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The Planters' banner. (Franklin, Attakapas Co., Lou.) 1849-1872, March 13, 1872, Image 3

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`. Aw. t wllo la Isis.. os1aa. pa
slte's d bsseu s.
ruW w sm Be h1m Es UW 18 E
?bMa....s..... , a.. h ,s Is ah8
e eair tar ass estsetl ask we1 inms Nea s_
B -tr. - as * rl E4eha
WE be seamtmet Id s amtl kih by 1ews
bsesme bsor it . n a mls -
whas m uds - ns , anlM .s.dlsw
ps~ s swMig4 i7sy: Sis asug "e1 It .
am aiios s .sL te , mel am lt s ela
. VeeimU as pt. sal wi aene iN eeat h.
o klsg - as b etsesImI Wh wler s -
psopeelyolidee. "m Iele bamameIy ha pate new
pbevk wr a bed iYte ajibwlk as la ish sibev
Er. Uasimes's elses. e en we >e wink,
SThasla,. Capt YFergiey loft or bys wi.h his
r.amer, ah7s way at.w Orison., wS a kinr migh. .
Capt.s eeggee ameeter -li sadmfast m slesmbeat
smus. sael amba the stemesr a .us, It a.eh
es m es.
W~In iS a resatmlrp lows lb. bayes we met Capt.
L a. Ied, the emptsal of the se.m sr Peeri, or
mary a.E Salo. Capt. Drl Is e ramtg the Pei
S Iee beieme W. in.aems esd New Oremas, sad we
bespmk r S im Es Ioeed .eS at er leem In 81.
o n a IWe 8Emol
We aRoe. wMn Veps., thiee atlhns i bein las o e lm
prse aM emtiss oter pable oeds. sad tem slip
pmeae thes me Em mes ees,~.ma pet .ar alp
ping Esisalt wh oenema. We weel. ia .e asp
wht ws eak as e saleet, but dt, oee sth be
eM we lsee 1 eisr 1 le 1s jt )oes.
The SueWr
As be. messe. Ed a spper st be 8ves by dEs
ilas e.tk Ur ..Crt earb, at h plee, wtl taie
-sms at ea'l shoelssebs e-mrrsw eiein at .ees
.'dteek. The prmeeds o e these mppe wIl be deveted
B sips en s hem bas wor.ip. eal we hope Is Mrs
t ema ra Y pas .u e t
Th. oseas
A. we be as by the e.,-seimeat esewbm.. r.
ams Imo,, Ems igp te aArme, wl be f Inew mea
Tsms.d, wE Es w beet eompany ýs ha ever hs.
at a is Ms best is isoleel by bi. re
e'pees a M b phims Is wb he s sha hitble on
bbel eam i See. The paps, speak of thes r..eep
hems eo ev Bs Ms t asmma sne.s eakeesr.
TUe issle.
The eans ie ma that es bedhe m s people sI
pa.ple s. -n.elly --s el in the hei .ids r- Odel
Sr ask ef J oa, se a esi
DNamn aEs pt weak ay Vrais of wges I have
SEm'is uo L. l ar - dsm bet Het Es
r gMeesenua wlS seesm alipgo ealM -
N p elt ir M Mniypl ea er' ki
The weainr r wEs pt wet has bes a muenlai
sM as asnl n moaem. oC lid t: a.ns me ates s
-en the isle' aHs s-pleasm lenea. I
r *w. siaid ee et ath
Easpres~ k lilops pep...im. .-..rl .es eta .
was sýt.le p' as hweret hi, whBise asy weas as
peluassnsla bih as ay wamosas. I
eabsrtar I r s
ThM as sre ek wweisped Be M Ames, be
sle, bemm Em lps, swumIna mL e
." IIu
ear aim tape.s.... tari. sat aTs. p
se s hin i We atIlps. Wk wly wTea
busshe wuas n *lih aBe s lb .g S win." as e
-vs twb hu,_.s ! . - -- -
Ummiafin .mgtý s'h t10mIw1ý
QI rIb ý -
-qrim 1-- isndhtMSm
.e rs - -i
i1 p . -M ri
Iý+r· YIrir t~ ilyrt k ýiI·I bIr ii
r ~ ~IIII
ýý3wi nrl i e" Mi l -
L 2)Jr h u --lki-~~ 4r ft
F ý -
u-f + w - wm
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3 : '
I: j -f .
i'cN*rMS ~· Wa
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r gaprq~
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~,·;irt J~,FlNr
tme -r psep a d UI, -
o00L, o pb o iWa4- -M it
u abs isbseAwa erdeult Ir dY .W.r
.?. IA WWIN.
Can l1Lstse l uaOfee
33w E ta., Nay 1s 7L 1.
? -u.tlh tw -gmak, fo ar ih, o so t
,agesimest .. W
se S h.a r~s b ao t h s en
sr se, i wen gi thes a time hr .ae.
erpmeetlhrmen, ppi is the iventer
Jesaasretto, La.
Or I to Naus Orrrs,
New Iberia,
The Deae Periek4cas of Ike Day.
wmwNTED u Sr
141 rElta Stre, Haw Teak,
At sbet seethard the price of the originals.
Pubilehed Quartrly-January. April, July, October
(& e slimile of the original) Published Moathly.
Teaer eof Jererlitte.
Far any oea review...................4 00 per amaum
For ay two Review .............. 700 "
ret any thl.eo Revews ............ 10 00
r all four Reviws................ 12 00
pwr liaeswoed's Mlaslae........... 4 00 ,
Per Bleakwoed sad om Review ..... 7 00
ltr raewoeed id tw. Reviews ..... 10 00 "
Fer Rlakweeod sad three Reviews.... 13 00
Fwe Bruekw od sad the Sur Reviews.. 15 00
Porests oen s a number to be paid by the quarter,
asthe e delivery.
A diseett of twenty per mat willbe allowed to clubs
of.etar emereO pomens Th. .sarº opies of Btaek
weoed, or e o eview, will be seat toose address for
12 U0g; fear eop$es f the fear Reviews and Blackwood
srM0, 00ml asm.
To clubs of ten or more. In additioa-to the above di.
seast, a espy path willbe st to the getter up of the
New sabsertbers fr the yewr 117 may have, without
e~q, the a.mber r the i q(rter of 1871 of each
Or isele of the as. ew uhewihers to any two, E
these r iser of the abae pseedsels, may have, as pre.
mam, ome of the bar Reviews for 171; sabeerubers to
ai lopay have two of the mer evrmwr 1871.
Neithr promiss to msberlbers or eouemat to clubs
a be aHewed ale the menay Is remitted direct t3 tho
pbairs. Noermies eaMbe given to clubs.
To seer. preemim. will ht ne esary to make ear
y1ppestl as the steek avaiba r that purpose Is
hime Cirelars with brther sermai can be had I
140 .ltea 8treet, New York.
The Leamed Seet Puh Co. alse publish THE
FAMER's W UIDE to eei ad prati cal l-s
taw' b Hary tepe., F.a , M 8.. , ad the
ateJ.P. Neto. r r of l Agriculture in I
YaleC O gl., New Have. Two vets., Beyal eetavo
IlMpagessa m ros earavings. Price 7 001 by i
1m, pest-psi. 6 00.
Os Bayes eehe, 5 sie beilow Patter.onvlle., Pa.
ai400 .aLet. sdsri t" li a 1Wati
las e Baes ae.I sad rt mIle Bayes. A large
Brise, Sldst Covered Sgm HoNe. 0ee ret loas b.~
wide, with a airg erwhed,-t-wee of large Lhee;
w ef Niles Ie ecSk yde os.-eet Is 1859,
SUS, wish mi aew Doebll d oedr.J p -
30 sbwth¶ se , a s is a mter. segr Eome Is
. . wf i orde·r. A Twoald a half Story
Dw ePeus; a Iege yardwlth -y eat hefihlage;
em Co. Crib d Stabe, eet b ay s eet wide,
i br. U -e4lO00e.l . Cora. 15 eart lead.
ay, sBs nOS f mOla The pl.. tas0e aewly
Beuses; s.lbsam-iths d operahop; about S5 Ar
p aIs or Bansa Csas, ar et yar. Seed Case
hers, wiah S gsr s sao. al. If desired; o ee a t
1et Jsr7y are, MIS. ist alm et yemsar, at 400
per year.
(Adides) MBs.L O0CHRAN,
stwkum-il, La.
si talh. .IL-4f
0CbIe Csrb. at. Pleter sCeet, ev,. latear L. A.
O.aAl. Pase. 8erke s ssesat Ms. at 71
A Xn egnh a atA N Al Rn er Iahr CMb.
a Ataer sa Bash, at 2 .'st* 3. Emalveg aer
etae. with - h u ea, at 41 eale S li.-
tiiselsa mi aLi 7 esd 'd. A. lIx
iT*-e 3ýeqapl alea, eeastr t Iberia sad
Wabbitm as,aB,. W. C. Hal,, Pe-r-Prae
re , at I IseS A, N., l? 7 relest P. N.
SUM -~Sde , aesek A 3. Juveade Cl bsiby a
sM.ýr3eeek P.M. raper a0nes A Wesesry,
td JtleP.L, "
,rt r a ss Mmhr * eere, rtmleast"
pd,) Ihn se, . se. L Y. aiar, BeaeM-
BDetlra.es aunL Oi beb every usky,; Ia
msal tuh as aaihgt 4 1ndeee. Sada
I t 3i · A . aI, e8 se every Wsaeel
mae i-ae .ýt eR.dee 1P. N.
ºi:am w *eA US. P. x-gen. Breular
u-asaMea. t. -l , ae mtsay.sm at
em ialTA i as* PN:. *ths mauais 3aý, qe
-ruMi---i--.ia -s,ae s s or. -a~-. a.r
t i.ot f . W s.-. w. i .
I.O.O F. .
" f et rw as la Agri at
r*iB aIs N t amIe ai N,
_ G i Pltho Z see - ir Bie
" w ile~. ts "a thtghp. At ýsers r red
. :e t ito, a a -
Wr -i swt ,Ure a
Thi esl wU regsHs e d M*ii 1eq eit
thatefmszst IWno sn sa
S ei e ia ........... .... . o
.dma. m . .....:'....................s a
iss nai rates
Beesrtg In pge Sdmuie, at Medsestea pries.
11...............cama Stre..t.. .......... 11
or the Saset and largest stock of Jewelry, Watches,
Clocks, e lver sad Plated Ware, ronses, Pariams and
Fancy Goods ever offered in this city. comprising.
Diamod, Cameo, Pearl, Coral, Panted, Enam eled
and Gold Half Sets. Diamond, Cameo, Enameld and
Gold Lockets, Sleeve Buttons and Studs.Pa, Opaand
- Half Opera Leontsnes, Guards ensad Vest ais, eek
lees, Crosses, Hndrchief Holders, Fan Hoders. Geld
Seaded Cames Gold and Silver Watchesfrom all dt M
beat mansftarters ai the United States, asglsad and
Switzerlad, Slverwm dof all penemas satab.e fer bd.
dal, holday poecats ad houase use; Plated were from
all of the best ,.atecres, Fee Broase, M arhe and
Gilt French Clocks, Fs r eme stes., A es
Regulators ad uanetl Clocks. l essees
sic Boes. All kinds Spectacles saad Eye Glasses, I
Writing Desks. Fancy and ShellU Goods.
Agent for tbeclebrated Watches of Chas. B. Jacot,
Alfred Gorard, Hary Homan, Davrid J. Magma and
STho. Russell & Seam.
Nov. 1st, 71. Sam.
! - i
The Ferry t will leave the foot of St. Ann street
DAILY, at 7,* ., connecting with the PASSENGER
TRAIN. leseving Algiers at 8 A. .
Preight for the road or landings on the Tehebe, sad for
Opelousas, deaversble atNew Iberia or St. MartlsviIle,
received daily (nndays excepte..,. rom 7 A. M., to e P.
B, at the foot of St. Ann street
Freights for all points oa Bayou Lafourehe, between
Lshadeevile and Loekport, for Belanger Canai, sad for
HReamas, will be tfsported at through steamboat rates
S 30. PANDELY, Superlateadant
Forfreight or pusae, apply at the corner of Natches
aund Magasne stre b
No feight received after5 oclock.
CHAS. A. WHITNEY & CO., Agets.
Jan11 '71
set the Best.
10,000 Words amA mhalmt umot aHo Other d
etisares. P
[email protected] Eagravings. 1340 Pages Quarto. Prices$~ l
O lad to add my testimony in its favor.
Pres. Walker of Haard.
U very shoelar knows its vale.
W. H: Preseast, the I r.
Ta he most eomplete Ditleery of t egS
The best g.es et ubatse of our b.apage. TI
Joen G. Whisner.
Re will trsamlt his name to latest posterity.
Chanceller eat.
Stymleiat l pats surpasses anythaig by earlier Ia
bow.Geerge B W
m esris relatioa to Language Prinelp.a deee to PUle
·pR sila ksrritL 4
rh all others in deding selente tems
Presdeat Hitcheek.
8 o far as I know, bhet dedning Dictionary. " Dl
Heore Maan.
T ake it altogether, the surpassag work.
Smart the English Orthepist -
A necsity for every iatýllht tatlry easiest,
teacher saPre asl m. Lb ris oem.
plete without the best Eglish Dictieaary
Webster'. atsteaml Uiottenary an
The i really a just the i
thinglrgthe mielisi..a.Aserim daartum he
Published by G. & C. MERRIAM, Sprilngeld, Ysms.
Sold by all Booksellers.
Estel lahd 5s 1S22.
[email protected]@H, *aLDWmI D 0o.,
74YS Owl i 3, 3, 35, Oomomma
xNe *lkasi, La.
Aless for W. W. Balidwa & O0.'. IMPROVED SUGAR
Jas. H. Hail & Co.'s SUGAR PLOW.
Garrett & O.UaCea'. SUGAR PLOW.
Frag JmIm ml u Ma Isdasde' L asd mate
rII, Is atsty.
The prwsat p .hta bess P.3. Pan f sb
ly K1 Hw Oshoms, a ra, AL t lssis 111dsp~s.
Y. kbulga mil rleas d ibs Casbeshella.
Phase he. m r sw P seb, eft S ·,lb
stJ.a.. m E able ulmhetm M lb. her K I 1
e'. . esu kmg,1eesy. b..*
$Hule $.w " Lt S.. le l.; maleti ; m k
3 .s eMgus - a .. atl N il hads; a Iii .
el aMM; al.M 160 ha 173 cadsr K i or
wnat es.t; alet b. q. wilt mrsmya,
Teams &min COSUOS or BaS-Az- mar smiar
slr h a Pay Dai. ,, ah. AlUl .olio p
M lb s fir'su
Jsa. U51b.'73.-M
10 illf.>s.....p...............i ~ 6'js [li~wftl
am .e W rmLa~ elbImmik ' ý ml~si
Mss tswIIsiee . !0 -
tse..r a .wssý. ts. r sod
aeiI. ' -- s·rr . sr rysr·CPS
,P aumlll ~ %
W Q. H . '*r
Sp 5 si
Mý1aMi & 1iaa
dlahehakb hellu
r .r
- tliqsM~I~ýýsYwsýW
ýýsesda·i-'sDr: i
,l enteerlbses have DGOOD SADbIIL-HORSE8
iiOGI AND HO8S8S, (deable m.) ete., to let,,
Si r Ibal.y e i aben em aa Strest, Fraehn, at all
SItmes. Pmerse. wiblag eaeyaee I. say part of the
aprh, or ie NaerLyelepa always be aseommodated
at er sthle.
I Old Mealds easrew, a agers andelens are lavited
p to gve as a .
S sall 71-1y PHARNE A SAXON.
Thejrtn.hp feM e.s gbetwees TEAINER
& HANSON having bee doelved by mutual eeseat
the beal.es will be skcntimetd on the old premnse by
the sabserlber.
Steamerr. Vessels, sand lqs, eta., haadl oat sad re
paired ae formedy.iFloattg Irldge,ia.tsiand SkIBi,
coustrected at the shipyear on ressemable teem.
Small or large constructed in any of the parishes on
Attakapas waters.
Ceiling and Flooring dressed, tongued and grooved
Manufactured on the premzies and sod at New Orleans
prices, with freIght charges added.
Such as Cane Sheds. Cabins, Sugar Coolers, and
water cisterns made by contract.
Persons owing tle au t. partnership
was dtssolved, will please oems fowastd and settle with
either of the former partners, since we do not wish to i
put these claims in the hands of sa attorney or collector
but preder to settle personally with our old riMends and
patrons. . J. TRAINER, I
may2S71-ly. A. HANSON.
Pramkllm, La. 9
The subscribers having leasedtbhelemming Founary,
are nowprepared do all kinds of work tn their line of
busines, a
Planter. who patronise this Foundry are urgently re
quested to send in their work early lathe season. It has -
been the eustom for nearJy all who have work don
for sngar rolling to have their Foundry Jobs
done late in the seasoa, and all the work comes in at *
once. By thl ob arehurried, and cannot be as
well done as they might he If more time were allowed.
BOATS. etc.. Made and Relpaled at this Foundry. -
'Good Workmen will be employed, and work will be
delivered with all poeible dispatch.
The subseribers have had ample experlea. e in Foun s'
dries in Kentucky end Louisiana, and will spare no
pains this season i their fforts to satisfy their patrons ia
In all rpetals
April 1, 1871.--1. p
1. Resler,
aln Street. Fraklta, La.
esps ceastantly on hand a supply of Copper and Tin
Warnet reasonablepeicee.
Orderesollcited and promptly attended to.
A complete supply of 1COOKING, PARLOR and
DINING ROOM STOVES. Just received from New
Orleans, and for Sale at City prices and charges.
$eotdce to Pwlfer*.
The subscriber, who ha had a imagth experience in
the Maaeet of sager plntaal. ead can bring the
est sastisc ory preeo in relame h eepealty, would
like to obtain a sd P nWts, or
make engagementD
Restrrences-P. J.Pavy & C., ebt. Hare, Pries,
Hine & Tapper.
Psteronvlle, P. O. La.. Sept. 7 1171.-.
C. D. DeP rOeourt
Has just reeieved from ST. LOUIS, a large and well as
sorted steek of
Consisting of the best brands of
And all other groceries kept inn at class grocery store.
Also every kind of
And all the hbr th ands of lt
Cero on esdal s oIId k a. th. aslek. C. D. DE
VALCOURT wll bhe lre oe heia ready and
wMig he show yes thbesbt slul eleaoods, in the
peeary lan, tbaten be s Ew Iberi. 8 ceome
and see; it want Mt ,..
.le a tterrangeme r'teter seds.
(easearr am and tnMe a-tse s o)
Jsa seedel a hsie sae wet ssalessh esdemss atef
rears oossm oela~b.et all a
H4T5i 3oo1 AND SHOot,
4NCYr ArsrbNzs AND N9Iorrs,
A ea. Iayr eC *o eie..e
'v" 1611 rl "il- HD 1g
ep m -_ .. - : r I
ir sa. .e hsai a b.. r «rr s be
~lrsasIstdM, , Sad h aba/agade.8gA l- t
" y mw mm .oa _ _ ý1 ý a
ss l are s
bada sa e mL mdei
UIM3a wsir be takes any a
at masimwassla
J meS t . lsMel,
Opelesase, La.
8 From his residence of nearly twelve years, in the par
labh of St. Landry, and from his extensive aequalatance
in this section of Louisiana, he feels confident that he
can give general satisfaction to strangers searching for
lands. To persons examining the country with a view
to qettlement, he will give any assistance or information
gratis; and will promptly answer any inquiries addressed
to him, enclosing stampe in letters, asking information."
A TRACT of 120 acre of very fae unimproved
prairie land, lying three miles north-west otOpelou
<as. Can be purchased cheap; the proprietor will sell
at a sacrifice. Apply early. e
AFINE TRACT of unimproved prairie land, within 2
A miles of Opelousas. on the Washington road, con
daiting of 157 arpents, lying immediately on the road, a
tine situation for building. In quality this laud is seeo
and to no prairie land in the parish. Price Fifteen Dol
gars e
thousa , . s ea'
g h
A PLACE well improved and consisting of 800 acres 01
300 are wood, balance good prairie land, being im
mediately on Bayou Plaquemine, 18 miles southwest of
Opelousas, in a fine and thickly settled neighborhood
and a few miles from the Chattanooga Rail Road. I
Price Four Thousand Dollars; terms favorable. l
"'' AK LAWN," situated I> Bellevue pralrie,4 mies it
v south of Opelousas. on the stage road to Venrail- f
Lonville. From two to three hundred acres are prairie, -
balance, choice wood land. The tract contains eight
hundred acres, more or lees. Thitis one of the finest
unimproved bodies of land within this distance of town.
Price, Ten Thousand Dollars; favorable terms. a
sitnated near Bayou Mallet, 180 acres are prairie
land, balance woodland; three and ahalf acres are plant
ed in sugar cane. It contains a very commodious dwell
ht.. with a moderate quantity of out-buildings. It is
ten miles west of Opelousas. Price three thousand
five hundred dollars cash. ne
NICE TRACT of 160 acres of land, one-half wood, he
and the balance prairie. A good dwelling with wi
4 rooms and an upstairs; good kitchen with two rooms d0
and brick chimney . two stables, one corn crib, cabin -
and smocke house with plenty ot good water. Situated
on Bayou Mallet, 10 miles west of Opelousas. Price
two thousand doUllars, on favorable terms,
in the parish, eitasted Five miles northwest of Op- Be
elousas, and two miles from Washington. containing 215 th
acres, 30 of which are woodland. The rekidence is eli- tes
gibly located, with a nice yard containing a large num
her of bearing pecan trees, et. Included with the place,
he sells 40 head of cattle, seven creole horses, four creole
mares, 6 good mules and 20 head of hogs. Price four A
thousand dollars terms favorable.
THE MC CLELLAN TRACT, containing 600 acres, b
nearly one-half of it cleared, and sitated 25 miles er
south-west of Opeloases. A good re -ideate with ot- do
houses, and one of the finest gin houses in the Parish,
and a quantity of flgeing includes its improvemeats. It
ts situated between the fork of the East and West
Plaquemine Brid6e. There is no iner stock range i A
Western Louisinas. It lies.wlthin two miles of the
Chattanooga Railroad. Price five thousand dellars; an
payments easy. th
Bayou Tech., 5 miles east of Opelousas, contain
ing 300 hundred arpents-good dwelling, excellent
framed gin with grist mill attached, i good framed
double cabin for hands with brick chimney. One half
of the land is prairie balance wood. This is a very
rich piece of land ad will bring ia. cane cotton and
corn. It is about three miles trom Barry's Landing,
point of navigation. Price, Five Tho~and Dollars;
Two Thousand cask. balance i one ad two vears.
A FINE BODY of sngar and cottoa.lad, situated two
miles below Barry's La , on Bayoa Court
blean, containg 1,800 acres; 401 are clears.. It
contains a dwelling other improve
ments. If desired, rovemsets will be
sold. The place is in tliatlon. It is
immediately on 12 miles below
Washington and abo ce from OpeTeu
s. There i so n land in the
parish. eats easy.
ird in wood
land ; is a new place
and pretty osed ; dwelling
new, 4 by I ow with hall be
tween sadalO feet kitchen with
two roe and . T yard is
pleasantly shaded other desirable
yard trees. It is I south-west from
Opelouas. Price, tiars; terms easy.
TrHE TRACT known as s Hayes'place, altasted
18 miles southwest of Opelousas, coataiing aboat
2,900 acres , 90 acres are open land, 150 acres under
teae, 30 acres are plant t in cane. The timber is qual
fly ad quantity cannot be excelled in the pish. A
splendid location br a saw-mill. It has on it a good
large dwelling with six rooms below ad ose aove, whh
three fire-places; 3 wells of water, and a number of
cabins for hands. i8smate in Plaqusmise uide.
Price, fifteen thousand dollars trms easy.
STRACT of 2,500 ares sialtated on the beaks of
SBayou Teche, 7 miles east of Opiloasa. L000
acres are deared sad 300 aes are ader -fence. It has
on the plees two good dweltis a Las etton gin and
barn, and Ave doeal esbins with brick eimaeys. Also,
the remaIns of a briek ager home ad sw mll-these
having been . ed by s c the war. There
are plenty of brick remaining to b eld-ather sagar
house. There are two be clasern.sens amenrpeendand
cemented. Pries twenty iells Ir am; e-mhalf
cash, b.ce in twelve man with aert.
A GOOD IMPROYVIEET selated or Mermeuta
A ler (a see) sentaling 30 aeres, big a sple
did leisa far an rag hard; with i ycnag
erange res em it a dwelldag, erie, stables, etc.
It hau six ura in r u am two in se s.
Lyihag0 miles asntwet of £iklomas; Be sunr la id
asd splendi d solageps,o r wihe cpp y e, hic Lkory.
ash etc. 9 g estInew cprea ern. Pedi
s su m e ea b k aht e a Mj dTem persmesMa.
It is p ea s ett torels. PiL., ro hedstho
, fseea nbes i .
A TrACT t1 4s. ees, tsr wish a OM sot oei
Imaee eltualed twemes west ef Opou-;
m T weed i ed aensen rtbe eerpsersbiss
dwelug. wish .ekl. Mehlie and gin hn gmpees
manm of the i apr 10s acres a e eed, a
r paerrJlen itis vaiatis weed. It hls e of th
t nlt orhardsI i the pes e. The land is bl
paebeve pelie. well d ed imprvmata m i.
rted afs making Iet esen vary del idsm
rs Sori temneg es eeI~ a , S
ares a leared u end atd e d and in a s 98e
K ealtivatiea Over 8 sr stable, da yena'
gorwh. and 73 ter ges teane,3 0ett sand N wa
aemn, wit l ad on the pine.e btwas t O She
s dlmlah; tm arind tt ts c te parsh
'wth iHe esash eLbsr, >lraaplssnta. aidIs3
-ea mtd weri wMer e, 1r Amel la
LOCATIO in .me of lab beet malghes
hee s in L i kimos s ne e Pi tin eesl
sofl weedms o sats laends. as
wish 14 welh.r t lee a . sans a a
i m nt.. hh I.o. o .o -M. .
o d alai d ieritsme rosl lliba smter
mes; SW afmgrisse5 whe Seast w atAtsri
aes are h r sFes adm ae ad t le aseM epr.
.aen l p'r; teet eaterms he a em ,ave
bl atm lat aemb r. a wit et h aaen aies
aNG le The M impcr ir saef
of temee, stee. . Teae me intm
Stie eeid we e mea Qesg. . u
"tdrl Me ecane per one
"msien saleee o. f p sims. . e ht at m
mieste 1 1 merem she sadism= The agner
sureh.-Fa u dusk, ste.. Ten Thind
A r ~9U T o a__a_
S PIN ODY OF WOOD LAND, soutalningI400
aresM, sdtasted near Bayou Petit Prairie, and
miles from Big Cane village. flome of the laid is
swamp and the entire tract ean be parchased for three
hundred dollars cash.
A COICI BODY o unimproved cotton and .ugar
land lying immediately on Bayou Courtablean, 2
miles below Barr's Landing. It is No.1 ease and cot
It ton land. It would soon pay for itselfby tfrnishlng
an cor wood to steamb ats. The are 812 acres In the
tract. Price only two thousand dollars.
or 63
w VALUABLE TRACT of 1260 seres prairie, situated
m about 25 miles south-west of Opeloase and 10 1
miles north-west of Vermillonville, and described as
d N. E. anN. . W. Qrs. of ecten8, and the whole of
Section 32, Township 9, Range 2 east. This land lii
near Chattanooga Rail Road, and ea be purchased on
reasonable terms.
A VERY CONVENIENT and desirable pieceofproper I
A ty embracing 455 acres, 100 acres are wood, balance a
choice prairie, situated 3 mile west of Opeloses. 10
acres are enclosed. Good dwelling, 3 cabins, gin house,
S orchard, etc. Price, fle thousand dollars; payments
2 nuderate.
a 3 w
SNICE COTTON FARM situated on Plaquerine a
A Ridge, 7 miles west of Opelonsas, and embracing di
acres more or less; about seventy-five acres wood ;
e best prairie. Good and comfortable improve
and well drained. Price 612 per acre; payment p
H TRACT OF LAND composed of 362 acres m
n Elm Bayou, 5 miles from Cbeneyville, 4 from th
Boeuf and I from Bayou Crocodile. About 80pe
are cleared and in ceativation. Dwelling, out
i houses and cistern on the place. It is 30 miles north
s of Washington. Price fifteen dollars per acre.
A TRACT of 200 hundred arpests situated 14 miles an
below Opelousas, on Bayoq, Teche, 100 arpents on
:Ieared. It has 6 arpents froeat am te Bayou. Improve- au
ments ordinary. Very fine boyof wood. More than pt
i sow cypr.s a.- ·ted up. Is piy Sr
it is s first quality sugar and cotton lad. Price, -
four thousand dollars; secommedainag terms.
A NICE LITTLE TRACT of 100 acres situated on a
Plaquemine Ridge, 12 miles west ef Opoosas,i v
a good neighborhood, 80 acres are good prairieland and fn
30 acres wood. About 30 a res enoloeed. The im- ba
provements consist of a small dwelling with a cabin, wi
crib, stable, etc. A fine yomng orchard i ncluded in Al
the improvemonts. Price, one thousand dollars cash. en
46 of
TWO SMALL IMPROVEMENTS with 100aere, sit- on
natedll mile west of Opelonsas. One half is encleed las
by diteh and fence. The improvements consist of two set
new doutslo .abins. The soil is rich and prodaetive, the
convenient to a fine range for stock. It fronts on pub- g
lic road running west from Opelousas. This property
will -be sold on accommodating terms. Price, fifteen
dollars per acre.
A VERY VALUABLE and desirable loeation four Wi
miles south of Opelonsas, consisting of d45 arpents,b
50 are,wood; 124 are under good, sew cypress fence; imn
1 dwelling with 4 rooms, (old but substantial) 3 aew
cabinsand corn crib. The place is well drained, in bpl
Bellevue prairie, and one of the best neighborhoede in cat
the parish of St. Landry. Price fev thousand dollars; aim
terms accommodating. 4
37 lar
AGOOD PROPERTY situated two and a half miles
north-westof Opelousas ; 992 arpents; 112 wood,
balance best prairie. A good large new dwelling with co
4 rooms, i double cabin for hauds, 14 by li, with brick cot
chimney, 1 very good cabin with 3rooms, garret and
brick chimney; 1 goodnew cabin 16 by 17, a new stable.
erib, ad half interest in gin house. Price six thousand
dollars; terms favorable to purcnaser,
A TRACT of 80 acres; 40 with improt ements are 4
miles west of Opelousas, and P nlted ae Plaque- Ba
ne Ridge. The wood land eomprisg one half the
trac, lies a few mise fro residee ; the pestae will
the residence is all prairie and ecio.ed. It has a
pleasant llttli cottage on it, with kitehe., arib and oan
stable attached With proper cultivation the land is
very remunerative Price, twe thosaaddoilars; terms
A SMALL TRACT of 150 acres, conveniently located -
3 miles eust of Opelousas, and lying em publie
road. About 30 acres are wood, balance cleared and
enclosed. The improvemeats are very good ad nu
merous, consisting of good dwelling with a umber of
good sized frame dwellings Sir bands, gin house u.
thorough order. There isa small store on the place, and
all the improvements are kept ina thoegh repair. The
proprietor promises a bargain to the purchaser. Apply
commodious dwelling of 9 rooms, and another
dwelling of smaller size with 4 reamo. A suefiency of
cabins for 70 hands with stables. cribs, etc. Tbh tract
contains 1000 acres about .100 of which is woo land;
utuated on Bayou Teche. about 12 miles from Opelou
sus. There Is attached tothe L. very glod suarW
Se ".wth engine and his 40 ar tois I sugar c
Price for plantation with improvemeats and witbonu
erop thirty dollars per acre. Terms easy.
parish- situated four miles northwest of Opeloasa,
containg about 1400 acre ; 300 wood, and very conve
naent for prairie location. A line reidmee with a large
number of cabias for hands. This place ise highly im
proved, and basall the conveniences necesarv for the
accommodation of fifty hands, is well-ditched and thor.
oughly drained; there are also eight dlierent sets of
improvements for hands dispersed over the place. It is
a choice cotton plantation. Price thirty thouanad dot
Ian--one-half cash balance in one and two vems.
A WELL IMPROVED PLACE ea Pyoc Mallet, 15
m les of Opelbas--70 aeres, 300 hured el
which is prairie land sad eelesd : 7 separate i
provementi on it, and an be oeeapied by several
tiles. It ha. a good store s., blackat ad weed.
shop, gin, mill, sugar hoas. (mall) ands lays d pem
Stan bark hr tanming prpes. Joining this pepy
lea school-ho..., church and Mwace Lem, a bli
two story high is used and has at preeat 50 scholars at
iached to a loarishing school; ina geed healthy n .i
horhood-.everal acres planted in as Price sad
ter to teasy.
bot 930 acre, on Uryon oef erlsb of 66.
erl , II more s .-l ietsj . maea R.WvJc.
Snt-h oerfecly sugair aesmgle nn d hL -
the, gin and gilstmllealb, 1abr, eta 2ho do tie
aiopted to the selrs o e, ata I , Tis e .
ango for cattle., horse ad hbugaes l ti-
cypress brake in the tar; abeat ares ande
boes; 18 nice ber cr·d ·)eaza idc; ý tr
tlsville, 12 from Bard. Lag and 16 fr mOpesie
e Pric, tea theasgad delles; blas mdwsea.
re ar - hlt.e lamndao aschmareen o ooer ed
land. Mot of the n se. The i
proveesat~are esmidrd very gsed; eseacinig of
gin . ons. ad several ..bs.eiseir ,
ed. There are three a le ems o she
p}m.s ; a good orchard and ban ewea l he
preiemen. are worth ma. than the pm. ked fr the
c-s mils eta d
.saths wih imre-st-se daa.
o;cleared sa ealvstise, lsa hse wree. Thee
/we*tisns reermy and hsail Ma wersh der
tieensol larse doats hYe 4 dents
Stm•M mostams i gaic ttd h ih a d ,
e cm.eae'wI -e,. r, w-l is-am.-,tq.- -
b room sea pert Theroe is a ea seseg came to
platUe acre T here
theannd dollars; haltf cash. Bl se tase w
A VALUALtE MILL SITE K 130e ..,e ansad
an Chiot Bayou, joaiing COest Lai. A de
Mbe of varl., kinds of choice umber vi: Cypess
sakat, hlry sa gaie; a be Batb4 cItlise
we _v ... Them l~ee u po.,eo a se t,
is well mtaprved s god ewesms
dah brick chmneyn, e.. ros esaIkshe.a aiteeh
everal sallr hemuse wih two as wee a
ail, besinamkthrsee, gam sad *0woerp. Te.m
are go mere e1 , snth. Jae is 'eury'eemuve.
a d. There is de is Lapeish1p he ad
S-WK .agle t.lan nma trseah S. f Iee m,
fir leebr. Tense eery aMSM . sLI
Osseimhlsee,, peter iran gesnt.
S.ssed sad and itsew fuss., 0 em -a s,
0unes. , ai soand ew ae.. Thjleu i m -em
i em hcws. ih * M macase,
and ether eat hoses. s iI. sa~be. .. I eal
g e.i a ns l asr wels e 2wa ah p
sad Ia bieet. $do erie.. ed soaYg.
A ?, !3 .flus..
lids flei ýSOwmaase
sera hoses, W I ei, erria th us s
-. s ban m esh ifre hkal mes e
d;a ma, b ese hi sod tyose, widest is
SBM WELL KNOWN Rugar plantation. prMiw
is 1 kow as the "Thomas trast," 'slttted 4 mnles M
Washington, fim Sedatel om Bayoa CeartabiLsa (an ,
gable srees) coatalinng 1337 acres, 425 aeresareeleare
SBOUT 80 acres, lying two miles north-west i the vil
L.age of Big Cane. 11 miles north of Washiyae
One half was formerly enclosed and cultilvated. It a
t situated near the line of Grows Tote Railroad. PrLe
e fd00 per acre.
3 EIGHTY ACRES lying two miles northwest of the
village of Big Cane, and 11 miles sorth of Wash
0 ington. One half was formerly enlosed and cultivated.
It is very near the line of the Grow. Tete Ra' Road
| Price, only six dollars per acre.
IANOTHER TRACT joiniag the above, sontalmaim
about 75 acres, with building, crib, stables, etc.
I About 30 acres enclooed and in high state of cultivatlor
r- Price, one thousand dollars, hall cash, balane ea time
e with Interest.
a VERY DESIRABLE RESIDT ? CE with laresoet
land, and all enclosed. ;-c .t 25 acres ae weed,
- balance the best of prairie. L cated l than se till.
I west of courthouse. This is a handsome residence and
I can be purchased at a bargain. 'rice, fve tbhousad
Sdollars cash.
* 93
A VALUABLE TRACT of 2E0 acres, situated about
i twp miles north west of the village of Big Cane
There was formerly about 20 acres in cultivatem, t80
more acres are under fence. The tract lies about .s
[ miles from Grow Tete Railroad. Thes tract is higt I
the best of hugar, Ccrn an3 Cotton land. Price- -. 0
per acre--Cash or equivalent
A VERY PRODUCTIVE little tract of 40amere, with
A comfortable dwelling with 4 rooms, situated im
mediately on road from Washington to Big Cam village,
and on Dry Bayou, 12 miles north of Washington and
one mile nortwest of the vidlage of Big Can. It lies
wear the projected line of the Gros T6ute ail Road.
Price, tea dollars per acre, cas, or lTs qaivkeat.
BEAUTIPUL prairie location, with Its Improvements,
situated one and a half mile west of Grand Cote.m,
embracing 100 acres. About 5 acree good wood and
very convenient (i0 acres are enclosed with new
fencing and sufficient material on ground to enmlose the
balance. There are 4 good new cabins 1tIS feet en it
with large cribs, stables, etc., and ineallent water
About 25 or 30 acres are in cotton.and '0arers in er
and a good crop. The proprietor has stock iogs (ypra e
sufficient at the mill in Grand Cotesa, to aw 3S test
of lumber. This very desirable tract lies Immediately
on public road running west from Grand Ceteam. The
land and improvements can be purchased for twenty
seven hundred dollars cash, or including theerop three
thousand dollars. The crop alone is worth one thou
1 NE BARGAIN in the well known and valuable
sugar and cotton plantatios known as "Sanlower,
contalanig 2,000 acrem, situated immediately oea ayer
Boeuf, 4 miles below Holmeeville and 27 miles abovy
Washingtsm. 800 acres am open land ad emeled
balance high and dry land, and well timbered. The
improvemetse are very good and abundant. A good
afd roomy two story dwelling, and all searmey yard
buildngse ech as kitchens, servants' rooms,.tore reom
carriage house, etc., Eleven doable brick eabi. and
ninoe franed cpbins for laborers. One brick hoe wsth
4 roomsfor manager, corn cribs, stables, etc. A very
large sad substantial brick sugar hoese with eno et the
largest and fneat steam engines in thao tate,wita two
sets of kettles. One of the very finest sugar houses in
this or any of the ajotninag parishes lIae ramm
order. Included with the place arme aout 80 acres of
cotton and 110 acres Me sugar cane. I4 sae males, 80
head of improved sheep, 25 head of fine cattle (mised
blood). Pear yoke of oxen, 4 wagons, 4 earts, with
a very large quantity of farming lmplementa. Thie
plantation is in one of the meet fertile regios of the
Bhate, and of unsurpassed fertility. The place Is well
stocked with everything neessary for the emeeeesil
plantingwith a good growing crop. The improvements
cannot be put em the place for the price asked, The
Bayou is navigable at this point with smail boats. The
projected Rail Road will ru immediately by it Priese,
sixty thousand dollars one-third cash, balance In ea
and two years If desired the proprietor will dispose et
only 1000 acres with implements, stock, etc., foe thirty
ave thousand dollars, on same terms.
OVER 600,000 so.i TWENTY Y 8 IN US
At the Paris EapeeslIem. Over AS Cmpt
hers, was Awadred t t he Whe.I.r
amd Wilem Sew.sg Eaebane.
Peme t ef e Pe.mes et Mae*enase.
1. It sers a 8e amd m lbs Lk-Soeb.
. latO rueary buek, ebvileMg tb se aof t. alie
3. Desaty mel mdI.as .1 Stkebalbs m bulb ails
.l*. Robeds seuwd.
4 Strkssitb, smesn ad tabhte am, tlt a.
aet rip mravd
- iemsoy tb hret.
SBe elsuhmeut ml wi ae na.f api easee a pm
pe. ml mdatlrak
7. C(tuieeam umd g..u. d ldJ ma bhb.
t Cmlpeaes. aed asses orf midt sad iae.
S. a1ltllb4 ad esre.gbasmet sesmuses.
9 Spses, e s1 oeperusm, u.eamm msd
lams. of movemmet.
10. b hu beea tb poplar Family Sewse Mashine
rS elghteen years, mad Aer it i. us a seSrte rq t
vesr adsm.i emaemsteed Poer ve Teears.
I rlmet sombera .sr
New Odums Ila.
`JAa Ls. LE
Mein StLnw , LLa
AaLt for Iberia, St. Marthale Iuet~ai Vemle.
Aee Ooak Sesseo .
(LMsyae lbes N1o md Hs.aa)
New Swalsk. Wareabe, a ts Upper Lmn,
rb ahm. ~Lb Desrae. IPmaugur St a
sueDea .. s. , a..y x CbWs,.. LoweA
i sd.itm.e, eurnese, s Fml, ohm
Blera, deted Jeae. es, H ew York :.
altlolmT eoeatrS. pe o M adll., m .
A cTASt. A.N rrar o.
T . .ALIN A N.. 4, aM.amg T. e .
L. P.DOWlem e. Ner. Ed 7.
Orbs sad SL N*e tl as ne e.essb at
lrrmIAe Fa.. Pr wdIt F .ergmsm F uL, ISds
Nlew da. Lave .mbrr eEl-y e thet erivat hR
FmL Pet. BMase, trem lil wi the wum alm b
T-aw T Thoes wTb.L amAo E TO ST GraTIaSTdLak
Ad fpr U.mbra, t i lu.br. We ii
Ali, fwi to gm

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