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The Semi-weekly Natchitoches times. [volume] (Natchitoches, La.) 1865-1868, December 12, 1866, Image 1

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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-~c- C . - ----- F--
I 91b,..4·i·U
ewSeries N~o 26 .acUt®ý e M.an, W odaD ri~~ ~,UG3 Td
JA tad' of \ak!chilochi1s.
hY SlI\ N!lE L:E. F ,.r
I( ' tlinleI ) ,.lur
TltrI, in that fort'st gluhle wh:ere tlhl :1 t
foe) of hi- nativw lah! ,l ri'c· 'l r 'l rn him \l h.
with their .lea'Inintg hly ]ilts ldi the s it- T
in rha1'1 n).n braver}y o4f E: 1,,: n. matlnife-t it- , I
"No A() rr ,iPil r 'liT W l'i or" t1!4 ( hr i l a
`.'mire that - i,' )", l t) .x lt in t!,' , '('vtl_`th l it'1
of his ,ul." "n1 -'rn' 11,,,.r as l)11; as you i i
('1cn p ( ,,int a ' n ,r l ' a t i l n inl theil nd
'uc ' '' of y'1 ti'n .l h ir, h ,ton S' d e,:ar." i ti, it
These w.-io ! t t it upr n', from th1(' th,
depl th of th,,ir l }:, )', a he;rt armed with llli_l
tnfuhl strin.))th, t',' lI-w hut undannt'd
4Ii t n «i'oIII to the 111011 r1 s I a t ii t'
IIm 'ln ,h)o ,V())'! 1i 1:,i\ir t;i,lL,)wn 0'l that sc'lf
.4 n " l,';rtil ,'1'- t`Ih I rit :1 tl(g)l :, litl d(baytg I 11,1.J
'hn, eri' en, e thot and da1 tfl,
'F ith .'r.1,ral et, n :u n)),l,, r tiw , ul twith I."r
( "l ,l
f..lint's hut ii (ihi ,, t t ::r iraf ite bray,,-i i
Iv thit , ( heh1: ,l ,' 1 4,m : hnit:gh' ;. ,
h haI' oh'n t I ill rll r II'on llti:l)y a 11('ldl 111
where iInthri'n aL nd fe' ra(' li ikel prIvI ' liiv'i ' I
that the 1 'alon' h lb,:hing. l tne or the thl
t ll 15. Il
I , ';- 'ihl't 1 , li 9 'Ir : '9'i  'l ' ha n if r t he I t i-ifI
l,' nc',))h? tint rnlm re to sre 4nh )ravt e ,
heartil th ra-p t1 harv'.i t iof death I( , 111'nn I1,1
("Allir, o.il., lo il I 1 i"of c(mmand hi bade 1i
,hi' S, luthl s',i' - ,',I t' lh irt sw lrdi an
l,, rr thir L he1 ' woull not allhw t t'
h10 Own tr;l)p- to fire ulpto such a dtevot,,, 1 I,
The; obehi'rd him, for th,.r(' wteas '. pair.
cr'l ll l ,111t.u in j lis viice I h:t i e t ;.i I r
tr;'i'.. ht to ti hi , l  I of Lith' SL' ,Iii hru
troop.. The it }v",1 him, i nt it :l n
of their n,' r h la , dead n!oii n tha. t ill- '111
fitid p t wL,': re mai ny a i lii ):il d 199 i it l
li',. EI' n \iS t wiii'ti ut. I iun
mI)rt'lly-hu-th arms hInig powerlh.ss by !;'
hi' 4h '.
lThey wire tivreo'rl, to 1,`s1h'neatnn.
hir' :I li ,ri i," w i:, s rt tihim u lit fi'o
the 19 ori9 n x11 ,:iht anl the swc.t lre le' 'T.
of l '' iav ,n , X n ne i:i s illa.'t e in it scil
erat: 'ill.1 t lt' 1he ,11o r!t' l1':ul4 t r, ('N co9, - ;ll
sidh'red 1a lire' formidable and dan(gerous1 '1
pei1'; I 1e1. 111 t l i
The harid c'all floor of the tdungen t,
wa; the onlI ('k'chi' on) which ie ctompdl tI
1111 I 1X' (i1t t i ll 1t 1 i i k 4 i n at ' i.4 ln't 1x 11-c IX
1 9t ' i it r'iyi lii' o 11i1ti ellWd clo hI ,.llit .
inic dr '4,i1ig r h4 l wthe ,d '; r 19' . I i
V ''i, -l i.,i' i tl kt. l 'ill ' ig: l l X t heti l ga ".,v inh i r
efth e light lint lie pnid to fllrt nthit
vnih. , inll the pa1 t-il br' intineg thn' ti- nt
t a Ii iR g liver and a to the : d igh
1) ii,'t ih; l ' l rep,r tl ch l i ,t1i4 h is
: XlIiv 'i.t -the t w)i) ht. hi: i gara .uv kd i
i,,t tl 1 t )i.i)l , 'V1 l th'hl' l mt he  1form f th
" To.r , n w him )m , t)in. In,t n ha r a'
1, it in thI 11rk h 'or' of fr, lifi , t at
r1'e b1triig m. dowi n t o!' S the:tL'L i a. 1 '
1 i. p I. l .... ,Po ,! w t ra ,.he." Ih
I, R thIn Alnl or'' h ( she, titng at the)
, o1,' time' , 'i t t Ieil f  m 1 he ::,
r enI t glro a taFlirt of sulrse, for he
ti s ' t! l .I to col. je tnr b v oh lhait ,
t mtl1 came tf m th Confedeat- capit a
1111it, hat of tl h lt r 1ef n II( kne ow:t ,I
tht woma n's love laghe . at bolt ared I
:bar--flnt wh1're love po Otid she
woillt l.lli(o awt, t g ,on th dan
ge. he.n.' h th'r path. , l f .
l COn 'I, labl lhet in diugui e to thi.
plnce-I n v i elol dtle' th l I' aic ofa the
'1, -- ai', 14) to , not ih hn n 1, I. :
l t.lluI, b rie: the se.ntry .tat ill' , 1 with
, It, .lb Itnlmy .L' h y, and ha-- ' ome
to, i .ndeavor to firee o,1 cc it be Leo
( -e Cti r.9
'T. .1 r Lt .A.hi. S. o -1 Th1 ' ,'.'a l tI
News paP the followinge beailtfll , avnj t bn
th,. i 'd trtibute t to ou old re , iry w.n
unnouncing hls sudden deth thm htie'ws r iy
\h " latii t e L`a i'al, h1 \as Ct l tIsl td 1'
work in tbhis ohec. wbAe be b id it'en f4.
lilltly employed, aond pn i el, tle a ,etid- -
'in ! ' tr, ' d k 1e't' o f all hhin blihti;c'. lle
had, we ' hol i the Iie at itnue of iir of'
all ,;,med woe e rn , d wiAnythin a tpmsre-'
It s of the itter of thre law ex, reCin
: t t la, w 'r d E i. dne salrt t wiit h 1i
wah 'as, a mr"s'd down 1,a n hid vried Unsa.
htion-mbad travedr olver a consideble 1 rtio
oft her, aworl hi, wandle aier ,to fkeo'd tat.
thing he had ever bea 1or sug. lie 'as
s orul thyat cyclopia ohf' ithawful pof l.-iow
ca bright aound lipt' that knew itar hil to n
Inow ledge of th- 1i esof motf its iinga
mway with a drk la nowtrn andi his h reee. At
edl wrIn iN a Orlen k, perall aompltly I
nclppird peoplr h. followe closhim behid I
him. E wg, heard not hell srr ol mein pard
of'e in m n-ould s and say thlee of glimmer
heavilton ay. .
Hamilton Ilayee.
U IifAt+ ILMTi3lL'.1IN AI P Ti e T nII'.i PM I\
'oi < .'I .-AM --- n mis l'1rhien-ion m-o I
a i: n' t,, t.- olbj ."s : .4 chat,; w c f o f thi,,
• ,.r'li n s,,ul tv , f thi:<i ', it i-, lit'. ,,', t,,
i , i, that it i'Rctnlpj-'d ',: i a i'go numbnlr ft at.
,,tr I' -t aitul In,-t ",,rtyiy (icruiranl citizw, the
T ,I ly '.1 I vticr .. - waruly attuhed ii uirr
:t ri,:aund its ;n-tituti rs. Its expernIT*I :ueI '
,h, Iv ,.rrortii1d t., v''rll,+tul'\ contribtt i ur.
Th,* t! r ; 1nI th" ' o' lv i- 1C"l. Ivr n V, n I
/ L,", 'i l",' :ttta rhnw':k to L joui-ianus .i l
hI,.'l 1lt'hiu Iltly lirivi'u iu a way not i')
r: a r I as hkA't. It.+ otI y i' wairio t tl|e r:, is'
'tl, c-,,t. Mr+ W mi. Pflqf'. It, ,,bj,.ct i. to 1
r i i v i g irnt shilt whN:Jvr th y uh riv r
f Ind ti r tra thir c n 'I o\ a o1 ('dl ar ,
th, ir c,ndition ;and w ish, s. t00. aidt anl m.,,t
llin lran s. dair;F,. 11+ ,,. .nrallv the, (.'a. . i,, ,..
n w:ii 1 y to the N, rt' I w,.., wilk r,' tfr ,, I .
Biolv~ ti- l r, Pl.,tiv s air. a~l?" r,l. tlhcy Ind.,
h 1.,' r t ' m \,,ti i , hi o tir to c ir ,
ir t te l. I tsir it i.-ti 'Lu atn lokhis' '
fr :mI l i't n vit. t v or , th,.r I ,',-sti v
; tt a i l t tintfi,' , o ut n " l'ur iv ', free t ,' t I
.,o .:,1 e ppnlrvtri'on . I i , r r p lce' fri
h I ,r f'J Wh'i' rs ,i r s v.u:t. l o iw tha ti
wh1 u,, koir siut . For hi:ptv nproieuilr- w
", i ', V hI' ,ve' " 1ir Ikill i' I,'rlll lt$ ii t o ha,
i- ai' n o' i ,,i o min ip duty ti ." ,w, th iri
f, llow enaintryment- It i'; niot thlitr olhi,' o.
Sr- ul thimi i oir ,, if thti.I do no t wi ih i uto
,I, i, rhe ii ii ll ork'.' ni.i tio ' with thi-s i JI t
,lul/ ihope so, I <.n it. anti anipily provi led with
up viiri iriiirrrtertiii t with t' emci'v t tutut , na n
li '' ryisi>"t l l il s,, vl~~ iv h wi- l .i von r up- ',1'"
. r-t rL, L d i , 'z -l 'jiituhi'.Iu . ve '\<'iIIi t a
I, ' \ it', hv  +,!! ',io . i l a\
\V ,u d tl i t i et ie ; ll thr ltho se w ho d4,.h',, dilil
(i n r ut ill ,btor, or who wrich to ++ 1 imipr'+\ed aretl'
Iv:i,. t., !l'l'lilc il hlyers+,:;td fat lll'q , to kt','i ' l nt
uip tva ninii tlit' ioll with lthi.. soci,.ty +, thtl'i, ; lwl
if ;ily td sit to r Iemlint~ anilOnl I 8. t'!lr adlvlt.- heli
i.:,_ a hiy will +_,:in t i,!',by will it com,; .p- T|
a~lrenlt tou t.hl'ii T;- ] 'dficy ne. n\ill
',l'2 i
.M I) '. - viotru or tH Sin t JiOHIr'
FItR NKLIN ExiI'FliirloN -The C(ptai ii
iiril p'atit (it the crew of the hark An- 0
!(.hnl(, , New 1i'il! ird, whii wasr
,.t at Niantelik Islkhiad, Lin the 6ti .
,,t'Oct,)ber la.s,, re et'mily ariirVe'< at ' . .
<t. o,, '' in ii ste .i ni' r m , l:'l kiti ,r
,lal iilet. 'hIe. St. Johuh C'nutr-ir
ciii Jo r karl ,y'.+ :
Tihl.' t li,'ers of the+ Ant\ l o;,+p,. k,7ing
interi e:.tirn ii ,rtki" ti,,n ,f disL,',vi i ri'(- I
mri ,' I v Mr. t'. l. Haill, ' v t'utiil PI
the F~ran~kliu extvt,!{lltio . Mr. tliall hais 11,,
in his liioss(s:,iI: ra t,',1l w it'h, s '. 1 y
I iti''l"' ," ,ku') :ii , ir iil i Ki"<lii i ", :i ' T ,
ji'','l ti litxe 1el >ci l'ki ti tile Iran -.ri
lir ph ly..1e nsle , rind th:t the ' T..
'i iaii s tai o (If l'r'ia klin's lcil +.
wVi, lViII" ik'L'Ier at .t iir Ciulirnit- cii
ti By, wher'' ti vy Iad i i ( kl ceI l
IV tih ni IVrcs tlrer' duleath T1'hu ira- -
,vi ' wk,:ib i,., II 'i lit M r. Hall to'
i, , i i'l 'Xa'iiil ti ,ri , but ias sev
,ri l v' . i ' l. 1 ,i!l ", it IS r in l> iui
lintv it ii h,,,', t'I. lT . Hr IT. ill t ir i 110 - oIr l
I S. k* A .I o snod tshea* .,f wal ti
'whctu liC a i,, ao'i -ii fti . , th r
"i tni. -dTh aritit fUiid tie blnst
'It oft t an ,, t, ti ie hllTlma bh'e.
iT trw whithii n the 1lood epcthave
a prat of te otheir gex, tire moret hae
- Iris been texpse to v thei earthre
i ters, tili i i,. e lrli. Ily tli'Lt flie pr i le
'titll it il lt' h, iit li e thLa' t witm
,tictaid thed btuitlo otit iuihs vinie o
b'ult tt , ither : l i'+'ftlin \' t iat sno 'timn
din eir cat, n t etwe d the ots aotnd.
t ib are bosd the aotnd uf eetman tyo b
'linyd toc flvt.I iiltams
GI rxtj e Porrii o, w,..-Jf theor0
is aliy rouinidatioln of e rhtr in the
"h Iart of mahn, te mtor. ie has beten
ti thrown with the ls;s respectabh'
Stiart of the other pex, the more -e
I tas boen expts ed to their allure
o ,.nts, the ,e highly doe. hiD prize
a tire gingocfre when he meets. with
-it, ad thi e ntry stict iur o ise line of
drmnrkation oetween the m,,dest and
those in iote hspadct there may be
• i aty touch of levity. It ndght almost
or b taken a a tumrs.Tohe of the ori
,inal divtcoeition, wthether or nc,
o throuh all the trrors into :which
man, wlien a tempted, is liable to
is fall, ht yet piIeservC s a quick perofep
(hr tin of d lt huise parity, ind te so re
od tins u taste and veneration fomr it.
a IDIoad on Nl!u .Yof -cyDivobces
a are gettin t frighefully c&oLonon in
at tiis country; ad inll order to qdd to
khu teir Fuutbr, a bill makike habitual
I uepniakeine ifor two veryi a rfieirrent
icause for divorce', ias, passed the Ver
Sinott Legislature. 'The defreis of
divorce since Monday, tu this eilty,
m!Itake an aggregate ot seventeen ab
4 ilute divsrois on th"e gnod 1lf itfi
le tdlity thus far dringf the 'deek, and
a- four pjudnents fylaeeration from aned
i., anld 'boad on as:ou't of cruelty, inhn
ihe ni treatment, negleet,. &e. on the
h part of the husbands. sbte piumier
noU of himilar cases p ending in the qiff
co jrento courts of this city at. the pres
eon time is between seven and eight
hncdred. Facts like these tell teiot
i, ly upot the ge nditie , n f sabcity, and
rd especiallO eagnc very'earle marri
ter agest .which . are ofteri the fenitsl of
; ,lutwal dissati.sfaetts and di.jist,
,sei Thed Ps in e ipertit y and tdvorce.
m, 'T , separate by law flor life mla ln tand
He( wife for drunkeine.s, when the
ofI womr diUlibeoiately takes it Srunaken
o ~h nian for her hsband, is but paytug
us2t a. h igh pre-mium for cri'ie, and vdding.
to usi te original offenee.-- [N. Y. Ez
totia . p re i#;
nti - ; , , a . .
I Aytomig lady sayis therab aPe always
ate carie a parasot is ibecuiw the,san isl of the.
ia!! masonline getder, and obe caniot withstand
ee-Iits attlent glanees.
ael, t The Predent yesterdtay appinted Ed
ur rI ward Uh), of New.York, , n'ded States
• onlsul at (huatcnualst.
PFOR 1907.
Persons ll l ,tins to s(".rne ia Il:ic,
at this 1Exhiliti'n, a'e il;llrnm.d that
the n cl'('ss:iry PIl !,: are r'(ceivc A l
at the Natc'li:c1:cs ms'T'i,.0' ()llice.
l co'!n( s o' f a( y , v ature, 'Tolt(cc
in l,:,xvs (,l f ,rrI ,s, or ally iunl,.,o v 1' ,
me.nt, will he artt 1(1,,(1 to l-,,.,llltlv '
A, II. BE3. P41\S'ry:Iyg - -
'1T. I)EI: STRIlIT:, uml,.r the Bal llom ,. t1'
LIA3lhq i ll?; (tl,-E, I E,
LI t). ll. I,: (, ! ,;; E. ' T
I)i'Ti ('ll I I 1 N (S,
SOi)'t KIRn 'T. 1
1,N( I, iI NTls. a.d
1 i. N ' .1 1'. t I. 'I:I v :.t
Just rcc tvl( aali ltmi, e'ihap
lv .1)1 IN T.'O '1' )\&* ('O).
I-or sale. r
A Villliltblei tract tif 1:4 t 4 14 ti rlil
lai\ou 1i`, . 11 2 1lit,' 'r0i u It lair's lan' to
ding. R'd i ler, uaiult tracl t ifntiaii l ( (11
a' rles, o lt' t, hic :I(h (Io are c hliird. Th .a
ct'l' is 0i'h11 lhiiheredt land. Tih iiprovc- Ct W
e t +nel 'itSe istit of i. d elli .g hilou e, tut
h lorii anI ,0e\"er(l" cabllt's.
f.The 11, and stock ,itll:li, 1,1 til
0i l t -L ith the lL i'4,. ifho t de , , I n. 1 i
T ;it, i, half C'ii l t he t1 I alal:e at
'Jý lr ilnt l , 4r it. t h I ,wl sell .
S Apply at tilt "Int'lli,. ce','t Oflice."
NOct. 31.-tlI
S N il, IllO S
ie eleifuiv in rin I t, ll 1 1 , It i I
t1 ,t 1 ,( hib iS o .v t'f ilv p cpa'e l , itl O)
pl!y hth.;a with 1h1' tip e-t 1 '," º - ; S'liuE.;
, 're :- ri ti,, . 1l, a ill a ll -'0'a 0e J
'ill mod. hi, 1:, \ h l. n , ',h i 1,, r,,av r afr :
if r'est Win thl ah l ii' 1(, n 'i i 1'1,i'
T,.c 1,me t1iole a I"i].,f' .,iLlh'ra wa >y' o: i , u
S:"1 \vl w , 1. ou t tia'a t l. i'r *ce J , 1 ,
n11 4
P of Fall and Winter Goods.
T) rent, thir at lots and lttin,
" :n in, i i ,1. I t. ('], it r's Ili:it ,I'1
t ,lie l n.: , . , iP ui ri a, I - -
t r i n, tgetneral, ' t all t Iunpec
i,;tiident low'pri'(e1s. ,1j:i t( ;
I They keep constantly on a
aThai i AT
t(w' slve (nj !, is bI t a pri' vat r ci nt'lt'i'
trv i lld l ,t,Vt la to 1 w ill I' I Iia'! IIel,.
c, btcf re t ,e l u'tie e ta.]u ing" p:,',tLe
l DRY h OO  S of Dcevry .x.
t1' tdecrnlh ('tion.
1(w to . 1. ;1. 1'IA)t ( '11 E1 t ,I
GOniistr:tr tof the lutet.'sstln.
1,'8 i&s~i.
1J. !BRAEL O, 0 .
er and Fcomplete assortmentns.
BOOTS & SIOES, to suit
dent low prices.y
er- description.
'jug GROOERIES of :1l kinds.(
! J. ISlAEL & CO.
ay The ohR pl herihers of thR papetr ou:
f the Red River, are respectfuilly informed that
taond it "still lives." Price of lbsrilption,'
Five dollars per annum in advance. Pre-.
SItiftl to tnrhecribers, a fine copy of each,
Lee amtd Jackson's portraits. A'diress,
1Ed-I J. M. TAYLOR, Editor & Proprietbr,
tates 0T , _-O,, Baton Rouge La.
gh eot.C I.-iur
everybody,.~- ---'~
AitOI'I~I v and CtIniIýPe1J r at Lawv,
PrompiiIt atntrfjitio lraid to all btriires.
C lit ristI Id to hli. arei.
- - - . F . S M I T H . - - - - r
WillI ottt III roirr.IIt !t to all collecrtionsit.
a! Iliiiftr 1:.., l fr11i,IiII$ ritrfiiittd toi him.
( 'f l ier,' o i St. lctrisi ytrert,
- atr~lnit ihins. La.
1! l~ !; tI~nrlt'r 1 tr l harve formneda`..I
u~rn nct'chlilr I inr in! Pt'l"Nt trte ri
the' TI i'. inl lr the ;ll ,Irnl ej i, Ilisiriit t. i'i~
(1;i, co' tii `t. Decns Stteet, Nnrtcbitor Ii
I' \N RS. M. IJYAMJS, ixin
j.l.1i t &w.t~f. I~
rI uv " Bn ('r 1f r Cnrxsx 1. :*
.i1Iorzieyjs tit Lear. _
Ziý tnit tr'trt'nlt ri to ll lrir-innt '1
jnt~ rnCl 10to ,r ~'car'. Sj&i-'l tilt, ntrrnr andi
V' i .41 r i - 'd t 'lv i t , f ,r1r to itr all the tlli
April -1 iv.
.4f11rtIriicr at Lair.
Ofii'Ii irr ~2 '. I'a
Ni chio'nher. Li. IWI
\rIlrrh ?.- 1 'nn rio Ii
h~wtn ii raric' t~cr his profession
00.y i St. D ais . ,rc t
.\!~I_) 1^
' 1 1i r ;, - t rr !,;' I'ririt. iit rticlnl truc1imrn'
1' tla~ . Ir1111
V' lL ;thit 1. 11UK
ATTiU 4EY %(CU.1fE! L'R AT LAW'~
Sll ! a r!,' t. Nirt rl it ii .ý. La'
Couns~ellor & Atlorney at Law.
j 1ýr!'-Ir ii frlcict .i~r indf 'till ttt'iri the
1 C'rrnrt' of Nd:cbjtr,clrh-S and atapides. -
ar,i 12" lmn
I IPf\'1 1dlIm
L. ® i7 I a6 r . 'c' S
;1 t'slýýýý1' ý :f L I rt c1 ' (lýýthntý ý1ý1ý ýs ,1 tý
C \II" -~S1' lý th I I! 1\ I l Ii f! i; nnlI :1, '.Ctvfn nL
r tai ~( l Mlý I WIl)I hl li ~i( .J ( 'lt~l 1 t'4h wi ll -1`jl I !111 {l {n faI ! I!
`1' F . 'I vx1117r 111 A :iw. iixi d ic( at un!(ti Iug,ýIl'1 l ital.
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