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Gazette and sentinel. [volume] (Plaquemine, Parish of Iberville, La.) 1858-1864, December 29, 1860, Image 6

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rIm;y Ladies decademay
Piatiasleine, ;Iberr ille,) La.
THIls INSTITUTION is beautiat.lly situated
in the centre of the town of Plaquemine,
between Court, Church and Plaqueminle streets.
The buildangs ate large and commodlous, ain
-he grounds ol goodJ .tple space Ior amusement
ind healthy ex .rcise. The Institutinl being
sitasted wi hin a rew ilinutes walk o. the steam
boat landImg, enjoys the advanttage of easy and
frequent access. It is conducted by the Sisters o:
Holy Closs. who being wholly devoted to ihe
ittpotlant work ol puiiblic ilstructliolt. spare ino
pi-. to impr,'s e the hearts ol th,lr pupils inl ir
:aoeand store their mlitds with knlowledge, al,l
they pe.lge theniseltes to :eturn the childl.n to
their parents llimpiloved Ill +tltue and ti allll ng
To inlpiart a thoiough educationl in the highest
aose ol the wori-tu tiaiti !lie moral aId the ini
ellectua! being-to develope soundlll health antd
legalit nldilloers. is all object of coillstailt atten
tio. The systemt of goerlintient Is Itild anid
saternal,. aliaitig to gutlide rather titan to Ittle
te puplil aillig the path of duty. I lie colt lotl
isddUersslal halLi- oll the young ladies. recetic
._saineatdeultioas in the most refined lamiy
.r c e .
R.ligwor is the groutid-.work of education.
The lisiltution is Catholic. but young ladies ol
all delunuallaions are .dJunited. provided thti
are wlling for the sake oi urdei anld unllturnilt.
Sl*attend the exerci-es lt uill worsthiti. 'iph,.
Acaldemical year is o ten llmo ilths. The course
i t.ducation emllbraces all the bianches us,,a: y
taughlt i Academies. wath the latlitly of plitua
7 isatructon in ,otl the English alid Freucil
eaguages. at the opt on of parentis.
Tu,'mns for LJvarders:
Eatrasce iee. Bed, $5.00, s 5 On
Ian aind T'uistli. per annum payments
quarter.y lu ad alice. 80 00
'1"rm, or khalf Boarders:
Tustion per Lmoith, payable mn lhily, $10 Ot0
1 im:,s liLr )' , .\chd.ars :
Tsition. per nlolith. pl)auIe lrltllthly, 54 (Io
fsTa Icha~,r. at the ,tiion of plar. its. liz
Isic., l.. I al it eIilaiite. Bsa,ld at I Ointe
irii: a"ditol .,. 1 bas.iig aud aieidiaig. Be.
did . g. Ia lI l s at era ) i al1peIls I -w rk(,IL
wtalatl r.I . Ill icltal .iwet.rs. -i. & l. lit
lhrd, lltllliot a ts l W l.,-.-i.g. .lle ll.g. Br~.
ihlaitg. lialttta- , duts it. iled 't wtk
hiswucleie. A.iticial h'loweii. Li it (,ii
Ig, atlgiiniliy.cinlplctt. pri alltuLl, 6t40 OUi
t NIFotltMl.
Wtler,-Green French .\erinos
mansuer-l'inik aiigaliti.
Ils to be wornl wiy oiln SUlltat s and Thiars.
ih. andI the oilier ,oiid yls wheni goini tho
breh or lsalK Patterns of the ilmake andl
-hade mal be had at Ihe Coivenlt.
61'EIlAL DIRIE ihuS.
eta &lrder mni-t b"" prtoviled with six Sheets.
1lsinto Bar. iax llee by three; Iwelse t bhem
Ostinu pairs oi Hoe; dilitto of Ilitsdkechtltisa;
htllow Case. twelse i owels aiid Napki.is;
s Taimoiler; Fik andiil Knife; tabl andtl des, rt
plsnsand all the requisites .I Toilet.
Puket money i- to be depositld in the hauiis
of the Superior u.
tlsitssr aslowe to the Boarders frrm their
erlles gid dGuardillan on umdaii ll asda Thlllii.s
iy.5auJoul) lioln o'c.ock A M.. to 4 o'clock
ilcra--P aqureminu, Rev. Fralncoias Fal
hi. Arw. tolallu., Rly. P. F. Shel. b. -. C., or
blST'I. Rl \RY I'F CALVAi.Y.
rs.M-sep3 ulersoress o Ibhe (I 'mvlnt.
S Charters. SIreet. :S
USTreceived New IPairelrei of E:nglish
* iA Americasn Carpetisg, such as
Velvet said Brussels Tapestry,
Three-ply Brussels and Ingrains;
Dutch Venitiani Lor Halls anil Stairs,
Druggets for Crumb Clotha,
Window shades, Hair cloth;
Taile and Piano Covers;
Ilsor Oil cloth. oi various qualities, cut to
it ails andl rooms;
tie., &c.
a h e okend at the lowesa marketl
-- a171 A IROUSSI AU & CO
Sandeis ged having st-leased the St.
_.Cl lHotel etr a term of Ive years sad
temthe St. Louis tels l. take the present
is thank the pebli for the generous
Mluag heretolore heia-wed spas them. and to
t the two Hotels have ooes eoasiderably
Ipl-i dering the past summer, ieaddition to
uts and refaruiibings of the sum.
_ and e satry; ead t i tho s tie to
tei frinad the a- piis or eupoes
to fmai h thewit every e-.
b to ho ebtaimod.
soha eti ehergo &o the St.
th- il U. I _Mas rl O _ en e
uem & e.,d Ir. the St. ia-io
95.......Camp Street .... 95
ANCHOVIES-In 0,! and Salt.
ArPPLES-Green, Dried, l'reserrd, and .fppa
B.ACON-Breakfast Baron. Sides and Shoulders.
BEEF-Phdci ephia and tci ete.r. Dried B.&f.
BUTTER-Goshet. Rll! and WIestern
BLCK I!!dEAT--I. tbls,/f do. tags and bores.
BR O.A-Baker's ectra prepared
BROOMS--Corn. Hair and W , usp.
BR USHIES-Wh. ,Iaewash, Shoe, &irubs and Pust.
CHEESE-E ngihl Dairy. Cream. I'ester,.
Pine .4pple. Dutch and Saps'ao.
CRACAE~S-CUra, knl i. Cnutamoan; Caraway.
Cream. Milk. Sugar. Bostrin. hater, (singer.
Ieine. .'suta and Mw car'ont Snapps.
COFFEE-Old Gev Java Family Jura. Hlarana.
Old Rlo. Lagusra. Alocha, .tle.ria and Losta
CLAdM. dAND oY'l'El;s.
DIIIED C IIERRIES-Blue kberrits and Peaches.
FRUIT--Raisins. Currants. Pie Fruits. Table
Fauits, Pruners. Figs. ('"ron and C, anberries
FLOUR-F. E F G Golden Hue, and .Alantic.
ist bbis. Af blds and lbags.
FIS Il-Mu kerel. an hJ bbl. kit. and hf do. Codfish.
.'Ma kiurar Trout, Salmon, pirkled and spiced.
Roe Herring, Drud Herrang, Ha.Lta and
Siotch Iherring.
GING ER-- t a~un. Dried and pulverised.
IIERB.'-Sage. Thyna. Sarory and Mlarjoramn.
I/.i.M.S--Sugar-Cuae. Green and Multon.
JELLIE-C('urrant, ;rapr. I imnb Damson..ip
pie, Orange. B/u,. ,'ary. IAuspber,y. stiauw
tarry, Lenun, Pea/ch and Guava.
dy, UWhisky. Chanmpagne, Mad, iea, Port. Mus
rcat. Sherry. Ani t.euel, Gargnolet. ERutitist.
Causses Du Muot D'ur, Cura. oa. Marusatito,
Hoastettuers Btters. Sniieiam .lhrnappi.!
Ortange Flower 'IIat'r. .11., Porter. (Carle
lttins. Blackberry. II dd t herry and trnch
1101. a .'I A I) S 'R l'P--P, ritati.,
aid sugar-house .Vasses,. Stewartr s and Bal
un r .', up. and ir-cp de ltShrie.
I'l.' - .ttsil .asu.', ,j %,t:il iead shelled an,
Pcra i.e
til, i ../ti.n \~rd Laid and Sperm.
.I l'hA1,: 'i-Oi,.. J ,c,,tliD (ur .l A in.
Ltm-s, Caulflowers, Onions, Red Cabbage. qe
l'( ).s -. Iit.*--. ,ui i ,d iUc'*t.
'IRE ALI.R I " . - I',nt u. ,r Pleas. i're',er
C'rub .Apple, Orange. Blackberry. Raspberry.
Strawberry. Plusms..ipruiets ..sons. Cher
rees. Grape, Green (Gages and Ltams.
Q .l.a t. a a, ea C, ,,',, ( .. ,ce J-Iles
RICE-Barley, Sldit and Dried Green Peas and
OII t C, eam. Tartar Saslaratus and d east
A1 L ' Mtarch. S,.ap llustald. Pepper.
Lamp Wick, 4c.
SA U( AN .l,,..h,,uarm Ketchup. "r,,mauo
do., Worretershire, .'ko, John Bedl's, Harjey's,
Paold, Berf-steak, C(Ala Aoyal, $c.
S &(AM-b,,,wu, t ran.umuuted., P'Iadered
Loaf and Crushed.
SO.A I'P. OlAl.y.s . hull , K'dr'a. Honey.
Palm Oil, dlnond and Trensparent.
TO.\ i SUES -- .tu,,. cared and Pickled
Pigs' Feet, Philadlphia Pig Pork, Me.s and
Prine Pork.
TE4.A - Entilh IIre,,frst Ordg. gPou
chong, a, Old HysOo, Yoeng Hyson. -pr.
rtal and Gunpowder. Is and i papers of half
and quarter pound.
VERMICELL, Maeraoroi, Tpeas,. Sago ad
VINEGR-- White Wine, Cider, Catua and
SPICI(;: - Mace Natmegs, Cinnamon, All
spices. Closes, c.
SU.l.NlClEkb I,ndia ('rry. Salad Cream.
Rose and Bay Waters. Osmltwl, Hodnny, Gra.
hrsm Flour, Core Meal, Grats, Iudigo. Pails,
Buckets. (lathes' Lames, andlies of all kinds
Shrimp Pare, YFua sth Ml rrang, Cocoa
07 Goods delivered free of drayage to boats.
Great acrtfcees astd Cheap
argafos I.
H AVING reduced che prices of my large and
well samorted stock of fa.ey and suple
Dry Goods, on account of the very do I trad, I
wdiofer the following Goods at Prime Cat
Price, for csh
Ladie r Ires Goods of the latest styles. Cash
mere Robes, 4 to 5 dollars a piece. .ilk Robes
doable skirts sad some with 8 lSoae, to 30
dollars, fomerly 45 dollars. Colored plain Silk
Mobes at 7a e a yard. I.SO pieces Calico faat
eslter at 10 s a yard. Ladies Clsaks and Maa
tillas at New Oulsas eash pIc.. Ladies Shawls
a sieas let othem. Ceollars ad Shae embroid
ered ad Valecisase Haadk'f. (m# 5 e to
8doll.i a piece.--A m ia Back Oeds cheap
args on e he had. Ladlis & Childmres' Smoes
Sthet malfmctre. A very aim mertmeat
Lf Bei.ry. samin my Ntck btm k e remmi
elmewhms seat LEOPOLDO KasM.
Ague Cure,
PFOrt: : h: ^'PI LF: . l (!F
Intennitt(-:; z v".' ', or U-' ,v r j, ,.
RemH tIt! ,rc.er, I -.it; 1 :'. r, I
ASne, I . rln,,e.., -l ,_ t,-- . I
fer tit ',n ll ; ,::'s tlf i. . .. ,
n lh tti l i T; I ; i .' .,. , m't '
by the 3 .it:<r ;' or r At. " ..
and Li re Is ,
c .' r t a i:': v t h a t :t .. i t : , " i.' .
and w . ,.- "'- .
T. hat ' ha m a -c fi. 1' .. . .'
* . I'
t lr ti L r. : . t :,.1 t -,. , ..
'.i, a 1 , .r. 1 'hiY "'
un t } . .' : .: v r  ;  ,' .
an·nt ,f t}:" d . , ,f :...e u t:.cu '. '-.1+
:'r e a c h o f - p ... . . ,"1 -. • .
It t ' 1 . -t .: c r '
ie r' .. bite L.:- 4,..t;'r . vri I . .
L d i- it' ir t ' I' , '
't ii h -,d t - ' t: ; . . . , ."i
t Ih -f all--'!-_ rn u , .
t\yher evr ,Ca . rti c i l ,ld
iilln 'e .t: J. tt; " r:.ttt 1? . ( i .t It l .t1 t
O t ,i e or d no' t .1, o. er.r'w- y :t r'm 1
l'hCfli no 4' .i : in re ti.r I hijiw .i ' e' .
a', ,::ttever iupi.n t}i I -'ti't i o :A i :. A l:-e l :
i t are i l tt a,, h,,lit; i I c t thh - ;.C.l li1e .
ad thb.r d.a- i c.
Fcvitlr and A l nei ? not a'.,:e ihei?'vL on qo l;
f I to m Ii a l It.lt. e '. tll. IA i,.' t i1St:. t.
-:i iti Cu flti'ilf. -Ile, art ."' eil; ' ,. it Iatt' , -.
" l t s.lTl t' Ir I .:', m it' : 1. , r , }
.h t ,i .ll .tt l PaO i n t t: e ..1 :
I i lt , . . .. I' t cii f. ,
rn of thne td 1 tr' ak : to . e .s- L de'.j. it(.ir:
1. d his 'a * . t I . . ; 1.r " d : to
1 l,'- 41'1. Lt d ( i'  . .t . tth .
•k" . It iq an i .. it , . to :n
tycr's C tlcrry e tc rls,
idin g ei l t},. ' :,:.1 1 .h ! -.0 ' r ' . ,i 1',1.
,ain orally ,r daily %%}.'1 ' h , e. ,,d to .t l
TUt r AHPID Cr 01 e
Co:g U , C o l d s , ' In'' l .l. " lo ri ,e:i
Crter p,, irm t i ncipi" t Col.,"!:
fio, or t: e relief of 1 n pti.
rca to ted uSages o t
doisets . e
1, ALL T-E FU. as . O'8F A FAMILY PYL'
so oide id thel ld of dtae witnfu 'he. rd.nor
1r ou r a r the esl e itht.u d e r:e that :'mo:
very setism .o Io U'tr! ahtdi s in peon pcl
d i an esp e d s' 1 r. "I of the lu ill-  13ii
t, orr ac in to its II d ic, tt apen t toa. . r. -a
is heatlo, ind lhtr. Ais irtue t(' e Loi ow .
'ubuie, n loner hi.te what antidote to n.plo.
or ertf the iin l1nd aho is l"edt onsro ta"
alth t or nr.io1s teh at are cdat t o clit naet
nir the nvtior remedlcn tus tie tt ,
&m Pele andd be d thi l .
Not orle do ther cr every- v comrt, l p
Ttgero ls ,4 1' . IThe .a- 1 t t ow d
toeaid to te ratel and Are r(m. Ama e.
*l. n . Crh A Eotce s( CO t
r their - LLe it'SI. the lloit r"'1 mes. ( a
ess, i 4ar the, I1 ainch so 44i41 iron dtsorda
ery t in. of onfl,1:. trs. Fatu' "inr, Loas of d;
te, Jan .daJe, 41 o• t"r tinto ed rom l
dadnt from a Jew r1e of the t ,Idy or o h atra
"f its functions. They a, ..'ta rlI lent alter'.
1or the renuvation oanthe dntger and the -so at
o of tone saln strength to ue system deblitS.s:
Paients is advanced stages of th
go wtde is the yeld of Its sefulness ar4 so np
Sknown, who bait (iklh rse r alaimu
while mr Inferior rermedies thrust 1'h
[I'Sold by STOCILEY & DELAvau.lSaD R. A
-lsary, Plaquemine ; and by all Uruggiits ev
erywhere. Wholesale by
je23 New Orleans
What Everybody Wants.
IT TELLS YOU flow to eat, ad upon the seek, rn b.ow
tu toa It fr t,'m; hon to lrepasf
bruus, P'u ,lt r tes. & . , .,nu fou :o
.a, Jd ._asust t letiotal Irsm ,0a
ut l,,, 1 ,.-a l f .. , ,. trin L
IT TELLS YOU Of l .e ,,, , uo, da,.ca.. u. of ',lr. re.d
glses t1', i,L.t ald sai,I,I , at moje
ol tie.,t,.u t al urlul 1 tct;l ig. ..i
ouw.- ha. ha, l..tu.,tt', OLhlltal.ig.
Couo,!l. leagles &C.
IT TELLS YOU The ,' .p t,,. of Croupl. Cihoera la.
t.+utum Lu,,c, U1.+: J(t.,\, b ,i.:7
(, e ,. t ole. , Ki.at ., .. ('ns+.k
po. &c., au g g.is you the bsO
reti.i s fu.r tirir cu ,.
IT TELLS YOU Tbe s im,,t ,as ol Feer ..uI Ague. and
Bitai,,.. elyw, '. ypumI . Scuru l
tod i., r leer,,., ato ives )oi.
the be-t tau asilulet reuidiesl for
tiesr cule.
IT TELLS YOU The s mptoml of luduelt.l, Cou.uop.
tloit. , ' 0p*piti. A.tu.i a, U o0,"$,
(i,ul,. K ,. uwatasm. i.umbago. Er
s lt,.Js. Ac.. sld kists )ou Lae
be.t remeJtes for t: ne.r cure
IT TELLS YOU Their mipto, of uChoier .1osbu., M1
i. lant I ,olera. smia.lipox,. Dyson.
terl., . stp, iessrs.. uo the H:ij.
der, ilr.ey, and Liver, anid the
bet luewr.,rt fur theirr cure
IT TELLS TOU The t muptoo wi tl ..uriay, Mumps,
Nheiraila tpopuiexl.Paralysls. the
varou, Lile ,re. of Ith ''Throat,
Teeth. ar altl Lye. and the Lest
r, cerdir, tfr their cure.
IT TELLS YOU Th,. euitio. o, f l .peiln). IJaudice,
Pl.. I.hapture, DiUle.es of tie
Heo(. IlrmIa,n- rhger , Veaereal
uni l-e.. aud llHdriphnhla. iad
gi. , tae best remedies ur their
Ir TELLS. YOU The I.. st and slmiple4s Treatmeot fto
Sou id-, Brokenlk ll Rses J il l"
Clll.a . P.i. rrl, .o. kLjw,. Fever
SU a. ll ite wellugia, UIcers.
H I,--. Boils. 4curvy. BursD
as.d ', olula.
IT TELLS YOU f0 th* saor.ou dloensru peculiar to
%VWome-.. and gIaes the bekt and
sllmptert renerd,es fur thelr thae
lu'ether a itli many alutabl cus a
fur tie (.reservation of tLir
The wo-k as wrltel, in l.ii anl uange. free from medi.
atl terms, .o a. ,a t, e esioy ultlrst .d wi. wlde i stimple
recipes me s.' .ua1t.oumin,. tnm- .the costtlf the buok.
It *n prim-d i,,i . . ea ad ot.et eye, it is hiustrated .ith
a roprlate crar.lts-. autl a e. be f.,rarddJ to your ad
apps. e.itC y : .un : .atilt l n-. p. ia d, ui receipt of $1 00.
. .dr;.0  ) A YE .A . be made by enterpr.
very elaple co ilne ofi tie B.ik, or for termste aents,
Fortrer ilmisaliis.ll. app:y to or address
JU).i. '. rI ' i't .i, 1' hli.:her,
.o. 617 Sansom at., Philadelphia, Pa.
A Labor of Veaire ilediced to a
few Days.
H AVING been induced by frequent solicits
t on. 'o make public the scie,,ce of Kettle
Setting that I practice, I hereby give notice to all
persons desiring to acquire a knowledge of the
art. that I will give them instructions for the
'etting ol Kettles, tor either wood or coal, onap
plicalion to me.
My system is based upon principles, the plan
sibility and correctness of which admit of no con
trallictionl, which are quickly and fully compre
berided, and therelore not liable to be easily tor
I have models for five diferert constrnction
of Kett'es. and devigis by vlich instruction Is
made easy. and the art oon acquired. Copier
ot designs or drawlgs are given to thw whom
I instruct. All those to wh m I teach my sys
temn. are also assisted by my art a ice*, if requited.
Iisatructlon- are only glreln to those who ihave
been three or lout years at the bulineasof Kettle
betting. antd are good workmen.
For luther particular-, It luire, by letter or
othel wise, of the ulldersglglld.
Pleqiemlae, (Pariah of Ibervetle,) Le, Feb. 2S. IbI0.
Rifer to-Dr. C. t lenmet, lber ills.
" Lous De-oury. Sr..
U' bervais & lIoman Scbhatre, S
" John Schlatre. u
6 Sylvar tlarionneaul,
o Edward J. Gay,
" Jaa. C. Wooets, West Baton Rage.
o Dan. H. Hickey. do
Thompson J. Bird, East Baton Ruge.
Brandy, Whiskey and Wine.
W E have in store a large and choice leek of
Wines and Liquors.
Brandy, Cordials, all kinds.
Whiskey, Champs nea,
Sherry Wine, Engene Clieget,
Madeira do. Vve. CliaqI,
Muscat do. St. Louis Win Co.
Claret do. Ale-Porter,
White do. bandy Pesehes,
Bnd) hee
AlU of which we guaramtee Lat qeehty.
W oLINGI CANE, with sad wih
api? I. MoeWiAiU. S & O.

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