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The Semi-weekly Natchitoches times. [volume] (Natchitoches, La.) 1865-1868, April 04, 1866, Image 1

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a r ~, · · ~ :L ;
WS-'ies No, J5. NatchitOches,_La., Wednesday, "" A...4,.1866
-r ,, Jd · ,Ail, 1866;..
yam '-- ' ,. ..o..'
_ ' t Y
S 'A
.w .
eti . "s . l :
* .
ii i
A "
r t Bargains!!
: 'i,: Havingl bought at extreiiely low rates thn largest Stock of
Godds ever Imported in Natchitoches, since the war, I offer for sale- at
AN UNPRECEDENTED PRICE, the followig a 'ticles:
5000 Pairp Boots, & Shoes, for IMn,Laaies a nd Children, all sizes and qualities,
15 000 Yards assorted Calicoes?
10,000 Yards Brown and White Cdttons,
2000 Yards Satinet, various colors,
20 Pieces Fine French Cloth, all.colrs,
30O00 Yds. FIanels fashionable colors;
5000 .Yds English Muslin de Laine, latest style,
800 Pieces Genuine Irish Linen,
-00 Doz. White and Colored French Shirts,
" 0 6Doz. Merino Dra'ers;
50 Doz. Meripo cnder Shirts,
28 Ddz. Men;-Ladies' & Childi-enis Sod1s & Stockings,
Assorthd IIandkerdfiefs for Men and Ladies,
S Cravats of all Sorts and Price,
ea ds aitAerchi8p,
Hoops of the latest Style;
S00 Hats for Men and Children.
Perfunery Imported diiretly from thope, and consisting of all Sweet Per
! mes, soaps. 0thi for this Market.
Sgs(s ClJaret,st. . Ianlo. J. St. Estephie; g00 Boxe* ckaret, rarious brands,
50 Bs#xea ,Wte Wf e, Haaut isuterne, .500 Gallons Real French Brandy,
S r.d DUptpy, casilen,- Brandburg,Jbtsto.n #' other genuine brands
5e askdt. hspaugn, sIt s ark, *25 Bola. J'hiskey, best marks,
S&ieks lid efff'ee, "50 BoXes Soap, i u bars,
10 Box's tArch, 10 Boxes fetlrdi s,
i Beo es_ )lwoeg toba oc, 20 bWle c tsh'd iaeSgar,
I10o0 il0~ bDI~ES, o iooo 1-s BOXES SARDINES. in 0il
. 42. 0 .ES OYSTERS, in Can, .
*-- t i~1ot.of other fancy articles for gentlemen, Ladies, child
I ¶re-ioi 1i r enumerated. Puirchasers from the country and.he
itit nsd in general are invited to come and see for themselves the truth
pof my assertion in this advertisement, my prices will be the same. for
every .one. You can send iiih our orders by your servants or yout
chai, t1e if, le te your best advantage"
,i.€ f.eiipheibr, my ol~store, on Front Street. ,
Natchitoches, D ee.. 27, 1865:..
3 Victor Nirand.
ThwbiC bIi tb0 CbY >aa d t th
' io~Ed1tie Yibd rmid6ae tbe
ht e ty"' ý I h* on all
eraop 9 jitik ( w ·f ~llda a+aon
Iybd ?an O ibtei autd lie St.
Anne Pr dbo o" .
- vgr Fro - . r
ALL I 7 Q w
COFFI Net V6atýn i VIates
-11 o
1 . It
* ; iýa iity !9PZo L
r.` r1A
a V * "W' .l ii' n~ i: tJa
tot whoa f , t(
-·SlldjFF SALE.
81 1MIF f SIEE
" Wm.Pe *s
;. ýr ýble do S, !3. e, i ..
' V100 .Of, asorder of meicre ndr sile
41, 4LIO i'tbe .bovee titied ase,
waill .4±t AT rl·rt the Court Hopee door
lte tbh Qwna oQ( tYltoch on
8wsrdsy tk+Io# q4 April wezt (1866,)
e ~iiepg sittia~o4 is
IT44owunfcWrtch4 l aji4 ( tb uva ,i
Tf~ee~t~I ·ci~uPSd
pi'.t~ ~~ 9.~1
Ut of 12 o s o e dS%
* M a r c h T-s~s a* .t º t b '.,p. £ 'e s ltacr f
It It
D.o¶JW of 12 mouths from che dsom
.iVatgc4 a*.ttbt nWu u'heriff.
Coattl c: 3
N vertu d'ou ur d a e t VWt
,r 0 adIill tlllII rowlr ci de~o , i'ot.
ra tI ed Ule!itb A eort she d1. *ivide
r, lonela tiIr lls deýNatlbbiebce,
0t m Jo'.c'
ut s Iru dopr1ldO 'ftf4ig- e!' fntiIc
ý? N -vide driW toitaib ee e1W daa+ .le
P htistudoprrd ouvig ('Eijaltlrduf
ate~~S~ rla. " r iae hod. ~ie
4 u~eam'ds UW hmý"I..rt 1 ý
to + i I·· · ,-ilk , ý . lieý' · bE r
ir~li ft Vic*~r~'
kd- i~
i wJ7a~
aunupt X g vr ta t em tr L
E Wea Payne
D. S. Clara. "
[Y vique of an order o .aei.nrj aa :ple
1 to Ire dl'rtoted, in the above .ntitl
ease, I will offei for I9tle at the Court, llous
do~t uiih Towh of tNatcbitQpee :on
, the Ith day of Aprit ezt 1866
the lollowlo ~ tacribed property, 'itulate
luthe TowrPi et'cblitcfes and seized I
I eheabovUe ulft et.wt : .
Lobamb(r elIy~i iI) eftring eight
alfett land six ciehbe dh'tbe 8'4 side
ICurch street, titk4btedept'hifi o te budre
and trdysat ffVbý jartltfin. l .
Bale ilbh"!' be stidal bours,
.- · · .' : $ • , • . '
', On ,iscredit of t `'I e Monsll. frnl,
dla"df $hle--with pptroved peti - a
vriddidtd ill ae' retained.
m7-sw ids. G. hen
Vei te de Sher
t: ,tre ' .
. ibluey et , S. OClmre.
N reaet d'in- dr&A de sield et vent i
i: moio adrebed dans tI pIrods ci des
Solretimrea eilte h :l porte de la mal o
cour dada Isvil) dA NsatcbitoeCh' . .
il propridi)dlvagEi ddcriteoet slde
. ville des N~atibitioder tale dans le pr
,o lot de terre iumure doinue (1l2)
ra •. piatraviwnghdix pied.l t k l
sou 19r c6t1 bold di rkerasa". IgsO
uqe. piofouder, 4. oat:ingL, pleds, I
i paireiMes. i ,
V " : t.. .. -'t t- .
vle 1 ý beta e, . .
, ,: ut r ura qpari p1  '
: q nucrdde Tr'p o i,u4oiir e '
S C adcuritd approvee et rvilege d c
r ,-es.¥ - ..."
d1er rpknu.
4iI~hji~i ej~i ·lpo'eeprrl~
UWA suociON ME..loA4
.e is ]CMEi. .O
undersigned have on hian4 and will coastantid keep a teiera
P - m • ,, en t o f
*. Ba oh,
, .
s tm ent of • . " , , :,
,lantation Supplies,
Planitation Implement.
ilaiters #ill always find in thiit" establishment, all
th.eylant.tion implement of the latest patterfis, and'
provisions to -s8it their wants at NEW (ORLEANS
PRICES, having made ample arraingeenf'ts t&b recei
ail their supplies directly from the Western,St tes,
i view.of accommodating tie i atecling community,
Miessrs. ~ausselr Co., have built a splendid LivER
STALE, and purchased filie hacks. Tr !vleis j J.
certain to be accommodat d at every hori of thef da
and night. .
Receiving and forwarding as well as purchases, in
New Orleans, will receib a careful attention at mode
rate prices.
rn , i', W a .,ac .4 1..,
GrIand E2ie2 , La., March i4, 1800.
_" ".
i: Succession Sale.
Steession of Celeste Vascot~i decd.
ItY virtue of an ordbtr and decree
of the gIon: the 9th ,Judicial
rict of thc. State of 'Louisiana,
e will be sold at public Auction
1lt. day of Martrd, 1860
Klhe cour house dots if the town
'arish of Natchitoches, the fol
ing property belunginrg to said
cess'on, viZ :
- certain lot of ground si.tpated in
Tbis'no ndl" Par h .ql Ratciitp
measiring Eoventy ..ve feet
Sid on Lafayette Street, with'
pth of:about forty feet more or leqa;
unded on tie North bra gldfi
r!y belohngng, t 'ossmtan a th.
ne,.Aud Soutr by.Lafayette Street,
n Sat by a lot'-belonging to Datcus
free womain,of color, a'd WMVTý', 1
ids f,,r'merly kbelkgi i-g *o (hrysis.
n Vascoco, together, with, all the
ildings and'imlirovethents thereon'
ferms asnd; Cnditibise of saia-
ASH,  njeet to 'benefit of sp
..I. W. McCdj ,"
fob fg-siflds. . Shei..
ente d-e Succdssion.
uecessign'de OeledtiVaioeu, decil.
S.N, vextu d'un erdre et decret do
I'!#.on. oanr du-'Ja'ý Diat~bt dui
cTirbf de l'Etact del a tbýiilane, it
era vrtdu a Ienrcaf publio.
31e jouri dgriit6
a la 'orr11:de latinaisgn z pjour de
et t ,roiP des Oatchito
IPrapý r ,piva$B th apparte
ri , ý;4it uR, assor, oavou
certa c itn jmiD .torr . situ 4 dons
ldrivile et paw, l4K Nitclitocbes
tneesdruft foiXi quifii El ie's do
fae sihfif duin d r i'.ite ,ayeoi j
-bfodndki· do uluL u piede,; pwus
ot. woinS, irn c i ord- paxrb lot
appurtlenent antreltoi ' . U oa
4ý11E,,E p ý-, e:'e lot",,ap ac Ittot
~arcus ej+rniý do c, tr r,.;ibis et'a
e % Putpar· t+rreo, )uitrerole up
p~irteflnt a_ Gbiysaot me Vascocd,
!s" ! a Q º ,tee lee h&atitsed et
dneliotayoas qui" y trouvent.
Tarnies et 'qdit9 sd ol Vente,
d PTa j~ 6c d'es
'1 trD · ,:Satlo n : a
t gw ,,am . Sb4rf
Sor Sa el
TFt1M i Galenule Pie otation~iW'~ e below'
-i Croithletiille,coiuatutgg'aiit 32..O0 poes
leO0 acres open for bulttlaltob,. To be sohl
with this tract ofland. there ie 1200 of, the
finest~cyjrai tPedmp, uitable fby tbhelapia
tioia. ' 'ni 'brie or'the dnct f.tataIaioas ill
Atb Rd River Valley. '
''?' Forfutthbr particulars apply atltja
S : "SALc. -'
"FOR SLe,Aat rivate salt by the nbder
1 ig' sied: bth follmink p)rpperty eitised
ig thd Parish of :Natchitoebes. ' '"
slt ,A tract oflant op the tight binl t
Little River about three miles below the
-'own of .Natchitooheu; beig 'the' b mea
where t:heioderiagu d rerfdes, contatnDig
about 350 arpentsewith all the buildings
ad tlip~ovmeits tht re,~. i '. ....,.
od- A treat of laud &djoining and above
the first desoribed, eontaing abbut fourteen
arpiit.frntilt wiiball' the depth belongf~a
to itoontalintfg over tw6 htilsred'htp 8t.
- 3rd A portion of Ilhd.& t Sulppilabrlty
!d 'tto),120 acres wiLt dbed be it'and om
bracing Whe .sprng.:,;
.4t9 Two lotsot Rounad id the Town o,
Natealtochts-on 4tb street: bdtweeq Ptvte
andSabloe sfrleelt ituhmproedJ, andt' ~iree
lossof grow'd' auhirproedW on Ibe :Vtrb
side of Sabine strees In' the N rtti *te b
part of tho eorpoatibo.- -
;5th 'Thatblbt6.d1f 1l9o,wt all thebildM.
ings thdreon, co matitolf a food bile ki
ioithouses, on tUh Ett'e!de of Fiont stlet,
betweed iA~atet and Toultne str ets. of 100
fdet frottlaraloa&t 80 feat' de.
vthTtmreodivided fourth o~ ai SiIt 
atted on Spatidel Lake, in' id tlr ed nb#ne6
abip'ith A. IcblhntW-ad Mad.'Getrty.
7 1e3to4n S4, townuship 9 rdnie'7 cIltthn.
i oabout'164 erbs on B4yoit'ert e;,'irthI
of8440 seib bieF *gseliat: 27 or 28  same
towasi.~yand rangtg'amle Phrjsb. '
' 4 An uodivided halt of 640 acrbs. called
HI r'e Head, south of0J. -8.- Oioppines -pan
tation. , " '
These lands wilt besold ij,'inialer' cnin.
titlies if desired by the prwchasers.
. . q1rSus o7 Sait,-.
One third 6ash, ond third payIble 'in omti'
year Lnnd oneiird in two ycars'~?i;m'
the day o! sale. Parcisers, to give
Sthiirphst1le6ory notes for the deterred,
payhsentLwbth eigLt pet' .et interest
from thediy, Poa re and ieccued t
v.''idore pf'viege ,nd special morlgage
setaidctl. 1 -'
Ptr'rFurther idformatiO' a'ly tfo the tui
erelgued.' " ,
B. ST.Aw " t, .i
* an. 7 1866 w.tFt
c ?1;,utera in goner
I have mal prur emejti 1t1 6s
bofltees Ia' Ne sneý,wi' e 4ir~ oft
all Ord -to rtf4 isbeJ me for E~f $O *
of ever .Not!bitnube Tiw t Ol
I· r~Notobitobea s iwu; Otglce.
PR",; * L . D `.P
Los Ibataps.; soot
irinfnnes qutlls rouveront a notr~
tabhliyesCI ýthdyhd.,la ,Ville,; ini
graud assoinnt de cuir C
..... E fiP~ N ' 7 ="
... S EM.LtAS f
. Nu. scurame ..prtt i 6hý.ger
ds e eax- vert es s6hhei on. L' l ees
pout duvrair , At, tiqfa p a des
ecllangeurs. "' .
VPenz etexzdpri*vr
*Tphe pianteta $ . to .arp
ifof, a ati our
es- "t34 "lrg
of the aabeet ý ar at a4 very
tI (Ierate pricei r ' -
,e are ready to cxchal egrQen,
dry htnd as niiinie t f vot 'R to
to suit overybtidy. ... ` '
CaOl nd:s. i
`<< " " IfON'~i'AGNA'& U3t CKE
sw&wmar3l-t. f.
hl ers Attblit;Ion I
a..{{ . : t  ,.4ke the4
Pit duic e . tIettl'b 1sland and W.
W. lBrenzelt'l t RhiVer. above (;npte.
ptetuazively at the l r. te- Ifl fivoe
3 llarsa'Ad wo. d4lblrtsto 'giru--witsout
ýo mhares will be serve8da-mll°a'USHt
it invariablyu laid in. AI)V, ,LjU, -
'tt-lli4-ks2m: ' ' . 0 .:
:. . ... . . .
IAVINGtar gT tIh former practice
in t hew , chlwteulfewthi
;terTdcdio º; qyIt tI fuiertfb. a'
S"e ill tie fouh-d at Ih office, a" 'st.-Do
Sio t.
dec 80-*kcw bi:. ; "' ' '
8. M. HYAM; 8 ei,.:'
Attorney iL&!t3Qi iori. i 1rr-ýl
" W t ..pact inti.. l, '- : 6 I t Ict.
Otleeoan 8t.Denifre '
Prompt attention paid to all busno4M tn
• ajIs b.t T. - "".
ed to my le .of i"e', u. aMy work r
war^anted t tlin to my cu
S .p . ..., 1 Iar5.
A I a alrep ore d frpl uoer'o upe; tich
pio tp tegn tod mag b6 stld b
,entoy. iN e of .bi aint, Mytm wor i.
oederate prices . • tf. .... .
`c"b Hiete Cp., I forw., ,wy oi
cus . t-~, ii.b-i.ng ~ the eve of
STheyt will- thie hi Ute hands 9
Mr. Jacob Irael for coki ""p
SLpravicsell d 1-ide tollttbie4f. sno:oa
L &spari are hereby noed to "sco Jm
foerwrliindsoiiTby ol'r1tthbev .
e.. •CotowiiI be saiv.... i- i"'rfonitff
nothes and pseaena, ehe "4heasger orL
ean. -. .rketpr: . . * ~."*
ingL poweneveral-weekas yet, perfsns
doiit cOe friarhrd t oo ttiOoC W.
ask only of tbio e tes;tutiers¶Ab." te."
tkoI wiu arey do1st. id'ft lresintl'
able to pay a l  -oecor t-,*.t - r ..
fn.twner Mer willw etpercfor frl
all p'eresons intbted to etsi• '~i:ife
they dor b t rcome forwarBt Ursd itl
within - 0 days JroggI i tl
kill find theoy a co t gat i.saano.'
c1thtey. di b.tici 4ome; forwal:n t. e
. _ C.T. 7DR~CVI'ET.

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