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The Planters' banner. (Franklin, Attakapas Co., Lou.) 1849-1872, February 22, 1871, Image 1

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"' For forms of gora.mint let fools contest;
"C'ater s f,, r.~,s l,,. a etfls ot.; FRUaNKLN, PARISH OF ST. MARY, (ATTAKAPAS) Lt., WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22., 18..71. o' is or :fa, . .,,. ,:
, i .t.ý i
E. f7. Lonabard.
Hlas for Sale, large list of the Met Select and Desica
hle Sgar ad Cotton Plantations. Farms and Tracts of
Laud in Attakapes and St. Landry. Tracts of Land,
i s..u.ve.d In LauTin Small Quantities, for 8ale
Nw Iberia, April27. 1870.
be , arepeats, parish of Iberia, on Lake Pag
nie'm. 15 riles aohthwet of New Iberia. Theplace
a salaeved, 1
4100 arpenta, fronting on Bayou Tiger, 15 milee
o'lluthwest of New Iberia, little or no timber, land rich,
unimproved. 2
nTed e,rlsh of St, MastIa,.l0 arpents ln woodls.U d,
awl about 00 WpMnte of pe. prairie, rich and easy of
cultivation, There are improvements on the place
ixeepttwo 4able eabis, 36
near the Cote Glelee Hills, 8 miles norlhwe.t of New
Ibeia, containing 110 arpents, with a small orchard and
good site for a building, and lie within two miler of Mor
gbn's Terxa Railroad. 61I
STeehe, 41 miles below New Iberia. containing 4100
arpents superior land, 1.iO nder fence, and 70 planted in
cane; combrtable dwelling, with 4 rooms, and other
requisite buildingr, and nine new cabins; oxen, ox cart.
mule. moule cart, 200 barrecs of corn, fodder, etc. ti
I from Abbevrille, eart.e month of Bayou Vermilion,
borderng on the ea marsh, 220 acres. 12
on l e, near Bayou Mallet, of 300 acresn 17 enclosed, -
with good fenmce, dwelling and out houses. 32
Pointe, 10 miles from New Iberia, 2 mille from I
mvt Teeher other rpoanto. a16open land, 140 enclosed
and in cultivation, 1:0 acres of good wood, 138 acres of
cypress land. A dwelling 26 by 30 feet, with three
roons and gallery, double kitchen, fowl house. pantry, 0
carriage house. 3 double cabin, corn crib, corn mill, I
stable,, etc. May he purchased with the place, 4 mulat 1 I
I nare, a horse, five oxen, furmitg utensils, half the -
grossfng map af see sM wtt. as431
cane. ;:3 ft
tr ) 3sar -ren!eared. This in very fne sugar and cot
t, I land. Situated near Barry's Landing. 11 miles Ie
r1iw Washington on Blayo Catawbla. The improve- c
ents :are moderate, with a new gin bouoe. 63
. Iberia (,m the road to Salt Irtlaiil f 1acres. prairie
aoil without woodml, all undr fence and ditched. 2
lhou.,e, each two rooms, stable. corn hbo.ise, kit' hen. aud r
othler buildings; 2 acres planted in cane. 16 c
ette, r mile-i below th, town of Vermilionville,410
arpente.froetiag oin ilayon Vermilion, woodland nuitable I
ftr a .sgar platmttioui. Can be iurc-bsed at a very f
r.-asouaile price "25
.I arlent. aniost wholly above the flood of 1i67. fer- t
s oil, iulprovemcots fair, abount two miles from Jean- -
Iu' i ele,. ix orseven milesbelow New Iberia, fronting on
Itayon Tclir; some choice fruit trees, flue location for a
rexid.nce. pli-asant neigh:iorhood and a healthful location.
ik sixty acres, one-half woudland, the other halfprai- r
ri4, 40 acres enclosed, good cypress fencing, a good v
,welling, 4 rooms below stairs, and as upper story, out- -
',uesa, stables, etc., and a supply of good water. 33
it -Opelousas, 100 acres, 40 acres wood, and sixty acres I
ex elleut prairie. Large number of pecan trees on the a
place. Can be purchased cheap. 34
l Parish, fon, muiles northwest of Opelounas, of 104)0
arpents.70 of which are well timbered, and the prairie la
portion of a superior quality. A commodions dwelling c
with 7 rooms, piazza 10i feet long, stables, barns. ii
terns, etc., in good order. Well adapted for cane, eat
Ioti, corn, etc. 3
from Perry's Bridge, on Vermilion bayou, parish of
Vermilion, and 2 miles frem Abeville, of 80 arpeats
prairie. with 23 arpeats wood land It miles fa,rther off. i
A dwelling 20 feet square, 500 pannels new fence, corn. a
potatoesn, plows, etc, together with 4 creole horses, will a
go with the place at the option of the purchaser. 41
S cotton or corn, in the parish of St. .andy, 12 miles a,
from Opelosas, on RBayo Iallet, of 216 arpents, with ft
100 arpents ofn good woid land adjoining It Dwelling 40
fret square, 4 rooms and a parlor lblow stairs. Also a hi
ie.ln crib 30 by 20 feet, and another building 40 by .0, ,
ell mew. 42
ygar ewt . o t b ry. dios ,.h. oa
it er elal pr e rid, tl "aecey shid t
threae doable ones forlaborCrs. 200 hundred -pents in ýu
cult cation. Scvencet In cqane, 30 In cotton,. andThe ce
Ws ci ? I e.rin, jThmag'f VeUry SUp5rir t ar
ladd. :ý under fence and in enltivtlotL A dlstlle 4
by . fet, with S rTes, and gallery kstchen, al r an
l, ether neeaIIary oat bIass tuer with a ear .
malL nick onI place sold at rseasonable prices. 7 se
A dred acres on Bayou Teebe. 7 miles east of O .lon
ass 1690 aeres cleared, 390 acres esed. the k
place then ar two ped dwellirng os, c tabs, te In
gin. eare. etc, and tie remains of a brie, sur house b
burnt duitig the war. A Las place sad cheap. 90
* ~F AeeTAI nIso[ 1m arepeuts. 70 .
waS woMi. l etu of standing tihber. o
ld --'a th blest qualIty. It hes anit a one s
t 11r S, S aeet.Disea5se15betle. 4
*7trut 'is Sh phees, am;`ta rooms besides, out-I
si. ,.es . tbtba.rns, dterns. wells. all i. excellent
-eewb'r CP Pilse, 9afe felosem.uese aadueeh.
. 'y . ha, ue St. Marlmtiali 180 atrput ry rich -
Se.w 14 tOmes eaeOesu La.g.dwwll- ith 5 rooms, I
" ats stable, o uribst, 4 et beeap I
si stockirn b sesi wbi * place.
p -.. a-- , a-- - , - et, 3ar
`lab of bremaTe s eighi miles aesee II Mar.
. pbumihe rle d ibbthy in of Las Isl sandim
-4blteirnl Duo b u beuse with four geoms,
sae sno t and sW asd to leteof tawfrei trees.
Nructac+;lhtee Iu5~ Lwsbmubwl eurus, sue
e sad
*as iaii1ti !b eret ssnue eash, 0nd
-~Tj3 10
A hr ! AX 8ar I lIib I
nsr . ...
s ý..rrN-i God dwa
* -m
- ~ ~ qmabm.
__wm m mdnik a O· m~or -lrr
- " a " . 9 t a P
-wt W aea!
[email protected] ooa
ms - - I
pa LL~q he'e&·L
·r Iwr`--'-~ Q·Ur S
4 RE
.01 me r
,hternilionville, 1:R arpets., near the lit:e of the
Chat tanooga Railroad. 73
east bank Teehe, 500 arlent., 400 open and fenced,
100l sugerior wood land, good dwelling, 4 raoms, cables,
out houses, etc. 74
lonvill, parish of Lafayette, 3i6 arpents choice
land, one-third under fetce and in caltivation;, three
duouble cabinas corn hoqa-es 40 by 36i, another building 20
by 6t;; the place has: 2 arpents wood attached to it. tt
[ mile above Jeannerette and nine below New Ilbria,
ot 1-0i arpe.ts. A smna,l dwelling with 4 rooms, kitchen
one doubI cabitn, corn crib, stable, sixty arpetts under
fence (t
1 t.invile 2 *. arpent+, one half wood, the balance ara
ble. Six:y arps nti in cultivation, 2 small houses anod
other buidiing . Adjoins the Magill & Thomas planta
lions. 70
u six mile, ah!ov St. Mlartinville, 5U0 arpeuts, one-half
timbered, balance arable, wsith 20 fenced in. Small
dwelling, 4 cabinu, -table, corn crib, etc , 4 cows, and a
lot of brick. 71
Ilridge, west bank Bayou Teehe. 2:0 arpents, 100
opetn, 10t0 w-,d, and rU ecypress timber, dwelling 6 rooms,
I d",uble cabin. a pecan gorve. and is within i mile of the
line of the ('tl,..tui,oola tailroad.
friou tihe il ecl,, t14 a.r,s, hlie land suitable for sugar
orstock faita. A dleiralh tract tad cheap. 53
SVe.rmilion si.x miles below Abbeville, 2711 acres,
cl-oice l:i:d, good graziog country, healthlul climate.
The land g(.od for sular, cotton, corn. sweet potatoes,
gtrdens. !taehes., oranges anaother fruits. 9
(. o ,v uile beiow St. Martinville, ef ~0lt arpent: alt
ble land. Dwelling t,ose with 5 rumnm, kitchen, store
room, entuatildints, eribs, atnble, cab.Lt, and a lot of
choice 'ruit trees. 66
- t.,.t ,of Vrrilionviill.,'''. lurpenutclear.dland,and
: 3 arpl.ets9 g,,d \Wdnluad; 1 large dwelling, 50 by 4'
feet, with nine rootIs, 3 donub, lalborers' houses, brick
churl cys, I stuol house, 2G by 135 fet, with brick clim
rney. I mill house 54 by :t, shed room for wagons, with
corn mill inside, I large corn house and stable, built I~1~Ol,
two hlundreld arlwnits under goodl fence and in cultivation
-terms very favorable. 67
1 twen Washington and Barry's Landing. 450 aecres,
-50 open, and 200 und,-r fence, 200s bushels old corn, some
fodder, 13 acres in cane, 23 in corn, machinery and mate
rials four sugar luse. superior dwelling, ..) feet square, 13
rooms and 8 fire places, dwelling built in li42. Other
valuable improvement. on the place. i61
-1 miles above New Iberia, 350 arpents, 2(1) cleared,
balance woodland, new dwelling 40 by 35 feet, 5 rooms,
kitchen. 2 rooms, storeroom, : double cabias, corn crib,
stable 40 by 35, earriage house, chicken house, 14 acres
caSe. Three good mulnes, 3 work horses, 12 sheep, and 1
4,700 new pienu may be purchased with the place. 54
4I4 miles from New Iberia, 975 arpenta, 640 open
land, 1:1 wood. 14- cypress swamp, dwelling, kitchen,
carriage house and shed corn crib and shed, 3 doub:e
cabins, fowl house, four arpents tine cane for seared;
1,200 bushels corn. 14 mules, 10 milch cows, crt, farm
ing utensil- etc., may be pnrchased.with the place. 56
iparish. Ii miles f;.tn New Iberia, 100arpents excel
lent land, 10 arpeats we.d. dwelling f2 by 20 feet din
ing hall and kitchen, corn crib, cotton housn, corn mill,
ane mill, 3f001 picnx inclosing 20 arpents. A nice place,
anu cheap. 57
Teehe. 8 miles from New Iberia. 2't0 arpents arable
land and 70 fine wood land, I d`relilng lately repaled
and neatly finished, 5 rooteanew dining hall, one new
frame laborers' house with ire places, 1 house 17 by 20,
carriage house, 2 double laborers' houses 27 by 27, one
blacksmith shop. Stock and plantation implements sold
with the place, 75
- ________-- ---- -L
Iberia, east beak Bayou Teche, 229 arpets, all
cealryd a h w a other
aigs; hbis t onea o.toe best Improved propetlibh
cou.antv terms favorable.i
AL Point, ei. bank of tha TCe, af malles nortl Ot
New Iberia, 1500 acre, 750 cleared, balance welit- I
bered with sugr wood and cypss. Good dwellIang,
out buildings, laborers houses, large sugar house, with
complete machinery Large stable, orn c i. r .b young
Kentucky mules, 10 yoke oxen, 1- hed f. e cle,
.ows, et.. Pleee yo l rof .lt1 -on, made t1(1
iso--slead s agsr -last year from 60 aere land. uLerior
eed cana's plant 50 acres, twenty A hnd on the
1 tfrom Opelosa to rand Cee,4 mles from Op
louses, on the line of the prpose New Orleans Op-.
lousas and Great Weate'8aRQalbasad- 430 repats, 175
In cotton, 83 cor. 40 under feelg for pstarage, 17'
well wooded. and 1,600 acres ear. from which the
owner of the above have the privilege of obtaining
Swood. A dUweing t ous13 1 feat squoare, itchen
.a.s rootl, 4 double sad 2lsintge abins, mwk horse,
core house, stables, end a gin house and cotton in,
mill, may be ls'rchaaed wihlbs place 2work orses,
4 yoke of orxen, 50 head of gentle cattle, and halfof the
Sgrowigrp. A valaable place, goodoil, and casbt
I 3
SBayou Vsrmuiol, parish of Lafyette. mile from re
Vermalllwllle. fronting 12 arpenta a the Bayou by 38
per an depnad a derahed tract of weedsr
ats e Tbs latatle is oder good fence, 4: Mp bi
In cltivaticai , the balance enclosed as pastr la t
dwelling, house . 2 byie , 4b rooms below and I boew ,
dibnig b ich, rie hose, taeowl hoae, CI
servant's ros. cabins, corn crib, stable. sheds,. ood
sugar hous and beaus mill, bkttles with sq"eit+y r six
hogsheads of sugar in 24 hoErs, O sares of cane, . 1a
barrnels corn for sale with the place. 3 0t
SIbe. east bank Bayr Teele,0o arpcrta 5. fron
b the Tech, 40 ep. Dwelling, new and One. 6 b
roos. ml a eail, cost M.. a welt, new kbihen and
uthouse. 4 duble cabins samble, carriage waoe aend
all neermay out buildiags; of the land in high State a:
of caltvao, 0 arpent seed . b, 5 good.andls under
cotraet r the yeart gdss. lw b .seapws.
arlsa prado idomenraspete, sheep, cows
hogs, oe. 2.000 pic. land ll lered, sad moveable
roperty a the 0 val.sd Or at morthan n 51
Iavs.o h nead and for sale a sag number of
.__sble l nSUsieiw r of anym of ud sizne, and p
of every variety aswhch ean bad on the most
favorable ter.. I have lao se bsespaces not ad, .i
t~ro~ hr ese vsne s d m enti nbela d
wthl their sds.r Ii 1pae 4 natreake
P ' risans easet oaeraeni aa e pad m theyMa .Me
" nat i pl ac hed aeura or a ms In custna of
ts s. The p .t lap. .a u w . ing
far tsw ez ldatud allow sei, . e._ p..
h r o s Issue. Theee stb st e
hI .d,.a.ti, whbic, will be promptly gie
Real Estate Agssl.JleW Llr 71p LG .
We .r. now prepared to mihallb slasots wtrl eoa,
-sne.t employent ot home, the wholeof thd tume o.te. I
. i tga---rte. ades new u. ý -.yI
* .sblls isa te business. a Ds adu ean t eari y
i That nal who ee tids nodes aty m .
-and te a hb u s t a . w e s,, the . llo w
g a Dtle Eikr To senus ares et twenll tidsead,
we send $l to pay for the troeble of wwting. Fall
peilsrs, a. valuale sample, which wall &o to esu
mamao work a., and a copy of the People's Lterary
p Pebll.Asd.-d,..e1nt *u0 by met. Reader, f you
wee. pemaHnse Proen wark, address
apII K.f C.. ALLIN CO.. Asgasts, Maine.
w Ksesh bh see sllt ntiata aMab wimil
pe- ae nat teYsseast seA tR . als lL 85 .waa esgtudbbl
M ahoahhrteri , Ma wbsleamo and pew'
0a sotiW iwslb d.- Vw wm ar e arw
1 tseeds, year after year, w ad e Sao s e.5
KtsbIdu lathe betset o ea schem
Th seredeatieb dT e mit alm4o O l. ml
Saped via a of i CWeI CL i arl
. C 'n tirs' aunt.n
Samihn lteabing anb cws i3tc1s
I I 1 "Sl..
I It. a in tihe spiing of 183S. that I found
my .lIf g!idiiig upon the waters of the nmigjhty
Sli.ts's..ippi, and bound for New Orleans.
with ia ing!e exception, I had fi med not
travelling acquaintance on boa.rd the boat.
The individual witlh whom I. singularly
enough. fraternized, seemed, like myself.
to have little inclinat.bn to extetId I: e c
quautauce among thel pass:!nger. though he
seemed to be constantly upen the l'ukout for
some one, and frontm th close nIlaner in
which regarded the operations *,f two or
three or four of those individuals whose pro
fuse display of vest chains and jewelry. and
proficiency with cards at the tables in the
saooun. betrayed their professiin. I more
thlan uwce set him down as soame. ort if a
S.;.-" drtective in disguise.
tucky--so is ar au ga -e mle
in exchallge for mnie. Full six feet in height.
light, curly hair, muscular armns, and the I
chest of a Hercules, he clhalenged the ad- i
miration of more than one of his fellow:-pas
sengets. as with his serious, never-m:niling
face. he paced the promeinade deck. or sat,
apparently buried in thought. in the saltoon.
"'Do you ever play at cards, ,::id i to him I
us hIe l ft a group, that were .stutadinig at a
table of four players, and noting the li~ rss''
of the game. I had frequently s-een him I
invited. but he invarialtv, like myself. re- I
fused to participate in the game.
"Oth. yes." hei replied. "but where i+ the
use of playing here ? These fel'ows," nod
ding towards the players., can tell any card ;
in the pack by their backs. and they are -
trying hiird to pluck somle poor pigeo-in firom
among the piassengotrs, but as yet with indif- I
ferent success; beware of theimn, sir!"
To coniiince tre of the truth of whait lie
said, le called the steward of the Lo,;t anU
ordered a.fresh pack of cards, which were t
brought, and he handed the pack to mte.i
bidding me to shufile them. I did so. when
he immediately selected tnear!v iverv ace ]
anti king from the pack without liokinigt at
the tace of them. Next hel dealt thIle it,
two parcels, one to me, and the other tot hinm
self, when, upon examination, I founld that
all the cards of real value were in his hand. t
although I could deitect no uinfirnes:; as he a
dealt them.
*'You sec," said lihe, *"the advantage an
axpelt in these matters has over even a .skill
ful player.'
"I do. iudeed, ' I replied. .Ioni-hed it
my fell w travellera' dexterity, and lbegi
ning to think he might he a reformed gain- I
bier, or one "playing possum" for solie pur
pose or other; but as he .:id not urge or even
invite me to play. nor had played with any s
one else, and threw the cards asid,. :,ith an t
expre~siou of disgust too niaturial to be as
samed, I came to the cniclioio:l that lay 3
suspicious were ucIjust, and uiy travelling
a 'iatance was a riddle yet to be solved. I
teaist raiag theboat arrived r
kian. wotVeven se. ing him to bid hint adieu. c
The same evening, however, after visiting
the theatre. I was enjoing the cool air and i
a fragrant Havana in the rotunda of thie St. I
Chaie'IHotel, bnd coiversamig with a friend
from the North whom I had fortunately met,
when who shouHrl I eract.uuter but my steam- a
boat acquaintance.
After the usual greetings our conversautin chat
turned on our trip down the river, our pa- his 1
sengers, ete., when my fellow-traveler re- wait
marked that if I would like to visit the inte- tho
rior of a gambling house, or hell, a. it is thi'
soumetimes more appropriately called, he and
would be pleased to ahow it to as as one of car
the rights of the city. Never having wit- cou
nessed anything of'the kind, both I and my lyzi
friend assented, and after a short walk, we pua
; found ourselves within the precincts of one int
of those glittering and gorgoouly furnished '
Sestablisbments-vestibules to the internal ly i
| regions-where men are engaged in various in I
gaies of lnzt:rd. The interior of a gam- me
| bling house has been ton frequently described eat
to need repetition. The faro bank with its oa
crowd of visitors, the rouge et noir with its tar
t anxious circle, and groups of players at we
other games of which I was ignorant of the; pr
name, were all busily engaged as we en- !tir:
Sterdtl. Wedhad passed through two apart- n o
e ments. and reached a third in which were we
but four playcrsiplaying in pairs at differ- inl
*d ent tables. As we entered, we sat dower at
an unocoupied table for a moment, when, as co
w we dideo, we beard one of the two men an
nearest to us say to his opponent: ha
I "'That's the sat dollar, the luck is yours.
and I'm cleaned out."
S"'But you wear a good ring," said his nlp- e d
it ponent. -*See. I will back mty ring against
! yours on the next game. It's a ring I that er
Swon from a Kentucky boy that caue to New il
Or:eaas to see the sights," said he careles:- of
ea As the player, who was sitting with his
i partially toward us, mentioned Kentucky in
his conversation. I saw Thorn listen with at
-- eagerness. and as he twisted the ring whicll be
. he ofered to I at upon his Sager, the Ken- "I
Ktuaekian turned deadly pale. His eyes in
glowed like fire for an instant, then his b
countenance again assumed its calm and 01
placid look, and to our amazement, he rose,
and walking across the apart.•ment to tie
player who had just been left by his coin- hi
pr aon, and courteously proposed to try a p
.. and or two with hle it igr. able. and it et
we, his friendr, would excuse him for a 't
y short time. Of course.we assented--saodid .
the gambler, who appeared at first domse- ai
Swhat sarprie d at .the propositiou, buth
si probably resoelved to a sill upon the
new emee. TheI dealet a& the t1
i P FS' W b lY y batr h
. to tWe a th d &6
h~t e the "tg n
S yeg fellow see three
_ ,es- g " as a et ftte b and.wha i. t
he eai to t edeem with. t hutdred O .
e Ullarres owed me-a debt s he t. sir- ,
obut he couldtcometo time vwy-llell, for- .
e payedthe drbt of ati re,' as iy ay. `s d
that i and that eaceled y of. d
j sZ A! the stake's nels, 1 hetiev," l I
__ he dsrew the maney ' >isda U ; *' soapfue
e vs try. larger stake. anything from nte da
4 lye haaesld dollare," and hea hrw a bonk
re'se goe-'htset te deaesmiaation, cares.ely.
1*n j a $te bwa di apes the table.
I T iat srprine, Thora drew awt
haLram his pocket. and prodaced a
they had beep deb. fre the table to dh
t.St hid b etlu f afr t pack. and paswLag
theam uni dkat brousght them to Lhice,
low y" beii kigh hbe gv them to
** - .
his adver:ry., rnemarking to him as h9 did
to. ,::.ill his dea I this time." fixing upon
i's a searching glance s lie went through
that opelrati ,. The game was that known
as "'bluff.' Th'Irn and his oppn.aent hIaving.
glanced at their cards, commenced the game.
- and in a few ninutes, three thousand dol
lars lay upon the table, to be decided yv tihe
cards hehl by thie players, each of whom
seemed, from his bets, confident of success,
Ithough their countenances betrayed not the
least emotion. Thorn called. The gamrbhle
had three kings and an ace, whale Thorn
had three aces and a king. With his eyes
fixed steadily upon nlis opponent, he folded
up the money and crammue it into his
. Fortune favors you," said the gambler
stoically, too well schooled to betray any
emotien or chagrin at the result. " ut
lhope to aomeet you again, sir. for I must have
|my revenge, after such a heavy run of luck
as this, and now I have no doubt your frieuds
will join us in a social sit down, for if you
are as good at cracking a bottle, siuging a
song or telling a story, as holding a nhad at
cards. tlnho who are your friends are fortu
aate." '
not of a convivial or musical turn, though I
occasionally tell a good story. I have a
little history upon illy tongue's end that will
interest you, air."
It was long past midnight. Abeorbed in
the excitement of the game, we had scarce
ly noticed the flight of time, or that the ad
joining rooms were now nearly deserted by
their occupants., and that the other two
players at the otlher ,*id of the. apartment in
which we were, had finished their game and
been siec:ators of that between Thorn and
his opponent, and were now apparently in
terestedl listeners.
'About three years since," began Thorn.
S'a young man in Kentucky, a confidential
agent of a large business firm, was entrusted
with a largo sum of money, and comnmis
siont to itron-act SOto buiuness in New Or
leans; it was his first visit to the city; he
started happlily, I. aving behind him a young
wife and infant. Unfortunately, upon one
of the Mi-sissippi boats, or immediately up
on his arrival in New Orleans, ie fell in with
a 'profersis.oi i' atlan-m-an of play, I mean.
By the managemient of this professional, the
young mnan was enticed to a hIell,' induced
'o play, plied with wine, stripped of his
money-in short, to use a professional word.
,pluicked.' The young man was perfectly
sobered b, his ii s; lie returned to the ho
tel, stung with remorse, and half crazy
with excite'ment, he placed the pistol t.) his
lhead and blew his brains out, leaving a tar
idshled name as amn inmheritance for his wife
sa:d inn cent-l child."
'But :.hat is'all this to me !'" said the
gambler. now pale as ahes beneath the
flashing eye of the speaker. A.s it a moral
lesson viou are about to read here. or a ser
mno you have to preach !"
"What is it to you ?" said Thorn. his
voice quivering with excitement.. "*Ah! I'll
tell you what it is to you. This meetint off
you. and me to-night, which for three hlmg
years I have sought, is not mere chance.
The amount of money he lost was just the
amount I this night won from you-that -
ring upon 'our .finger ,h'hL
clear voice, an as he Cl uua ght his I
hand down with a blow alt abe. at I
which they were sitting, lat
ly overturned as he and r.td
simultaneously to their e4s, were
scarcely six paces apairtal . drew their
weapons as they rose. t..
6"Die, liar!" sbouted 1 bler, dis
charging his weapon the he m ed
his feet. The bullet rip Fera's
i waistcoat, and his watch o - "fgimeata
hom his pocket, dangling chaia I
thi same moment tIhe- pistol exploded
and Air gambler fell back a -uaon the
carpet.- "Thii all passed so s nly, ere we
could i'nt'ere, that we at s if para
lyzed for ambbstant-the ser end the I
police, alarieLt, the noise. - nr _sie
, into thie nlapartn A i -
ly turning to us .a. other who wee
iWl the room. sayit, t did L'Gemet.
men, bear witness that ,jj' i, defeno
and that I received the` w.,s erei,"
and he pointed to his ich, and
turning, left the room he Gers. He
was tried anid acquitted. as 10) _ lear
proved that his adversaryf lpo hi
tirst. The fact. th'at the
. was a
notorious rmescal, whom tlhe
well afford to spare, might ty eom
intluence with tihe jury.
I never have met Thorne. t , re
c collection of that fearfel etd .
i anmvivid in my mind. tho yet fresh
have passed since it was e ye"
A man. stopping li. Iem wrto ~
editor: '-I think folks ott toe t.e
,noney for payper, ,,i adl ', s .tb
t erylody Ped lhe was the tgl1i
iii the eountry and had, at fa
of boiz that ever dugged -
S("I say boy. is there . A
i around h re ?" inquired
lI boy he met. "W l4; a
S'nothing just asout
master is just over the cattig
I birch rods, youe miht pep himn
d over."
e An ingenioos w6 ~lp ried he a
I- husband of snorimg 4 gBttes
a pelcha tubhe with trio 1
it end .he puts over s and t
a tfe- other over hi meas his a
d own aoise, as a see saoke,
e- and wakes up instau u
* Th'ere is a ki ion- I
Steatl. who, notr r
r halle7.lanth l,, rre t
1- oeivduefeer a s and t
Is we ei n thetun, Is a ii
Snmembt of the r
e This acted girl nags a
Ig and Ohtmn5 ever ar her. !
l A Massachusetts of -colored
Wumas" who ha- .fps ed. but
t: a who was o. ufo'rt y m a pas
a ,om over the mis,' ighbor's
Syounutgsters. Her ( upon
bh the im pro riety t
of on explcting, to j' he .r
- peri-need rrliio" p..
For "aid I'e gwine tn Sli.9
Is. us I be-switelmed 1 I t
as .
little,ihnigger fuet.'!
. wAlil known sea.n takiL
to i two cooktanils in kf
AIk OIe cmnerine. t
Sinag at the eMotto ea r Imetm
Seilrthe pertinent'q,
do you takes,c a Ha
up. "I will tell y*
fj aihs When I ha a_
inlae4el like another a 7
u., t.,u.t! by eCoUimea
to u tpea ttake a
- ni
d Clever Roguery.
h As a certain learnecd judge ijn Mexic.o,
n some time since, wralked lone Ilneorl'illi inlto
1 court, he thought Ihe would exanliine a hether
, he was in timne for business: azrl feelliin f:,r
I- his repeater-foud Iat .w:as not in his
. pocket.
n '.\s usual.' h. s.id to a friend wh];. naace,,
panied him. as he passed througih th crowd
e near the door--'as usual I hav'e left r y
r watch at lhome under my pillow.' lHe weint
on the bench and tlhought i,, :nole of it.
s The court adjourned. i.n,! II returned
I hone.
s As soon as hle was qui.etry saeitl il his
parlor, he b thouglht hiimelf of his timepiei.ce;
and. turning to his wife, requested her t,,
send for it to their chamher.
'But, my dearjudge.' said sihe, 'I sent it
to you three hours ago!'
'Sent it to tme, nly dear? Certainly noit,'
'Unquestionably.' re'.,liad the ladv. "an.l
by the person you sent for i!'"
"Thle person I sent for i!" eched theI
"Precisely so. my. dear. thI, very nerie
kno Led at the door and asked to see ti.
He urought one of the very finest turkeys I
ever saw; and sai!, that on your way to, tie.'
court, you met ian Indian withi a nul!mber rof
fowls, and having bouight oe., quite a b.ar
gain, you had given hii::i u c,.ulo of rels to, ,
bring it home; with the request that I w.old
have it killed. picked,. land put to cool, a,
yon intended to invite, your brother judles I
t', a dish of 'mollh' with yeu te,-mnorr',w.
And 'Oth! by the tay. Senarita' said c,. ,
*his excellency the judge requesteed ime to e
ask you to give yourself the trouble to, go to
your chamber, and take his watch tfrolll
unlder the pillow, where Ine says lie lift it, a.
usual, this morning, and send it to hil by
mte.' and of course nsi querido. I did so."
"'You did?" said'thel judge.
"Certainly," said the lady.
"Well." replied his honon. ''all that I cana
say to you, my dear is. that you are' as great '
a goose us the bird is i turkey. You've
been robbed madam; the man was a thief; I
never sent for my watch; yor've, been ion
posed on; and as a necessary coeel,.- quelzce.
the confounded watch is lost forever.
The trick was a cunllning o:ae. antd cafter a i
hearty lughl. anid tihe re.storatliin lf. tihen
judge's good Iihaluor icy a good dinnller, it was
resolved actually to have thie turkey for to
morrow's dinner, and his honor's brothers of
the bench to enujy so. dear'" a meersel. Ac
cordingly, after th ailjulrnment ot court
next day, they all replaired to his dº'elling.
with appetites lsharpened by thi, exlpectation,
of a rare repast.
Scarcely had they entered tihe sals and
exchanged the ordinary salulations. when
thelady broke forth with congrcatulations to
hie lmnor upoln tlie recov,.ry oef hIs stolen 1
"How happy aill I," Pxclaimed she, ''that
the villain was apprehenlded!"
"'Apprelhended said the judge. with sur
"Yes, and doubtless convicted, too., Iy
this time." said his wife.
cant' be iPusibla that I ave bIeen
agqin deceived." quote the lady, "*but this is
the story: #bout one ,'cluck to day a pale
sad rather lateresting young gentleman,
i in seely esit of black, came to the
buae. in great laa.--alw.ost out of breath'
He said he was juit co* freaa the court,
that he was one of the lebrks; that the great
villain who had the audacity to steal your
hmoor's watch had been arrested; that the!
eidenece was nearly perfect to cstlviet hill;
and all that was required to complete it was
the tarkey, which must be brought into
court, and for that he had been sent with a
porter by express orders."
"And you gave itto him?"
"Of course I did-who could~ciave d',ubted
him, or resisted the orders of a judge!"
"Watoh--and turkey-both goane! Pray,
*hat the devil, madam, are we to do for a
But the lady had taken care of her guests,
notwithstanding her simplicity, and the
party enjoyed both the joke and theia viand. .
[Meyer's Mexico,
A Uriigh little fellow was travelling itn a
crowded stage coach, and had been taken on
a tbhelp of a tellow pqgsenger. The conver
Ssatima turned on piekpockets and their great
si kW. "'Ah. my file fellow." said the gen
-_ tHemn'l who bad the little on his kne..,
"'ow easily I could pick your pocket." as
St la open near his ihand. "'Nou y couluns't
lh eat r." answered the little boy with a
S twinkle in bis eye, "cause I've Ib.en
looking obt for you all the way."
*' A forlerebachelor, not a thosa.ntd uilets
i- from Wavwrly county. slid 'up to the clerk.
r- and ,askd efor a permit to get narried.
i When aekad the asue ofdhe lady. lIe replied
" 'Sara.'" The clerk wanted Fo know the
seat; baelear had forgotten it; Said he had
. ded fll girl Sve years, and never heard
r otU any ether than her first name.
a hst arted to hoit usp tVJ 1 g seut,re
it was.:for he will mot tell.
. ,*
Tueo ura.-Gud be thanked for book.!
They are the ve.iocs of th- distant and deadl,
y sand make us heirsof The spiritual life of tile
a past ages. B 'oks are the true levellers.
p They giye to ah who will faithfully use them.
the soeiety, the spiritual presence of the beat
anad greatest of our race. No n:atter hIow
, por I sea. N gter though the prosper
ous of my oWl tid will not ester my ob
ocure dwelling. If the sacred Writers will
enter and take up their abode under my
a roof. ift Milton will cross my treshold to sing
- to me of Paradise. or Shi.kl.peare to olpen
Sto me thd worlds of imagination apd the work
s ings of ;te human heart, and Frankline to, en
rich me with his practical wisd.,o. I shull
not pine for want of intelleosual conspa.eien
ship; and I auVy Isame a cultivated ralan.
though evcluded from what is ocalled tIhe h4.-t
society ins the pIlace where I live.
, s ceuntrymniu went to a l'swyrr. und
a placing a pnrse of mnoany on the table.aeke.d
a llis eeiniats. alr.llt is matter ,ons wahicrl lie
e thought :e gela to law. The m.ttler stasted
e the lawyer at nmee saId: "'Yon havr no cas't,
whatever." UL'ye this thle cunlstrvt:auI
pemcketrl .s nal was about walsking.
"f. W;..k ren. Ma4e itopped him. "RI..Ipe..t
to ý,ledballed, bunph earts of your at.tte
reamdtswe.o tneeid so, wise'n the lavyer.
Seth ,a sul. Each edtties, explained ioe him I
-l t orf e eatfe..e. Tieeetly good osar, aad I
* sparaste about three hd i"t Much grati- I
.iy the. kerel tro thekM, wR , el su a ind- I
Thenswit .se ,hr when the* other I
Inmer w , ras In one aNy,t s. " be remarks I
ca4uaam pIar tlha th e me t. , ft which!
is act eay darable but simple
ft eI.,delivre n ewor you
meA af ny aewl to La.e wis.e, r..- Er, I
he mney. aeareupaiyi the oler. - it
twieretbal f a dry sa.L L
D. DEiw'rNEq, )qPa:
Sole Agent for heI(,8e" oef
Jaar, It.17t1.
A li- To'd of Chic:ao . hoe inches are
fer. v-y-ight, advrt.i'.. t,', . ,I liplt, of yarlds
¼ of h.ualids."
' ,Say, S' itlh, whrie-re nave y111 ,.,.i 0;r a
r wit'k L Lak.' ' l. havl en't l bhen flao ywl'rl . i;r
it. I hi!l't got a weak I,,ck."
SInthtr--" 1w l :,r li,. rug and f'etch
the beer." ('harlie- '.' ,'h! it'.- a raiinii' so
ard taint fit t send it dog , iut in. ('an'1 1
S,.i send grasli'tther.'
In C1iea-o, tihe Tilr une say s, the sufer
Mllg ia un whi,, gis downl to h.lls btsinis ini
til . .:,,ril:n . I!oe:ln.t kin :v whI -ther hei's
4.1 tilrri,'., a!l daly until he goes hore, at
A-mong is gre'ate t curiosities \Viscon.-in
I1 'o.s ai man who has been mnarried six
times, twi^"e to the same man; has been di
vrre.,] three tilnets, twice from' tile sam,. milan
aull i niow ia iidw.
---------.,-- --.- -_
A gi'ntle:nan going up the Sixth avenue,
ulmet ilabrer, to wihom he said, "WJir ta
A ._ ni~l in .Minnesot'i ha!d got a!l ready t,
be mlarrie.d, a hen lie received a lnter fromII
is wife in Maine, which ret minded him that
he wias already iln the holy state. lie I ad i
.entirely ftrgotten tile circumstances.
A recenltly ar1:elld lady lately consulted
her lawy er mi the folhowing question: A-is 1I
wedded Mir. Smith for his wealth, and that
wealth is now spent, a1111 I not, to all in- s
tents and plarpl,.lsts. a widow, and at liberty "
to 4uary bv liil ti,
------..... -
A young ma:n was tried oii the charge oft v
ilaving murdiered both his father and mother. II
The crimie was fully prhvi.n, lland the juldg, ,
ubefore passing sentence, nilsizd the crininil ll
if lie Iad aillythhin tio say. ".Nothing," he i
iansw-ered "*'-x::cpt ii be.g y-ur honor to re- of
Il riitlb a 11 1 ha UI a oriphila .
-- -- if
. iiTr.age i . difClnlit lb slilts:- il Litcheilid il
countiy. C nliiecticut. A niarriage liceli:e mIn
oihtlltiid in Waterbury, was nit valid i. of
i'yimtulth, in1.1 $4) the Ccol,ulnodlutiai cl.'r- -
gy Illnl pt-rf,:rmil-d part of thile ceremlilny ill d
,ne town, and then, taking a walk acre. s tilh II1
tilme. .i'tlrin,.d 1h mn,.-t eventful patrt in the t
other'. '1'
A New J.'r.-y lilini:-t-.r r1, ived a :into'
requ ,.stiig hkin t,, prea.h fr:n:n thi.' text "A '
time in ),cm.t' Th' ' next sund.y lie read li
.he not4:' ti his ,conr,,;regaion with this Con
eluiv, ci iiOlut: "-When I shall have he- ai
cov,,e tflly Untti.fitd that the imnprtant. duty ti
iof dsaciln is itiglected i llrmy congregation ai
re .-1 :.surld I wiil giv.R ail neleded adnoni fi
tilon , illh.s suhj ct.' it
at A g., l'.l':aaim w.as udaatvorim.g to enjoy
ai ,.vemniuug i:h the ,ompany of ai yoeung lady
rl up.l) whllom he call.ld,'but foun.d a se.rius
,bs;ael II lin the personi of her stern father.
I whe ait . n tIll venturl;d to very plainly inti
mnte tlh::t t le hoar for re ir a rive.
is over nil l.'ur."
a, Just as the traveller was writ:ln his name
Son tmhe register of a iPavtenworth hoctel, a
b' bediug RIappnred.d, ald took its way norosa
tthe ipang. The masn imusel ainml r'emarked:
It "I v. bee,. Weid by St. J..l, hfls1. bitten ly
SKsnsas City spiders, andl intervi.ewed by
F,"rt Set graybaeks. b.at I was never in ai
; I lce It,r.e wherettle. lt-dbhngs loaoked over
ih,'1 h.el re;ister. ti find out whb..re your
rom,, wasr.!"
The, Polk Cauantyv (Wls^ousin) Press says
a m.manuth Cihester white, raised by Jerry
11 ud •rtt. of F;rumn4gteln, went the way of all
porkies las-t week. lie was probably the
largest hag ever slaughtered in St. Croeix
Valley. Wheu killed. he girted six feet
niitne ilanhe,,. anid mnenaured fromt the tip of
tihe nsa to tail. ethave-n fret. His weighat is
esttimsat.d at fifteen he alred pounds. making
over five' barrels of pork.
This is hlw tuncl Casa:r, the ` colored
preacher." disposed of the made of baptism
`" ow, hro.dr-l . I hlear great fuss about
drsee werds '-in" and "inmt, " and folks want
t us to belim;e dat ddey mFans~ 'unde.r." and
cdat when de rcripture, speaks of an indiwid
ual goinSg idean limto, de w t-er, ele Bible mean t
g to say dat j:e wet:t under water. NoW.
I hiedra.n ynder s brudd.r Solomon. Now.
. spose samne day I ga over to see brudder
SSelamonee. anlc brudder S&,mnan wery polite
say. *U.cle ta'sar, come, into de hmeu.s '
do anybody euppose dis nigtger would
under de house !"
- -
Hlow oT) M1AKF LovE.-A sugar-hearted
love:-dunce writes to a liter;:ry paper asking
how he shall go to work to win the affe. tIons
of a woman. Attend. Sapsoel! Don't talk a
about g"going to work" to win the affections n
of a woman; it cama't he doln* in that ma y
Tle more ,eyou g to waork, the e she r.
are afrnid to this. juamp, hi yourself and let
her pull you ,,at. Lamnd Ier mlolney; if you
hlave no eamiey. borrow nsome frnaalm her.
Maks her believe dhe has detPldy wronged ,
you and then forgive. her. Deeply wrong
her and don't ask to be forgiven. In short.
conltaive to lay her under everlasting obli
gation to you. or ly yourself under ever
alsting obliga ion to her. It doas not make it
the difference of a heedless pin which. so a
far as ceoncerns the result; but the latter
coaurse is a-tte.r adapted to your eapacity.
News LetteIr. h
The isu'pei,t'litnde' t asked mne tak:* charge t
of a Suanliv echcoei class. "*Yna'd find emn
ratller it lard lot," s;;t lo. L'rlhey nil went
6 iug l. .at Suaday. but title J.lhany Rand to
tiHe is redly :l goe bhy. and I ih,,ije his ec- k.
smpl,- t1v rs ) - t edr:l r ilm the others. I wish
you'd talk to 's-mn a little." I told hima I
woulI. Tlwy were rathe.r a hard laaking de
set. I don't thlink I ever wit, asead a more ht
e'egant assortmenat of lela',k eyes in my lifo.
Little J,,hmanv Riand. thll geil bray was in
his place, and i s o,:id',l n himn approviugly. ;
As sa.m as the lesseons were over I said:w
-Boys. y.,ur sulpefrfntlted, lu tells mre yoU th,
went fishing last kunedahy. All but littl.e s
Johnny, her-." ..Yo.a di 'n't go. did you
Johnny!" *'N.., sir." "T'ihat was right.
Thnough this boyI is, the yoalngest anomg r.
you." I co.,mtiaued. "'you will now. learn fromn
his own lips words of go,,d counsIl., which I tlI
hipe yi', will pr.,fit iby." I lifted him onm
Wurn ringlets. '-Mlow Johnny. I want yout
to t4ell your teacher. uand thee wicked boys. th
why you didn't go fim-i,sg with tihem last a
Sunday." Speak up loud. now. It was in
because it was wicked. and you had rather
eome to the Sunday school, wasn't itZ' "No,
sir, it was c.s Io e olehl.'t find no worms for! I
hl:it." S.oilmehow or t: lr these boys always :
lure out htmbugs. : 3
Th- Allbitross anc7 the Soilor.
II !,t1i.Slrgel' . ,i," .. . of i11t- '
'li'. i + ii:
1 '.." ."" " .:I tilt :1ll atl ,,. ý f111. trtc -t
lv.ike tLI t f . flZ'l*t'. aid
a:t :i rip':-'-.i,ri if ra-:hoi re-i i iiiteulg'ncii
hiich is nii.gul .:rl a tri 'ctiv'. Tl.e feather'
are eithear p.ire w hlit or dilicate"ly prenial Ii
and s'jecklt-d excejt oin tilt- iippir side (of
tl~e will' whic'h are mos.tly plack.
It liii dti.o. weighs twenit ioului..d and
iv ii. f tt ¶rietc 1 i f wilt.? sits i i
tihe a' it' l ig.t :ui.i gace-ful as a - Waw,. t\if d
will *oiv" li1i r'i like a jtllenn. for siinetli,"'
dis * colvSti Ly it.. kern r" b'-i~itl{1 the
cu-fceit 1ii .but to iie sil the a .it
Iha- psi: vily to tread the water" fir :1
g et 1:!n I h'..i1 l" itlotlf, l, t til ar)-I " ':r ll"'tl
but .til'tI it is fa irl ii-, ;,,,1i ''l.ili,"1 t'i
flee, fit!eeae ,kji e rii,.a'a viki ,Ne "uthe -an,'
lle5 , al.! . ilrl: th .li :ik e Ill,. .I .li e'
swallow. a'ititth pefeci eas. andituo
Isne of. nthetlii ii- i, c e t-te iti^! them ,1 o
ta ge I :cl hiti. thatl ai. llite a . d. ~i u. wiho 'ee b'..s:i
hiI i t t ih m
a - - i t ti i i i i ii/' [ i Ii i i i I t ,, . r - "r . i. -
ling liff tha ovt1119 Ili iir1tl a."'-~-!: el,: .-I!.!ill Vc)Oat
The~crr~pcJ u;r;r ~it ll~t cilL11?
Odd" ,' , ar d ýfit-i t ly iim a c bi g fl:t t i -,. :It l
fel t it. 'si:ti . abe', Irat ''goa a
I . e i i,. , Si:;' al' e1 '', ... _l. ii i't, it Ii'l to , '
heil bi eni itie-.W Iet· tu u . I Lii:i tI
Seurtd j( t t n A I tI i.ly _tt F ti l,'.'i'C
i-it:t fit a:." it, t nis l t i- Ivan on '
tiloil Spu'in.tg :ttpeei 'Bibd In ii'iiivnt
s!niulokiuig it t :i.ki t d" ý r 1ie Ci t !~iir a i1
iii-lti d tiii iii'C d. Wieii hi.' i'iitt.. l d iii,, roai,
of piwi.rn lit , it . 11.-f : -i.lniitkau. it. Ii.'l
fex lminute. I i, fii-t t~whe Iugrii ii. -t-iult
1rax1 tie ct:ih i ttIll o:w~ ik'Io. Il. Nottu l ..i,
iuaiy ihum.r iftenii'id by ai 'l:ir- f.iui 'i~ i
qust on tIe" bod iiM ia ioli
ici '1'h d ~itnise w)' a qa.ict1 rai.'uiti" iu.til
duc'i~ wf.rii 1i'nfe.'t, tebourt 'tle t i-i.ti
ll setinedh sorl r~efuig to dorint ivll iio a-~i'dIi
ivha"ti'i'i', of nme.i~tl Sbrain t i,: )' :triel', 1 I le t.
eiatd til tt'a f .r.' -t :rato sv intS i ii hi.wv, I't'ue
therentai t ive anibiro :t ci'iafiue~tily. Oietwa
aothikn itw e at- kiJ het-a tof pire lift lii.
ofiiis powd i-ig lit. New o:. .rliankin t. itia 1us'
in Itheitii',i ever sen whint hej.u uTuey if l
Sttew Ey rg. nh'ot utheiz ii.uwn on
'y Guiz.at's court-!,ip and m'trriage wat,.
Y singularly roamantic. At Ith. I:.°se f thel
" editor of a perioaical for which Guiz .t wrt,."
" he ,ften met a young lady In;:teld P::.din l d,.
"M.,ale.. who, like- hii:. su-porte:d h. r.if by
pen. M 1aemasaelYrs de M1eutan fll ill;
a.dsf , *as ttrhig ier fbreted bpsblktinul
from literary labor. :.v who,,l.. famtilv were
in danger of falling into distrecs.. Oaa: morn
ing she received a long paper ts a di*.guised
h iand. but in preci"e immnitation of her ,wtn
literary styl,. with a v'ote- stating lthat whil.,
her illness continued, artiltcs eq'Iatly: slite(d
i: t te Imag::zioie on which sihe was out lg ta,.eq
y would be forwardaed to her. lWhen .llie. .-.
Y M.iulan recovtrred her hlinilh moade *v.rv -t
fort to discover Iher asu.kown , .ta.a.1,p..
but in rain. At lenagth hi pareseut, d hitiaslit;
i it was the shy, austere man of letters wh,,at
slie had met s" often at tile editor's hltauat,.,
and shortly afterward Mile. Paulitne de .leu
lain beoame Madame Gurzot.
A. New II.anlplshire farmer wante.d at farln.
' hand. and was apfliied to by na Irishlltan
w~ , wanted to woc k. 'iThe farnner ol.j.-cted
to "egasial Pat on the ground that two
Irishmen previously in his esnmlu1, hLad di ul
on lis hihands. *'lThen ,.az outjouct to hirtia
me for that, do ye ?" said Pat. "'Faith aadil
I can bringrecommenda'ions from :any ;a
place I've worked that I nevetr playedl .tlch
Ia trick !"
My dear ftie.tid. said a gentlemtnt ta, a
banklrupt, t;e ohiler day. "l.a .,arr~ to, hear
of your miafortuue. Y.ar fatuity aitis say
warmest symlpathies. *Ohl. doutt tI.-rlale
yoursa.lf aflo,,t my tataily. I l"akeld o,ut far
them. you het. Just stave your aymlatihv
for the fit ities ,of my creditors."
Au exaeuutio,ln.r said to a criiu;atl on !the
way to tie scaffold. "'I feel a little nerv,.us,
fur to tell you the truth I never It..a. :,iy,
body before.' -*And to bho Flaal" fraak
with you sa:id tia. culprit. -"I w.a at.ve r ihti
hefore; but let Is b,th da, aoar best, anil I
dar., say we will tanuage well i.t.,ugh."
Tum, twitting S.:: n the eaxr.t.r]., arv
siza of his und,.rst-anding, saidl t, hiatt. *.y,,a
most take cold easily, Sam; I s:.*uhll tthink
you would bIe sick .11 the ti..'" "a'Why."'
replied otot. -"becaaso then,'s no, mtuch of
An lowa paSper makes this lia,".r..l .fftIr:
''If any .one n thita vicinity hlas a d:,ila: na.,1,
autod will let mae see it we will pil;an his name
tn our list fior six mn:,ths subscription.'
A remedly foon chiilra.'as C.yilng i, pr
ptosed. It is ta, dash a cuapfulf fi, wa,;r i:'.,
the infatts face. andl the inveatar :.s alts
that a few repetitions .4 the dise 'asl:
Wihaat is a: hull ! ilhe best ifliai:ia,a twe
have heard l.: WV;l,.n yat, so.. ts,-.-v: a:, .vs,
.tll lyin daown on thea gr ss, and aa.,, of the.n
-tanding a!, that's a bull.
A SillTtnr MS1I·r Kx% : h.- '. t c Tr:eet: y
heeded little teret is thaxt. IhI&41.,'I) 1", * y "
knJoew his utante-!"
'-Why. yes thItL's Ini' y."n.;.'r t eej!"
--You doez'i ss~ty so itudee-ul! WVIhy whaet "
dear little. seweet. Move e'yed'. herub lie is tee
lie* sert.."
STRIPS(; _ýFI'rtc uje.-" leetore i irta wIl
:at e .i- 1, Itier a~t--V.-:ejeI p .rtiees "ut
w ' w!re.', tihe.',y t", ce 4:eku ;i.e, s.. Ii rd
thast the.ir '0 le's c e'e ;:h. II: a cva ~e~ ha;
ezaeey 411lt.e i i"m rlthe hI Lr.e:e'j tVi et V.ry wc".
r."' actben sty. Ie EIL~cls.ie;.ltics x, 2$t, if sloiudi,
*"a binl of the :ti: shall carry the voice, aenw
that which hath wlngs ;hall tell the watter."
"There is a young and haeeuI otnc lady in
California wheo is na eugineer, and runs a
statiou:ray enginc to suippely the water tank of
tha place where ael. lives. She can bring down
a dlying antelope with leer needle gnu equally
its Wei I
t "Weil, J.eehee I am geeleg E is" what shall
I 1t".-1 ý-..ii. .I"; . . . h!1 ee ,iO*.:r : 1) t!, y~. i
'CeikI e"k te' tell
L.eaa I've gut gevu.

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