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Gazette and sentinel. [volume] (Plaquemine, Parish of Iberville, La.) 1858-1864, September 29, 1860, Image 3

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G o ,I
Tat D Ges. Walker & Col .adir th'
Rears of &,ewe of the Mer. ha.
IFaom the Picayune.] in i
Hsan or TS I''sse.s, S t. 24.--The ed
schooner John . Taylovr, Capt. lomilbard thr
crosed the bar t-dayv anl is on her way wit
up the river to New Orleans. fra
'l'he Tayhtr left the Ihlaind of Utilla est
on the 13th inst., and rl'ings as passen- er
gerstte.trIi;hrt, all 'at w'hIn were con
nc,:tditn \\ alker , expedition to Ilonm- I
duras They are all wtel.a I
Gen. Walker awl ('C. lb;i'lor, hip sec- E
oal il c,,mman1, w1ore imprisoned at n
Tatillo, anu1 wt'et to be shot on the i i
1411h it. cu'
I'. Tavlor left thin port, we believe, thi
o, tie3lst ntt., with some thirry-tive pe
men to join Walker. Tihe most of them, bli
it will Ioe seen. have returned, while our d
di-.pateh says n,,thinr of the great
ikly of tlhose who had preceded them.
No dbnht they are safe. As t' the fate
of Walker and RuSller, it will be .bser
red that although it was reported by Cl
the Spat:ish ;te.ataer at Havana that sh
they were tU be sh, t on the 8th, the It
execution had not taken place on the th
43.hj th
6ea. Walker ihet. an
TILu. LATER.-'The Picrtyue has receiv- at
edstill later intelligeice ii appears from as
below, giving the certain intelligence as
that Gen. Walker has been shot : or
S. W. P.s, Sep. 27.--l h. 40m. A. . O
The Bnitish steamer Gladiator, from
Truxillo ri" Ruatan, has just arrived, T
sad is on her way up to the city. o0
The Gladiator has on board all the
men that remain from Gen. Walker's it
late attfortunate expedition to Hoodu- t
Sras. el
Gen. Walker was shot on the 19th b,
t., st Truxillo.
Col. Rudier, the second in command, el
4as still a prisoner in the Castle when i
Gladiator left.
Islat 3recklaridge atdafse Qlabs h'
Prsuant to a public notice, a meeting of £
thI Dmeecracy of the Island Precinct," of tl
the parish of Iberritlei, was held ii the Schbool
Ilease of said prec.nct, on Tuesday the 18th of
day of September 1860, for the purpose of or
p ising a Breckinridge tnd Lane Club.
ao m ti,n of Joseph Walsh, Esq , who cali. e
lithe meeting to order, Hon W. R. Boot., ri
Pi the chair, and Stephen D. Davis, was 1s
asted to act as Secretary,
The object of the meeting having been ai
briedy explained by the chair, on motion of
James S. Willis E.q, the meeting proceeded
torepnize the Club, by the unanimous lec
tiue'of the following aloicer:
President, Bon. W. R. Boote; Vice Presi.
dest, Evariste A. Arceneaux; Secretary. Ste
phne D. )avri; Treasurer, Victor B'anchard.
,s Walsh, E-q., moved that the chair
appsd ia e~mmittte of four, to report reaelu
tieas lspressive of the sentiments of the MD e
m'crany of the Island; also to draft a Conati
tatean and by laws for the Club, and that said
Ommiittee lave until Tuesday, the Mlth int.,
to make their report.! This motion being car
ried, the Chair appoitted on said Committee,
Musrs. Joaheph Walsh. E. A. Aiceeeux,
Antoise B.anehard, and P. O. Wrlis.
On. matio the same of the Cbairma was
added to said Committee.
On motion, it was
Rmied, That this Club shall be called the
"* Iland Breckinridge and Lane Club."
Pailip Wanfre, , , of AsA sioa,seitg
present, was aled upon to sddres theu Clb.
Mr. Wiofre declned making a speech, bet
in asew words assured the Club that be was
heabrt and soul with it in Its spirit sad de ter
misaution. The meeting he said, had aosemr,
bled for the purpoe of working--aot to talk i
it had made a good begiuhalg, let the wotk
matime until the day of elecktion, and a trl
amphenat sjrity will b the resntt. He oo
eluded by iaritig the Club to join the De
mcracy of ALscenasisa, at a Breckinridl and
Lane barbeuee, to be girea at New River, oe
Saturday, the 9th last
O moties, the luvitaties w + a epted
ad the Club
l asked, T at the prcedaug i i s,
auettag be published in tihe Ouuite 8 
tlas, ad ia the ew Rier arm die.
The meetig thu adjoured to meet e
tdsy, the rth int.
w. a fOTE, Pvelet.
.IgIe D. Davis, Seeretary.
,Pteerp c 4dthL Gmatt & Gem Lt.L
Mr.dlbr:-S a . weus heg sad
their $iw eltias fe r -, e it ti
UaiesWbe alleld upemtegsue p e tthe
hnsltabes shi met their sloes fur Preulihi
= of the Uitmeg Sat. Leekup.a h -swh
party; theite.
-y, I
fat the enusiita
bt rn ehah eb)Ln t~ ..kr.
up threadbare Wes, bat by voting for priu. W
cptls, alin me. What weJld I give for a (Hi
Goverament If it would not protect me in my J
life, liberty sad property I Government is dy
farme and inastituted for this purpose-is al- s
tnd, Idam iended and changed to achleve re
this object. How could we go in " pursut of V
bapiness," if Government (piled to protect as of
in all these essential rights t Ours was frm- vr e
ed with that express view. We fought
through a seven years' war without an army,.
without a navy, without a Government. We
framed the Confederation, and after peace,
estblish d the present Constitution, to conse- ins
crate these great cardinal principles of a free JA
and independent people. Can it be now, that '"
at this moment, when we have built up this at
Empire of Sovereign States, thirty three in ba
nunm or, unsurpassed in the prosperity of all ea
its material interests, its commerce and agri- be
culture, and filed with the elements of every a,
thing that makes a nation great, that we see d
persolns among us so forgetful of the past so to
blind to the present issues, that they are rq.
dy to remove from under the edifice one of
its main pillars, the protection to property ? A
The Constitution declares, (it is in the Bill of T
iR ights, and this Government could not have
existed a day without it,) that "no person i
shall be deprived of his life, liberty or proper
ty without due process of law." And when
the true Democracy place themselves upon
this inherent right, this Constitutional guar. A
antee, we find persons who 1deciare it is an
abstraction. Well if it is an abstraction, it is
an abstraction of the Cosstitution. We might A
as well say that the writ of habeas corpus is
an abstraction, because no one can be imp; is
oned without just cause; and yet we see our !
Courts releasing persons every day from jail.
Our forefathers fought for an abstraction.-
They fought against a tax of a penny a pound
on tea.
If, then, this protection to our property in
the Territories, is an abstraction, why is
Mr. Douglas and his followers so strenuously
claiming to exclude slaves from a Territory
by the act of its Legi. latarel Or the Belt
and Everett men, and the Black Republicans
claiming the same thing for Congres Now
if it is an abstraction on one side, it is an ab
stractien on the other. There certainly could
he no necessity by any such power, to exclude
slavery from a Territory, if It eould never go e
there. Certainly cvery Southerner, having e
the interests and Constitutional rights of the d
South in view, should embrace the soutA aide
of the a bstraction. If he does not, when there
is a mere abstraction at `take, where will he y
be when the practical question comes up of
excluding hisu and his property from the Ter- ,
ritory by Congressional or Territorial Legis
lation' "
Mr. Editor, when I h.ar persons discours
ing thus upon a grave questio n. I more than f
cuspe et their loyalty to the institutions of!
rg FIr inW Orlma.
Terrible Disaster.
We condense the following for lack
of room, from the Picayune's account:
Last night at about a quarter to S
d o'clock, a fife broke out in Karstendiek
& Co.'s large liquor warehouses, Nos.
101 and 103 Tchoupitoulas street, be
twaen Lafayette and G.rod leets, run
ning back to Foucher street. How it ;
t originated, and from what cause, we
have bad no possibility to ascertain,
amidst the dreadful excitement produc
edby the appalling calamity which ea
s The two warehouses, four stories
high, filled with liquor, were soon in
flames from the ground floor to the roof,
Sand explosions foliowedexplosions as
the fire reached new tires of whiskey
or brandy. The burning buildings were
bounded at the corner of Lafayette
r street by Evan's warehouse, a three
, story building, lately filled with floor,
' wlistkey and other goods belonging to
h different firms, and on the apper side by
. the store of Messr. Breedow Wurst
. hoi, woleosle grocers. * * *
The fire reached the fonatt story of
Iarstediek's store, wbpre s large lot
of liquor was piled and a terrible eplo
s sloa took place. The walt shook and
tottered, sad fell with a tremendlous
cerash on the corner warehbouse.. T
force of the explosion at the sam.
i fotod at the partitiom wall, sad weis
. house, yet untouchebd by the lames,
came down, forming one mmss of rais
from street to street.
No battle field, no steamboat eaplo
slo could exceed the hoor of the
scenes These, snder that enmorous
men lay baei. The supseoU s
ithat aIesse from te crowd was tslb.
The first ma takea t' o Mike
t isnehan, iAsh **2hJp an Se a
* bdlyucet'ls the f eli i as
h feOllw shock 0 the84 b dItI M *ml
t covereId him, id iM ot wrs rwt
Ietry mn w eat tai EmIm of the
bdc s,.a b nmbjwrnwbs.m
- to be foad. he 
Sed qwe. m rpnte ou er teYh
a iSe new
,e du . W we .
• tfu eumuu msa:t . . " ,.
. " A. M -.t Asw i ,2 die I
Walter Clayton, Alex. Strawbridge, Bo"
(son of the late Judge 8trawbridge,) T. j
J Bartleson, John 0. Roy, David Cassi- I ii
dy, John Wingate, Louis Werling, be- Q
sides five or six others, with Imanay se- the
verely if not fatally injured. All ths'w the
young men killed were from 19 to 24 l' e
years uof age. Really, Friday the 21st LI
of September, will bea a imourufulaautui
versary for New Orle:ans.
For the G(aztte and teati~ Ul.
Died. in this lpaish,on the evening of the thu C'a
inst., IDA BIANDON, daughter of J. W. and
JA.v B.ILLIGos. aged about IS mouths. This ]
sweet ilttle sufferer was sudden!l taken from life, ad.
and from the fond affection of idolizing parents, ,n
at a moment when hose inspired them wil tht
belief that '!be critical momelit of her dis- T
ease was past. acd they would in a few days.
be listening again to her gay infantile prattle, dal
and see once more her beaming smile. Her an,
death suggested the 'olowing lines, sligitly al- w<
tred, from the pen of a fine writer: roc
' I am all alone in my chamber now,
And the midnight hour . unear.
And the laggots crack and the clock' dull tick Ti
Are the only soulnds I hear;'
The mother in her solitude Tfl
Could lnot not such sad leelings hide.,
For her heart and eyes were lull w hen she
Of her aset Ida taa: died ,
I w'nt one day to msy sitter's house,
Went to see the dear ones all.
And aoftv I opened tne g arden gate,
And solly the door ot the hall;
My sister mePmte at the door.
ihe kissed wte aid then she saghed.
SAnid her head tiel on my ,ec'k. and she wept,
I or her sweet Ida th it died !
"I shall miss her when the tfowers come
la the garden Ialre sae played ,
I s!hal miss her more by the fireside
When twi flowers are all decayed.
1 shall see her tys and her empty lair,
And think of all she was denied !"
Ah! often thus wilt the Iond mother speak
Of her sweet Ida that died I
i We shall go home to our Father's house,
To our Father's boose in the skies.
' Where the hope of souls shall have no blight, 31
* Our love no broken tiea.
SWea hall roam on the biLks of the river or peace,
And bathe in itsblipfn'tide.
And one of the joys of le shall be.
Sweet lih"e Ida that died! E. B.
i. I ---- -- - "--- ---;
I Epaves.
N I ARRF.r: par Marcellin ITehert, re'i
dant sur le Bayou Menchac. Ie cotd gau- Si
t che do lieuve trols Jpments, savor:
2st. Le premier :st d'une ctouleur Rai, 13 ti
Smnstus de hau.!eur. a%* de 7 t u 6 ansl. itamp6 1
d'aroe llrampe eslnaguul±-.
e 2d. La seconde e.t d'r.e Couleur Alezan, 14
e i naimn de hauteli. age d' ap.rn-pis 4 ou 5 ans.
syal.t sie c;onhe a son coi. tlampee d'une a'tam- nl
Spe e-pagtnole.
3d. La uroisi~na ent rusi d'une Couleur Ale- n
San, 14 umajns dte aauteur, Agee d'apea-plbs lit '
ou 12 aIs,tamp de d te ampe espagnole. I a
L* mroprietaire do dit amlarl peyl I'robtenir en
prouvent son droit de propulest. Sinen elle as- '
ra %endue LUlI)I le *'eme jour de (etobie -
prochaln, k 10 heurea A. UI.. IsCf, I mon once,
a pour da amptant.
S p28 ADo)LP'.E IIF.BERT, J. de P.
For ale. a
OTO 1 PICKETs and ST'AVEt. Apply to a
Sthe unsersigned.
sep29 J. J. HEBERT. a
. J. 'WIUJAI . A. CA. C1t.MFSrT, JR. i
J. ME'PWL.L a r& C0.,
I eptDmber 5, 1sM. r
k ,, b-. -S- , . -
To the Peopl of IeirvUl and West e
tern Reage.
TI E have now open and ready for exhibilion.
e ~e rnd Winter 1..i,
bought direct from importers and manmfseturers.
We emaeaemate a fw article only, among them I
I will be found-
Bdeached Cotton Shirtings
S and Sheetinga;
l All widths, and some very fine quality;
SI Enlish and Freea Cottons, hbet make, fe,
Unblahebod Shirtings and Sbeeting*;
Heavy Plain aod Twilled Lowele.
* Faearb. FaisgL and Ameriean, ironas tet cC'..
pmr yar-te i4 e t made.
I Frnttre Print..
w and des t .
In this depetment oar stock is large and the a
iortment varmrd, conistin od
Silks od Pplis, new stlei;
Uot eLaime and Cashmere, pliesa ad printed;
b a ck Silks, pli mnd Sigured.
id Ladies od Els' Colesks.
- We have in mtis lina a kl anad varied as
es a-eetut paIele a aIIll itye Ieaduaip.,P
e tiesI. "Isey were dre t flre the
manafactueer ad an oaired at pries varliIng
fmre 63 te s3a.
nRedy-Eade Clethlng,a
The l tst ad chepee stock ever ro't
Ia Ino e C llan a tLhem.
he 1Mys Lb Yeiths' l C thIlI
I lite.fr Sy e m to . yemse of age,ang- I
Lf i ia price ene f m o ll8.
'1 hiwrt4 s5t Drawers5
* Iealy ever ise aid style made.
Wp have iae above a ver larg sad vIlied
t aImia, emaesl ~ h ael lats is i ase l
" * tls
Je- a de mew ,m etysra,
Ee m-e fi ch do een ua
a ealmedleasq IcIun
ta gamages a mesdh
-Se - a *
~,jdbi%&USin S6SSW9~
Boys~ Hats and C'ap. from '5 on' n 2 S 0. an
Ladies' Rtidi1ag HRata, &c.
~1iscesi Hats, at abou t l1a. .; 'it .1, i. i
) Expert~ttin: t.' be it ,.r , i.: lt'F R, r
the eal!" Fail lla ,- w - Il :e t. it "
the a&or.. 5,t i:1. Ii .,u en b ;?a Ia."
keep them. ale idiei ,I, e at a i, to
Ladies', NiIse~' and Clhil- ,
dren' s Slahoc :.
We hate a lut of :ht above madei speially yr
Sus. " tv
Men's and Boys' Boots and
hoes. ,
Creole ri' !e. and matde to Ion er
Hardware and Cutlery. Ia
Sni"; thd lipaiItluenl we a r,.l-tan;Il ,ki I |i
ad t s1o s ;o i lt as-i')tn.eh, k. l nli ip i I. ' I:ie i!
ii i ll "i ll' .' o t I e 1 . e l~ge li cu e, arl' : new l:t
aud dr-ii,.?. h,.
The Pel a - *l I. .' t .' t. J.,rr i,
Amon,- iths stitc!. we haves. t,. iI . te be be tnd- :
dart l;bi \\4.t ta. - mad t ~ t: , :i, r: .,n . r+ ith
wortn +i Lii..i,,i.ioml 1i n'. : ; '.i . -)a t i .err'`
rich, Gold %r-i aild i"f:w. lt'au.V . I uilh:'s9 a!: a
Bruashe and lasikets..
The n l oe t lo .t r .'.an iI t. . u -'.a t '
Paints and Oils.
SThe best made in i, i . '. > :*
Direct from the NewVork Ca mh,botlise. Iore i.
3 .50 to $14a a,.n ( i,.,i .4 , I,-LLke;S
at lite lDuke on l%,it b,'lln
conaplete a,"oi;n.'nt a-wa.- . I, . . d.
sep ' !k k . 1"t •1 . n*, 1.t
( GAlHI1L ']lU)\V N'
r again on and a ithl the f6rst an i 1t. e t stcik "
61 DRY GOODIt). i
Goods for Ladies' Dresses. i'
S New ;and bple'ndid Jewelry. " Y,
AN 1\il I.,'1',IV t"I, 4EF"
Ready Made Clothing, .
Genttlemen's l5'ardrobe, I
in all their vari-ty,
Andt a ,pl' t.i..1 -ut.;!y of
FA.NCY (;fin. (:"I;N JI.tLL i
- Among wiah n,}, ' he fiun:,- I
* Silk PoI'o l)e e,e. 1. o,,er Paup' n" do:
liateg- 'i,.nin.e do; li4 k t'i h .1 ,n- r'
ti las all, I u-t .'i - tr
t ;aIenci tie S ;.. ; ro- at I; la d Pe- "
t se sp ur ,". all I a n,. "+. two" *Il .,lief ,r l':.' ;a
4 too eat:e ;a, to 0me.,i i i ,
a f iD). y aid Fai' b 1,.ý ,j I 'tii'enit in room
- nef are t t'. ¢,Iin, .! 1
to lll'a .'dll I[',i 1I.,i , r' .. i. ree ",, i,1 :1.' l,"..1. r,,
1) a e It W i" ,1, ( ..:, l-l, it "n t " ir . .''.s
Saui beautlai.l I attie r .E t', i .. "I,;l I " -el b I
s sep22 Doub:. S:,.i-. .a;;i'n . ,.a i i. .st.
e, Feaale A'crinary. 3
A SC'llOOL or Y, ,'na Lam,,.e .P ,e opined
A. itt Phuialt.rmll. a iii. In l! ol O:tohr next, ,
at ihe ie .ils -lh of '1"-s . t , 11... a
Tie ltil-aI' lepartnlr it sun ter th " charge
o tof Misls lis. II.
The elas.es iAll) be taulht by the Principal.
aiiidld by rcnipeleit a-,ira,:ts a
The rcore ot ltl,.li-s wi., be .ta:',;te in FEnc
It. alll and Firlch al .1 ut hl r liI a.ae cl i".. l '1,t Iai.
For ftur:h r paltlc.Ilar i i a." i l , lle PrlneiDu ii.
rep22-ly 1.I.. I JNtl.. c
. . . .. . . . I
Carpet: anud Iattinh s.
TN STORE alwtarv a fi; a-rtr'meiit .f Ca'.
lesia ianid M.tii . iirh we oder 'I ,i
prices. Carpelr at 3O0c to fi ' per yard-Mati
t.ng' at 235 o u0 0.
- sept, ROTII. DPEILIFLX & CO. t
lime. Lime.
(. I10 0 BBLS Rilhrak' CC.a;e I ime;
S' 30 dld . T'holiasta.ni I.itr . I
Th l'be above is fiesh,.alnd a sulperior article for
So00 Monakey Jackets,
400 PAIRS Kerey lPasta;
25bbls. best Lard Oil:
20 do. best bleached Whale Oil.
Now in store ull iot sale by
seplS _ IOTl0 , DiFBLIEUX & CO.
*VONYl TIO.%Y . -
I IrlLLv--EGru J cL'IrICIL.LteI actC CT NT'
SLouis IDetobry, Sr., lHenry DesntHlry and
Lotia Ixbeobry, Jr.-tNo. 1354--For a
T ,e State of Louisiaaa arnd said Court,
IS to all whsl it *ay CO#t1'rNt-(; ItEETNG :
Wessy.a , Looic ieuiobry. cen., Il:nry De
sobry and Louis D.aobry, jut.. a;t rtnidents
ilf tie pariili alore.sld,at a jlldiici -alt smde
at the said parish of IhervalIe, on the plants
l tion hereinafter de-rcribed, on the third dlay of
M blarch last. eight.'tn huilrred and sixty, by
Joseph II. Erwiti, Deputy Sheritf of maid par
ish, under and by virtue iof a decree of this
i Honorable Court. rendi'red .n the matter of
the pertition suit No. 409 Prohase. tberein pen
ding, entitled GCorge M. Barnes, Er. of Sdley
at M. Lynch, Hoary and I.0*l* Des'bry,jr, and
bearing date the 26tsh day of January. 1860,
and upon the lolilwing tern.. and cond tione,
Sto wit: The lu of Fortlly Thouand DoliArra
. ash on the day of tale, and the balance of tie
price payable in three eqtal annual inmtal
menta at one, two and three )aran' credt from
the day of ale, tihe perebater to frnoish his
notes to coupons to the Ibetra and the parties,
payalte at the Citioen' ahnk at Nw (Orleans,
i and to hear interest at th, rate of eight per
i cat pee eanum froom date till paid, and e.
baed by meetgage on the property sold, and
that the Brt of said notes failling de ahdil be
weared by one good and solvent endoanr.
The whole of the hereinafter easuciatad
nod deerIhed property to wit:
is T1OM, eatablished and cultivated sa Su lr
L taeatatmatd ia the parinh of Iheuhilt Oe
the #gh o f the Misirippl river, men
aling ai ralpett and one haIl of ao arpl,
eeeolr a i htoeten the nrver, b sixty-sis
arpe m er less in depth, with the open
ieg thareunto beloging, which give the •aid
tract a soperrees of nine hundred arpenis, hea
the ame me er less, being the upper part of
the plntation formerly belonging to Messrs.
biealt & F ard, and knows the IrionI
- grwalr" to the plm of survey
S thvreofued. by esarwa
--Aieu Walism 0. Wailer, Serveyors, n
tho t of romber, 157. wheb ic
~de e 'aid an a surv and r ,lb.
es divTesasuw 1,asiibosnda s abo** s
S!aI.ts It.ortng, ti Mir.. Mitg'tret Iarden, are
t :,.!o of 1J hn A. IHta'.-, deceased, andti br:o dt
,:. the other porti orl u! .,,i 11,0,1 otI ,t 1 , ahi
!. .,;naed in ,aidil ,'an as tut Nto 2. a':d r
i c.. 11;,".g too kilo C-:1 of 1\ " s :! 1: i. O h, s, tr
: I,", ,.1 + rrvr a er > ,('ulof ,t
.", Iii 't 'ith rind .,! net ` n arpen !,4it n I n ,rl,
to he tak,"n f(som Ant No. ?2, btlongin: oIh"r
.t *te vi W1tl:eam E. '.Jward. ditesrbed et r
sa d plan, andl to extend fronut . ilnt F to tit
G on sa d 1"i ln, and with a eti taln rig,[
tita'nA e' er( <th!e r*ar of ;,,t .No.2. a,
u tihoe i tF.pl it,!d It an Ih tt u u entiI ut:r 1itr
tite .I' tl iu ,'tw' .t'n t '" la'e J ' i
w-%hetn::i :., M -,nm E. Edwa,,-, r 1 v,
,t,'iert a "v te . IIn r, i a0iin\ tl , ll
date of the lt! Aty 1!, ] . w li-, '~ III.a I,
.oa .... erd itt I. L'itna 'I> it ar
itl, 'lI I ti t , t'V It 'l . ", i , 1 I , 1: 0 .' t ; " 11::.'" i
III th+ u '-' . "i "_ . ik l IId :, t ,I ,n '
pla ti' i . , . i .irn t i s " . ,
l, I i, u . I , r . " 1, i, : " , . " ,', '
. , 1, it ', *, " 1..'
4b ye r i lettiti ai: 1I il 1' 5 i !. u,, . 3t I "
-elixr, v'! the '^_{1t-, ir:t i: ,.t '- N + !,
a: ser Le , 11..,II;ý:,. ., -aul i.aolt'1t++.,;, a l
tit' i tl la d Iwt ietr:,E ~ . t.1. rie 'I l tie .
. T he . r. . ntn , -ia*vt., lieu
1Et tm c 1 ,11 it,. - tl, t. aln the I 1 . , t., t
.teat,- I1 1,'!,,' 1 ,, n, a:1 ,I '2'1 t+ . . .,r,*,,
.t t tt . 'I 5 yt. \,,i , 1. ''tt. t l t..2:
\ t I . .,t,' (I a .t; I " tt ti t, , l toItI tli; .... v' '.an
Ru itto, Ji't.'. ~ - '1: It 1..r,. mi ttiA I !on t; il
Bur.it i . , ut,.. a , -1,'yth - ; ir an, 1;,
• ,.,t't I i l v Itar- atri, a - ,t .,t, I . m id t : it: S" a
i., it, -lt. r; L out.1, 4i. t i., - 2ti t, s' 2.] a r I
1. \ a, Vi , ,- , 1 ft. -' .1a . i.., , l..
tile. :] A4i -1 '.t, yt t t, al I :. , 7, a t,- i
it t t) . t, ' ;I. ) al I- , L'tt in ai I lt trt
1. t.r iL.ao n a :, . r l, ; l'n y', a, .t } ] n1t
.1*ir ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e t.I a 4 o
't''e t .it ,n it r m I-tt i " a ,n I:' t
M , t, .2 t,_'tt J I . tot-:.I,.t l; 1'i a-s t
I t.-t, :, ; h) - '. l9 . i t.., a .\"r t
V ., 1 7. i,. "' - eal.m 1. I:d . .I ; I .. : t'" . . d
" i' t. itt, s, " atr, ' t"'_-: tIr ,:,b ., , i t" a
o a .. k' ,' tt y, "2 , r, pr , it
! t'i, vo.,: .It!! . " ,r1 -, al tt  tl, - n'or t
tua,,tr, ::fu yeard ; G torge, 21 yeo f's o
.)d-a)d, j1 . 1year '; A n y.'y , years: t',ar;
y.ass, sut'ly); R~otn, 41 yes, wk)';
4 yei sr, it elkt t l : t1," ,, 5" n ti. ; . iell, if7 A i
ctyitu't cu amlure lot of earlenter a1 a
S,":, . 4; fi . itt' , 2Z + ,tr :E,hn. 8 yt.l.'Ir. o h".tl
Mauses. 3 ]-2 ye",l; Jan.'s chl',
la.hna. age, 5 .var, and 2 ma,
It -tc s; .ii1 t', A z d 113 In t galni, t rof ,ant; i on l
e tr ian, t e:a ., or a 2, e c, 5 wars and ot
vh.r a,,, 3 ,: ea:sn; A,.'o - oi -:t L,
v' ati s, mi11t~l' ot on 4b 1 verbs,) it".Iky cin t i ti ,duck !
46 a, 4 iark; tind alt ol d :a n) , lCs to. 3h
k y tr.I ri-L.t lt l,' . 4 r , en. r i, . 1. t an r
thirdi 5 m mthe; a, d a"d inent, d dr,
4t l. . 's b'i l.' h} . ,-n-a.'c' n+u- , at'.d & 1 e
f th'u, I3 1.2 uar> ; a o neh uc dre yLan
rta.s "cluet --aln on, 4 neare's; Hriol 2
r : ,ton.. aged 2a nont h:;" pidatts elh A
,",tah Ann. acztitee vets tnd b2 matle n
Scars indl I month: .siu ta ral. d chil hot e
Mon roe ,2 telar a rtd t m i rltth-; iln l'teit o
yad ae mad byII3 n wt 'l": Icrjti v Stt:: e^r-i1. ltre tai
tIt a4 w.e-ed repr-; ofand ma,'d c purhh .
age', 17 mml~th-. aund .1 :err..+iap, d ]
"::. The l ,ouit . V. d4lcrc:b o pii
Mortatblc, to wit :
T, irty three nles, one horie, for
and .he c,,;t two yokes of oxsn; onr
twenty livett ho. arLt, an tod su1.i o; one,
twrenty four head of cattle; cne lot o
piunt paela of ne. t rs and l nd one lot ,eld
11 rtt's of ro,;lct-iltoes-a, 4ears; rod eWicl tion 'f44
6tss cut sa1 o..e loth of t meh arlprentert t
,rack Atyt n i a th . lt ; one git tnd itne am
wat.er pulmp; u t':,e .nie carts and one
three ma nal c rtn one Iot al ho vid Ip-).Jd
ieit. &c.. anl abotut 1200 hban. coan itt
--tas abej it'ed fnd r old im obe ,n
tire ,aud Lt Deofnaty, St., Henry D
and Louts DlemobrI Jr., j.+ntly eacihf
third tn Ihereo, nts tile latr and hi d aghest e
for the pr:cet and sm of one hu 1. nd
M-t No. tiler ear-; iiottce Ia hereb 1y aie mt
di ai 3 r.tn who way set u pg anyrt., 1right to then
a. orty- ine tmosnue one hundredaite n
f th:ch hove bden duoy paid and ofti
thbny in aecordatee wita the mmdi tn e a
a cndilions of gali t judical t ahe. en as i th m
tppernt in te copy oand tima pere of a
tsa~ie flt mhide by ca-ld ompu ty Sheridy i
ut}' sntlucxed imfr proof, and made oapt
thee pro a ot seedia rgs.d
And wherepm t:e asned cris Desobr
enry D tury uand Loyis Dem bryo r
puhrch taer of stid property, and bearidd
,,,z of protecting t|,emnelves frome evc
the Ioerty, so by them 0t the d u t
.am pur-amrd, or from any re, onlt
pl.t.e-ot e of lhe .lsnme, iave ore letllre s
**ai S Sixth ,Jhdical Istrict Cour this
p,,aopng thiat a Monition, in the name
nrm oi LoaisLanb , duly and oealidy ur
cated, be usued froms abinl Hon'bie. (,
prdo uanee of cn ert of the Legisliatur
tied An Act rnelwive to Msonitiones i and
of proceedingt" pprove Marce 15the
a ow tiserefore--Nottee is hereby gi
eall persnl who may det up any right
anoperty, in !or ofquende of informti
the ord.r, decree or judgment of th
inder whash the si was m ade, mor al o
Iirnty or dlegatlity in hoe appraittees
dperti ementr, in time ind manner er
por for any other defect whIsoever,
e'ome within thirty deays from the d,
vMon sio:n is first in-crted in the pulbiie
iwiy the sale so made should not be co1
),and hom~ohletted.
l Given under my hand and so i
I SiLth DiLtrict Oiort at thk IU
a as
Srey __ o l D..- , t am 1 h d loury u
,State of Louis --Parish of 16r
n, izak District Court.
I I, Mje k A. lsltdan, Clark of s .d
Sdo heeby certsify tmt the oregoing
* opy ofhe original Meeitionl on lie
swee une my. han rand aem
8tsttk Dis~tr Court, at the I
Iberviil this 30t Aug. A !
sept W. A. STVAN.,
aLouis IDesobry, Sr., Heary Da
Louis Desobry, Jr. No. l134.
use Monition.
ofL'Etat dek laL iieso Is dite
es. ,,w wa qu eels weer,,-S,.u
' Aryir. e.. I..iJ.l. d , a m.,
a oe sceno jediciis, faie as to _itp,.
* brim ek ear thbditele e-epss amu
6.As& . Wa se.amd
fmire de pirtare. No. 409 "do proeves" y pen
daute ht:ittfe t;eore ..L! . l. rne execulletr der
Seel,: M. 1. L)uib ts. lie'" and Lois IlHet bry
titr.e c lt i 3 fid.i ,l. ,,:.1 ii t. :r ISO , b l e
tr:les et Pto llliOtUSl mir ,5UIt1. .b t.tl-:
La iOitmiin tie "n ulrhr.iit in IP lip3e leCt eomptiillt
!f' jot, dr de I v".ite. Ct Ia biJiiane do p'er , a) ab.e
rii tiiIS bale;.lll; t dlhiihlur,. gdt.l, tie li ti, Utll,
it ItrusIIs a de C'edit. d:I J(i r 'ie ia leulr, !'ac
illereftr fo.,rmll ntalt '.t+ b.le,. ell r3tilpn.is cu he
trli'r'I ,t :ll parti',, pt, nle, aI i I banque dee
t':tllens ,t Is Niouvclie Orlriuli, Pt portant idltret
1 rn:;-,n *:" I:ott pour cent par ar; ce da:e. ju-qd'3
p r:a.t p -tIr lt .t hl ypol::equeu releulie >ur ie
ifr.(i.I ,C v , i fi.s' le I. w iir i 'c, d:t . billet r,
r.v.,.t ,usatur.:6 eldtl.sd par ua eudoeseur bon
et uivablje.
I.e tou: des proprid's ci-apres enomerauties et
aa 1, avo':
I . 'h t' c.ltl ltiorceani de terre au habiatio;n.
(te:, ct I' :.c i a oi Sl'f.re, ,.tuEe flans la pa
r,,.- f·' ': I, - stir r five diote dlI tlielire 2 *
- ,, I la l( " it lietl UTr,fItl (I  t I :1 . h i Ifp O..
.,l. 1( ac. tsur Ie dl tleIuve par o,,!leli saii
r ,r wit.i ilhs on lilflmo de prolfoldeulr, arer I'ou
I,.riture y Iappit'nft., dofunIllt as tilit mnorTrea
,I.' ',,rn In w supertli'.'. et i'apeF-.p E" nelul c 'ln
.1fp. L pitt. il i o i 1.,c,: . l, f. i tit il plBrt le Mlf
coie're de I hiablate ,i aultr.ofiM a*pplitenant ei
%.ifIb . iiiiall . Edwalrd.. o. et riOnue ouwts a
ioglO, de ' I so l'innttsll i." li ll Ie p:anI d'arplc.
t..,," t I :"" rl' .V. int . , 1i. 1i':c,.le ftol t par Mlll s.
I ".'rrv it 1 illiarn tI. t f alter. frpl'nterf., etpc. I
il.e. joiur de Novembre, 1--47, dtem,. d.ine :A
it i ," dflir Iut f et ito PfIld:f .' o0.1 " . rme
lot \ . 1. i Iirt. " if it h uit par lte trr eIl;rte aillt
A. li,. tt en baf par. If i e lfric o d la dli .v
I1.ll. ; i iiulati n," dl 'ig f li a daub Ie dit plan corn.
le 1't No. 2. t Elptrlen'!f tl, ltinseln t a I.
 'celitI do ~eI ili ntf El:. Edwards, et de plu.
ii tiarIi C :oreeI de terre id clet qaute cinq pJledct
, ." . r "t it tun fi3- arpefts de i lolgenlli
t pit ; Inl, t No. ', :ts1pel te f:aih t & Ii liuc esi. i.,,,
., i V:, n . ' :,t ,i ..t a. d u, .r P n t. dzains e i ,o!
):-"-. 0 'Fi(lelill. dI hI ilrut . i point 1 :, 0 r
t.!t phi.u a.ec uue berllttid dilgout a trv.rs I
:r . c nr' u in t No. 2:, conlne it .
i-" i( dtCIr;t d lst urn cerftiln i itruiler.:t
0)1 iig+ i it., . rir r;ve',. U'tre le diats Joseph I
Wi plrt t Win. Ic. Edwrdsiro. pritla'eu ,it -
ri.rir de l. l hie "Irion Plall:ttnio." da:6 le It0n
,3.r d Ic .! 15. , l.-qel i, tr.aient lPt eliteii t.
S+s I' b f iren du Recorder dei cetil ptrose. LeA
dit ItLe a doLie terre all hathlatlon enlnlb'e af'.
tuitt b IPr ba i ps3fes et . me:ior.tiilns, nianIll, oI.
rllie, mr'cLinie I vapeur, mO il I 3ilhere, cabdtaUl
& 3;e; rt'. labl!es, etc.. et :-a .cltusi; et apparels
poor Ifai e ie ncre, I. '3s droits, privileges r
.3pipJr:ena.cs de la do !.abitatioti et toot le plan
tieC caul 01 MiuLet(fat rn fnatela.
-.t Le I~. ayes suivant". Eavoirt
' niik tie.. I, ip l " i" ^ f I t n, i ?ee C)
an.*; I;'nrK" .b n.-d u 'iG ans; Manuel, 33 anu;
I.v!ie. '6: Eliza. 12: Juil!et, 65; James, 32,
Ann. 2. Munroe, :illy, 30, , ro!;pse de af.
ftceEd: Kentucky I/ob,43. matadif; Bobee, mal
hudt. ag. de 31 ans: Milly. 33: Cynthia, 43;
Marina. 13 ans; Harry, 8: Cherry, 43; Willis,
avegle. ag4, de 23 ans; Viney, maladive, agd*,
de 33 ans; Robert, 44; Laiir. 41 ant; Clod, math.
maltiqoe,. a~ dte 13 ans; Wilson, II ans; Allan.
22. Ie, nie; Asestin. ma'adil;ag t de 30 sos; Miner
%a. mahdi'e. ar.-' .1J 31 asi; .lane. maladiv.
ge"rcde :'I an.: ii.s Lavinia. 44 ans; Little La
vlnia. .,'r ans; Biney. agIe de 17 ans; Adam, 13
ans; Iewis, a '6 dle 48. mal aux pied.; Grace, en
iement de piedsl, agd de 42 an,; Minerva. ase
de I I ans; Joe, 12 ans: Suckey.20 eul Danie.
s, t e 5i:3 aims; Adam. 14 ans; Ben,. 25 sa; Little
Ilanltl, '20 a.ns; Peter, aillege sex jambes,l4.
int:; H, ,a h, maladlije. 34 ins: Amy. 15 am;
1 . .. art; bniuh, ii a.s; lJeti, 21 an:, Add.
.wo. 21 sne; Talbot. 2"2 ose: Itlaiborne, 418 sea
herlie grave; Louisa. 28 amn; Ella. Rane.;Smaah
24; Fleury, 25 ans. prolapse de la aIfctde; No
titan, II ans; Pnasey. 11 ans; Polly C..age 30
ans: Ja.les Hick, 19 ans; Caro imn, prolapaet
de Is ati'ectre. ague ibana, John Morris, ag 44.
ans. janlmb malade; Mundav.34 sat George..t2
a,,s; Moaning. malalifl age 36 ans; Polly T..
Sag 4i ;i,s; Edward. 16; Agzy, 7 as: Charles,
f maladit; a=g 22 years; Rohbin, maladif, si 41
ans; Cicero, maladif, ag 46 ans; Robb.  s31a,
Caesar. :0o ains; Polly.'; als; Ellen, 8 ew cafast
tie Little Lavinia-bam, ag 1 1-2 ass;, Malues
f 3 1-2 ans; enfant de Jane, Daphne, agd f ass
and 2 mais; Milly, 2 1 2 ans, et on esfant .
c maii; dtant tide Sarh-Joshua, ag& 3 ans i1 on
lmoil; JMonroe, 3 ane et 3 moa, et Cnset I as et
3 moisan-eans de Ama; Hethd, agd 4 ass et ua
k on!an' 2 mois; Lewis. ais et 5 ueois, et an eo
o fal 7 mois, enfans de Grace; Nan'ic, agie 5 1-2
ans; Vlney. 3 1-2 a, et Prince on an, enaiande
Laura; Loisa, 4 ae, et Win. Clinton, ag 21
mois, eldas de MIly; Sarah Ann. aige de lass
et 2 mot, aet no enilnt de Caroline; Julienne,
agde de 2 et 2 moin, eafant de Mitty: July,
2 et a mois, etfant de Minerva; Frame.
, Ann, age de 2 auet I mois, enfant de Lmes.
d Moses. agi de 2 an, enfant de Moaning; o ar
Soa age de 17 mois, at Millers.., aged i 13 mi
tf 3e. Le nmoblier de l'abitatie. i avoir:. Tre
- te-tslrs muIlek, m claeval, quatrl Joan at
n u  poslin, dde" pairs doe lui. ao lot deo 5 co.
chobw, gres et petiMs us lot do 24 b06tes 4 ormas;
ill lot di 48 charume, vieille et i nenve a lot do
n nea s i am.lot d'ootile do chaspeutier et de hr
Sgers; one ,seele*,at use p e, ment charrltwe
I caunse, et a wago; Irois petites charettea; on
I lot de pioches. plle.&e.,*t a pea pas 1100 bie.
I do masla rube-F ' jadli toad Mcleek sea
a diLi Loes Dseury, tr., fhery Dowabry et IlAni
e Deobry, jr., creljiltslent chacn poor am tier1
I, d'cill-etaait le pile ofrunta et derniers eache
C riaeur, poor to pIrI.t Is momm doet qutus
noeuf mlio est pitrl , lequel pri· a 6t1 dames
n py et satf'isait per lea uadt acquereaos, mole
Slee oerm net oroditimos do Is vents, emmae h
- tout upprt plus emplamost dos It copi di pre
ca verbal de lI dite vesto, faita pr.le dite okpe
6 adnf sam a a ptMddoroa at y fatat
SEt atteudo qp laSe Loul De~hry, ssior.
SHoury Deoheyt Lis D ryr.,a *
qeerours ds dose. peopriduet desirut us gemr
astir costre e'ovictie des prpeitds inis seqis
Sa do Lots qseonsbilitd eoname propretuiem
- ait preot4 d tl dito eortde 6ome. D)istriet Jdi
r ciroe leor petities, doandast 30 m0 otie s0
i moma de I'(4tat de Is Ls .d"eljatitold " t
n, latif aus moitiasm et muds de prceder," ap
d pedle ols Mrl 155.
Qo'il eoit 501810 2t qua te Sm peIra it
ir tereades, o qoi pOrrisost evnir ait ens di
SproprpiCs so e Oaqseoase tur dfost do Ama
dea I'os rdr, L e~ret k le gotM de ol mr
on verts d q! n do o I la a 4 do o
irrealrid * illigalile oda flsimllIea, rv.
I. temp. I. muds do I wosts, *s poor tool mLore
de(cntsitd telle qg'eta a et soot por ho perwoel
smeumu o de airs alor. dos twsle Jeio dter
1, de l premier pebliatis do oat vIe.1 - I
0 Ismest simi sate w - *esit pm sem a I I
Deaod me sgiaiteoe It eae de.L
a e r iso do Sozibia Dirstha1 p
ot rom, d'Albm l, o3aso. jpr ert
0. 186#.
l : t Al beewA e-
- ' art to Jil U laam-F l5 aia
1, M sk A.  aWs, a,le .a d to Is e.t
e *4 pe s ole poolodlhsrwilloosiii poe
.sesnterse I Pugigisal eegistrd as e beoes.
adDuu D a sen rme enu lsemd lsdite
mopI U. A. ESTU VAM,4 er
HOUS. Aorr IE Ctrrs RI

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