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The Semi-weekly Natchitoches times. [volume] (Natchitoches, La.) 1865-1868, October 06, 1866, Image 3

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TINE hi I.A" 11 1111.11 i1?IN'
W "IPTE L AND S: Tnt.iAt1'
j::. l~l~) :~in flutri:e ''
Fist'Inrl icit 1 rOL I ')I, LS
clucut Ltlsccrfitft, u, its.
A 0iberal I cducti+)n made to Yc:ai v.
A 4c~tir. ;H. Catsh, or .satksfaclcry\ drafit
o iwOrleans, eqired, ~lhl, y dvci>
(1Lf" t Inisil4si'ss (ut of thu Stacv.
I,"1mI t.*. "'r ; ;,tcUrcc s
J. . ( toi &. a 'Ii'
Chi,. U. {, ·l·.; irlt m nt J
* Voiamfh, .r. a cw (h l~a,~ cu.
(wInd ,rrlir Jac 1I II. ý ('o.
( ,rl ie n'ui he-I I'. i'r . dos.
* 'iY li .hti,, illI J. J. I it1*
Jthus-1I. P:c·, -.o-. \\'u's11
'I'iS i-'7 S"P' I
* * 1?ui irir XX R i~ai ad~
I~-c.'a Toi--\S. It. I1"101 "1141Co
** ort JtL' p--Ml. L. (i W'e'...
jimif,--J. F. $tiitli
*l L. fj't, L Jiug,'i ; -1. G. Týi'i tcly.
* jicxanrrrra-- 1"I Si
J lacrk Lake--F'teI' Ihi ke. Jr.
Vci'flhlioilnc -- A Ni 'e
, a1irie TiFeiu ao --.Jo'. Mie.
Jlilamn- -Col. MeClu'.kv.
*tl, Allh .Ani;.dine -W. '. hi,1cCtnabaf
*Jurkrrille -- David Ford.
JJrco ýcland- Juadge J3roeks;
N ew York ('ity--Abbott. it Co.
-.11. Thiompson.
Jiaci's w-here thierc is no .gentc ajppoznt
cd, 1'o( z:a nfci' arc aOilw Lei 2d !u1 r'ccrh! S::h
scrip iOaR *
S.ATCHIITOClES, L., OCT. 10 1866,
, FALL 13rSINESS. .-Although, at first
sighl, the prospects for the ftllbun.
siness are gloomy, we think that, cor.,
traiy to all expeclittions, they will
:lFe revived before a month elapses.
The I1ill fairners, and thc;se who
have made cotton are very numer
ous, never send their crops to New
Orleal;s. If.they find buyerrs here,
they will prefer it, as with the pro
ceeds of tbtir cotton they will pur
chase whkat is most needed, and keep
some money for home wants. Many
freedmen also, have made some cot.
,ton,;which will be sold here. Now,
'Sabiie 'Parish; Sabiii: Itivre and all
the stirrounding' country, will. send
'Th.eir products to GrTaid Ecore or this
*.ilace, as nuual. Natchitoches could
,easily have the: preference, if the
eas ;oad ,fr:om i le White Store
down to our Town,. ('Which is the
;Dear'est one) Was kept in constant
-good repair. All the travelling com
Inuity, as well as the waggoners
r-.ould prefer this rr,ad, as t' cy will
~h,benefited tly it. But ohr Trea
'ifzry is empty, no public work can
:,be,done on that account. "Let our
leading Merchants take the matter
.inta due consideration.' Ltt .them call
a ineeting, appoint a cmnmittce whose
duty will be to take immediately the
proper steps 'for having' the road
carefully surveyed and worked, ac
enºrding to the suggestion, and under
tbo .entire control .of a competent
Surveyor; remunerated for the ob
;ject in vievw. There is no time to
lose. ' Act before the rainy season
6omes on. We ' hate iii our conm
inunnity -energetic and intluential
.business men; to them we are speak.
-ing, as it' is their duty to lead the
Cnops.--A friend of ours who has
travelled and visited all the planta
- tiuis in this Parish, informs us 'that
only 3000.bales will :be raised in this
,Pri sh. , This estimate, we "think,
will prove-correct., :The Corn crop is
al entire failure. : Few lanters will
-have enough ito eat until January
ne"xt. w:eep~otatoe4 are quite abun.
:dant:il tlhe Piney Woods, and our
iuar ket con easily bde iupplied.
.ur than to.: Capti W:. atson of
AStamElnor0mfdr a fil of news,
_-U ". :-:¢:... y • €..
1)1,.fs of ll)('1!":t"1f t111) Io 1!i<' ,':':0 ti:'
l, ib .:', .I i c
t l fl r 0 1 10 ibe
S Thi.; is (ve " v , ' a, :, t the (111y
\w ,, o(1v1'1'11 t: 1 l' '1 ,:tI1i nt s 'f o t Ill.' the v'I
" 11 . ..t : o'.. r,+g s: , a . ln t , cil out try
S l ,. c(:1) h ",,.' ') I. T ihe t41' :. '"s w ill i'mi
l f. ' ,
s 1 I oery ; ,it' ho' tilt lt 1.igh-l
1.l v t' u 'r, h ','t in e .ilt'in lo loitl', rlan
it Nel i ln N.w : O 1an tla th:!' 1'd.ito:' ir liOt
fir hlla city, our Ililr,'r HI. C. Kiln,. re
lhe Cen qrni'o , ldes ondvivden i tll, Ii
Lion, We thlinil thio lsswrtion to 'e ltrue,
i,; 111i 1). 5 1 ..:i"i' 1't y c ltll Iit (t ll.
1A'. 1 . (,ICl,.isr'.o u t. :! : of aien, T;w
S ,; nd i ll o hl0 f't M"r.i (n e ';t 's, o u tOly', l';,1'
.lr .l7+iut! : two years a o, , ill hca:r 5so t
ioit11 , w .u t(1 hv er It5 !Vn11C til e.. f y writlinl
to iler I': 1er, .ylh s: P. Cost, fll,', 1i 1m.11
sil, Colbnultlih Co., - '(,r!'ii, or hy adldress
i: tl l, lit, c:e of the 3 t: ropolitan lrecord,
New York.
'fhe Roia npi loa from the 17th totSe.
O ! of d" SNe lute her illmolllils elt'ailytin'l ltline
ty oi,'i:;alnd d lhlir..
On the imh ilt nl vliu., th e Pril ntoered
| t'( t Of it.
The Cleveland Ifl', r's C'onventionl , ill
, syi lathy with the Nanional eiauion party
Assblthed at Clvelandl Ohio, fon Sept. 17.
oThe nclr'e l)rlni'nheit hieros, of the war.
s:!s t4(. " ll'.s J ilalu ," \.ere w r loil(y
cllchCrid, is iley to' their paces. t(en.e
n Wool, was ailrpoillc tetnporary chairunln.
E I. Ielnms, of Plhiladolpiii, 'hiallen
goe any man illn terica, to peiay hii I
(n'::'4 ! , g:iuie, 1 nuts up, for " ou a
side, halnf orfeit.,
The mlssion of General Beni'l reird to
Furope, was very successful for the Bail
Road companell y he represeI nts.
hIe wlagd exetimthe iyvention (of thle nee
dl" unill. Capt. _lines Whitly is clainthd
as. ii p iI:h .sitt l'.s
t- The lior , iat is vetrt 1obllar ih n
r'eo ph is.
The bnlacks rf the Union League at New
em anciillaton of their race
The enunigration frmc, America to Ire
land continues, on accornt of the disap
poinitinent of the euigrauts in not finding
the wages expected by them;
Mr. Joseph Barbiere, says the "M:em
phis appeal" hasJust returned from Franco
where he went, in view of establishing a.
direct line of sailing vessels, fronl El
irope to Mei phis. Mr. B. was suI'icessfu
Sion his undertakhcnl g's, and shorntly er
SAph is wcill be a sliea Not . rh' a
'Florid' papers repor thl bom0ardment
of the DyiTortu ars, saiy a btenir aoeinf
the Rebel flag iond atonnig fout gta t ni
each bl'oadside, which were all discharg
Ied within a rusge of two miles, and the
steamer then put to sea. ea l
Henry C. Hlan, misosiondenty Bishop ot
SArkiisnes hasrce ged it, silaer acommnm,
ion servsce, saten O niom V£ 01 nBurextArk
A driseharged sohlier i o rew York had it
Tha eniaant are saida to baleadsaemlin
for another invasion at Higngatenaeenea
Roure's Point, Canada. o
Corn is worth now, in Tusealoosa, Ala,
nof that point aro wjhi out any means cs
A Now Orleans Correspondent says, the
SChinese emigration agent, has had conl
Strcs for thoe delivery of 20,000 Chinesel
laborers, at h aw Orleans, for next year
'Tenneissee, is now the negro land of
tpromnisne. Larg migratioI from Georgia,
iAlabama and Florida, his already taken
plale, for East Tediessee.
ir one place. If cut up i t eoud ehunkls
andi bltied in different cities, thie eves
would growtfrom his grave spoltaneously,
as do mushrooms ftom a nompost leap.
tGeneral Lee, dhas applied for a par
don .
owren ite says: ',Cotton insn't King, and
llorti isn't King. Brains aro Kitg, ad d
industy is prime-minister,t ortntice
himself has lived ofder th.t biministrae
t~ion a good many years, and th ndresulx i,
We publish to-days aid will con
tinue to do so, our Wa dnesday paper
will have now an ample cfance toi
displayf their fine stomcks oe good.
Now is the time to do io. Live and
advertise les than Natchitoches.
reader most part of thd business h.ve
• :: -, ' ": +' : -
To Csa'::i'. i:J
4S: (l4lu,'; ' sijc there ' :4 1r1',il in tll,'
''.i4 s."' 'it rich +lu4(l'1ean ," in Idank v r,'"'s
'ad 'cs:-;,d to h, Mr."Sa t I 1o.li!.it,," or m,'re
f1,i. ly, t, o "(' t in `:lit.." Now, :a \1"t0
i".-l, :',illii '," S,'o , of' u s. notwit h hta::
(d :.: ,' "C o i .t'i :!;'ilt" h:\e a taH s e
" 1 '.1 W' . \\'--I' I : . \w e d, t :!ilo
'Qilwl tr a l , t l 8' L.* `",, ',' int .: 1 P
;(I , 4 in 11t ' polish ,,l ir, of I u,' (I l l. ' .
d P!1 (,( ii'.:t Pe,'tt'r, \'"t 1() ( to 1 it'vi inl
"r'' , ,.inn,'i ' : i. 1-u-('.-- t trh+, .hiia .- ltat Inf't
his 4. l 'l(4I " ':1 tlf'i a dlo'! :." , 1 tll4' tt.,'1l' i ii 4t,'
,it:,1! " te hl( 4il 0I' or l l( 4 I i l'.'tt', i. I u 1,d 4l4 '
Dout 4' ,' .- ., L ") ' :, 4 0. ,',:, . lt lrs's lt-'
at ts::i, ot''e' i:t1ll 4 4 ; l aw '414l 'r4it 1'i4i4 , lil'
r: hear. , i,'tln n4,t tI lt) 4sh:tl rI -1i 11t this
tii r o s'l:, :L in,.1 : ri'' htt nt!, :no d 'iing
I:.-ml.4he4d4 y's 'h 4 ulil1ritils, andi shl vwing till
o|| tibhsh ';rd am]i·,n/ thl saýddle right
w ',,,e it p:l 'e.;,  , u ' el)('u,
l t the , .'; ! 1) . n ,lo I, 'ic i':. .N ,v," 4n' 4'i'
you, 14n4 i ,4 ; 1 4i ,l4 / bci ) :t fly, ilt h a
''r' t a ii''n 4-414h11 the \ a1la4t8 :h T1( inme41
,liltm t') 1;tl;:,, aild was opt)n et tl 'n)tllt ytllr
i:, ::..ve,. " i l\t i'ill ht:!t; m)li \V ',t--\\'I- ere
' : 1; 444r i i.. It 4s! ." 44 1441
S 1't l 111' 'I' ii 4 1 4114'i '' ,r' '''4 . 44'' I
mIln i, ,illu t, ilm ui -- dtle,, n <o ' aml:,: ,
;4pooll' 11i:n11 0, !1 iln 1c g r x. l ,"'tti4l ,
. rtll4t414i4g rou .l - -a, lile '41 l't4 r lile, and1
4: 4 i ' 4lin oll 4 .l' , ' 4's ' i.t 1 1i, 4r -
t,',rhL.';s , s 41141 "to l1 . 4! ct ''ke1 | ui4p I 1 sollt'1
"'r,, of t 4h4t4u14 ' l might he 14 on.1-'u4'd as
-l.: - in ! o the I N l4 rrI 's, asI to \\,14.444
4 '.'w thi 's fil, 'l that s it, and who
(', 4:dIt i, t1hn" :ilh 'r f:-' m44u4h 4n4da'wlrlty
4wi 1 it t i s ; , : tha1 it 'co:
;i';wl mtr 'c ugh to tn:ainaitn a 8.u11t
tr l't l-- i -, i4''e4 h;1 l "l1' er w;'s "o14u lr i
diitllt'd ' 1out o4f c' :'ttle aul i 'e-- tl 1 'he ('ry
of4 "Md; h'urt " , "4l4, Ah," 14used 1 t
:ay \h, l ' the 'it'... l ugh t4( il et'Vs or'
on 44l .: l l's "l t :1:11444141" 4'" )'l -'  4 ' y1'S $,
• . ou4 se4', , n 4v', ' ' ltt44 d,1d1' ' i 1t 11-,s-- h. ' ,
there'( in,ob(oy hne:'--h e lnd slpon
Pill,"' ' a:yt h,,' t hr"m of l ti b'i of t -,o
, ,." l w +: e o: h I 'o , " t ts! het, Lt'r tic
ra1. N , \\' ,:l4t' , 4 i4 1 ' I w. re, : 1),,'t l',
vertLy .4,)1 4 'I ,t '. ' 'l''h 44y- y 4.:1, Ivt . -y'r' 1 dy
kni,+ it-lisu-llt:ln , t\'o Ily muer anltue
4to4 1: '1' h ,i'!: 4 4or' in 1 'I bil, ' :I' si.'' i4ll 1
I ;ul'lh ra, 4, l rock'.' in a ,tunt anti 14'l4 on'
Ila' l 'll4r t; tot a4ll ly 4un4 4 tio4n ill 1 "4u 4tnl
1try (sc44. 4l-h4 un,:', \went o '4h ur'ch on Su tn
d.:vs ant.l h 'orkl on Monlahys-conte
4u4 'n4 tly l4o1 " l l ''iol,' littll' 1t stldy er41 '!4ict'a
r l4til1 4i 4' .t'irts all\4 ays hald it a tll " ll4,l
-it, tland :ty ha\' had i uch "nttusic in myy
s tlt," :is th, l4e1,,4 t says, ")'' :n14 a ilower' is
lbtorn tot lnlinth nt e;.n, alt[ s s t .'th" ( to it
n, :y Lav;e been ill lly (ca , tl'l " I 'n lil ite
su4i4 ' 144'lh of 1 i4 y luiil 4i4 :t14 a l4 e It 1 till liis
inltddl in the lee)" unfathontedl l .av'ernli
of lily soul."0
B131t to return to the stllj 'ct-Po,)rtry, I
Stido love poetlry. 'here is the poetry of the
lhowt'4'1s-no 4music t1here hut Oh! to think
of the "sile.nt tongues.l, in mt ad ora'tl o4n,
as they b)rin' g he.ir i'ncrea ,it of Inaise in
Sthe ,n'ly Splrint, and the crystal fount,
:and gushing st reamti , the i lver .t 1)ntnd
her stirry train, old O4'4:n, with it,
t's.:ing ulit--tlhse ha]ve o Voice', and
1yet they ell up1nt harts thatil feiel--and
o(ft with (h14.p emotion wvll. I sai4--I
loved poetrly Cotnsi n-tdlhi' rcad smnt
Spros -yea, 1when a tru:t. sh1414)4o1y, at
kind heatd tl iante--a. girl--yes--fa'r
tt'y ar' e indliert' -i l thleir nalture than
rto.1ut ihod man--la:iled ale a worn and
a torn4 cole of "CiCarlottT'1 Trmnl4*,,," 4ant I
read1 it, antl didn't I weep o'er it4 1t lpa4ges,
yes lly youlng heart in 4pity 4wept "4 I
oiloh4w4d the heroine a'nll t itll 1n4 and
S4in, tlu1:1' Ith et'r trials ;'d mi.4 " ,srtunes Ie
lievi1ng' the that 41 that was j11'rinted i
11(44oks was true,. As I grow older in my
stu1dies I (ccasional ly in terslers:ed in 1,'
r4catdin'4gl s844h tahl4 s of 4ic im1 as, "Cilidh't'_.
of thl' Ahl',' -"'T'.l'hadl'us of Warsaw"
"Si"S hcottsh C hiefs, "Last of the lar'ons. &'.,
S&c. After :t while, 1 'co'ludued, all this
4 1ind-1during t1. R,'V4hltion1 4f41 -1-news
W4,'4' snC1ree--t hl1( 1 41oks Sca4t'e 'r, 4414d 1 1i,4l tt41
"Tomnb4 of the Scil io's, tr1'shattd 1I)' liii
Ilrd, (of Al\h., and I4o e(4 t4a4 ting 144, t41ere
rusal-t-hut t trce 1 to lhe 11.t-1 ud h-4t4'1
htve 't talk witi h our 4 ,n1' le , 'n,,. 1 14(4w4
4,1u have1:4 .(oul, ahd o 1e1 that s )mctime,4
lm.ake.ll. (1114ers fe' l its 8[ell. 'fT14n why
our "'r',411O 41o ,a (er4e114," "Our Fa1nt1y
the "Poet's Cor, 'r. Yes this was the 44o0t
4u4!,i)dlt.eut uf.al'f-wothl you. lhtc4k th,
bu1 ere the ros1 i1 i)104)m4 1 4141 o1ld you
1quench 1 h1 4rd4(r ')f a 4outhf4 l soul,-
Shlatil your polihed wea'4n(--your/ lad,1e
is 1 ,ight 1144 keenl. A1(41 all O4t1 ' 1'ults ini
yolr mirror seen. All gentio coz, was
flight on new 'lhlgcd wing, and telt the
poson of the critic's stilng, nmethinks you
shouhl read ''"anffy Fern's "Critique on
Criticism. 1Have charity I and "pass our
that "Tall oaks from little Acorns grow.
And then your flings at "Parson JarI'in,
Afford the lilly too much n'argin.
Though set to lmtlcer and well rhymnod,
- And in your strictures on the (laico,
e )vscribing how the yo(1g folks l1rantce,
'1The isweet elmlbrcet1s of the waltz,
And all th41 ir 1 il bit p)eltty /aults
With you we never can agree,
fA fricudl,. eye such fttults couhl s'e,.
"'Well somehow or other l'm a.,tride i f
a my pegasus, i4 spite of me, an41 lest he
"dash his foot against a stone,"-'
'11 dismount--hand Hout the rein,
Thro. the columns of the "Times,"
5 An answer to my rough shod linos.
BAFrIsu.--Squday, we had a novel
exhibition. About seventy five freed
men passed .through our town, in pro
cUssioI, two ly two. At the head
of the column was a Baptist preach
er, singing with some other ones and
trei, followers, just newly baptized,
in thi Cane river. Their heads cover
ed with a white handkerchief, they
silentiously marched, accompained
- by a numerous crowd of othe" freed
14men, anxious probably to witness
tthe cere.m.ny. The order was per
I'ect and we didlt, hear of no trouble
among suclr quantity of men, women
Iland children The possession reah
ed the church and after some fervent
I'prayels to somebody, they retired to
their business.
The Parish was well reprcsented
for the Solemmity.
The public lands in the South cani
only be entered under tile Homestead
Law. This law allows every freed
man and every white person who
can take the test oath to enter eighty
acres upon condition of agreeing to
settle and cultivate five years and
paying tile office fees-say from five
to ten dollars. On complying with
tliesc conditions, a patent will issue.
Ie 1',.: ut' ;,~:io;n.t of the LmLot ,t'i
li.: t,,, t:e' ii iPttlt stilF L :mt
sirnit!:!i nt ihi riel i '-'w to th : l ii rt ,al t :-
fi''e ; ; c. Ilnthli. Itin a l u. i thl:et Call,.d la
1m rre t ; n'ral rarht t'it l';,h On. A lo ng !
ili.l:-s, fiivl whih' li. is .hlowly reecver
i21v', prev'entcd him from ahinki any Inrome-!
in.,tl !11art inl the &"hats of fe Senlatori
• t! ('lh;o -' r of whiclh ' iis ia uIltt llet'.
IHad h, b e'.n ,, l to dis!t :.s in his ll).1 1)'
ie c. nits wIhic iat'e tkt place iln Gr
e:i'.;" 1 I';lr:it tl tly w\1s 11,,i ! nll,.lid(u t dlit.
h;tti' i k n tthti sia' e viii~t as t 1. (T hiers in
le 2ii s, , hIN 'o ito lr, ret oliiv thalt he itt p li
pr' lt; ,itl' a t ec11 . p.ut?1 lt. s,' l of thi'.rty
two pages li0 t his- ,,tcul will. ap al't t tr ill
Paris short l, under itho title La Tlrance ci !
la Pai.r
A'i nii h'e .m .)' f¢.tel rnlt . tllrt i, ou ii'si:
l.t.o,',l o iti si. o en t he t !, i 'e tre i ats,
,." de: ,,Ia, hs 1i, c. ,,2 i li,,o t,,hat t! b t icl ,l
of, Illhe m "ily ct.l, d ki:t gdoit of lItnly
evs',,r ! utin'g ant:, a iy :l" 11I supt !rt Ito"
France. is th' griul'te't of :l l ptili i tt er
rurs. H . ato l iio , i tl't'ld . 1h1:l ilran ie twas
iu tiAltt' it 2 i' ai n i ' ll tor tlh at ,'olhicy ig I
i:'y of 'l'tra'nce stnti!d l n t hle alhlat'ed thli
futurIe to ' expolsed t o the dllang' li ft':
whibh r ' le-t nmo loi'onf (vents are 1,111
iht' l',e i l't. 'I he ' ii a ty of t l ' iurtl h was
S:1 !i ic ; : ;1r a llcl 1rple. :. every , c" -
r,1ii:,u sim'c 'ttu:th was a o;tlital ti2 ilt fii ' i
w, hih loth Frauce and Ith!y will havei
to d i.nly h ien'lck totr.I
Naiptlott Iti. coiutl have re :ig  lsttrlcted
the. I 'lr.pe li,. nt i iel thlic ssf iVen ie
which hisutlncht t,'y have re by the 'ren 'ty
of "tunp lortio; and" Franer hld thoh i
in the iomn otales ai tho rte 1ticthies ofl'
tlaley gl : tlitiltinl g ara ltee t' gainst the
d('skert' e .hn in tan:e l, andce which
'\ill y, e1 p r'lp itd l tat Io rlemote felee it.
ihe;ls uhi reoltlsitnue I the Republic of
ithe ial p).ti, which in otlhcr times was bhe r
;ally;. the Qiit ltril eral :n( V-enil en bry
h ,r saf;tgu.a:td a'int Austria. au1l against
the Kin:g; of Piedilnnt, hinself now he
oe King of Ital ruth; but she is g.i b; to
I¶lhalt roa'r is inthoe vifnls to then
r kinan:docm of Vii', . t Lua oclejal.
, i 11 hli, of enice re-etabl. ished
slty itn( it'. i l c ei, h t ' in'"e vies ti e. in it.r
(1,1..11 "and why tot . \t'; great g"ratul
T ilther, hly the otlllbt. inter'l of-,is altharesl
tlor owhn'lr Louiis XV. t, our ally the grt'at"
lell; but of Venie; 1an my gr amltither
\\:t. kilhle at the head of his regimeut du
tring the '\','n Yeanrs' WVar. "rane has
Alno titn ss frienlly owain revie then
.lwitzseri tod. loi'c e hc vrn llo' l gov-h e ,, ltltcn,
hcion ofnt n"ee isnrily exreaily : bt oilr;, it
iwoe ld er thoa iltotd the :rLetis al the re
quirements of ditferent peoples 1.0uis
XVI. Wo';, t', most inthlwntial founder ofi
tohe greiltt Republi e nof iit wlitce States
1 of A.k 'icna."
)w'ive on l the" d' ner whith i'lciild overd her.
' Whvereer i gi';antie aml unju.st mbhiiion
appears, Italy will he sne to give or to sell
her s'r\'ies. Si now, lhums a liew\ nation
a"lll'e lis no ine i of Italy with thirtct.
Fi\ve million enemliey s tile' vlery doors oin
Fcrane, while shet willi have 0o\wrhrlly
scontributud tco cratie orn her frulllier
not lovmie its, wi th fifty million of ing
halitants, soon to hie unit.d underh tilhe
Fsm' lrtir rect il((d itherllated by tile Got'
lopirit of hostiliiy to France. Certail tooy
'France, is nt afraim ht t still iof Pis , touren
for hrst to look about rrdli r the lln h toiy
inow trl owed is nof th gresiat poliey re
orded in helr history ;it in s oie of, lwhich
sIe has bno l inowle,:i', rd which solhe t.n
t o hae . r vi.(et ol oray anted (finSh
the natural rivals of rance This is be di
! vided. Their sepala't f,:'co dio not wnake
lihem llthidand The piariotie policy e llo
oThe ilr statesne :llieo of Ftimd Napo-it
,I ,o I.. and even the 'It 'reaties of 161 ret-:
i sPectled division which t ell lie ainest oin-ld
Ino1 r se pl,oints out :k those mtlt d.i va,-ll
tl:l, tlls ifr France. All is no'i to hc
his lantt. T:he sit -uation of France i En
roel, arada ealled in mutestiun, is about
tio 1,: low',rtdI il t le llo t dtlorbit 1 le ould
not ai tig er riil't s ar htl.omati n Shgrld-i
woitld inti wn funiseflon i. The t'Hero'is of
all Euvo e, a nd tet, t.f surh litile imp'tan e
Sfre wh e, in wonsequeo e of o. raliould in
Oratit CUde, witiOll. It gis not ink to or thry,
woes tbinstt theo sani for tebom. The Italianc
mto ls; it is, prltts, nli heo two or
thi. de oLarel. Ifallin exltress in herim
sel' very itterly at ' tho hae cllg the in
tralitude withir wrongh tlthe tl eiaot rti)
the it sool-its the l , have received fioI
rcailv· rceIived th "l ........c.... of I otit 1l
"If ist wher. possIflFrne nito relate thliel
the grossly inalltl ith Ati"s it waicst
France anwit the conEmlror per of tmll Ger
no enn pire; te will Pahae lof th G ian
kupw to he truance m be thwi ll nd by
upon her. France must be the ally of
I1 1('f II· '.II.IN:-: \I ' i l' t lifli :. Itt |I l I i t, . 
tt' 'r i ",e hih ld.tn 's th , i u ndr t het, ,n
iVi- Ict. `t Iliii tiel hele 11te t'I'ma'11s tle
i atict'1 ti1 ; I. sit" I 11!1i' guiltyI; It't
li: it 1 i't si'.:unc( :.ires i war tlt insit itr
lum:v th( '\M ill illb unb ii.ed a ainls! hie .
tNo tilm t' I tut! 1,ie io t i' the 1'r' h11 (i v'
l';ie l Lt i tO'tllll Iiea 11t he d(,veiv(' d once
I! ' i'e, d t mliltre '( i tv ( .llI th t evill l- iii
ii he geinral war which is cit rtlain, and
.' whii all t lii ical plitrsi.)loe' hitlies . sin aiven
l thI Ill : inllvt t it llt'll (,tot iloulists conll lulld iln
'lhar'in 1' that ' :f ni 1 this i !n t(t: fllt (' u Ird
0ii), inolit (iloli'e d)ul y i to 1tpr(.l ro on tlhet
la:1 nyt - lel 1 t'r 1 :h-I gre :;ls t events of
1.hi. . nt uiii ry h', h i th, iiti er ltas wit be.s
'd 1p(tn t of tithe 1114tt xI 'l di aittlllll' l." it
Fl:itti e ohas 1i1 n 1hir ill the guilty ta ts
,whiil.h ha:v I, heeulerlui·ttld ill G 1.rmnii1y
.All t hait Ii ad . ti e ' a i', 'iti bou l h i t h it~ l is
La\ i it: I ,,) w ofii i'-' n h ino f ri(.il h . l, itlli .t
hei It s.silil a _re'till l rIlt' o play, .II the
l1i ' e.rir t pi' tii ' 11 l inhyli still put himsielf
i(tl t ihe Le:' o(I I the t ,tit ns t :tth l wail t. to re-_
lm in otl archtieil--u t t for the sltake f thelv
, ru, rs, it, t tr he sake if the ieoleh. Let
'Ill l:Em!pror I l, 1 clt on the s'lutllion li is
1(h('('d inll aldust hi will it11', atn:Ills to
it, 1., te , tl' Ih :lj m arhie .tl slirit iOing tllnt le.
le1 is a'nsced--fo"it is right oil sch oc
e.asion to speak the truth--f haying pro
oirled all lilt rI.e.,-lutio,:ns Of Ita'y. Ilh is
a(''rus of othun\ i, declir, (I wilh t'ser
fity e'1'ti h :laintill the ml nslraUs i ve'nts
thalt arc' iin rsco 'ein-,l onf e41 il11il , nld of'i
i1t ha'ing fitrtseeo 1h1mi ; but lo'od.tt
- i titt him l iti h havi'ng ,.ist i ted to ihcl
:obiitions now lini yet iuii. Iie Ito t i trely
! peen poh wittld. His disgustaitmhil revslttt,'
lie th!lat o()Vlery 'it relchioluln: , ialtgiu:st the
nuo)irmliiies which all have witness(edl, alnd
Sotr ' 1h.tht reltaration slu'ld be imuedtiate
Iv euan tt.ld.
T ivriul. S31 pt riS on. e s:'S- n e
"The 11u erl'ir has only to says the word.
.Let hiil I(tl 11 in wllh tii , sense his ielelhrl
Sid lt ter (Ito 1. t ltt inl, vn t i ll Lhivs) clttti;ltt
Ihi ii11t1 ,rprled, fi'r Prussia !ni.4t not be
inistres;:s of 1hd1w rhld. llor illplst. h r ii\,ws
" iI~nn it : Alstlin i1,; ml lk dowl llbut she
blurns for vengAnimlet;; and the (Germllan
Stateis, ill d1Oliti at the tts vhich'
ai laiti thcin, I to , iet ,ly to unite with
FranlCe,,111 aneeipt hler (de(ision. The Emli
1)r° rl of thie 1it ritha I as ofnl to Sit, athe
\vord, and all France, i'ithott distittitm
P1of lrties, this 1i1tn,: uI la ulilutll, wouhll
riss E in l'llc, t ill shortly repltir to hiso
.u aippel ralher thian :illtw the hairk, her
. Sovereigl': and, if i1)0ed he, two miillon
tof executit l ith ll' l bi.tiols sc es
vieth it clnnot h ;l too ofte i rei piated,
ishr eall-teioll()r1 Vey id "io lent e.... t ar
hie 0))1"1rill ret i thie I'ret tl ll Fhortign or
Ilha treatiels of 15 which Pramuesi hf s uni
dtert)skellif \at, he21 --cessllr, lot un lhave
war -war ffill, Iight aid ;justice: war tif"r
-the honhlr andl salvation of Fllrance.".
There is no tinue to be ]st: w and eiv!'ei
(i dy that Masses vy onlv ilcreales oillgl.
People talk,d o th. 2.--'at Exhii of to-,
and of itosial, eace oth the resolution ofnc
. thi ]mnpiteror. Nothing mlore natural ; but
the ill f conclleio of perance should have
Lthe priority, anid the ltlc lust ca'elnl l Ite
Ib rh e \i\eld.
M. de Laluthit ej qnlin observing tht is be
._ ihould have called ! his pnrtcent pºanllhhlet
S"Ai Cry of iAlar'i," cohtt ud iit these
'ii St.. 21 v As:-
" "T: cry of 0'lr1i is wrung t'romi lip byI
thae 'ii"lliat C ge sho ' he iin the sli',htil,
deIl'lr, asioiated i the OVe.plmint sitily of
the On: erui lit I srve, land iln h1,) ter
th i ntle tl e a idio l'tain ,c a ities, without
t thaving luhl1 t. war l-- lyiA y Country aht
ths bet oveC e ignl to whomli I nwn li l tot th
h loyal SvliCeS W nlt it possible.th tat ir
olectir and oilr ights abn(ih nld ot he ain-ct f
l tainll inthlct--grltugIaot trs which S
l'se woila d hiv e th s ider. tio ' cahlishl
tWolitllly, tilue llly fr'publicril clutyllt
new poliCtivcal tHris-- disgust and dsc l00
Slielit enouirai'gedl by Sovereigns who ll'.)
- :lin'1 eniiouigh lnot to se1 the il'ahyss they
Ste votkig for inarchy iii Europe18 ."
IiverIool. Sept 2-Nhey caon.--hied two wtlll'd
stfawhi) eei, whigi h sails fr ati hicre
iin gljrity is 1500 ian athe utnt.
tLiverdoy, ol, S.cd Tho. - o. -QuSite t,
ofl er ow elfor Govei orr.Te I here.so
Iltios l uiidolirs of war, diinistratit,
woik, to, lh lid thlrhosd, were allao fili
stecrled il viuos arof the cit n
sbseruejproiptly sized.e tick
E YORPa Oc.is4,Sp. 1 P. --E ig.--UTh liSe
ror NaoleGon is :i ]iaurifz,
t'Paris, 10Sept. 2;.-VIt is said that the Em-xe 69
pmess Epoie will sular re$33air0 to Ru3t;
ludto cdllndo wit3- tol Pl8c.
Arri well-go ed Ramer Louisthat MoI. or,
forlt will retai ty.. Fre orig O
Berlin, SepOct. ,--Ev'ie stean.The Kinty
dof Iayth, i ue ftrial, says that h announce
of Bat! hocec for ,,avaunah, in go
iii s iiie watIr, lilt ::]: will prol'tlit y
get (dlff t il( nxt tide
IlPil u(lelicia, (ct. J.--Thle cholera
is ilt{'(.tutin'I ill this city. Ycster
Iday tli-re wiere( fIlrty cases r-eoi(rted
to the li);,r(i [ rinlg the last tew
(hlys s,.v.,ral fatal cases have occur
r,( in I',tund,.',, N . ,t Jers.ey.
.vrisr-1:15 P. .- -Qold 1431 to
NAwmcLi.i, ('Inn., Oct. l.--The He
public n. i '. a'rie(l their ticket hli'
towIn Oflicers to-lday ,by a large
li~ West (ornwniiall the Union Re
,ubl idie ti(kt w:selec(ted to-day
I by l rgely increased miaj;orities.
S Iate ElectionIs.
The folhowing are the States now
l'{]r(se e d.!t] ill Cog('e ,t- wthich hold
electi,,ns thii: fall
()on--Oct. 9-- Nincteen meiltbrs
)f' ('C grlless.
l\.)TX VI--Oct.-State officers, eley
enl membei ofrs Cong'ress, and inem
t( ,rs of the Legislature ; a United
Statcs S0t lttoi' to be elected in place
!of lH-liry S. Lane.
Iow A'-Oct. 9.---State officers, six
,)entbers of Congress, and Legisla
t tu ure.
S\EST VII:GINAu-Oct. 25-Govern
or, three meimbers of Congress, and
NEw Yon-Nov. 6.-Governor,
th irty- ,no niemnlI ers of ColI ress, and
125 Ineuloers of the General Assenm
bly-Senate loldingi over. U. S. Sen
ator to ehlect in place of Ira Harris.
SAssAint;SETTs -Nov. 6-Governor,
teen n{eibers of Cungres and Legis
NEW ,ER:Y--Nov. 6-Five mom
hers of (lCongress and Legislature;
United States Senator to elect in
pla(ce (of J0ohn P. Stocktln.
,lhcni.x- -Ntov, 6- Governnr, six
umeinberl' of Conglress and Legisla
I lire
I.i.txois-Nov. 6-State officers,
Sfourteen memnrlli's of Congress, andi
Legislature ; United States Senator
to elect i, piace of Lyman Trumbiull.
\VisconstX-Nov. (I-Stlte, oficers.
I:, mn!,ers of C otngre s, a:d( L'gis
Shtature ; Unit'd States Senator to elect
I in placeo (I'f Tiimothy C. Howe.
MlXN.SOTA- TA-Nov '.-Governor, two
I members of Congress, and Legisla
MlssTo'rI-N-ov. 6.-Superintend
ent of Publlic Inst'ructioIn, nine mom
I lhrs o) (;on rioress, and m(lbers of the
LgiCsiatur' ; Utniteid States Senator
,to elect in place of ( Gratz Browni.
iKaNAS-,X(Nov. G--Governor, mem
lei's f Conme riess, and m(embers of
the L gislature; two [u, ited Stahtes
.'ntla tIs lto lie elected in place of
liames II. Lance and Samel C. Po m:
Y'vI.'-VNo. 6-(overnorruem.
i fer of Ctieg a .reysslr leislanre ;
l init: i ? St ates h-en-it irl to elet- ih
place of' Janies \. Nye.
M.A-YLAND- Nov. - Five members
If CIngrt'ss, iilid L'gislat ure ; Unite d
Stales Seallltor to elect i place of
,IIJhni A. J CrIesswell.
St WARE-NI)V. 6 -Gover nor, mem
Sbetr of Cnr ess, and Legislature.
"Love me, leave mie ollt--no neverl
Life is da1k and full of woe;
We' are one allnd Cianltl sever,
Though thIe widsof si rriw blov!'
Trie, I olttn nigh in sorr,'w-
Sigh because youI word are cold ;
But lhe stilunshie of Ihemorrow,
Fil s my heart wi h joy untold,
S'Love me, lear me notl" for dreatiry
Are lit days w en you 't away;
And y IIheari gtrows -ick and weary,
As I Vai'ly sidi titid pray.
Once a warm love che r'd my bosom.
iWhnll on, years Wfre younr and gay;
Now 'tis ttdedl--I ut ' twi l ecrulosom,
When this long night turns to day!.
"LIove me, leave me not... in anguisht
Pclre-s your warm lips unto mine ;
Then thihealt no more wivl languish,
If again you call '. thine.
t We hal e kiss'd and ,rib given
Vos belrei he -acred shrine ;
Ani we&r'e Inc on le o n e lh-- in, aven-
You are meanin and I m thine !
Love me--claim this aching bosom,
Press it once tore thine to own l
Andt thi low're 1o Ilope will hilo-som
Where tilo pangs of sorrow bitual
Take me,, I alm thilne forever
Some fIon e''th will pass away;
But wi ll mtaet, wheiin here we sever,
in a brighter land of day!
Travellers for New Orleans are in
firmedl that the fine Stea.er "Elora"
(Capt. Watson, will positively be at
Gand Ecore, on. Saturday, 13th inst.
The accommodations on this Boat are
not surpassed.
We are sorry to learn that a part
of the European emigrants, who
came here to settle, had the misfor
tune of being sick nearly ever since
their arrival. They are returning to
Dallas Co., Texas. We have met the
gentlemen on several occasions, and
can say, that in all thei' transac
tiors in this Parish, they acted in the
most gentlemanly manner. At the
time of their arrival, we anticipated
th'at the whole colony, of whom they
are but a small part, would rejoin
them and establish in this country,
bringing energy and labor, and sub
sequently causing a large number
of Emigrants, to settle in thls Parish.
.V are painfuIly disappointed.
NE:w OIA :AN's, Octoler 4, 18(eG.
!,ast weel:, the cotton umarket was ani
auated, prices firmn, with a good spirit on
the 1part of the ftectors to maintain their
pr-te.sios,,, hlit the news received this
morn1 ltg that alt New Ydrk, prices had de
clined, lihae puit all ope"rations at a stand
still. l1'actors are unwilling to sell, pre
ferri:ng to await further developmenlts
They are right. The crop is short and will
show a larger deficiency than anticipat.
(4ed hy our Emropeman and-Northern friends
Butter to keep on hand, subject to better
pricel, which we doubt not will bb effect
Led as soon a. usl iti ve, n s ablut the crop
'will rea:h Europe Englandets, especially,
wouldn't relyt ult:o newspapers state
ments. I hey have their agents travelling
thlroihi the Cotton States, and as soon as
their returns will be received, only then,
jIries will 'ake the ascendant. You can
rely ijupon it. For this moii ent, we send you
the following quotations:
Ordinary 33(lQ4.
Gooil ordinary' 36i l37.
larn mhidling 39(W'40
Sugar--LouisirnG [email protected] 17e.
Molasses-Cnba-65( 70 per gal.
Froct : z
Unl'randed $,$ 1.50
Superline $12.50i d$13.00
Double extra $13.50(i 14.
Treblo Extra, t14.50t .15.
\VEs'TEX f1'utonca.
Pork mess $36.
" Prime $31.
Bacon, shoulders [email protected]
sides 2"2c.
clear 22?o2?e.
c(nred 2~7(iuc.
Lard in kegds23!,24c.
Corn mixld 835( t0ce,
Corn. (white) 95
Oats, 55e.
Ilay l)9.( x30 per ton.
Whiskey, Rectified, $2.50.
lIale Rope [email protected]
Bigging, [email protected]
Wool-Louisiana net. ] i([email protected] l c.
" Texas (burry) 13(.714o
" " washed [email protected]
Coffeeo Rio-29k [email protected]
Potatoes--o suipply.
Onions- $3.50.
Salt $2.75 per sack.
hides: dry [email protected]
Gold selling ( 146'14.16.
Silver " @ 142tl143.
Citizen's B:lk shares 154!156.
Bank of America [email protected]
Louisiana State Bank [email protected]
=nuiik of Louisiana [email protected]
Pnu1iou Bank 534,F51P.
Mechanic's & Traders 62'63.
('riecent City Bank 41.
Ba:ik of Now Orleans 40'41.
Merchant's Ba;ink27id28
MAt: 1 IED.
On Tuesday eventing, the 25th inst,, it
the residence of the bride's fhther, by the
lhIv'd J. P. Bellier, Miss E-..MMA M. B.tut.
1.1E to Mr. SOsruII:NE A. BAILLO, both of
iRapides Parish, L-.
From the Chilicothe (Mo.) Constitution.
Tine Party of Clhristianlty.
I.aweIr CG alloway, of Colunlmu, 0., who
fiiur., nio diecrditably at the Presnlyleriar
(.ler l AsI 4omhly, r ccntly hold at St. Louis,
naeheI a speu'eh last Saturday..t at Radical
mno tiig, in Colunbhs, in which he claimed
lhit his party ias "the party of Christiani
Snchhli hae heen the hypocrifical claim of the
iRladiceal party for the Ilast fiour years.
Johln lirown, the horse-tlhief robber and
murderer. ha.s leon elei'ted by them to the
p-sition of a :aeint"' Text--':Thou shalt not
lien Rutler, thle gold and silver, plate an:d
piano thief, i* a hlade ..of ';tlie Christianity."'
Tfxt-- "Thoushhall not.steal"
Th R v. Boyakin. who lately seduced the
daughter of hii host, is an expounder in "the
party of Christianity." Text-"Thou shall
not commit adultery."
T'liid.Stcens, the hofance blackguard, *s
a shiniing Ighit in 'the party of Christianity."
T**xt--"'Thou shall not take the name of the
Lord, thy God, in vain."
Wendell Phillips, Win. Lloyd Garrison,
Abby Kelly and other avowed inifidels, are
pillarsin "the party of Christianity." Text
-"lie that believctli not in me shall be
The.pte,~cher of "the party of Christanity"
have defiled the sanctity of the church, by
prea, hing Pilitics instead of the gospel Text
--' You have made my house a den of thieves.'
Zae. Chandler, the drunken bloat, is p mem.
ber in good standing in the -'party of Christi
auity." Text--"Look not upon the wine
cup when it.is red."
The members of "the party of Christinity'"
have mobbed their neighlibs for. differing. in
opining with them,. Text--"Love thy neigh
bor as thy thvself,'t
.What.a pretty 'party of Obtrsisaity,"
They have (lisgraced everyone of tlhe ten
Comnmandment;s, and prot:tutted the chnurch,
until it ha los;t much of it.s influence for good.
Wuo has not tried to be rid of the dan
ger annoyance of Iniluenza or Sore Throat.
All more or less have suffered, and hol'
few remedies give relief. PECTORAL
BALM can be relied on in ail cases.
Plantation for Rent.
on Cine Rifer, 13 mll's below the town of
Natclhitoches is offered for rent: The plhnta
tion is well situated- contains 300 aer s under
tence-A crop of 200 b:,les of cotton and 3000
barrel.- of corn can be made on the spot, if
wed managed. There is a fine orchard. a
good dwelling house, three good cement ois
St.rns, and cabins for 15 hands, together with
severa ltlle, one yoke oxen, waggons and
farming ntensilt, lil in god order.
A gin house will be shortly put up as also
one or two more servanticabins, if required
at the time of the lease.
For further particulars apply to
ol0-tf. AusXT.
Succession of William P. Thompson, deceased.
ILLIAM P. BROWN, applies to be ap
I pointed curator of the vacant succession
of William P. Thompson.
Notice is hereby given to all whom it
may concern to show cause within ten days
why the application of the petitioner shoui,
not be granted.
o10--i. Clerk,
Succession de William P. Thompson, d',' i.
1UILLIAM P. BROWN, avant depn:,:,,i
Si titr'e nommi curateutr de Ia succesio:
vacante de William P. Thompeon.
Avis est donu,.i tous ceux que celaconce:',
d'avoir dledllre dans les dix jours.
raisons pour leas qelles la demande du pcUi
tiouaire nte serait pas accordde.
•.101-Od, Greler.

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