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%pilqNr).l AND SATURDAY.ii
RatsS of Subscritien:
Per Fear, fu .1draflreý'C 8.
IX .fontlls, $4,
4."nte are aliouccd IueaIJ !'dr Cont on ti'
ta:ca of .!iVerliicl. Ouic Square
};'irat Iulscrrtil:11 ;1 ýU 1la3( S aULseC
(ju(11t Ilu itiln, ;. ctb.
A Liberal iJv( lti t in Ina ia to XL'ar+}
AdvertiserS. Caý11, or a sltibflCetory draft ,
do New Orle:ins, req lledl, by Adverti cr1
Sling husincSs (nt (f the State.
ýýw l
RA`ICI TOlHlS LA. DEC. 29, : o
IlE l Mi llO l IN E S FOT O
As the p; i1 for gi sting up clubs lfor te
'New Year is at hand, we irg nour lfrieni to
read caref'illv our term; for 1,67, in view of
the large amount of New Sabcrlers.w e ii:
tend to ecu:r^ abroad na.d at horme. We ex
pect to re5aliC a I our former anticipations.
arrang^.ments are nearly completid to
give our readers a large amount of reading
matter, choice stories, literature, foreign '
News, Commercial. With the New Year.
we will enlarge our paper; SipplbmertS or
Extias wilt be issued as often as reaqaired
Ia this new aid laborious task we have
secured thu aid of Mrs. Mary E. Bryan, one of
our best writers in Louisiana, extensively
known in Georgia and Florida, ha; agree',
not only to contribute largely to the NATrc
rrocIes Tintu:, bat also to he permanently
attached to the Editorial Department.l The f
aim of the Editor of this paper is to be coln
tinued in the vublic favor and patronage. To
this end, nothing will be let undone. It
money and energy are sufficient to suwcceal
we are amply all to fill our engagements to 1
the general satisfaction:
antill1 Il Al
All new subecribers to the Natchitoches
Times for the year IS67, from Ist January
will receive the So ni.Weekly Edition tbr
6s 60. to be paid Cash. Old subseribers pay
Ing $5 00 in advance, will also be entitled
t the same .nprecedent offer.
ct8i C8 I ýlIlIa l
Parties forwarding to this oftice a Club of
llsrwy subscribers, will be entitled to the
NatchitochesTimes for 12 months and also:
Any dne, sendirg us a Club of at least ten
sobecribers, will be entitled to the Natchito
shea 'imes for 14 months, and either:
!be Day Boos,
Sheno York News,
P4eases's learrnett
eodey' Ladles Boot
r. lwes'
jhe Assl
2. chug,
31. 01H GOar&,
The Land roe lfs,
).Morut Iufzrahtd *bekly
Now is The time to subscribe.
Now is the time to werk In earnest.
Address to L. Dupleix,
Edit. & Prop. Natchitoches Tinfeas
Natchitoches, La
S Th. P'ree 3laaouoe celebrated theiran
Iliversary on the 27th inat. An excellent
wr adioneasd livered by Rev. Chapman, at
the Episopal Church, anut then the associa. I
lion took a splendid dinine at their Hlall. ,
Many good toasts was given and good feelings
and hamonliy prevailed among the fratertaity
Our reporter wasn't there, consequently 1
we are 4depriaCad of our compte reads. I
0? Our contemporary of the '"Texas Re* -
publican," published at .Maraball, Texas, has
enlarged hia aheet. The "Republican" has <
mow a aphadid apyearance aid give nea new
proof ef the energy and talent of it. Editor i~
i. W. Loughery. We congratulate you. t
tjand, ona such a deseved success.
tr Our thanks to Capt. 1. 3. Compere. c
Capt. Puckette and 'apt. Sinnot, for espe- e
eial favors, mud late papers. i
e7' We have had the pleasu of being a
Introduced to Mr. J. W. Scott, oneof the Edi. ii
to fthe"Public entiment," published at i
r4inden, '4. We are only sorry that .Mr. tl
Ecott had but few minutes to remain in our C
town, as we wouk: ',e offered him the boa- I
piuality of osr old City. at
What did Jack Fruat cay when
he wood th.. violett? WVd thou
*r,4 it hld, iv
Christmas camie and passed on VP
hrv Ovtlil i n sect ion. Eggcts an d
mill: in groirrot dorintl. 11:n ,sL it
the C+ tle ronses, mach to the cua- t
he btief, r ui }:nrz.
Ou Stn ist j were fil Id with freed-t
finenm :(ae to Sihtn II, rholidays ;(hr(1
ii)!lwuI 10 mrake snrt' Iit,F'ii ti it~ll
tl air crnpliive:'Pr, aiti nilu-itl r~l1ci;'
Isthe Aiun oAtd ise at tracthd Ill'
c ick +1 r ii u-il friina. n ow ITcrh he
0 :birf the Iited fere seve ut no' the
u, do, rrusl hot t.º
1'Tu (' y ri (t a fr/b ri3u'jtore I gi
Ch11r 1 i :m(t : ting he1 t. to y 'atrhl
t.3: wall most hntifuy \V nd h+o~ tll
on I r drcuratritfo \\i P th~lln
: to irilhers till (-an y ~It oi l
,t , res in ca t o th letut ier , V ad ,;low
A ,, A(irr. Vr --nn T - l uev holt
re witnesroftrl -annl Iiw, 1a Ij
h it o p -le fovr tie salclilesl if irt
etili ii Cnhlvo Saint amr wa a,
' a hint K be1 imit to 111'9=Ti. iii
er & Mc'-,rVi of Cran ( 1ra Ft:', wit
1 ire] I v mar v l faniis to) pac('
fil i. ii ih~irii oil a piliashire !:")~ Ti
(ir a'i Fr, r'", arid n tiem retr~ri ofn
fh' time( iapnt a frvnl`,! (ii m ~oren s
Wew ri nt i Pres nt~, the ouhoirt
!-(')fl ha r ztere 1, rarn awai, thremow
Dont fhight .ovrati '11reprt~ai~ u till.o
wa rihterfr o n a
li ck Till pr ro~T' rl ý?i". w~ n1)"(
e r, a tri irkno w hC o severely but not
'Fhat I e IIhI l1+1 t it.le to s -0
CjminJtrA nIi dntiiiiinr . the i'uthi-!
+ (fou.4 -The tiou ;ritifnilhr a th do
rn'cember rtedrm - of n 1'h)+th ,uital
ID w-ran Cor~t, emtne nl
r tfiri7y . nrelt-Ii rn the It fin
interestnr, kit inrstirctive, dilposedf
irirrr'iai-rr. aWo !'+'r, y nwone Jm
pi. n . (i ini infdrnti'n after sofiiirl,
1 toe'Clirlfa if tIf I g-natiral man, law
Vltlrl idrd 1.'y thle war t hy ifiill~t' r
hhvt hornhle over the Faten tlftint I
isp t hureh of ;Stat Frartie , at i
ci *luii pi3sP.
r. TfrI St r-rF.t-rr -$evctnrl Of tlesF'
it ,Thvesubn, mý1ar!sd 'eats tiiiik place
The crimoilr. Pdoiilckm was at nte
time rampant, ardt fir a moment as
Di4 iritd, Atto, ey, It ho an epilaidrhi formo.
bAewer fal ercl~ hree.
ew not present, budt our short
y hand reciprter will in a leisduie an.
fmeat give his views of the sa.tre
1hear from him. 1ke sny.a everyk~ndv
Y was right, thrrei re no (10 was
,,. wrong. S hrt hand i a goolathot -i
try ire with J bat ttie of In iliick.
Re ii a trick--a whole, brick-nwi
hat. He his hint little t') sty, but
It jeminy I dont he think.
(a'Tt. --The ted iomic labte t of the
'-ern her tfrm oif the 9th .uilrid.iaT
Wrestriet Court, termmtiatodA on h;S.
%ttard thy. Manly ofll] caed on the
doicko t, were eralic.illh disposi n'
mes tlo wtoe Tnhliet new ones. JTviced
Win 1h. Tlast ier an indusriofusacify
flore hop h th ned es ntnemayiprove to
brhiothiroanh knowted'h th f the becmil
hojrisep r u une of hour . Ttere aliv ftm
rub hi foer the aonrabl pstion hecee oc
ftreedmnan hut pdl isposhe ofg bye
'he go tu h~m, htretWie, and to ethe b
Distnticet Ataomey whoses whore thav
he frofdnen weruepM tomchitotr liens
isd promp ot, geeois kind, and pFaina
itrud e apprte citioens ofgdtie asoi au
iiffmerho of thoecState. i anbeo
ie To va:n Uuo -Them Freidmant Fis i
er, cTheicted beore a thWed y lat oe oif
tdilcimCdontrl aftr the mrediriou aireno
nies oft Chitat woand Ecor was enumenoxlya
coie asmay Judge Lowi tov ben.Te lous.
Thevexeuin inte wailh o tnkethiche so rnownd
5 as Govnusnior th baty fits dappoites a dor'
-fr dazit. Fihra oflvlnhessrioug hi colecn
tonee astwat that here wnth as io. giTye
landi withtha~ti tru implrciattoo the beoth
trifl thi child sighes hmu rdered liese
hith-d thsefu sipenaty, ohc tof thelwwitr
mpt er utfelt is mposu ilr t sy h. n
onsxeldherif sisers. hAslel fperd Btoton
m.ii to thmelpen ite a reishpryp coniedgea
nt tfo the last termvtof erthe f lareny.edo
Weho. this les f m somn. may provpee toc
h es of bhenbfil tos theindrtd wiyducid
brthr on en, ooari toawhtn to baecorepaa
horost for snoher, alchl hioke.pThee seermy
freJdmn Hfltcahel gilth h osgarried
a Rcmnd, tim e hiealth andwe Cveryijt
For the Natchitoches Times.
The State Priusoncr,
(TRA sLATE] Fnol TUBs blEscH3ACEMs.)
A prisoner (f Stat' langu'shing after
two ye r's cf captit ity-a proc sonu of
prcscri'hd 'i;ppliants prost ratdc before
the chair of it President us at the foot ofj
a 1110111t11: 11,4 throne- party th:irs:ti:ig fur
povwer anu(! osiring to the absorlpltioll o0
tie 1%rl 'Ia oa:ci glori'ils lhelatiue of
frciedoln-this is the st ra::gj anti sat! uipe ft
"slt'+ \.:ic}1 We tto-day w tin es;. Alas t
1he i'C : j\ of te ;tIn 1- ait i' ;1 C 1:lty
thrliug i it the wot i '! Tihe fatal 1 ,cii'
of ti:" I I ublic j tifii t itr l i't I
:'idolitry ant ol t ti uini iinir Ilii iaitl ut ti
It r( i p rr t i ;tt ion They tr em~uph its tli, .e Ih liin te i- n theft
f1!;`rr t \tl ' alt } it , V tll t
(I lit l ni *e l i p ou ,) i ii't ;; t(iii
I Fuil il e . t d of ll to :11 etI ' li 1t 1'iitc
-'Ilittetiit'tsc~iro. itiger ais u (t iittti'l.t~i
pi ti die 4 rub e unlortite otti* JIte
oI cui t tiit tilt in i i n, it tll e idler alli`
C C1tin thatenwrhfu
tars itf r earth.:t1 oail ;.s h e e iictt
(' h\' ·a fei, t!Y lloit in t 'le atiu en lf ite
n ed urn tiep hlirt of the bJtiif ltxsoatu s.Di
T in pi'resnt (1r111 Ei ropa montiut t tt (he
,t' I.t tls 'te-: t i of Trrhicture shawre li ptn
} 1;H t o 6l out; in t oll brt' the ote c alh n
lwat t is ire iarl . tltM it tis -lra tli tdl et ii l
ti lt i wh o l formed the I p iti ro clilt\ i, i
.Tv, l'.11 ti 'tlli\'1 11 ; sir (tult.'C1, R'.irf -\
the mids . f which h rw hll ti 't'lt 1
Derintocrat," int betr, dotive to cal
Shoitin, and ewlln t-li)e i-optle, ahsitwase
f f d air, of light aid lpdeutilc I
f onP trutctul:rt v Norrll Is t ul e s'of i'W s- I
ingon Ltbv tt, on , Jack sonýt!I! t
Newl'ils roh hklr} ar'e in themS lvires a ptrtote.; t
i of the dead aaist th-e ats of the liv
.To s ie Ik if ontlv oil: of the vehnal',
i tani-if twcoihs pleli its :u it lrngl iI
It rigotro:4 '"Ip }<n iao en of f Jtllt':,inl Da\ i;,
Presidtnt of tith 1. C,,ltored 1:11 St:1t s-hai\\
(ijkin tlii Acrain of e: tsexp aineha , thie
ols boht s of:i.thil tid th h riso-1ia ' a he tiewih
altnitd liaes kep iall opI o C f.e
1with remret the illusit os spottte rt
icot ii trata e tire; w ithot dat iogrt tten
S-InCS igno Iir ii he thn e ulitiruing at tyte
Ct ohI" ro i 4 t:' w ar, na tioit l exi s'te nc wt't
iut lt l time to late tholl thvlry righdCtsttic
ei'htteen, ioaths have since clallsdl re
fltction ha, came, ;urger is dissipated, anti
ithere remains in t'o h art of ti e conkier
in eo tple ad utght but a feeling o(it i Ie
piyfore athenolellR unfortnuate )) on. Theli
'nUsti inmp In fle eneraios of the i prisoner t
thdit that if he is tried, lie will nnit fie
t coanictedl, tnd that, even were he found
gii'ty, heo will not be executed.
Public pinion caring gomtn to be enlightien
sled on re part played by Jcfierot Duce I
ein the rctnolutionary movement of tilt'
S th. Thio s oman is net an isolated pler
S eonaet I yt it Sothpe wisti and more ho t
es poirical anporetirs. Thero were prede-s
ce sors It to icil who cratr ne the n llit cal
ratnese ofre in whcnich he breathed-lirc aio
traced the moratl path Finl which he troit
after aI pn1assage ofi carmsno' vruy l'lhic, it' h
. iiand who formed the political society ii
Sthe midst of which he greit. Shall crii
nal proceedins he a an t c n tt aiigitit all
slDemocrats, afrom Jefferson down to Cis el l
Sdfne by the terrible, Just iciantiIs of the
ilens e l od ' jndg ark p merd ounher
cold adiies Of so many generous chanpi-I
ins of tile h nst o ase dnor is the sfe of
Amerlsicn tiepublic~ ;~ 01(1 Entirsop qdi;
ahsione of the to stta mer atio ient; it is
It an orf et which had its cause, regularit
link in the uchain of eventsa. It has, tire
1 ch more:lf -T the e nitad States can-,
Sotle hf tuttre; without danger to them-o
lofefs. ignore t g claims sit litup by the
oath ania s hacked by ariRs. They would
compromi e nte r national existen nce wert e
ank they ao oatue thos eanry hrels oinef i
tn-lenoer tihaes and rnilu e of tle past, as
1 nion.g81 Irn fue ater aclros? eamItnatinc of11
an Idisrtegadi o:enpltc the momentar ictur
in forc n arsr to sowed idesbro ticusto of
tlaer *oanr the -imcp oil Froanc ied jls
' dienin, b ene ynon thel sean theis t sthke
tradseitinso indepeno fdencer and tl~ibert
of anrel am itin plan whose vasrt pearopor
tior SltS e o''kIt cas eb to Caoleal.t or
I Fferiom ths p~Batntl and undnic able bifacts
itefone low thaseeSounh wash a mnaniestr
l tionosftm the masses, and in which x-Pee
idatin fa the D eavi isro so a io r tance-m
arl the i eponce of the iederttn ntp-and
Inthnctreore h ev rs fe e i ndgeatoo inu
'nearno t resof onsibility sought tlob i fribled
inthe absene of go rlthest orem alle polireteas
of the North;-im thel Fedral goerrrd jlt.
shorirnbln befound thj seati y his tnuand,
-as ther e panolner am 'nhdealitb! front i
.t ro ilos ndeed s w tha the re ta soimestn
nch's mor thn ialiiery iot whash asinati ot
f Prsid~ent eincoln oa~cnd cf inporemdtated
olinenI rlcd-bl o f de m ilrder isties old
sp throw all h odi fofn ianonerjf ob'ifei
Strt thi e reoution iupsnts aEoeintie tio te
had at firt tore .dr the arr ont it felter'4dl
i' lrivits wneu tc, byd p i mnilealnsubtletiets
sitho th crie otjnl icial prc ce tilngs, and b
imma tense r· lose a~nde dar p'erid sl r of ncr
ty ndivoieg ictepllatete the troo fiaeial.
inre Wehav rieched thac st tate of tlihl eIn
whic the orrisor r of r treds honers ait
,.theo seil ll usoions of deny, and flrtiter
co herslfupion ithl the oeret, wich keep
lie him atuirn lowk andu to k esat wherthowne
offsp;rvingb - Enland, of Puici lfaith, bowedi
- iroicntl-, Lthisintirvu aerR Jnicia l brand Ga
ed 'if~ri~ om l~frit~\ thea tree of tboAei enl~icli
Fa I ches utaelacsed etech othee of lett i
pnstuldt which Ih rihi~r co tidemnda p~tlrth i
re ie opinion, arind wash thuiir halds in the
liasu of Fontlits Pi at~e, Sir. .lohtlson cc
ticlses r. thaa-', who in his turn reparost,
re ir Consrld fe- net h viim l prcvidhed for
tiyen extra rdinary case like the fipresent'
Fro those pattlmerUt is so aunxiously lok
ed for.
d I~r &ii~ frll3'y of IV. WY. MhlilRIC. -
Hn oe was a ssesaon in thi Cheftedei
ate ntwrvite, ciud fcor y importune-a
tachied tor thie fireat isilhitri hatmeiy
Aduiess hmrs. E. ,Jl MOORE, o.r tev.
n thebL DAvIDc oN, La rIoansa, praCot l
Y hoitlty, fmdissohri. Louisalna atid,
sufczah papets please notice.
gy MoP.Y E. BRYAN.
SCertain :1 there was some strong attraction
fr me in the OWgllior htd Ht Min- Auchis'
ter. Iit a dozenii t hott'S th.t eiltcog. I
t'Inii I:Ci e lie dlaw 1ii ier vicinity, thrunhl
she wits t ioit clr a It-.r, tio'. lor a
'r.ci and Pei 1.1, i' sva;2 n11 s inst opela.
S 1i; dr 11 in to a i t'n' t v e I r al te.ll iu 9 . u'.
-latae'r to twice one g rove c.1 innrini g i wtereht
front oyes. 1%i10, il chi te ipti could be so witLh
91eali; i.,i i\ 1it .:; 1t, i y'. itw 'iiu.ii'irei fi yi' ll
to e ecor d t th go s.!p u::o in the iitu
si i roomn by a het y H1 w,!:u; il.g <Luns, la
t yc 1n rot d titeni-c llv Sit1; to 1 at tile
;'aý . 1 r 'ccs a ,nwlec). 11 h1, !h1a, few In
tl ie in n ir il en I i1t.- i.'n. tui e enI iotg h tit
Si Sv L i 5' th tl e hii':' '' I,. J!' t l tie' r ii'
t"!., lle to :1 a . i-! i , t:nri ' r 'l. A ' l the
liiiS f' e) en
1,i 111te. 1i!- A7eh!t'7r sb Io d 1;;1 w ith
Csine cu" Ay, 11ht hae te soon rtesIiu l Itsart
lrii 'Li' enerT sin~ce. I wonrt hick iiito
liaiwr eithew, easd by t t hii glit sLade of
n file Illlar and. Ihouughi she co ntinued Ilo
-ciwit tbbet tedack I''to tue ,Ii hadO, thoughtaii
ioiily MS lA iiihlester, Col.. Moi ity mdt hi~
to i her by lly k vrusic wcience. Iby r
Ha 'n:i;irl arnundl he pian. T ie aming
Weiy IskiI hal bie; ,1r: f'; a urig Smy
Coiiijt'. l S l' any d 1iihi .er ud, iw i e
l iie 'e cuii' Doii. 'e. tith grlt taster ee, an end,
Vl w nw ! t i s ti 1 1 . 1! e . wlvv! d :u ,'l a .d. Ilie!.
" ý. w b :m.;ie !le 11iih Ipruses Ell" pe~t na t! 1:; !or
ij' £ i* bl reai ofhe I rces attcy tel a
-Arlin he 1u.00.o %exedl and dinri-ti-Ied,-:;nd
itui itemeleat to the igiard roili the aniii e1
tI n e-1 s hi l " I by uiri lit!" su in it. A iiit' ` lH'
b- tl eied t . ith i iiaiiy sit6 i i fiit v ot hiauog ro itd
ui~.i~t I ~ A0: A rtilie ry CapIin'rls Cuuiirwiuisii
te beaut ihs Aticusteh he eAucaister.
f :t n h I felt ly'ell io n iu or m.'' ion her
Se s I : p.As .eii l Iea[ t oii the ia te .it .ialr
.aid'itha AC! Ct Smliled. "Niot (\i!Pit,'sh
was.in \ the 1amused glanof the at her coitwau I
settllng bat: tiowairis the dialvanrg-loouis, rile
11a nt 11 ilr to r anion
- L,;ous 11.7w1 sled iLea r, p'e a no better
,.-thla;t beelr rabic. t I,, are illhti:!,ly more
aThn il.sert is heiry mch oblicdp to y1rirs
I fir the apomp itmt Caltain,' rto! ip r I
\tore u'gih oiie a hisr keen lotds, rgareti
Spnier ever since. I went bc into
't~i Ididt mli-[be pail iial
I'the le rereoin. and esydil myse- ll Athe
SIicslrtcr ni ti~~ t',ii to wirhla'.v hcrs'if fo i:~:
ur ainetd rice atio, a window, Hwhs ile the
--the tatrget of' ailmalrtisul."'
c'rowd etne is streintoir the besaloon, lartng
Lx valor, as rone Lao; ti) tiolt iteinsclt i ated
ptonly litss Auheester,'Col. Nutivy and his
.witty wile. (whom I knew very web by rep
aiii ato ben) al ret a few pttarr to i get at oivigua,
rane d ot cnare to su:l the piano.s fire of r
r ley 7isked NMiss Altchester tor a :glng. Suit
couIlihe (a, ituitbt y lahe .ioableh itmur . atd
Ib.tang tin} Do, l ith great Taste and sweet
es- Ta beauty of he r Ci Oice, attlaciTed a
're-inturcemerialit of the gulard. 1 arould the eno.
Wn. amuong these, was v pup'py satelate of
I uckne-en:a ll bay name an I by lnter ue, for
Sburdened with alt '0su1 cllitiy of ias.
di "Oh!i but viu tlouit k~iiow what youl hoise
Sblatig a Artillery Captuhe nl "or Cniistaissitc,
the~re i'. litn bitt lianit cllnversatioiir of' nry lou1
I "Wily, blis Aulchester ! he exclainedl,
Sstrutting up in his statled unbforn,.' You here
wasting your sweetl- e-s oCia the Itser; jut aifro
" Mics A'1chester smiled. "hot }cite;' the
Suro', with an r amusied glance at her coai.tr, and
ht not.
."The desert is very mnuch obliged to you
Slurt ofthe comp urseimnt Captain, rtor ed withrs
* .Morley, with one of her keen looks, thatI
c pierced ehaven his obtuseness.a th slightly
aCst! I dine't a. - beg pa 1 a
' ssireBl he rethned. "Bmust iyou serotlue you.i t:
co usterh chlee tcople owiht taw herklfw eachf
o ther. I scene t act an, w here she was the - h. ,
-tihe target of admiuati-fln.:
. PrIudence is sometimes the better I'art (it
Svalor.as yoursef thave tro iioub Captan Sll.;itat!'ed
Captain" etteuosrd ds A s uche Auchester. "Ig very
I-,ami to be a target. I preler to get at long
Srangwell. I doi;t care you, stand have no wish to ef a
I:tend the ci it'e of miy acpiuaiiitane s jirst
e lowlidable [IWtery."
As she Captaike, blushe boed with pthat st, andt.
o 9mtiilig, yet k~ee~t-yrtur~tiistfance air, so pecru
e oiawty to whiers.at tahe onsideth herd a cumpaeits
Stoor the oroi paftent ier, and geea, defi antly resolv
int', mlls o t ictfer outt 0 ciiy niiiiha
nI eigaged Miss Lib.oyr to waltr. Tnere was
II oite o~ther couplle oii the iloor and the waltz
Swas St'atise' itiviuc (aopuien.) After all, Miss
An e thester as onty a womaii-s'lls ce tibl
to apyeixrangcs as w ell as tae te. s supeFror ot
:1 Iter sexr. 'Lw ice, I caulght ?ici eye ttiriied to
h wrd s me with an exprersion tonat my vaitity
-intttrp'Ttetl itito a tribute! to my ftite figure-
tCelh a tiibute ofuartistic apprcia tioit, us we
see iii toe eyes ot'women like tier, whet~ they
rl contemplate a good pctirre or statuie. TIhe
last time. my gfaite o et htrs, she turited
away half imrpatiently, a~l a slidlfen color
S Idashed iito her face. She was vexed with
heisels for taking any iaterest in the conceit
Self fuop ehe thought me to be.
e I s o~thted g'o anZig d Withiima few feet of'
SMintes Al Ahester, aiiJ retinqiishet my pIartner
to ajealolis admirer, who stool on tihe watch.
"ta~oiiig in with a v~im--eh I)anvers?" said
, the cyiicat Keener, comiyg n~ at thies Iot
iiic'it. '.L ealty I envy youtr jluven~escenlt
ajuirits, atifi your capacity foigiving~ yotir
i'Imind to this sort of thinlg."'
"Why yes; ok I answered qwietlyh h stippose
- it isto be envied. I believe it is thought
the mark of a strone mind to he able to eii
e ter eariestly intor wiiatever is thougcht wor th
i whit goii ioa afte and. I suppose, wnte are
alt here to-nisht in the pursuit of' pfeatinre.
I ife theare nou, it wtuld haoe been it twter
rate to stay away. It n had wantelc to play
,e xihiiosoxther, I shoculd have rerained in niy
,Itey chair, it I had watted to ect Diogones,
ch I aho tl have bougatht apoprg my ati'."
te nThe cynic wincede blut this was not half
Sso gratitmpine as was the rsuttle, mirthful
o smite, that parted MBiss Anlchester's tllps But
a. f he momeglt ahe saw that she was obtervedl,
a sye turned spq with a look antioyed alid
a Isaoghi-sntd hegan to talk to tve lady next
, her. lII her embarransmeynte she c otew nervous
'. ly otraiid on a ed g that shone upoti tbe slen
d esr figer ofori zrngtved hantt. f ftipjeteil
n Afomher lingers and rolieud tohmy et. 'my parc
a it ua jalot restoreit. was the work of a mo
t .eoint. I wid it in niy mist graceful mainer,
te cyad male those somlendi eyes drop beteath
t. / my bk iuleep Iut espyyct ou admiration
"Beaurtiful l)iymonulla" exclaimed Jenkiny
o. who hat niade a iote of the ring.
. "'I' di not olIserv e thqm," t I aoswered in
c. the same. 5(itto voirce. miud enlough to be over
1. h ieanl, oeI was looking at a pair of eyes that
in out shinkf thern."
C What Iadestervel was a bvr on the eoh for
. w 'nY impudnce, what I obtained was a bright
fia-h of the @erlesu eyes, and a f~lush, bright
eughr tomanch it. And the flash aond the
color were not wholly of ane er.
V'hy will her prettylsex tail against impy.
duce, and then suscumb to its uoluences
- TWhy cill they holl utp as watens nthe such
- srave, sober Cgr elybs-udigs fee d as barn ouls
and molest as misses and then givo their
preference to soni impuhlent hascpe grace,
who has caleitat but his brass, and no recoi
il mendotion batt his art hoflattering skillnully
d with lips and eyese
Editorial News and Itemfs.
It is currently reported that trials of ctti
zens by military commissions will be prohi
Thlddeua Stevens is remodeling his terri
torializing bill of last year by which respect
able Soutiberneri will be reduced to the con
dition of foreigners and disfranchised for five
Assitart Trccurer Chandler will art as
t `e, relay duritng the absiice of Mr. McCiil
I Vh.
(Gov. Worth of North Carolina was inan
t giir,.ed, ?yid lhi; inaugural warmly indorsed
1 'i ouri i, ineilesting ti 1r. P i deit to ius
1: (nd the action of the United States forces in
ti:at State.
J. F. RSulield will assit in the prosecition
of the ioldoera ofCotnederato ;uopetty in Eu
lion. M r. Memmiinger, ecretary of the
Ciofedcrate Tre~siiry i. pardoned by the Pre
Exchange at New York is at a discount.
Bishop Stevens Elliott died at Savannah
on the 21st of the hean tdisease.
Thad. Stevens enttai ans the salve con"
tempt for the Constitution, when it stanlls i 1
the way of his political bchemns, that a shal p
t otted rat (ies for a thin pine board bet
v. nii hina-c. gnd a rich rheeec.
r Gen I KoyATnhctC, U. S. binister to Chili
was married Nov 21 to Signorita LouisA
- Val.tIvi:o . Tuie lady is said to be very
beautiful and accomplished, aid Lehin gs to
one of the best fainil~es of the Republic of
r Chii.
J. B 11 :n £ o'r O uiTHE GRFi:N.--iring
ing the noses of the Fenians to tee grind:tone
is rearing of the Grecn,
The Feitaiis troreitiug the lives iat of the
Car liar s is wearing of the grecn!
The 0a0 lis Eugliah news perts give to
Irelasid, that rebrh lion will be rithliessy crus
hed out, is beiariiig of the Grien 1
e It is anntutctd that in the population of
Scanvu alt there is a ye y larg: Nor he n
-eleme t. and that the new coin ra art
t' ateil very we I and ire rapi' ly tathing
the l aid of lulinexy. The lumber trail'.
I from the inun noe foresto of Solsh Carolina
atid Ge(rgia, is becoming the chief business
at Savannah, and, the Northern people in
, that cty are entering into it larg ly.
WORK is carved out ffr C ngra on side
of il it body and Bunt to the members to be
done up just as coasts and b. eches are cut
by m :ter-tailor s and turned over to sowling
womeun to b" Blade Prentice.
e Over a dozenu steamers were lsid up at
.Cairo on the 18th, bWing unalbla to proceed
i i account of ice in the Missis-ipi isLo 11t f tho i
1)0 itt ITe iUiio i-' fi, o romt ice and risin.
I pitdly.
r iS a y i p ; o f C o nu t r e s s m e n .
iTiK !.O!)TS'' A M"fDUUAL.T
I The faiilov ing ocoured in the
SSeute cu the 1 Stir
Mr. Ti tie iiill psresent tOil a roonio -.
t'ial of the \, hite iiyub1ts ()1 iof i
la atsking for tse oavetthliw i f the
Sei'stiiig i !at' cv'ertsnent ttere,
ir emil ihe establishtttjt of a i" vi.
H5Coitiitl i i- tignei 0yGvro
t Mf .. Titiiboit Ispike mt somne lcrigi I
d n the itubIji2c t stem irtced in lie petiU
h jolt, lie said if the ut ateentoi s
imaue lby the liemoriial istti, wih) were
y if hi-gh character, w~ere I rie, then
Coii're-9 oughtt to take iirti.('diate
'haction f *r the protectioni of the peo
ple of Louisiana. He said that
"murders of loyal mein were uincreas
Y tig iinI~' tietituy, and the l ives,
Slisserty :ti d piopeity of fi-eiledmi
were natitly dependent on the inter
.est anid capji ice of the disin yal, aitd
tout IW ither lhyalywhti to Ii tzeti- tior
f~ reednien could obtain jtstice in thiO
.civil (:titrts. Adequate nmi i tary
I, pt'otectioti for the SLule gliverillet2t
must be iii slime way itagrtd
dtmHe deidt h right of the Presi
e ett>atterrpt to restoirc them
it tlirotugh provisionnt governors, ot
that lie had ally authiority to organ
.zO themn or to take any steps in re
e lation thereti, rtiless in ptrrsuamsce of
y siime law previously passed by Con
C grcssf. lIi concluding, lie remnamked
that these purpose for which they
wereestblisedandit was eotirehy
-coinpetetit for Csurgress to ignore
them and orgttitie others otn such
rpinuciples as would secure tlte mis
.ceodency of loyal and republican
d principles. L~ouisiaisa had rebel led
.snd now her disliiysl people must
accept tfie fate whuich every people
who wickedly and withitut Cause
e engsge in rebellion. The memorial
.t was referred to the committee on
*reconstructi in.
S Mr. tDavie, oV Kcntucky', said lw
supposed thes senator must have
'r tttiiuglt lie was acddressing the legis.
T lat'tre uif lilinois. lie ltmd read the
news of the seniator's competing for
'his seat in the seriite, bitt lie was
If satisfied the senator was most wor
it thy, andl hoped lie would be re
5t elected. Thece wore in these States
in insignificant iunmber of radicals
~t who, desired to seize the government,
out were too weak to do it thenm
LMr. TIrumbull angrily retorted,
saying Ise had mu t shapped Isis ci urse
r, lbr a re electisin, and retgretted that
hthe senator (Dtvis) could never rise
, above personal comisiderustious.
un A~ornsu PAISBoN BY Tue COVEU'NOR.
r- Oov. WVells has granted a pardon to Na
it than Drreyfuss, of Sb rerelport, La., ttied
and cocivicted, a short tiime sitnce, in thie
city, on the charge of obtaining protpcrty
itndeir false Ipretouces from the firm of'
AtTaylor licElory & C'.,' of Newr Orloans.
eC The goods in qoectiont amounited to four
thtos-and dollars, and the accn ed was
I;sentenced to eteght months irnpr solnmeut
in the P rish Prison. The p tition for tuis
pa dons was sigitid \les-es. A. Tor ell if Co .
htooth &Co. Stevens & Seymour. H S iro
ir 1 Co., Wallace A Co., E. II. Benedict & Son.
e' R. Hart, fifuarof E*. J.1 hart &Co-,) IH. W
' Tahiafes'ro. D). illume & Frank. A. Carlson
Y & larks, Lehmati Gordelhaud tr Cc, levy
31i herA i o., Simon & Loeb, I). ilium,
1 tearne .b f T.esv* & Scheur.
For the Natchitoohes Times.
To WVarroen.
E"graved upon my "h art of hearts,"
'Thine inuage e'er shall he
And oft shall I thy words recall
That brought such joy to ie.
We met in halls where happy hearts,
Were hounding gtray and free ;
And wher in tones of melody
8th'l sounds of revoelry.
We met but once, but never more
('an 1 thy smile forget;
And for the falte that badel us part;
I can but breathe regret.
Then fare-thce-well! this heart for thee
Fo0d h)(vTrs oftl. shall breati ;t
'riht (omd wi ditlowrets bright and fair
'iy" dcJtiny :hall wieeathe.
Anid wln you ve night' jewelledddme
LInala wi h aniva ta
' Think h iw ('loe faithtful heart for thee
In sadniirs 1)il:S afar !
Fort Jesup, Decc. 22nd 131i.
JHomes and Habits of Lorve.
Every onie lC ves a tidy, orderly
houne, wlero all things have their1
proper hl toe, and are kept tlhere. It
cmntributes Imii.cli to the inviting
c idnort we always look for, and
which mil inly c lnsttitues a true hpenis
besides ad ii. g justly to the ease aund
satisfaction of enC tortaimuag friends,
i-ath,-r thani the minishapi and chance
arira; genenIish that iinix pectled vi i
tors suunwti:mes: caste. And hii
I fleienice in homes is owing eCitiicly
tI the ciiultival ion or neglect of one
little habit. Still it if not )ncom
mon to hear young ladi'; remark,
when viewing the neat apartments i
of another. where eveivs garment has!
its place-a hag f)r stockings,
ai' ntllcr for Iices, a box for shooes,
Iand hirtan drawer in perfect order : f
Oh I woldn't be so particuilar
for thlie worldi; it so oli maidish, and
lhisides keeps one fussing all the
It is a very eggy way, to be sure
to toss (off one's things in a itiedless
manner when returning from a walk,
hIlt shluld we not rather dreald thei
fuss-if they are required in a htir
ry-rf s:IIarehing the house f d a
iiilaid collar, putting on a wrinkled,
shawl, anil fin!il: g kid gloves, inll- 1
Stead of being laid in a box lafter
w eari ii , rolled uip and sq ueiezed one
into the other, like a 14ir of worsted t
t Oeis.
rood-hearted, well-mieanin girls i
who bestow the utmiost attention oni
t itheir toilet when drcssii'g for compa- i
1 ny, and gain the admniiration of
o1 iong men for their tast(:, woun t not
Inl-g retain sau l1 ad mirat0il if t ho'ne
}yon-g men should chacYe to Nee tihe
roomt3 tIhy ' l! l:ft, aw'l il because
they coilsid ie it too mu Ih tloille to j
be ord'rly. One gaiter here, another
lone there; cldihe.. hawning upon the
bed polst, diress's discarded beca:'se
of a renlt or little laid lit, that a halfj
1hour's work wi'll reform; ind
b rlli an'i'ml cIlnl s c ittered aboutI
the toilot table. 'l'Then returning
latte in thme even'Iing T, y f:,iowsil+. upi
aI crc sh `v l:"l t he liner cit' othsa
a i' t
tiivei to tia.o c'ai. of theni then. aund
nolte i reain a S) for d'ays, exp1'wd to
inuya::] rojo . Ad the c';il due'
!ot stvp hLre: it wiil streiigthCe uanid
coninu thoug We a ('oiistiat
'!solu ce orX fretfulneis; andi: disor;der.
Slavery ini Wassachusetts.
'Fruiin the Nashville Banner.]
T he Boston Daily Erening lic<
Shas an article on "factory gills,.
which shows that while th. man
tecturi ig corperatioiis "are niakin' i
dividends to stockhioldors from thiity
to one hundred per cent., the girls
in the mills ure sadly overworked,
I underfed anx underpaid, and at th" c
name time subjected to a rigor of
discipline which admits of no relax
atioil until nature itself gives way.'
The average earni ii sg are stated
to be "about one dollar a day," for
which "most of them tuil eleven
hours a day," although some mills
have reduced, or are aliout to reduce
the tienc to ten hours. It is only
- within a few years thtim it has been
F reduced friim fourteen hours. They
jiay for board two dollars and
twenty-five cetits per wick, to which
in Lowell, the factories add fifty
cents a week. Those who knows
whit it costs to purchase provisions
will tinot be surprised to be told 1ta
"boarding huouse keepers cmn scarce
make both ends meet;" and to learn
i fronm "a factory girl," that "we usu
ally have for breakfast hard, sour
biscuit, a small piece of something,
called pie, and miserable tea." At
such a price it is imoospil'le that the
fare should be decently good. It is
charged, also, that the paint and
flo',r in the rooms of the operatives
are never washed, and they are al
lowed "only one clean sheet in two
weeks, and two towels per week for
thirty-five boarders." Also, "our a
gas is not turned on until a quarter
- beflre six, so that we have but three c
quarters of an hour to wash. put up
our hair do our chambe'r work and
e eat breakfas ."
Thexn as to diecipline we are told t
that everything is done by the tap f of
the bell. In the morning, three taps
iof the bell are given for starting the
Sengitie; and in three miiutes after.
t the yard gates are clitsed. This rule
is so rigidly enforced that a few (hays
ago a ymouiin wonian, after walkinign
two miles, was ahut oct because '
she reached the yard gato three
minutes too late, and had to walk
back losing her day. During thie
Sdiay no operative mnst leave the -
~ r''otn in which she is employed, not
even if time machinery stops, annd o Ii
r talkiig or reuditig is allowed. For I
s vihlating rules foirfeiture of wages is <
the cominon penaldy, and two weeks' I
ilOtiCe nust be given to leave, orli
two weeks' wages are forfeited. Of
course, wages are not paid every I
r week, as they are eariled.
I They Ilave a Bunker Hill in Massa <
chusette, and a Faneuhl hall-so t
ealle'i "radrli of liberty-and worA is t
at a premium in their legislature
yet the iniquities detailed above are
established institutions in puritania,
where hypocrisy is popular beoauase
it is profitable.
A SCo.--The Natlional Intelligtenor
of the 13th, says :
Those who were atppr(ehenive that
the iadical majority of the House
would be a uiit. in disregarding th
provisionsi of tihe Constitution will
be- partially at least-relieved by
the pr'ocuediin g yesterd:iy. A aiurn
her of gentle-ile1m:ni (vinced an urwill.
inguic' to roeivc; t dhe heads of de
pa'tmnentts intoi i ldependent cxecu
tivce.s by cweirring u pen them a
power of appoli tinilit thit it wa
the manlifest a 11 1f the (C'ons tituti iin
to lihestowa uon him who it respousi
tle fIr the ants of tIe :app. lilteuca. If
the Plesel6i1t c-uiat apouirt bit
agents in the ad min iiistratina and
calm 4t VCreove his Cabinet advisers
at will, it wati l ineiled be a farce to
hold him Ie putn!)Jible for their mnul.
admiinstiatii. As was well said
on tie ii lul of the House, a Cabinet
lhic ield (bOO ahae lt the with tof
the Prcident irnigh +t dictate a policy
utterly fo ruig a to his opinions uf
NEw Hi EN, Conn., Dec. 91.--The
Demnoiratic utate cormum ittee ihas is
sued t Call Wr a Stite convention at
New Haveni11, on the cighth oi f Jal
nary for tle pur 'ie of considering
the rev diiti aowry acts ra' the present,
radical Co.res. Theicy say this
Coil entiin WIlI also determ~iiw upon
the 17' jorielT V '1 mlaaking ' nomination
for state offi fcir, arid of' iec oiunUle*
ing to the pople (of tlihe thirty States
the neucesitc .ra 1iiioinal coaven
tin tio adopt sivih t.iailslres as Wil
thwart the Ie-m1iries of the traitol-4
who a(l' dCteX 1h, ti A)1) (t the
Constitttion and govcinernt of our
UsrITn STATES SurITS ar Par . -ThJ
suits 'against St. Aamranil. at oi.r
leaux, are viorously prosecuted.
It will tbe rem c'inliured that this
person du0ing the chrebellion built two
arais for th CInifederate governii
rnment, which "'rci never delivered to
tle agent (of that goveirncment, their
departure being prcevented by Louis
Napioleon, through fear of creating n
rupture with tIC United States.
The suiits are to recover Ithe amiount,
17iidt: St. Alrlad by the Conf e;!erate
rOiermlnent. Tile deposit of 150,000
franes as noted in a cable dispatcth a
ioew d:ayS Siilne, Ibit erroneoullly Cre
Ip tited a: $30,000,000, is merely on
(Cic] 't (T legal i'xpensl's, aiId is
eli'irt' to a jodginmenlt in farcc
Ui' the United States
ii, alliiance of the Craig News an
sociat am with Rteter's IEuropean
News Pcnmpaxy will te a most valu
SW, aanria ;et. especialvy if an
Ami) pcal prt1 u artil) can infuse in.
t) tie le It I mlj)alily a littil Amno
lam] Criterim
New O:leanN, tJccernhr 21t, 18;O.
Since our last review, the ctton inairest
has exhibited great activity. W1 !tarn cr
large al.is trade at high rater. The late ad
vices from Liverpool! have caused a dclnlne
of fully one cent on all gr. des, anrid ow fac
tirs in general are apt to make liberal con.
cesiions, but the majority of buyers expec:
ing on a downward movement in Gold and
exchange are rcluctant to operate.
QCo A'toNs.
COTTON-Asrsimulating to the Liverpe"
Ordinary 25}3231.
Good ordinary 27 29S?.
Low middlitg 22($30
Sugar--La. new crop 10O100.
1ola3sose-La. [email protected]
Superline-$l11 [email protected]
[email protected]$13.
Treble Ettra $13.50i$14.
Pork Prima mess $21.50
Lacon, shoulders 13s.
sides 14c.
clear 15}e.
Lard in kegs 13®1344,
Corn, (white)$1 10(l.15
Oats, 80c.
Hay [email protected]$27 per totr.
Wuiekey, Rectiiod, [email protected]
Balo Rope 10L
Bagging, [email protected]
Irodf Ties " 1 @13c.
Wool--(Burry) 11}@17 .
free of burrs 17(@5a
washed [email protected]
Coffee, [email protected]
Potatoes-per barrell $3.254$3.$0.
Onions-- " $3.25,$3.50
Salt [email protected]$2 per sack.
Hides dry 1 l2 c,
Gold selling [email protected],
1t' We are pained to record the
demise ofc GIL.BERT DEz3r.Arc, second
Ison Col. Alcihiad, DleBane of St.
Mlartinsville. This yo.ng gentles
inan died at his father's residence on
the 11th inst., aged 21 years aud 10
We extend to the bereaved par.
ents our warmest, heartfelt sympa
thy, for the loseu they have sustailned,
and hope that an Allwise Provi
ldeuce may nerve their hearts to bear
with patienice aind fortitude through
this, their trying ordeal.
Yomung Gilbert, wais esteemed and
respected by all who knew him. Ho
was genernos, kind, and dutiful son
-a brave and gallant soldier, and a
worthy ornament to tae name of his
illustrious sire. His arents have
lost tihe bright hopes of their future
expectations, and their promising
happiness sudldenly cut short by so
an unexpected calamity that has be
fallen them. Again, we deeply sym
pathine with the parents of our
young deceased friend, at the loss of
one so well destined to have risen to
the highest penacle of fame. Peace
to his ahgi .

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