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The Planters' banner. [volume] (Franklin, Attakapas Co., Lou.) 1849-1872, November 16, 1870, Image 2

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and other property
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Oitier. jleatioen above
be oWat tbh eret .unes.,.
by D. B. Delahouseay, parish eactloeea.
Tan WARwEN BL.U.-Capt. CatilUe
has ha.led the teI.ver Warren Bell not at
Msers. 'Trainer & Hiason's wharf for re
pairs. He wil non have her completely
overhauled and ready for the winter trade
between New Iberia and Braskear. The
captaeu is in a good state of repairs himself.
and does not need hauling out or workieg
Fanu Eantus a NMaw lamsA.-The New
Iberia Times again calls upon our constry
cousin up the Teobe to make an efnort to
get upa fn engine for that growing town.
The Times talks ene ie to his elu.j ct. ilut
it may require anotter rousenr Ole.invovir.l
imeleof a hdred tbenannd or wore. it
meaethe people of that town er.; that they
used a f.eeggise.
Now I. the time to subscribe to the St.
Louis Home Journal. The great seenstiou
story, by John Eston Oeok,. entitled "The
Man Hunter." whiob. of itself, will be worth
deeobe the subscription price, will commence
with the net week's number. Send for
specimen number, with terms to clubs and
mnvmssers, to ShebEld & Stone, 421 North
Sixth street, St. Luis, Mo.
Hoor PoLes, E'rc.--Mr. G. W. Thomas.
many years ago made yearly trips to the
West and brought hoop poles, lime and corn
for the planters of this country. He al.
ways carried out his contracts to the sttis
feotle, of the planters, and we think he will
contionue t do so. By eamininlg his new
adveetement t it will be seen that he is about
to return to the oame busiess. Planters
woeai be is not able to eall on can address
him at Centreville. La.. through the post.
ee. New planters who are not acquaint
Swtll, aIr. 'Th'es may rest unrsed that
in tl horoe. liy renable. 'l'hi.e'who beve
at -I will, li,. know him t., I,." an hone t
• , ,." .I , . . . .. ..... II u . .. . ..t
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-4lluseeead;-Natasqus,-The isoudnga of
dsek Polpit-Twice Alone,-A Tale teWd
Labrador,-Sae u et'- The Writings of Geo
MoDonald,-Fair WeVather and Fool,
Wiltnd Cambereds,-Topic. of tth Times.
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BolWmaam~ CUnyAToa fbr Ostober re
ceived, gontaining another valuable Srtis
from Mr. Barnett ea growth and diatribhe
Woe dgqidgqm mded- soot, illaquiad by
thus. mosl mbw.. e M. ertio. be.
Mr. (ii as iuaLa rdhhseat the LULb-
aetee mpoat. Ooms th..o ateut, on~
a kJLar op r--a awatltw sobw
7rmb .ulearry .eudWet~S.II
a t the leprovewaU db'ua
y*le thl e u d~r eeelret ak
:jEiiiiii F rq/teN ,l a e( ii pIr
! - I - M -tow " CI jworr-ll 8"
p M al·lrleal" as 1 *la
The eleotion is over, and the restlt has
been calamltous to the taspayern of this
State. The Ignogesne of the ha tele.
umphed over the laeHllgeee. bibon.e.
men bhay taken possessIon of the balet boa,
under a law made sethe sale bene of the
leaders of the Radieal party in Touisean.
and of some other leaders who are not Radi.
Now, what Is to be done nest? No one
proposes viotliee now-a-days as a remedy
for any politial outrages, or wrongs of any
kind. The klde is this State have it uil
their own way, and the K. K's have all van
ished. A very pleasant field for the polit
Ial barvesters and their sickles.
We think the people generally are glad
the eleotion is over. It is doebtul if half
the white people of this perish registered at
all. They had no cooGdenoe that they
oeuld get their rights through the ballot-box
In say event. They consider their rights
and liberties almost utterly destroyed, but
tbey intend quietly to let theorgo, and make
the best of it. They consider tlhat they
have about as much liberty as the Jews have
in Turkey, and their loyalty will in he enod
be of the same sort.
R4MW li tkhe ppp le it rather
. Lodgiaes ab n nodes
governments. d we thik
the State muokh better adapted to Jews the
The people of the State, disgusted with
politics and dishonest politicians. now wish
to forget the election, and go to work. They
wish to mend their broken fortun s. and to
liv In peace and quiet. They are tired of
coutention, of wrongs and outrages, and
they wish to toil to their own ields, and rest
eamulested ander their owe vine and fig
ee. With a friendly government they
would prosper; but with agovernment which
perseeunee them, their future Is In the fog.
Or so it seems to us.
PoULAtITT.-It on f the of the Lurious
features of these uneplainable times that
there are no popular men in this country.
Pl.ut us to a man whom the people love
whoae all of the white men is this State want
for governor. Who is the favorite for Co-.
greu I:l any district I Where is there an
editor that writes as the people want him to 1
Where is there a preobacher whom the people
love, and almos adore, s Into former years ?
Stamboat captains have much trouble to
aove a small amouat of popularity,. even
whoe they do their best to please; and so
on to the and of the chaptes.
Theb Iot is, the people are in a bad ho.
mor. Iverybody is either too hot or too
oola for them; too fast or too slow;
too tame or too dery; an ignorant block
head too conceited or too much of a fool;
or a crasy book-worm.
Thise s a very good time for any one who
bappeas to to have a conscience and a little
independence and self-respect left, to do
what be believes to be right, think what ho
pleases, and say what he thinks, and let the
public enjoy the same inestimable privilege.
Any honest man who espects to speak the
hboest truth in 1870; without beilg rapperd
over the hknookles ocoasionally, ev.1 by
ecotiee f heed;" deoevese u.i,.*. If. re
people are fractious, nwod . i.,, ...n h
ilenoe.I willth anylooly. r tsh . 1 .i. . n
i .t. I.. .. ... .. 11..1 M i .t I. i. I ..) , er ar
., ..tt ti *,l,,,,.,, .;i. It'. ,1.th.. .. t.. her urjgi
.nlet lower du.w.w I huo Ilir I lrouts. But
iperhap the malses will be lighter and in a
better humor with tie .selves Iud everybody
else, after we paess through few of the
I.test style modernisJ, improved and pat.
vnted political registrations and campaign.,
ouch as we have had since the late miieun
d.rstanding between the Status.
Tan. GORuast ARK C xo MI--Mr. Birun
son. partner of Mr. Walker, whose plants
tion lsjust above this place on the Trehe
has just returned from Chicago with silty
ive picked German laborrs to work for then
thlru mouths, at thirty dollars a mouth anm
toard--seteaty-ve ceuts a night whel
needed. Passage paid by Messrs. Walk,
at Bronson. The whole fare from Chloags
to the Teobe e..te less than twenty.Ave dol
are for oh laborer. These were seleotre
from uee hedred laborers who were anziao:
.o some. Mr. Brusoan informed as that he
ean get ten thousand white laborer
ao the same price. He can telegrapt
ad hle a thousand leaded on the Tee:b
ie w eek. ie pays an commiston for get.,
itag them. All that Is needed is a little moe
aserpsdes among oar planters, and the.
labor strike ton egar making, and Iabse
trueblee, wJl be at a end. The disonorest
and bhidame of the egroee is driving the
platers to eztresee. and before many Jyer
*e edlored rae will sI , when it i too iate,
that it would have beea better had they .
theaselee ia a mannae to seure ths
e sa and good will of the abetautial
white meao the Sltate. The planters no
-0 4bksb.k ab ina, Gooed nd4 er.
many ie taberern.
0oeT.-The wley editor of the N. 0.
I liase, mtiela our tatemease in .n
t to the Chattanooga and Morgan ail.
reed. asks why Morgan dona' build hie rail.
road, sel, e owns the right ef way. ete.
We eak the editor of the Repblieu why
s do es set Pa.la Ihw meto thee 9. all.
New o Sdle werngiven to ie Chattune.
pgsepm y.lie Leelel Stalte hds, or ia
the eblpgatlos of ti lWe for a mentrose
ebh, divbkd otwew te legklslater, the
GIeepear, ed he editor of te . O. Re.
lew m.eM id . he editr at the a.pab
w gI teg his Are I Now meeh did
*armset geeI low maeo did the Leie.
iSm. git They tegethel r get $110.000.
Ity did nt they lt Mr. Morgan hae a
hs ees tle with he ChatUeogp
pem 9 WIh did the Leghisaue ae re.
es Me. 'e d sate
I be 1,9 In iwlEls ef dla i ke
sam semlh fee the el7 &of
-i h wedt b s ee eml,
, Wd e N, m ast ii- a
-3-n. aus
L ntSLArtva aitt.-Prleal ryams. d.
itor of the Baton Rouge Sugar Plakter,
West Baton Rougeh* bees eleaeed.to to the
.I aet Hi paper supported the Pe.
d be wrote sow of tM beet
t oi . oeaptIon nd mitrule, nnd
In. oe ii nner State affairs. Iie will
akh M ag gp member of the Legislature, and
was a good member of the Press Convention.
which led off honestly in the right direction
in New Orleans last Winter. We believe
i that most of the so-called Democrate elected
to the olegslature on the 7th of November
were frlendsof the People's Party.
. C luous.-Gov. Warmotbh is said to be
a very handsome man, and although we
drew a very ugly picture of him in our isque
of the 3d inst., good judges, who are so
if qualated " lth him. -ay it is oerrect, and
does great oreedit to our skill as an artist;
I and yet we have never set our eyes on thin
apostle of the cerpetbaggers of Loelsinan;
but we have made so many charenal photo.
t graphs of uneaught and unhung rogues In
the last few years, we have become no artist
without reslising where we are drifting. The
files of the thANN.II since the war have be
somas a complete rogue's gallery. Thel
chiefs of pollee and detectives in all of our
cities should subscribe for the BAnes. anud.
ialina stop voting for therm.
Bu on Yout GOuAo.--8oon after the
election, a noted Radical planter of thii
parish, one of Warmotb's bosom friends.
went into Franklin at night, after the citi.
eons had retired, and took too much tea at a
coffee-house. making marry over the Radi
cal success in this parish, stating that it was
"a d-d good thing." He also stated that
there were tea or a domen white men in
Franklin who ought to be killed.
We wish to warn the rebela of Franklin
against this dangerous man. He might slip
in some dark light and kill half the town if
he could get whiskey enough. He is a Raed
ioal Ku Klux. Perhaps Franklin would do
well to get up a patrol, or ask Gov. War.
moth to send up a company of negro milatia
to hold the Radical Rlaw-Head.and-ltloody
Bones in check.
If one could but see this loyal Ku Klua
when he is well.-eharged with Radicalism
and red-eye, he would be alarmed for Frank.
lin, and would try and have the place quar
satined agailat him. Don Quixote Is about
to charge the windmill.
On !-The N. O. Republican Is in a
snakish humor at our late photograph uf the
Governor. We don't suppose Satan would
like his own portrait, or smile on the artist
who painted it.
The ispiah article in the Governor's or.
gon contains twentyfour deliberate false.
hoods in the space of about half a column of
the most silly twaddle we have ever seen in
a New Orleans journals. This fastens the
paternity of the article on the Governor
himself, whom we have proved to be the
premium tier of the continent.
The real editor of the Republican could
not write as foolish an article if he were to
remain drunk a week to prepare for it. He
is too k. en an.' nreeomplished a writer toe
rCvt-r togk i.pg the.r a chain ,.f Ieparagraphl r
i" I r i. . bre. e.. ee, r ct'., ialtc tof the sl. ldy
si...,1 .. e i. t e. r. r . In-t,.. aid principle, s.
, 6 ,e': ,d di-,e .lt t.," -eniA ble anwl r..
.at sh r de. i. th. l ANtiNIEl n.. e 111inl
t. tputdlith It I ,. h nt l .-tire. without com
ment. It ins fto. Ilse .tyle of the Governor'.
speech in ?Fre.kln,i inl which he made his
pot-house remtokl against the BAtuXC..
The editor of theI Republica may be com
pelled, by his master, to father the scrubby
bantling, but it is not hie.
MAYro FL&s.NDas.-The Hon, B. F.
Flanders was elected Mayor of New Orleans
on the 7th inst by a mjority over Mr. Wilts.
of more than sia thousand votes. Here was
a fair luue between a straight out Republi
can. and a straight out old line Demoorat;
and a Demoorat who.tbough a member of thb.
legislature, bhas never b en aeoused of be.
traying his trust. or selling 'Is vote. It wee
a fair issue between one of the beat Repub
lians, and one of the best Democrats in
New Orleans.
It is impossible to tell bow mach rascality
was practiced in registration, or In counting
the votes, but we auppose that one reason
why the Repubilesn vote was so large is that
about 5.000 Germans voted for mayor Flan
den sad his ticket. If all en the ticket
make as good publio olerse as Mayor Plan.
ders bhas poved himselt to be since be be
came Mayor of New Orleans. the city will
be well governed. We have no doubt that
the oorruptlons of the late Demooratle Ma.
yor Conway, aad hie p olitleal associates,
had much to do. In throwing the German
vote In favor of Mayor Planders.
Can'T OaoaxmaI.-It is a common say
Ifg in this parish, even amooegt she oslti
vators of the soil, that It is impoesible to in
dooe the planters to orgaalse for the mu.
esat peaeson aof their peeuliar lateresls.
What is there pesellue In planters that the
mu's eombiee, aed set honorably towards
each other as neighbors, and as oltivators
of the soil? Nothing.
Northern and Westera farmers organlis,
and derive great bea from it. Keataeky.
Virgiia, sad Missool planter organlse.
sad profit by It, why eauen Lounllana
Seger planters erganlaT They are not
leekikg Ie edestklm,good senu, esperseee,
and certainaly they are set sn hoesetly de.
peed towards se etwher than the farmers
and platers of higher l ed.
Negrees ms and de aegalnse, and werk
ngether agaist the ltenests of the plaer,
both In elsetClue, nad on the labor een.
hes. Tabo her eegialeo. as do rilHd
ens, m e*ssl m., preeberse u ad th.e
hav Ier s olde. Glur so.e ties, Irish
s.lnse, leeteb and Prenoh souleties, and
la thesud other ergaasutia. The pian.
ter aloe ehemse to et the ends wbaiob
sereosd him, and the eppositon whiub me.
amu him. lagbcs baded asnd sa s and ba
sides this, plnaster iseayed saglsat plantue
is the struggle fbr wealth and fortae.
We ruspeotfmly diler tre those whe
that as efeulton ergan- iis ema ges sogn.
plant44n le lmposuible. We hape tey will
Spresed at -ee with the espeehmeat, The
ab whe beap pat is ius ea hae the
ablilpieo gles thnpe and ahenastse to the
pa* ment, asd we hpe they be se sfal,
S aee th psanters of St. Mary n w pro.
po a to organise for the benefit of he p a t,
in intermets, and i poesib to induce every
; well disposed cultivator of the soil in the
II parish to unite in the organisation, we hope
d to a e them cheerflly fall into line. Somea
ol the say that such an o ganisatiot is an
utter mpoassibility; others insist that it is
d perfectly fers b'e, and actually indispensible.
'r Certain it is that a wt a wnt ofunity and con
cord amongst the planters, has iuvolved them
in muoh trouble, and has given their eneo
miae, and soch persons as work against their
interests, great advantage over theto. Some
of our shrewdest planters think after five
d years experience under the new system of
labor, that nothing but a close organisation,
and fair dealing amongst the cultivators of
; the soil in this country, will save the large
a- majority of them froii utter ruin. And it
Ii apears to UI. that their views are correet.
i The lalor senatitnt i I the sugar parishes
'of this State begins to tower far avrce nil po
litical questions. If plhiter continues to be
arrayed against planter, andl the labor issues
continue to v.e!lop thbm in a cloud, and
troubles accumulate tiiek and fast tn all
a , Ia l tQ" outsider as though ther;
m a wibnrti p th Lout the suited and
harmonious aitins actions wih some of their r
seeing and leading men propose.
Qrt'ra.-Two otinthp agh o . invot a It qlr, -
tion of srnome of the h Iithg Democral in
this parish was. Whlhat la m Iocome of the
People's Party ?" Ilntw*een unillon nod fto
sionl thiee )emicrats promised to carry thlie
elections for the honeslty and iht.,llig.ence of
the State. The watchword wi. , N to new
party !" ''No thlird party !" 'Th result i I
that the People's l'Prty have been obliged
to attend the funeral of the Democratic par.
ty of Louisiana. The party canle to its
death by a negro inarretio"n traded 'by
Governor Warmath, on the 7th of Novnm.
her. 'Pece to its ashes! Soom, think it
died by ajug-handle l~lbt in New Orleans. I
We don't believe the lRadicaln fused with
any party. but we do believe they can heat
Plaquemine counting votes atnd atufling bal
lot bows. Theselection was perhaps onue of
the most Infamous and wicked that .ever din
graced a State or a (Goverinment.
Ta. A.. M., ANID C. Co.t.ee.. --'ll-day
the meeting emtee of at New lberi.b to tarke
into consideration the fearibility of .ltab
lishing an Agricultural. Mleechniical and
Commercial College in the psrilh of Iberi..
We hope tio be present. aid to he slile to
make a report of their proceedings in the
nest issue of nor paper. We have confi
dence that the agent of the Blesiop of lol:
treal, the Rev, Mr. lHeaubler. sent to this
country by the liharop to learn about the
character of this locatiou. in relation to such
an enterprise, will Ihe able to make a favor
able report.
In our tri ps .ver the parish we find that
the parents and all others with whom we
have talkedare well pleased witlithis schemre.
We think it will generally be aplproved as
soon as the real character of th inlstitutiont
i clearly utdrl,.rt,.inl. There nre ttoueeallrle
of chilhren h1i tl., ortiinn of l.,.gi.inna w11~'
are ill the right ?, b.ri, t. ri. c. i.' gre.nt
b nit fit. Ii-..n tu.+ ll '' .11 :..1, t,.' wi l
.li.i . ,, 1..1' . i. , i . l. ?. t a ..
V fi l |ek 'f Ilt . rl* u t. .11. t lh,' l .il]("
Manoluctory ,f (1 ,.... Win Knbl,', & t'm,.,
oif litulmnTre. 'Thin fciuoryv is now in.. o
the largest in tle w.rld, rnipliy.i.r thrl e
hundredrand fifty harn, nrid turning out
over forty instrum.nts per week.
The Knobe PIian, las. by itsn supriority.
not only driven tIhmse of the Northern man.
ufacture from the home market, but also en
joys a large sale in New York. l'Philadelplhia.
and throughout tire entir North and West.
besides their largely increaseu] Southern
trade. They have received no lee than
ainely five first premiumo. among which we
note those at the fairs at New Orleans, Men
pins. Jackason, Wilminogh.on, Richmond, Ma
con, etc., received this season. For dura
bility we would specially recommend then,
as being made In a Southern City, with ape.
lail view to the trying changes of Southern
CANADIAO LJAon.-Since more labor ii
seeded in this sectiou ef Louisiana, we ar
astonlshed that our platers do not at oneo
obtain at least a few Caadian families. ant
start to cultivating a part of their plants
tilo on the share system. the same as Mr
Louis Orevemberg, and some others are
now doing. A hundred of these fumili.i
would asue the demand for labor materially
If we are not in error, on the French Is
land of Martinique, some of the planter
manufacture sugar but cultivate no, cane
They buy ail ofthelircane of small farmaer
by the pound, delivered at the mill. Wh3
could ant an arrangement of this kind b:
t.ude with Canadian Inborers who may til
the sol1 on the Bayou Tetbe, or in othet
pertles of this country I There are a.
i.ueus arraugemeate whith might be nmad
which would be convenient to both th:
planter and the white laborer from Canada,
The savings on a place thus managed, ovel
the present wasteful sytem., would kw
enough to make a planter riah in tweotJ
Haumor Wtsasa--Bishop Wiler peached
It this plae last Sabbkth a moeet eoellent
dleerse frr the the tet "The soul knwetb
its own bitterness." le Ione of the most
eloquent of our Loulisans divines. and is el
ways listened to with pleasure and profit.
Is the eourse of his remurks be spoke of
tbe liportanee of religion to eommunslties a
well as to I~dividuals, sed said that neither
wers eomplete without it, and wondered why
my mi should he aseamed of Christ. He
said he weu asalhed of everytbing but raill
glee, ashamed of the world. its pride. Its
glory, IS. lei Les its vanities, snd its f.oles.
Ho urged the importanoe of Is.nding up to
the eherohee, of supporting the gospel, and
of observing the Sabbath day to keep it holy
is dlBeesreN abogeded in wholesome troths
and it is oly regretted that he could set
Ihae the eur of the whole perish lnsted o a
eeerteouse oongrlgatoo in Franklin. At
4P, .. he presobed at Centrevlle,. Wo
bead he plo erof plsteolg to both die
LEASE AbnTr mnr!
tolmVeatIr Beat Prim Modl. aarded tie g·loattl~sh
rborar~alrl. ~n , ooee or.15 pubtie tee
suequaled. 'Ibele
Itseogtsseetioetlre'o oae Chirtu·l,. ·I ~~cl
tetat iioaa7IWOHIIMNA sIIIU'
c uHl I Piaaa bee. eturtteer Ceeeo Deer~ll~
', Al,'lu, rlUth be··La5 o Ilattr Ipettelal eisa.
bar yal brea a~lasast
: She))IL~ aeeeuast., aeaI0, aseisi. Ce the' tie~ ll
a55,ser.ethealset sesr' arl 'ssLstiti.,e
'0 \bUaaUhE - NTI~aA!
it ana~ie asij~ll. aetauge esotsie taiptuly it tb~'iaitoee til A'f
d~aaesd eI~lu L~Jla Ie.,*~~Ihth,e It'O .Ltht rl atttn~
'1 ottssttsee abipisr a oe~t a.l .eLodtt rstbttsg.ulu ll
d) aaste slieolihar~Ps oatoeot toed~lsayrsse*thab petite..
Clursseescir, thee. 16. lit ti. W THOMAS.
A rldy and Nille Imlelame.."
Subh i. dy.p.p..a 'l'he .l*em.b and thi bml.l. a 11.1
irtimlte.lyI l.y dJ fr the one tn lnter without tl otherlt
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may be added, to, thlt lntatiuon o tb.h .temIerlt it al
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wrnrr w11 L..ul reýýnl In Ilaee. (`lllll, or {,rl. u.· r..l:l
ttl~n I~rlr.+rrawol.lr !1I4 f, A. ruII I I 1n 111e5·1
to roll \r1:
Jnlrrl )lll~lrr. .l...urd, v dvrtl+. f1 i'r I " Altak.
( I'·· Ilwebitlrr. I. yrrtlonnd from Ibb 41" day u( Sutru
Mrt to· IM 7th d1, of D-01 brrl Ix' b
\o 'w ' ' IF'E' 1ulr u i.n~
tror fate' 1 For sale J
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/b1. pnn a Ilr n rm· 4r por 11a-1 la. A I ."+1 11 I,. 111r r r
It w111 w 'i1 ue rr br u crrr w ý Ir· yrorul . by ·II I)'R
Ior " pop ry. I l.A1.111 1«f -r
The M. ('.arles rulUrlm ,.
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11Rl In.tllntlulltwu, wrllh lulfndnd utuly ytvr.
T at, 'li .ullAr, It , s ut"el fur i ltltaln
if Ibh vn-th Parent ned FltrrtLdsa cold bhav Iao llr'l.
r larutrlea for Ilb.. uauatl Iriallg ua Illalr rchlldlI.
had w br s I .. those turnlst4r by Ib. wa mpIlhebd Iat
Idle broughl up wlthli II. wedl.
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farleo glad sd wbhlaums. A mothor.caar sd watel,
lalves ws rver belowad upot the pupil, while Jlllre
and .lad.., wihut dlmtlstloe or parnlalty, will be
rev,-rd by oue aod aI.
.11 llhberty doauenleoso wll be prmnllted t evrrry
p lptl tlallglase dcsms as qmllsoe Iaraulrlng dlf.
tcreae e sr..d. at turblddeau.4 s t·l•41 will h Iag
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youngl mnd Lthat arn never be l.rglatlu.
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srdar at ablUIty ad adri
All ha111. ruileqrd Ito lhlullr the ltudy o( ll llmtry
sad I'bllocphy, eporlmatlaJly, I. fuoad Is thu Imtlltu
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The same aa sd apcMat tc at al s•e owad upso
tls IFreeL IsagIa. ne otlneadd to the ,IgIla: san
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Tb. ppl.ln as ola Lpes Lte two leluges.1 rrmutly Is
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Pupil. who eompaec The regelar Caurca o St udy, sa
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QThea tudy ofeceWIe.this 1cetttUae Ms an ubari of
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.aiucrlber., will ria ..narla~y rtanan Ilay.u i'.a* and
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1I Inler Iru.lr..k Ol)
Ivanktafn. lw.a. It.f 19. Iint.
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Wanste anal Istpl Dry (leada, ClthLing.
and 4 ilhan·'a Puarlabshing (lidais.
3.64. and ibm., Hata and Caps,
flransailea Tinwar, Hiard.
ware, quoa'si WVar
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ti·hlA fiI-,i, i-ii C:·all aan ..v ma, at u dor IaI \n.
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Mum.,u l t I{r lI that Muck'I RI. linlte i, -.Hl rior
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'hartrr thak It 'wort, -sdt ln, oth) r l eah.Itng M sl
i',: E t 10 l t: ' IAN Y NEo, lIER'
V.AA.I. ' N I'A I N '1' I 4 M Ril AA' lILN 1bti A'l:
and the
:1'1' 11 I 1 .1W1.1 4 1
'II. IILL \t 0 Ii LA, PITIIP .
I h WI,,\l.l IIII r i n alWr i il l:, n
SIATI WAI.ll. l II l
I'" th ,.u r '.i iý' Il w .%t tr I ye.m, t t
A Weekly Uarday.Sch..I raper
I:,gh1I yal;," r I.(·lltlhl y 1113.1,41"1 a ll 1 ·(·D to ·ob
"I,.*l.. OU 1h h. Il, ag I..1W , fr. Iag. fa U IC (.le
'1'w ar« a;u.a ,b. ll0y.e t ao t I' I .,-y -trek, .one
f Idler n .
'1'w .,r rum, -p i,,l~ ,f Oll N ·a'll t". LII(·CI " ·( I -ill
,a.I ut. . .h,,,I 1. f~ ,11 u, .a,"r. .,r I., a"al ..
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nn," L u~rvr r ~(u,» to ..nu .l"11...11 11 real. r n (r L. (1~
J IV ItlILK1: r.
hlll (l ( All,(4.
l A I I 1- I MMM .tu n . M 1
At 3.,. I n MeSareet, YrI·all., I.e.
I' l:1i :11 113AM I.1111, I.A(EM:
eolta k Prrot.
l,.+r. illl..- A 1'".,"", Iroprr:rur ,. , a I* ..ut I,,r th,
r lllr M plnb. (I l....l lll· plaxlerr. Ilwt 1L··) ril; I, ,, ,. fur
U'." "l.b Nir.. , A. " -r t \ a ,.. lA ...., 1 ll
,Fr hI int l....I , m ll .tII IIII.'tlzr.L A" -. C ..al .I.;
It.l.rm r. .-by.pr r"..4r,., Iapbma,.. .. ,l.I a dml.
Idl.ra . I4 1e.bl1 ig" I al' i ..ll'l - , , . ml I.t lba, ta..r,
o, their trrh.,r. h .t... or, dorlog I l I,"1. i All ," 1'rr . xlr4 I
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a,1o h-r.. Ih , I i. . , ;, 1 I..l 1 11si "11a.I , ai.e a.yl. "1
A ll !r b r ..llm 1 Il mi a , tlr.ll I" . I 1 . "'...rl ('ypr.
I'a.llm& .I x rI....Ibgm p, dlfl a, dh.'madrlgr, rx ... withatl
Illlmt. I' tl m,,I I 1 ., I. a.l r, i gr . ,lt lll at h.f lb.
ta.l .4.." tlrl., I.r . lr1.1 t . [aI.l.am l n tIltpullal Ia.
Irl. Inrl I III·" . , , & " 'ui .-r 1,., ,I ron w.4 1.111 ·I h
Alxrcl oll" by*ll etrri d.,llo Ilyi .bI t. aa of or it.
.I a ll tl"ll 'ltl s llP d.tQ.l tt1 ilaf , I . . . l.,ar.lhag. ."
rvrdiojtl o brtr Hul.t.> tr,m d~r t,, t*1n ih,. I'l,.ulh.
Tyll. lai IgIh lap.at lta I Illr. all mad Il, ol 'b.a ir
1h l ".r.lll.l. l ,l.r ..r.ll.lll. I1h III.. h. I,,1, W L
rlr)ut thre ,L ..'x Antlrt, las.-, .o Wl. iur1l. y, Nult ril
Ilxe lull tlngl·lllh¢l *Ilpol.llun or to lll.i A.ru. r.r Cul
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t. . tubn ll. l l .. i i. PbuI illilv llil 021h~gft s o tall
· ·I e·' i,11 II..tr.. what 6rll·i eLII( o im*n theo pi'hla i~t
apfi. allaaa li.., illnt ial. aub,. tl'flhtl b 1 1d. a
dhn ( )w lulullllnl·h,ll willll ll muly ni)ole . ilidtlIHI IF,
Lur oli I( blemirl x t. tf Ihllle."ra ,n In W 11u&t,
ilel. lIbrugh lllvilC wllh one tl or more oIt if.,
W.r PIl w,. I ayamma, . Am I. r ie .
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S Il, the 11..."ll, I' ly wl oreI nued whole ahlv.ll f '
tnD tnop.tllto.I from lhe w l""r Iolpn lt Ithr Manl aI
Inch o lb.r ld hn.i thuolodring i ty will. to dofo "thei
Slurela toll nlro · 11 grt.. In t oaove ngth e.ilants It
111.11)ualdr .illli glhn aJ WIIlor 41' FnA., In
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No l Ixugh dla'illi.Kn ,llh our thlr.l or ".ors of l h I.
Ia A, w uld 'll.rrtu b required toi glurl. p
It. Y~argL.
We, 1I1 Oarrrlgned pleal(r. of oil Mary, having l(
lnreerd the opr~ral1.l r of t floe plogh, gore 1 ou Intl
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I. Uaaraaaaan, J WERErtt r 1, AT
W. P aert n Ittaxl
A, I . r e I. t, . $iJ. a
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J A. Ynutr. "1'uw. J Yunrrr.
J. Gl. Plnrrna~n.
SA Capt A. Ost.. WrnLhNu.
A lug. lot of UIat WagmI .a 4 Pptau
AM -N. . ry. . ................y...
(:dhl Sad .... SrYt
Between Calliop. am Peofourr. Mt,.U.
(1olUUtall, SI MaMs. DIMIII,.
rho I ..I...&..h Amtleal Iw.1 w ob I.I 3.0.
wa will bp h 1 Up of S.pdw, 1070. Tb. e.
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Of aSllS glas and Pllrer..
POWIAIII.11.: N ; V .IM IN SIN gfl..
Ow Wugens Cr Frames, us 8u.j. I. lle~re~.3.
Of all KInds and date..
In Diameter.
Cut and Wrought Iron Screw Pipes.
Of Vamieus Kimd. a.nd Siana.
Corn ?dile from Eighteen to Thirty-six
" Inabhe Diameter.
ANt; Ii W'`I *A sf ( I[\Ii: \IIL1ý
'" ' A Ml I" Lb 1'E). II , .
Or P Deep l r ýnpl~lº . g )I..I. t."r 'e 6. Fr rPump"; .....
Or Deep We(Pll and Force, Pumnl,
l . Ihltul, 1"aý IM u~ l Milll 1h1* . ·I'· 1· ,_
wire F~ngtn .. !Il~ tl"l , F'a , . ' . 11 .,..·
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I ILL&KA l1L 1v[.L a rA )Ai "11 r ",lII· I . ~11.11,
Y·Iuy ether utklrl end Yarhlaul Im aearrrum I.
Tb., an .o i.ewt.dblly or iv ahrnigInv,
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