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The Semi-weekly Natchitoches times. [volume] (Natchitoches, La.) 1865-1868, April 25, 1866, Image 1

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ThH Sizir ITMES.
~ens o. N e NN _tohitooes, Wednesday, Aril 251866.
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3'on. $2.00O.
Vol. 64 CO>IMMmS.. Jid. 1804
IMonthlsy. at............Pg9. 4dU!KJ3.
$ix Copicefoer............1Q; .
a y special arrang~alI
RYLAND FARMER- snot excellent
'III Monthly ppublished 14t 4tinw"- at
'L 1.50, both pape4 lii *1l. h put one yst for
I3 0-sin of cach fb $1N+»lO of eeoh. for
25-giving each snteber is th i eO,
both papers tur $2.50!
Address, W) 11. AAWWl'E,
Great Ba r1al!!
H Iaving bought at extremely low rates the largest Stock of
roods ever Imported in Natchitoches, since the war, I offelr for sale at
AN UNPRECEDENTED PRICE, the following articles: _
5000 Pairs Boots, & Shoes,1for Men, Ladies and Children, all sizes and qualities,
15,000 Yards assorted Calicoes
10,000 Yards Brown and White Cottons,
2000 Yards Satinet, various colors,
20 Pieces Fine French Cloth, all colors,
3000,Yds. Flanels fashionable colors,
5000 Yds. English Muslin de Laine, latest style,
300 Pieces Genuine Irish Linen,
100 Doz. White and Colored French Shirts,
50 Doz. Merino Drawors,
50 Doz. Merino Under Shirts,
203 Doz. Men, Ladies' & Childrens Socks & Stockings, t
Assorted Handkerchiefs for Men and Ladies, I
Cravats of all Sorts and Price, I
Blue and Madras Handkerchiefs,0
Hoops of the latest Style,
500 Hats for Men and Children.
Perfumery Imported directly from Enope, and consisting of all Sweet Per
ames, soaps. Oils for this Market.
Cask® a
5 casks flaret, St. Emilwon A" St. Estephe, 0O0 Boa es claret, rarios bruands,
50 Boxeis I1ie Wine, Hnimt Sauterne, 500 Gallons Real Frenchi Brandy,
Shar'd 9 uy, cqhtillon, Brandburg, Johnston A- other genuine branrds
25 Baskets 6 h4paig*', best marks, o.5 'Bs. WThiskey, best umarkls,
23 Sacks Rie coffee, 50 Boxes Soap, tin burs,
10 Boxes Starch, io0 Boxes Seleratus,
15 Bo.4ds Ceriin~ Tobarrco, 0o bbles crsh'ji Sair ,
1(00 1-4 BOXES SARDINES, in Oil, 1000 1-2 BOXES S ARDINEZ. in Oil,
25 BOXES OYSTERS, in Cans,
An extensive lot of other fancy articles for gentlemen, Ladies, child
ien, too long to be enumerated. Purchasers firom the country and the 9
citizens in general are invited to come and see for themselves the truth I
of my assertion in this advertisement, my prices will be the same fr
every one. You can send in your orders by your servants or your I
children, they will be filled to your best advantage.
p Remember, my old store, on Front Strect.
Natchitoches, Dec. 27, 1865,
Victor iurand.
T. S. William.s, . J G. Morey,
Late Gent Slpt. N. 0., ). & N N. R. R.
I t of MLie.
BROKEBRf and Agest. lNo. 53 St.
Charles stree)ti*ew Orleans, Lai. (Pastk Of
1oe 1o; 240O1i) vla bay. sell dr leA e pin
rtions, cily uand towu property, purchase
plfata lnusd dbher supplis, pay taxes.
collect rents, negotiate. Loans, frocure labor
era, and fortih pArtrerships for plantng. A
larte number of pantationd nfow for sale
and l ase In Mifsissippi, Lotibiana, oTenes
rde, Arkasasu, Aiibama add dxaas.
Carjeiter & Uiidir taker
Near the Mit Bridge,
ALL JOBS for Bullding and House Repair
ing, attended to with Dispatch and on Libe
ral terms.
COFFIS made to order, and in the latest
style. Trimmings furnished if wished.
The IIEARSE is always ready at an hour's
TOM1JS or IIQOLE$ in ake Grate Yards
made asco6drg toorder.
St. ena suteet,
io9ih LA.
ý I1 A orm Ib ios and Gcn
amiest~at 1 isia gor ~ov hflared to sup
$ th4 r*l 1b firý1 St & SHOES,
of all description. He will also slate - hat
'&i 10tl tadq bbim, 1l by repsiredfjrr.
(I/ scats flrb k , a$1l needs repairing~
T eA (rtrlead!f t always on hand
adisal kt gui4rauteed. rriceo very mod
aid. R.4. soBOB~gl.
Wp blb rst1dsrpatu
J(9OR SAltE, at private sale by the under
I' signed, the following property situated
in the Parish ol Natchitoches.
1st A tract of land on the right bank of
Little River about three miles below the
Town of tatchitoches, being the same
where the undersiened resides, containing
about 350 arpents with all the buildings
and improvements thereon.
2nd A tract of land adjoeining and above
the Ofirst described, containg about fourteen
arpents front with all the depth belonging
to itcontaining over two hundred arpente
3rd A portion of land at Camp Salubrity
of about 130 acres with wood on it and em
bracing the spring.
4th T'wo Ibts of groudd iw the Town of
Natchitoches on 4th street between Pavie
and Sabine street, unimproved, and three
lots of ground unimproved on the North
side of Sabine street in the North wester
part of the corporation.
6th That lot of gronndl, with allhe build
ings thereon, consisting of a good brick arind
outhtouses, on the East side of Fronit street,
between Amulet and Toulinestrete.ts, of 100
feet Trout and about 80 feet deep.
6th The updivided fourth of l6 acres sit
unted on Spaalsh Lake, in undivided owner
ship pith A. Lecomte and Mad. Genty.
7 Section 34, township 9 range 7 contain
ing about 164 acres on Bayou Pierre, Parish
of Desoto.
8 640 sares being section 27 or 28, same
township and rauge, same Parish.
9 Au undivided half of 640 acres called
HoIlrse Head, south of J. B. Choppins plan
These lands will be sold in smaller quan
tities if desired by the purchasers.
TERnn OF 8Ass.
One third cash, one third payable to one
year and one third in two years from
the duy of sale. Purchasers to give
their promStaory h6tes for the deferred
payments with eight per Cent in'erest
from theday of sale and secured by
vendors pIrivilege and special mnortgage
For farther information apply to the uon
Jan. 7 186G w-tf.
Atis la1 ott Adrtinseutt
Havimr for several years had charge of
the Catholic School" in Monroe 1ih:el has
rceently been voluntarily transfered to the
oSis'Crs of the Holy Cross," I would res
pectfully inform the-citizens of 1Yattbitocbes
and vicinity, that I propose opening a Plibi.i
lar day scloIl in this place. Should the pub
lic patronagc justify me i such an flndrera.
hing Any number of little gilds would be
admitted, and litle boys also, beliveen the
a's of6 5 and 9 yearnts; who would at all
tiames be kept separate from the, former. For
furfitir particulars apply to the undersigned
at teb s u!devce of Madam Board, corner of
Jetferion and Amulet Stroeets.
Ap, il, 4-.3t.
A bay roan pony, strayed from the yard of
a gentletleman, in Natchitoches, on the
night of the 25th of March. Ue had on, wh'io
last seen. (at the plantaton of J. B. Clou
tier. Sr- deed.) a leather head stall, to which
the halter had been attached. Any one
giving infornmation at the office of the
"Natchitoch-s Times" of the present where
albodts of said Pony. will be suitably rewar
deo', or brinring sail po-y to Natchitochts
will in addition to a suit Lble re.ard. receive
paym -r[t for all expenses encurred.
April 4-t.
For Sale!
T HE Gaienuie Plantation G miles below
Cloutierville, containing about3200 acres
1tO acres ofien for cultivation.. To be sold
with this tract of labd, there is 1200 of the
linest cypress swamp. suitable for the planota
tion. This is one of the fnest plantations in
the Red RIver Valley.
r'l For further particulairs apply at this
All persons cutting timtber on my traet of
land Somnpayrac's lace) wi hout any writ
ten arthorization from tme will to rigorously
prosecuted according to law, for the above
Mr. ChI. Diggs is duly an'horized by me
to attend to my interests, and all suits
brought by himt against parties will be r:
coCTO Uzed..
J W. W A1, SSER. S 0. MELR
Grand Ejore, Li.
The ullndersignec d have on and, anid will constantly keep a gcneral
assortnment of
Provisions, Hay,
Plantation Supplies,
Plantation Implements.
Planters will always find in their establishment, all
the plantation implements of the latest patterns, apd
[wovisions to suit their wants at NEW ORLEANS
PIRICES, having made ample arrangements to receive
ll their supplies directly from the Western States.
In view of accommodating the traveling community,
.fessrs. Sausser & Co., have built a splendid LIVERY
STABLE, and purchased fine hacks. Travelers will be
:crtain to be accommodated at every hour of the day
md night.
Receiving and fbrwarding as well as purchases in
New Orleans, will receive a careful attention at mode
'ate p'ices.
. E. Lausser M 1o.
Grand Ecore, La., March 14, 1866.
Bultckal Shop.
I ItAVE removed my Shop to Church
Street. oppositeI tlihe Court Houso, whelre
Samn prepareDl to do all kind of work attach
ed to amy line of knpiness. My work is
wirranlel to give satisflaction to my ous
Repairhvfa Carrffaes,
: .Ia in WFagon s,
RFpatriang Wagone,
TIaking Ploughs,
and finally, all work for planter's use, will
be promptly attended to at my new establish
ment. Nothing will remain undone and at
moderate prices.
j20 w&swdt, 1;. W. KILE.
EN vertu de la proclamation qui m'a ctd
addressee par son excelloence J. M. Wel's,
Gouverneur de I'Etiat do la Louii.anc. un
elcictic sera tenue dams lis ditdrments pr&
cihts electoriux de la Paroisse des Natchi
Lundil to 7c jour de Mlaiprochaid,
Aiin d'elire les divers otllcidrs su'eants :
UTn avocat de Distript pour le weuvieme
District Jadlchtire. compose ties Paros.cs
Rapideq,'Natdhitchsc, , Wrin et Sabine.
Un Sheriff pour ia l'aroisse des Natchito
Un Grefiler de la Cour do Distfrct.
Un Recorder.
Un Coronet.
Detuix Jngesde paix et on Consltable tour
le Ward No. 12.
Un jugs de paix et un Constable pour
chaque Ward do Juri de Polije, daus la
Paroi-se do' Na'chitechl s.
Les Cominntssa res d' ltclion sent rqtuni
be tinir la dite election cotf rnmenent ' it
lIi qui est la mume qni exit.it d'mprcs hi
Constitution d .1852, et ils ferout leuts re
touts h cet office.
Chique bomo Llano qnia otteint lffth
de 'inut et un uans. a r duitlu datns I'l'tat
douor mois avant I'election, et tri iA moil
avant i'ch cti)o dan In IaParmi.se daIs Iit
qunlle ii vcut votir. et qui ev.t un citoyeu
des Etate unir, atra le droit de vote.
Eu plus des qualifincations Ai piecsus enon
cdes, chaqt 'coteur est rt'q:tis de produire
le sermont d'amnuistie prrscu it dans In pro
clamtioun du President, soit cclui du 8 D)e
cetubre 1863 on duti 2!, mai 1865. jurd et
siand par luipardevant une auto:i;d crn
Avril 4-je. Souriff.
M RS. ILtABBS takes pica ure in
.A announcing the citizens of
Natchitochcs and the vicinity that
she will opcnlter "DAY SCHOOL"
on the 30th of April in the Ioume of
Mr. St. Anmafl Opposite Mrs. Brea.
School hours from 8S A. M. to 11l
and fiom 3 to 5 P. 31.
* ail-sw&w
1Y' virtuo of a proclamation to mo direc
tLOd by his Excellency J. M. Wellsk Governor
of tihe State of Louisiana, an election will he
held at the different eleptian precincts of
the Parish of Natchitoches; oh
Monday the 7th 'lo of May next.
F1 r Ito following officers. viz :
Ono 1)str'ict Altoriey for the Ninth Judi
cial Diatriet, cottposed of the Parishes ofl
I{h.pide,, N'ach tichýs, Winn and Sabine.
One Sheriff for the Parish of Natchito
One 9lerk of the District Court.
One Recorder.
One Assessor.
One Curonrr.
Tw6 Ju-ulces of the Peacht and one con
stable for the Natchitoches Ward. No. 12.
Andl one Justice of the Peace and one
constAtbc for each of the other Police Jury
Ward in the PFetish.
Commissioners of election. are required to
hold the said election in accordance with
law, which ij the same as under the Con
stitution of 1852, and make due returns to
this ufice.
Eve bhite male who has attalned the
age of twenty-oue years, and who has been
a resblont of the State twelve mmniths next
prect ding the eleion, *ndl the last tbreeo
months twercof in the pariflh in which he of
fors to volte and who shall be a citizen of the
United Statec sthall have the tight of vo
In addition to the foregoing qu 'lificatlons,
every elector is reqnlred to produce the am
neetyoath prescribed in the PFlosideut'. pro
clamation. cither of the 8th l)ct tote", 181t3.
ci that of the 2901 May, 1865, sworn to and
sutbcribed by him before competent authori
R. W. MalcCO1EL..
A.lt il 4-Ltd Sheriff.
Planters Attention !
aTh, hell known thorough bred Stallions
U~;.st JlFF anl Nourititx, will maknle the
Ce uilng 8 asn at the pla1atti;: of 1'P. P.
I'1ud. ·(InIate onI IDr vellr's Islaind Rad WV.
is. Ifre. zean l's, Red River. above Canipto.
alterna ively at the low rate if Thirty five
dollars, :ntd tao dol ars to groom--without
No mares will Ibeo served unless CASH
is invariably paid in AIV ANCE.
No I chili its for marea.
n;21- w&sw2nt.
Will mnake weekly trips from NEW 1-R.
LEANS. to HlllREVEPuRT. leaving N-w
0, 1.tii every S..tirday, and Shrcvepori eve
ry Wednesdav morning, pasinig Grand
Ecore etvery Monday morniug, and dowin
every Tbhursday Mornihg,
For freight and passage apply to las. II.
fIill & Co, Grand Ecore or
April, 4 -w lm. NakShitoches.
We1lU uish the --loin
et** no o!Iou:UUWill ail
8 to ,)W ();ilr readers the madng
the Northern papers, and tllir n,
lpro livities. 0 TEMPORA, 0 mi
With such principles. none 'will
diet what will be the future of
Tee great Republic.
T e Future -Justice Must '
Some six years ago peace si.
upoi our whole land. But und vr
flag of freedom were four inilli:,
,laves, and the instinct of j!:
and human liberty throiighioltI
W( rid cried out against the biod
crime. To save the despotism 11
overthrow by the po1wei' of truti
(on"iSenIIce, the Soiltherd ; i
Rje'ts 'diool of politicians, t;i
o01, in that exposition of the C"
tutiin elaborated by Calhoun -- m
the faith of the Deniocratic party,
which Andrew Johnson was a
and now is a member-waged war
rreak up the Union. Id lier
crats revolted frontm this ogical
quence of their oWn creed, id a 1
der among them was Andrew J(
son, who, the war ing aver, i
returns to his ancient pofItical '
ciatioi -whethertfrom'copvicutit;.
intf 4olit ieal intieagat; is C : :
atite -)mportbi 'W su,"
ive years the hideson train of c
lhad stalked over the countr:. -
Wherefgre Y Because $be Demnocr<
is party ha accepted its creed frtc'
the slaveholding South; Detnncra:
statesmen had Coritrtitted the Nation
at legislation and the U. S. Supreme
Court more and niore, deeply, to tit
heresy, the atrocious bl.4phvemy upon
God and libEl upon liyn amicy, that
the black man had no 4rfgA4 ,oat t,.
while man was borind to , Dei
ocratic Presidents, since tnstr degen
eracy from the Roman virtue ofJack
sun, lent the weight of their ofliciah
utterances and acts to that 5candal
till liberty herself took alarm, anti
when the people carne with votes tc
her rescue, the South appealed I
arms, and a Democratic Chief Magc
trate told Congress there was 1:
Constitutional right to coerce a sr'
eieign State. In fundamental polit.
cal faith, in his principles of inttr
preting the 'opstitutikp 'of the LUn
ted States, 'Andrewr Jedinsomi stand1
to-day bn sub$tentio1ly the platfo ;c
of Jaihes Buchanan ih 1860.
The grand and decisive step of the
war, a step without which the cul.
flict of the war never could have ter
minated, war em dcipation1 by Pre
sident Lincoln. Had we crushed)ti:
military power ofthe rebellion and
retained slavery, we should have re
tained the efficient 'and surely ger
minating cause of future war. N.,w
that we have crushed that military
power, and nominally destroyed slave..
ry, it is as indispensable to future
peace as to justice and good faith
that civil rights be secured to the
freec'men. But Democratic neresie
of constitutional power again pre
sent thenmselves, and the unanimn'um
acntiment of the masses of the Unien
party-the Anti-Democtatic party-
of the country it outraged by a vet o
of civil rights, a veto -of human lil
erty itself, from the man they ni:
takenly trusted.
War will raise agaih her bann v
and the land wifl present again, ant
in darker and bi dere scenes, tio
horrid drama of civil fratricide, au
less justice can reign through penco.
The conflict of right with wrong can
never end but with the supremacy ot
right, and to protract that supre:.
cy is btit to protract strife and ii.'
fresh and bloodier wars. Tile 1fl.
rile of justice is alone safe,, and 1'.
r~ile says nothing of races of c&
To establish justice aiid insure .0
mcstip tranquility were the ciX t
ends of' theetonstittition, necess;arIy
Wnted, the latthe impossible without
thle formner:' .Ad surely as slpvcry
inad~e war, the persistent denial Of
clear rights Will make war. True,
there norm tna Jcem no immttlit2
danger, but the peril i8i no les' r:J
for that. Nor are we so sure tI.'
thei danger is atmnote. Hesist'aiie ti
Congrees, an enforcement of thi 1
ccutiv'e prograni e of readmniiahn
traitors to lpower which exclurei,
late' slaves from their rughtt', are al
ready extensively to! ii 'kiut. In
a short time the caidron of at Fr'*
dential strife will be Lboilang, and w ho
can Predict what may rvnm'l shuuol
the reccastructuon ot: traitore on their
ownl teins then turrg upon the coun-m
ting of votes in the E1lktoral Ca so?
To increase this peril, is no sin~r
course than to weaken Congress i
Iifs preseM. Cfort to establish righUs,
and ti ietiurrage tthe Copperhenti
Deroo'racv in their effort to prev(:t
SIWII (emabhishmnent. Every city or
Stats 1ha~t now sustains Congrees,
asina ai jostiec and peace, and every
city 01' State that sustainA the Presi
(lont sustains tyranny of race un.
futore wvar. 'We beg the people in
ponder seri'ioisly tliis matter.
That the Nation inl wkr has fiwn
freed ii to four millions of hiome.:
beings whose r'iglhts it canmrot no w
secure to thion i8i a propositis alto
get her too Imonwtrous to be .adeqtua0
1401 ia unequal to the taisk' of .protei
ting th,, first rights of millions fi'o.i
whiom it. claims allegiance is a E'n
eomnimdrent to an insti'nment adoptyb
by the people to insure justie< n e
15 in our vieW do traiit~parently fuiL'
and as meanljr wicked as was Uh;'
sumption of Buchanan thwt the ('1
atituitionl was uunequar to the tnsk or
enorerg States in a behion;

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