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Gazette and sentinel. [volume] (Plaquemine, Parish of Iberville, La.) 1858-1864, May 26, 1860, Image 1

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.altforney at Law,
T'ILL practice in the Courts if the Sixth
.,lieral District. and the Sa;I reme Court
of Lo-.e:ana.
t- l'ost-otffic address- Plae;uenin:e. Iber- 9t
ri:ll, La." tch4-ly
~AVtD N. BARROW, . W. wore, at
Plagucmine, lies, Bt, R.,,oe,
lberrille, La. 1; t',. l,'.rc 1'. u.. TI
Barrow ." Pope, .
4Ittelrye ads Cod nsetler at Lawr.
W ILL practir their piolfession it the Ip, t
es ot Weat anld tast Batat lKua e. 1I r
.ile, Point Coupee and West Feeriana ; '!:e Ma
pr om e ('ouit of L ,,..i~ii a. a n. . I Ii**| ¶ . tates
Dir;r.:t and Cuciti t : (' a!, :. . ti r 1 r: ang
. . IH. RLLS,
A.' ,rnme" at Law a14d
attlice of the Pence.
Of - e on .Mein street sanr
A.ttorney at La-w,
I I;1 devote strict attenlti, tI e pjraerice o
L . rofession in aPl the Cooe ou' e . N J .
d" ". I Dist.ic,.
d ):ie with Zenon Labanve. ap,4- :
DR-. M. E. I)E.IAREr,
OFFRRt tra servicee to ' clits " P'la
0 quemint and vacini'y as a hýi, ta-t .u
Special attention paid to chrorate d(a_--.'
Office on Bank street, where he mray 1n - to tt.i:
at all hours. ,.:
* U. S. HAASE,
Vtill practice in the Courts cf East and We,'st
Batao Rouge and lberville. sep. a
Attoraney at Law, i
"iLL pra-tice in the parishes of lberville and
it ls oog.. Aju a sAis the yrene C
e on Main street neaethC ~ Cort w
S je5-1y . tI
Joseph Hiotard, a
Attornoy and Counsellor at Law. ':
(Oee sam*e as Zenon laban;re, Es ,)
Jyll6 PLA Q'iE.II E, LA.
Notary. Pubijo and Auctioneer,
HTILL do business in any pact of the priabh
at the folloH ,. ia'es:
All Notarial a,.ts drawn for ive to'ten dot
lars. Family .eetii, ::.'id tfor eight dollars.
Auctioneer'. businr.es dor:e ):t termes a suit pa
trons. decl I
rHE undersigned, having LO:.n appointed an
Auctioneer for tae pali a,. lbevillr. will
punctually atterad t.) ;.;! l,-ie;: in that line
which mary e :tr: :d to i., .. :, .
Letterla d.!,.e. :u soe at ;:i b directed :o St
Gabriel 'uosteoic-.
jy9-3m A;(. CI!RISTIN. to
SDr. W. 3ENKIJNS, ,,
Sur. cott 1Jentit,
1':%..: :4 ,at.d ;n I'Plaqlemhine
ir the purpoase rf priactiaiag the'
au), e p.Ol ro ,n:. e.-pectl ,l y soli- r
cits a share t f . pa.tronage ian tnl viaciilty.
which he hop s to muerit by s;rit atteilioi to (
Lusinless. Dr. J. cart oitr no intducetrenit aa tile
way of cheap werk as he usesthe best 0l ma- o
tersals and WA RRANTS all his work.
7l'ersons wishing :him to call at their resi
dences, will please send word to the l'uttle tlouse.
where their camniands will meet with ia. pruompt !I
oc8-ly W JENKINS, D. D. S.
House, Sign and VrnamCRental Painters,
and Imitators of Wood and Mar
ble, Paper Hanging mid
All done on the cheapest possible terms; and
guaranteeiug perfect atisleaction, they request the
patronage of their Irienda and the public gene
rally. my7-ly
IHaiseukamp R IMysses,
Whelesale Greeers asd
Coammlam eieu Merclamnts,
-W. to. l, Uso.
i"Particular attention given to consignments
of Iugar and Mlolasses, and to filling orders for
Westera Produce. ijanO'38-tf
Court House Exchange.
3AVIeD £a r "A
I ORM their friends and the public, sad all:
who have an appetite for
0**4 Liquere
and Vim ,ager,
that they have opened a Coffee House under the
abroe name, on the cornerofrMamn and Seminary
Ibet, where visitors will receive every atten
tiand their spirilual wants immediately ( p
-I ..... , ans ir
Pl"o= atu" O**s
PA? pmties all atteamie s as also their
wtil'ot pretead to ive a list of their
paof an adertisemeat, het
",",,,tsee.i, waat.f:
s Ioc231" - AASg b3Os.
ICE ! ...... O0 !
THE tunders,,nd arc happy to inform thoih
patrons a .l the pubire generally, that the
vessel containing their carg of, Iree. is now in
New O(lieas. or Iprobably left this day for Pla
quemine, and by luesday next prolabvt they
will have the pleasure to accomniodate all. anti
from thencelorwarl for the seas,-n. with any I
an,uint of this delicious luxury of the South.
.f.IT f'l ".l[ .. ) . I' i l
R. A. ORILa.o\'cs
 Wacoy GCroooory Btore..
, , t ,,,t t !,, ' , e 1. "
sace+. Fit-ii L.obster..
Phae App e Cheese and Frei. Jelly.
S ('heese art Freyh BDt:rer:
P'arler nI:as
,e-" To" ps ,rui Marbles:
1t t., '. .rte andt l'eic i
I.,d 11 ,ur( = Le't*r I ap r. lussan ,. and
Ink ,um l'1
To .Sugar Plantera.
The E lar Bagasse Furnakre.
rateated 15th sne: 15ss.
Never known to Fall !
I )ARrTIES wishing to purchase the rght to uce
Speease appy t,
The Wood or Coal Furnace,
for either BOILERS or UCGAR KE.TTLES.,
Patentea December 21st, 1858.
LT Numerous lseerences given. Apply as
above. apt
A Card to the Suffering.
THE Rltv. WIILIAM t'OS(iROVE. while la
l ouring us a missionary in Japan, i as cured , f
Consumption, when all other m,'an, had railed, ,v a
eeiprlsiued frrw a learned physician reriadlg in
the geat ese . Jo. This recipe baf curedl grat
nuntlers who wroi af'ring fraA.onnump,, on.
IBr.eachelit, Bore 'riMat, Cough., ant Colds, and
the debilityaad aeroess depresiua caused by t1iree
Desirous of betefusiag others, I will seed shi
rcipe, which I have brought home with me, to all
who need it, free of charge.
Idd a. Wis. COSGROVE,
230 Baltic-treet, N
ap-ha Bruuokl)s, N. Y._ i
No. 16 Royal ,Street,
Next door to the PosfOffice, Naw OaLr.aa. s
O().ters in Barrels or Cans, Pickled or Spiced.
Fruit and Nuts of all kinds, wholesale and re.
Always on hand a full supply of all the luxu
ries of the season.
!Meals served in New York style.
CIity and couqtry orders put up on the shortest
notice. ap21-ly
The line passenger packet D. F. KE.NNE ,
Capt. Barasnco. leaves New Orleans every
o'clock. -
The passenger packet C. D., .1. C'apt. Vincent
leaves New Orleans every TUESDAY andi
THURSDAY. at 10 o' lock A. M.. aad every
SATI'RD.Y, at 5o , P. M.1
The steamer G(;OSSE TETE, J. MecQioid.
master, leaves New Orleans every MONDAY
evening at : o'clock, and FRIDAY morning at
10 o'clock.
A cleri is always at the landing. foot St. Louis
street, to receive and deliver freight and sign
blls of lading for the above boats.
apl4 J. A. COTTON, Agent.
Leaves every SATURDAY, at 5. P. M.
SRegular New Orleans anraot Adams Packet.
sig i passenger Packet (OLDEN AE 6.
ela, amaster, will leave ts ahove er 'UT
UBDAY evening; returuisg, leaves aHasl yo
%' EDN.SI)AY, after the arrsval of the care fram
vllie, takisog freight and pasegerd four all laundlung on
CoaLt. Fur freaglht or pau ge apply on s rd, or to
apl 4 Corner Front and Cuomaon streets.
a; Leaves every 'UIESIIAY at 5 o'clock P. M.
Sburg U. r. Mail Lime-For DLasld
_I a omille. P'laquemuine, Baton Kouce,
Port. Hudaon. Rsyvu Sar.re.Rd Ri,•
er l.andling, Fort Adamts, Natchez Waterproof. KRd
new, St. JuImeph. Grand Gulf. Warrentmee and Vicks.
'imrg-The new steamer CHARMER, Capt. W. C.
1 Wileon, will leave as ieve every "'vusasa, at S ou'
I clock P. M1. Returning ahe will leave Viekabourg
every FRIDAY, nt 12 o'clock M.
apl4 Agers,,. t'arodele, stmreet.
S heabove steamers will connst at Vickhburg
wih the sleamer Dewdrp fr Ymnu, river. apt4
SThe undersigned would say to his
S friends and to the public generally that
aving become rsole Ptrieter of the
ine Wise imported by BIE H R BROS.. he
will p.y due attention to the erdes of all for a
Isupply, is bottles or casks. No such quality of
wme can be purasred for 50 per aent advance
eanbe sum he asks for it. He asks conoisers to
give it a trial.
S.Janes Eart1i3
l IO*t a.d She Kauaslatsrer,
C ~w, O53 SAL IuR N
NO. . 4 CIlATrES STaRE?,
IS gain on hand with the first and finest stock
Goods for Ladies' Dresses.
New and Splehadid Jewelry.
Ready Made Clothing, A
GcntlemrnI's IPardrobe,
in all their varviety,
O't a i lial supplv "i, uC
-'.I " l" (,tqtil)N GENERALLI;
to eqttneir'.e ihhi.l wiout nc.irup more time
and pace thai .i i. l al teld to it Ia the ciint'1
n1f t iapp,,r Ii " pep:e. aid the l.a litae in par
tl"il- r. i.terre t,1 e. i hll the r ine i '* goolds,
%oucetlsiuas Riare and IBeausli l,
an 1 Ynd P nceeiig arlythllin hereto:,re ever bloogiht
t: PI'l niinmlre. th iley hilave p t lto call in at the
Old a.n,! ,il l ii l.,et . w ere el.v will oLe
lhowli. mti greit p!iasre s.ar e oi thr
Randsomest and Nichest Goods, t
iMore New St. lv of Articles, I
than wr- ever seen ill Ihi town
C-.r-i.lg is lie proot! M.s trienlds, the La- I
dis ail everybody are respecttully itrdr I, to
I ac.l I' :thw.itu and tole t'y to tire truth of whist I
haie said.
mrl4t G(AB.RlEI. BROWN.
Newv Goods I New Goods! ! 1
N e,~ e oI am now cpe ing a large and -
J" ' most beautiful ,
Stock of New Good',
For the Spring and Summer of 1860.
Iadi* will do well I, calling at my store,
where I lthiak they 'can find the Finest stock of t
Goods ever broul.t T, this market. constting n (
the tl!',w la .i itl.'les
French Organlres and Muslius-all warranted .
ta.t colirs,
Rarage rrelrl. clt he latest styles;
'lic iue Ilie.esee. of dtiler ent patterns; 1'
English lare..e. at tlow prices;
Summer Silks. Mantllli and Shaw !s. Ea:1i:Ua Ita
ng ('o:ars awl '1haw.'s Va.ernc:eltie setts,
l'e!erines, Ball Dresses, &c.
Soe HoIuse-keepers.
i anm opening a fine asssortmeut of House
Ilrulahigl , such as Dam:sk.T'able Ilot!h;
Liutan Towels; French aed German Ltnen.
French Furniture: Calicoes of the manlaiaTctnre,
Also. Sheetings. Cotton and Linen, white and t
brown, all of whlechLill be sold at reduced pri.
ces. Before purchasing elsewhere, come and
examine the stock of ,.
Have just received their Spring stock I
of Goods, of every variety and olf the new. I
st styles, for Gentlemen s
8pring and Summer Wear,
and they hope that their old friends and the puib
I ls generally, will come brward and give their
orders, select their patterns and get measured.
They flatter themselves. that as an old and
long tried firm. they can refer to all of their old
patrons as to the durabiltyv ot their work, their
punctuality and businiess integrity.
Thauk ul for past favors, they hope that they
will still te considered worthy £tthit patronage
which has been so genero them I,
the past. They still occtpty . r Stand. on
Main street mhbl
Always lirst in Season!
Goodse for the AelUdeays.
SftE are now opening a very large stock of
FANCY GOO1S. both useful and orna- I
mental, which we will sell as low as possib e.
We invite the public to call and examait. No
I trouble to show goods. .
China Vases.
A FINE AS$ORI'MI NT, of all sizes and
S prica. For sale by
Books I Books I
PRAYER BOOKS, Bibles, both Protestant I
I and Catholic; Fine Illustrated Books, French
and Enigiish; a finle assortment for juveniles.
IE have the finest assortment everoLught
to this marketu, conaisting *l
Fire (rackerL, I Flower Pots,
Sky Rockets, Mines.
oomann Candles, Serpents,
Fire Whres. &c. &c.
We Challeage Oompetition
TN BRANDY. Cherry Wine,
Madeira WVine, Port do.
Muscat do hbampagne do.
Whiskey, 1 &c. &e.
These goods w girarantee, and will sell as low
a pssible.
V Prit .Cake.
SAISINS in whole, half and qlarter boxes;
f All in ason for Fruit CLake t
t. Wl. OI.ARE •
a LFASjust returned from New Ornas,bringing
It I a large and wIll sasorted stock ofil
*lro erlegt olf i kinds.
SAlso, just received from 'P Lois, a let of
SFoleIr-extra and superline.
As it is my latstin dlo keep o hald a eill
- supply of everthingi my lis, stall asiolicied
from my old friendr and ua e'wa.
Sltorm opplit Nicol's. - myslt-ttf
Disukms #f anl Klmi,
Ir l or tihe ap o the Sherif Adu
tissser sad Ad.iaiseeton, seesa as haeld.
end for esale at [mbN) THIS OFlICZ.
-*Ofic1". on la.e Slrrel.-*
'IP'ti " I'1'TION-Per aniuim. The-i a Doll r,
. t ft'i t Ii'dtg- ifi,;t'.l Iul .il; .dw - 1i 4t . - li-l.-l' I u tI
tm 11 111 . II . 1 ;I,,I : l, l.* lis. of. .W',-,( . J .,, 11
AIIF :RITIFN.MIi.lNT will i.e u.r-rtd ! the t
l Vst ioliK ('is rr*uat, . .o'eniy .ortI-- ,tth
I r . l l,llr |*Its ('e Inlr 1 e rr ", h-i 'rl: wa l s|it.i I .rige-'. I1 .
l r , ,-I F. e i , i t .er. e-4.theý :. r -at- l h ,,. te .
.414 rt e-Iiin t il- t" l , i ,r itw ilouthts ,r rh ,, 1 C
ANNOUNCING t" Ci\1ll1)ATl.T--'ren.lita|- .
fr tll .,li, Inn. l i.t i:a -> slar.Il l a, ...ut.iht t
OBIT"\Ri NOTIC'EYS. iot ,.xtv.ex h.gthree ..I
flur ol  1, w ,1 le I ,1 ". r':sly i-srirtil witt,*U Iiurie
bu t,,, ou gre. r lle.iti .. 1,Ibe t uar 'ld a der't -il
ouB \r' lK-l 'ah ol d,,vely
l)pt.cis). of 'tIIt EFERF.Et . t--hAll Lstts
O.-- .i note in th'" last W\ilkes's S4,il t c
If the' thus, dated I;" s La h il iln Ln.-- I
an . pril t I"" sttebl, s"he "ti ci~, , f
til' e itlor io of tullls i t il 1. , u.1t . wh,, l
ll ,'ln an, la t1 1S, th t tat it is' lost 11
1I ,ulled tist tlill f1:re that wek.k,n thc
t groundil if ruck 'it pu. All bet. are: f a
course f."
TlE 1 '.ir cc ,t1ic tt l teachr 's eL. oi,. - '
tstrik Iap urs in that lountry profest hi t
,lgilt whether he is a hard hitter.-- ,
`avteis might lie ablie Its rive s0,11e ill- f"
fllriaution oni that pint. In this sh p -i "
try there is a story that at t,. ievsttn 1
Gymnasium . where they have a contri- e
van tfo trest thei foret of a I, l,,i the
best pupil lstruck 0 pof unlifs. Afteri ia i
few daysull practice iii teacher was able'
tf strike 130 pounit.ds. een an put hii- ti
sell tra: T puii t childr fr a short peritod.
allto the of ;ater. 1,i1ce God has I
poured o,:l arlyy third of a toi ! unit
any one tell hsw harlu a horse kicks w p
to see o Ge ur chihildr tit ldren ph.n
Iv of fresh ;air. or et tein snt u.--ntil it c
siende talero y n current of Life, dand cinguri t
joyfully to their temlples. Air is s. a,
cheap, and so good, and so necossary t
withal, that every child should have t!
free access tru it. he race Mann beauti- 1
fully says: "To put children ona short r
allo wai'e of fresh air, is as it would a
have beenittle Noah, durin the de- v
inge, to have put his family on a shodrt
allowance of water. Since God has v
pourl lipped out an atmosphere of fifty miles
to see our children stinted in breath." a
Titu 'l:.w Ti.PRIG ,,,,O.T.--ufS
layong enan, choler a of a maers, one
would strive much harder to get his ho
Sumaided tale a la Bell's Life, and turned
the E"tisac Stion" or Rmoing. the
Breakn ing hicrugh the ropes to der weats b
our Champilon.
Sltlii:harp little bLy--"Whb"y does va <
kiss u s, a layr in Pyuth ?" En
glAtcti, sonate motxcessiely "Becaus he
love its my dear."
loves our cook tow, for I saw hi tte kiss
her more than forty tio s es lat Suday,re d I'
when you were gone todiff church."eteen
one w.The gentleks, an who stood upon a
"ceremony lst his a fo ian d Cincinnatis
Sthat sess. has slipped out o a very pleas
rem Prentie, says, if Abraham was
TiAn English missionary now thin
Sumatrwea, lately wrote home thatim, had
ven in which his precesor was ba
arThere is a lawyer in Plymouth, En-le
versa tl ii~l lhole.
The Japanese Embasusy in Washing
ton, f
The aWsihtingtolt , rrepn-.n1ltt 'i the d
New York hierald writes, under daIt,: f
the lith. the following itterssttng par
ticulars t f the movements of the Japan
ese in the capital :f
The precise character of tue mission 1 i
,of the Japainese was rnot ascertained r
till last lighlt, whlen they produced aI
l.ttrl, dat!.-l J-.ddo, handsonely writ- 1
ten it, E'lish, in whi.h it is stated that r
the l'in es come hiti,:r as EL- , s Ex
tlialtdin:tl. with the request t that theyl d
I.,. pri--se"1tl t the P'residet! through i
the State It'tpaitmlent. 'IThis letter was :e
p'rol lliv I recl.'arel at tIc iistatice uof
c ,I sul-;, .l,-ratl Illa ris g
',-d0 v ti., scribes of the Ensiassv are ii
I,,sil?"c'c:t~ged in writi.u dispaltches a
ulicitig their arrival, nith incidetts
I lth v \,..i,, to be seit ti San Fran- n
cis-., !. lit l'niy express. a:id thence ii
Ti,,y Iiate asked f,-r In .:., pivate 1
tunarters .t 1Villard's Hotel, anl that i
ntetals I. ,int to their ai i. This has i
tletil :i',,rlc'l. g
Caljtaiit I ltpunt is very as-idiious in I o
Iii attlintlit is to prolmote their cointifrt. a
'Jilte laljansei Embassy alildesaed a c
note t, "Se'irttary ('ass this isiitoriiag, re- i
portiu t, hinm, it accordance with in- c
sI tritci .,i- f,rom their Governmlent, ttheir ii
at rival at the city of Washliigtoi ti ex
chl,tige the. atilications of the treaty, C
and that they were ready to perlforin the i
cerela' lstiy at such day and hour as he c
tnight .-pecify. The Secretary replied %
at oncec, lixinu- to-morrow at 12 o'cloxk'
for tile exchanige of ratifications, and t
that on the following day they would be t
fortltally presented to the President.--- !t
The note of the Embassy was in Japan- I
ese, accotitpanie'd by a translation I
'IThe Emblassy is not clothed with u
plenary pwers; but as Envoys Extra- i
ordinuary, they are authorized, however, i
t, Ilike propel arralngemients for the re
turn .f thesir shipwrecked countrymnen
HI w hI.re ,,r those who may be hereat ter i
shipwrecked. They have no ip,.wer tot
alter thl. existing treaty.
'They express themselves greatly .
pl.eased with the recepltinu. also with all C
tile apl;tointmlents ails atrangemenuts l
i.made by the officers having the inin
chiar'ge. Captain Porter informed U om
they would remain in Washpgton V
about twenty days before they visited
the Northern cities. They will remain 0
three days in Philadelphia, from thence it
"proceed to New York, where they will I
remain about a week, and from there go
to B,,sttn. It has not been decided yet C
whethl r they will visit Niagara Falls, t
but it i. more than probable that they I
The artists accompanying the Embassy i
are ctonstantly busy taking every object
of interest 'presented to them. They I
perform their work with accuracy and
kiaill. They have already several sketch
ibooks filled with interesting matters E
which have met their eye sintce their de
parture from Japan.
I hley received no visitors to-day, keep- I
ing closely to their apartments. Never
rtheless they appeared pleased with the i
mothr" tcr,,wd assembled under their
windows, and presented quite frequent
ly theilr ssiiiltg countenlances. Yester
d:lay e\veninlg Ilhey prevented the police I
from driving these curious American
sitght-b ters -away, and (nnsed them
selves by, throwing their native coin
amontgst them to be scrambled for.-
s arge nuloibersof ladies and gentlemen
paid their respects to them and begged
a card written in JapariCse characters,
which are exhibited, in connection with
the singular coin, as trophies and me
mentoes of this interesting occasion.
Already the men about town have at
tached Japanese coin to their watch
chains, in token of their importance and
influence with thse in authority.
There is ofle particularity in this re
Sception, and t'at is that the Japanese
inquired the occupation of the vtsiors,
thetir salary, whether married, and nt
merous other questions, al1 of which
were written on their note books, and
e gave satisfactory evidence that they
are making obslrvations for the benelit
of their cointrymen at home. With
the ladies they were less particular.-
STbcy smiled upon them most benigaly,
and were profuse in their admiration as
Sthey were ninute in their examination
II of their jewelry.
The piano was an object of great Cuo
riosity. The source of harmony was a
Smystery to them, but they seemed nev
er to tire of it. Card-writing became
quite a bore, and one of them, after
complying with the request of a $1200
clerk to write his name in Japanese, on
Sbeing applied to by another to fill up
a half a dozen cards in the same manner,
Spulled out a small pocket book, and af
ter a hasty inspection, ejaculated
"Tired !" Of course the clerks were
sOur citizens amre in a poeitive state of
excitement. All the ladies are dying to
Sbe inttleduced to these ~etals. Their
small stature is the sualJc of constant
remark, and givearise to many amusing
a remarks. One of the "fancy" said,
Swith theair of a wise man, thatthe )e
- nicia Boy, striking out from the houl
der, would clean the whole nation out.
. Presents pour in upon the Japanese
from all quarters, and the people seem
determined that their stay of a month
shall be as pleasant as possible.
Win. C. Zantzinger, Flag Secretary
to Commodore McCluney, of the Home
isquadron, who is now here, is a great
favorite with the Japanese, and has been
invitedl lvy them to stay with them du
rintl their visit.
TaE Cois or .JArA.--We were yes
terdua shown several Japanese coins.,
respectively repres.enting the value of
vine hundred dollars, twenty dollars, six
dollars, two d,,lIars, three shillings, and
two cents, which have just been receiv
ed. All of those are curiosities of a
rarS character, and indicate the pro
gress and enterprise of a people, who.
if they have been heretofore accredited
as semi-,arbarians, so far as some (;
their arts are concerned, are nearly, if
not fully, elual to any civilized nation:
in the world. The one hundred dollar
coin we have already described. It is ot
gold so pure as to be almost flexible. It.
is six inches long, of an oval shape, and
as thick as an American twenty dollar
hgold piece. The edge is millied, being
of" a more ligured and ornamental char
acter. Mr. E. W\. Barr, jeweler of thin
city, ilnforms us that these pieces are:'
probably manufactured by being first
cast say one-sixth smaller than they are
intended to be when complete. They
are then put into the hands cf an artiti
cer, who, with a peculiar shaped ham
mter, having an almost acute edge, pro
ceed to beat the metal out upon an an
vil until it assumes the desired shape.
Such is the expertness with which
this operation is performed, that the en
tire surface appears as if it had been
thus corrugated in a machine, the thick
ness of the coin being preserved so uni
formly that a pair of callipers passed
over its surface does not reveal the min
utes variation. Upon the face of the
piece certain Japanese characters are
painted in ink, while upon either side
sundry characters are stamped, evident
ly with a die, probably fixing the na
tionality of the coin, or indicati~g the
time soand reign of the Emperor wien it
was made. The remaining gold coins,
excepting those representing two dol
lars, s similar to the above, being
oval sh d , and forged and stamped
with figures corresponding to their
The two dollar coin is of the shape
of a parallelogram, three-quarters of an
inch long and about half an inch wide
Unlike the other money, it appears to
have been stamped, both sides being
covered with the mysterious configura
tion of a Jaa,:nese die. The two shill
ing coin is similar to the one las des
cribed, differing only in the fact that it
is of silver, and is a size or two larger.
The two cent coin is of copper, evident
ly alloyed with zinc, and is of an oval
shape. It has a square hole in the cen
ter, and a smooth surface around the
edge, is about the size of a longitudinal
section of a hen's egg, is stamped with
Japanese characters, and, like nearly
all the other coins exhibited, would be
an inoonvenient object to carry around
in the ordinary breeches pockets of our
Yankee financiers. All the coins indi
cate great perfection of workmanship,
and they only require the amalgama
tion of American improvements to ren
der them equal if not superior to any
thing of the kind we have among us.
EsNa.tcI.S MAx.ssEs.-There are over
a thousand pretty, engaging little ways
which every person may put on, with
out running the risk of being deemed
either affected or fo pih. The sweet
smile; uie ial bow; the earn
est moglent ressing a friend
more especially a stranger-whom one
may reoommend to our good regards;
the i luiring'glance, the graceful atten
tion, which is so captivating when uni
ted with self-possession; these will se
cure us the good regards of even a
churl. Above all there is a certain sot
ness of manner which should be cultiva
ted and which in either man or woman,
adds acharm that always entirely com
pensates fior a lack of beauty.
Ia."You must not play, with that
girl, any dear," says an injudicious pe
"But ma, I like her, she is a good lit
tie girl, I am sure she cireusae as pretti
ly as I do, and she has lots of toys?
"I cannot help that, my dear," res
ponded the foolish anti-American, "her
father is a shoemaker."
'ABut I don't play with her father, I
y with her-she ain't a shoemaker."
aWlR"I wihi," said a beautiful wife to
her studious husband; ',I wish I was a
book." "I wish you were an almanac,"
Ireplied heop lord, "and then. I could get
a new one every year." Just then the
crinoline rustled. Tne husband wma a
cruel wretch.
US.A farmer said to a barber that he
ought to reduce his prices, now that
oornis cheap; "No, air-e, for wheaorea
is low, farmers make such bkg fanes
. that I have twice the groad to go
. over."

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