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The Planters' banner. (Franklin, Attakapas Co., Lou.) 1849-1872, June 16, 1869, Image 1

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to pay 03 s PIn. . 4. t>~ e& m u~v
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SERVICES or A owl" ie I. mde
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T K O F O R T HE~ T i~ m ~ rr ~ * OU T H " """ P IS t d Q~C~b T wl W H O H E L P T H E M SI E L V E S."
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Leek at that feor eme te r twhee clrs
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Frem the caure bern feo each aghe o the rich I
Low barns the lamp Fly swifter them needle
dwitMr theo llp Ar the breast of the poor
[plotet all of a.
God shelter all ams
From her lakt glance as she fellows the dead I
Wba.t i the mae.fnag Ane b. r still bearing
Al the auare lsad of a meruleas lot,
F.e.s we ..n e a a . . i aie,
oddmwter al of as
From the new da' p ta of wee to the poor,
Hastes ye winds ! and yield her the merey,
..tar e,:bere , a . M hl. .
Yield her the wmcy wboeo egnet is death;
in bee toll tekppg.
ate I thou art mereld I Life th. art done !
Geo pretest all of s
God abelter al of as
Fro- the heart-beaing nd yet living on !
Wide that hate saited her ! tell ye the stor)
Of the ynglife of the needle that bled!
Makig be b over dealh's smadiles waters,
Oat of its swayorg and seai-cating thread.
All the war Imowng.h.
Thousand. have trod it, feetbleedong, before;
God shelter all of L..
Shool she look back I m theeppe.le short !
NEW Oar..SLa, June 5, 18t.
For what perled of tim.bn~ e of the pUts
seat Lislatur mom . te' When should
e £Idtsl.aare be electedt and when should
te . t rS hkt their seats,
Ml, i: -As important as tihe above
r 1uestion we toW every propeoty lFoer and
ddises of this Stdie. they appear to be but
poorly understood by theb mass of the people,
sod they have never been settled by the
editors, politicai.s, ot. by b. y othrs quali
bs41.tnd deokejsdleleesly. upon
ged mlmss, eo &sreisne em lears.
We propose to commence the discussion
of this question in your oolumns, if agreea
ble to fay. and hope others may pursue this
Iportmt ivestigtgion through the same
..ae psem t-mes e 9"slonw from
~..+l m fthe 948 01 eLish' sLand an
b. beem.sea ses at ade
-a- l6 "d* vers sae be eum by a
.feea. AR deo tet mesur, eleet of eaeh ems.
t.6os-m.emb*. em thee. 0., a seeers
samerl st eothorl se provided fr by this Coii.
M. Tkhe Geeal Asembly sa dehrise the
aI S..alree a. I.4. l lb, peovWos
lar. 1. . 1U ellI moe.u th eleted shlll enter
a" nos0 rs be I as J rem o es w *%GM the
ah s hes St dda as the city emde t
btiU e oi I .w riLrLo o11 1 MIei
Wrrw taws ad the eleetion
a. ut lw memf oet sHe of teprsenta
e. 1L" Y·-Ommr om ! me~s eu Im
I i suer k two ýfe the day
eIs lte sd.l It a ivisl the
ge. se W .1P .aosed tedsocthis,
al.-s_ . hs s . .ea . te.us r. ioe
aSSW 44 &OP effo . a ...a s.r. se b}snoed
2 ro dm sy ty e Ms ; Bnd te 8melt
eagered at tyea
..s..lonss e..-iese lses.e a.a
their sed es are not. wcil thie
popltr es of the word. They are
Te pstioal cde ofhdo United States o
e+l. of te U. e.. p. arts. nne
Te sewe.-y bme acsid of a State rernd t
bI_ of Wa. Bloat, Seaster fr e f
Xinsaals..eers. u1 wa inowit.
nmthe mber ofs sngress Iesit d evil
I their de lssemid e sr.ti arlde of t
WTh tellamas cdes.. theUanitew 8tsted a
was e os lisale to tmphebamt. o
YE a Cgasaess Is Cot ariil *fter of g
aIl e $toeis seerseastslee wth a
'of its 18* neither Is a .
. s to Ast. oit of thes t CoLts. a
ewI that B eherS , eto.s
emat te h e T. eSe.ps p we iee* 1
the eey be mid o a Sagf. e rrn. I
whees w*A ehurged ulsh high e
unmed Ut bstat ge e smot s te a
o (his oatle.ts., nei tsers l a
.mtoes te.N o er gp tiirs daties
on thse aseed Monday after their election
- wua ofefy promulgated, etc.," whereas
the Legislature, the subject of the 1-9tt
article, was to hold its first session on the
third Monday, without proviso or condition.
Now, if the "General Assembly " of this
article was intended to be included in the
epression of the 158th Art., "all civil of.
e.s theu elected, etc.," why incorporate the
artile 19, at all? any further than to my
wheb these civil offocers of the General As
sembly should meet?
If the expression "all civil oficers." meant
Legislators, why was a diffrrence in the
time of their induction into office stipulated?
Why were the former to enter upon the
discharge of their duties on the second Mon
day after their election, etc., and the latter
on the third Monday, unonuditionally!
If the terms " all civil oaeer,," included
the asmabers of the Legislature, then I main
tai that the General Asse.bly entered
upon the discharge of their duties on the
s end Monday also.
But they are not civil cticero within the
meaning of the Constitution, if tried by any
of the tests. They receive no commissiona.
they give no bond. It is true they take an
oath; al do arbitrators, amicable compoud.
ea appraisers, witnesses and others. Bet
who, on this account, will say these are civil
eieers, eto?
Again, as Legislators, no one of the con
servatery writs known to our law can reach
them in the performance of the duties of
their office, and yet they reach all the other
civil ofcers, according to their functions.
How would a lawyer go about enjoining
them as tesgistators? A mt aiMS I
not reach them. nor would a writ of prdhibi
tion, eertiorai, nor quo warranto. They are
priviliged from arrest during their attmid
ance upon the sessions of their respective
Iusess, umless for treaseo, felony en bre
of the peace.
But again; the framers of the Constitution
themselves evidently intended to make s
distiuction between them and civil aoicers.
for in atrtiole 41, the Constitution says, "no
Senator or Representative shall be appoint
ed to any civil ocoe, created during his
term of office, sooner than one year there
Representatives are ohoeen for two years.
and their election is to take place on the first
Monday of November every two years.
Arts. 16 and 17.
These articles had reference -to the per
manent State Government ordained by the
Constitution. If it did not It provided for
an impossibility. The General Assembly
eleqtcd on the 17th and 18th of April could
exist two ears in darn..tiu. kt
doqped to exercise its functions two years
and a half.
The irst was probable, the latter is Con
stitutiodally impossible.
If the Legislature elected in April, 1868
was not fwacts oEfcio on the first Monday el
November following, it cannot be until the
Mrst Monday of November A. D. 1870. Be
pause, if it was intended that it should last
two years. as is provided for the ofciail ex.
stenoo of Representative, by Art. 16, them
1tstwoyears of existence will not terminate
natil the 18th day of April, 1870.
As we ceemot hold an election for menm.
bars of the General Assembly befoet the
let Monday of November, and as there can
no interregnum, it follows that the pres
distinguished body most survive two
oears and a half in spite of the express let
er of the Constitution to the contrary not
" Art. 16. Members of the House of Rep
sentatives shall continue in oflice for two
e ke lo ioLd ther 4ing ! q
4"Art. 17. Representativs shall be chosen
the first monday of November, every
o years sad the election shall be oom
IAn ne d uay "
Thes we see that fifteen months have
med away, and we a p tkp that seven
deeo moe most come an] go before we can
hawe aeloetion for Repeeentatives. Where
i the Constitational authority for this pro
gnged life of the present Legislature ? It
SexProise legislative functions for Nrty
mro moths, in the face of the Constitution,
* pphseipally declares that no TIege
lvtivo body can survive twenty-four months.
This eight months of prolonged life be
ded Constitatioal authority maset be il
Laded as a compliment t to its aromatic and
ltallctual superiority. 1
If these theories of the Coestitutlio are
erret, then for what time and for ,.#b
hpsns wa. the Legislatere elect of A
,ýa. 18a 3Ad . shi .?
Sl Iterpreelag a law, whether Legielette.
eseltttsL we sheelA endeaver aegi
o the latest the represetativtes or
people, as the case may be, had In view
Skn ease It i acetal ases, we,1
Soerteshemld ndeavor to reconile shear
mr as po(ieble, sad should it proews ia
p..mlb to tarmonise thes, tLe that hater.
latios and constrention should- be id.ý
to and ode etd,. chh is found to be
cd oecive to the sopremacy of the
psineiphes ofat the la.
SCoeatiMttln should not be made to
Ma thig atep tup. iqf'aher at
. Its eoestruction shoold he uniform
ck as to nmake. it e snt. with
S epinion sins nothing todo with oM
tit.hs.wMM this . are that tpe
t .re feIl o eset, he would tie
spitf lo mea eitlregasr odfhis oath of
wmcLhmII.. 1 or bJegista eiq
SS~r end for what pp
.was shay! of leg. ehse
The Cses.tinwh, as a whelm, was boned
ast.n ergateh law o her penmslt i
SocraimeMit .f.th Start orfOaisigs.
h At the time of th~leet.l.af 1 and Idta
e April. A. AD. I6a rtherewl.wil gove-a.
-Ielt: elsdhe ody antoeby.twhdenedu'or
said election, is eantiamd in Ultle s and
154 of the Comstituaioa.
"Thoe .ectionfer the rageti tin of the
Constitution shall be held on Friday rod
r Saturday, the svesteesth and eigteenth
- days of April, 168., etc." Art. 159.
" In order to establish a civil government.
as required by act of Congress. passed
March a26d. A.D. 18i', an election sallbe
Sheld at the same time sa plaoce atwblh the
SConstttiion is subtmied for rarl.eal ,*.r
all Stute. judicial. parish and ranlcipfd d4I
oes. tor nmembera.f the Gmadl issmbly
and for CongrealepLt Repreo<atat-isss,
Now it is very certaOu t t at the tisPe of
the election there was no eivil governiment,
It is also plain enoegh, that when the
General Assembly was convoeni es k!ti'
June, , 180, there wae es -
It was made a sie qua son, by Vong.ns,
that the Sttaes in ssbellion, *huld, by theis
Legislat.eas, appon e the 4*
before they should have a civil gone..nt,
and that their Constitution should be scoepg
ed by Congress.
The Legislature was convened ond open
ed by orders fro~ Washington, sddresed to
Lieutenant Gtoverner Osar J. Denm. We
controlled the whole tblag; and so far did be
ignore the Constitution of the S.lte, by vir
tue of which that Legislature was couvened,
that, he ignored the seiciemay of she eath
of ofiSe therein presaribed, sad aleqidd
members el'et to take asJ subshLebe the
oath prescribed by Congress and know&,a
the iron cld oath. This was done on the
ground that we then had Is government
under the Constitution.
Thatbody then was not the Legislajure
of the civil govermatelt; it was called to
ratify the14th amedmen s, and to esUabish
a civil goveremeat by as deig.
This being doae, we think Ithapju 1.
There then saied aa alil perrs ent
under which, Representatives. asold have
been elected secording to Art. which de
clares that "Representative. shall be eho se
on the first Monday of November, etc., and
the election shall be completed In one
That body was necesselly f etts o.lci,.
if the artilse 16 sad 17 t d Coetlatiotloe
Th iew Me lar is lw s gthwd by
rfemsnee to Art. a, wmherm ( ding to
the government under the saactiow of the
S qr er its e*tnlithre euc.
cord'ig to act of 3 of Xarlm, [email protected], of
of Congres.) "no se.sion shl Wztemd be
yond the period of sirty 7 t to d at pell
its eoetnameteewst; sad say 'flastelhe1
ntse d.* hates tlisnplsUWh0 ets> r" -
of siSty days ~ beam n Id vsteiM . Bst I
the first General Assembly that shalt ee.
vene AFTER the adilpt. of this Constitu.
tie maymoetlinu in.eiomhee ensedded
and Srwsty daye,"
This, thee, wate am sowe ld Wof oE rat
GeOneram1 Ainemb4g4; 1 t g( XEWgse
was thus fired )y th Cswitutios Iself.
[ts fife thou expired aboet the toastitttiooaI
timne.-first floedf º ofovmlmbeev,168.-fo.,
holding an election foa'1ýýyuetsi.u.
ihoge~ who mnrdthta liFco eatyiij 4o~dtti*
e Asd 1 At.i??- ad - d6lb , w th
ays that. - Altesl agl mm tews d eita'
the 17th.4d 1W- Ay A. blosI,hill
ean asIhal mtlisriºi ,f eie0
sa Shadl Ieastisrse :fir -tL1:·br 1
Said terma mjOom *W dpiy s
Novnmber following the elsi . ,ý
We hive ahQwp tha tL, bd e of sb
CoustituttioV of the LTUhe2 f
With the above; anidflha, of Rum.
BMuntk St nator' lF;J es=
ptisty &4oftd, flgl
Oewjwr * nat " i 4'eSS nt4*Mb t.
meaaiagef AN 1 iitM~iirc' L t .
It weld bi.e19a J~ su.{
Live of a State L-'-k-e'- i d*eheisil .ao
cer. If he be not,ftbuehthpieetk
atfn end, a # ubw ' iu1IM aSOi .Mb.
elected" on' the £ W oa8i ' f November
ant. ·
"Civil odlces,"' bys Soawtiab -"Say be
olammed bter potIcd' judidal iiabE mhtut
The pollhe olEb" `afstsb as . ot
4~ruwisr~YI;gi ieIsbkkaap.
tmi 4)wsa h teiheaei a .ad ~ii -ý
to aa rsli tkazs rliary * sstr
4i;tara aplrior ti---1 'r ' age of
VM"WS .f aha$Tnired 81, ow k
dfýs ras ths r- bWs of "har&w
,w taen, firof thi a mh~m.
5, tb agb44Is~ ~ ,-N iIu
~~IF nadristan u mmlq
the language of Pi
fgired to be taker 'sl saihers of the 0ea
hi is ti tblat91liv'-lj"Wi;' *
-se pedlttdabl, r4 i Adg
sa cec saithe CSoSIt*/S 'i
C..sat ~brs dib :. 40~a. eke*A
referred to ý'ýeamshli 'J3&aý"
1ael bfiapii W tlFbrt- m
ritqtoo s doL w loii weiay AMj? :p~
r~doal 4A1 -- e ta U
·eL itrluh $ b
MOO the emergency whisk called It mwi
i4tenee. -- -
ft uýt
sy~teutatte gnw~eqIou. 77
Sii Thre is sene foreela the roote c "
the asasal arms of dte Comekuetieonal Legis
h lates, were specisaly autrelasd to be hll
-- ip onesolidated term of one bhnded and
: twenty days.
SWhat Legislature was this! The article 9
is tolerably explieit in declaring that "noses.
a slon shall extend beyond the period of silty
I days, to date from its commencement, etc.;
b but the Legslaturo that shall eonvene after
the adoption of this Constitutioen (and we
may add after its approval by Congress, be
Soases atil approved it was not a Contlte
Stits) may eeatiaue in session for one bha.
e ded and tweaty days." So that in realty
Stas whole session-life, instead of beiag di
,vided, as all subsequent Legislatues are,
v unash ordinary circumstanes, into two ses
, sloms of sixty days each, was consilidated
into one session of one hundred and twenty
j days. This, then, was the term ofits etist
ease, as Art. 17 declares that "Representa
tires shall be chosen on the first Monday of
Miemmabe, every twoyears."
The two anual sessiones of the Legiale
tame oembined, gin to the Xspresentetiw.
r bet one hundread d-twenty days within
which they can legislate, unless ooivemde
for special purposes by the Governor. (See
Art. 61.) ad interim.
But the circumstances authorizing the Gov
error to convene the Legislature must be
e.-raordimsry. So that the Legislature
eieeted en the 17th and 10th of April, A. D.
188N. bad, under the provision of the Co.
sitotiou above quoted, as many days of
power to legislate as any other, or a the
one that should have been elected on theira
Monday of November of that year. They
received their full quantum of the State
money in the form of per diem, eto., and
should be satified.
We*trust the Governor will redaeet upop
this Objelt; and if he finds anything in the
fenespgisg heleetioes to satisf his mind as
te the fee that the the Legislature of 1-t was
isates t#ei on the ltt day of November of
that year, that he will in due time order
election in accordamee with the evidint
meaning of the Constitution. The people
will appreelate it and sustain himn l it.
One other thought, and we have dapa.
Constitutional rules must be regarded in the
light of limitations upon the power to be ex
ercised, and it is not prudent or wise to make
them vary to suit abstract theories. If
Constitutional provision is to be carried o
at all such as the 10th and 17th articles,
most be regarded and obeyed as premp.oc
in ise aturs.
Tosy that it is only directory, is to say
that it may or may not be obeyed; in which
*.ut Zhu tlaruament as a whole, would be
thrown into confusion, sad cease to provide
limits for legislative authority, or executive
These articles of the C'onstitution are
mandatory. and should be enfoseed to the
letter; 'for Constitutions do not usually
ineartake to prescrion seere rsler of pro
seeding, asCept when such rules are lookee
upon a esstl to the thing to be daie.
It establisesthese fuadamems e esiasses.
and Osesthess unvarying rules by whieh all
departments of the government rs at all
times shape their condeut." Cooley's Con.
siuttleml Limitations.
We wosld be plea se the press tak
up this sbject uad vleo it freely. It is
of great Importanoe to the Stte that some
thigamsedM be done, and dune qulekly, fot
the relief of the people.
- -
Theb reoast mpsrimaata by the UabI
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of ass !mo Coasts by the tot-
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psi at th rmult iet an* on
gla. himself standing in a tsls fg n .6
twoirws. one. og west to WLe
~Y~ n : r - to C=abR37e, a
distanmoof 4000 miles, ,ib the ether,'
a it a t fist, of etiiuaIe7
__oaeginthb mm. Poigp ca r--d tc
at Itwea trrsm end, thi mal.
Is qtit Hbaewsls d WNj mjee .
Ler inhse long, atyour right side. Llft
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dish, al~r intsrrisug* CAN
oe om lthat yo, in lifting uh
le the tb lk, twoou c t
40jc If. an that sa iaLtdetba iarr
op pad it had Was tbeata y to &wmm tr
M the esmU.iut, lad returun8 to
A M tb rr ific sa back. twice ow SP
I.Ipr hods wn f rom tfa os ton aR.
%W to thy d 61W d 0 40L had
r a .c re akf salh suent! Wsi m
I u ts t a sslaMu lamge s. the s b wl.t
i d f 'psc mafp ol 's- oft
elpsriments so Afr an ta y ee
u p a tbst' meofbeir writing, one
e do do~f~ * of eerls
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What aids v.Lt. Us. whriat Ula
ga~Pol -sas" . bý rIIF
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lasf ea~~muyh haa sa~ 4
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Item of InaerMst
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Veloeipedis are jest beginning to be a
Sseratio in Tasey sad Greeee.
Jamn is tei sman of roses; "Jeanie
June" is the season of the So roeis.
[Lowell Courier.
Settlements of vagrant negroes are re
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ee loelg tA modiem of ohllHlaion ao
ai.red in slavery and lapsing into mere bar.
Never ridicule sacred things, or what
Soters esteem musu, however absurd they
may appear.
A philosopher h1. diseovered that men
don't object to be overrated, tseopt by as
Er-Queen Isabella of Spain declines ab
Y dtating.
Thb due debt of South Carolina is p43,
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Ye low fever on the South American
Sset bee o.sidesaMy asbated.
hperhalWs selling at fioe cents a boe
W"uoswi bolr. y now?
Dtreehsabr he been voted a pert of the
eity . t estm.
The Sbaker held a coMventma in Boston
last week.
SOpera Pike owuns the greatest collection
of diamonds is America.
The lish Church Diseatablishmont bi.U
the Engrtbh House of Olmmons on
e weef3nS to 987.
A deputation of Gotles from Salt Lake
hue k the eoveramsnt for anew se
Ioy of Utah.
The .pi2 opl buChamek it eirg has do
claed its oppogitio to rituadism.
The Isrealites in Now York are raising
funds to relieve their brethren in the East.
The largest ship nloat, the Charles H.
Ileball, was laasled at Nte York, May
TIe expenses for wusic in nine plomi
mloer elre.+a of San Frane.sco averlag
Mlma batea been visited with a thee
dys storm of sain end wial. Great di
age has been done.
a Ti waiters in the New York hoels
strict Tuesday for higher wages.
asimi riny ocers bave been ordred
to Virginia to act as registrars.
Georgetown, Cal., was nearly destroyed
by fire on the 28th ult. Fve lives were
kIeltioa n Mississippi wvil be ordered
until after the result of the Virginia eleionla
Is known.
Statblicah k awn at the Fulton ferry.
N w 1k. w erelb candies and soda, is
weea74l" e. :
On linrda. :ighn a r. in the feirth
Iy of lhto.$ Louils pe Foardryo -
casioned daeiaýps to e xtent of 30,000.
Tb.he ~m s te wheat elegatoe at
the La Cyoo. i A-eerd the railroad dur
I tr . .,ear aiae a T.
A yesg man ar t tbre young ladies
were dmmend i JsynI Lan, astige
tIda, l taml bA o.. arm. Iowa takes
ea of heb.tibld i2 .
Jclc gjiýok said to bo giving the
petarpl wbios=OabU ises."
5ea "m ero ' a a la st torsr
rie i f. . trah of Norfolk, Va., this
se omit.l ei.mtd, will emoant to aboet
A )xis lb ýLwh in Gpvelsad. Ohio.
'I% jouriaty oftheEmpress enie to
lthe awrdwe hrelt h,4eOste tfeay.
4Wrw.Ot sevant air touted a burglar
Mm Ue s on imani , rceived 5,000
ya r . l Pa"si eeonty,
,i1Z l as fair.
$i.s aspai t b6denij of Amaerisae ie
ar e bout to return to the United
Car. y 3l upvuud une of his esays wvith
W4 am tueuty-seven millifon on these
Iblnds, meby fels.,"
n.: th,.ql i.mld bets ordeed a full ivouti
of the o 9 eall prismsers nmfwodi
Miasoour Penitentiary under military
A Convention of the serviving soldiers of
tie war de 18a, mui in fIwa, will be
beld in De MUesa on Juna 166b.
Theaessehsmies of deoerting the graves
of soldiei ag, esduncted in various parts
of the country.
kr. Mgey, our nowv Minister to the court
of M. .lm . made a paec spaeec to the
mgbe Mtof LUvtpoel * t eles.
' dMirts a mme sles toe electinas.
Sis tbougbts.&be5 apeIa dya.ty is
IrmL fiik estalisbe d thin at any re
, the warouaut. who is to cross
tb_. is a tloon. made an asoon
a 1ue orb. an ieharday.
4A .s. war mmesedl in Pttabseg lst
totest-ro.e it.
, A__ two iuaaimr'uts on1y. out of every
b.da . erm Europe, lt year,
A sim i susee sweboab sbed died in St.
6,6 1 was found that hi heart
Tf am1mliate of the Sa of
TMa t bis Amersa ws meet inO
men , a ss rd Wm gth o on th. th
. , rnt asI moar.
It is not always a mark of frankui:s to
pea.ulan open countenance. An Alliga.
tor Is a dreadful creature, and t eth., prre
sonts an open ooun.teance when ho i: t th_
very act of taking you in.
The Fenian Brotherhood is niif l,
geaitg 9 stsong i.n Cork that that cit. will
oon be withdrawn from British c~tr::,'.
The only difficulty in the way i-, lt,. :
of a cork screw.
'.Some people," said a re'd-f.d-d idfi,
ual, haranguing three or foir by-tan: I r.
"waste their money in charity. ,oth, rý -Ti
der theirs in supporting wives and fta.:,i -
but as for me, l save mine to buy spirits.
Truthfulness-that is the fact (,f sp. .r, .
the truth intentionally, and even t, -
jury of self-is less a branch than a ab! U
of man's moral strength of char.act:t. W A
lings must lie, hate as much a- t::
Two men were conversing about t!
humor of their wives. "Ah.b" eaid :
a sorrowful expression. "mine is a trt t."
•"Well," responded the other. --"= in
worse than that-mine is the cra.
A Western Democratic paper think' :ii t
Gen. Grant would have a mor. ri..lt,, t. -;
met if he had put "Dexter" in. "'.i ".
betrays stability as well as d.xt, i'y: a,; ,
also indicates the .uthlr t, b. h-,-, -t:l
j to the President.-[Butfflo C.-amn rc i.
A sentimental editor say-: "-It i- (. ,,,!
ing to know that one eye watches f,.,!.-,t f
our coming. nnd looks brighter nl: : ,:.
come." A cotempcrary is gri,.ve( t., i, t i
that his "brother of the quill ham- ai e : t
one eye."
Traveler.-"Ain't you ashtarned t, i;
a stout fellow like you 1 1 shob.hi thiik ,
might work." Picturesque beggar ir i_
himself up.) "Senor, I asked vou ftr ,t"r,-.
, not for advice."
Even Freenh women are disagr',:lu., t,"
ono another sometimes. Th'lo other dal; t«,"
o "dearest friends" were in conve -0: 8
"My dear," said the elde,-t, "d~ v,,, i y I..t..
that your husband told men last iight thIa
my cheeks were like roses !,' '-Yes. I,.:"" I
know he did. He spoke of it aft,.rwr rd-.
and said it was a pity they wtro il. th
''My son," said the ceteran at t !!f t ,.
the stairs, "arise and see the Inewl' ri
laminary of day, and hear the hied.- -:u,,
their matin songs of praise to their Cr-at r:
come while the dew is on the grass. rood
, tender lambs are bleating on the hill.:.!
come. I say, or I will be up there ti:i .
switch and give y,, the ensew l,-t i. tkit.'
you ever had."
Imaginashuu, tow muchl induiulgd I. ,;
ix tortured into reality; this iz one wit ti; i
good boss thiefs are made: a mall leanru, ... t
a fence all dpy and imagius thle hl.-' in tieo
lot blougs tow Im, and sure enuff. tlte timt
dark night, the hos.s does.--[Jo-h B1l;i.g-.
Au incompletely reconstructed Suutit
erner moved to Vermont lately. aoI si,,,t
afterward his family was increased Ilv th,
addition of a "native Vermon:er." Ili
oldeatson, a boy of four years, was. at tiret
delighted with his little brother, but after a
few weeks began to tire of his cry ig. ald
got a little jealous from fancied ni.gh, et.
One day he climbed up in his father's lap
and asked him. "Papa. which do yo, iike
"best me. or baby 1" ' he father thinkimig
to please the little prattler, answered that he
liked him beat. After a serious thought the
shrew youth said, "Pa. I know why you like
mo best." "Why ?" asked the father. *"lt's
because I'm a Southern man, and baby is a
S--.d Yankee," replied the little hopeful.
A daily paper Win New York give, the
Mflowlag advice to newspaper writers:
Weln wrltg an article for the pre·s,
WbThmrpsee or verserJgust rti
Toetter yoartbought.s the bfewest wrorlt
{ ,Llot mmle erads sat dry.
And whenoa It i finished. as you snpp:r,
It s ane exuetly brown,
Jast leos over it again, and then
Boil it down.
. A. LOr. NlIGEa.-During the war a
"coastrabamd" came to the Federal lines in
I Nortb Carolina and was marched up to, the
n oficer of the day to give an accoiunt of hin
self. whereupon the following colloqy
"What's your name ?"
"My name's ,CSam."
"Sam what !"
"No, sah. not Sam Watt. I'm ji.t Si:m."
"'What's your other name ?"
"1 hasn't got no other name, sr d. I'e
Sam dat's all."'
"What's your master's name ?"
"I'so got no massa now; maus.sa runnled
away-yah! yab! I'se a free stigger n,,w."
"' Now what's your father's aund miotler c'
"I'se got none, sah-neber had none. I'ee
jist Samun-ain't nobody else."
"Haven't you any brothers and sister- !'
"No, sa! ascber had none. Ne brudilmr.
no sister, no fader, fio mudder. ,,, rmn- :,
matin' beat Sam. When you se', mmanm y,,
see all dere is of us.
Ha never said a word,
)at with a look of deepest melancloly,
He sat like patience on an -ttoman.
WaKhimg for his wife to pat her bonnet ,I.
In the language of flowers, if you wi-h
for "heart-ease," never look to "mary
Ouse a year the Japanese of Nau asaki cel
e the Peast of Lanterns. The whole
eetrmetrs eat proeesdion and goes-to the
wat.E. upon whisk they all, even to the hunm
bleat, cast contributions. These consist d*"
atraw boats of more or less cost and elegance,
sa all of theen illmiasted. and containing
saaaetments of the choicest viands. Some of
thema are thirty or forty feet long, with mn:at
s1il:peiated tarned up prows, of t wo %tories.
richly deoratsd, and ablass with a multitude
of lanterns of all conceivable shapes Ie.
signs and colors, and at midnight in the midst
of great excitement, and the shoutings of a
rnIitirde, thousands of these vessels are
launched, and the firey line .lowly ,ails
As 3li1OITAUT EsTErPRm1E.-Col. W«m.
E. Pattersn has purchased a large tract of
ladin Atsion, N. J. He is about to undelr
take upon It, ona large scale, the culti:a
tie d the sugar beet. The property was
we known aIs th Fleming estate, consisting
of between twenty and thirty thousand acr
es. By the bark "Ermina"' which c:aen
into pert on Monday last, arrived a complete
set of Fewler's steam plow tackle, with
which the Colonel proposes to put the whole
tract as quickly under cultivation as a hun
drle acre farm could be plowed by ordinary
m3nas. The cost of the appnratus co,,
plete was $.I800. The government. in or
etO aidtheir introduction into this count tr
pass these steam plows free of duty p .,i
ous toJuly 1. An expert has arrived froui
the works where the machine wat made, who,
wIM pet it in operation and remain until
evevtthing eoncernlng it is in perfect lrd. r.
lie Agricetral Department has mani
fested so much interest in this enterprise,
that a deputation to represent it will be sent
om by Col. Capron as soon as the machine is
readyforpublitrial. The reecrted results
of thinsteam plow is prodigious. The tract
purcaked by Colonel Patterson is so nearly
level that to turn over its soil to the depth ,of
ln Inchles will simply be pleasant recrea
tion fir the maeblhe.
Mr. Stephen Colwell is about to impovrt
asaer apparatue of the same kind.- Col.
PattMesoeJas made up his mind that what
ever eas be don by Louis Napolean it at
least within possibility of accompli-hmc nt
by the Ameriean Eagle. He has plant, d
the Flench Sugar beet for successive sea
sons and leeps every night with the convic
ticn that what my be done in a half-acre lot
by way of eperliaent, may be done with
proportionate results upon a tract of twenty
*Ouasd sue.-PbIla. North American.

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