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Gazette and sentinel. [volume] (Plaquemine, Parish of Iberville, La.) 1858-1864, December 29, 1860, Image 1

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NE. SERIES--VOL. 3, NO. 46. PLAQUEMINE. P.USi I I L... 'i 2. I E . iN
NEW SERIIES--VOL. 3, NO. 46. PLAQUE MINE. P 0'dl...IIr  l1'I.]I II. I{ "U '.- ;., - () I .
llttorney at Lair,
ij'll.I, pra, tici in t' I'ourts of the iti t
Julih'al I)i-tit,-. aid the Snpraii. (t ullt
u! l~ouIsl a. :d
1,' I' st-uthi:e a Ile--- Plaqlueli . lwter- I
IIl. J. %. )E I4EIE+ 1, I
I .N'".. :rI. , IFI tI, IEI ., I
.It tori' oilt I, tr,. pi
1 I '' i l e i fi " I p l ' -'-~,: ,:. If, i: : ill. ( " ý: i 1
lhe N, i il Jua1,,'sal I)1-'i " t. l =j
'l.,, . a.-*i ., lIles' , ., !' ,
I,errele, Li. B",tun /,-,,e 1'. (.,LaI
hIarroar A' Pope.
.IltorIe.e and Ca.rlIlller. at La r r. I
ýýjTILI. practice their pliot l--oiinii ii, the parn-h
Sof We't- aind I at ,itn lriiu_.. Iher
vice. Point (Coupee and 'We.t I'elacna: the Si
,,. 4 i ('hurt o uI Ilia aiana. aniid t, I 'l uatel lates
Si-.tjil nid ('irciit C iuits at .\ (t)ricains
.lOS. Hi. IACI, I,
Notary Public and Aucticneer,
W at tih thilo \ij t a
A N\ ai,.il at, :,a n, ir five to ten doIl- I
:.- l-ain ,tV \ n',e'',:. e fi I r el"ht .ohnli rs. <i
1 i" , ni,,l it ' i. ,t u .n 's d o u r o -t i s ti n - t o - li it p - n
,. idec! I t
.Altter oy tat Las wa,
W a t, 1 Jh 4ate i c rl a t ln tion l to the il. ,"ie , o
t - lol]e-- ii all the Coults of the Sixth Ju
daltal DItrct.
Otice a thi Zlenon Laballe. apt4-1y
3. H. REIIS, at
Atllort - at L. a id h b
Jttlasic of e te a Peae. hl
L i, " t t e (n M ati - e: cr t . a lg fI
SJosepl Ilot ai't,
Attorney and ounsellor at Law,
jvli;] P'L.1  /ii.III.I:', LI. n
GmsGw I. I.LL,* .
ttlorney at Law, li
I.ar,,l/, Teyas,
I all
l.II.. practice law ani collect cans in the.
- c un'tll ' is l Hia, r-,in. l lanola. Itu-k. Sr:ni. h,
1'ool. I l,-hur. I'a--. aind larioot. awl i l the Fed -
Iral ald , lupri. i, e i(rllts a l T) le. I I) a tq i
Attorney at Law, Il,
Will praclice i. the lDistict Court of Iborvilh.
A harel in the hii-ine.s of said Court rolieited.
.i'.IRlreai. (Titon, La. oe:6 . e
,aureyor J CMelt 1Engineer,
Bat/on Rouge, La.
STII.. alttlto-i call s in the Patish of Iberville.
for strre'rig iands. mappifS . Platitatihos
levelhing, m asuriug canalasl and levees, draught
Ilg architectural desagis. &c. nO'24l
DR. M. . DUMAR ',
HTAVING located hamsell about five miles Lh -
i low the PFerry on the opposite bank of the tai
river. in literville. offers his professional servi
es to the citizens of the purish on that side. rie
lseptl PLAQUESilNE. LA. inr
r ýhis
J. 3. 80LARZ oy
AS just returned fr..o New Orle ns.bringbll
I A a large and well assorted stock of inc
Groeeries, of all kinds. Bit
Also, just received from St. Louie. a lot o
F-lour-extra and supertine. a
Lard, ilRss nasl Butter the
of trtr qbiey. I
As it is my intenties to Beep ea bond a rful i
supply of everythig in my hlin g, i call isaolicited
Irom my old Iriends sad leastr ras.
Store opposite Nicol's. mylst-tf
Barber lh -p. -_.
ICOLA.' BIEILER respectfully infomsB
has frieds and the public that he still tn- a
tinues at his ot stland on Main street. adjonintl ui
his brothers' Tailor shopsit Wiie Ntore, whereh
hi.t ll pursue. SHAVING anid HAIR C.'T
TIN(., as also CUPPING when called uponi. a5
GLASER 30R6., of
loot and ShoeLakers u
r The business hleretio, r
carried on by B. Gta.Aza. will i
deled in future by the unter.i
eiged, at the old stand on Bank atreet, Noith of e l
tmin street, anl they trust that their attentliou to (or 1
-r-nes, and endeavors to please their custom- . '
a, said the mLanner i which their work is de and
wlt merit them the continued patronage of their bre8
friends and the public.
P. S. We shall from this date keep on haid t
guilaly L Iadloes' Creel cfi lesn &l CI
S e , t shop malue. C
*7y-oc GLASER BROS. B'
l Take this occasion to thank his
-- lJ  l5atrnns for their past pantoisage., ad
to inform them that be is at preseat
below s ated ou ,Main street, At house vari
its the "'sazet and Sentinel" olllee, where his aiwa
crosk i ll find that he will coiatinute has t*.
W tehk i ib heme punctuality, perfecliesm sad
at Work can sere his in p oist
ctii, I TE uindersi,,ne, woudl ,e
rut I speetfu!ly alnnuncre to their
Stiendils and the public tiener.il'.
Pr- that they have just pourchased the
i Codee-hotaue and Lixtures Iarllllly l.epi iet bI'u l
lip Heelein opl)lo.Ite the stal ht'll lanhi .lg: .ai:
hlt% ill'' bpren to consideratle. ," ii .e in paper
I,: all the imorne o that the-v a, r-;a' a:d pleans
ea1I. and ha ing the best bern 's rf Lyre,, adl
Ill es to be had in New (Ii. a .li. ta:IR lui!trr.
pledging ouraelves to spare i, pa's it pie,.,- all
w ho tall to see us, we shall expect a simah -hare
o of lithe public patron.ae.
iRL.o~'rURIN. ( TURIN & ,EIIPI.1:.
L1. AiLt i:. 4 Lk., j
Plaquemine, May 19, ISb(l.
The Raih;boir.
)OLOMON FRFIY ipres-u,< !.; collllimr ert,
1 to his treuld anlid I :e pul:ll. aildl rIepecthilly
SIlllorlbs thleml ta he has opell.d Ii tillh blaidilg
h i. of .aslm street, fornmer y occupiied b) StcLly"
,r-& i Ueklvallaie. a
4 Cofftee ilortse anld l ;ngcr Be er.
is Saloon, where good liquors is d ;,<il lcr can
hb h' Jl. fnd where he hopes hi- ad p.trn and
the pub'ie %%ll call and see him. sepl5
- RMae R elia.
sb Tie ·nierigld wlould say to Iis
s friend. aqd to the public generally that
he has just receivedl a niev s pply of
l- 1hi? ailld Red tthine Wine. of1 a 4quhaty 1uch1ic t
rs. silperior to that received lest year. The public I
a- may rely upon this wie being hili- true anld ac
tual Jltbce el the grape. asit calle iRim the \ Irle
yards on the Rhine. I all and tri i
o Cob m lwase, eardi House, Liv
- er, stable.
Iy FORM.1 his friendls and the
1 publllic generally. that he has
opened his new house, on Batik
street. sice the 4th of July, where
be is finely cituated to acconamo- r
date Boarders aild transient visitors. onl reason
ble terms. lis table shall always be furnished
with lit best the market affords. 4
Iis ('I)FKIE HOUSE will always be sup
plied with the beat of Liquors, Viian, Lager
lieer, &c.
He hlia a BILLI lR TABLE kept ia a se
parate r om trem the Bar. hanilaomaely fitted sp.
Hie S'AIILEcanilet ble surpassed: and all an
iniate eutrustled to hi care shall meet with the
riust dli~t at atterilio .
He confidently hopes that hit eod friends will
not fioret him. Planters and others from th
co retry will ha, ether horses nd bsllgeeslproper.
ly taken care-o at all times, aid as good a diianr
iad walse as the town adtrd,, for themselves ami
Itiends. sep
Court House Exchange.
S+ avics Enel y,
II _AIN peihased uit the interest of hi,
S ipartner, will continue to carry o e tl,,:
buI,iues at the old stand, wihere he will alway) s
4I oi4 Ligpeos
ieed Lheiers
and ing lager.
Thankful for past patronap, he trilat to re
renie a contiaualnce of the same floan his a,:,.
Iriends and the puiblic in gelerel. jyll
No. 16 Royal Street, ,.
Next doer to the Post Ocee, Ncw Oat.r.is;
Oysters in Barrels or Cans, Pickle. er Spired.
Fruit and Nuts of all kinds, whboleasa and re -3
Always on hand a full tsupply of all thI luxu- !
ries of t he season.
Meals served in New York stile.
rity and country order. put up on the s5rirt e
notie. ap21- l i
Theundersigned would respicr:- l
inform his friends and the pnblic generalsv t-,,,r pi
his Oyster daloon is now in "full blast." vhere ni
Oysters are served up in every style. Also-- I
iianae sad eoler Lmxuriae,
including ':ronsides Gumb," and Gumbo. of: ev
ery ol her description; Soups. Roasts. tew-., Frs, . 8
Broils-Salmon. Lobsters, Sardi,,es. kC. l- . n
e ) e.erle and DelIhlales;
and WINES and LIQUOKR of all kinds. and ofl d
the most superior quality. Give me a call
novl2 H. LEBI.ANC.
Geleen Age Coee .eoe. toDid
Beardlng Deuce and
Opter Set**m.
ThiL Cofee Hoe, Bearding Ho- to
i · "and Oyster Seloon, ftrmerly kept (bV
./w i Antomio Bragliono. at the corner oh
Bank and Villier streets, will he opened by the
undersaigled on the 5th of December Ist;l. ;hl n
he will always keep Gid Liqnor, a G;o4d Tab e
*1 ao! lMdsherOdlgts liti Yl de ca tn S
pihblic generally are respectfully invited in 0 ,I
aid edge for theLmswle. Their petreonge isiso
lie ted, and iM be ighly appresiated.
dear amd tse Sitore.
rlTHE undersigned respectfuily informs hlio .o
frienda andtb pible genertly of lberville
tabt llm'lse ned a ktee in Plaqulemne. ad- I
I&sma LepaA KeIa' lFaney Dry Goode Store,. ah
for the
m1uahrtare am4 5aIg 5 .gaiQs
and eaio to keep constantly on haild tlh l--t :
branIds of
Hle will also keels the best quality if
By always keeping on hanld an ecel'eIt seotk ('II
oi the above. he hopes to receive a I.beral share the
of public patronage. its.
augn6 GUSTAVE NEDT 'I . r
W E hbve just received an thliti)ni to our BO
tock of Jewelry, which is now lare and EN
varied. Every sriede sold by us is 'at ranted A
as repreeented. If not as representIed. we will oil,,
always tals the goods hck and reeondt: t-no. I;
iney. STOCKLEY & DELAVALL E . thlre
KTUTLE RY-A new and leiitfin'll ,
s ortment of Pea Kaivesjst re.vned Cs '
for isale low by A . EAA*tr o0
S. ('1'.1 ti!
STi, e
11,1 I..c~ I
*w II.-l
Ar.. ts%,9lt>Zr':1, tI1 KtIS.
\.nli1 1 , .. ... t.i . _ , .
2''t ''''111*\.1: .\ 1': 1 \ 11~ !.t! :
rte 11$1 K
fly' I HA 1 iR
Flm 'III C!:kc .Y). mid I (oiiI IUSl'
!14 1' P l, ea.E I
tat . d \ ! a," i ' - d a .. t i* a 1_
eh tc I ' l' .. ..... . .
l" thatrt at Iw "I' !1. l.. I /P ", ,, ,1
1 u l i ll . . .1 ia
Niew utchory.
A I~i~ t;h~ '"A'iet ('lf·~io l vi
i 1 u '... . . 11 1 a :, I a:
c/ Sctillr~~ itrlIRAMrc~
E'\r ,i·· :I:mnrl autjo· (ood~
hr .'. ,1: ! :, Afn' AlI' ..'P~it A't I) nO,
- . iAM lA1 a ".,,1 i e 'Ii t u11 *liii. 't'A-r A . AI1 .'.'
tiPIn..,l'"f 8 Ii' IA' 't'
e- A it 'lc~ AI' . ' IIa1 ,u,1 c al A 'I A 11 .:. . A, " C
re I, .n 9 to 'lr Palll,."
t ! '" ' "_ T 1 1f E:li' I,'R \ / I . F 11* .
i . ..l -ii- -h --AI - I! "
ýý . Ladies Dress Goods
A "I A'" 1)
1'lautatioonn Goodtt
hb~!· pari;ccllarr e·,li at:reuii,·I: to. isal- "6ell
x tool , lAP RIA ev A ;% e t o C l ot h i n.2 ,,~ :7
(01if a!) (moll.,
1 !n n ... hem ~ is d ca I. s h fi e e ii i' 8991 -alitO. I,
1(:'"11 1'al t" '·ha., '1. 1110! :lot ) sal a sa% rr ·:.1.-I' :". ""
I1 iA L1 Is' ('Ariiir rh Ig.neIer .. &c.
T H trun.' t -I_:,~' e. lAOS rett . }~ l,} n f r4 Th : 1S
i 1 11~ ~ ~ C111 Isvr1,1",n.w tr R.-n tflev.'
lidtt it Ai- ri talL.' II pri 'l'IAdli (' toonrat' i.ll;!.!
14 ;vi ,a.A iti'~ i. .9d n iu
1 lv e nlLt AS -I aLnt FIN t o f-h. ar ,v~ S l°t. at :If
'fi l. llli~r -frllltbai~ Ii *IAL'V .-~i
1" Ir
NtFl'ot ME~faii ('c"fl', · SLypi"9 71' ii';
f'jlardid 1" ear".'. I hu'.h flhil.l'Nr At 4
-TO cur'arrr I'lWmfrrji
SThe S~tar UIL8agai Fulrna~Ce.
?I atoaatd 15thr Juno, 1358.
1"vIr \-F:I: .tr. I wl il i f!
'pAI IF.CS ishing to puir. haoe tAe.rIght it . 191
I lreappiy Itl
The W~od or Coal Fnrnaac..
C. or ejlher IIOILI:RS F n-L~A E'iTs
I let December 21st, 1i358.
I!j~~emer l. relrenrcres gicen. Aply);~a
- ;" 1,- a cu . ',, 1, r
, I 1ll AA' ill hel:9 ii, dIlal IsA,- ha.i ;)1 lAIl. '.t i . \ i. 1
P S a h H :i evI' Il i'I c~r9' OW rr'ili 'n: ."s.'X' ;,AA :I I:A {iA
I11. 190 Ii~r 9109 lnrIII H1h prolnptnensailid jIAJAAA'LaS-I. JidA
IIe Sell kind ow mIl
RBrams and Zron asrlingr
V~orginr and Copper Slmithing, a\91i
P clai I il IA a it ithe giri elI 'to AL\nti a Ii
s Oi I.Lk s Srll1e,. whets he ll has tol A lt s'o% ,I ] .
EntINE . M ILLS. lS amadolber ~Iaci.AA~er). ,IU
AlI descrip~llon cli B~asa Worka for I:IgliA'Ac~,lt 011
to lell ifllrpaee2 fuiller VIII I~aInd or made to ordnrr . !AAII
()id 'lll ur Matereal , 8114 xPim Engia . tica 01 iaro.
thy."' to ( Jo.' Holre~lrli and I'ulty lorse Pow-er, i to la
tiA.AAUASlar at bItl' t ,! i icc, . ,
KIi. HearIlX. DfOZG RFY &: O.,
C..,is'tliun Ar-fI. e'Cllen Th'd· Al1bi Mai.n. S~
cl-ly Babe )I,uL. CAs
ý\ . 11 . .I r1' .. , - . 1 . . "I_· I
1. . " 1 1.
......, .......I ..
a'. . 'I.. - liIr ' *,I rr
1~~&D. DT1 lAi1,
Ia; ee-q A~r*.ecs5 .PIa~cr
: II,
(. .1 .. .1" n
hi ·1\1" \ ..\ 1 r ,'r ".:1 1 1.! '11111r 4
i... l III I - II:I!. 1 r 11 \ (11(1 ·) r ·\: (.
" I2' r , I l. :1, '- 'i..
1" . r, **'l, .l .1 ,, 1 ,I
elf Saddlery and fEarness Business a
I\ .~I.I, I .~, i~Na 01Ilý A
:.r L~ ' r r ., .r- I. , ;l: v t' . n"'rr
T I it i `1; .. CIPI 'r :l 4\' . I :I.i 'vl'r
I ' OQ ).r- 1 4 lrkc1 hZIt rzIjc,5
k.' Carriage Trimming Establishment.
I sJ,"l. 1 1 . 1 1 r" 1 . I A ;a ll .
4 @4tl4Ifa'. an ad II:su-ualr'%a
And the Trimming and Painting of
Cab ria.es and Duggwts J
'I. a**. .
i" " ýII 1. AI' · ·; . III , .'I: r,, ' ",· ~ 111
J1 ', 1 t r'.,a-a, jl,;1 I. .1 trtl.'"i';,' \1.:la .a d a'lt
ý1~ ' 1 r ·· . 1'I ,1! AI '"' 'I." " .I " , i iAa"l
h" c ' -- ,- a I. .1 . .t_. r.. -
''" . ' E :i; P 11,..1""., 1 i.r .Pr I,
I \I.
-4i nQAI di'
ITIi: v~5ii~1.:i.1srl Ii)r bas'sfl·'·fl I-! 1.1··1.. "
'1? _. a- la..i r1).ag;.lll..1 Ii~i I lllaIlrl~ m..a. R)lllt.. id~
a' ·ll· ( al-a. trica~i CI 'lila ali I he m'ar-~ 1
Irlalalickcr Iialsaal'd
lul urlrl a''a L:.cr p1 g'
:;ri):IS,LRr to any~ Lrelialea'tazi ol.lthai an-hi fo
.............. . -g ~ -lrl -.-- -!1 --.t flan~iuctl
PIanhnr au Merchamh.c
t Ia' Iaznirolsi. ¶aa. ac lie ol1 l~ i ri.st Coopea\. rs Ii :1.
pliec Pal-ia haS~lo moalapielaal hin raarrn.. m
,lias ait p ;iarhaea l large Mswk oa'ee .allcr iaals a . of
0d isis. as!, arl gial'l Rallalia l lol.S E~.
Buem ii:)EIC I;J-;LS. 'a hild.&sctlls illlailr
'4 '4 4
F 11I .I . .
.1I' h .1 y
4 lht l. tk lid It's'4
\4~1. '4 .'
Al'11 UItr , a~ "1, .:,. II I\44 ' }:1 :1 th.'.º L
C; .! 4 1 4Ii . -'tL
a" 4."l , 44.'l'
.,t 1 144'. !; ' ! ' f
4.-t 4,;, "i, :t t,". 4 I 'll (i h i u-' I~ . " 11,"-sr
"1AtI I' It 4lKI R~.
4141-ivi J"I 1'.IRI(4NNi:A1 X
(1P -
H:.VANA CIG4IiS e.! i"·!!rtl d . ir
-. 44 ''.-:r : . -! . . '.I t . ", : 1 0 . 11 1,11-h
\1''. , .t" . ' ! 'ti . g1 d.: I ll % 'l thei
-.4' \ \"4 I:r :I :11'#'i 4.I .1n, -
c ~ .t".: ",.I r .' 44 -1t 111. as r 44444 a '·jui d
1 'l - '. 44.-I. . t s1,, ,4l~i r'I rea r4'-'i a '5
4. I '- 4 i It. . ,, le 1 'It44 Vi1 XIII-t
Isamproae'sd %1Ibble Shaver.
` I.tl, e , l ',.' a ie.- art" .'e1.4nt arto''e. to
A I,"r4 , i. Itau 1'tl lre 'Ire .4o the
r ,_,. ...... - i ·t'"1 :e ,: .1 %, 1.1 , ;,I'd 'er '" led
t. Pr e ;: it r -!, I.t ), 1,..,. i t 1 It d.' cla d
4.4A on14 4.4''.l yr *.- \.'.t (I4t4.-14 5 he
a.' 1 . ' . '....%, '-a.I- ." : .... ho
A _'I' t ae .'4,4'r,, 4. 4' ri,-' 4
4.' e 44. t ~ ' "", ' l.4 ' ,t ,, I. : uu4 i*'44J44 .1 Who~
"1 : 44 1'J 4 1 '"" 1
'41 i i i r '44 -. I, Ii J .'44,,e i' ac 1 ,1' 141 1'4 4.eilu l..! f
let) 4. , ,. n' or14. 44 ' r ;,I 4.lr 1444hi4 i4 I' 4 . 14 1 t i-:s
."'r1,. ,0 ,i 1 it ." .s../ t il1.~ I il t '1e44'e~ h Ih
4.I~t"'. " tI I.,1.5 1.1- '-16.1Il at'~ i l!'4Jlll,'.4 K1,r tO
I.'. ",u the Ai 1.1I' _' Iu I:. i I t ''.4 i.C4444t '
.VisibaIjrpyi Foieedry.pency AI JIM
ai L11*
American Machine Depot,
.4. n r 4 ,a t i t' s. t
44I II ' 1 '1041'l I 4db C
1' illy(. r1,4" '44444'4 rear444' I
d ý. !i1.iYý- 1. 4. 4 'ii, : 1i 4j~i~h14.' a
',I ''I 4.'. t," . 44 7eat,,! 4 in- I t4 I414. 41144
Ir ,n i·r ·,, r h, "fl b. I1IIIrI. ani are I low of-ld I]
._4".,' .4 C .4 a i4r u4,4,Co.,tltJ a
rtnt 44le , o 4 it.
It I t r 4411 NIlttltll~ : .4 NIl I 44.41 STANv. c
" I he 4tejrn !irowlpIer rIRGI.:';L. d
4R .1 t,, 'I , 1.i.i. I. lC ant,,4. w'iil I". 44e
I' , t 1." :llhll . tartyn if the -mai l. erery 'llesdaIiy a
4114r .1n, al 1o u4 ':4..'k pl.,ei .4'y- andt rellirnhtt..
I. a~ 44414 1 l. n 'j 0501}l' 4tc.l. i ay Mo'nin gnat it
4l,41~~.4 . 1444 *TI\ .441. 1 Pla.1uermine the same
414li-ti a P4:c· 4qi.tclnhatle a~ain~oii iSaitrday morn.
144- atIi .i~~ il'44 It~ harenloti egan on 'uudaly
!''rliti a 1:,444'14'.'k. 4'ofrrlt4tl4o V. 4h the Iberv iii.
ha'... Ii lol era, and writh the
L'.'-Sillj4;eae riptl p44'd4.I se.' thaw t hear riht. agh
.4":1a,44j4.· -V~ol tIirrhe, 4434 itirrlare ilpptr to 4
UerY' ;.~ cWILLIAMk & CO. :C
Horsea Shoeing.
i). I-.sI~E'I'A"Vf'I.Y 144t;,rn1 lat hi rtend'
L · id the jIttlic iii general tlat baringd UIJ F
;144~rcli~ae41 the intereet ol .'I r. elce! i1
'4i' BIai-ker.tih ~hoj,? ott the cornler 'ma Alaa41 mud Il
(ijeetad st~retag he Wa1 ll i uture carry~ on 1Ialsi. I
Snesi at that place. on hi.r ('Wit Src.'4.att. *4441
a's to receive a po'tion of the puhiac Ietlron
~iTEoffera pris~l ate sal..th Pli~ltltinn nosnm hi
WVas Hardl 'I irtes. siturated '1n the. righlt batll k
of the ris'er. loots oiil~es h.-i4w- Pialat',mine. onn- di
444jt44tL g 410 ar p.'n''. t h.' · bct 44r4 ill jl;trt as le'eed
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The Louisiana Senators.
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i mr m ,in r. ,'t ijaniin w, have the ti ana
S 1, win, 'Ihntt.r, which war i, tente l fr"
et i n laid t.frii t, the t g'is nitl r , ai t if , rteo it
S 'l t s ssi, 1no i t i u"is ht, t-t ini l t ti.
t a wl ttlt ,r mI, to hae . -'rrivd in (lclar.ti,
f r thi' murli,,.l",; iut del)u s of th- ,
and the o ln lady atl iurt.eIt of th Ite ..
a I, ,,',I,,,d ta c,: with will. take .ami,"'. r.
,l, e-t, i ' o inei h pis l ett r to the mut le :t
To th, Legia.talre o" the ýtate of Louisiana.
t F llreinu g be.n u bn xpectdly prn bievene from
ret rn . ,, t the f nlia f atil er it a now too l
or join n a oln.,e with my f e .r citzein ith
N n momnnttlu, citost, I feelto int due to ot
Sas well iits mielf, to make the pint deplarestie
SinaindeIl by a prier regard t t he hoit ouir of
ouisr anr rnd the senrt of hert pe e oef. l
aI*an iom r lfs ering any reasons in support
:lIre. you n r t rso ith f anyi indication of
tlhem be requ ire. Brily, rithen, I believe:
olth, n atterly hst, to our wmterests, atmt
ti aeing ahi be'non sot ledr into the present
unerat tio 'rm its infany; that i ifunde
on the mstakeno bel.ef that th de people of the
North are respons ble ifr the existence of slaat
ery in the onth; that thorb conviction dof
pers-nal rbsponsebility for what they erron
teously b here to be r if, thsprings chiefly frome
Sht the cnnleration tt they are, with us, mer
er of a common Governmentc , end thaeoet the
i sU n itelf is tc maden tu rinto the ipal erseo
n;of hosnrole wintrence y them with or in.
t. That no jiet reason exis foe of thepig
e for any chaene in Northern feeling, ano no
prospect remais tl" our esing permitted to
livee in he and sectrity withicnv the Union.
ph. That, thereoile, the iterost teof ethe
South, i te very antinict of tsdelf-preuevatio
tdem zin ai prmpt severance of all connection
r obstacle to what it ws, dtesigned to effet, i:
4th. That to effect this puelpose separat te
ehaen action iirtnralo nereeliry. That alln
ampts at cncetd eactiorn should be Unire-on
Ie ed frc thereed rreconstructing a gov.ter
ernment. itover nt f action a lmongrt numerous
tlep .l nt Sea'eprt is t result eof longit and
liatsent efforts reoncile divergent interest
Ched haitronaze Sontlicning ointions. The
emntrgecy doies not adnmt of this delay, unleon
hoba Se th e t prepared to uis byt to othpeartio
een del.berat ely fanred. Til hn have beent
gradually forced upon me by intercourse with
the accredited represand a ivem ,f N,-thern
dentimiit, and each day addt to my convic
tion of their truth. Indeed, if the faithful and
per istett efforts uf tie prescnt distinguished
men - as to give un safity cothin the Union
aIne been resdcrcred fruitless byto the operationor,
of the causes above sugeste, of our blovd State.
thope elat wieluhl, oupread ulow, deCrdation zad
tow en Id i. ,relfratione ir, rturiing
hue, ihe to aid by t ,i edbrviid and join
dalia, Concordia Pariah.

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