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The Semi-weekly Natchitoches times. [volume] (Natchitoches, La.) 1865-1868, November 21, 1866, Image 2

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TH'i SET-Vi~l~i'k!, T1.111is
PIT L tl~iixi: ,
J. Dli ."ij 1 7h'
- 1:'' ':6 ~~
~~~4.~~~~ "r"n 'ul 11 11he' - 1 '
mr1 u :'i u , :
1r. 'LI
bscfr; ·lj!··( -!)q
;ý;ý ýN
,. 4_
AITC Oi.:t,i L., NDV. 21, 13S6.
'10 Otft FitIk W l:)S.
lUv pn ii, i-,, lust week, a
('"tll i 11 , ý'. i, rnl a: r tiho d ,tion
(If Ite ' ('n7t Ii i l Amd r hle nts,
proprr, i lIy ('nl rss, it appears we
hi v'i :iV nll 1: 1 (1' iA" to cirni( or our
frt:n . W'e fr:hlly r~l1 at the
tinre, 1'1,t w'e i~ i t t c, rrr in, and
:ilo ,ri t., i ~,Of .nr t' .rrei ponl
dent !,'it, 1on La (1 itin of great
,,mt 'i:,e d i ortrtan'e, upon which
thi re nut in,'vita!'ly be a diversity
~It rifO, we thought it but fair
that ear'h ote should have a chance
of expre;-ing his views. It is by the
,enfict i,r uini i w mit , that th t truth
is rmost lik v to be evolved ; al
tihre eTAn ha but little dri.noer from
errors of opilin where truth is loft
free to coumbat them. Such was the
d; tuum of that rreat statesman and
'!h lirosser, I'Thiras JefIhrson. The
puilic canrot, any more than sn in
dividuc t, arrive at any ver" slf:.c
tory solutiin of a clumpliie tc d polii
cal question, withoust s hearing
and weighinrg the arguments that
may be urged for and against, on the
under these views that we published
tieo conuunic'ation referred to Eve
ry body knows that our opinions are
els vre to radical politics, and that
"7/e Times" has always been the ad
vocate of President Johnson's policy;
but we are of that class of men who
respect those who honestly difFer
from us. What we believe to be the
true policy of the country, we shall
fearlessly advocate ; -but we would
inot do so, by denouncing those, who,
huving an equnal int erest with us, in
a'lvancing the public god, happen
to think they know better than our
Relves, how to reach the goal to
which both are aiming.
ViL. tled River, is rising very
fast. It it contiintes, our old town
will be again under the charming in
fluerce of our Steamboat Captains.
n.l. On Sunday evening, we ex
perieneed a torrential rain, since, the
weather is clear and good.
_il. Our renewed thanks to Capt.
of Steamers Arni, Wagly, Cleona,
Nlittie Stephans, and Lady Grace
as also to lessrs SS. M Coo y, Grand
Ecore ; \Vatcholler, and Stauffer,
Natchitoches, for favors.
is 4.. The vote taken on .onday
last for a night Police, was a poor
one. No Interest was manifested by
our citizens. Fourteen votes for and
eight against, were polled. It re
mains now to our Mayor, thle duty of
e~tablishing a regular patrol, for at
least two months, and to enforce it
aecording to law. None will object
to it, if properly organize(l.
U8 Private letters and papers of
the 15th, announces a falling off in
the cotton market, correspondints
ndvising their friends not to pay
more than 20 cents for low Middlirg.
On the other hand, in the last hum
bet of DIBow's Reviewv, Planter's'
are advised to keep their crops un.
til some future time, as accordingr to
all the statistics, the article will nec.
t ssarily obtain good prices.
l"StarsOT as PR.sIDEm .-The
fi>ldhwing dispatch has been sent to
president Johnson :
KhRuXLK, lowa, October 9.
To President JousoN :
We've spotted yin. Wilson's ma
jority for congress, in the township,
is 370-.a republican gain of 314
over the gubernatorial vote of last
year. J. B. flows,
istokkkjcd-out ?ostpaeter.
, .. .
Paris Eijibitionl for 1867.
At this creat fair lof the Civi:zedl World,
th St.,t,' of L.iuiiaH: a w 11 Ie rpre=e"'ted;
and th re will It exhibitlI'the ind 'l i al re.
sort.' of our .t.Ate, side by site, with like
pr ,lu' ti' ri from other r'cions of the Old as
.v 11 a ort the New Wortll, FIr years ourI
'ii,!,Vry has been convul-' d by Ihteatine, inter
nl, .a, war: t'utlna:g ar' i !. )., eonLt t,
the p;-i : V, t Irea w, h .t i !  we r '" wt ire'
'1 w 10nI ,. I Lonl:' h,,W "rl' I ! w In r tait' li lhll
in manay of tlh rich ll, , 't h l-;, lIa. l rih.
xn, rant) now dsc'ate. liter rily a rwhild. a
lv. t l )ur l ight. ti'nlllptl'd undi rr ftot by
a sithle . t'ri ii g ban , i' l ,' arl l .. te.it ' Our citri
ito ,'. tat :ave ' - tur v et. w 'i-'h9 d (]-i r; i ith
-' -lip ,h ' t thi' ]oliai t : ;iso l i e rltr' a ro ii
el. 'a i t ' 't 1 ,,i ! u'ip eve) ir Or'll ilfated ill
,n r'tullrey! Ye it lur 'cilt n-tl l kt,' ilil l on i'
t rem l InIt r to live, to tto t ,t nirt i'n n ell 'n,i
ull\ e 1' thri,';i l nto ii - re t ' r tial puii r.iii of
i 'lls tl' E ae t '! l) c,. l' Ito .'- iii , ehCsll
lit, - h' can rl illr lhaisp it-ll" r]bit "a
t -- the hi ,,thi- of talny, ela-': t1o itly,.
l.:vt' bthon 1 id low. Yt thni p, iftlt w cohr'itn '
tr'an i,' o h-, t, aill-- hope 'ever: le wti. C ill
-ril` t- ' ait ol tioll l i t te lon li S, Trand Loili.-l
1. a will. :1= of yor'e, stald forth. pro, dly ,'ni
li lit imllon it r 'ol'ht'n sismt,r's Lou - Iana
.11 h , rer i vhrd t, tl ill thn \V rltl' Fair- atntld
N !chtechls bhy ihos ,,-, f St. Jamlil will ex
lliit `("Ill" t'nsonili, t i f t i " h p-t'ilitiar r ,) etu c .
Our parish has ,squir I sa ine i''leutatlon t ai
T''o,,aero ,_rowil:g country, i ' well as tfr cot.
to ,an I'd other poul,ns--tuor land ritce, we
Itve yto Ihe iore Soltherl Ptroi hks-but in
To' a'o and i m ar an ficture, we maiy conllt - to
!' a',y iotler saint in the Louisiana caillnar.
ie lot v St. Jantllm ioruch, but Natchitoches
uSriir e. o ile, fellow-citizens, haste; be not.
ulnnimerei'd, unkntlin, unre predented amoi g
\Ve Cannt better expla'n to our fellow citi
z n- why wehave been led to make the pre"
ceeding remarks, than bylgiving publicity'to
the ftollowig leter. Iit explains iosll;'you
n. ill . e i' from wihI : for what pu'pgoll it is
nritten and th e ,l',itected to us-ind througlhp
us to ol. There is no time to be lout. W"
have received the blin, ks ecea lyry for app't
i hatltev r may be sent or consignted to our
wOirthy reo01missionri, to be there eyhibitel.
The h ,1niksmay be tfound at our offiee. We
shall take pleasure in iurnishing all further
information on the suhject and in filling li
the blanks for such as may apply. At some
future p' ri'l, we may take an opportunity to
I ltl more on the iindustrial res -urtn et' f)!l,
Natlchit'ches -itss-il, 'liiiate&c., anld invite to
the developmnent of tits iresrlC with which
a nmunificent H aven has cetudccended to fa
-or us.
NFW OILEANS, 4th Nov. 1866.
lonsietur Duplei.c.
NATcurtocIEs. L.t.
DEAn SIR :--. ('eoil siolner of the State
o L, il-ai, , ilt, C:' tl '.lris Exlb ition, I should
be under manly oi'li~ ations to Jyo, if you
Nill induct the Planters of your Parish to
ltlruishl me with samples of their rich produce,
especially of Tobacco, in leaves, carrots, or
cut up for smoking, as a matter of course, th. se
specimens should be of the very best quality.
as they will be placed alongside the Perique
Tln'l, Aof thse P'rich at' Qt .inmt; If' yoll
can pIroctie Isom line specimens of minerils
tom the norther, part of tr Stiae. yu wll
rcnd--r .reat rvi es to th" tvii-r; ri-ie.
Shi otild an i y o itur nt, ihb iis conclud
cxhiw'ing protduce, VyiO 0 ill ]liaOe let iin
in im dulicate applii'a ill, I:r s;, 'e and ill
Tlihe al',ic, to exhihitd Ahlould lhe rd v
for shpinethit y the firt tt cilaber, no time
lis to ie lost. to ask for space. Let le hiar
, from vOi as soon a pssibl., and irenwmh.r,
i i' t' ,l acqtlaintanoe, II I cat sent o l
line geld medal o, t(he Prisl, of Natlchitc sia
tirmi 1t3 tltip'rial Govoter iime't. I will t-rina- it
tI Outlllt'Sl anl w wiLl have a fine tie of
it, and retw fot ijr icquaitanteis.
Ve y re'a(pect fully
La. State Commnissioncr. Paris i I bii in
Now for the Gold Medal-Shlil Natohit'
dies have it? The firt of Decemotwr is just
at hand.
ai Trough the kininess of C. L.
Wal,,iey Esq. just retulrnedl from
New Orleans, we have received a
file of pipers cf the 1th inst, from
which we clip the folowitig :
Emperor Maximilian was snupect
ed of a flight from Mxic). Stoplpedi
at Coridlv'a, he offrell to abdicate in
favor (It1 yV1io)... Iturtbitle. The propo
aitioi not beilig accept,,,, hie refused
ti a i diate to any ine delse. lhe
then returned to Mexico.
An A ustrian frigate was ready,
with provisions on board, to sail at a
mnni)ent'8 notice.
W'ashingto)n Nov. t .-The Presi
dent's mtessag'e i nearly completed
A portion was read to tile Cabinet
The Presideut iS urged to recommend
universal amnesty aMd partial stif
frale4., lblt it i i. ulerstood he will
aillere to his formerly expressed
GC)hl 142 -C,,tion rules dull uider
tihe declie iin g Ald t 33 to 35c.
Cardin Reissacht was the bearer
of the ipuirtant moessage by which
,Eliperor Napoleon informs the Pope
ihat lie will uphold his temporal
power ig:tin,.t all crowns, aMl reoc
cupy oiIme in his name in case of
rebelliln or ilvasio.
The Richmond Christian Advocate
states that bishop Early, of Virginia,
is still suffering frotn the ltfeets of
his severe accident. lie has not
been able to leave his house for sevw
eral weeks, on account of rheuma
tism in the shoulder which was hurt
so badaly during the summer. r
The ~'n of H-'r etu is tlh name of
the Japanese official organ.
The WVorld says Anna Dickinson 9
is setting her cap for somebody at 5
t.le "ftlub?' "
Editnorinl 7ewe n d stc2i::5. Q
The Astmer Ienry Von Plhul, was burnt 1i
on her way Ann Mhmiphis to New Oruicl ; 
. .lhe had 'Si- balCh ',f cItton and about i
100 paissftrl'ngsu al crew (:nly i7inn p'er- \
P sonls wer: lot. T''ile conduct of thte oi-Li
Ir i S die s rv.(' er i dit.
Ther, wveir, 1P 1(;0 ,n+t-t a st ti1 New 1 `l
Y Fork (it it. 11:
1The (ove,'n r if. ; as in 1:. '.
a sange to lil t ' :tt r': ':01:1
y to carry 1't' . '' .. :i , I l,.t ,, It.
-,civil rich , 'i; 1 , ,, It ii. 11 ', !j',
i i nce fillor n', ;, .-: : ; l : a;,! l.· (:,u .,4 : ,.
( i l ,tit . ;,: , i , i
'i "vas sent it, \ 1\ :, };:!; ' :, .)q . ;1 4".I .'
I- t lt ' "he ? '.\' l' C
'il'aTih ad..' ' . 1' 1 , " h ,i :.i ti,
". tin the L i : 14'I I L o. of tl ,un a li1il,.
11u to act till lI."l. l l ti' f.ltl ni T t 1 if 111
X 1t11 il th i r.t lt 1 .lllllltI 1 it .rnln
,l+ pf ll,' tO 411,'"=I1!'f 1. of .\11l
t he Iftl-nri: I:1?r1l,1' ,,w" t ie 1.... oii l ( .It
t_ Iuhli'h ',; in li h h,', \y-": I : d,.i ,d
S ly ofn th ir of ': ta:; ! tll!r t'n f, ) rw:Il.ntit
i-. e tlhodi 4: iiti , d:,t1:- n .r. )) i,, thi lit?
erties of too lpe,)lpi, of tit \\ h ,e
dr.( erunlry, all ii s falltli'a1l,' toI Ni ew
es York andl M a:1;hnwý{'ts ;Is Alahai:un T'I '
of (third stct i a , u i.I lbrintg no lap. il ,! , ';,"nd
to the rrte;r t . o- c, ' l iatsi, i :iel. 11: w ui ,l
toredu the ,e un0111 re, lt ntil to niter i tn-it
Jo archyn l ,'lilt. W:; ar,' sin cere ly (hil.'
roes ftor theli 'o pltlllt,'e r.tora tilo ) f the
i W hion and w\:ant of conc liati,,n harltrmonv
e a lnd nation l trantulj t ilit v. tle l e,
t u lrpn ose to 'i "llfor- . ii ;it t l i:it, to thel
0 colediti.n .td fI lnsiu e1rro !ilintc. f
i., Conglre. ins Mn:i'"111' 11  ' ill c'ririt til '
01 Alah.ts o tur i n to tll'iihe: t on i
tution on)) , I :, ... f th.. G,,..rl (,over'u
i nent st any It: fl bi t ' t 'l'ion. Under
to the Internl::I l, ieenu law I the txi on cot
ur ton is fl0 -t00 a , -ar. In tI!" 'n' c t
,l Inlent of tho'; lawsl w l had. llo v)e. Tle.
or one-third of t ,, ,t,itat'; w, ren utnrelv ;es nt
1I ed, and all its harsh ft-a:lturn are :irodl
Sat the ltares thn- eixIluS e,. 'f he rtica iea.
to tion of rs c it con a rtio n at Q:mehn , r .uch
citrel2 l ,stanet's wnrte ! d les 'toiy1d:, , ,ti
Byto the outry, lblt nlight ltrin irrtri
t et Projoct-he crow
avahhl dis''ster.
fa John Mi,'hel t:!-; rt nrn,,d fr:mr Exil.
and was to pa-s by iiohnrl; the im i-h
(,itizens have -iven him an )rat dll.
Th Cantt ianid thoritisd ar: dlnoun-.
ed by the riool, en. I', eViansr.-To anti-Fe
t l nians for their conduct toward the I 't ian
Id prisoners.
The der ated Radical eandidattes (iir
IeCongress, i 1i2.:r-ld will tcontet theb
or seats of th ir ,ilt jl.ti)r, 19 s
SI The election in tc tthl Ct I'ola essnad,
SDistricts of ft. Iuis, is t l -ttiul,
SGen. StI''ln bl 'ricr , and . 1.-his fri s will
i ent of I4rt sri 1 In.s.4t,..4 to s\(llpres.
th·e n;ais ion it Krtcy, iat tlle imil-a,
1 jan 'attillio renf the i e af xico.
S ndThO,, LNo.n 1.--1d sah g01dst011111
ff" Itni. inl)t to eis to r'ck, il the Pbofk
I ii,tctl hi ki fate. , fi Lloi
or mation o t Gtv. J. MClison Wells.
ht mactines 'atented at Washington.
The amount collected at the New Osn
t 500 builvo ingvs were lest roTed, '
SPolandtoeedo1 ered t mateximilian
LoLieoilole, Nov. 1.- ein.-Thi s ofsteam
aiCon.tet, (tev. Ro.-The rulr thsont by a
secret t : c't' ly th l- na'ly otf ]D,']g'iu ; wn'l'
t laced at the dlislstl ,o the lFreith. Em
peliror in the ervices.ut f war, is di'redited.
ILoot n, Nlnv. c t.--Vague ril, tol-ld' ialrle
afbytat that the Emlberpc pi axhlt ian has
oetion oti takred tlhe crwn of olanrd, nliudir
ment of ltnrn as rsod lt ito stl)cUpres.
the ofrava, l statiov at Kerteh, in thfoCrimea, i
and Tagao f , o0 the Sea of Azdl f.
S Londonft, Nov. 12.-Tiih ship Agrat 1oasl
Stiltfrom LodonCo to riew York-, aud the bark
Ei izLlaeth h, nkins, N oul-ni firom Lolons:
Sto lotston, came in coillsion in the Englicsh
'Chanl yesterday. Th ekins sank,
f iawl twriluso lives were lotf (. SThe Aga1
tLo rlle, Nov. lll.-Til'lm Thr ins of ex
intre d at lc exingtoil co erday afrol er the
ilmo.,t prno tine Lovenram tile, to-day coina
g2tat, ad;iterlyi3 o'clck cotton I arkefor
bsty a ctionll, wherand 110 fpr ighavet. the
option to takhe ituation fees last oionred. Thek- i
amtir was gavoned enout a sPlendid stlhes.
preeOne hundred ad twenty-live hatles weri i
Ptrie oly prithoner tried to-day, ad he as suwasmoe bys
acqTui tted. of Lyon was discs d
a. st rength ired the Cabinet Concil. Ihabeat S
wafrils auoucd tht the mpeGovernor and ti new on-I
to misstigate the emernc., and
to mitigate the emergenecy, and t4
O, to ininiltcriall obljectiun, tt
Icli tges in tli, Cab-,inet were not un- r
lik .ly. IThe French Government had t
';;:1ptid" the system of night signals tl
irvnated by Mirs lMartha Coston, of p
Wa Alinton, and lariL, quantities
w N(' being manufactur ed at Toulon r
'i d'atrie denies that there ist
ay , iu.'stion (oft the Frenchl Govern
i Tnut c:;lTirctilng a lj-a of a million
i : : a :arl a.' L( i:ranc a"s'
a r tiit t.. ' - t') J n lt !C:tiU I ic
. tL ! ,i l;'. l v t' l r l ' h, ttich tht'
, l1ti '( If n a Ci- ' illri
i, . ' i ' , i .." - i. t lo . ! , . :. t i nI , t
" , i 1 i :f , ' i , ' arts sai l t',
", t, I i t i , i''h;ll hlope of erill
1i . . ,, ', II, , a ly a1 r,'h u d .d
t,' i.",., ' F :, (,f C. ell i' i?' ll; i'" I .ll I.'i( j
i f s;. it 'is Cojlttm',i th'lin
,'", ,: ,d'ti , IS l , dio Et, ipr'e:; will in
Stt s I t, i, f tillb ' rtI i,
I.. l -', li., t . , r p t:lE ' ITc.- ax nd tIru, -
a " i , i tii ' } h C ,i, trh re i"is th
iI , t .,. i ".
.t i'r,'O,'l, I:frly. }t , 1 ''I)½ ,iial5 tin,- th e .
,, , ol.' 1 t the w , t, lr ch arcll*il:
ti o lil ve nl t o t nieu th ; i'. , l nie
.l[i . ict- o at inilzil m O 1,OI .L' a ,Ui ILi -
ilS he be' : of the liarn ab thi!
,itM l -rese 1ivil: haerr( e litted'
,, , , l,, 1', t tirII a illie coi'r r ( g ,
ii ieir, :t hatt t he Al i trail
,.:,' (1~0 E i'ie wilt le, , 1 x ict-,
Or A hie:Ic i %Vll)1 lis Ic improi
Io 1 rlitl ifrll t il " al sll'l' raeol.
i turni tthe t'r h:u "1, ithe 'ari l'atrie
t tlde " .herFi pre .; ' t t ln
po n ti,, o,,, he i!t i-- s f!,iclie, 1t}." iep1cr t v:
'il tI- o4 y t ll ll tl' rS of a t o ths l Crea, i
tivy, w :lall tiat tl,,ieias thi n a ct ri
'ti i t 'ion , t iv r f sIll,and hl e will r e
"t '' it lt Ie Iiran ld attention ik ly tti
c, ·ta,'t" i rer car e.
' 'hbn I llowic gen, are thae prinripa
.i meats of til n e S axe n treaty:
" la ,i:d l oit l ti, e o fr the N( rthf rir
:h i nd i foll olto'wrl ion. 'ln T he S wl i ani y
'"i :-ill . ric,,ry;ani ui as soon as cnIt = -
I t hitl have betol ar i angcd by the
t- i"crth ternm:ill tifederatin. Er, ig r
T hie in1 amil Dresden will have mixted
" ,arris' 1s. l 'russi a will fuirnish ao r o
Sriv ill iesr oth i.lr Saxon e towns until
.w ti, r their a, tioii in ,f t he Sax n aLerg
ll-tr., s : ,lictOt . i' S.- x llti tr,,is ctl ,
ft[o,,lt ll tl tfroil wM ilcd ti he pl inod
Ii- '; . lS axlti l i on floc t Mr. thel whe
1 iAcmn o if v to e t io tlby Saxony is.
e nlix (' d a t te ll mil i o n s o f th a l ers , ft ,,
SI ':hiri cI the , lli will wl be deduste on
;;l ilh acc' )it xof l l his to l'r it a of
Sl hetr Prlssi lii ti . itarrntt onls ai d i
tl .'ioitl -ll-lt L i:sitrllcr e nrill c Iasi to ex
a li) !l l rci f trl'ty w hole oftinue itor
it ite, ti o a notine of Sa h i.X
a ',tll , ti -! i .rii• .Olh ithlr omractictib Rt r. SC
i e fii ENS IdII l ii olloh ing in til Inl in o ;
tritthcct y cott ui an tir llR
rII on hi . Stath,; a nd tirle ot twni with exl I
I Tihnies Rofi icl r hrlitlill ttcilt aculle thef
r r Sut .t ,ItS  i. l .l i .Scl liet o 1,,l-O i i
- i ilm tf i .iiiio n W i n l t ,.hreJi hi t, ':; go vern
t, aeornit. ha gepit. a hmy elf iuppl ort ogua
ti dii, atioio d its orelrentl tor the ConS - i
tutio nv, anw i th the repert basis to a
II laid dow Ctor iotio hule ou thow othe
r matl llture'n Ilur tei tu.S rn.mcN as a.tchst ,
f eoni findth froloi n C inthio ullihaeG -
i, is pol le , ranil. nas kflrtlo r tpinel
Tic r yaet f l th prn he ao cit, lt ol O lidho
Ge in'r i e ad t expressed hiise hel t it f a op
n-the ,eono i Legishr-, t d urht nos to. tession oi
itti onitin asI t i on h ever as ra t hati
tltt+en the irr aopr mtio by o l .11r.l Nr:
Ia turs ili In ou his pritel rion toate Cohe,
h-hin, i ofd rn the or',rt ll will ao'h t h i e'i
lre'n it cli JI tily cln lgrded hsof, adupretic il
,ol titth 'tpowht ciil hm nent, ahed toctoes
I t (lis ei and o eier it the low it nes w itho
r . S-riw sh , ha insppo thi o cppsiion, t h et i
Surailie d frl ot e pt tnon w i toenrd itheioll
is il l.tic ittion . w jhte ifric nd mai vein -
a, lenthe, an rrars oit t a cd bypo .. lo:
isit P iiI. icilntai ah.is i to u o th e sout
1otacced e tt.h incy the wt er, t h o t of . thei i
hIral olticn aof i as l etter, and a re o all
of tif tuont i, an the h etios. eitd
he weill mi a r- sitport o ut tre thli e r u de it
lote o ft, and nrotmlisnt mi the Statens
souith the wo thaia s o lprtilt tas somne
wi h a ie nutl maied rtoardols oefe re ims:
i p ftatce rtha dreauie ath thoew to thoNe
conr .Th'r Sar,  th' opneSothn entaite
fro amLnmnt, p ut inCnt ,of conswith Creo -
Sianzaiof ai -t rsco r hitionl toit han ex-r
h laliute lfr favore e olv of the ardoptin. I
- el thepro ohed amendments, andotlhefas
s uipo the raticao p oiry a f areuiant
eiot[gated lofi lettEng and, are lwhose
'sametsril e at thoe ohe Southra cl itonte
stipmnei, aPh ii tc his view s ae the
. mc e res , nitican he po teri t popula
uprTthe radical paji ie Conhgres have d I
elated t ciltima tluy t o thery , opt a
that tion, wv:th theaitctie unanimity, will
reject the termla, and thus the 1 s tla
tion grows daily more complit' ted, and
raiicalism more inj ,ler tnt at whalt it termf
the obstil.ley of the South-in t'etiisiR the
propo-ed t rmu of re'storation, whidih we
all kunow are hit, other for New England
dominancy, anol, the hol'ing it sfijecctio:l by
n eut't,.lizing p ,,wer, with ani':,dnfltl9l to th '
C: tillluiu 'l.t c t'111t ff ot ..i'th:rd cf the
i a i, of r'r . )1." 1 0') -f peopl'.
Into t''i ci at Mr. . r  n::\ aw 4l t e. ,ot'
do tn i - t ,l 'o b ! 5,:. ils1, - a will r;
Jtiý 1t ii Ii iNuiN ON uTII MrI -.-lTie mute
i- Ii tf b , 3ii n d ja,"k: -,, ii I Ih in i r' i o
a full sol ), n:,: r i k', i'!, her li-I he
TN, l,'i;, ;:: . 1!, \,:' ( ,-'r t1.f, 'J' l t
: '* th' : .'0"I : r. f 2i," r Ii 1i, ' -l: , th i
o n t :1: t:r 1 i II 4 ii :
sh,-es. it n ":h ,. : -t :,, en w:Ih 1 : :;'
w , i " li'1i ain`t w rth1 ',l v or. Ihia' !1:e
I,:1. . r. 'it ' on'v IV I tn k1 ep it i it:u
: as , i ; tu 'u thm i" - ,a, a d ' d r .n
-e, ald I t :th ~1 it:lp olt. 'Li:t ia <rd iy
4,r us .,ju t ', - ,'ou a- thi, :1 l , to :1,11'.
i Th:i; g t ,.,t 1 no' Irio:u , a'id l ','.! Lve ,on
ku k.'I Ml' y 1ro-li, 'i':I ano ,14 4io 'al
' 4a i " , a l 's- . T ,.i or.' a t)o
it lilt t1 rmn: I dI nt h k t-14 It . 1.i): de
li'le 'i t i ' (m at ir ll. T'l'h( " 1 I .r n '',
tn.'.v thl ,ony '" V her ,In I a ail 'i .1
i,:l km;:: i' l i f: it , I'. i ' i n I h , ir
ln,,ulh,, ",:. º1 ro hun vli (' i a hM .x'i
i i uiC ' . T !h a " l ir .h e ,u " i, ' 'csI' tlhal
l l" . ' . I l 11 t rlhe 11. If ' a ,' . d I' i ia
rF, t.,t n ,ti s l;,'n t i,¢ht to l'.' a..:,1`: , thr I m v- '
er htarl ut.lh i.) 1t "d,. i ru! ." Tha aIell
lik,' :, ,r " rwi t' , : v'ry c ' ..:r . (t II h it,'; iv,'
k o Ia Ilt hll ; It i to be , 1 1i'i 1 I',r a I l0Ilhs,
i: i t <._ t a c : t11 ki,'! p,,ht, ,ldy. I
1 1(4\ . a I) ' t 1 S :(. i 1 I L r"II. hlu :rin 1 i
Ti l r. i a-11 or i Ii: t i, r l)at l. ,il i I '
4h ,' .. .'n : ( 'lil::,l'e l muls in a irl '. Tha I
:'(dd kO k. a d vi ,h:t'. I rhim ji.. 1 ! ,ull nuti
-Ilt vh:',t I it i f'tor '1 tI si,. a n the c u ;ii.
i ,ific tir th l all n w'' itlit' ll l ilo a l; wa t
In Imn- for it. E..uny in :n whoi t i!tl " t':
,lri l; a !'.t o'n l, ' , ' ex ' t i, l y 1 aw
'lnn r!1 :n"; . r th, lgh:;la'ir'. Tha ar1'
tI tl c -r liCr,'i. (r,'c 1 .4 rl it : ani d hi avi
,-I. n(-llk rdib ln thli ,r sise: ;I herd t 11 in-r o If
' 4\ o i ' h. f:I :n t h11 1 ' ,i \ 'I :it', illn tI( lEm
km.'[ l.0 ard s' k 1) it, .. . en 1 t nlf'I ' hl t
Ini bl, t t, .,e" ' Iri nnz' ltt 'l 'I e tlit b i, to
th, li ,xl' -t.lý.li r atlhint thro1b h I'is i: .
: hMti!, s.lick out o .ouilt - G' I il l, .. : I
did n't e t! did hilt an au 0ii ler i('Il ie
Ior itd . al I nl'l vt" kin, anli t ie , ' er till'l h
( unhlo s it soa alIsl talth'lv 1-p:venitet, t.
The following is taken" from the"
.T rff' r tn Jimpl',c,'ttc. 'The sulject is
al' i'll rtal t o te awl (iu.:t to be
i l're1tL4 y t11I,4 ' i.4 y t ii 0v Press iL
'i hilc t h c( , i ll.( 11 i t, 1(is 1:' gitr cra]l
Iand univ.al',gi tlhat the n(gr lt(c will
not work awl i cannot be, dcpended out,
is too true, ,,'(t ;a glance lit the s bll
ilct will chow that the whites are to
illane also, in inalIVy casi's.
' C.on;,r(-. 4 tL h'e State Li.'g'isaiires
ani all the oirts j may hivi 1 l.te and
'treci.eribc laws till dootlii;imay, and
Stilll we take the gr5 lIltlnd that [pub
Iic opinion au t l a rict und trsta1l- i
ilg anlnge the people, can, alnd will
Shave to r egulite the matter ti ac'',
Sthan tall el,e co:nhinel.
So lontg as indivilual, i ltoro-4t is
1hi hel t(ramoiu nll(1t to the gelnit1'ral pnlb-
-I; go( 1d ijus.t s( lonlg will the p:"Ir
en11it stait of affairs (xist, aoi(n t !i Lh,
laws in tihet world cantl do ino go)
'n lhe negro is igllrantu 1 atwl thei.tilit
n,,lerstanl in every instance what is
i.st fot or himc , ) ut tta i t 'ire ffsc to
iill Sk a14 10e ca'. Ther10 (4re when .1
·w h,,. that tic intelligolint whict
manill it mo l ol b.)lale thli n the igo'ii,.
Sranlt tic,r,. We have felt the etfects
of" slich hi more than oiie hinstor ,
ai' l i's'e the parlies have pru l,: d
by it, 's WO weioult ask a !l;rge p1 ic
II t1 st,,, solow. If' there ever wvas a
S0111 States shul"hd stau-l by anud sup-t
pli rt achil other, it is now. Nocw is
tho day of trials and tlibuatioLns,
and the time that tries ienis souls.
Al havo bo)n wrecked a11)d destroyed
S (and lie Jirostrate in one comtion ruinl
To l in the ftce of this, we have
those amonng us who dare attempt ti
r destroy the peacle of whole cOiimnliii
ties an.d t4aklio Cro1 old age thIe pit
tiunce left to slupport dectlinin ig years.
'iSuch characters we 14l4d. too low for
01 cnltnin celntempt and too meian to
41r be a villian.
el [ut to our slujoct. As stated a
love, there is but one way to rego
, 1lt0 aid make fe'asible the free latbor.
I I.et it at once be agreed upon by
every cormuillity and individual that
i nl lrl!ed 4nu cahl oht'in einplotiitt
i who has not faithfully carried out his
e last contract, unless he or she can
show sufficient reasons for disso!v-1
Sing the same; and let n1 person ofler
,)r try to hire one who is working for
Sanother lIilrty. We have referred to
this (juestion more than once before
i i the last year, as also did our able
cOrresponldent who suggested the
" black roll," and it is strangr; that
so1meth ing of the kind has not been
. If any one can suggest a better
plan they shouhld do sio, as thie mat
iter is on0 of vital imnportance.
To Sufferers in the Lato War.
HE undersigned designs compiling a
hook of e)'rnw(T G ni c imilted by Uni
tld States sthliers dur1ing th. lath war.
For this pu,'pose ho olicts information
fro. 1'll, with dates and lo(alitie., and,
when possible, the name and rank of ti11:
perletrator. Iti is confidently believed
Scan.a with much advantage to orselves
and cause, compare notes with our north
ern friends in regard to the merits and (
conduct of the late war.
In this work we -iromise toabstain from
Ian indlgence in . eh -o and slander- S
0 ouIi butluage ald s5,i. .... tions as may be
foluil, oil lmost every *poge of "Prison
Lifo in the South," "The Story of the
Great March," &c.
FRANK E. BURKE, Slthia, Ala.
P "I will never marry a woman who
can't carve," said Jones- "Why not1" he n
was a-ked. "Because ahe would not be a h
help-moat for me."
,3'" The man who is attentive to the
ladies is a beau--but when they don't
hike him he is a bo-er.
A new style of bonnet has made its
appearance in Paris. It has a twine
string with a diamond set in the top.
For the Nat CHitneheUsl Time.
To MInattic MIay.
Why vsilent now, the voice that once.
\\ith joy my puls's thrilled I
Why hushedt ihe song-bird of tihe South,
What hath its music stilled ?
Too mtli yolur seul of music bath
i.''ln i), 'ml with sit'lnco' chain
Too 1,,u our hearts have vainly wishetl
'To hear thy harp agai.n.
Thln strike it- chords-breathe forth thy
In P r--in divine.
(",! gav, thy jvyi,, sitf to hece
'libun trik: that harp of tbinue.
Oh! It t not critic's satiro
'Thy ha:a .- pirit blight.
But writ. "J.xcelsior" on thy heart,
With fadelehas letters bright.
Oh ! may that genius-brow of thine
liBe e:-iwned -wii h glory'. light,
1 ny 1aw IrroelainT with solnding trump
'lThy nme so 5, ved and bright.
May Heaven foir thee a crown rescuo,
A crown that t're. shall blotom
Upten thyv prow within that land
L'-yold the silent tomb !
'Vs '!'i:9:.---i, tI ConV '1i io t of color
14 ron wiich timet in this State last
we:k as attetndeod 14,v certain white
svytpathis.rs, includlill Miss SusanI
B. Ahlhi ny , who is in fatvor of re
ft(rtm ,f all kil4, black anl white,
tiu"tal and ilysih'al, s'ientific and
artistic, inrluditll the ballot box and
tie Atlantic cal le, ho1)()om restorers,
talse calves and every project for ac
celer:tting the progress of the species
Shle desired to laddress the audience.
hut the colrc'd 'lhivalry unaccounta
bly rt, ust:d. ''ihis unlhantlsomne Con
Iduct, howevir, she, soon repented f
anl, the Next day the fair Susan har
anued them in audif;ing manner.
This must 1e considrdl a long' stride
tt'ward mIisce'enati i,; and the next
lecture sh i dlive i to the col(ored
race r.a}' 1e to seize e.'Sicial favorite
behind the 'trtiui. The strong
mnindlel split(e'rs, therefotre, ineed not
dlespair. While tihere is life there is
thim, anrd while lthere is life awlnd
bcit'k liSi', there is almost a Cer
t:inty. `N. Y. `uallltv Mtrcurty.
,1I.: MoL aiii; 1'r1rAx TO CUt'A.
('opying whit the n ,hern tapers
say of the "Knights of Arabia" and
thleir expedlitionl tt ('Cuba, the Mobile
R'i.ter says:
We d,,n'it klnw much about the ex
peditilns which are to sail friom New
Y trk atnd New Orleans, but that
which is to sail froim this port is new
a:iitt ready to start. The itIet, now
lying at atnchor in a frog ponld n eatr
the ri4,uth of 1) river, is a very ftir
mhidall,, o t, c iosisting" as it doe- of
no less than two wa::tshtiil,' a,1 a
slum-h ''- t, ,.ah .arntd with rillld
brikt ha*: I .:t rf ,!,, ,, , evrl,, ..r .
the e,: ,i, t a io i sail as sil :
th1 c'nthe : ': 111 ; , r m '(:" can get, I:!
s! ii ' 1 , r' f i 1 fl.t waslher m, :iai's.
l at the Qu)ien of the Antilles trc:n-
TI',: (C'rstEcNT's NEw PRE'5.-We
h' vi, re(eived la il)ispateth fit,,m Mo.'r3.
it. litte & Co., the celebrated rijit -
ing press maraufictnurers of viw
York, amnouncin;: thatt our new
pires was s i pjte1 41n We]nesday
last. It will t :tke sole days, aftr
its arrival, to put it u, but wt' 8111ll
st .tlt 1h:Ve Iii plea ,- l e aild tie satis
Id(eti, ' of prititg' the 'riesce)lt o.l
,o (, ,f th,. fim',t press(,s ev,:r used
in th,, southern ciunh'r-.
I N"w trle:ni (2res.eent, Oct. 3O
\en thi i pre.-s arrives it is (e
iltenti,41 of 'tl plri)prietors to (4n111
I 4u(4nc their iultdiv aid evening
issues of the Cresceet.
*-- .-- - , .-- ,4 .. . . .
G'- General BUTlEn dom't like ap
ples when thy come in such a ques
tiolablC shape, HIe can't stomach
FOR 1867.
Persons anxious to secure a place
at this Exhibition, are informed that
the necessary Blanks, arc received
at the Natchitoches Times Office.
Specimcns of any nature, Tobacco
in leaves or Carrots, or any improve
ment, will bc attended to promptly.
4 Hlint to the IWise.
Lis:te all ye 11:,,m it may concern, to my song,
Of cetls nud dolla,~ in rt ition ;
ln strictest truth sno I don't kep you long,
To a talet of facts without p c1$uasion.
He who reckles-ly the dollar spends
W'ithout thou;ght of uIs, .rdonation
You'll oft,". find without any cents (sense)
I Ihabit or crcation.
If you throw your dollars away,
Wlthout view to recov, r ;
Ie lure your cents (rnse) will not stay
If you go the world over.
So re'nezmlxer it takes cents (scnse) ft mlake
And all who are indebted to the firmof A. II. B.
Ar r, que;t.d to cone up and settle their bills
What are d(le since and b fore the war.
And oblige the undersigned
A. ". BE".tTareaN-,.
IE LEMEl AIR D ll lllllr l SAlI.
ST. DENIS STREET, under the Ball RIoom.
A GENTLEMIAN lho anu furnish the heat
referenccs, would like to find an employ
m.nt as teacher in the French and Euglish
n21-li. Address "Times"' office.
sour KRUOUT,
Just received and 1or sale cheap
12G Canal Streoot
IS glad to tiufom his fricetds and th.
publie in gener:al that ho has j nit received
a fine and stylish Stock of Oermaln, French
and English (3 ,ods per ,tea-rmer Fire QueN,,n,
and which h ' ii now olffring at very low
prlees, in order to upon h good fall trade,
TIN:ES, 'Plain and Plrintecd 'LEL.NCIL
With the above a full assortment of
eaoniltiug in h1art of
Jaounat EDU.;INGS a.d IN eLIlT'INGS
Swiss do do
Mull (do d
)aitsaok do (1
Lineu (aalmhric Edgints and l.e: tings
ValencieUnnle do a
Clung do do
Also a weil selected, anicly I sirtcd rtd
extea:sive stog, k of
IIANI)KI:!:('IIILFS, fur Laadies, Gents
and children,
'J'ANl;. 13 I(.lFI:IL),
ln gr'at (tn:ltitli, a: i, al al tualitie', for
Ll ie, ...- . l i b..'\ : N, ,,111 v.1 Of .En
glish, Fren,,h a.1 t; m)n:,n mako.
whtich :al r a le t t h il as t 'lltal
a i the (' h all t.l, all atio
a. nil aI 1 n t h, St.
Wotnid call your alt,,tn' uittl the de'
partuMent of L,::li,','. (clnta ' .atal ( hildren'.
Ladles' Clheai-:,s, pure Linea; and very
Ladies' ('thcmises, Platin anrd E:mlbruidcred
-Cn-ling of--
JI"T'!' ('AMI I1('8,
MI'l,, M 'l,. S,
PANIS mus't IN",
P.LH hIS 31{I.I.
,l l L, LI.N I 'ES,
l:l,, ::" ,I Stri,,., : iNSOO' ,R
lai, atnd Stl iId ,Ij .1A ()N " S,
.1-1 al a -1 .vii;ss Ml'SI. NS,
Tarlathans and Bolok 1, aslinj.
Also a large and varied asso rtment of
Of all Pric'es, Q(nalities and Siao.
Oatr steak of BLACK GOODS is as
fol, l s :
4-1 anl a1 I!:lck T.M1G.,
a) I atatL I'(,' l h\: ; , J JII,: ,
5-4 and tt 1 Mli at \.aI:Lt
n5,4 al -i t 1hlia aalit I 1, I
scU 11 --# ; t: r latii u };lSI :\T Eii
l SHi:rl; A 1.1'. ,
]'l ;t ' 1) .1.. 1
1 t t IfR =
lra , :ta a,. !at l 'ant i S i..?j' iana Vr ,
Tala , al Naapkia a I, .a l i.aIc 1t'. a i.tS ,
Itpia s.a'( rala 1 o'Vlat's tat (]lass (Cla . i, -
1i ' tu - sk tails. 1t-I1 l-, 12-"1.
il a i n a i n d a H _a . l t! i cot ats, lit , atnal
lIrish Llia.nta,. Ite ,Il alisa h L. l \ I
Cart-Ii and Faaaiture Calicoca and Diu
Flannel. and - oo(II Goo. l
All Prices old tall Qaualies.
IF, 'l and TwiI Iltal t , f .llel ilan .t
Flith antad ih illd Wh:l WaI. launtls.
Bl'ac rtI ilaaaela-tal IOI( alaras.
rea tla yaid Flanucls-al c
F-r -,y-' Wea:.
We have at latreset hli Largest and
alseinle of Aiarlcant n- aul Fich Na-v,
g lay ner plan atitait asea-.
Alsat, i tin i assomaat aif wlite ea
laiakais, Itt-I, LI-, 12. hald 1&1--all of
wlarich weswilt he talcastda to hsluw
tltain h, warm daTyty.
Oa. - Sati-ally (ofr
tar na tollows:
Ptait ttan Stri , (lsuttaborgs
Plaid Liiseas;
a 3rgia and Kentucylliseys a
7W he nod 4-4 oethv t luoa estics; t
TIwill; iua'ki
Cotton Jlaais;
A Large & Variod A isortmenl
Calico tw.he pDhiaAttin; o Lae
Hlnt ti Io n dakrchie
Factory Tlaada
SpoWta TretdudP
Sas jb Needles;
Pine: and -many others too uf It to
Call the Special Attetstioun of Ladi
- titt ; tt
hicli has just been replenishti

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