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The Semi-weekly Natchitoches times. [volume] (Natchitoches, La.) 1865-1868, June 05, 1867, Image 1

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E.·~~-~·~' ·I?;\~ .~ e-s r~.r ;~i-4'" ý ·
ý ý: .ý I is « ' ;9ý tl ý ý n'i ý, _ ý =' "i ý,ý Jl ý ý
j ýý ý it.Fý. `ý''1 .1 ? ý'I I I -I,ý`^ rt~ ý.I:!Iý ý f ý ( fl ýý, . `' 1ý
1 I\ý ýIý4'yý "ý ý ý ý ý4ýJ y,ý .ýýli.!ýýý1ýý ný1.+' w r ~ ` 't" . T ý"ýY ý , L ý ,ý ` 1ý,R ýi
~ijs fZ 3.C0'7.
Commission Merchant
16 UTnion Strcet, iv
jirew Orl7eaZC
Aux 1--m21.
Commission Merchants
vTewL OrQ ezns.
ap 25 -
J. C. Goodrich, ii. . l Goodrich,
.nI.Triniiý (v
GE,0 G. G:,RNER.
Commission Mer Fr
t'o. 63 Commonn anl l (1L Canal Fr
Commi sio nMer chant3,
No. 21 St Louis Street,
e Allorder for Provi-ion4. rrowl i1
and otherarliclesof Merchantlireun ll l'Nt
tdnled to with di patch. N
RPferpene : L. Dup .it .
S Al
Iro. W. IW. R'' I F In [1A'l t li
2EO. \. BIIRE & 0., ,,
OII)i1SSI()S 1ItIIi\TS p1
.... AND ])EALITH IN ' .pa
40 1'oydra' S.
/f'L e, Or's.e ,.
M.-r,'hantA anil Plante.r will find it to the
advantage to giv' u' a tr al Ia we have heru
II iy year, en,.-trod in y~M' i ; in till city.
x ui ar.e prep u'l to rite entire l ati,-fcwti) to
all who may tal(tor u. I 'oni lin l n'llt of cot
St.it q olicitid tnll prompt returll' made. i
R..ference--L. Ihi,.ix. li>q I I
J. A. 1ucournel, , . iNatehitoche1 vi
McDoui,all & 'uiik~haniks, Alieulrhi t
II. E. O VE I1ALL & (C 0
03tnenaft ont;tiaston "tlerltdhnts 41
143 Commnnon S treet,
( Opposite Nt. ChI r'les- Hotel.) N
Having tAtalished ourselvesa Sa b
ecripltin, Adverti.iing . Ci II
lecting Agent4 in New Orleans for
News.papers and Magazines throughout
the Unitled States and Europe, wte are
prepared to contract for Advertisements
on thle .most ilber;l ter.ns. Notice of Bnsi- f
neas Ilouses will be inserted at reasonalthle
rates thlrough the Inoldium of well-.writtn
letters from Now Orleans, thereby inltro- n
tncing the TradeL to thllosainil of readers.
Co,)salinitttioins Inuy be tltaddrc.sed to l1,x ,
65P. (.
Parties altlresting us as above from any
portion of tiihe colIlt'y cai s cllt('ribe fto
newspapers antl Migazineil throughrot the
United States or Europe. Orders for Sta
tionery, Printin,,, Blantk Hooks, etc..,can
be tilled a~t the lorest rates.
rF Promptness aId Disllitch ]l
will be our lUotto.
oct, 6, 116-tf.
J .18. 0 ,
-AND- -
General Commission MIerchant
No.61 St. Charles Street
]Tew Ormeans.
Particular attention given to Purchas
of t.cree 1 a1nd Plantation Mupplis~a
Wines, Brandies, Cordials, &c,
Metweea Chartlm nd New Levee 38t
New, Orleans.
jy 15 tf
SSugar and Cotton Factors
(or. Common and Baroone Sit.
r 6 -l1;
BODET QU?& RL 0 111R.
1No 41, OLD LEV"7ES
Bet. Bienville and Custcnm Hons,
NEW O..EA.Ný .
BMIT k G niUB iElIS,
EN GROS, .T. 1
41 VIETI3lE -EVý E·'/
entre Bienville et [ounne,
.0'o. 4,3 IRO'.IL SW1EET,
French, English, Lerman i rImerlean
SFT-e;II.S, ýMOINSC I'X o 48 lnu, richer
J. P. Sarnzi,
Mlanufactur9 d Tabac
A L V ,\P., L .I
u. 91 & E: tc. t'M rl Ut rirci et Cuu nti 1
Imlporta.titf directe'o fpes ' ranuise, rn
Allemautles et Anwlaise'. , N\.
To'nljoors el .fains,;
1Tn hl aRs,:rtiment de '4.AC en FEUIL
Ll], p u I gu ''  esl . r! m"l,ln't in choix d,' I',,
plis i,, tpluct dr: eiarr'n t' PAYS et de la ,
IIAVANE. Nts igarr,'s la 11 tvane sort I p
l'i inpl't:i io directe et s ilarquls r es \ls",
pluis u ' v, rise1E . ntul
L.' eotnEigue informe seRnia de la cam. ll
page qit'ilI a toujou'rs eu mIisun mnaguili
qr( i tock lO e B'Ire
Tabac a Ftmr et c:
Ihiquer, "
pret a i trr deluvre srur collattle. er,
Sou ai--rtim-nt de hc
Pipes de Mearshub , it"
Racines de Brvere,
eti Terre, 3
ne pout etre sttrpass a lit N., Orlan par Son
Ils prix et qualit,. Sesanci" et nouvellec phi'
pratliques trU ve ront 1n glant vantage in Fol
visitant sa nmtnua~cturtt a var, ainsi que so,,
ses Salles d vette. Eilesa onlt counuell '
en Louisi.tne et autres Etats et tent toute .o;
,mi petlition.
4l -12m. J. P. SAAZIN. -
J, P. S111RIZI\
Steam Tobacco Manufacry.
Nos, 91 & 93 corners charles & con~tg.
New Orleans, La
Direct imnortation of French, Get
im, E glihsh PIP''ES.
.1lwqays on Hand: It
A large assortment of LEAF TOBACC
fi«r S.,iioarA. ial a full supply of DOMES
TIC antd lAVANA S 'gars. Our Ilavna
Sgars are ot direct importation and of the
usnot ivorite brands.
Th, undereigned informs hifriends in the
tcountry tIhat hIe has constantly on hand an
extensive stock of
Smoking and
Chewing Tobacco,
1 ready for delivery.
*His assortment of
Brayere ROot,
India Rubber, and
Clay Pipes,
in unrivalled in New Orleant fur the prices I
antd utality. His old and new customers
will find a great advantage by calling and
visiting his Steam Manufactory and Sales
Rooms. They are well known in Louisiana
and other Siatea, and will defy all competi
n4.-ly. T. P. SARRAZIN.
We have in store a large assortmen of
CARPETIN(G such as, Medallion, VelveFt
and Royal Weltou, Brussels, Tapestry. 3
" ty, Ingram. Veltian. Hemp, and other
o Carp ting, White. Checkred, Fancy and
-Cco, Mallig, Floor Oil cloths, of all
willdhas, of various styles. and co'ors.
SRuts, , ats 8 air Rods, Hair Cloth, Table
al Piano covers 'ortices andt Bantls, Witdow
shades, Curtain MY terials &c.. &e., all of
which we offer at moderate prices for cash.
Importers and dealers at WIholesals and
N. --Ordersean be filled and bills col.
el bi E jres, Companies.
Ot pelousas. N'le-Orleans.
[Ieotiants-~(om missiositst,
o No 16G Rue Carondelet
Sept. 8, 186fi6.
Ope . New Orleans.
No. I6 Carondelet St,
#2'17 clOlPSW~O a SA
L1, 1, P)1 11 il 1
Late Pothier & Faucheuix,
n EW OIr ,E.\ NS.
All p^rCnn i'ldht dl ti tl 'h ito firm n
Pothir ,& VFiCn'I. . ti m h l-e1I on Mr
,J. P. HInrrion,. foirmrl']y Pavia , I Iriiini
,. N. Harrison, .. 1'. llarriston ir.,
E:dward 11arrbin, idl.nt 1 '1rri, on.
(;e'neral ('amniissinn 17er'hanr,/ .
51 ITUnion fl utreet,
Recr-w swiitno.
N. Y. l lI ,llTISIlIE S.
tl I) Y
"TRADE.\ (;I:N 'T:1;.\TJ,TY.
A liberal discou,, t Ito I)ralers.
Army R yalver. 11-(10 in. Cali re.
N av\ IRev ,ollv, r, .,;-1" hi iu,. (' alibre,
Ii It l i. ,lv'r. (;.elf c', kin .) N vy Calilr.c,
I,.1i; R,'VAlv.'r. Navy ',iz , ihr.
New l'alc et Rvo,.' lv.er. ithlh oadineg lever,
P a'c ket l:r 'va .l'ver, .elt nt'kini :.
i, l.atin 'i-tl. 1'Elli t It. \N '. i ('a 'rtril e.
1: .peal ti g 1'i-tl. t I.l. h tt I t. N 2)'2 .', riar ,la ,
V\'et Packet l-ti l. No, 2, .ll & . 2 t a'tr l ,
nu (anle. u i,; N, ::3., 'artrii ',
Si)ie Ilarrecl Sh ,It I',
Ila~lving hille, t hluii in. calibre.
lirea h L,aaldintg C'arhin'. No ai I Trtrlrdle.
lBreech Loading Pilt, N ::2 i i I,
1'. I. ill, St'el Barrel . %i'Ih ', hr,, likfurt,
i. S. Rile Mu-iket, S.pringllah l I'attrii.
U p twarntl ,f 2tit au,iI ) turlii-ihledl the U.1 . ehta
e' lil t'a lta
)Ot:r n.w lBreeclh Loaliig Arnn h.av- ji-t
tu tu approvvtd t land adopted for M ilitary " rv\.ic (.
in Europe.
E. REMINGTON t%& ,x,
ILLkOX, S\LW 'Yotil
M.oore of icltols. n\'rr ork; Jim Rearlo d
Son, l;a,.lon; ,lox. P. ;Grubb ,1' .o, Philadel
)d, ia: J'oIltueyc '' Trimble, 1oltifrort; Ibnr t
Folsom ,f" ( o. .New Orleaos f" Mbanpalis: .Iobi -
Sot, .lSpencer ,' (o, Chicago; L 11. I. imut 4'a.,
bo, St. Louis; Alber, t E. rane, an I raucs, e
co; It. 4 il. I. Iotlts onl, olio s atreal
ji n 1ind it1ps.
y i a dry O Ciuh
Ift is l It ir frally a teowilete to be
best h'ircserrati re of the Lather,
not in use, by all who
Iha ature ested it.y
It Oils, lacks atnd Polishes at the
akle A gltms fs produced inst.
i- thea"51.) are mantlctrigi usuallye
Letters. i'as buid that water does
Int o the duration of the Leather.O
th 'e De weekPBLC. It is decidatedly tohe
bThest .ication for Shoes, Boots a thorangh
S, .s have adpte its use in
are alaaetured by
- inlsale at all Groceries.
of -
We p(Earticulshe arily mamend itctinse unpoider
Bddinsevery style sof, stee, or flat, an can be
le eailey applis, any one.
ofteat Ofld" Lak "R°l can rust under
manently waterProoldapted its use in
The Paint inrolls, and has only
o be applie o witht
ol We particularly,0 per gal itse upon
r Al chine-shops, Steacrs ot
Price List furnisdea, tk,. counties
or coating TINt or SHINGLE. Y
ranOOFS It forms a eualto three coat
of Ordinary Pai.t. ocaL rust undera
it, and Old Leaky Wilsoyn Pe ' per
gThe Paint require Dese.66.
ii1 li:et 1 F. TI RNTON, ti' r' at
Engluh-i Astr,,l.gi t. ('iairrotlv t altd P-ich -
llr rl'i'lall. \\i o hao a tol,, hed the ; ,' tiI
,,l.,-,":s of the Old W orhl. halit, lnu at'," I .J +d
hI'r.il at iHid1,\1. N. Y. i.ladairme Titorrt,,l
i,,'.;el+ M ' \bi ( Vh1 Onderful )1l. t.'Ij - ,! :. c, :lc t
11i.t. i; , to soable her to ilarart i:Im i i lu
; til e' I ,retit -"t im prt a ,'e to t1 ,, ;ie "
iltirl d e ' l t e i'r st' '. \V h In a 'tji ,' ,t
i i.m ,t't'. ,liii li I ,',l iite l" 'llry h i t.li' s I" the
prcon iun are to mairy. antd L, the ,old oi' , ;
in-trllment of i hts -e power, known a- 'it,
-,ticho ,,titt ,e. ; +ar.tltt'e., t, p;idnce a !i '-
hi it im l re it tl i t re i l b+, i d I r 1itt :,"
the applicant, tOethcr wi' It rit .iN i .,
Io, itlio in life, le al t trait. l ,I aIlt er I l
Tis i'1 I hlu tib'it It , ia tho i al' i of tL tl't I -
~icl . a tn Iae.i t. tihe w ill '. ,,s l, hi il ,I-ir
ia - 1t'lfl 'tl certificate. or t':i '. riiar:iu .,
ihat Iii'e ic re tl, whr it pt 'It" to i-. Ili ;
wt, ri to. l, g a mall lhk of hll:. a,til t tatu,
plar e of tirthtl, al,, i. o ,itin ClI O it! t,-
ie-k. and ei ir , ijto ti ' , lly C i l i r ti i, ,,
irs h he iiad !ie-ed tt tiour- e it l , wilt I,'
.tire tie I hture and diro ,. Ith,,r ea. t
rt, itrn ati '. All iiitinumie 'it u, I vci t'p.
trill hitli . 5 ,t tri ll litit 11iiiiili ' i llhti t:lt'' "
olotidet ntii t. Ashire" it i cItlu , ii'..
3k. L miI E1. ('h'mitTO.
o P. 1 ) i't x 2yette Strt .,:. N. Y.i:s
Feb 27-ly Nw ork.
ODA!E s REI was N. ea'ti e f' and o lr.
Wnoid h strto" eis anit raSdituit Ci tr.
Wvo at . hi llalie . t a "irt si ltt. o leti I, i
Et1 ,hine ede th,.e v r v he, trS aiwl ii r,}.
to m tarry, aiu I v the aid itl' anl iittiiiitit of
iii ns C ' power, kttown as tl'he Phve' 11,1 ripe
ior t urle o the Hair 'ure hisl,it or it ito il' thr:,
eatitig traits of character, c. This is o
Brg tifty etits. a urid et ipd eicapl' i. atlddrres
',l to yoursltf you wll- receiv thIe ll cture. it
returnlt articl, gethe r ith desited that will ia
-trai;iit hair. and at the 'nt; l, 'imne gia,. it a
a t ioft l. , t-y alp ale.. Th. C i-p
Co n ner t ountry t'erl, the lair. Ou' i.It a r.l.
0:10t - WI m al ch'an s, i.; is il ,'i" ,a ,l,'
ronths in the City, a harlly raai, it,"t i ',tit'
her fie Itls t I , plc meot onrclT'. rill i .tllt , r
e'l f1c, The Cha . a soI rC a c il ei ol al-:'
most maiv l, s.mooth e s aild i eti a,,l of et
Adt-thre e really ar ea r- to te
%V. L. ('L.LRKK &SC',., Ci,,ini+t, .
No, i \'utitiry as to ,et caute irt, t r e' e,
Thrane. h painly tall theni trht she i', .
the Circsiv a ofco uurti, atlit w cot it i,
it all invaia 'le acnil isition to" a rt I.Ltly"
.t1. I . i ; + , 1 r (! u" ,nJu i k s. ni , t :., .: .
IEI'.\h 1TUR CAl'IIt1,1.
For resto, iri hair upon ball heeds (fio'l
hatoilert. By i it re ay Lately or ll:uit) i ,a
iorcimp roe the o hair le on tle lap'r, ai kai
ohu entlIlt . It will it e ithe p ,i l,Rt ti l'.a iv
upon ite smoties lin traing Irn liveritie to iht,
weekso or hair clpoanin ball head~ in itrin twoe
to thre cittie h it dws fI igor t ll its ttitir
es , kie .y herted that there si, aohin ll.inlt
will lorfce r haste ii the groath it the air oe
heard. Thmooeir a sertions are tilsl., Pris t,.
sent of mail or exprwiess, o (fromeci o iln ort;
er en Le) can hear i ite-o.. Cit mifan wi
-i. h.; t ar Fayette St.to di Syrtinuii e, N. i.
Ther thel ,meri ca It Aetainlts is dilli sale of
i-l hs-ACTIVE LOCAL ailt P Ti.ratlii a i
intls,d fle or Fema'ale, of all age r, ire,' .
oth!en, Villaodl vo ll et, hay.' a kls t,h l i . a ,d 11
awayiv ulrge aenoliuts in their p ich .,. "',
such te would saoy.try thntir' le ,ra tir th; illi
it ill co l vot no vlltiei n ele- it fu it ,, I.
ill to our Crlent ;iiois. II" tou a l rE i-t
does ll kep itand no is of llos r A sn ll
capill foreqird it. poft paid.:orom $ ther to 10h
ethe more money h i hivelted the irelter tli
profi ot. apli tion. proqvired iiigete satae
piou is not ivenr Add'es.
M1. L. CL \ RK c& Cor. phemists.
SFeb.2-ly New York. Cit.
oyant while in a liroant ate, -
the .ireassian Bal11, and considoled
Jant6- ly. *
''he 'oum 'h a.,lj tidings ct iYi to tl.
T" \'" t1'" A;, ',Io tld tou gw,'"Ir and t' `n::.;i
in l tw f i . ar. di. all i y bI . iL.
BIY 'I' : I: SE (l1'
)' . 'il A"T ELL..\ ".'S
in I-e. 1,I ci'.I III the -kI;4 1 i 1,":;11' a 1l It.ar: -
11k,' tilt, ti.tlt 1. 4,111y thicd ar vC "'h. It
qri ' ikly reill" e. T" '. " i 'l cki th,.P. * ,.
l .-, s)r. alil : i n ies t i , e -, ki ; l-i
ha in ti h ,, , . 1.1 t ; : .; 10: ,II'' 1'1\ . :;,:l .a..d
' i it .1 . I ' 1, i )' n-. ! rn not I it,'t
e id v t e. l r_'. , 'rutIn , aH) d [el, it \''c t
a ' , " ..,I r,l I i.s i, t' v hart., ... I i.,
F i I ' ielI . .I I it y t i0' ' : f .
'ir -',it 'y ' VA'i," ' i l , I I lln i I', ' I ,Vo iLit
i. . "' '... .i . , l , IS i ,
L1 ,1 :; il' l lt (' . (',. n, I' "t
(iJ'il , ill"t L7 I r I ,jt'sji j ('I tIi ". ,
ISUE'I' I o N) .ti' 1i ii'lt
W , nii hv thi n, ,,i f i DR. .I (}\VILLI. S
E 'IR.i). \ ' , i r'.i' , it , t.i ly.I:ii , I
I: t trill ('io
The n ! nl '.I . I , 11 'e 'ir'lt h. i ts, St
rlh:. i.],.. ,,,, ` .,I '":,, 1i" i., :licni :i a d
N ,.r ,,+ r S i::ik:' - . 'a l'' " . 1 .:itv ! a,.
'r r ,-ti, . L i- t I r :,'i t i t j li),. ... ,,I1 "t
ilpr L .t it' ie ei t'l 'l. Iiill ' 't I ''i nll ,' y iri
bs howsi, . h,)-- " , cr 1<) m e " , t;:lr . m: jl ,. i '.
i i. ' f 2 " i s, sy'l' rel tri ' N . It",
t''111'~a t tl e iii;tVt' i" ' lu ii i it " ,''.,'
I)o I tith. . o r h olen lit' Is oft u'of".er Dol>
n t ' ! .)1 "U . i,,: !il ti 't'l :r ; 111) tT, l' t' C "
ain s;I "I i ' Ii Snr t s sE II t I mo.
1P' r l'l t ' i i, se a s l td in ! r 1 -.'' to ,.
l Ii e, i. t -l it r i I' a r ja n l Is iji
(jIl l' 1(1 " I l i tr Ir e ii t i tl1) I.a " thu ;ill
AIeS' . DId . ,J N1 1L S S"Ti .
E ' Itrh, , I UeTTS. r C.!rl 1)Ii-,'ri.ts,
'I . (; , j Itii' Stcv. 'l il"y , N'. Y.,
Ilsa\','', SI. ii':, il, and kill nictl hiti); n, tit lih
Kid i vs ie . t ii c ar'1: it '1n t I ',I ' , i.n
frolil ,ne t , hi\ ' dla.r<. T i e , ar T l, ait:
h n l ( th 're ; l, ' i l'~ e f tx . i t 'l'e l l ' ;. - u 't
tith ' 'a' e.:. ail .' Ie ler einllt, ·.'+'l thel n l), hn' I
oi JSr;i 1H ttl. breTah. ELL li,2 i', S!II
ilettcewii y whil# lt-i'Ig itlh t u, niir 100,
their in a ii a n t In'll Ii, l 1i Ihe'r:, 1! il ti ,
h- t he 'r l, itr. s Pil., Iri e. ti h, r l,in'.
1:1hii oflh tsl t liii .e 'tI ' . 0th nl u. It' il',
emi 1 te ent to.y a nti rail'le a. 'lo ,'ly s iil'at,
:i:t',1 t plait'l., p a ill r or ill', , on reeii!'
lol' ri e.. A h ,i re o-r.t ,,- to
IBER I'.1 Sl" fTS l l Ct,.. Che)iits.
No, -2.5 ih'v'r Stteet,. Troy. N. Y.
f OAfL'e1) 6 p . ntr lrrw pin the iu,,tlntlest
fa'e ilh griea ht i tI i lt le' t ,k. t ,y i iii Drl'
5.EV I!NE B ! .- I 1sAURtATELR t. 'lL.
i,.\l E the lost wolt ell omei , 't ery Ie ll
io]ea u cielul , t acti r.. upin the a l Jue br-l
ll oir in 'ai ly r ' i rh le man n li iu.l . I hat
besi use d m y th i PdIrss of ])a'.re aw tliynd pos
with th" rn ml, al eti . e.,-. ,ties at
at picha.le rs~ wilP. 0 . D r e sr i' 2 . ar ii' . utiY
F'e ?.I3.1
W } I' t' IM O
11 11 L''1 [I '''' L ii' t1 ,I fI11i:. '
I t Lf f 1 ;LL I' i!1
I; 't 1Til:1 E'lj'C'ol I .." C;Iý.
1 Li: u ''I'L1, i .. x: '1" 47'1 ' I'tn l
'4''L:,!' 11 1\ :t 1' it ! "` 'i III t ~ 1
"It tL iI L ') I , ' . 1 !t . 1 Il Y~ 3 ' 1 1 'I t
I a· 'It"
I I ') '1 ý t I ' " ' I- " ' 1 ,'i . i :;L L 4 'll l 1 3 1 ' . !
LI':t~ ;t I. 1L' 11 4.1
1 1 "It (I.1' V - I ill 11:1; 1:! !1t"' "111 ' il ' 1, t
1 .14~` 11:: t ' 1 .'·11 1 .:1',' 1' TL 1~~I11 ,1'f;! '1. 11 .,1 cl.
'. 4I L '1I3 I''. 1 I "' Is 't! l i `1 " .4 ' .
'11 1
1H Ii .'.'' 1:" 1' !1 1f ' ` '1 i
ji1 l11"-i : ;! '111 ·~ ·~ ·I i : 111.1 L 1:;11111 1.1)l·,·!
tl l i.. Ii 1'i I i , 1 ;..1 , 'iii;I'1_t Lu ''I1;
. I' t ''1" IiL' ' L! 1I:1 'iL 1
1 ,""' . 1 I L t ' `., "i ,1 - !1' ' . , 1 11 ,"1' i ' t 1 i· " :1 1 .i
11 l 1 '111 'L''I '" i'.i"
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