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The Planters' banner. [volume] (Franklin, Attakapas Co., Lou.) 1849-1872, July 13, 1870, Image 2

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(fie 4,lantrs' anuct.
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D. DKNNUTT - - - - - "igy
WrKDIIBDA'3 ..............JLLY 13. 370',
Termn of ISuecriptiol. 4
l.er'.nbcribe1r who pay at hi oee, ,ta. ttsklS.
pmctuallv In admrnee. wl be etilid to a 4deUs
tweaty per cent. from the above price.
Terms ofi Ad.erti ing.
The <pace of tenlises,oreaesqieae, I Nopsmreiltype
or lee. cimutitutitg a square, to-wtt:
Omeweek. l 10; two weeks . $225, three week',-.,
-Oer weeks. Kt 7; Ave weeks. 4 25.
Whn time ia not specied asort advertisements will be I
p tblish.4 Ie werek and charred acorditutr.
MO4 TIlt. 3:
Tahe s.ae. - tau line' for on.. rmonth, q 7~; two
moatba.j; three months, "7 50.
A catm of the ERAtCER eonlali 27L squae o sras -
*-*e, type...
oti e of Appli'n for Admiouitratorship of Estates..$5 .5
ilomeoetom Notles....................... 00
Anuoa m t of eandida tol o offioe ........... lO
No ere4t gtven for advertising, jo work,. or soberlp
lion, eceept by speeial agreement.
Franklin, June, 30. It9.
ebitoriats anb ýtCHr artilts.
tury plant, in bloom, may now be seen at the
residence of James Parkenson, Esq., near
this place, and another at Mr. DowVinaon's,
on Bayou Sale. They bloom when they are
bout thirty years old.
SranBoscoric VEws~.- Mr. Mancel is
till pushing his enterprise with energy and
enthusiasm. lie has a long list of magni
ficent landscape scenery on the Teche. He,
has our eastle in all its glory and magaii
ccnce. It is the very place itself. The
best painter on earth could not mate a
picture that would begin to be s8 striking
an image of the original. lie uses heaven's
light to copy the beauties of nature.
MAsr I'AN CIrCUtARs.--W hope .th
plantets that have not purchased their quota
of our emaps and descriptive circulars of At
takapas and St. Landry will act upon the
matter as soon as possible. The whole of
our issue should be put in circulation at
once, to turn immigration in this direction,
so far as these circulars can influence it, after
the cool weather of autumn sets in. We
have nearly ten tousar.d copies ready to fill
orders, and to go oq their mission through
tho South, West and North, to enlighten the
people in relation to the extraordiuary
merits of this section of Louisiana.
Bun~a 's WVEEKix,.-The July numbers of
that excellent periodical for juvenile readers,
"Burke's weekly for Boys and girls." (J.
W. Burke, Macon, Georgia. are just re
coived. We do not know. of any paper for
young people that ean somparo with this.
The stories, written by Southern authors o
reputation, are always interesting and
morally'iastructi. Everjr weekly number
is filled with choice and well executed en
rvings, sad every department of the paper
t tq.jp dlty and ocreful .teesation,
and a perfect knowledge of what a paper for
boys and girls ought to be.
The publishers offer as a premium to per
sons sending the names of three subscribers
--one of them new-with six dollars io
mindey two beautiful steel eagesvigs,.
"General Lee at the grave of Sto.alas
Jackson," and "They strew the sacred spot
with lowers," or one of the pietures to ,my
one sending.two subscribers-o-.e .. themi
new-end $4.
These beautiful works of art said to be'
intrimnically worth far more than the memey
requaired for them and tih copies of thei
Weekly. Volume IV begins with Julyi
We earnestly advise our friends to subaedhi
f it, andgetone ortwo riHeads to sub
scribe, and thee, besides e god paper, ob
tari one or both of the gems of art to whiok
we have referred. Terms, 12 per annumn.
*lz &Wsaxu zinoxe-1 t& :Wedaesa
da ye visited the Franklin Sesa ii {
this plae, to wig the ei hisis it
4te dues 4o the susion. We wote re
to be pjssest. from the begiueis' =b ths·
dsqse° d the ezreiees, bet we sow
hued emoogb to satisfy vs that this AdhooI
i wel ams& d and that the ,scoora bhae
as ezouflemi puueoieey iu the i~veuril
buaiu of t beir tutn&s. ,
The peuyeptto uMiUMay tadcsaau, is]
telhaatasyemu, has take. mantipas to'
prepar herelf Lfur the date ofteats
sidhlr ii4.try sad sarng . i
to tho taie of this respsctsble -
as have rendered ber ahasd a deedahi
aeeuU Shehsa jest cloned Rskiidf
tea sets amlshehas. wone `tie`hi * '
herpupila, aid th..ssddoo aee good 4
of thie 4aNe L h. wil aemsesr -assn
As we sue aideauN ±t
aost by ay e gs ieed - wihe wes±; - ps
frla the last a the hasteif time fuet idte
wil eat attesjptstii rw ti,
tazyuS it Futia hr, iS .HYdy
'i..w ide wbli wets°+ id 1rit
tap 16e ums tkleem Wit~ = ia b ;
art "h : =14 j° ub wi- .rsi
LS witqta It sl dk+ 1Jlit
uB ws ý" ,Wi +i
®ýý air ; _
11 ? ::_!l~lbQgl~SC
PQtWCpU3&8 July 7,. hoot
Last rvealag we left hegE. 6 * * ns
the Miate Avery, and arrilv at is :1s
at 4 r. x. to-day.
,It was almost too,, - eoti st jl
o..l to sleep under a cover n thiner thea
shebet. It is always cool on these bayoe 1
a umermer et ia the absese of arteiald 1
ihet, whi4 c t bavoided on steamers
There is not much travel .o the mail
bes.t lately,.bat occasionall there is a
mowd. The u,·ld a,. t tahome ,rasiag
stijTisa li bemsletereses. Few muela
dined ti eae, boate in the meaths of JulyI
and Aesos.
We hablted but an hour in New Iberia,
Price's stage leaving at absht soarlee. We
had no time to ersiea the spot made deco
lste b.'tbe latefre. It is olated that the
citizens of this enterprising town are pre
paring to build up at once the bornt portion
£the town, and that the improvements will
I be far better than those destroyed.
If they employ mechanics who under
stand how to give the new buildings the
Iproper proportions to be ornamental to
1 Main street and the town, it will be a great
c credit to those who erect these baildings. It
'costs no more to make a building synmetri
cal than it does to make the proportions un
sightly. Finished mechanics understand
{ all about these proportions. and their arvlei
should be sought by those who put up new
And would not this be a proper time to
9add a little width to Main street, which has
injured the appearane* of New Iberia by
being too narrow. The long line oý build
ings to be erected on the Bayou side of
*+i Main street might be set back of the old
-sites twenty or thirty feet, and at some fu
c tture day. as the old and cheap buildings
a" have to give place to better buildings. the
street could be made wider nearly its whole
_ length. This matter is of great importants
to that town, and as New Iberia will be at
some future day a town of great importance.
it would be well to attend to this improve
a meant at once.
lCapt. Broad is at work with the Peerless
at the bend of tihe Tech. in front of Mr.
Rose's plantation. Its has made great
havoc among the snags, old logs, projecting
live oaks, and obstructions to uavigation
generally. In places, he has lined the banks
of the bayou with these steamboat snuahers
that have threatened steamers ever since the
bayou was navigated by steam. II, has
done a good work in thi. head, and in the
bend just above Trainer d Hansom's ship
yanrd sel also between Franklia sad the
mouth of he bayou. lie hm a heavy work
to pirform tm Indian Bend, and in many
other pthchs above.
Capt. Eargey, on the T. D. Hine, is doing
aeo6dwetk between New Iberia and St.
Martiasville, Re has cleared out the bayou
about thirteen miles, nearly half the distance.
lie ad C St. Broad will pet the bayou in
much better naviga]be condition than it has
over been in before. by the tiat the time the
next crop is ready for market.
1Thrp.i* o ty between New iberia
and VYe i dlelooks well. ,Tbe cattle
toa the peaisee are, at, the eropl are fai;
there has been. pb liater for the farm
ers, and enough to fill the watering ponds
for the stock.
The cottaon d ears look foe on the Cote
G;oee Ulls. eseept aeow pateeb that have
bee badl wrked, erotwerked at all.
I wIEtýx Vanmnearnrs An or
Much of the road between Vermilion
croe.g and Opeleo.e was diesty;isphees
quitea duy. Thy have had sboot nesegh
rain here, but asne too muah. There was
water is the deep ditahe and the bottom
of the shallow delesm were wet, ba the
fields wei dry, and in a splendid condition
for a.ltivatian. And the erepa look fine.
They are genesi.ly wel) ealtatedl. If the
wov does not eeme,.the harvest will doubt
lesbe fine.
At Grand Cotau tlny bae had twelve or
fonw es ewans of sea. pes weas the whits
'people. bet no deaths. The eouatry Legen
ramI healthy.*
tf Briedb s are mill had in this pariah, as
tthi. are geamerll in the other pariahes
sainds th. maaiiitge essas to beessldere
as of io 1s e ,as a nsut of eupersity
or rnsry,wleh uy lispased wish tie mere
hpe.tatoael atlalmi s to.
Th-y Dbitr*ft~ i igri.h hash...
i6 asIse l nearly thr,:ese~s . It ha-dae.
an iasw estseelot of belsees. Ju(e
SKitna hisss1se .i. gr.nternt.t. We be
liere alrsipsx betow Ipon hiMn euqualilsd
.rais for M ..esreiy atitky s )s he
dip di. e bis le i iee
q hnands Jit t ,hginat.U . d the i-ae.is.
Mr. May. Vst jest roafedn ;se la Ine
Chartee. U -le ± mae th tthy erare
Thew ha,. anuad e.e a -hame
sal. and the eak i jels aleablh e i the
bet b )tie-:'rhea
*c·... .
1&w1 i papSal[ Z. T
4-- seesgg ito a . ar ay to -
S turparties are not F
id obew the acd of re
g foe lat hes Inst. whatier one
voidaby or from a want of proper precau
tioms. Feur fraumrbuildinga-eone a ware- -
hoes., beae already sprung up amid the j
ashes and debris of those destroyed. t
There is no crying here over spilled milk,
hat a fired determination to look for more..
from the same quarter the first came from.
A. efort is being made to stop the erec- d
tion of wooden struetur es on Main street, d
Sa most of the sufferers are able and willing
to put up substantial brick ones; and though i c
it is unfair to have their interests made the
foot bellof fortune, and cnntinually jeoparded
by the close proximity of shanties too iunsig- ;.
nificant to warrant the owners in paying the i d
high rates demanded by insurance offices, `,
but of much value to the proprietors, and a
which would add not a little to the appear
Ssance of the town. i
I doubt the suecess of the measure al- r
though five-sixths of the sufferers are willing I
to abide by an ordinance to that effect, if"
made imperative and rigidly enforced. Many
persons regard an act .of the kind as a spe
cies of tyrrany intended to favor the monied
man and oppress those of less pretensions.
I A more superafiial view of the matter would
reaste such an impression in the minds of
most menut the right to compell obedience 4
to a seemingly oppressive ordinance cannot
Ibe questioned, and a calm examination of all
the pros and cons connected with it will leave
candid and reflecting investigator but a
rickety hook to suspend a doubt of its jus
I tie upon.
The difference of cost betweeni brick and I
wI ood now, is not of much moment, but build
Sinags can be erected of the latter material i
s with great despatch.
The inhabitants of towns have a commu- 1
ýt nity of interests not felt by those of the
I may put up the walls of my dwelling, if
in the country, as far front the line indica
ted b the plummit. ýs the leaning tower of
Pisa, a. ut would not be sutffered to endanger
r. the lives and propelrty of strangers in a
it town by any such caprice. -
g I may put a tun of gunpowder in the sit
s tmg room and kindle a fire. if so disposed,
i without iscurriug any other risk than that 1
rs may feel dispbsed to take myself, but would
me violate both law and justice by an act of the
is kind, where the property anid live, of others
i were concerned.
* Insurance can be effected for onou-fourth
i of what is now densmadded, when the prop
rk arty to be insured is not endangered by
'y the close proximity of materials of a com
bustible natnre. When men ate so circum
a staneed that some measure of iudividual
It. right must be surrendered to effect a de
IU aired end of ges ral utility, it is best to sub
*' mit with a good grace.
in It seems hard to compel a man to build of
a brick, leave his lot vacant or sell, hut as fine
l buildings greatly enhance the value of ad
joining ones, and the safety of many having
large interests, require protection, and the
' whole community are deeply interested like
S, wise in adding to the beauty, and giving
s- every secerity to persons willing to invest
s their means in the business and most valn
Sable part of the town, I think there can be
no doubt of both the right and justice of
Sereating a fire district, and permitting none
e but fire-proof buildings to be erected
within the prescribed bonnds. CBut I have
cno houses to build, and can only offer my
opinio as a disinterested party and let it go
r Iarwihatit is worth, since in matters of this
"A man coaviaed apings hiu will
Is ot the ame opiniona s."
We have bad iome delightful showers for
several days past, anud the orps are growing
s fast as the planters can delle. June ha
compensated for the drawbacks apd cbecks
esperienoed from cool weather, drouth, etc..
durlg April and May.
Ti'e ottoC has seldom looked better, and
the eore is more than an average crop.
The cane crop. although iont so forward as
ihasL been found when the wiuter and spring
proved propitious, is looking forward very
poremllag for July the 4th.
The stud is go.l. as a general thing. and
the ro under conttol on wearly every
hne best average eropio be found in au
the perishes, from St. Lagudry to Berwicks'
Bay, will be met with as irie land.
have saareely seen ai indifferent agre
ofet so, cotton or corn, fn any portion of
our psairies, sad ereo it posible to present
4 psorami view of tie ogroves of timber,
the alinatare u akes, ani ^emerald ocean of
verlure, with iumerou ihnrds of beeves and
hersae roaming over it--tL tN. iuhabitants of
thes Aantimr aooct.m Stae, every acre not
as is eutIatios woeld'uoon be smiling
with ahph lirwestar.
I lose aipetioes wbsbe, see + thousands
d ucre of he choicest'ad. in a regien the
sbbiewiu Ith globe. and withit coeveni
mldi.Sm. tn a swekte remend over by1
r t rom a wat of attention.
N* ai s-hwek. at my friend lollings
errsth' We or aLer Petit Ase, a gasden
l s Ilay if vegetables that world
the s the of the denisneas of many of
irl. Stats water, and yet the ample sup
ett beta Itie labor. wad was prcduced
wilAith imd of riners. Every vegeta
p s d s if grown for exhiibtion at a
ir and tb. erehard was coumpliosed of no
t loet pet-b. pear and plau trees.
A ý'i the feace was formed of Osage
su e et ewn ad the sprout. interwoven.
ating a lMapeetsable barrier. Much of
tels seat withs. eurpraires is of a dark
hcllottes*uei lfm and adsly kept in
es* 4.m s`nd does mat bake
snalp ser heavy, ralas. Few. or no
dllitstrp be siSn. sad yet the esmall
iihesr"islmt I nil to 4eo a good crop
eyeas $m t fr tey can bide their
aes a pleat oeta e eoarn front Febre
F TAag ,.q corn sad otsin
3hggle-gggsqeatfi iMarch taiely, sad
at asi4 'i. -l far.er, welaes
* o4ise' but ease set
j *egsewlMlbe dreined with
ýiwgjin"`a ein the *m*
d rmidieriltmri eqh Attmlpas
~} e* rg u ý * u > .ie
Sso mREB.
On Thursday evening we alttendd bte l
IMusicaland Literary Soiree given at ,the t'
Franklin Seminary, uudet th-e rlirctrti',n f
iMiss Mary Anderson and3rli:t 1:!eur. 't Th 'i
housc was full, and the success c,.l.i!t' it '
wa$ one of the most agrecautllh , tn .t..it
mentas we have witne.':,ed in F'ra.k! Ut iv
The exrcisee cour i+td ef rn1- ,b c
mations, dialogue., and recitations ,,f 1a
riouskinds by the children a d yuunlg la
dies, the wholcwinding up with a lively'i
dance, which the young .coplh' inji yel ex
Miss Flerot, whose nimble inuger> art al
ways perfectly at home on the keys of :a pian1.
. did herself great credit.:-.ShIe had the chil
4i dren admirably trained, and from the yvoun
,:miss of sixteen down to the little girl of six
I or seven years, their several parts wt.re well
- performed. The audience were delighted,
and their appreciation of the several -uc
cessful efforts was indicated by the liberal
applause bestowed atthe close of each piece.
It is needless to say tllht the tut~-ee oLthe
children were admirably supported by *1iss
Fleurot's piano.
The closing piece, " John' Audersont my
a Joe, John," in minature. by ehildren teLpr
f eleven years old, was so admirilbly perform
e ed, in antiquated garments, gotten up with
t excellent 'judgment, that the udietcet
11 cheered, and proloughd the cheers iill the
e little pair had to i'eturn to the -tage aull r, :
a peat the song.
The voices of the cedldren and little mtitses,
d and (their deportment on the stage. gave
Snnusual satisfaction to lhe audicue: In jUS
tice to the beautiful misses who favored the
!audience with songs, recitations and li
. logues during the evening, we ,ught t L,:'
e ticularize, and to ,peak of their .n:rits aid
deportment individually. .11 that friendsls
if could wish of u: would be to mercly rtecat
- expressions of admiratio' vtoluttaril} c,:n
f tributed by individnalmayetbber>s I the au
r dicnae as the various pieces were perfrntme. I
S The fireman's speech by Willie .Jones
t- took with the oudiouce remarkably The
d. dialogues and speeches were nearly all of
1 them highly entertaining to the audtiece.
Id There was no stammering, no . li1 of the
io memory, no awkward bashfulners, ,r tfhil
rs ures. The pices were well elected, aniti
Miss Mary had evidently trained them thor
th oughly for the occasion. She has reae i - to
!' be proud of the gratification and aproial
)7 shown by the audience duriig thet cenire
"- evening. The honors were about etmualiy
a- divided between Miss Fleurot and thle lre
Septress. Each did herself great credit in
training the children fr tihe highly Succes,
ful performances of the evening.
of The dance was very pleasart, and was
me kept up till past midnight. Thouglh Ithe
d- nights at this season o4the year might be cx
ag pected to be warm in tlatitude twenty-nine
he and five sixths, there was no compleait of
e" inconvenience on aceount of the lheat even
8 by those engaged itsnSe dance.
SDuring the whole evening, Mr. Tomn ilca
Sley, in the goodness of his heart, dealt out
of lemonade and ice to the children, a pleasant
ne beverage provided hby the prcceptress tr
the children and her friends who cane to
,e enjoy the festivities of the evening.
Last week) Miss Mary Andcrson oriier.,' to
the public, and more especially to the parcnts
Ind friends of her scholars, a fuir opportunity
to judge of their progress, attainments and
abilities, by an examination in their respect
ive studies and an exhibition of other lite
rary acquirements. Entertainimug a deep and
unselfish interest in many, if not all, of her
papils, I availed myself of her kind invita
tation and attended the exercises with pleas
ant anticipations and happy satisfaction at
the result. So highly gratified am I at her
success, that it is my greatest desire to give a
full and extended account of the occasion, yet
cireumslanees confine me rather to a synop
Arriving rather late, we missed the exami
nation of the Primer classes, but have since
learned from reliable authority that the lit:
tie boys and girls acquitted themselves credi
tably. The Arithmetic Class was called up
immediately after my arrival, and was sub
jected to a thorough and rigid examination,
from" What is Arithmetic?" through com
pound interest. This is the most difficult, as
well as the most important branch of an educa
tion, and I was happy to see the lperfect ac
quaintance which each member Ihal with its
different rles, and the correctness with which
the moseet intricate question could be analyzed
anp solved. The Grammar and Geography
Classes were respectively called upon to
pass the scholars' ordeal, and I confidently as
sort, "without any compunction visitings of
conscience," that I never witnessed a nmr ie
esatis.etory examination. The advanced
I..-a a eqmi~d homor for themselves and
credit for theirteachers, by so coiirjieing nt
axhibition of their psosciency. In the former
stady, they were ot conufied to text books,
but pieces ofpoetry, the most difficult of pars
ing, were given to them for analysis, arrange
meat and parsing. In the latter, we were
impressed with the accuracy and precision
with which each member could tell the rela
ti"e position of different cities, their comnpa
rative population, the boundaries of different
countries, and the situatioh of their rivers,
lakes, mountains and cities. The United
itates History Class, consisting of Misses C.
Wilson, N. Gatte, S. Gerdy, and Master \Vil
lie Jones, were next called upon. I men
tion the names because I think special notice
due them. They were unsparingly catechised,
required to relate the various incidences, to
give the date of important events, to eunice
rate the different settlements in the various
sections of the country, to relate the conse
quences attendant apn. the many Itndian
wars, and state the gradnal increase of popn
lation and power feme the time when the ad
venturous genius of Columbus prompted him
to breast the billows of the Atlantic to that
happy period when the American Colonies,
clothed with the powers of independence,
iassaed the heavy rusponsibility of a nation
aity. The examimes closed with the examni
nation of Miss N. Gates in Algebra. achici
I pronounce as perfect. I think the tc;ahler
and scholar may well be sutiprwually pIound
of the other.
The whole exercises show that Miss .tAmrn 1
sn has been untui.g ta her attemuio to Lrt
lItn!"'. I n.ct t l det e'hl ' . : se t , rntitnd., .f 1
t,1 .hiLd.n :and their pg"Lreuts. I.it happy
t -.- that the teacbtr r 'o to tl old and
better 'y.ctem of edu.can; tYt, ,i paying
strict attention to reading write i and spell
"ttg. and uriakint her scholahsthoroughlh
cauvetlant with grtasnlar. geography and -
tlithmitic. thes faying -tlll and solid
!tnndatin. upan w'hicih they built with so
Stity. Without this, it is an atter ýnmpoast
I.htyit t+, ntakc any true pertmanent progress;
hi:tt w:th it. ambition, wedded to application, t
SIti !tl, ter thl e secr-t- of *cietce, and pith
wsnder au+. raptmtoun delight. the explorer
t.i i outcnplate the i:rlncn.t world ofl
ihonghlt spread before him. The terndency of
olrll age is to disregard the iuportanlce of the
:.io\e tientiolied stndics. anid too frequentl
do v.,e liii our children at a stand point, (
citiher a+.t 't the lal.,rinthlue umazeq of lneta
pihy'ic-.1 ,i tr,; i. o bewildered by the ti'o
itiientI ,Ila.shes philosophical dliscussions.
We :are ,onitiemtt that all will see the expedi
eiin, o tIe ~ older systelim. And all who at-'
' tended the Ex-ta ination exercises must feel
ren'unerttcd uo;" the pat roinage by the evident
trog:.rc.s of their childreu, and the care and i
::ttentii n displayed by their teiachels for their
wel.t ''e and intprovemnent.
t 1Thursdilty 'eveninug the +choolbi.w was
brilliattly iiiirniiated, and i ell tilled with
ilanyu" t1. oulr it-t iitizeus, present to witness i
thIe..1!,l of their children. T'he cxercises
i.kist,d(l of ,oigs, spec:hes aind dlialogusc , s.
Slected ;: tbh. o.ica-ion. .\t eight o'clock, the
.nt l:ais :'e:e drawn, dlispla.ing to the eager i t
auidience the girls tastefully arranged on the Ij
plat frui , tIrninig a galaxy of perfect beauty. i
iThe ytti. iecauty and the ilush of excite- .
SImeit n hi: ha heightened their loveliness. readl
ilv i.n!it st thl attetution a:nd suympathliei of
their i 1ar: andi while we were all heartily
wishiini ,euc'es shoitld crownl their elorts.
'i M,-; .alii. iri. in a clear. swe\\et and nult
siil voice. iip:'ined the exercises with the1
song. " I'p It :t lIaloon," joinet by her corn
pullious in tlhe clhtons-. Spechuc-s and dias
lur u :i~". ', i i:ul e: lbut timse will nut
ifr:l :,- ti .,,;' i, thent all. snflice it to say,
S.!ti:.f . 1 , . "ii! -.iectil, and, clearly and dis
,inc d.. li V..d. rThe wlhilo ox- reiisr were i
,it,'-n , itýii h nigl ain daptoe to the voicese.
t. i,.' l;' !r .. " hot, ii:a d r th. sutpervisiou
St i. it '.::nlisihedi Miis Fle"rcut. acquired
,i.:.. i:he:,i-,hl,.. and executted the dif
,in uat ju.t. , tijth ,renit. DeVd, we thought,
r..-i t: ti hli,att io all tile liner feelings and
,;l,'i,.r I.itlnse', of -fhumanity. not to bei
Stvo,'h",d Ii. tlhe " sweet conceltt " ou o many
.,', .,.. riing. to the highest note in
il,. r i.: , -".i n, a tl d lt'..ceuding the scale with
at 1 -I et ,:,:-. . Miss Ct'lara Wilson, in re
:titg it. C autl i'ul ownmt of '" The Raising
it .lairiIi t-iagiiittr." attracted the perticu
Sii:;tlti. i,ii theil auldisence. Accommnloda- I
i tini' s tic. ti i., mtelauchioly sweetness,
,1 ! : \pi .. -i: . f-hlagly tit, sortriw andt
.tIe.ftir it t ti lirea'ied parent, that, for a uio
ml. nt. we im agined we could hear the sobs of
u the t .epiig iother while embracing, in wild
I grief. the cold. lit':els forln of her darling]
e chill. Mi- Nina Gates selected for her,
v dclait ion. ' I'm dying. Egypt," and finely
executed it- dclivery. Throwing sentiment
andi t e'ling in .very it.se, and giving.
st tungth ianti expr.) sioit to the declarations
of the d intg triumauvir. Master Willic Jonce,
whi,, i:n a preViousl speech. had won the
Sthe tavor of the aiudience by his htunorous
advice to the firemen, very lhandsomely de
li. ird hit valediIcory. iollowed by Master
i hIin l.ewii. with Cve,. appropriate remar sai
IC fo: i. 'rcarion. Miss Lina Jones closed yhec
. Joe." and in d'lighted was the assembly (hat
slithe was called hack. Nevter did I witness so
sit istactiry and nbrilliant a sulrc.te. Each
scholar d-eserves credit, andt the t,'aehcers
t praise. Such, I am happy to state, is the
at unaninous opinion of the audience. Such oc
r c:ain.ns -houitllx- liberally patronized, since
to they are c:uinuctly calculated to instil con
fidence: in the young, and stimulate them to
le:arn antd improve themselves. Aftertheo esn
gratulations were over, music. sweet mnnaic,
stopped the br,sy hunt of gratiied friends, call.
ing tile \votaries .f Terpsaichore to indulgein the
o ilight thut:astic step. Many ruesponded to her
ti call, as fiir and lovely as eCer bowed be
Sfore tlhe shriine of thue muse in the land of
id classic beauty atid gaces.
The happy expressions of the audiencoe, the
smiling cuulztenanlce of ttho'hildrcn, carried
mue back to a similar exhibition tea. years
ago, when peace smiled upon our land, sali
merry held the scales of Jastice; when it was
an honor to be a Southerner. and his glory to
act as a iman: when whining politico-eccleaiasts
were frowned down, and men, eonscions o.f
their integrity and worth, coasidered it the
highest duty imlaled On them by their M
ker to educate their childrn, that they might
act in their capacity, and shoulder their him
responsibilities: leaving them, at theirtichest
legacy. t heir couuntry ho nor and their indrll
vidual reputation. "Tis trimue, we are now On
der the admitnistratiuon of carp et-baggers, and
their hosts of hungry foilowosL , yet we should
not bury the nobility of our natur.e ,wih the
fallen titlunes of our c.Oautry. Sieh oqo
sions show us the natural .elastioily of our
countryme, their self-sumtaing'ald reaufe
rative powera, while all tkat we ahboldak
is. to let is alone, and nut let. tihe ve amc
peace ias has been hilsed from' the Aery throat
of our persecutors. and such chbdrlenp. ..~
stitutions will work their conqtry'. aelv-.
A I'ittsburg lawyer awoke the other mo'n-
ing, to lind his clothing missing aumdt er.g=
odor of chloroform ,n the room. - We had "
lie in bed while ids wife wpt. dotn, and
bought hito some clothea.
T'it mrruw aters get rwo cs.e ijet vte
name taken, two cents for every fptrin, _-
teen cents for every productive establiRi
ment of industry, two cents for every le
ceased person, and two per cent. of the
whole amount enumerative for social tallt
tics. antl ten per cent per mile for trakel.
A little girl who loved to pray, neub nibt
was very tired and sleepy, and was getting
into her ttle bed without saying her
praYers. but her manlunta told her to Liuoel
down first t.. pray. So she folded her little
handti. tnil said : Please.. Gtod. remember
wh:tt. little 1'olly~aid last night, shN'.a so
tired t, night. .Anen."
*** ·--O .
A litthe gistl whit ha,l ws.eti favored with a
g!il.l'se, . "the upper sky, and having been
toll by her mother that .-cie was always sur-i
rounded hb guardian angels grew very
thoughtful, and, after drawing a long breath,
lookedi up and said : " Mamma. do you real
ly t.eauI that the whole time they are with
mile" O'tn being an:swered yes, she ex
claimned, with an impatient fling: Well,
really. I should like to be alone a little while
- - -« - --
The girls around Whoeelig mu4t be in a
tad wry. One tof the papers of that town
a.s the fllowing: " It is said that this is
shout the time of year for young giri in
tlheir giglerhpod to he eLOpinlg with poor
ldevilk witl colored ustataolpe*, a.lýral
cr.s. have Lbeen eporttd this week5.Motler,
havi.g 'such girls on hand, had. .qttE .be
.sstra earufal with thema four moatha, e.The
, it or... will ,Ie over slout the miadlee- $,
Ja " 1
l'Ao I'rats S .garl p t
".pLev., e.u.. eierv to ewap hes eee sd es
Famey ed gSap. Dry @eedC g
and 4 eatsisgaars hrnmlAt. asee.
$alM sad I &hee, Rats eam Cap,
#roaedeis, tawar*aye Wes
ware,. Seea'.s Wae
and laddlerlr,
I r C; rev, I.t r ts ,
Ilta.rLg puia t...d my Faher's stork. t seeedilagt I
It,' fllgun.-, I sm prepared to sell. f.or cash, gods to tsuit
* '.'.o- ('I!i en1 see for yorelves_ It13 ly I
Ialittda 's Poaterit W'h t .WUI.
<t('M'IO.M WIND(RTS'r. NMllI,.
Manufactured by the United a8s** Weod
Engine and Pump Coampany.
( eiera- L-ft ,st thbe I'LAL TP.I' IlAs.IT Olee Forwarded
BATAVLIL,I., lto0.
Mr ID.l.i; hilt--Whet you get tired of this everlasting I
Spuup. ump, ;umpllng for stock on your farm, eensider
that millions of horse power are dai.y sweeping through
the heaveus over your farms, as free to all as the gift of
Cod can make it; ready to do all this bard work for you,
urwhen you get ready to give up all this drudgery to
the sport of the idle wind and introduce an improvement
which will add t10) to the value of your real estate, and
will enable you to have alwayson hand a great vat and
" sixty barrels ol pre living water, s thate cai, can
I ftc-iy,5E'ewnh. ey w-ant, s wane tiey *iant It.
,n make your farm a happy home * for yourself and
family; then we believe you .iill be prepared to bises to
- our proposa. noi ronsider the arguments we now pro.
- sent, why you should immediately necure the above ad
When you first watnes the working of this machase
o, your tarm. .d the large vat lull of water, cattle all
contented. and notice in what a beautiful meaner buman
ekill has ttus controlled the elements to save hn.
muscle, and all this hard work forever done away wit
- .our eyes will sparkle with delight, and you will say we
have fultilled our promise, that we would make you
t hare are hundreds of large, well watered sleek farms
Sis the country which the owners value felly ems thea
sand dollars more than if they were n,t thus provided
with water. It is high time, therefore, for the great ag.
- ricultural interests of the country that the Armen of the
Northweet should be made aware of the feet, that all the
high and dry prairies of the usetry, by the use of this
cheap and simplc devlee, can be made good estock frms,
and really more valuable than those poessing these
t"natural advantages for water, for there is a waste land,
and the water can be provided directly at the pollts do
.tred, in farm yards and paetures.
We hays to language to mob. yrk fll, apprleeet.e kMe
t llali movements of this deste. In order to do this,
yoru mut bt san eye wttnes efithe auser in which it
Ifurls its own sals, when wiad storms of great pewer
I sweep over it; and to avoid useless wear of mU, sn bhe
easily arsagled al a tridtlag a.peae to stop itself wshe
the teak is full, and of iself asems. week when water
is used from the tank, and thus appears more Ske a
thlng of life aad lnteelie thee a uer mariuse. Yae
will fnd tha it it L no rudely balk, usmghtly thing, liable
to constant repirs, but really beautiful and ornamental,
Snd the moet durable machine ever used on the ferm.
Ih uti ineted testaonional in this circular from those
Swio have or Wind Mills In use, give eride.ce o the
most satisfactory character as to their vale fur pempieg
f water, grinding grain etc., and all agree as they ee
better acquainted with the ulllty ad greet val of this
I invention, its real worth cane be enpressed by ameey
Svaluation. and recoinmead wind power as one of the meet
aueful and valuable improvements that can be tairu
r deced upon a farm,.
No. Diameter I Hoene Power ~Prse at hbe
I j i8Feet. b Honse. * Ii
I it0 , I I o
abt - - --,a - - ý- _n -
We atkuowledge before asking you to pouchas a ma'
chie of ay find, yorin sbould be eatl ded hMed eay
rar in doubt in regardits adn iily, and before
payin for it, ehonld nave an Ggte'ity to tesa t t atr
oUlgty, and be satiried in orega to its meehaiea o
etruction which will readily matIfy you ca this inlat We
do not ask yon to purehae or pay as for a aWind Mill,
untilyon a fally eoevineed abeyead y ldoubt in reI
tion to the fat that mot itere tar yý. vi: stgt
durability, sad sel regulating pepetis. Plt e
dstaaeu. 9a.3 the tar istm of a tms wr.
incrpeaed demland and the dtings tbetimony we are
receiving, I. an aeknowla.dgeme t e the worth a$ ll
rinrity ot our Wind Mi oll oer a otmher
The wate of time, and the Id wekal, byo mera,
all the o4rtiwa to h ar4 fping.. $ela alet geat fb r.
talways rel nle, sad the old sa in y I. .ma.tl.
stock me negleted narslea day, whoen e aile, ao6
mose tam e, Il . thema dveea o ,i of eld wae en a
-iate.ur morain, that they naud fndrler dlr ta. oi In
ther great injury; and if tlrhe water Iey i ar itey l
Ino o r It until very thirty, when the reata are the
muse. Every stock r asrao m that rattle ae mer
or lensay, and hees waetnly when ant waeN asp
plied with water, and are etaually ekig thrkegh
enelosirrer, mauiag cr ad atraying away frem
hale In pLrsit of t. AnlthoMe wre lave ear wind
milk, say ia the spring they od see marked imprev
meat Ia the eoadidon f their eek, tlly payieg th
eulaPsthe, st wmntr. Farmers o etd epat I eaa
betlor d, a.t wa.m weatberan d ia y mae andle
tan tk he or earn, and It oon b0 ea a wam, eSnbe
pare mass of ilthl which they ue faled to drink or die.
By mraking e at datee feet ag, e he eew b eI ds s
two footdepr, UaSdirretlye the pea ea hav a
sreotr hoi0 neab rly ty( barse.,M w Will epply
wtl-r thralgb oce.meonal d .. .
Our L X. L Iron Farm riSt MI, we m .e to bng
to ntic of te farmera of tmshe k Iwe, b f
Ta we do from pNrtial d ee ntrat es, aM ed be
who have them a, thatue a.etsr to pe the
chrapeet, and moat dunbia perfet leed III ever
befiare cwstractI Mveeen týa rea med, en we
have no hbeeitary iu a triag It to the l *. ema.
alty, knowing tt pormeee all the nlrtiiseh aem 0n.t
meet hirn wants. viz:s mplielty, dumailty and rJsp
ane,hbetag madeseatbly .< bee, the grle e snabhe
are the osly parts liable I. w r eat, e.n tey m e o a.
placedat a triding say,.a., at thelew petse iastthey are
o.a'e, they nar sa to ay ether peal Id inee
uiityt dgrend in trelded, The pa.. g chilled
endneiks any ether mill ever epbaed has
gItI b elmm th iae vnas idle wies eaet ,
veln totwmo awea tshe ldNpln. 1be iaing a.s-en
of theamdI as, ee.lainelj iseer w - b-e
up" In order to make them rem tIne. T s mills esm h
0 t. Lit l 3 fotm l6 to'l b, Ilm. per. l.a.
. 1,6 Inch ato Urladig P.tate................ t
i a" wh yof o " ".i.be ....l.L. I... , tra
"3.8 " .. .....-I...
Fefl dirction.. fur olpratitmll seat ihee. h m.ll.
fGlslAlu \tit A eN A C I G FEED-J $.lAlINt OF
Frpme eapramesl made by sienUtic mee gad pare
tical farmer., they all that ifty beeh.h olf ar
ýyN.., twrd t1 ted.. eqal to o hs ndred buheb
rs m war or u wed sSa es. hIu.deed .b.
ets of row corn, fed to a pa of healthy bag, wlt -n
rr, their wedMonly 80 pechs, If siwaqr res-
1 po you., and f gros sudsad well -- 1 , esta,
or a ehsequatoiO per est.; ths a large eavig is
made by griading aml ro.okig feed, sad these whe re
extemrve feeder cannot aterd to feed grate in the eld
We c ertM Farmer' lahelks that an e daptd sr
either woedor sealeaL The7 have a largeh g ear
bse, aestae wOry ecmeie sathl see etd. They
varryarapacity teem iheen to em heeed end tea
Wind taills have beeu used for iearing wLheat Ar .
Whe steam power wasu latrodced, the three fellrow
objertinms to wiad mllsa grain gadig,. cansed she.
r, be dieotionmd lammsy par of the world: First,
the" ucssiuoal e.ble; areeM, the dadger of ijgery by
i, leant wind.; third, the great trouble and amnoyas
.auperrision of the aile ofa largs wind mill Ia the
,ddtea changs of the wied. otwitndirag thesee
ojeeatiou the ancient ind mill is esseasively nwed. We
were ifctneed by s Inteligest (irumn Ifrem FonAdt.
oland, that whe he lea, eigty large lering wiad m.i.
were il sueereaul apemailes. The ilvsive talent o(
Sir. lialladay and Wheler, have new entirely obviated
tlr talt two ejeetieos, which seut, at ne diglsat day.
ca.ue the grietuig of the lergest portieo of grain pisote
in the world, by the power of wind.
The experience of the owe.se af the wid grist m.ll
already at work, deesaestate fully that he i a rare
chase t.o se . rea ite iavemest and ieodtable
i'KIC;E O' O)W Rit Ai WU D UISu T M1i.Lb
to .I usmeter I ose ewer e
r 1 " " f. ta e
One of there .le, of " taut diste at Prebrn
mtaneen4, which bas en i eee epgarglli fNm
yearns' adether, SC foot dameter. 0 her. pow Pera j
be seen at toweage. Ulnaesega. with ..ua of gatee;
alto 42-felet diameter trI l 7g r; /et
at .4 u cn rgjS
ýwIM4*M'a Pt4athI HN n4t . I+I1.
K II. P AanheOn, 410 C. II R EI s
ftesr 11.-I 1aca yoursnter " . t s .
1týýb41ve oakapartieulet :n rrbsa:;l:
+ iI~i N Rup hate been h y, .
A M eaet one year Knce it '°at Criete.;, a. t Ren:
SLwn at th bamn have ii.A heiu cmv ' zy:icc
eu oequatjy mn stoot hate had t"Ieut ii '1. " the
. I eoaalr itthe beat Inc .'. Ir- o
mF wv. sad would not he drprim....l t t
roabl rr he most that I rcgrrt
dot le yeen o" for profit and .c' '.:: 'i.l . !.J I
* ·8ve we ahall hep enough afire , ., ;. ... .
jaby th. enatinrcoot of the m.;! than
wars obligedtopnpumnp t .h! I r.. ,
t not 53r. wtiel ot.in the dr. f ur.' i 1 ..
W. lt. Pendleton. tgrcs r. F
t40, Mtickh
Deer Ait-i wri:t ! !ntl..tw, "
'let an -eao in eter rre.r+ t·n:.
Immense anmount of L ard lIr .I : -
It has been In Upeation. I: a
Ing brain., so c'nplete on.ot he! c
obeying the gentlest hreec,' t.l :irt .r
Mon of love to do tIe btddlnu of ma b "" ,o ..t.,.,. ,.,I,
Inrttag Its raile and refuting to .".'
*veres bleita. iTher, are set..-.,
ttIng thems, anti want y h.uu t
( da nt eek, if poestbib" l "r I "t k
*nlag' to du au.
t KIA. ei. P bi'nitvo, ,i : i t. I c
t *nagou, Mirh
Dear $i,-. r-pIl to ..
the worb~ngof my Vlud M0:" I o-.: : ,..
thea met my elpeceationa ur "ter: ,,.i~~~. , ' ~
all the water for my s rMk.
No con oritl eratiuun n ouloh tio.' i.
andgo baeku the old plan. Mie 'I .:
h bt hunired., and you 'cll tnd no ,ruali, ..g
ýaeli5.tatpftlueefltos Inns ' . r-e,".,". i,,·
U.,traxiar~t t' (.%l.>-b
W. 15. Pendlctea .\gent L. t . t . 1. -
aoo, Mthb.
D K2tlr-.\, hr the W ud ..:, I'L
tbeteer I like It. and I think o.Uet eorau r . ý
WbtsasPhanreto ~dln t.umt·;it l a1~ :
and aslnag you maereao, I am
Marenge, \It. .
W. H. Peudt"4.o.. tgout P. it. W t.... P . r. I ..
roe. 3ilek
Dear Sir-It i. witsh plruao'r. itss .,
tlbtaftr one years trUal of sur r.ui. 1
peafeet working machbine, doing atl L,.
adtmdseteo. urtInthepaoto a;,"r I F.. ,~,,".;_.._,
11 bead of eatsio, from P to '4 hor.rt.o. "s,";
.beep, sad nrar ba It faile.i I"' k..1. A p rf", " t . 31
yalta. .wpuritrllfl 1I.\\" to tIcgftl. 11,
Vt ca !Tluo, Indo:u..,'.~r '..u i
tP'te $uru., Agent t'. PS. W. El. & 1. fa.C.:.
Dearip--The Nto. ' Wind Miil you crocLk1 for me
aprlng baa fully come up to vour rteof lst!4,1
rwo aaoomaa wood pump wishoil rat, and a Ip 1;r":
etbig fur rapl.-baa dona thre ws- to my e
lmtion. and baa doaaatssthatood j -
sa yI'fa well opp~led wth witk.. .t 1 a
ate sans. Yours. A
Ws Fialai, l Iriweanoe to0 1n.' .:L
Wu. SuIms, ASmtL.8. \'. E. S P. ...j: ntrr. Is
We barn bad one of your Su. HIItid.t., W \lt ' ii.
dwlag wo winsara and one ect ruer. 1 L. lfl :", ,r
IbatIaalahmad for it with " fa "1. "ir r and 5, as
I.bedurale. Yowl. ' '. r VItrq .
3hddiebw-. lii.r ".7
Wm . ,arn, sArt 1 t. W.r.. k p 1 .t 'o.. ,..
fla lad.
Dwu d~a-the Wiod~ili usF ser L\jua, p: ..~ :~r ·
DrJhlriperfec t inMiaetsoy, I would not be slthest U
feir twne. 55U(a. Uwp farmer shoul4 bast one.
N rst Lebsnou, Intl, Mur, :. ! i 1
Ra HtraWAnse LebanL. lu.l. WE 1'.
he Re. 2 id lhllyou erertsd for me ";, .r, lefr".
aasijieUoSaad doe.aallyou rlaind for.., and 2 Si,
is daeam fir it i year circular. I bare had n grre.
abeadaaee of waler. Faruwer who ar." rupglyun. rhea:
.eek wish wae rwith band psumping. wt'nid n 1 ..ý,"
eoasiata soodo a, did they know tbe great 'as ing to tn
dlabor bythe a of wind power. 1 eoensitrrs.r;,.
armoreaºMablethan musrular, sol tod lot f: tI
cntem alty.
Yeu. s,Trnsly .At.\lsi.a 11.,taa l.
t'LtsburLng, iud . 1. h t l;.,
W. Dusrng, Ag. U'. W.E. ' p'. (
Dear Il--I dedirr to rpr,:.a ru, .'c:,
ilth the working of tihe N' " Wiud 1..: tt t t '
up by you for oe last ZIeptember, tl~- :o 0 !.; !.:1 i
Ilevr b ee.eeted by atornn and hay ,4-i-.r fitre, c.,, a.
epeir. It be)f kled ever- srpectatav a'o ud ti.. ;a.
ced tor It. C. .tNgI L:.. :5 1,
Chalmer St.tiou, udaui,. I ,
W9. buit, Agent U.8. W. E. & I'. C..
DearlI--We have had t u, on . ,,u ;i,ir 2,. : .
MilOl nd Pump, for watering stlk 'l. the i, t.
eu.L We adl it tobe . perfec.t Irccirn to ,. ier rt
pei sad auawers all the purpoue. "n:etdetl, .t.t ha r. '
fae gor repirs in the time. It rutt a; weIll t. dy h
the dayepotiutap. Forntslie water for t ::r it..,
drh e of stock the year round. with no alteulton
eal tesal it ease or twice a week. We are prrft.ciu
II with the worklang of your Mtill and Pu:..
Yetr, Reepeetfully, BEN'J. REYNOLI.h, J,
Ed C(rd.
The subscriber, having ruld goods is VI..ki, :
yen Is now about to leave his bneuiirn it the r .ui:
S eeam Levy I Co. retire from buaine.,. l.ci hua.r
iad social r dat.on with the people of Franklin and 1.
duitL'hav beenaisensat, no diuenity having ow-.trr,:.
or- de~~rniatsted between him an aud.n .t r1,
e .He t~kI thl opportunity to thank thL pulbih
fobr alt nihm, kinlanes to himselnif anI taunil, an.!
leaves witehe best of wihbe for the protperity e:d
bappimems ot the town.
Pmakll, July 5, 1870,
.W.asmwt Dirme Factory,
New Orleans,
r pepared to furnsh room GornS oraper.
S tpow.r the laied. Pi e $44) and c45. Te
i rass aesepane. . Tb- higesat mlartet priv
plddaere e n i. Broo. wayu rri ar . trou tnI
Iale f eli kis al sways ot bend. n
Cru Cgpl usnstarp ire c .ýlfrfc&
ARerthe ICeaset there will be a rand Baul.
A eseeamhad pertabla sagla*, twelve iar.s. pawt'
* u.owr""Ld .4edl. t. n ,,,. .' te.
Thr uenb R s.irs, tsg'., a .t m ti. moil,, slg a :..:
t INm. A. AMuta..l,
y Jeannermni. L
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mu usles and aeugs during ty absesce
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