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Gazette and sentinel. [volume] (Plaquemine, Parish of Iberville, La.) 1858-1864, October 13, 1860, Image 1

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-G3_Ct __ ~1t U L.
NI, IES--VOL. 3, NO. 3. PLAQU MINE. IAII, (F I I\ I, L -. t ll 13. is .- oHi,1)-SEIIS--VO . 13,N
NL%% S --VOL 3, x'.35. LAQUE N PAXI II F IBF
J II: L . 111ll :. b . Y UII fIIIS-U ,
piOFa'LNsO.reaIL CJwRDS.
.Iltorney at Law,
TIt ,.L p aLcti iin the C(ourts of the Sixth
iJl. hal.d I)LJ.z::, and the Suplreme Ciuut
ofl louisdia.t.
j, Puot-utfice addle-s--"Plaquemiae, Ila-r
ville. La." lel- ly
.Ittorney at Law,
',qrr'nI,', 1/ rrille 'Parish, LouisIutsI( ,
I TI.I. ldevto'o Iis whole attention to the prac
tie it the r profession in all the Courts of
ti, Sx\tu Judiual Distrait. je23
tAVII N. It . tLtoi t 1 N. W. POPE,
pI il.,itu.. I West alton Rougc,
Jbcille, La. l.4 ton Rouye 1P. U., La
Barrow & Pope,
.lWearrry. aneld 'esal ars ar Loer,
j71 L i rattze :,ir pIot.-ioni in the parish
er- \\ West ad :last Baton Rouge. lber
tlie, P'oinl: (oulwe and \West Felciana; the Sri
1reme Cout1 of L.,iaiaa. and the United States
ltnct at:d Citcu.t Courts at New Orleans.
.Justice of the Peace,
't'Olfice oil Main street. aug6
A.ttornoy t taL,'W
Wall devote strict attention to the practice o
his prolesslol in all the Courts of the Sixth Ju
dicial District.
Office with Zeion Labauve. ap24-ty
Joseph Ilotard,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
t ! ýit 1r// is Ze/ tOVu I,,tTaucc, Esq.,)
jyl3] I'L.I CE.JII.' , L4.
Notary Public and Auotioneer,
TTII.I. do hisilles in any paltof the parish
IT at the rollowiugl rates:
All Notarial acts drawn for five to ten dol
lars Fatny Meetings held for eight dollars.
Auctionlee . busiues' done on terms to tilt pa
tro5s. declI
DR. lY. D. D MARE3 ,
AW INGh located himnself about flive tlrds be
low the Fery on the oppo.te bsahk ol the
liver, in Ibert ille, otfes his profecsioail serva
res to the citizens ut the parish oni that side.
.Ittorey at Law,
iltur.Iball, 7Texit,
TII.I. pra'ice law andI collect claims in the
c.I counts of H arrison. I'anola, II u-k. Smiuth,
Wool, I'pshuar, Caa.. and Mariol,. anld lan Lie Fed
eral aid S1~areine Lour;s at Tyler. my26
Dr. W. IENlrEZS,
hargeon DI)etist,
lHaving located in l'aquem.rine
for the pIrlwse of practisiug the
.bose p-otession, resecltful:y soli
cits a -bare of the patronage in this vicinity,
which hie hopes to merit by strict attention to
It. cincss. Dr. J. can offer no inducement in the
wr.y it cheap work as he useathe best of ma
terial. aRd WARKANTS all his work.
[~ = i'ersotus wishing him to call at their resi.
dences. will please mend word to the Tuttle House.
where theircotnmauds will meet with his prompt
ocs-ly W. JENKINiS, D. D. 8.
J. iU. i5 1 5Is. JOl N IN#AL.
Houtse, Sign and Oruanmental Painters, 3
and Imitatorg of Wood and Mar
ble. Paner Hanting and
All done oil the cheapest possible terms; and
uatranteeing perfect aettection, they request the a
patronage of their friends ad the publie Igene
rally. my?-ly t
asekaus It ,
Whelesale Gsuers abd
tParUtcular atteatieoa givea toosaasigmaeta
of Supgr ad Molasses, ad to itingS der for
Wester Produce. a8'3-tf
DIEBhas azes., '
Have just received their Spri l toek
of Goods,o every variety a ofthe ew.
et styles, for (Gentlemea'
sadil they hope that ,their oM fieedo am the pub.
lic emerally, will om mw ad ead ive their
eordna, selet their plaasen ad t, mesurd.
They fatter themseive, h at - oel ad
lg bid fid rm. they crn reht bell et thaI eli
patrons as to the duvabiity of thei, week, their
Pctulity and basime iute ita . *
Th kfu l for past hvoes, uthat they d
wiinall h conmidesd'wyrWtlhyeta ea I
MA has hees so eereasly tsi lhesm s
t Spit. They still occeupy their Olbasad em c
.bat di
, .. OUSE lately oceupied by" m"
"J..' o os, m the corner of Bak and
-pkm iasrs. It wll he sold at a h a u
Prouc eivhen imeedistely.
316 3l11CHEL £t3r1 3
h T lE atlersig:.ied would re
it 1spectfully anniunce to their
li'ends and the pullic generally,
r- that they have just puachased the
Colee.hoube .aid lixtures formerly kep by Phil
pilt Heelein opposite the steambuot landing; and
having been to consideaimble expense in paper
im: all the ioonmsso that they are neat and pleas
aut. and hasing the Irat brawls of Liyunrs aed
.IVmaes to I.t had in New Orleans. and turther.
pledging ourselves to spare no pains to please all
who call to see us,. we shall expect a small share
of the public patruoage.
,,o:otr.: l"Er.. TURIN & SEII'PLE.
'li.tRLE- . s Iir'LF }
Plaquemine. May 19, 1b60.
. E H" oIDDLER I .Li '
Ilar*acvs ELstabliahseaa.
TL ui iiensiagned respectlally
dthunCe I ,U the citizens of l -
ervnile and Wet Ba'un Rouge. that he has again
retutlrled to Plaquemlnine. with the intention of lo.
. raliilg himanelt permanently, to carry on the
Saddlery and arness suitmess
Those in want of SADDI.ES. HARNESS. or
any article of P.LANTATION GEARING, will
find it to their interest to give him a call, betore
purchasing elsewhere.
Shop on Mlain street. lower story of the Old1
rlasonic Hall. auh24 A. W. SCOTT.
ea"scy Crooory IStore.
u doe bottles Pale Ale:
4 ' " Cordial;
1" " Syrup.
Candies of a;' klums;
Cream Bi~ ...
Table tilt. \iamchestet-hire;
Siauce. FIesh Ilarsters.
I'Pne Apple Cheese aml Fresh Jelly;
Cheese and Fresh Butter,
Boys' Foot Balls,
'arler ltalls;
Boys' l'ops and Marbles;
CGun (apt, Slates an.t Pencils:
Lud Pencils, Letter Paper, lukstantd and
luk. minhlo
T S~gaer Plasfers.
TheL Star Bagasse Furnace.
Nerer Knew Sto Fall!
1)ARTTES wishing to purchase the right to nus
1 pleas appily to
The Wooeed or Coal Furmace,
Pateateo Deooembr 21st, 1858.
3' Numerous references given. Apply as
above. ap7
Oa. 16 Royal Street,
Next door to the Post Office, 'w OaLaaas.
Oysters in Birrela or Casna, Pickled or Spiced.
Fruit and Nuts of all kinds, wholesale and re.
Always on hand a full supply of all the luxu
ries of the season.
Meals served in New York style.
('ity and country orders put upon the shortest
notice. apil-ly
TlIE undersigned would respectfully inform
Planters. .Machinists. Egineers and the
public in general, that they have opened a MA
CHINE SHOP and are now ready to ezecume in
the best manner with promptness and punctual
ity. any kind of
raalis sad Zrs Onatss i
lpecial attentron will he given to bilding
BO LLR8 and repairing all manam of STEAM
ENGINES1 MILLS, GINS and other Madhiney.
A ll descrnptin of Brass Works rb Keies sead
other purposes either on hand or madeb a oder.
Bmildimg Materimlaa.d Steams Egmlese Bum
three to On Hundred and Fifty Hem Power,
famished at short notice.
Ceveatios street, between Thid and Maia,
och-ly Beta Repe, La.
Starte of Losisrim , 1'Pari of lIrik-
Si&ct D~irict Cert.
In the Estate of Domitilde Richard, dec.
W HEREAS: Viv, Hebhrt h si·e day lid
in the ClerkLs oe ot this Cour his Ps.
vasional Tableau of Distribhtie of the eta of
Dumitilde Richrd, dec'd
Notice is hereby given to ml wham, it nmy
eoeerm to sew aese withi thirty deas bum
the dcle herd why said Prwuseael Tableu
should oet be hoeted md bde ,ejg.
meat of this eet.
Ihervillo, Sept. I, 11.
spi5 .. A. ESTEVAN, Clerk.
East deM lauisea--Coe de 4 r. Di
£ tru--Parsas dlb&rilh.
Danb a I Scassion de fene Damitilde
A TTEND(, q- Virds Richard a s jeer d
po u otte our eo Table Plmwvileal
de diemle de e o d e fees Domitilde
Avis et per le presat doud k teux ert que
eels coecerne de deduire oms treate aor de la
date de ce present Ils raisoo por le l leI
dit Tableau Provisaire me wrest pm hos og
*t fait is jugeiment de ette Cour.
ussau de Greler, Sept. 12. 1860.
ispl , M. A. ESTEVAN, Grosr.
IOF the Asset denription. is eM k f Fau
ey OGlselre. Call sad eamine it.
Laditd Drees Goods
Pltallitlese Guodtl
they particular y ,'all attI,tcvu tit. a a.;l, ti.r:r
SexltetIslve i, k ul
Soady ]ade Olothiag.
r- They sldl iot pi ternl to give a hlt of tiei,
sa stock Is thfle cotllipbs f Il advecrtlseiucl;t, I.,t
ad request all whou ale i Wailt ot
rr. Clseap Good.,
1ll to give the+m I .asli. a h. t they i lully .a:i.tu ld
re that puIch.' rw IT Ui I it. Yu aswae rluu tlLis duly.
dia.tislietl. j+.'"l H 14Ash. R5ifk
HE IN.I)E1i ti.\1a:I) has ;i t l tceired I
or At $10 per Throuand.
Of ;A!V FRllripti I 0,0
si iresh ht.l, t'lh'..h i.f y his ist +rousi r J. 8
ltli' e .1 .1'11. I IlR('1Ltisil
urt. Irs .. s se. wfstchaullte.
Ilie',6h inl tt.he ipulbc ht a'Il tald ieast ineU ih
p .ir..s use H1w (s 1 tia e lwr. t . tr c saa .
At $10 Fiperne Thouangerd.
'I1e a .'o. I . I It't .
jy14 T'rHFAO. hI Al 1:.i!1 1
Court IHiouse Efchantige.
HuAVIN , ,,ihhi ,-.e! s ,i' ti.e. lilite.t of fi.
hli" Ie111 ". I t',:1 "'Y ) · n
B Good a iLiquor, i
and IFne Lager.
Ti ..:.si'iali r past .iat1 r liot, . hl tritr tr , ic.
heibw . l r i.i ,i ,i t .I t, . p, l l Uitr lb of t
itrei.,>. i , !te ,io.eI, I ta t Itw re , lsi. i, I. 1
Vod thiiiil I 'tla. o( ll i, 1~lat-t
- t . f *i n ' :I: A SA i i h :, fiR i 't.an hI" hi -
.if it ,.h,'ll .lH n'i I s oti. liisssri
ha esof lil At iii a iiifri WI 1 WIbt'its
IH E R)1, id xd! I', it Irl a ptL ftir' W hlf r
l like fil l.itier , is . i,ratel at i. ti e trl-- flht
that .i w1en: a gori lin (f ft.* paionfhae IA nOt.
ri ze .. "oh I1". , i. , Ow f tfeb lsi.tii ag i wi A
ed by fts i l, . vie. tco ll tf . tai l 1 L e e
alshsep t. eeba. yorl 4- s"
1,I A ONr 11 LII il'i ,
Tie.ur thfI eeytttn *t r I
fttiud cuu, clh tomr~ -E  e. the
hl lisat w'. e 'f L inad~ cuio alge kr Ia ll
S oius al Us'iing at lhf - .f'li .Ui o Pi -nilts .11i.. a, I , i
Batik s'reef. where hi hai.s im;ge atort o' Eus- I
nit+Sre o etery kiaeti.
O.d Furniture taken in eschaige s r repsaredl at
very low prires n
lie also nimske ft" PFFINI' of el ery vyle at the
aIorts t noti tce.
lT.7-Fia .1,rt ic i,.I.ofiaf upeli 1 as heiretu
Sfoe. -
SSplendid Hearse i'nem m o'r ite. -eF4
State of Louieiisu-Partieh of ftervitle-6th ]
]Dstrict Court.
SIn thi E-t te :it, ,t A.,il.... lndry, dtc'd.
S HER'RS. Marie Cet.istn. Lanl dry has
thid.tl y ied i.n Ih s /'lot her 'tl:. T'r - r.
Sbleat of Lsti ltioti of the estate of A.totphe
Landeiy, dte. -
SNose i h,.-hy ven to allt whom it may
t concers ito show ause withinll thirty datys frtm
the date hirest aws vai.i final tail i hble i snhouldt Io
Sb he homologated anId iale a judgeileut t this la
eor t. m
lberville, Sept. 12. lc10.
se pl M. A. I:sTI:VAN. Clerk. h
lsat de la Louisiane-?a-roiso d'borville-
Cour du 6"a District. i
PDane la oSult'isi, d1. I'u f Adollhe Lan- a
n dry.
A TTI:E DU, qne !larl i re letine Landry a re
jour de,.spe on eatte cote rson tableau Final
dlo 4qulidaution de sl succession de tau Adolpihe
, Laadry
Avis eat per ce present donni II tons crux qiue
feela coarerne deduire sans t:ente jours de la date
-de te present le raisoins pour lestqelles le dit,
i tableai men serait pas houotoseege el t le jge
Saent ale catle cour.
a Itrville, Sept. 12, I0. 1
seppl5 I. A. KSTEVAN. Gref-r.
&et!< ef Loieisrsi,,--ari-st q"f fblrrille--0tA
In th,. F.tat, if Isnuis i*vljacrtix, dec'd.
iuaaala, Catherine E. Leonard has this day
FYVled in this Court her Final TableaS of
adlministration of the Estate of Louis Ia
Notiee is hereby given to all whom it may con.
cern to ahow canae within thirty days from the
date hereof why the said Final Tabteau should
not be homologated and made a judrlmesit of this
Court, and the said adnninistratrix discharged
from any further responsibilities in the premises,
and her bonu as such canelled. te
Ibeeville, Sept. 12. 1t60.
Etal dela Louisiate-Parijse d'lbe'rriile-
Cort die 6emc Difrie)r Judicnire.
Dan la Succcssiots d( feu Louis l)eLa
A TTE.DU, qiue Catherine E. Ieonard a ce
.1. jour deposil en cette cour son Tableau linal
d'admintistration de la sucrassion de feu Louia De
Latroix- of
Avis eat par ie preseit dounat k tous cesix qie an
eela concerne de Jeduire soul trente joursa de la
date de ce present lea riuivos pour lesqlielles le
dii tableau inal no aerait ias homologus et slait
l jisgeinient de cette cour. et liadminiatratrix
dechargde de toute respoaisabilitd en cet t. af.
faire, et son cautionnement comile tel annue. VI
Iberville, Sept. 14, 160.
sepl 31. A. ES 'EVAN, Grelier.
Forsale. it good cuid,ti,. Paice, SIIA
Apply at this office. selti
_i .II .ELLAN1:OLS..
It, the C'itizes
43;U .56*5 1 ..-. taa. taniwed llu-.ept
o lan ..rk , l6 d oo ta no . i 1,. 6u-n E.
htu .d. it i40-lls oleP lo a O fi l
4- dal. Ltl e . ,t d M. lea (.',, i.,- &
.t10 it  t . . fto a .I te ;,
_Ut' l .al . ul ,.i..Ie+;
.u 1,,-- 8 eHlrrt.Ll. )O doz. IllIn Bi:oae
3:1 bWlll lard ago Illrachrd (ta;
3i0 kcrgs \ u. a3lurtedl [email protected],
'401 t.,,"l ita, s,.. h...., Ir|l I,
*1UJ '.ii (Gary ag.d Wihle I,.it,i..e .
:U dIt. ae tia ii. 10U-4. li.-4 1d I:- I .', d
rl *t i)0llal. Krsr-ea s a -I I .it- .
a sa irk ,la e bai .le- ad Fi...,.
I ,.-t of tse alue wear p.chased I' c.-h I
arad nlltu th inl m lau tct .aics, hrlece ter drl.< vol
etall. either it 6 ..6 (N.i A ae U. ua t gt . at
I rh J. 1J.WILLI1ly cl Co.
Facy Dry Goiodus Mort.
o1 ·* 1 nu ( l l ll . 8 e Ne .
I Late r o st I* s- aIlu* -1 lit rst ri.a-  le.h
tt l rth i I tithe llSl'lt ***tr t u: u.) 'o itels r.
auwl 'Lr 1" n..- K urlal;
F i aut, ,a, I 1, ra.-- w ii t -i e t., zit'ach h.6
I .lit| ' ll-a rlt5 .t6 j '_4r; " :".t. I. U, 46
I url It -*, " e -I,[ m.;lrpur h Ua ll w) er
-al .iaaetaii w. L.,I th~ aawl-.
Fl' F E 0KR he.Eli us ~h .p-J t ed firi.
i te€l .. n. C e e--. .. `:i .t i t, .ti l. . a 1.
1 . .Ir! ,r s I Itt e t--t It - tt"It e-1 ,: r--,
Sf d a ar 11 a r--lit gaeri: a..lrely unld ti o
StI. Ul t a..1 i t.t. l, - riall.t a!n. hr I t a' a. l c t te.
1 r 1 u t .t ,l Hut Ir," .r ,+ Iaca tc :t',", Ito~
It {. s. I.1I 't 1'1 ,L ) K tIIN.
Si, lI'E - .o gt,un ii /.: L t,:a L e. bats. Louitr
a'i) TUF P c l i..
1, \l)r"Ih,.\El h, apiltl nted Mu r.
S.JI.E.X.L'i tl I,(/.0 'i1 Gs Arnt. to r*.
' lE I " ler.t" wlii ad ,ih. al.i , tlt ii t1 . s-. rp .
11*me e v1r• l t "il Ill$10. ]' g d. %, we tiase
r P i. Illl' . e tii W i (io c., -11 r or 11 11 w 1i 1
" .. , ', . :; tjeilUIta . IIa t, C. tU 1o a )t I 1!".. ,i
n. t) t hi, art lace ,. are ,,ti.- ;.* . ,., rt'utt"l.i,' tr
tel l.ar'r Kn e telinate
l l l l e 'lll ( cS i 1 e t i t I I I.
Dl}iLCT 1 .1 PO, IT.'TIO.l
I'VA.. Gia. lA1S I
ý , F.,r'" heit ",el1t ofl a 3,10la 6t ) 'il 1e I
V I AVANAI CIAIl8 ibte.,iit,- by (,lt
ILe 'I l '., o , t . .In i a 1t ow l)lta -ti .
Je3.i S3t'KLEY & Dill.'V I:.
ja-JliJ,' i V, rj >{",,.tl t : itt. a .1 wt : cl".A .
..pa.lan t a r y aor e i3n thai baudna' on isi ak
*ta . il j an/l, a. ,th ri r 3
Hert. w leare he wll contaate hily keep an asrget
ment .Fa of Fr4.nirceries of every dea
c3iptsn i '3ly kept il rocery tit res, waih
hie alfer. to the public at the ieryt leat prates,
rally tf atlts.rnitta alnt r nuty wit ll gaie famtn
a -r ai ;. o et . their patrn! te,. ,r ,, i tr e '
j='3,I ,-1'tº('l' n'li IV 1'll.\ fir.l .
Ce l VI ,W4R. I ION
S'For ItEcIVardI, b taln-hip C 'uhamsms
"S)ea wab'oa I'L tL diig, dj'-Inge ite' PoDt
Offie-e. a
THE UNIE SINle lc have asociy. that ed heas
seiest, Itn etliher, for taare p, rposre of ioing ai
Wert will alo Collect o bneta due the mer
menrt tt1 Frc.k (.roeirio, of every d,e
chants, anl b sines men of the North. East pricand
rWet. All uaI' nrnl inuran ted t lour y ar will . be
promptr r attended to. o
. lo a Bsm nes. f . tN E
qred. Call ad Ne them at
alr fr I Corner of Main airand Boatk sth
IhblriLht, _ agineer, dc.
TH' ur~ yigned, ul•tter Fw himUf that . e [
iA Wavorably known throughout the rtate e id
111evLRIGHTa AND ENGINEER. wonld re-ai
reqcuire.ly announce the Smgar Pat nters and
ag orr Mi ans add Baaties
of the best build a1dinginh, of ary sizc requied,.
Tnd wHrraulted, t every c ise. eh
C.ursacts for next year respectfully saliaited.
He is re epared to curnish IRON toILI S. bui
SER\NDAMisic. Call and aee hg namples.
bet. birl qualinyh W fiskey.
Alstz lot o t ye:c a rl lirves.ctu s olctd.
e s. r to ...ari ORIILIgNG.T.
1'l It i lI. I F\ t Y .1. TLI;I ,.\Y 1 1
.i E..I t_ . 1 .:.1y l.r I .11 ' L
Wi . BRIA~J U&N,
i .. ITUi. .1 . t P'I: i'l l ul:'.l"
St BCt, IilIPTIO-?er alL Iuu he C'il r-,
A -i liPI 4'e1 t-. I rIt 1u6s hl e a.' ' - :t at. :.. t i.r
aLIu ' .Iu .t , F . o T 'i(: s .t I e I .-rex ,i a thre,1 ul.
A l) K 11ý 1111T"I wi X ' weiase at the
r tlr U ( {1..IY.1 1hop I a"tJ Jt : lsis' Ilu r. 1 r 1-11 l-1l wt
1,:.rlt ll I r l 'te , *ll l.to rt -o Ywantills r IU I t"
S1N. IU 'IN(G ('AN)IDATi'i--Te Diielal
1i .lt, a. i, u ..- I . ig... l Igu lge-i lr iabl) 1tu '. J...
1 1T Y I O' ) 11t ... Inot etxce.lg three )s
l..r ut , t 1 ll Bi- Ih , lull . lUbt s.l l t t, h.Irge
I$, t lt.- UO F lr ati lr gth illbiJ, tr ed ,usuis sl.R -
Lt .ruJ .t1,1t 1c.arc --ki 'ri tes t i.- 1ie:,:1i1t
15t a1 a all 5i l . 1. 1.y 'f th e, r ' hir \1'1 e ia t
t 00 ,- it . ;l ant idug l, b tt c.u thei
ti .o $ Iitiml.th rlep1 , s. tattiSe y or c ai
p1ti ,, rcI'.,p ,.'t'e t " I ly ; ýtat1, High' s atI d
I ~ . 1Jity a:: liB ack Replul'li L :t i-,t anld
Siua- ti ' l a v'rigity,' I t , - t t ul
te 1,ll,,w in-+ its:
$1,O0 t i.,t Iltiakijir i_'.e I,' ;ts, lll itn
$100 tI;at Lr'cckihzridgc biat.; DIllu i
$I00 that BrL',k,:,Ige beats L),I, I in
in .,ls~ilan!.
$100 that Brieckiiridget. bea·t Bll in
$100 t1ha1t IBrU.ckilridge iats rJ toauglas
iI \. ir tti..
$100 tha.t ITeckiaridge beats Bell i.i
Nrth C.a',l.N a.
$lh U tha t L , ,'.iurid', b .et, D,,ugl..
Nl rth ( .a ,iua .,
$100 that BJr3ckinridge heats itJ in
$100 that Breckiurid;e beats Douglas.
$100 thiat Breckinridge beats Bt1ll iln
AI' l, . ri.t .
$104 that B'eckinridge beats Duu,,l
iu Flo oriia.
$100 thalt Breckinrildge beats Bell i n
$100 that Breckiiridgue teats Doug-las
in rFltridaa.
$100 thait tBeckinrid te b.,ts Bell in
$100 that Breckinridge Beatis Dougl)g
in ins Luirai b.
$100 that il'reckinridge beats Bell in
$10U that Breckiaridge beats Douga
las in Tli.ahies.i! Pi.
$100 that Irckin'idge beats el in
$100 that Brckiiuridge beats DJougas
!as in Tetxas.
S$100 thut Breckinridge beats Bells
$100 that Breckinri Ige beats Douolas
in Miss,,uri.
$10O0 that Breckinridge beat: Bell iu
$100 tlatl Breckinridge beats Dlouglas
in Khntouek.
$100 that Breekinridge hiats Bell in
$100 that Bre.ki ridge beats Douglas
in Tennessee.
$100 that JBreckinridlge gets more
sdrtoral votes theo both Bell tad Du las
$100 that Douglas is exalded from
the House.
$100 thatelBreckinridge is electl
Presidecnt of the United States, either by
the people or the House.
All the bets to be takenr together.
[The above offer. len made by one of
the most sterling Democrats and weal
thy sugar planters in the State. If any
ambitious and sanguine Bell or Douglas
men are disposed to back their tempers
aind jldgment, lhere is a cehance. Unom,
onl We guarantee that the money will
be staked.-Eas. ADvOCATE.]
e Few people have an idea of the exten.
of ithe silk manfacture in this country. There
1re now about thirty-six mills, emiloying
from 8000 to 10,000 hands, three-fourths
children, at trfling wages. The entire value
is estimated at three millions of dollars. The
annual production of silk goods in tile United
States amounts to about $2,000,000.
c-A caznon on a new constructaon was
tried a few days siuce in the Pljane St Denis.
It is taid to be superior to any rifled cannon,
to carry three leagwas, and cause izntr-nae
yI he Prince of Waies, according to the
correspondent of a Bulrflo paper, was i) de.
lighted with Blondin's feats at Niagara that
he gave the adventurous Frenchman a gift
of onetbuoa,,1 dollars in hard cash.
Douglas Working to Ellet Lincoln.
T1 Illviug ii.,st reruarkalle state
(~.,:t \.as rI','cntl.V ia,k. l,." 1 iH . Ansoink
lisl..:, t-'1u.', ii a sipicch ill Matiic .as re
."'rtrtd Iy :, c, rc.ideint of the IlBangor
"l ,.i.t." 1' the _2.th August. WIC
\. :: i ilk' t, ,:' Mr. Douglas' frieids
x·l, . <,.,r rtfuti, this riiiiarkabjle un
Tie: l. t.lAuS l Burli:gali address
1 tie Cil ' .ti f 1l tlfat iiu las.t Tues
,lavy c.,,.tig. The ~lly I' iut the speak
vt itaidt, which is w,,rthy ,f the atten
ti... ',f li,,crats, is that which dis
cl ....d hi.-, alleged co:fideiti'd relations.
with MIr. D uglas. UIo thliis matter I
giM Ir. Ilurlingatle's language, as foul
l.w,: "'-',fIx, Franik ilLiir anid myself
have haid l'Irtl.",i ; t ,ri\ ate initerviews
wih ri. D,.b:it' s. ill his ,own holuse.
Oil Ili .- e i ':i Mri. lhouglas freely
Ildelti I t Xlirsinlti of the deepest
sit(!ullut:ll ,'tk nout ., tl/hrn dictation."
"1 al.,,, lad it Iriv:th. inttirvirw with
1r. louuglC." . c' ,ltiie t Mr. Burligllaine,
" si hr l,' -i i , f l hi late visit to
i.lt 1.. .Mr. 10, ugizi lhtu liiiiadt use of
thin n..ý:ilrlla : Nliuliti gaiii', l nir eilechted
,iit 'C'l l,: i', x lta l:'s; I havI e gt Jtlcl
I., L. ad is a ba-krt mud Shall stms
hav.. Fliducll's, hBright'S, alil I-itch's.
\\'t,lit it lb' a splendid sight lhuligalinw,
to ser," M,-il ,ughl riturned fril t'alifor
I a. hakesr Orl lregon, and Douglas
an,, ' Old 1 hbe', all ot Washin.,*to n tgcther
Ii1.1 .1i '
.h1. uliurlingane then exhorted the
li.,ugl., men t, vote fo;,r Lincoln, both
ti ~ i,,uges the wrongs done to their fa
v,.ri: I v thel S itheiri )lleliocracy and
tI a.1r ly ~,ot Mr. I),ugl;is' wishes--"for,"
s:i;,! .lr. B., "what else then the election
:i I,;l:clu cuhll Mr. Dtuglas have had
it vi\w" w'nill, ill his recent speech at
t y P, ,int, li:Htic Island, he declared
t,,.it it. t Vl, Ii earth, would agree to
:: Illiitll wi hi the Blh'ckiuridge men."
"Thisi, s.aid Mr. B., "MIeanslii the election
of Lil.!,hi, and nlthilig else."
A l'rLr~W FA'rluI.-T-'I'he Ilitorical
So iety of Londun has just published a report;
it cotailas a fact rather startling, both to phil
anthropists and tii.anciers- Since 1815, Eng
land has expended more than £40,000,000 in
iteprls.ling the slave trade, and at this mo
ment it is more flourishing than evedl What
a text for comment!
SluT-SrEelG UsNDER tIa l TISr.-In the
great crush of people who came down to the
dock to "welcume" the Prince of Wales at
his landing in Detroit, one man got wedged
against a fixed table so closely that, to save
his rib-., he crawled under and (attempted to
corne up on the other side. But he unfoertun
ateiy became entangled under an outspread
ipet;U,''a, and was only liberated from his
cage after the woman had fainted, and he
himlself had been soundly kicked by the in
furiated husband.
A KEErER or Six lloTmls.-Mr Paran Stw
vns, who keeps the Yafih Avenue Hotel in
New York, keeps also the Continental Hotel,
of Philadelphia, the Revere loose and the
Tremont House, Boston, the Battle Boose,
Mobile, and the Point Clear Hotel, Point
Clear, A:abama, in all six first.class hotels.
A Illhr.-A widower who wishes o manrry
again, niust buy his peparted wife a beautiful
monument. Tlis succeeds invariably.
A BRIDAL TowIs.-On the 12th of August,
a rowantic couple, a French youth and en
Italian girl, were married at the top of the
leaning tower of Pisa.
L7TEx-Gov. lienry Dodge, one of the most
honored leadrs of the Wisconsin Demoqmay
is out for Breckinridge and Laneu, also, e
senotor Irsac P. Walker.
_The Italian artists living in New York
solicit a contrbution of a painting, sketch or
anythinrg else in their line, from their brothersm
thlroughout the United Stateas, to be sold for
the benefit of Garibaldi and his army.
-5"Tickets for the contemplated ball in
honor of the Prince of Wale, which were
sold at New York a day or two ago, for the
emall sum of $6, now readily command
$~i00 or $300, and are carcely obtainable at
The census takers in Lynn fond
one wife whose age was fourteen years ad
three monthsl who was the mother of a
child three months old.
g7The olcial returna of the cenwss of
Rhode Island make the population of the
State 17-1,633, or about equal to the city of
Biton. Providence has 50,674 inhabitants.
irPrentice thinks a good mint jolip i the
osly sort of 9gres A thrt should be toler
sted. One would think so to loek at the lmea'

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