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The Planters' banner. (Franklin, Attakapas Co., Lou.) 1849-1872, November 23, 1870, Image 2

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D. DDlAT? - - - Editor.
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ýbitorials anb e tthr artts.
MIsYral.-In our last issre..the dory o4
the first page whose heading should bave
been, "How A GacunBLta WAS CUnED."
by a typographical error read, "GA.ILa.a"
instead of 'uGRURBLEi'."
planters of this p rlsh say that a planters'
organization for mutual beneft ia impossible.
We don't know why impossible. Who eaa
give the reason?
and West, make a mistake when they put
them in miserable hantles, and they will go
back North and warn other white laborers
not to come here. Makte their food and
lodgings acceptable. and the prices given,
them this sugar making and last, will bring
multitudes to this country, every fall, and
the labor will be satisfactory every sugar
making. and there will be no nore strikes.
TtE FROST.-Last Wednesday aight tlw,
frost along the banks of the Tech. sad gen
erally throughout this sectiou of Louisiana.
was pretty severe. Some say they saw ice
in wooden vessels quarter of an lackh thick
Some planters have windrqged a portion of
their eane. Others conclude to roll on as
rapidly as possible without windtewing. If
the weather does not turp too warm the crop
will not be cut short much by the freese.
But a short crop withouet the frost was a
oertainty -without the fcet. In some ex
posed lacalitles The cane has been mack
more seriously injered than la.lthers.
TawI'Ttouoa ST. MnAY AND TIEtili.
It has bee. eearly two years sinee we made
an editorial tour through St. Maryl and the
adjoising parishes. Necessity will eqspel
as to make the trip besteen this sad christ
mas, to collect what is ee " ths oflje from
wIharibers, mad al . t Many have
..gteied to pay us anti we east stand it
any lbager. We must have moiey. is
dilealt to get money to pay the euot .----"
pense of our offico. We intend to .s.' all
who owe as in thee* two parisheIanbe szt
mII,, ~s we epe s vneewa Wmy. ,as
a little change for oar special beaer d to
discharge their obligations, wheq we-eall on
them. We are comp~W 1s b ote's own
collector.. The numes teSet$ dga this
office are each smll, bet l.wihe aggsete
they are enoUg $. make as easy w
paid. Se pay up, end keep the
floating. Our flag bas ettalW l [!islt:
-" . r
THE NEoGo Juar.-Negrq 5ami.s are
generally a mere burlesque.-sllsethmres
they are wors th. that. SLw ary; bsa
negro jur noijur sewsi oSd
Lastwsamue} Js Le sd wife, (>ritq)
lived at Choeplm *g. soar Fenak
lb. Jake choplied lU& gu. "es.
Randlett. It is uqpqsloJ ttss aIy jy
were of the lowest erder .f w pub
but jak.1} honest, andi ingoee, .
" L.* sssw Chede LwriLajlewria
All.u. (uegr * weat is h ed
dark, tthe. fear etaazgwtt'e w dssa L of
Ls. ~.gb the~.a with a pistol-I
Alien turamd itdencae, and Liast "we
in e·oesrtb is plaosqes*Mai-8smrbe
Loves tret Jake' 1 4
sad hid a uight suqIp4 itoryt. i f i
whl. i Jet. Ls ' ii s :i ast.
I .tibed Charles Lo is arn a41i `i
stsm~kted te outradg =wa 3'i
Posew are fpm the #jibas : qipS6
tho eou~.abrsELº, the"i~
wadtig&r ordesqj wempmls
and ills be Lhv ihps.1.yiii~
for that purposer. 44-r+ M
eWa~u Chbad. L.v
The p. ls -lssa ke tsl
CAi wtiN L nL-T*'eleU4 Via
pleps IM bands in
ball r.1hrd iU
And l r; I W':
ý I~b o I~ e 1Taita
ted up ueLy-sud wb)L i ai
I~mm -
' - W1 1 }
wf -bJet.
o had! _ 71.1
$' WW l
In otr statements in regard to what we
aw and herad i tr 1te
t of Maine, we er Readiv d t
truth, a- near a we
truth. As wb hag ' to
a close so f d ce
oerned, we wish rma n Ihat is all of our I
interview witktihelple in all parts of the c
State Wwere teated withi oeet kind- t
nessby i baemoemats aadJ iea t
IfieaLrd no tawtms, rot an unpieasant or
dsagreeabhPle ja d ti3 b yý one. We
talke.d-- -- . t k .om. sa, car
win ia hs Bawsa. Tgr moderstand
at when we say earpet-bagger, we don't 1
ieap the honest men ef the North. They t
b-gin to sadesand tihe real character of r
4hese pen who bhave doe so much mischief
tin Louisiana ait&h e South. They were in t
the dark on ghis gabjeet soon after the was,
andamo y Iadibsl )mernala like the New
Orle.s Republioan, bhave labored hard to
ee t*eml ahbe rsrk, but in vain.
We used the word carpet-bagger as freely
in the State of Maine as we use it here.
, and no one consider d himself insulted, or
, hinted that he considered us a carpet-bagger.
They understand that no man who is a friend
to the Southern people, or who desires to do
e Ahem janice, is elamed with the carpet-bag
gers in the South. And three-quarters of
' the peameewios whibh the South bas re
ceived from the North since the war, have
been on account of the slanderous reports
Ssent to the Nottl by these very carpet-bag
t It is not our desire to place the people of
° Maine, or of any other State in a false posi
"ion before our readers. We will speak as
1 freely of the good qualities of the people
u there, as we do of te dark side of some of
their people who hare helped scourge the
r Souls.
. W told our friends there that we would
by glad if a larger number of the respecta
ble and worthy people of Maine would come
South; that in some places the carpet-bag
gers are so numerous and so contemptible
k that the people here conclude that this class
of people is numerous in the North, and the
s better class a aearcearticle. There are as
[f good men in thebo North as ca be found any
p Ihere, but since the war, most of these stay
at home.
a -- --- -
:- 'oo T.asar.-The late article written
I by (Gov. Warmoth, and published in the N.
O. Republia. is seply to ear complimenat
ary notice ofeMs court hosMe speech in this
- place, we intended to publish; but, upon ex
amleg it, we find it too low fluong, too trashy.
Stoo much of pot-house eloquence in it. to be
' admitted into oar columns. We have ao
doubt the editor of the Republican, who
Swields a keen ad graceful pen, was asham ed
Sf themardeleat the sambendd couaeit of
Sthe Governor coq lled his chief scribe to
k it is his olursas.
Only think! twenty-foer lies is half a
U column. No mpnia this State besides
a Wrwraoth coald eram as many- falsehoods in
i ioismTfiaispbii . 'If tie lloreruor wishbe
" to hide his true oharacter he ought never to
Staitsbis thoughis on paper. lie will do
a wel) to ehpatnue to irditate the owl r the
s mole,-fly by niglht or work under gupsed.
List W.&e~te were to the Sfhbm .e
t~th. ~iWe le ~quge ~~~rr ia
1 6llami k 'iY!tlet=ýlrbr Dagaa's.
Frank 1ThteU ssou's Iwd Mr. PF. D.
Riehazdson'8. All oIfriends.
Mr. Sorrel was .ski s d .gar.
bet his °lh wit amot at qod as might
ba ben expa . SI. Was putting
a tlateab bb M~s .eatrslled at the rate of
4+ d . fidees in asi' t, and it came
out a splendid eatie.. dry as sand. and id
did ahipping ortdr. Even cistern but
- put thruh tiwesa machines. miy bel
musngted ieto dq.wgar is a few mina.
W g'h pleibst timo with all of oar
MJegwtarta frised- whew w* ,iswited.
Wit stged to call itu (tIhers. but burmot se
opportunity to do. ye Our old bhorse watl
u. with ii rl sad we Couudit cir
bisý-s' -.lit. tlk Oefwddefate
ýr bbaohoi t$a eo1io the wat.
We take iert pirwIt blttg Ike
J yeerett wuE abdf 6od, a$ wa~iatPs to
reppt tluaot,:Mtpot. aibly
maake ft onen casi,1.es.
TU5i~d rnmu.,Cr tiý a--Last Wed
teea m etafiiU tI sai e.g at New
slIa fr&t.pN ,w ousalt
t alca .and feasibility
a m a j4f the
i W lt per
s, i~z so a lasso. of
- c .-; .
d'tl ll~~1S~)aR)to~bk.+ - j~i
rt$ osf cakwel
ýbkt " Csnadt : 'ý
tit te. ta 's
n,, All insti
man oriign
principals of
d System is,
f s upon the
grmat law of all-otder. As without order
there can be no elflleiat artI ztion, so, int
tern, o.r no efloiest system be established
that does not flew as the reseltaf m i
eteti. The illimitatile-sytems of tiue uni
verse are governed by th, ame nimmlttalbJ
laws, fiz AIy tie Gireat eator,f4dl whoum,
f~gltrrIiifls atttibotes, sprinos the foun
t1It head of all organization. The estab
lished governments of the eurth bepr wituesa
that the gre at example has not been 16~a
upon mankind. Th' great politicegL
of the coontry wield their power by means
of the leve.r of organiz dtitla, and so startling
has been the result of the power acquired
by organied I ef.,,'t, that tlhere is barely i
single profession, occupation or class of la
borers that is n:,t represented by s.om:e ý..
eies of organization, traide union or league.
Single handed the laborer found himse!f
orashed beneath tare weight of capital, or
ganiz ad ad co:nbi:ned against him, and he
was compelled to concede to its demands or
I starve. lienoe, he seeks the shelter of or
ganizs tion. In turn. the capitalist beholds
arrayed against him labor organized into a
powerful combination, to whose demands he
mast accede, or ruin is the oonsequence, It
thus becomes a question of direct antago
nusma between labor and capital, and or
gatner IizTbor meet be met with organized
8 tgif~tStril.&dfi, or;'alance of power is
f once more established.
Now it constitutes a singular excep
tion to this rule, that the planter of
the South Is the only interest not pro
tected by comhination, or organization of
some character. With superior educeation,
intelligence and wealth, with their attendant
influences, he is yet behind the the very la
borer who cultivates his soil, in entering into
and forming combinations for the protection
and advancement of his own+ interests.
Hitherto deaf to the voice of reason. blind
to the warning conveyed in the scenes daily
enaoted around hi:n, he seems, utterly un
conscious of the latent power which lies
dormant in the circumstances of his condi
tion, surroundings and position. Possessing
wealth, almost the exclusive proprietors of
the soil and tenements, owners of atock and
implements, and everything necessary to a
successful cultivation of land, and the grant
Sing a means of livelihood to others while en -
joylag large profits themselves, the planters
of this country. disorganized, weak, (yet
possessing the elements of strength) and
divided among themselves, yet tamely sub
mit to the aggressions of a faithless class of
laborers, whose sole and only power consists
in the fact of a thorough and eflicient organ
isation! And yet the planting community
of this parish, while possessing all the at
tributes of strength and power, are stall
weak and helple-ss! Without organization
(I address myself direetly to thl planter,.
great and small ) what means have you to
oppose to a demand of five dollars per day
You enter into a writen ooqtract with the
laborer, by which he binds himself to work
for, and you 'agree to pay him the monthly
salary of,say twenty dollars the year round.
In other words, he agrees to work for you
st the rate et mweaty dillar 'per mouth,
whether yoe employ the lberqr actively or
tit, for two, Ire, qr elgbt aodhs, la law
` Si ngapocr y7 to pay the la.
bor for the w4o year, astipulated to: 4.e
coatmrt ever if the nature of his emplay
ment permitted him to be idle fer thres
mdhals in the year. Yot Wi boitgh g ay
him, wbehether. works or mti. as oegae he
plaoele s aerioss at your dispoema sd ooe
feas faliy to thme esbemments of h'a co'
tract, neither violeti g, both employer wad
rmullyee ar bound by the stipultions of
the written eontraet existing between them;
sad so le.g is e laborer abides by the
terms of the oaeetrat, Jast so loeg Is the
emporgerboasd to pay hi*; and, Im turn,
Slog mas the employer feliUs the letter of
hisroutract, jast so oeg Is the laborer
bosed to woth for him., The law Is eýeully
laaisag ope. both parties, to a contract,
apon employer as .spou employee. But,
on the ether hldi-the smment either party
violates the terminh of thtatraet, the party
sovupla4ing. fueitts the obligation apder
whieb h b as ther party. To i.us
trate: a sugar pleater aitem lute a writtes
onatract with a et tberer, ia which he
bin#G ,l, ewlf to py the s ntywa do.l
laraer moath, for walve taeiaat that is,
fotrue year, maths of e4wenty d-jinar
per month, and lMiriish rations. The eol.
r.ed t1 .rer mate a s par t- tecoo
.r o ,e esaya a
-leg--h,- b. peid. is M st4 ..fe ery.
he6pad hm a thereawtbr o year. or p:
paratio* 4e Fy S *(.Oatrset.
. . .. ..o ... t e. t q : ai u sr sr
jabeser of his ~ep er w maoa4lhd
faisaeeratess. the soeered i baex e d
i.s. b*, wed Ialftelipy bat the eas.
gia rdises bi..ontrmet ahd raotssfm
"i0. l rur r'ib f `i fil;jis every
ts, a.adwithboldebie sites., thea the
herai If i hi ek.Ieed -lbs,.. le iates
g by'Egu eligie loas'.ei ansch
ethssIl tia squweºtmaer is.
S igMr seetm sgivealas a uald
ie* pr ag mmql if aka mmd
IRa t ; searahIeiof is 1s sa
airectioun that tfarill reduce i :I-r t'
stem so economnicml th t it will h, withiut
'the reach of all, I knom4,,itively--.mvinug
c0mt~ aN Unesuee, Georgia, Ala
hbam; baj isslpp. that hundreds and thou
sa a merely waitilr tier opp,.,rtuuity
ndsas eato e.uigratrto tL hs count ry. where
wa iaraso h.1. 'tr Ivin.g + ch aeap.
If the pll ters-p ,prtm,'.i s ~, e'.-Itat..
I/qýe tsd sualll-will mmeet t,.c g:h..' h.rmni
nio ,farnm týten.es.,s into a regaIr '-
lon'. apil initntthhe e.ft'uest c, o'tera
tion of nll, both whit,' timl l.ick. i ii liring
jumponi,smue.phoe for regulaltimg tihe labor
question, and establish suomt, delinite retdltin:l
I between efnpllvoyr au.l eraply..,'. I ventur
to predict that much gmo I will f,, ' v. It i.
in so spiritof atagomnisa itor. or hostility
s gainst the colored popil itimi , that I makik
i"s segw oh 'it' "fN the' I *'lg'in -
I was raised arnmong th.;n. My natual af
fiuities arc in favor of tilm, ,ver an,1d a ov
all cl mses of labmrr. ii, th:, vmrll. It ii fr
our mutual ge,,] that I Ih re wr:!tia ihm
foregoing. I ton umt .t p:autt r, a1n num but
recemntly come, amo,Ing y,a;r pruopml, andi
noting from an impartial stanmi point, t he
spirit that seens- to, perv:ad'e iii cla-ses, oth
white and hiMack. pregnant, as it u n:-t b .
with evil for all, unles' sp.e ily r'eilniied. I
can but hope. that. in w:s t I Lave written,
I have 'set down naught iii maitie."
A LOOK'.:i ON.
St. Mary's Pl'uih, Nov. 18, 70.
'The white people of Louisiana hlave this
year had ample proofs uthat the negroets ai
ployers when they sit, as they wish to.
with here and there anu exceptinll. BIfore
thb end of the prusmint sugamr-making. the
plantels i iii learn that tlhy cannot rely up
on free negro labor to minke up their crops.
When the planter is most iii trouble, when
his crops and his necessiti..s press him mo-t.
when ruin stnres hin in the. facee, aun. freez 's
frighten him, his fiel:i, mill. And kettle handsu
show the most stolid indifference to his in
terests, and movre as though they care but;
little whether the crop is saved, or lost. The
appeals of the planter to his sense or justice.
avail nothing. One Radical club lead.r,
plotting the ruin of the planter, ih-s more in
fuence with these field hands, than all of the
best planters ii St. Mary.
Will the planter take the. hint from his
sad experiences since the war! Will he re
eodstruct his cabins to receive white families
who will work his lands on shares! \\'ill he I
araange with his commission merchant to
sand for some of these fimni.ies! When .e
groes carry this parish by rm' r, than five
votes to one white man. does lie want more
of this unreliable labor!
The condition of the sugar and cotton
planters of this State is, at present, ex
tremely embarrassing. Sugar is sold at six
cents a pound, and cotton at ess than three
times six. And the the sugar crop is short.
Planters and their fami'ies have struggled,
bravely and patiently since the war, to make
a living, to pay their debt , nd educate their
children; and pihte.f the. sianders sent
abroad against them. iuteligent people ev
erywhere know they have been law-abiding
peaceable, and submissive to the Governa
ment.- Thslaboronwhich they leaned has
been made unreliable by Radical politicians,
who, not satisfied with criching themselves
trom'tthe treasury of the State, now plot
the rain of the planters, and promise the
negroes a sub-division of the lands irto lots
of from six to ten acres. This is the last
t is Our deliberate opinion, judging from
dIt, and appearances, that Warmoth and his
sabordinatee contemplate a destruction of
the sugar planting interests of this State,
and probably the co:ton p!anting interests1
also converting the richest portions of this
beautiful State into a..t Domineo; and all
who bring laborers here, though they may
give asemporary relief to the planting in
torests, give the State conspirators better fa
eilities for acoomnplishiuig their dark objects
We need more white men n Louisiana.
The black race can always be relied on by
those who desire to impover sh and beggar
the white populatioena4he State.
WaTRa LAnoEaRS.-Last week we
noticed numerous white laborers on the road
between New Iberia and Franklin, hunting
work. We saw a few lying drunk and
asleep. by the side of, the road, enjoying
I emselves, under the fence and the
th amendment "ithQut regard to race,
an gf the white lah e3g arHgi ' d4
and gvtmng gorn. 3n. -ars -r
peets telsniake bette-anuds than the col
,eed ggestiee of Afrisan deseent, and rad
I..l taates.
Mrs. Porter has jus received a lot of
thitr-*v. or forty white laborers from Clhi
'ragie. MMeas Austinand Whitehouse have
sent for a lot of the sa e sort. The plant
ert backs are up at sft; and thky mean
bee.aess, and labor. . are done pet- !
tlr ngrees, saed payi g two prices for half
* day's wotr. The wlite laborer from the
:1orth and from Esaape, is coining. Money
and jýi i wtg{es will ring him.
' A im:Fraasisco organ grinder recently
rdwok "100-blving no heir but a
A.IMch jude e convict on of a
s, , codne' He
tft it hayvs g Jt'1Dt, degided "He
boiiahmM*$?, I ý mit one !"
ber tn fa er cwho basus mile of chil
drea. .Hisl'ame is Prlong, and be has four
iirlý dYouriJtoys-eight furlongs make a
The miamoitdaurket is reported brisk
ir'IiekIhe, Kentieky: The Courier quotes
iarr' 1eable )ldies, from sixteen to twenty
Ave, ia god deaald Tfor fair to prime.
,4 o.. . nce observ d
Stmtoasted a lady for
-twýolv..rsa ý t had little hopes of
hm m oh ataf y, f-re a! a
X6T i!
\\'M KNABE A 00.
lmaufactuor.ra of
GRAN D, St'UARE, A )D LPRIGHT I'IA.\ .t1 I' iltI f4
IJultirtor e, nld.
4eveuty-fie tirst Prize Medals awardai, I it, , .: >."uth.
ern Pias M autctory .
/"i.,s. in.:lulntnts have been before t l. Ip' li rir
It,. :"ly thirlsty ,1i gut upoun tLh ir excI :'." l.."' ,,: ,i: a -
Lt ued au u,"uceloed pre-tui: 1Cee ihi i It lam- thtemt
uln. i t:u I.ti. '1 Lhe
soaubnues rieat phwer s,5wer'tine ..id lii. ing i.e "l t!nt .
as well uis great puri ty of it"i l.tzt. on, .1:,t o t.l..e
ih &.lt .lt tiel e t t. -t IC. ' li
Toll il1
IN WVOittK.1Nnlll'
they are aneq ialed, unitlg none but the very hest ~aasneds
it1,-alt I, the large ca.tp .,t c.tii, l i i sl our tt.Su ts' cu"
tier. etc. oma iltitL
All tar - uare l'anos have our New hIiproved Over
-truig s.ilo, and tih Agrtf'" Trrbi'e.
it ('sall| ,Iei :Oa tt. ilo it urt. - t , lair itt e ,. iýu lt .l
(lt int .10 i .1~n aid1 i. G n., itenoted .Ltsgn-t.
I14, r.tid;, whitch brit* it it'tn iteatrer perlectiou te:al
hta vyt bna- .titiiurI.
E1:'.V. I"IANU) -LI..I W.Xik.tANiNi.it 1 itt I ' 1'
YE.tA I1.
aellsui lt tilt e 1.1wt , eee t'btt' ti I'At;I.)It t)tLW.t. :(nt1
.1 t.tu)l ti- icl'ti e sc ousr, V hb.oe. l" and ictaO;, .t
i.Ast.-t l t:~tt t'liter-
.,, *;'-l, . 1V 01. K NAII: & Ci).. lit ltimlore, .ild.
ii) TilE I'LANTE'' IlF ATT.th I.PlAS.
l!axiistI It- r:turnld frmn the Weat, where I have
s.o.e a :..;tri' ar.cle ln"uts to supply the atttefs of .lt
I .nakl.tus a.t. desire it, with H1oot Pot. s, iiLt)r , iht
(1Oni% IN til : EtAI:, as I was accnstoinfd to do mniny
yei.s a.i, I mt un. U,. rtpared to wake contracts to furli
nii-n the- i suloies as sooun as sa.ited the comsing I.ea.-o,
and will visit the planters inmmediately or that purpose.
Centr,' ille, Nov. Iii, 'T). G. WV. THOMAS.
A Body and Mind Disease.
Su'h is dyspepsia. The stomach and the brain are ioo
itiuately allied for the one to suff'er without the otier
-u that dysipepsia and despondency are inseparable. It
may be added, too, that irritation of tho stemnach is al
.. .. _ -- e ec. ..... .. u , uoq t g e of lto.tet
tro Ilit:et s is ntwt pts crfully del eloped i0 cats + of in
iig.stiol 'Ti g;ft rffTct of Ilti, agireable tonisc ts rn
fI.i:; eutI a el'tragiing. A t011.l glow pervades the sv..
tern, the chronic uncnsines, iu the regioi of the stomrach
isles-tced, and the nervous restlessness which elarac
teriztos tie di-case is abated. This intprivement is unt
tranient. It is oit stcceeted by the return of the oldt
symptoms with sLtperadded force as is always th* case
when nameditated stiumulants are given for the ctio
plaint. Lach dose -eens to impart a perlanientt acccession
of bealthltl invigoration. But this i" not all; theaperieti
and antitbilious properlies of the preparation are searcely
seeondaly in its importanee to its tonic virtues, UI there
is an ovelflow of bile, the secretion is soon brought within
proper limits. and if the bileary organ ti inert and torpid
i; is toned and regulasSd. The effect pone thedisehargiag
organ is equtall salutary, and in cases of constipation
the cathartic action i just sufficient to produce thedesired
result, and without pain. The Bitters also pronote
l.ealtby evaporation from the s.urace which is particular
y eI .iraible at bthis season when sudden spells of raw.
uniple.t anlit weather are apt to cheek the natural perspi
rittlu, and produce congealion of the aver, Coughs and
coldei Thet be-t s.afeguard against all diseases is bodily
vigor.and this the great Vegetable Restorative eosentiaUy
ilrumuo es
1-. 13. maiilh & C(o.
Our stock of New goods is now complete, conuistiig C.f
De ay Goods Snpted to the asoa.n,
And I ,eueral Winter Supplies, adapted to everybody'
wants, without regard to Race, Color or previous condli
tion. Prices reasonable Old friends and new invited
to call. . _ ý 0'_-O.
The sale of the property belong to the saccession of
Jules G. Olivier, deceased, as advertised in the Attaka
pas Register, is p:,stpoord from the fltt day of -overm
uer, to the 17th day of December, 1970.
No9-tw. F. C. PALFREY, Public Auctioneer.
For Sale . For Sale !
The DIelliug louse and property where the editor of
the PLATRttS BAN'ER has resided since January: 17ff.
may now be purchased at a very reasonable price
he property, cotsijstt of a square of aboat tix acres of
land, nearly five hundred yards front on the Iltyod
Teche; depth between the road andthe Bayou.
It has on it several hundred fruit trees, six kinds of
figs, five kinds of plums, grapes, p ar. peach, Mespilus or
Japan plums, erange trees, jujube, citron and bananas.
It has a comfortable dwelling and oat-houses; it is one
of the most sightly and beautiful locations on Bayou
Teche. Situated less than a mile, by the bank of the Ba
you, from the Franklin conrt-house.
The garden is extremely rich, and prodnees ine rvege
tables in great abundance.
This property can be purrhased for $3.500 by the one
who makes the first application.
It will will never be offcred at solow figures when sold
again, and when it passes into the handsof one who is
able to improve it.
When the winter travel and immigration Wst In, frv
hundred or a thousand dollars more may be demanded
for this property, if not sold before.
tAny one can be shown over the premises by applying
, theBANNERot$ee
The SI. Charles IsltUitfal
104IO.............aremme Staeet..........A11
MAtDAMig MACE Larsatc, DIRaCTRuss.
THIS Institution. which was founded many years
ago, offers supeperior advantages for the education
of the youth. Parents end guardians could have no strosn
er guarantees for the successful training of their ehildren
and wards than those furnished by the asmqnpliieed pit
pile brought up within its walls.
The buildings are spacious and airy, meeting all neces
sary requirements for health and comfort. The daily
fare is gcod and wholesome. A mother's care and watch,
fulness are ever bestowed upon the pupils, while justice
and kindness, without distinction or partiality, will be
received by one and all.
Fell liberty of conscience will be permitted to every
pupil. Religious discussions or questions involving a dis
ferenee of creed, are forbidden,and nothing will be neg
lected that tends to promote the growth of the heart, i
or to enceurage enlarged and liberal ideas, Everything
calculatedtocalm the spirit and give placidity to the
mind, will receive careful atteent- All that auweried
zeal eanfect ia teaching gentsaeses and urbheaty; all
that it can do to fit the pupils for life, for the fam ly circle
and for society, will be accomplished at this Institute.
"the directress requires her pupils to exercise towards
each other politeness, even in little things; andLto ex
hibit among themselves unselfish and delicate attentions.
Such strietness in every-day life, in everythlng pertaining
to courtesy and good manuers, must have an effect upon
young minds that can never be forgotten.
or.cse every stony neessary to achieve a perf et edca
tion in English anh French. Madame Maw s in earnest
in her endeavers to secure a corps of oempetent profes
sors. She will allow no sacrllce. however costly, to be
an obstacle in obtaining for the Institute the highest
order of ability and m6rit
All that is required to illustrate the study of ikembitry
and Philosophy, experimentally, is found in the Institu
tion. It has also a select libraty of the best athers la
English and Prech, suetable for au ages Each elms i
directed in a judicious crese of readg, am h upil
are required to repeat to their profsempr the gist o what
they read.
fter thi. extract from ehoce worls me made; aid
there can be no doubt that these literary exercises
rielly assist in forming the intelligence, by auppli
extensive fund of · sefhau kewsdge, the
memory, and ultimately developing a and
mode of speech, by famillarising the mind with the best
molels of style sud language.
The same care and supervision that are bestowed upon
the French language are extended to the Enalish; and
the latter, being the language of the country, is s- well
and eMetently taught as the former. Accomplished pro
fessors are engaged Inthisdepartment of knowledge and
tae most approved methods of Instretioe see adopted.
The pupils learn to speak thelwo lagags err ello y in
a very short timus and whatever may be their capacity,
the results are decidedly progressive.
Pupils who complete the regular Course of Study, and
pass a satisfactory examination in the same will reelve
The study of music in this Institution is an object of
special Interest ; the ehasLr thereof is In the hands of
Professors whose abilities are uagqestionaole The meth
od of teach lng this accomplishment here adopted, is with
the view of so establishing the fundamental prineiple in
thi mlads of the pupils that she may afterwards do wi.
outier Professor, and still progress a the culattivation of
an art hat reqireso m h study from the asprat
many semlees from parents
The use of the needle fot-ms part of the regular
of tholastitte. Upon designate4 da .gyeit.
reqlred to atteahe ,i oridi-tim
of the governess.
Bleoia gloet, lll., r'wsery.
Fruit nad ornamental trees-Nursery 8tock, Root
Grafts, Grapes, Evergreens, throbs, Deel, Heide and,
Oreehose Plantu s, Flower Bullks ~or PFld Tuli s, etc.
Colored Prlatt sad Flower Plates. All at wlhosa'e and
retail. Seed ten mc t sr er S taloes. U
l t144ma Bloomanlton. L,
E15 OO1)
Jntt IReceived.
A sew and excelent otoek tf
Fl ch .,:1 C'l Ulpl. . , t I'etlcrnm,au O., l ta.i. t)lk
l'cll,,w IIH ll.
c,':G t f. IAVII GODCIIA."
i/'i ., .:,,.r I'. ri., - . I ing .er, I.oehbase, hy the
l'ir , ill t re.ularly between lRayon T.che and
New Orkl.~,.- ltuig t.h c'uinntance ot the fall and
'" at.cr trade.
l'rankit,, La. t. 1t . 1 P.70.
I'ho If' 'anla to N.rp t
".111 . y,. ^.t t.ffrrin to aip his gtneral stock
Fancy asud Staple Dry (adsa Clotdhig,
and G(enleman's Fnralsthig Geeds.
Heots anmd Skoe, irats and Caps.
Groeeries. Tiaware, Hard
ware, Queen's Ware
and Saddlery,
For l'. S. '.'eauryv Note, s.
I nam tili willing to swap my entire stock of Fall and
RWilter goods for cash, and in order to dispatch all those
who will call on me more promptly, I have engarge the
services of Mr. E. M. Johnson, who will always he tfonl
behind th." counter. Call and ree meat next door to No.
1 Main ýtreet.
49.............(amp Street..............49ý
New Orleans.
Sunflcier.t proof that Buck's Brillliat is snperior
to all other corking stores now manufaetnrel on this
Continent has ag.lin been established in the severe stove
trial at the Louisiana State Fair. Wl70, where
After rctnal trial baking bread in competition with th
Chartcr Oak. Stewart, andt nice other leading stovea
Ste. agency of the
and the
twtlhole-ale and retail dealer in all kinds of
And Ilolusefrnll.hing goods of every deseripties. Cata
l.,nges andl price lists sent by reque t.
A Weekly SIlm ay-Sckool Paper.
Eight pages beautifully ilstrated, mad sent to sub
scribers on the followlng terms for Stagle copies:
Twieeamomth,lftyrenti a year. Every week, eme
dollar a year.
Twoor more copies of the Weekly, to different adlres
ses, 7. cents each; four or more espies to one address, 51
cents eeh; fifty copies to one addm s, 4. cents esoh;
one hundred copies to oem address. deanse e sek.
Two or more copies of the Semi-Weekly to diem.t
addresses, 40 eBestaseb; four or me epes t ems a5.
dress, 'i ecents each; ifty coples to e seaems, 4i ents
ealh; one huadred esples to sem address, S Seats each.
Specimen copies sent free. Address
Nlenu, Ga.
A General Assortment of
For Fall and Winter wear, which will be s,ld at
New Orleans Retail Prices,
At.e.1 Mait Street, FPraklkm, La.
Bolts & Pcct.
Messrs. Bolls & Perot, proprietors of a patent for tie
Hoe Plough, Inform he platmes that they wil leave for
tne West in the frst day of November, for the purpose
of having Hoe Puonghs manufaeanred. As the mams of
the arm are very resitrlted patentaee would advise
planters wishing to give this implement a trial, to seed
la their orders before or darlng October. All orders will
will be attended to and filled as promptly as pedible.
Every plebter should secure at least one Hoe Ploigh. so
as to have it early in the spring to test Its merits, sadtben
be is time to send in new orders for lb S season. Patentees
do got set any definite price as they are ignorant of what
the di&rrnt costs and charges way be, but can assure
planters that they will ask as reomsnable a price as po.
dh)le, in ordler to place their ilvention within the reach
of everyone.
All orders should be addressed to D. M. PoeSt, Cypre
mert Poet oee. Parish St. Mary. La., whom we bave p
pointod our general agent to transaet the bestneeI of
the above firm, or Pascal & IsMley. New Orlems.
Refereases I Noew Orleans-Paseal IIsle, Rebort
are, Price, ina A Tuppir, Bcas.ed ibert,
teme perses tq ý he oiUswi.sg m . givea and
signed only jplaster who haweb - m r s a seemn
the plougnh operatiie, .oR o who hbSeded, ac
sadig to theb'lsg, fte hRe S tlea loe . nuha
This is to aertify that I have mH . usg a a ns.
coatlu albna e lfledd tIhe e** f
M. VMibolr s if Satry, nd palestedb am or s
about the 35h of Aughst, 18I, to wMeb imlplemnt I ens
give my unqualit ed apgrebaas t to sM fley fee -sat.
lating either euggeang, cotton, corn, or other staIs
that are pleated i aa, and look . as the best eel
tivator as yet ia use, sat only lpl to i trqits
all grass that Infests the crop, bsis ass s.tr sin a
ehiae. (tne ploughman, with his pair f maee, go
ever from live to seven arpeats of ground o s $y's
ork. The Hoe Plough works one whole all eo thef
slw completely, from the water farrow to the gbat, at
ide stroke, throwing up dirt at demand, from oneteif
inch to three i-che., thus leaving very little to do for the
pmes to destroy what grass exists among the pleats. It
is as easily handled as a plough, not more laho ois, a
a fewexplanations will make .ay tMe udrsalh *e
use g it. I feel confldent thatplanters can, I. aing the
foe Plough, dispense with one third or more of the et
bor that weuld otherwise be required to a givem eop,
Ii. MARrlas.
We, the undersigned planters of St. Mary, having wit
tnessed the operations of the Hoe Plaegh, tgie It e fill
approval and feel conlident that It will ansaer all te
speciications set forth the above erieeate.
L. OREvZsnaKo,. . WrtN d.,,
W. P. Kaurst, AE
ED. SILLAr, ERatII SlI. s,
(i. L. Fk'LSEL IR, ins. Foaa XS,
J. A. PRELK, 'pi. J. tIývaa,
Si. F'uSeudt, A, Ssets,
J. G. PA.arnsoW.
At Capt. A. 6ates *'ýýasseina.. _
A large lot of 3 wii n mU u ... r r ..-.
And more pe gleamer, to be sold cheap bS cash.
Call and sea. Me-i f
aS-...... ... ..imbn esamet ...............
The twentyS~ m a l eashe th Ih tre t.
ter of lsastretisM fctimrmiemg.er4 le 1 a8 e-7 e
are of unq m hlgaai bi . uir1. I :---' .. -s
progresusno dsve4· eslmsmr of all he . theufara
tion of mannatsit comniJcatles. f efl knowledge
and acomplLmb.saa, withu laetr i
tterfere with 6 .* g. e e
Forfthrpsrtledeeqsaappty ja eso, erby 1511,
13Se m N ' I i.
JULKS 1iLOCIH. P D. csr.Cir .
No. I5 Petoer Streest, Between eave and Ce.n,
New oSeims,
Reepeettily eMl k ic elgact enats 'f Cese, Sugar, Rise,
W.eSdras, lides, Potry, Eggs, 0e. . H-tly'
Is the best and ebepst ever et-eafailbe Seoth. Two
lorse,wide tratm. 3 flahb.e hel, at
Finshed Ia asperior rstyl, and of the besit make and
materials Co lte wih box. tp b. double tI s.
slaglebres oerkwyoh. leek and sate chates..
Guhratateto equal iny wages ever etied in ts.
markLet TgERMS VA.I
.. w INDbAY. & CO.
tiultraa Err,rAgeet, New IbeisiLa el135t 4 a
" will put the steamerJ. 1. 1.-k, . . J
the Attakapai trade, to rCmmener. t ,.r
about the 15th of October. She tl I . cr:,,
c-:apt W. W. Barton, ltaki freight il In ; p .
S-t. artlnvimtle, Fanse Pn,itc. New lt, .:., I-:
(enutreville. Pat'erenton iUe. ano t. i ludi; ,. o , ..
'r'eche, via Anchtafidnya River P-rfmtr i:.
i'pply to J. E. (C.irlin, Nn. I 1' h! .,u, .':" Sr •
~ .'t14-tf.
zb the Pub6ic.
John P. Waltet offer. his services to the il a:ter .
the Public In general. as a Practical Machini.t antd
gineer. havinghat nOver thirtyr ear e'xp-ricnce ,
;ogpac Builier and Enginee. ha.t been en'aged the •
twenty-two or three yearn in this pariah and .tate e I:
ineer,npttingtp ad repairing all ki.in. of Maltrin
' Engine., Suagar .lkS, Saw MilL. etc.. and rritding ert c;,
lie now solicitt the patronage of rle Public, .tti-ti.
that he crn rnd.cr satisfi.-tio i, to all n h. r.' - ,r
$e will also fiurnui and ecentb plan: d F: .,
Sfr constructing ay kind of aieh.::ueri., .ta..r i :-,
etc. etc.
Ilaving completed arratte:re.nt, :h M-"-r' I, r.
roou & ('o., proprietors of that lar.e i t .,,I: r.,
manufactory, the "Ilydraul.' Foudr .i 1at .::.
Bridge Wo.rks. (.rner of Floyd and W. -h:ii g': r
T nis-cile. Kentucky," he wi'1 h1' ch'.". ;t !,'; 1~,
ra'tes, and penetnelly, to fur, :- unt :- ::rn t r " ,r
follow in
TUPi'EI''s r'Art. r it I IAt F:. I RAi :I: I:-..
For Steattn,ats. Steamship.. .Lncomnnti..- ".-;a.,,
Pn.uar".. ete. Onarantied to effect a lr, ..r , ,
Sfuel: tnt to warp or spring; to posicrs dt::rhfbtI -v I'-:,
dmn ble that of a net of the beat str:e'!,t I,,-,..-- ,::1 ;!..
Sperfect adaptability for burni: ho'h w~ n,, ";.l " . .
well as slaek. saw dnt., tan harkt . t tc . . -
toj)per centin feL Are now in .. by thet I
I between Loaisvilie and t'iurinnati. -ndI t h. - r ;.
a aavaingin feel fti.f0 per ntot::h fort-"'h Ita:r. i ,v
use of the name.
Sole Agents For the South and resat.
Of all Sizes and Patterns.
Own Wag.ns or Frames, as away tie Desired.
HT ' A 1' E OI I.. 5, IL S,
Of all Kimda and Siles.
Cirtlas Sawa rrar' 'welr e to Sixty Incthe
In Diameter.
Cast and Wrought Iron Screw Fipes.
Of Va ie s Id.ls and m .tes.
\VIIE.\T I"LOiURIN r M1111.1..
Co rn MD Mlls h e Ubtsee to Thirty-Six
Inches Diameter.
Fr Catlag Cast Weed, Shingles, Blacks, etc.
Cr Flm bot ylag Seller. or other vestels nnde,t
prelmnse, or otherwi~e, for Fire Engines, or
Railway Stations.
MOrzoutl1;8 DIRE EN ,[NF:.
Or DIpWe alasd Force Pump.
T Pump can be mne with the great,.,t succer ar
Fire Engine, No lete Factory, Sgar fHoma or
Dwelling oalht be without one. It iL more
safe and better than any Town Engine
or Insurance Ofie.
STAR noTatR RAtAow.
Many other artidle and )weletb toe samnrol to
T. l"e' a PAIRtl walaglr Utos alers.
Plan M fs s througit l alupon a
ns h. cnomy, du.
rieeommnad thepaelves
to anhbe ey can be ahed and
p r at close wooden
Sand alumt inde,
steletahie, B IS (1t racelve advertiemr eatt,
moet s
and wLag grnha brhides.
.l t ol anutactrery for the
telethd blae ldng*the g .ti b lat rear, tft
boa ista y.n jaalfismsi tapi and other
Th.wlm oabet to bad a largs Iron
airs Sate. glie atn.
tie s - ~ýSl e7eat. Pai tl henears. werr
, .l l o sia, or othner luforn their
st ah s . . [email protected] b aa b ed t s~ite, t o w d r r -
ttbageu qlaue wegb Poet Ote u other.
wise,b JOHN P. WALTER8I, Agee,
Aug; IS* EBrashear. La.
dTb. i.cJtaitdemy for aysr
Y mR Y, ofKl filt!> 5th, 1870. The site i.
tttetd oise end! balrt, being aiobly adoae.d to
oaypooal alt
a5 tho eirng ettattba -
For hea n~l ~i e r ter of iAve mearin
T. it .... ...ýý ... ..ap r o
Mand i the geallpieal meire of the lower
To-, wl" ,eosm i t"ohetle "ý warl esopy.
wha wl peeapsg need, and
Te edritr the edcaonl pit prevalilng a the
eamyh. Te adrl sd Ia . aged b7 ther oma
!su IAi.OYl bestowed his e.tO rmita ordtherto
tes O tfrlsee. 4 niesaty aofhei the
ads. o paerens g uas dsastug for their
eiru o lrwa N o raotlq edaoaat, ar opo ers
mtIl ola r en. ac tlt a . aoegmet tety.
The seen plr p oe in Ird ua pusivo, ad an Interfer
buta po.eteabi ua ttersahet pil are at
in o tte & or o h m ay b e .aig.eteid ty
- -dial oe.d ta t prlim, h order rtha.
theymye o inyt fell beneits. Papils boardigy witL
tr wig rueic constant ra and arsltanc iu their
.bse.. Yhl tl he eiseusb to visit town day or
l from without the day o oent of
--bepgalerly is* rMdlrWi the ellW MoMe.,l,
obe bhesohae p Upals Po fs term of e ind andts
laprovementake:::::::::::::::_*125 It)
yart futm abe Cand Wasing... tbe Pabi:. R:od, sl14 t
othe Tcpee w ll e, r t to. ther owy t d e pillat
Yr earhmer portisal ora s apply to J e s)ahisi, a , ar
sO'Neill Dipol,m a bee
reotklia. Amrn l t t10oyb1870
re n h er t:....... .... ....orr ......e io 12tse
ERO. B. SH I' ED, Priacipa
TlaWNea Oete ruig rder
th ein or of tis l iln to ertablm. a pape
]i.batrtOIEhR1y I a ori Opesofthere in.
emla hIT oscuetbpytJ O oU sswt ao the puer of c
barw paeo# ptlestaOllE ttlh fewu bepr
.Lbaed essor twinv. togetheur ciha Ise treae
motsq rhao the lays rosole
The AlB Ies.ImCC ifs eeýtn4 rlv uea o ordean
i!Mroveast4Eib I. Ral5 eDnewld can
lans t.A the C i i reitebs Pllr of tedd $%
yar °,t ash of the Bus..mea oluthegpfron.
herfrter pertielas.aiPoly aeIeel, :,
y j'neti ls$al to tins purchaser In
Franklnry . .<r r w the r10.1870Nie1".
Prankii ~ Aagnd 10,18:

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