (pour la paroisse StéMaHg.
Un Jui-e dë Paix pour ciacuns dea frrondime
menis du Jury de Police de la PImmSke &!e.
Marit, etepte dvis l'asodiuuat qui
cornprçîadla ville de Fra!1kliaoê oùdelJgq
de Paix doiuvegM dte li, aussi
Un Con,îitl fowr JIra-uo. prondssemnui du
Jury e dlie-daniiôis dii féaroisse.
Usi Recrder t~ pêroimute SilMaru
Onuur de'. (Qoer dw Didlct pair lap
Ste, Mele.
fituIfdat dem 0SlS pMiqum PMuv'
pi Stemarie.
UnA- ur pour la pmroim Oie.M Id..
La dito ctioe sema lermie dans »r,
ett els ptt ouvertse à9 beureasA. M,m
fermés à 4 h - bM., ý4ài chacun de ar.'
ro*dIemumua puoiem, et 9ssu teuP
dans le» lippT vaut les ýCpomisaouairea
ci-aprèshÏet a O è:
et oAUdimaiasi Od RWII&uu,
85 arrou. pe .mr J . D oi Bag.
a. t4.âp aiiidis~ mausPoe
~4.anard , J AuJa Wl l
o 9.arron pshhsat~ Mr ~ sa~
et A MdcWilluqiaswlJ~yqi ,p d BNermoo
7wop'~l#um&PJ AT .
et J R Murpb Ir-àla.P m de.
1 armes., pam J TLmDjea., s Bas..
nard,JA Johaoao,àlauiduamu LaS.r
-10 areo, pnhutFL Dunr.., i u
I Blrien, eP .1 oin Collinq, a .1 reidtlence .olin
A Dryalt.
Les dits Commissaires feront leurs retours
Ile la dite elections au Sierif de cette Parois«u
icocforinément A la loi pour tous les officiers à
élire, à l'exception du Judge de Paix dans I'ar
roudiJi-.,ment qui cu.rpirei;d la ville de Franklin
pour lequel ils l:roit leurs retours au Coroner,
onimeI 11 est or.!nné par la 31ime section de
l'.Arie reg'~la.t rls électionn pour l'Etua de la
Louisi:neî, aupruu.le le 1er Juin, 1 16.
L. .L CflUTIS, Shrtf.
r Watemakr aMt JewdIer.
- Respectfully ionorms bis friends and the pob
lic generally, that he bas obtaioeder e booas
b Iormerly occupied by Mr. C. Beread, oner Mr.
S. Smith's Store, where ne will repair watcb
Ses and clocks of every description, in the beat.
est and most workmansbip style. Goendeme
r and Ladies can have fine Waltchb in hbis ae
with the confdence of having rmrarefnlly.
I thoroughly, and promptly repaired. He bopae
by clos attention lo businesn o mariit a hibrl
r share of;public ptronage.
e Fraglia Le., Feb. 8, 1849.
The undersigned, who hs peAie.
ticed Deatiatry for sevenieen yearas
r beg leave to inform hbi friends thbai oeoaaie
uestodo o at his olce in Frankli. Tboq.h
he has not an instrumat for every toot in the
Sbead, he bas intrumeats wbieh fit every tooti
in lbe head. Being pracically aeqoaiaitdwithl
wI orking in gold and jewelry. I bdlieves hke
give peculiar satid.aelio in seing eetb ea
gold plate or otberwise. Heinvies prnicular
attention lo hia new Creole chir, ad hope tlh
ladies will booor bim by takiag a sat in k.
Auat 16 G. R. HANKIN.
Igh.nials Redl.
The undersiged who bas impoared inio til
.country the iuuproved Lightaig Roda, wbhie
a ae now in aa ie a Emope ad ina te mert of
the United.States, ofiers his Services o theeiti
) zens of Attakapas.
The terms of credit which may isit poradm
sers will be readily granted.
On information being given o ah lin rill
attend wilhout delay on the persoua ibilmg io
give him employment.
SCbarenaon Post Ofce.
Indian Bend, Aug. 23, 1849-ly.
Le soussigné importeur des Paratoucaè
per(fetionnés, en usage en Europe et au ord
des Etats Unis, offre ses service aux habitants
des A nakapas.
Il accordera, pour le payemeot, le temps et
le crédit qui conviendront aux acheteurs.
Lui écrire à soo domicile ei-aprhè: il a res.
dra sans délai près de eeux qui voudaleat
l'employer. 'e '
Indien Bend; Chbrenmo post ellda
^ ~riulIMainP.Daik iia% r&W dot'
Frimklia, I&d iw heras.a
eM1 as au Mtoe aidiar eios la mN
Orleamus or et the Nor&.
Ma"dm D. flly enppmetii - . « ea aitya e
correct instruction li he lagge IM
tbis c auntr, mad trudling isTr *il b lab m
tive language tUhe Ien mber dbr be.
ars, bs avaled d o tbhe msvieas d" [email protected] o
competent English 'feaers to t m. ia in aat
laneage,whto m ile have t 0ie sole h argeof the
Eaglishb am es, amnd mi gi lebsse s m me.
sic. Madame D., repremi atig aleait br
husbud', triends, prti es aes bage br
their support, the most tender ad mathedy t
tentione th e childb u eetieJd te ber euM.
RAUss or Tirms, e.
Boad, . . o paer eau
Diners only 4
Eagjeb lor Fa 4 F*
Mui#c -b
Wa.idg . . 8 ,
ebld Fahmturo #, bu.lai b, e par
anL. Ila r s bo dudrie wt. pay ire. i
in edvanee. Otbers wil pay emsy mmb
le.Rebua beer wi. m Ieebr medi
Fuan, . A.qgus 2 e1849.
Dioorsoay - * *

New F.AsurrosnLE Wr.Epoxs.-By he lat.
est accounts the Hungarians bare strange aux
iliaries in the horseherds and swineherds who
inhabait the steppes and forests in the interior of
their country. The weaponlof the former is a
whip, handle two feet long, and thong fifteen,
with a leaden ball at the end of the thong, and
a chain of snaller balls along it, like the shot
on a fishing line. With these they can, at full
gallop, pe:;etr'oe a man's body in any inch they
please. The wounds thus inflicted are terrible;
and these wild troope, of whomn there are many
;bousands, are the dread of the Austrians. The
swineherds throw a pculiar hatchet with un-.
erring airn, and the surgeons know well what
iormijtable, and for the must part irremedialie
ifictiions are cause b by hti these casses of
(:oXQ.rsaxo Cunx.-The Rey al.uction
has led the New Orleans Della into an expo.l
:tion ofthb mode and man:ser by which Cuba
,oild be captured by the American farces.
l'ie time has not yet arrived for the acquisition
,i t:his new sister, and when it does arrive,
I ,hla will not he invaded, nor the city bombard-j
ed by American guns. The attempt to take ita
by, force would render the acquisition worthtess; I
but the day is not distant when it must I, ours,
by negot:itionn and putrchase. T''he lircible
po.esasion of it, however, is discussed with
great freedom at the present time-South
BENN TT ON lurTcOe.-The New York
Herald says, "As for the ravings of the Uisiaul
we care nothing. Poor Rnrcwsi is in his do.
sage. He who was, one day, the reviler of
Jackson, and the next his fulsome eulogist
the docile tool of Polk, and the tremulous expec
tant of the success of Cass-ready at all times
to curse or flatter for a 'consideration,' is not
entitled to much regard, and may well be al.
lowed to perish in the imbecility of an old age,
which does not command the respect even of
the masters whose hand he has licked, and
whose behests he has unscrupulously obeyed.
Mr. ex.Commissioner Bra~ulis welcome to his
monopoly of dotage and scorrility, and can light
his cigar with what fire is left in the old Vir
giglan till the next presidential election."
Gorr'Ex T.Eat.-A revivalist at the West
irecedy paid this complimentl.o woma kind in
genaenr :-" I wish to notice a little objection
1 bhsrd to day concerning our meeting. Some I
personslahve said that this is hot really the
wor of the Lord because nearly all te ,
seekers, are femalei; they ;lio challenge us b
tell why these is a large a pioportioo of the i
weaker sex Etgaged. Now 1 ill not answer
is ditectly; wt e ee re:two years ago I
had lo 1om . tO Chto the prisoners your
0_101 j:" Mowo bow did it ' there1
MAIM viet*ear hendred males, O bout
halftid te Viker sexo F'.H. was J
a. the
CoWEsnmo Ekes.-4 t 1 ig prasring,
.ta quiet and com .teable .niee
mae quick; disp &o with tie'a
L specs ito the dt.al bhe d"rw Dusa
sevyred it, sildd p ea to the osit.,
lie bt got to hisl Bsr eh an old
who tild lready hes e rot
sabr by his stfchios, o so eti
Sir, you arse ooi the csf o
Lockod to aýbdr to reioviile I" &
"you woulda't hab cs eat de vitoe . -
the shicke; de vite de dders. Am Itoa e
von boltor of mri njbelly r The wwasp i
- m The eitizens of LSchuyerville, N. Y.
ately appoiSdd amsittee tr visit the gam
b Aing ad drimbig shups of the village, with a
view to stop she nuisances. 4Umgreed to om
ply with the laws bot oe-when it was resi r
ed lo raise $1,000 to procelse the .ffender.
eipe they will do at thosqghly.
Otin Wmra.--A chap has been doing the
geod people of Detroit by selling them whitei
horse hair rings, at iy cents a piece, represen.
tiem shat hair was pulled from the tail oil
Gean. 'aori famaous "Oild Whitey."
) p:* A plalean'iwife in Suffolk, whilst a
tu eaok l4 11 her bagieSl hich she carried a
ltiegsmh of keys. sthe soise, e
1P a_ d " ..... J-C-ss the,.'
.Ib...krisfiAt a meeting of the
York Common Council, - . the a irsreu m ."
solution was adopte4. di.urting the appropriate
committee to inquite "how many persons there
awabalepsd abat the OCty Hall, who are in
:tlhakitefglingdra k, and whetoher
s mbar .oberperseas would not ana. er
wggers oe..-A sory is going the nsunds
of a political a pitant in ldiaum, whe,'mountig
the 5lvte a apidtiatical speech, commenced
wii Florw citioes, notwitbhstaudiet m
yuuhU oa eansa i e eI a et fua mew ofta .
Cs. ee.icet. Is this not suersisate. ddvesat
penam64a todihe ts ibos I
Cri p mpeepOed t co iphan e meelthe
tmdsmhh utesr esri es, to ligoring places.
a" n..hr mannumane ithtegeneralm Com.
m.is.e.e basss in New per wall sa1 e libe
ºs a ls tfr'i ti a ll
d adies s I
ý ' !r Ef ves dto, i York ,
PARISH or Sr. M.TA\'.
of By vartile of a proclamation issued by his
,f.Excellencv, Isaac John.on, (Governor ol the
a State of [(,uisiana, under date the 4th day of
1, Au,.ust l144t, and to me directed ,the qualified
i voters of ihae P'alsh ol lt . Mary, are hereby
tinotitied thint an election lir the Io!lowin~g iT.:
I cers wiil ibe held on Monday, Ih:- 5th day uo
-Novemn b-r next, A. I). 1-49, viz:
For (;Goernnr of the State of Louisiana.
For aLieutaoan: G;vernor "
e For .Audltor of i':.iaiic Accounts of the State
of Loui.ana.
One iRepre.sentative to Congress for the
Fourth C.ra..ra..-oaI I)itLrict.
One StlAe Senato; frla the District composed
of the Pari-h 4. ,t. Muary.
S".'w: iý preenr,,tats to State Legislature for
the P+ari, i St. .. :r-,.
o .h,' ftor tie I'u , ti h of St. Mary.
i A (',or,:wr tar the P.ars-h of St. Mary.
One Jutl,'o 'f the Peace for eah Poliae Jury
'ard in the Pi .,i.h, excep. in thea Ward that)
gomra.., t!;" "l', owun of Frnnklin, wherein two
iJustices o. tht se Ieoc will be elected.
One Constable for each Police Jury Ward in!
the Parristh.
A Recorder nf ,lortgrages fIr the Pari=h ofl
1St. MarT.
A C:lerk of the Dirict Court for the Paratsh
o[ St. Mary.
A SuptrioaenJeat of Public Education for
1jthe Parish of St. Mary.
An Assessor for the Parish of St. Mary.
Said Election will be terminated in one day.
fand the polls will be opened at 9 o'clock, A. M.
sand closed at 4 o'clock, P. M., in each and ev.
ery precinct-in this Parish, and will be held at
the places, and before the Coacmmsiooner here.
! inafter mentioned, vs :
ist Ward, Richard Wilktns, George Single.
ton, and Wma Rose, at the house of A Romero.
8d Ward, Beoj Borel, Albert Hleatoa, Luiroy
Bonvitlamn, at P. Prevost's store.
3d Ward, J A Prere, Alcide Pecot and C
Pecot, at the house of Ephraimn McCullum.
4th Ward, Fred Sigur, Jos Legoon, Jr. and
Henry Penn, at the house of Gregoire Bodtm.
..th Ward, Jas Taylor. W S Harding, and M I
Pilcher, at Gaillard's store.
rth Ward, H R Nerson, GoetavePerreut and I
A McWilliams, at the boase ofH R Nessoa.
.th Ward, J A Tessier, W W Rice and . B
Murphy, at the Court House is Franklin.
8:h Ward, J T Hawkins, Jan Barnard, and
J H Johamo, at the hous of I T Hawkia.
9th Ward, N Berwick, John Moeariaa sand I
D Berwick, atthe house ofD Berwick.
Othb Ward, Thee L Doremn , John Yaney,
and R B Royster, at the cafee hkun Centreville
11th Wagd, David Robbins, John Muggab
and Wm Agre q Agre's cofe bouse,
1Lth Ward, iBR Brashear, C W Brien and
John pollis, at the home of J H Bryant.
And the sad Comissioners shall make their
returns of said Election to ths Sheriff accord.
ia to Law, for all the oicers to be elected,
ir the esception of Justice oftd Proce in
Sfr the Seventh Ward, which they will
make return to thde Coroer, a directed by the
30th Section o the Act for toh unlform regula.
tioes ofEEIc. s,a.pproved June Isone thou.. t
-gi"t hudrd and forty-.tx (1846.)
S L. R. CURTIS, bhetif
t II. S. 'TENNEY, P.incipal.
ite -
IThe ~Sixt, . "'s-inn of this :. :::rtionrt will
he commenuice oni the lirst .Mlr:dav in Octlb:r,
l 49,J under the foiihlwing instructurs :'
ed !t t. S. IENN'EY, 'Tchcr oj I2It!:e:;:atcs,
Na'r.,J (,et, Ihr,:d Phil, xo.oltu.
or xhe-s L. . L(:-'s.. Plci:-i,,.! . .txant and Si.
lCrinfrI dl ,." t!e I !u i.Z If prt.',r!..
Miss ('. Ltc"x, .1,sis!rn' in !:1n. I.r.pirtmnent.
.lt.is! L. L. Lc:os., Ticrh: r in I.'.,roilderr, aeIc"!
T FanyW/-trork.
:115 s..i. i',,tit:;T, F cor Te"cher.
O: aliss C(. RI:I)ICLu, Tracr'er on !i'ant arid
IR.a. JohNs T'nuJ., IProfer.sr of VrI orl ad In.
o str(mernel Alci:.r, a:nd Le' !arcr (,:r the l,.
of ment.ary rinciples and Sien(c if .lltur.
l TE Counsi: or STUDY pursued in this In.
stitution, is liberal and extensive, embracing i
or all those branches of female education, both'
solid iand ornamental, usually taught in Fe
male Seminaries. The text books are of the
V. most approved kind, such as most thoroughly
I.Iinculcate a practical and finished education.
v.l T"E SYSTEM oF TEACHING is the result oftI
at fifteen years' experience. Great care is taken I
a. to avoid any thing like rote; also to adapt the I
studies to the capacity of the pupil. Each re- i
e. citation is attended with analysis and demon-;(
. stratian, and in no case are pupils amlowed to
Sleave a text belore evincing a thorous h knowl- .
edge of its subject; to accomp:ish which, be. -
Csiades pub icexaminations, the last (lay in each I
week is apeut in reviewing the studies of thet
id preceding days of the week. 1
Particular attention is given to moral and i
, physical education. The manners of the pupilsj
claim especial attention ; to cultivate which, thei
id pupils are daily instructed in deportment by
one of the ladies.
B Tat GovEMrHNET is kind and humane; no
coercive measures are used, but every means to fj
id elicit the ambition of the pupil. A report of a
the standing and scholarship of each pupil will F
id be sent moothiy to parents or guarllans.
Yovxl La.as wHo BoAst Ix Tru InAsT. F
` For Board and Tuition in any or all the F
English branches, per session of
d Five Months, . . - 875,00 F
SWashing, per month, - 1,00 F
" Furtushiog Bed and Bedding, per
it month, . . 1,00
I. " French, .- - . - 2,00
1, " Music on Piano, - - - 7,00 L.
a " Use of Piano for practising, . - 1,00
II " Drawing and Painting, Embroidery, L
e and Monochromatic Paintig,each, 3,00
m. Calethbeoics and Sacred Music are taught si
i. without charge to all who wish to take lessons. I,
Furry Youzo LaoDIs can be accommodated A
with board in the lastatuition.
' ScaoLAtvc Yaau will be divided into
Te Sessions of five months each-commen.
cing on the first Monday in October, and ending
the last of July. Tuition payable half in ad.
vance. No pupil will be taken for a less time
athan one session-nor will any deductmons be F
made for loss of time, except in case of protrac- .
ited illnesas. Pupils can enter at any time du- L
ring the sesvton; each pupil's session ending
five months from the day of entrance.
This Institution is pleasantly situated on the m
right bank of Bayou Lafourche. half a mile be. r
uiphe thriving village of TRIODAVtr, suffi.
S Mneat toenjoy all its privileges and yet 01
remaeved from the noise and blthle of the town.
[iAllt need be said with regard' to health ; for
who is acquainted with this section of
,most acknowledg6 it to be one of the E
healthiest portions of Loumsiana. Religions pri.
vileges are good; four churches-Catholic, hi
Episcpklfian, Methodist, and Presbyterian-are he
withia halfa mile of the lostitution, either of
which, the papils are permitted to attend, acaor.
ding to the wishes-of their parents.
A large and conveniest building having been
added to the Institution, it is now epable of
ac.mamodating fifty young ladies as boarders,
The principal study room is large, well ventil. pl
ated,and conveniently arranged for one hun. or
dred pupils. The recitation rooms are pleas
antly situated.
S'The present Teachers are well qualified forai
ir respective departments, and should an io.
_ in the school warrant a further increase
-leachers, none will be emptoyed but such as Co
Swell qualified. No pains will be spared by
the Principal to make this Institution equal to
ay in the Southern country.
Thankful for the past patronage, he would
agin solicit the coefidence of the public, pledg*
ing himmself to devotes his whole atteanton to the
intelctual, moral, and physical education of
thoese young la.dies ho art committed to his
ebeae, 8. TENNBY, cy
t1i. Priscipel. ble
Uar, tit Rollers eto Saa an
Mills, amd SIperior Casting.
- TusanderQaiued hae made arrangements by di
*Iichdhe is preperd to tuarishb Fricion Roll C
SforPi1ugar mills at the following low prices :
,RIlers 24 inches in diameter 6175
- 0 " " 210 b
Al the roliem furnished by him will have
s(sdel'gadgeao which will rum in anti-atri
tide boase
Thfa rbeiber is also p7 taL rish
. .ipm f7. of whiw eavery periorm
m..ply.e.....-maibis hea men at my 10
ai wa4. e.oe efwI. Jeme CanJald em
,erZ ,. GILUT.
(HlUIiistne 7, 1849--1y.
rs The unders'ned has just opened a shop
.a5naet door toMc'Lain's Jewelry shlp,..
'wleie he will iecute any work in hIs hite In
r- goal style, amat short notice.
Franklin. A,. 16, 1849-- .
:1 1
FreIerick Ehhardt would respectfully in.
'form tie c:tizenl'of Franklin and the public,
that he has latelnvpcl .J a sh .,p on .Main st..
on the coriner tf Yexel's lot, and nearly Ippo
Ssite .'leasr Ilure Lrasit's s.tore, wherei he
will cal ' on lthe 'atlorn. !.;sin..s, amnd will
at ail Hles be reac, to aIted:to to te wi lies ul
tho}e Im ll,;;. y lar h lmn wllI his customn. Hls
'xp'rie.ce ,i, a itor, aunJd ati knltWi ledge of his
aa:, e, . .t: -,, ! erialle han to gie the
s' ` i -..'* a$1 Ilt sc omlt'.p iels.
l"r Itmn . ) .. ", 1-'45
. 'ie~ undersr.u,'llas just opened a
ah.l, oMn lainl stert, at thl place ,or
mletr!V rcpa" i 'l by tihc ., 1:r. G. Echier,
wh. re In. st'er,.!, airym ii :1 liarness-makin.
laod ad<dJ lrv tII a:. their :riouds branches. lie'
will at all titihes L. prep. 'd to do any work in
his line of blisiness wh:cblthe public may re.
quire of him. lis charpg wdll always be
lreasonable. CII. KOCK.
Franklin M.lay 31, 1SI--ly.
Friction Rollera.er Sagar
The subscriber would repecrfully inform
ithe planters of Attakapas at be has lately
returned from the North win a few sets of ric
rion rollers made to order, pad be is prepared
Ito contract to attach them to sugar mills ijn
complete order. 'hose wining to avail them
!selves of this improvement till do well to ap.
, ply in season that I may otier the necessary
supply from the north befort it is too late.
1Persons wishing for a full eAsciption of this
'nprovement can obtain it of Mr. John M.
lBateman of Pattersonville, wo has fully tested
ils imnottance.
Franklin, Lou., May 18. 849--ly.
Franklin Saw Mill.
The subscribers now ready to receive and
fill orders for Sawing or 'or tining Lumber
at the following prices, to wit:
For all merchantable Lumber saed to fill any
bill as per direction at $20 per hoursed.
For Palinga sawed or ripped, Iron one inch I
stuff, at $10 per thousand. a
For Latice work at $5 per thoused, running
measure. [
For planing, tonguing and grooving, flooring or i
ceiling, 10 per thousand.
For planing the face wtlRout thetongue and t
groove, $7,50 per thousand.
''They feel confident that the quaily of theiri
Lumber, and neauness of their worl will please
the most fastidious-and feeling tbus,. they
would respectfully invite all those who want
Lumber, to sall and see them befoe purchas.
iag elsewhere. All they ask is a reasonable
share of patronage, which they wl: endeavor
to merit.
_nn I
' Saw LINI olties
Our saw mill, at Centreville, is now in full
Boperation. Cypress lumber of anu description
will be furnished at short notice
For Clear stuff per. M. 825,00
- Merchantable. 20,00
SLathing, Picket Stuff&c, running
g measure, 10,00
Hard Lumber, such as Live Oac, Ash, 4..,
suitable for Cart Bodies; Plough Bmms, Sugar.
e millCollars, on hand at the mill and for sale on
. reasonable terms.
i. Any kind of Lumber, hard or soft, sawed to
t order at the mill at short notice.
Centreville May 22, 1849.
Encourage Hoape Manufacture.
The undersigned would resectfully inform
his friends and the thepublic gpnerally, that1
a he has opened a
on Main street, nearly opposite the Odd Fel.
lows' Hall.
He will endeavor to keep on hand a constant
'fsupply of thorovgty made Rare, so as to sop.
*ply of demands with good articles, at wholesalei
or retail.
He-lse employed a superiorworkman, and
will be enabled to frnish work at short notice,
lair prices, and is manamer which, for work.
manship, cannot be sarpased inthe country.
Sugar house fxtures is his fine repaired or
furnished, and Tin ReLng, C p or 'lithT
G(uters, Conductors, . a
and Lead work made t3*r.
Franklin, August 23, 180.
The undeisigned is now prepared to pet up
cypress WATER CISTERNS, It the best of
order, at short notice, and on the meet reasona.
ble terms.
He is prepared to build FLAT BOATS of
any size, sad will furnish materiald if desired.
He is also ready to make contracts for buil.
ding houses of any description, or to perform
Carpette, Work of any kind. Any jobe
which be may engage to do will be performed
with the ztmpst dispatch. and delivered in the
best of order '
For partiulars, apply at the Banner office.
Centreville, Mal 31, 1849-ly,
New eeds
Jest received-A new stock dofClothes, Do.
mesiie Goods, Hats Boots, Shoes, Travelling
Truans, Leather and other Coach Tdmmings,
100 EUlI Creole Cotlomade, low priced
Auiaette in BansE, Assorted Cordials, Empty i
Bottlrs ad Cod, Hard Ware, Fire Ware c.
anklai Sept. 6,-1 J.
Franklin, La.
Will devote particular attention to all' busi.
ine,- conlided to him in the several Courts of
the Fourteenth Judicial District.
lie may iCe found at the old Mansion House
on \ illov street.
.Marche, 1849.
Attorney at Law,
lIav.tn located in Franklin, will attend to
the pr.etice of his profession. in the several
('ort, o ,the Fourteenth Judicial District.
P're.t';ional business confided to his care
w\il bh' protly attended to.
Olice 2d door from the Reading Room.
Attornies and Counsellors at Law,
Hlave ass.,eiated themselves in the practice a
their pro,:i-ion. Legal business of all kinds
prrinptiv :ttenlded to.
(tice o' Main street, Franklin, Lou..
(Jt... th, t-1 '. A.R SPLANE.
U. c(. COOK.
The nndersigned have this day entered into
parnershlip for the practice of the Law in and
far the Parish of St. Mary, and will puactuma
ally attend to any business entrusted to them.
Franklin, June 20, 1849.
Respectfully offers his professional services
'to the citizens of Franklin and its vicialty.
Office at Gordy's Hotel.
Franklin, August 9th, 1849--ly.
FRANKLI,,, Lou.,
Has always on hand a comoplete assortment
of Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, and Fancy Geods.
(*- Clocks repaired, and Jewelry made to
order, or repaired in the meatest style. at12ly

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