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Pmmaa oF ST. Mat Masth 17th 18as.
It Rains.
Tuesday and Wednesday we had more rain
than we bargained for or wanted. Pleating
operations were checked up a little.
The concert for the beneft of the Franklin
Reading Room comes off at Erina' Hall Mon
day, April 5th,at seven o'Blook. We hope
the weather wili be pleasant, and the crow d
The Steamer J. D. B3i.e.
We learn that the steamer J. D. Hind., on
passage from Salt Island to the Bay, in the
storm last Wednesday, threw overboard part
of her cargo of salt sad thirty hogsheads of
Brick Makilg.
Mr. Grundy is preparing to pat up a large
brick kiln on the west bank of the Teche,
a mile above Franklin. He will in due time
have plenty of bricks for sale at the market
Warming Up.
The ground has been warming ap lately,
and the gardrm plato are p!fiag ahead
vigor~nmsl$ Feas, seqmebeu, Ihs potatoes,
meloes, encumbers, tomatoes, beans, cabba
ges, corn and divers other grdem productions
are now doing admirably in thi parish, o
the 23d of March,
After the storm had spent its fury last
Wednesday, and had stopped to eemider
awhile, it broke out again after sadewn as
though " the d-l had busiaem aon lin hand."
But on Thursday the sun came out with
smiles and warmth that would bave answered
for the month of May. The day was simply
The Amna 3.
The United States Mail Boat Ana E., will
soon be hauled up to the ship yard for repairs.
She has been bruising over the snag., old
wrecks and obstructions in the Teche till she
needs prescriptions and remedies which are
only furnished by ship eapsuees. The A. Y.
T. Company would save several thousand
dollars yearly in the repairs of their stemera
if the obstructions in the Teche were re
Ueed Came.
The reports we get fom the plantations on
the Mississippi above and below New Orleans,
from the Lafourche amdTeneboane, and from
all of the Attakapes parishes and Red river,
satisfy us that the sugar parishes of the State
have as much sound seed came as they have
labor, aln that the planters will generally
get their seed in the ground in season to save
it and secure a pretty good stand.
rlams von. -
The high price of sugar ad cotton will
doubtless cause many planters to loose might
of the importance of a good supply of corn.
The old and exploded theory will again come
up that it is more prodtable to cultivate cane
alone, and buy corn. Planters aheuld remem
her that oar most proapeores planters were
always famous for fall corn cibs sad fat
mules, and planter's mules sal horses seldom
get fat on Wester: eeln.
Our enterprduing town man, Mr. V. Sckwan,
who owns Odd Fellow'. Hall, the old Ima
rance Building, and the heseoTeMEte be
tween them, has lately pet a new ames em the
old enginehomue. It nowalmkst the Vourt
House, and looha decideely f 3adMi. It is
a pity that Mr. Sehwas does net take a macy
to all the dilapidated ballup in Fmakil.
He believes stroegly is paist, carpeatem and
Split L..mber.
Pieux: are now Selling at New Iberia at OW
hundred dollars a todr~. lbMis plty d
lumb~er in thOUwmJSIEsdY t. inmUib~t it
willtake a rise f twe es.tefst Ofwater
to *loat it. If tae las3e iS.et ews in ~
seaDOfl logs uad spit imbee s- ths Teaes
will not befter .ailA ainy price, a Sew
montiin hence. The islndti sawed lum
ber is becemliag F.Wyt brisk eº aseesuat et
the ixnprovettet now Pesgre3 in the
p-ih and higher up lbS Tsehel
eb. tM.IL
The peaches aid glom a the trees awe
swelliug rapidy, ma we & M rt > i
now out of danger. lb estags trees ar
loaded with bleusiso, =d ath arwad
them is ftagrmt with Parha. lb
sight is rapteres, *a the rar is
Last Wedmesdshy wet m ildb
uetots, Lail, rain aa win, o etv bimak
aa' we thsmg flea va m&ai jiat
but teLast ball WMSas,1 ad&MNitt it
nod e i lbalb~~ vi  frm A.
we write lhs mtas bas bat jurt bab. We
will be able ts g1,. mum a ueteusli bdst.c
we !o isgrew
PRO.. otf~ar 1
We leer o -* isi l tir m.wires
labuweee ra we - wlei s.ft i. I y. We
doubtlif thiee Wa alo ntie wh tbalS
-whmte wy a as MA iii heis ic h.A'
Tweaty 4.11mm a inusd. eeia u , rek
eat weod *selbSI u~sed. Ate mod~ S"
tI Is for wemd, t of Puik =aed l
eat mbia rza, *nIseM wh. tweay
deflae a ssinsm alis 46 i E~ts
1kre m uib ea Ad oot" gy 4,e a
-m .. m a % soft prin l. AM Go
leaf are Nt .EUy V.1 lei M i 2.00,
but they re weU [email protected]
T.. Ukon
Thesum west of V -c Lit Weis
day did- aeeieeti 40 Umm of d
-iee irs dsi Now bodpuas"of Nsw
mer 1i. dawa ismNWv *JI.'SS*S3f
& Thiuissbem as.ibUIab.i'U
u-s aW eMv. t Raa spu t *iarne
Tiks n is idsihh~
f 04
a~*i b. 4*.w -o of SL
Nw*i býw hrte thsauhaub
winib Al l Z4. at ite Al
'w6 .v~b Ifit i ~
Mrre About the sterm
Mr. Wm. Hudson writes us from Jeaner
ette: " Mr. A. Grevemberg's large stable and
cane shed down. Mrs. E. Kastuer's store,
out houses, and most of her stock of goods
destroyed, buildings scattered, the family
miraculously escaping, not dangerously hurt.
Cabins at he Delahoussaye place down and
no one hurt. Between Grevemberg's and
Uruin Provost's, the wind tore every thing to
pieces in the width of three arpents. Live
oaks, pecan-trees tortwisted, and uprooted.
But little damage to the villiage. The hail
imjured the fruit and gardens. Several sugar
houses down in the prairie."
A *.s* a.mee.
We are pained to be compelled to announce
the demise of one of our most useful and
highly esteemed citizens, Mr. Hiram Ander
son, familiarly called, by his numerous
friends, " Uncle Hiram." He was an active
blend of all good causes, a friend to the par
ish, the people, the church, and to the human
race. He was kind to the poor and needy,
ead labored hard to relieve suffering, and to
promote the best interests of his race. In
his death the Methodist Episcopal Church of
this place has lost a substantial, working
friend, the town and parish a most useful
citizen, and his family a most excellent father
and husband. We mingle our griefs with
those of the family, and of the community
who bitterly regret his sudden departure to
the land of spirits.
Preperty 5.14.
The house and lot at the lower line of
Franklin, on the Teche, lately belonging toI
Judge Baker, has been sold to Mr. Ayers, a
wealthy iron merchant of Chicago, at five
thousand and five hundred dollars.
The Mows plantation, situated adjoining
and above the Bedell plantation, two miles
from this place, containing over six hundred
arpente, fifty acres of cane, small sugar house,
plain dwelling house, etc., was lately pur
chased by Mr. Lyon, partner of Mr. Cleve
land, at sixteen thousand dollars, one half
The plantation belonging to Henry Gibbon
Esq., at Gibbon% Point, on Berwick's Bay,
was lately purchased by Mr. Lyon, at t wenty
two thousand dollars.
The plantation belonging to the widow of
Wm. Pumphrey, deceased, situated on the
eastsid e of the Teche, below Centreville, was
lately purdhased by Messrs. Brice & Butler,
at fifteen thousand.
Thpresidence and thirty arpents of land,
improvements etc., belonging to Wm. F.
Haifeigh, Esq., was lately purchased at pub
lie sale. Purchaser J. Mallon.
The Ovesrnor's Party.
Last Saturday a party of twenty or thirty
repentant and unrepentant rebels, and origi
nal union men, accompanied Governor War
moth up the Teche and to the Salt Mines of
Avery's Island, where Judge Avery gave
them a splendid dinner and a hospitable re
ception. They had a jolly time of it, and
were delighted with the Teche country, the
Island, the people, etc. Gentlemen always
give St. Mary a good name.
We notice that the Crescent report of the
excursion party, remarks that the Governor,
In passing our castle, stated that we were
from Maine, and that we said that he, Gov.
Warmoth ought to be hung. That thirty-one
years ago we resided in Maine, and were born
there, we do not deny. But whatever we
might have thought, we do not remember
that we ever stated in the Banner that War
moth ought to be hung. On the contrary, at
the time that we exposed the sins of Warmoth
and his party the most glaring, we openly
opposed violence and bloodshed, 1hanging and
Lynch law. We never said or did anything
in regard to Warmoth and his party that we
now think was either untrue or uijust.
A jolly gentleman from Chicago, one of the
exeursion party, proposed to run the boat
ashore above Franklin, and take Warmoth to
the woods and initiate him into the myste
rious order of Ku Kl'axes; bat the Governor
declined the honor, doubtless on account of
his being at the head of another secret mili
tary organisation in this State, the Loyal
Leagues or the G. A. 's.
Upon the whole, the party that acconvpa
aied Warmoth, returned to New Orleans
highly pleased, and all of them, including the
Governor, will be prepared to say better
thig of this country and people than we
fnd in the report of the Legislature on crime
In Louisihesa.
!he Mystey of ldtUng.
The world at large does not underitand
the ayteriesf a newspaper; and, as in a
wateh, the hands that are seen are but the
painive iastrmets of the spring& which is
never seen; so, in the newspaper, the moat
wumthy eauses of its prosperit are often
heast ebmrved or known. Who suspeet
the berne which the paper derives freer
the emterpries, the y sand the watch
ualiegy ofthe p ? Who pam.. to
Otik law asnek fthe_ pleasure o ed igs
serived fren the skl and re of the
pdnhbr ? We feel the bleawishes inoft
f they exist, but seldom observe
We ea a hearty diamer, but to not thitn
date ruera raised the materials there
d, er theook that pr ared them with in
bite pair sad till. Bat a mok of vget.
abls meak poeties san iud nite bombes,
has a parais.eal e se in comparuon with
sa editor. Bebae his pem i review all the
unchagse nawapapers. He is to know all
thir eets, is make for ether eyes the
mat tr - v mire attention. His ameain
are is be aleet, to clip with ineesmna indus
al the lIs items that together frm as
hs m imaterea in the news departmeat.
8 s s pa is smiew eash week every Sotms
isUU iet h thie newspaper leas.
Be loie ageestem ocean, and in strange
limig and homing the usn he seareZbs
aewnmd UM wrld foISSial, It will tahke
bht two saeases' time nor the readers to take
in what two heirs' search prdmed. By hi.
see nal the mdithat marm the
Ben16 likeSes in Jal". R is his frown that
deer them. It is his heal 'at oeouen
a whsle pew imei a liha is his u tern
ds s nedim atal obituaries. that
ýeep~apaeba twige. 4tti to sit and
althe ferat bid the thremp, in news
as & r pleae, is xsmim as
as lie thees it eela Coerespod
-o eagagiggstor se ubr, stands a awe at
agU wiih has the hat shence at sU
* d aysed it Eorth is or bs
. Atad, rs ahork as the b dpsspdieim oteb bo
r o gestsion as s the of a
by uat to be heaured? And ee listle
Amse ebs Isy shedl at heast have
t i * ul ta my have
is ugeld dismrl heent
Alex. T. Stewart clearn $1,000 pdsy,
Sunday excepted, al the year roums.
The navy. of the 8aindwieb Idmud, it ii
'aid, consistsof two fishinggsmsash in a raft
Mrs. Beecher Stowe'. celebrated farm in
Florida is for sale. It is said to have proved
anything but a success.
The estimated number of farms In Virginia
excluasive of unimproved and wild lands, is
ninety-three thousand.
Prof. Maury desires to distribute chin
chona seed in the more hilly regions of the
Sogth. The chinchona tree produces qui
Mobile basinaugurated the new enterprise
of putting up complete and elaborate works
for the manufacture of every kind of oil, and
to save their cotton seed.
Fretting is a perpetual confession of weak
ness. "I want to, and I can't." Fretting is
like a little dog, pawing and whineing at the
door because he can't get in.
On the 23d instant, at the residence of the bride's
father, by ,the Rev. C. W. Hilton. Mr. BEVERLY C.
SMITH to Miss. LILLIE WALKER, both of this parish
and town.
And the editor was kindly remembered.
May Providence kindly remember the
happy couple, and surround them with
blessing. a thousand times better and more
enduring than wedding cake and cham
At the residence of the brides father. at Opelonsas,
on the 18th of March, [email protected], by the Rey. Mr. Wilkinson,
Mrs. MLNERVA JOHNS, daughter of Dr. A. L. Plough,
formerly of New Orleans, to Mr. VAN B. VINSON, of
St. Mary. No cards.
The drafts which searching cold makes upon the vital
powers of the debilitated and delicate are not less severe
than the drain upon their strength caused by excessive
heat. The vast desparity between the temperature of
over-heated rooms and offices, at this season, and the
frigidity of the outer air, is a fruitful source of sickness.
To fortify the body agalst the evil consequences of the
sudden alterations of heat and cold referred to, the vital
organization should be strengthened and endowed with
extra resistant power by the use of a wholesome tnvigor.
ant; and, of all preparations for this purpose, (whether
embraced il the regular pharmacopnla, or advertised in
the public jounials,) there Is none that will eompare in
purity and excellence with HOSTETTERl8 STOMACH
BITTERS. Acting directly upon the organ which con
verts the food into the fuel of life, the preparation ia.
parts to it a tone and vigor which is communicated to
every fibre of the frame. The digestive function being
accelerated by its tonic operation, the liver regulated by
Its antibilions properties, and the waste matter of the
system carried off punctually by its mild aperlent action,
the whole organization will necessarily be in the beat
possible condition to meet the shooks of winter and the
sudden changes of temperature. The weak and sensa
tive, especially, cannot enconater these vicissitudes with
safety, unless their tender systems are strengthened and
braced by artiicial means. Every liquor sold as a staple
of trade is aduterated, and were. It otherwise mere
alchohol is simply a temporary excitant, which, when Its
first efects have subsided, leaves the physical powers
(and the mind as well,) in a worse condition than before.
HOSTETTER'8 BITTERS, on the other hand, coatain
the essential properties of the most valuable tonic and
alterative roots, bars. and herbs, and their active prin
cipal is the mellowest, least exciting, and must ltocuous
of all diflsive stimulants.
$pecia .Jfstde.
To the Sugar Plasters of Loulslass.
Reports having been circulated by interested parties,
that the NILES WOBKS, of Cincinnati, had suspended
business; they would call the especial atleatio of the
Planting Community to the eeut, that their Shepe"m i
active and successful operation; and having the largest
and most approved Stock of Standard designas and pat
ter-efor ?l ation and S=aer mill Machinery lat he
Unl 4h r^ we fally prepared to execate any ad
all work in their line, either new or repairing, that tray
be offered, at fair prices and at short notice.
.Pltnters who are unacquainted with the style and
quality of their work, are referred to the aamerees
Sagar Mills and Sugar Machiaery of their make, in all
parts of Loutsiana; and feeliag eeddent of their an pe
riority, would soliit a share of the work to be done.
March 1st, 1u. Cincinnatli, Ohio.
lees Works.
cimqimUe, oe..
We Invite the especial attention of farmer patrss and
ethers Interested, to eor laereamed ietlties for coastruct
tug, erecting and furnishing Machinery, Catings, Foeg
lags, etc., as fllows:
Sugar Mils, Sugar Kettles, Vacuum Pats and pump
lag ogSlass; Stiam TraIns and apparatus peatalalag
to manuketarutg and reinulg Sugar; Steam Englasa
Beerm and their appasnces for Plantation ase; Grist
and Saw Mills; Iadependant Beller Feeders, Pumps sad
Drainlaig Wheels; Machiniat' Tools, and lashed
week In Sheet Iren; Copper sad Bram Compoettloe
free Pipe and A"i*; Charsh and Plantation Bellas
The great vriety and large stock of Standard designs
and pattern, together with the eperianee of the pat
ruey roars in this lIne of manuheture, seables as cean
aseaay to er asnetlsee Isn the eaecutsan of all asei
entrasted to us, elther fr new week or tor epairs,.
PrebMa kaia
Otthahtate of NANCY TANKINZOTON leeseasid.
H. it knowrn that pmrsuaent to s dleciw.
of the Hemerahle. the Parias Colact de Pam ria
lt. Nadry, Sead at Laachm. reauled as thes @1v
uubdyath d e )ace A. D. Ud¢:
I, J wse (# Pmkmmeo To ieUasrUxaeler. of the
lent wllmi temlemt of NANCY UAD KB eaaede,
wmie at J0SKIE S. TARKINGTONI; wli preeeal em
guiledy as1th 8q day atay Ile; at the lae pee
re'deck A. I., slde easd Inthm ta the ht am
lieet hlldere.thafe d~eaubalhvpnpersyheoew
A eertotwt r ord f at d lyl at beig
Ntedeis f aselo t. Nary, ha, a ars o is
Es tefy aott ema esehe the alsew aid o ith makye Ta&he
the aids o hellt eea~eaqb aepeadtoel as as
-i a1 tw hea eObelmlt arrae, laguthereo. uwit
- -f~ssa acquired by salt daesamed eron Nfiehemiomp
N. Omyabý awark owes.
4th. (bne let of yemy cattle, ithk cawem andomiee.
5th. osa lot at hoemeeh baty.I ml an eeart.
dese bhdk5E - mml am t
Ti sweahie , mlh; the Neva" prp
at sail payabe at twiva eamla ared a enyth
iq feIaS, . penahS. e caseae lie name foe a"
we, admlthe moyenst of eal meae mld
hehsoL LG. ,PASS SON,
wembis. LA., Ntarab 16, e d f
*,r fit.
Adwelmg Horn for rest. Apply to
Re.. W. C. HAI&JF,
s13 vvmkna. IAt
PMaIp W'erkite
80, Baremne street, New Orleans.
The best and cheapest pianos in the Southern market.
Masle mailed poet paid of receipt of parket price.
Just Recefived.
Per Steamer Crescent City, front New York. an, -
sortiment of Geats and Boys clothing and furnishing
goods for spring and summer wear.
Franklin, Mlarch : th, ld(,'J.
Euglire ParisAh Steam Rice mill.
Works at Polate-a-la-Hache,
This mill, the largest in Lonisiana, hai been rcviently
built. and is prepared, with the most exteijs e and im
proved machinery, to HULL AND POLIlI RICE, at
the most reasonable terms. Apply to
FIRMIN MARTIN, Si eter street,
Between Customhouse and Bieivilk, New Orleans.
.Warchi ary
rCENTRIFUGAL PUMPS, 0 to 40(0a) gallns per
OSUILLATING ENGINES. half to 2 50 Lorne power.
and safe.
All light, compact, durable and economical. For cir
enlars, address patentees and manufacturero,
WM. D. ANDREWS & B111.,
414 Water otreet, New Y.rk.
For St. .urtht rille.
New Iberia, Hubert- ille, Jeanerette,
Charenton, Franklin, Centrevile. i'at
tersonville, and all intermediate landings
on Bayou Teche, the light draught passenger packet,
AUG. AUCOIN, Clerks. Particular attention paid to all
way Landings.
lot freight or passage apply on board or to
Adam. k Co.,
Saccessors to C. Yale, Jr., & Co., Importers and whole
sale dealers in
Milleraary, Flowers, Ribbons, Etc.,
Also manufacturers of Cloakds and Mantillan,
76 Canal street New Orleans.
mlb27-3m F. ADAM & J. T. DIBOLI..
)Is. H. FItRSO. E. L. HEWS.
PUtats, Pierson A Co.,
Successors to
RO zM R P' XWi x I.
Dealers in
R13 and 1i Camp St..
New Orleans, Louisiana.
We have always on hand the largest assortment of
CLOTHING, SHIRTS and Trunks, which ans of superior
quality sad snake, and which we sell at the lowest
PANTS, etc. All orders Shad promptly and satisfaction
Co atry Merchants and Planters are urged to call and
examine our pricc,.
.d se eries B eslesehole,
In comneetion with our manufacsuring department, we
beg to call attention to this new and very superior ma
chin, which, beslies doing all other work made on any
aewiag machies, makes perfectly a button hole and an
eyelet hole, and as agents for its sale, we desire the criti
cal eamination of all who need a perfect sewing ma
Is presenting to the public a new sewing machins, we
are aware of see fact that to secure a favorable position
la estimation, it must prove itself very valuable
and perfect In Its performances; but this we do
with csaidnems, having lrst submitted it to the severest
and most critical tests In our workrooms during an entire
season, sad with antire esatisfaction of ourselves and
We offe it as a PERPECT MACHINE, not as a cheap
one, sithoagh its moderate pries places it withn reach of
every amiy., ead shall be glad to exhibit it on applica
tiia, and to urlshapecimens of work done on it, to all
who may wish to se for themselves.
Althengh it cmbines two distinct macblap in one. Its
conseeneusa and operation is i simple as thai of any ma
chine extant, sdl it is readily understood tad used by
any ems familiar with any other machine, in corrobora
tien ef whish fact we offer freely the testimonials of all
who have purchased mad used this machine. In concln
ages we my to all, call and see, or send for specimens of
week, mad circular and price list.
ADAM & CO., Sole Agents,
No. 76 Canal street, New Orleans.
IUesrtte.ss to Brazil.
The new A 1 Clipper vessel, lIlsa 8 tevens, now
b prt, will leave for Rio do Janeiro direct, on the .th
A uites aseber of Passengers will be a oommodatedL
A lbral amosnt of baggage and agricultural imple
Price of Passae $135 currency, for adults. Chrlldren
unier ten yaws, price.
Agpiealtar.btas preferred. Mr Nathan has already
advantageousl located 350 Southern Emigrants in
Rani. J. . IBAACKS. Agent.
No. 10 Unlon St.. New OrleanE
3eoero pemwisonou, to Andrew Feoter Elliott. Esq..
Brasea ,106Common street, New Orlepns.
.Egmesta W~iusted.
To sell abook of great value to Farmers. Mechanics and
Working men of all trades and occupations Now
ready, the
Edited by Geo. N. Waring, Jr.,
Autherof " oE eaate of Agvlealtur ," "Drain
lag [email protected] Profit san for Health;" and
fome ly Agrlouloaltural anrg
se*r of Central Park,
Wow York.
=S Octave Pages ad over 201 IlIustrations. A book of
solid werth aid praptical utility.
Every ARTISAN Needs it.
Every BUILDER Needs it.
Every DAIRYMAN Needs it.
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Every YOUNG MAN Need& It
MAN ceasot aford it be without it.
Active men sat women can make meve money and
give better catiatetmon in selling this beok, than any
week Ia th. SleM.
Seal for 16 pego Circular telling all abest it.
JA=!S H. HUMENL, Paubfsherg
New Orleans.
NYIfC3 is hereby given t. all persons
-wf 4110 sgailt the meehsisou of Thoe. J. Rice
4900100C ts prset the s<e without delay io the urn
-eslsa # ef"et-.
Yrinkl . Mtarch 4, 180. TtCCKK:R !c DAVIS,
am1-4f Attommy's for Admlrislrator.
Just Received I
To which I invite the special attention of the public.
Our old customers and others are Invited to call and ex
amine our stock. Also an assortment of GENTLEMEN'S
CLOTHING, consisting of summer Casuimeres and Steel
Mixed suits at *15. M. MAYER.
,pecial Premimn.
The nuderdigned offer= a premium of FIFTY DOL
LARS for the best Essay upon the manner of using Iii
Sulphate of Lime for defecation of cane juice, and the
grnualating of ougar, to be delivered to the Committee of
the ad Grand State Fair of Louisiana, to be held 6ith
iuhiht ]InI New Orleans.
Feurniture Store.
The subscriber has opened a Furniture Store on MAIN
STREET, near Mayer Mayer's Stoie. He will keep
on hand a stuck to suit the market, and will repair fumni
lure of all kinds, or :manufacture Tables, Desks, and
other articles, to order- ROBERT HATCHER.
Franklin, Feb. i7, Ie69.-ly
Caution to the Public.
The public are hereby cautioned not to trade for a
prouisory note drawn by me, dated about February 1tth,
I-h9, payable on or before the first day of January next,
to the order of W. J. Nash, for the onto of $150 and con
ditioned to bear interest at the rate of eight per cent. per
annum fron date. The consideration of said note having
failed, I will reoist its payment.
fcb2 -tom W. E. DANFORTH.
Crocerite and Lager Beer.
The $nbscriber has opened a grocery store at the
corner of Willow and First streets, Franklin. where he
keep. a general supply of groceries, which he will always
cell on reasonable terms, such as
Also, the beat of Lager Beer, always
os hand and convenient for those who happen to feel
thirsty when they are on Main street or the public
Franklin, March 5th, 180i+.
Coal. Coal.
:AMR) barrrtls Pittsburg Coal at reducod prices. A lib
eral discount allowed to those who buy in large quanti
tics. For sale by J. A. O'NIELL.
Franklin March 13, [email protected]
Horses, Buggies, etc., To Let. .
The subscribers have lately opened a STABLE at
Puckett's old stand, on Main street, Franklin, where
they have Horses and Saddles, Buggies and Double
Teams to let at all times, day and night, always in good
condition to accommodate the public. Old Friends and
new, and strangers are invited to give us a call.
Franklin. March 13, 1t69. mhl3 tf
.Wialtinery and Dress .Wakfug.
Mrs. A. E. PARKS has opened a Millinery and Dress
Making establishment on Main street, Franklin, where
she will be pleased to accommodate her lady customers
of Franklin and vicinity. She furnishes dress trimming.
and fancy articles generally supplied by Milliners, and
also takes in sewing. She will be thankful for a share of
public patronage.
Franklin. March 13, It9. mhl3 3m
.Vel Spring Goodst-Direct
Wezeli's Corner, Main Streest, Fraakla.
I have just received a well selected stork of SPRING
GOODS. I am positive I can now offer goods that cannot
be surpassed in this country, as regards quality or cheap
ue<s* viz:
Cheaper Than the Cheapest.
ENGLISH BAREGE, from '5 to 45 cents.
MOZAMBIQUES, from 30 cents up.
ALAPACA, Lusto, Choice, 45 ceeta
LINEN LAWNS, 25 cents per yard.
Sprague's, Dunnel's Pacifc Calico, 01 73 for 10 yards.
Various other Prints, from 8 to 15 cents, fast colon.
Also Bobinet, Cotton and Linen Bars.
Also BEST KID GLOVES, at St 50 a pair.
Nansooks, Muslins, Jackonets, Corsets. A complete
stock, having a few Spring Shawls at $2 50.
And a complete stock of groceries; among which are
PATES at 10 cents per pound.
SOWLES at 15 cents per pound.
Late of the Southern Army.
Devoted to Literature. Agriculture and General Intell
gence, and containing Reports of Battles, Incidents and
Anecdotes of the War, never before published.
This is the cheapest Magazine in the South, and it has
reached an issue of twelve thousand eopies, monthly, In
the first year of Its existence. Its circulation embraces
all the Territories, and all the States except three of the
Northeastern. Encouraged by this generous patronage
the proprietors are using every exertion to make the
Magazine more attractive and moreuseldl. The services
of some of the most talented writers of the country have
been secured, and no article will be published which has
not real substantial merit. Engravings and Illuastratios
will be introduced.
The Magazine aims to preserve a record of the herosim
asnd endurance, the wit and humor of the Southern sol
diery. Published in Charlotte, North Carolina, by Hill,
Irwin & Co.
Terms-Three dollars a year in advance; one dollar
and a half for six months. Specimen copies twenty Ave
cents each. Subscriptions can be dated hack, if destred
Ikcterisea .Egtar I
AS again awa4ed the FIRST PREMIUM at the
SAINT LOUIS FAIR, October 6th,181i, after ACTUAL
TRIAL over all other competitors.
Also car ed the day at the LOUISIANA STATE
FAIR, 1 by being awarded the GRANI GOLD
MEDAL, over fve well-known stoves after owe days
actual trial. Every one of these stoves is guaralteed or
the money refunded. H. HALLER,
Sole Agent for the Soathera States,
No. 49 Camp St., and No. 18t TchoapiteaIas St.,
Dealers in all kinds of Cooking and Heating Stoves,
House Furnishing hoods, Fire Grates, Tlaware, Etl
Stevens A' Segmseur,
(Established in 1836.)
6 asnd 5$ Comm.o Stret,
New Orleans-Opposlte the City HoteL
Received by late arrivals, direct from the English man
300,000 Alcock's Superior Limerick FISH HOOKS-all
Cotton and Linen FISH LINES.
Joseph Rodgers & Sons' POCKET CUTLERY.
Also a large stock of WOSTENHOLWS AND WADE
Also a large assortment of
Adapted to every branch of trade.
Merchants and others visiting New Orleans are invited
to examine our stock, which they will And complete and
at low prices.
ranIcc Compauny.
Of St. Louis, Missouri.
C'a~h Capital of *I7+I)SMMJ. alreadyl p~ai.I w. with a
Of P'areuL Ofies is St. Louis
A. IH. BUCKNER . iv Preilent.
WM. HANLEY . Seeay
C. (I. McHATTON -. . ; eneral Agent.
WA. HATCH - .-- 1eicai Oflicer.
WV. W. C.R1SSOM .- - l'n: t~zi Pt'~i ian.
JOHN 1'. THIOMPStiN . - -Atuar .
II UA.Directors: h t:NNs
A. M1 h1RIr1 'oN. .1.., It LA ItS.
CHIAS. Mt LiILEN, A. II. iti Chi\i1::
Omfccrisor Louaisiana Ageuncy:
Judge E. '1. M1 IUIL~ii - :t r-V .~t
B. 1B. SIMM(ES ." *r~t.Lr'.
M.edical Examiners:
Wv. (G. A1'sT1N\. M. Ii --d. N. 1'r' I:IAVL. 31 P.
Louisiana Direct, rs
Juig'" E. T ME~tI I4 K, Ii i., I..-t t i . T.
C. CIIISM, of t'Itii~u \ 11.t,1
OJCTAVE V OEIRIIII:S. '4, (i.Vi. 1.,mmm' r AC"
II. S. Ml )ISEI, P'ro 4rtr ('a. II? I..
lien. B. It. SDI3IES
The Mound LCity Mutual Life lniu' ans t iompany
being a ho.e instititioi, it should le pref rri 4 by citi
zens of the Soath for many rnao-ns.
1. The money invested in it i- retained at hiot.-, where
it assists in promoting Wettern anl Southeni trade and
commerce, in building ttp towns and citi -, in d--el..pl
ing our rich mineral and agricultural riionuret-. in build
ing our great lines of railroad, aol in oiltivating our
boundless prairies. For the-.- rca-ens Southern and
Western menn should in-tre in it.
2. As its fonds are all invested witer-t high rat.-- of
interest prevail, it can grant it -uraneetl, -ajir otl pay
better dividends than any Eastern Cmtipany. For tht
reason all persons desiring to mak.- a certai anti safe
provision for their families, should in-tire in it.
Its Local Board of Louisiana Directors being composed
of men of high standing in the tciunutnity, i-a snficioent
guarantee that widows and orphans w ill Ie protected in
their rights, when polices issued by this Company an
ture by reason of death or itterewvie. This is peeniar to
this company. (no other inttitutiot beyotl the limit' of
the State having a local board) and is. therefore, worthy
of the highest consideration.
The Mound City issues the following cla--es of polices
1. Ordinary Life Police-.
2. Limited Payment Life t'olices.
3. Single Payment Life Police .
4. Ordinary Endowments-A-iurance Polites.
5. Limited 1'aymnent Endotn ment-A-iuranje Pol
A. Single Payne-nt Endotincnlt-As-uirance Pol
The alone are the most popular polices. but in addi
tion thereto, the Mound City i.u.
Non-Forfeiting Polick s.
Participating Polices,
And in fact all other classes of poti..s
Premiums are payable in cash but if the a.ttrtd de
sares ONE THIRD of the annual or semi annual premium.
may remain unpaid. it being endorsed as :n interest beer
ing loan on the policy until paid, or cancel,, by dividends,
'Each policy holder will thare in the tIVltIiTS in the
proportion he may have CONI lillItTED to the AS
SETS of the Company.
This Company makes no charge for polity, fee or
The Lonisiana Branch (iflitti- in the Story Building
up Stairs, No. :3. corner Campto ant Coutnon streets, opipo
site City Hotel, New Orlean-.
B. B. Simmes.
State Agent for Louisiana. New Orleans.
State of Louisiana.
To all whom these prssents mas so-sa, .grestino.
Whereas, Edwin Walters, of the city of Baltimore.
State of Maryland, having purchased. at a sale made by
the Sheriff of St. Mary. the pr perty hereinafter de
scribed, has applied to this Honorabhl Court for a moni
tion or advertisement, in conformity to so act of the
Legislature of the State of Louisirtta. entitled "an act
relative to monitions, and mode of proceeding, approved
the 15th day of March, 19,1 the deed of sale of said
property having been recorded in the office of the Clerk
of said Court, on the -221 day of January. .t. t.. lt l. The
said property was sold by the Sheriff of the parish aforesaid
onthe 9th day of Jpnuary, A. P. 1t6i9,by virtue of adecree
of this Court, rendered on the 7th day of May. .. c. 1P8l.
in the seceession of " Emily Donohoe, deceased, widow
of Alfred Stanley." No. 2.1t,0, of the docket of this Court,
atwhichsale Edwin Walters, of the city of Baltimore,
State of Maryland, became the purchaser for the price
and sum <f elght thousand dollars.
Description of property as given in the jidicial convey
ance, viz :
That certain tract of land and sugar plantation. lying
and being situated in this parish of St. Mary, measuring
tea arpents frnan by the nseal depth of forty arpents. on
the west side of the Bayou Teche, bottnded above by the
lands of O. & N. Cornay, and belaw by land of Mrs. I1.
Knight, formerly of Mrs. Josephine Baakerville, together
with all the bnildings and improvements thereon. rights'
ways, privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging.
Now, therefore, know ye and all persons interested
herein, are hereby cited and admonished, In the name of
the State of Louisiana and of the Third Judicial District
Court, parish of St. Mary, who can set up any right, title,
or claim in and to the property hereinbefore described, in
consequence of any informality in the order, decree, or
judgment of the Coart under which the sale was made, or
any Irregularity or illegality in the appraisement or adver
tisement, in the time or manner of sale, or for any defect
whatsoever, to show cause within thirty days from the
day this monition is irst inserted in the public papers,
why them e so made should not be confirmed and ho
( 1) j Witness my band and the seal of said Court
LS.) this 5th day of February, A. D. 1t4et.
( feb --39d J. W. LY MAN, Jr., Clerk.
.1 Card.
Having sold our friend II. II. PIIARR several good
horses at Packett a old stand. I strongly reecommend
him and his stable to the " b'hoye" In and around
I have still a few more horses of the same sort left.
good stock horses, for sale or trade, as usual. at Pierre
Danjean's, where I can be found always ready for a
trade or swap.
mar6 F. 31. CAMPBELL.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
"MU Fr'UWYING TWU [email protected]
The reputation this ex
cellent medicine enjoys,
many of which are truly
marvellous. Inveterate
cases of Scrofulous dis
easerwere thihersseam
seemaed saturthed woith
corruption, have been
oprfidand cured by it.
Scouls atfections and
disonrdes hch were aag
ions contamination until
Utey were painflily aflicting, have been radically
cured in such great numbers tn almost every sec*
tion of the country, that the public scarcely need to
be Informed of its virtues or uses.
Scrothlots poison is one of the most desi uactive
enemies of our rate. Often, this unseen and unftlt
tenant of the organism undermines toe constitution,
and lavites the attack of enfeebling or fatal diseases,
without exciting a suspicion of its presence. Again
It seems to breed infection throughout the body,and
then, on some favorable occasion, rapidly develop
lase one or other of its hideous forms, either on the
snrihee or among the vitals. In the latter, tuber
des may be suddenly deposited in the gs or
heart, or tumors formed in the liver, or it slows
its presence by eruptions on the Skin, or foul ulcer
ations on some part of the body. Hence the occa
sional use of a bottle of this Sarsaparlfla is ad
visable, even when no active symptoms of disease
sppeaz Persons anflicted with the following com
plaints generally find immediate relief, and, at
length, cure, by the use of this &fltaNAPARIL
LA St. Anthony's Fire, Rose or Erysipelus,
linter, Belt RIhen,, Scald Head, Rinagsorm,
BeSa Eyes, sore Ears, anil other eruptions or
visible terms of Hero/ slasts disease. Also in the
more concealed forms, as Dyspepsia. Dressy
Heart ,Disease, Fits, Epilepsy,. Neurelgte,
and the various lierou s iffeet:ous of the muscu
lar and nervous systenin.
Syphils or 1' necra l ant .Mereurlal Diseases
are cured by it, thouih a long tiroe' is required for
subduing these obstiua'e is itaici bliv any medicine.
But long continued u-c I' this u,,,lieine will care
the complaint. Lencrrina oir Ihites, Uterine
Uleerreatioes, and l. .i :" Diusases, are com
monl soon relieved :,l Ii.slately 'ured by its
purifying and invigor:ting iiet. IMinute Dtrec
lions for each case are oinal in .ur Almanac, sup
plied gratis. RA',runah': ud Gout, when
caused by accuuulati.ol extraneous matters
in the blood, yjeld q - i ly to it, a: also Lirer
Compleints, Torpidit y. I auorgstionorlnjlam
meatfonofthe Lier. as' .Ia,v'fiee,whenarising,
as they often do, froun 0ts rankling poisons in the
blood. Thbs SA.I:.%ARI'_ LLA i. a great re
storer for the strength ani vigor of the system.
Those who are Lanquul and Listless, Desposs
dent, Slerpless, and troubttled with Nervoes Ap
pireesrnsio5s or Fe-rs, or any of the afections
symptomatic of Weakness, will flid immediate
rnJief and convincing evidence of its restorative
lower upon trial.
Dr. t. C. AEU at CO., Lowell, Kaer.,
Preeticel and Analet'tral Chemists.
Sold at wholesale by E. J. IIART & CO., WHEELOBK
FJILAY & CO., Naw Orleans. feb1'0
I VIakeus Up by the ti,.tarib r. a et black rn'",abt
Liveyears old, Moth ears a little notcedf' on Uinder
side, no vicible brand. Owner inn ,t tnk. her away or
aibe will be disposed of according to law.
lr uIln, LL., March 6th, Ir6EP. 4t 1E. ROSE.
For Sale.
A tr et of lani athort a rniIP nboi-, Franklin. 'ýn t:..
.tppn itt i.. of tho he-p. adjoinzing 31n trrin' ;. lto.t- ron<fotad.-ttity triurn r-i
dlrf. Price- -II!4IN R!M.or-third ca-h. Ha~nein1- it:
two yrar.. with ini."re~t from lay' of ialh. TI.... in
wamll hayn ioahj. tii to ti riliiic it in l .!. 1".1 f :Ir
ifof.rioatb,n apply t~ t thi ýditi i.
TilE' iiiTfLI.E'i INiAND i f \T\"i Xii..
It e..tujri+.".. .t :rn a- ita r
In.. ntnit', frutt tin' .nt.'tnplatt.'il r.,Ilr''.'i. V ''' ."
I'ir'. he;;.ari~ntg . ..r t --,',- a n .ini lt~t~n i "i :
dre timit ~reV-t- ant it--' f -ii . n rp :
Tht-'ru" -aren!. gh'i-ai.'I ittn_ .ti .,,. k
frn teivnd.tt ~.'n'V'n' . -r-''' ~ 'n. ' r n a 111.It,. I t.',
iii".:Vi aliltof WI.' Iti --ai n"" \,,
in rl- herng.iirh..nin'ni .+ ,~lf.n t ,t::n.:
itii''thtiittii.it'.- on, hn-'.'-i '''i 'tif'' I. ,i'
'-t-I inw-11 I k- h
For Sale.
A SMALl. Ab.\ll .-Rltim 1itut I t 1 .
in t -i n tarlht-t, nt.- l "N . ta 1 \\" I: . t
mni le, f nm firai - eis: / 't, t i . ,.. ,1 It ,
arpent.-ali..tt tw'nty X.uln'.,: m1, r fe"n a t
proleutent-, etc. P'ric." 6000', halt cashl .nd I 1!. 1,.T
in Wine ye.ar. F ,r furtheri partalar atppl ..t I1: t
to W. It. MElbi JIANT. at Itra or l
fibl; If
FA 1111 FOP , \L~l:I -igh: it I.e
containing twenty airte, of lant. well iptnr-it t I
hild anti kitchen tnrnitutre, liw, whoh-" fir .1
New tihIrid. Jitit a. I -K T1 l T. ITLn \
A IIAIGftATN.-A drnirnl- farm of II v. :,,. a I
intthe-pari-hl if Lafaut ate. pintst- ot hrint \ n ai--, I.
tnenty-fottrmtil,-- frim N-v lberia. Thl- p i
imiprs-cd, an txcellInt twelling hon.tti -.- i al sn
ample ontinilding'. fenceiI. wellsntock,-I with err .
horses, hugs, chickein. etc.. marden, fruit tr--. rI ~1 nco
ketgood fur all th cirop.f the i-untiltr--I all ti- I
mnstic animal: and fats!, hIalthfltl and i lh-irab iIh-
tion. The entire property it otffred fir . nt
Decidedly the le-t bargain Yet oiter,-d throuit h li l-h
medium of ttr colItn-. fir full i-art i -r - it
this office. miar Ir;
PLANTATION FbR -ALE-Iit-.Ite on Inn -at
It.ti- f, It l -In-i- lnil.-- t rthi if Wa-hin fit, 1 rteh .'t -.
LIndry, tun thou -nd arlent- in oti h.lt . r.
ltiilr.tai pa-a.s in tn.- tile i of lit r,-ile ,
of the lani tit fur ctlntation :i liluty oftiim r
kind; seven hundred acre' clbarelt, litthedl am , ic:,
good ftnce-; brick sugar huit'.' and two n- ti kett-n-
Nile.- best otigins', ,ost dwelling hull-e. kitel--it -nitt-Ia
outhouuw< goad : good ,table:, .urn enhl<. fourteen .1 t'.
frame hott- ftr lat iretri; lin- adaptel tt - r-nI . c-t
tobaccs, potati,"s, tc.: reed cage :ntlici- ut t., "
11hhts. sugar; inte iint winter range fir t iti- u i , rt
gages of any kindont the place: cant he cut up, t.',ni
Farms to alvantage; tunnle, Cattle, hn_: anl -h -t Cittwsok te lc. Te 14 :tt " I, I .
the balance in one vtar without intl-reYt.
febt.t ISAAC F. LITTI 1L1.L
FOR SALE-The l!tiation -iuntettl in Itl Pi a
parish of St. Mary. fite imiles frint Ilttbert-ille, or fivn
Itavon Teche. It cinii-tn of 3lib acres of land,11. t .t.
which is heavily timtre-l i--pri-a-. swanmp. Intitt acre - t
gooul arable land. and Inl) of tine pasture land:. It i. as
excellent place for raising cattle, hoers n unis and I
ati well as -ugar cant. corn, ri-e and other ,crp,. lh.-re
is on the place seed caln.i -utltici-nt to plant i to lItt
acrt.', ten or twelve mutle.. ."ght double cabin.. it 1well
ing hone.-a tmall 'ugar holie. etc., etc.
The place can le ptur-hat-d it .?1 per al-cr-. &I.,ttt
cash, the balance in .ni, two and three I iara. t ah l:t
per cent. interest froit da- of sale. Ftr other parr, itl.i
apply to Mr. Joteph Leon. Jr. at Martial jSorrti - plan
ant to the editorif the -latner. iaun N:
FOR SALE-Two and lb half mile- frait WaIhtin-itin
tarish of St. Landry, ini the Bayou ('rucidi llt. int-r it-
unction with Bayio Itot-f. a plantation citntaiing abiint
1(i0 acres, 4:1 acrei of n hitl are op iit and undler gitoil
fence, and all 31 hur l1 acres above ivertliw. It ha' ,
large dwelling hon-e in good repair, stablen. ottthii
Cotton, sugar, tobacco and rice rail le cultivattedl I-t t
place to good advantagi . ati it t ttlilt nmik a iltp-r r
stock farti. It in a line hug range, the pilace is health
and it is convenient to a good shippingl mint. lii r - tii r
complete description apply to Mr. A. Mill-pangh, w\ -.
ington; to Ion Tho, C. Antderson, Ipel-ulana- i to tlb.
editor of the Planter, IBanner.
Termy *I2 N3tO. itni half iatih, the balne- inn an d C ti
two year', with tight per cent. inter-it fr-ni day of ialit
January 25, it, .
FINE DWELLING Ft OR SALE.- Loctitt 1.ai it.
in St. Martinville, consisting of six acrer of lawnl. a ii
dwelling, spacious, convenient and In excellent cintliti-itt.
commanding the banks of the Terhe and i tiie prairi.
miles wide, with kitchen, store-room. servants' rcotilt
large brick cisterns, corn-house. stable, carriage hul,
ruit and ornamental treen, and garden. It i. one of tl.
most desirable residences in any village of IWeitern Ltn
iniansa. Terms, $71htb, one-half caih. the alitice in it
month-b Apply at this oflice. ian I
A STOCK FARM.-About l3 miles bltinw the town .,
Abbeville, near the mouth of Bayou Vermilion, soi
touching the Sea Marsh, containing about a.c) irer.
Price $7001). one-fourth acuh, the balance in one.two titl
three years, with interest. Apply at thi-ifliceforrtrtther
particulars. det,"
FOR SALE.-In Prairie Gregg. parlih of Vermilion
near the Vermilion River, six milen below Abbeville, t;'l
acres of choice land, in a good grazing country. and
healthful climate. The land is good for sugar, cottttn
'corn, sweet potatoes, garden, peaches, oranges and other
fruits. The improvements are good. consisting of
dwelling house, outhouses, cistern, well, fences, itl., ere.
Price, $4,utb In currency. For particulars, apply to J. C
White, Abbeville, La., or at this office.
FOR SALE.-A tine dwelling house, imnprovenicnts,
and six or eight acres of land within the corporation
imits of the town of Franklin. julyl3
FOR SALE.-A farm of one hundred a10l seventy -fivi
superficial arpents, almost wholly above the flood of 1-n7i,
soil remarkably fertile, improvements fair, location tio
miles above Jeannerett s, in rhe upper part of this parish,
a fine locution for a residence, some choice fruit trees on
the place, in a pleasant neighborhood, healthful locatint
six or seven miles below New Iberia. Terms, 31g tOJ0
cash, or its equivalent on time. 31. M. VAUGHAN.
FOR SALE-The Btashear City Hotel. situated nei
the Opelousas Railroad Depot, the best location for a
Hotel in Brashear City, is offered for sale for 6150) cash,
or it may be purchased part cash and part on time.
Apply at this office, or to Mrs. Daly, at the Hotel.
FOR SALE-A Sugar Plantation of 711) aires, half
wood, on both aides of the Teche, a short distance below
Franklin, sugar hon-u-, dwelling house and other im
provements, offered for one-third cahli, the tal
ance on liberal time. octlt
British Perieodials.
T HE reprints of the leading Quarterlies and Blaekwo.et
are now indispensable to all who de.ire to keep
themselves fully informed with regard to the great sub
jects of the day, as viewed by the best scholars and
soundest thinkers in Great Britian. The contributors
to the pages of these Revieiss are men who stand at the
head of the list of English writers on Science, Religion.
Art, and General Literature, and whatever is wnrthv Cf
discussion finds attention in the pages of these R.vi.wa
and Blackwood. The variety is so great, that no ub
scriber can fail to be satisfied.
These periodicals are printed with thorough fidelity to
the English copy, and are offered at prices which plact
them within reach of all.
Terms for 1869.
For any one of the Reviews. per annum....... .....5
For any two of the Reviews . ....... 7
For any three of the Reviews. .............. II
For all four of the Iteviewi. . ...
For Blackwood's Magazine,
For Blackwood and one Review.. . . .
For Blackwood and any two of the Rltvi-w%. ...-.. It1
For Blackwood and three of the Reviews............. 1:
For Blackwood and the four Reviews................ 1i
A discount of twenty psr cent. will be allowed t., (-lts
of four or more persons. Tltts, fbur copies of BIlakwoo ,
or of one Review, will be sent to one addre-- for tv : -u
Subscriters sherld prepay by the joarter. at the ithe
of delivery. The postage to any part of the tnit..l
States is TWO CENTS a number. This rate only apples
to current subscrilttions ror bark numbers the pi.tagtge
is double.
New subscriber- to any two of the above jteriodieals for
19tR9, will be entitled to receive, gratis. any one of the
four Reviews for 1+;. New subscribers to all live of the
periodicals for tl-69, may receive, gratis, Blackwood or
any two of the four Review- for lew.
Subscrtbers may, by applying early, obtain back ,et.
of the reviews from January, lotLi, to Decersbor. twist
and of Blackwood'a Magazine front January, lets'i t,
December. 150'. at half the current .tubseription price.
r- Neither prentitms to subscribers, nor ditesthtt to
clubs, nor redact 4 prices for back number-, can 1,.
allowed, unless the money is remitted direct to the puo .
lishers. No premiums can he given to clubs.
141t Fulton street, New Yolk
The Leonard Scott Publishing Company also publi U
the FAIIME-R GLIDE, by Heary Stephens. of Eito
burgh, and the late J. P. Norton, of Yale College. Two
volP., royal octavhe ltwo pages, and numeroas engravit
Price roa7 for the two volumes,-by mail, pou c pail. .
December 19 letip.
An. peri" . I 'ml anampetent mnaaager is i ~i a"
maUin an cflgfll'!II tI, mianage ..r Over) Cer a -11
plantati'.n. With all n-e.e-ary failitiesff]jr.rdhint.
etijtiv~ation, et.t after pitching ai gool trop. and.t-t
Lion prevailing, will then enter into arrangemenI< in r..
gard to salary, with expeetations o. eat for th ..
year. The bestn of eferencersgiven. Add~ee.., N,,,,";
iUias. Bo No. 1747, New Qrk ans P. o. fr.bt,i

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