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Irsady, arauary 19, 1L I
at tl
Our renders will excuse us f" that
the lack of the Editorials in this week; isasne; whi
-the absence of our Editor, and the many hornm
job works now on hand, prevented us from tion
giving the usual amonnt of reading matter. look
MR. BoSSo's' C'ow'Rr.--To night at i't
7 o'clock, Mr. BoR'ae l the fine Musician and who
Composer, gives nnother Vt:,w an Mul-ie·'' cnm
Concert at the Catholic Church, for th Iho.n,.' e"
ft of the Church. We anticipate a ta-o n- a re"
sembly. The ohject in view, nlone-th it of. mn''
procuring funds to enahle nour church to he i
properly finished and decorated-sho lnd stone .
fill every seat in it. But the mnuic itself-of "
both string and brass bands-will he a treat "'
ia that line that haa seldom been off:red ius "
here. On the whole, the ('oncert emhrarres 'a
inducements to our cit:zcns to attend t which "'
should guarantee the foullest success. tho
- "" " -The
BRIarS.-As thi' is alout Ih" ',:teaiºn ,f ilac
the year that our Attorney'" require their et
Briefs to be "printed, we otlfr our setr vices in -b
that line, guaranteeing that they shall be coo
printed and bound in a style, equal to any not
exseuted in New Orleans,- and taking every Nor
thing into consideration, at a cheaper rate. Ker
Call and see specimen. I1
Tux IBGEVILtE.-This fine packet went thai
to New Orleans on Monday lanst, with a livinFg ,Ri
cargo which, in point of sise, either evidenced We
a great deal of business on the part of the the
people, travelling in suceh numbers, or a great the
desire for pleasure. It ditl nrt look mulch like met
hard times. We should think there were at tit,
least fifty ladie on board. One great reason i
however for such a crowded boat, is the con hit
6 4e the public bas in the well known care the
sad atteutlo, and devotion to his duties. nmo
which characterised Capt. BasAxco, and the moi
aourtesy and care all receive on board hs we
best. Mr. MmOruao, at the desk, in point of liti
.politeness, and assiduity in making at feel wa,
comubrtable and at ease, is an appropriate af- 1sm:
sistant to such a commander. Long may they fre,
wave. iord
(Eliauril (?'rrespondence.) am
sh St. SharIe. fat
This admirable institution, devoted to the! I
comforts and luxuries of the traveling world, the
nder the command of that amiable and po- et
palar landlord, Col. D. Nl. ILDLaRrrn, was et
never i a more flourishing condition than lt lyn
pres t, eeosidering the mall amount of travel I hut
e5esquent qpea. or growing out of our poli. rep
tkditrab i Its guests would make an im- Pi
posing army, if marshalled out on Canal street: RdI
and yet, fro the perfect order and discipline sal
Ih which all the interior ofthisgreat cerasanea
is eonducted-from the multitudinous duties Pr
of the eSee to the ng4 trilling matter per- tIll
tlaI(eg to the msaptent of the whole Hotel be
--.the gI tsarem a meet handsomely sacos- ma
spdatad; sad few, it appears, (from the acti tal
vtty mntateN in removing new-omers into
seem, soon a they are raated) have tire- Pa
iaia lang in the higher rooms, which all are m
adverse to eepyig, through the fatigue of to
mneating up as many step in getting to them.
The "t. Charles" baa ever been the favorite
Betel of LI&aianisas; but at a time like
the psmat, there are reasons which, takes w
lteS eseidestisn, should make it, as well as of
Its pdolrhp lessee, till more popular with D
er eltiss. Thesb reasons are, that the a
- ai whiob the industry and pu',lic spirit of f
thelsegntlmeno bae achieved, have not been II
mrried North, to build palace like residences C
br them, but they have been appropriated to a
sumsalsteg i e *ity property, (the St. Louis t
Betsl,es.,) and in making the city of their 01
It.., the pemsor of that fortune, and the b
bom sad pruide of their livers To men hke Is
thse, weter ia thb business of which we
re upmblg, r omy her, there is a debt due
m by eur Seothebre public which should p
gthlOgeltteo. How unworthy of Sounthern
uppSd,amppred wth the aption here allded t
o ptwbmers and leqee of the St. Louis
ad . Charles Bttls, i the coudect of men,~
isaar nay other line of beaineps, whuq
rslq b1stmsm ~ es agh t liberality ofl
msgathese aery I all te the srth, appre ,
remlale it thee, , Irueo msgnlipnt sume
l h .b ,.ei , a . la pli t out,
at ltesrt br tIhe hs* of tb eanimes dof
the Seqa .t ir ltee tbs te ytvonage of
e cineg sheadi isprlpnseet betweep such
en ad the5 be w aking their mousy
their ehisen in  emilp~ prieipl od b,,i
parg d pdteiteis5
W eamo ly hop thet tho "t. Charles'
a! I' dt.LIdh" wI g T remain the ot
- ae t- dde pro f rl e mprlumoti o
Uuh ad *a eL bEa nuS s amd Mr. lu ,
p hr .·Y er rr n ..a try.. ad
she b l lle em eu n upon knownlag
a lan in which thLoy ae held among~
ao ylh whm thir bemuem hav ba
r , i t p 5 *h ain s pruOi .e high- ,
imea samS f dar tlho lad ad to
tke -.l a ther anumses ha r beest
.o esmb h.d bak hesf whait k w pept
Sqf ab t. Char~ma-elepee whoam the L
msobS s d popularity of the otk el
hme ha m Isep aat. in tha char.
Editorial Correspondences.
New ORntLEA, Jan. 16, 2 P. Y. 1861. TI
There seems to be a lull here in the excite- sent
ment growing out of tile preseat political Pik
crisis. The city, in the appearance it presents Ti
at this season of the year, indicates clearly eat
that Fornme great revolution, of one character this
or another, has oceured among the people, as y
which has e;ther cusell.d them to stay at Wret
home or t,,rn their travel in another direc- M
tion thian New Orleairs. The streets do not iette
look ful er than they do in June or July; I real
but it ;tmirdls inme pleasure to state, that from th.
what little conversation andi connection with I se,
conmp of t!ie Lusines men, atid others in the pli
i-av \e i,-th ne hair hitl. the re s1ppenr to t th n
a rlet irn " r I'met'-. l d rol confih e , e.ad t"
nir -l " !,,,p. f i'tni ,-. It a. s eink s IIa t In,-s
ib. til u. e . i l 1 '-hi-. i o' ,r',. 1t to atv )
e l, .t, of r, Iiri;i': ret . ( 1i' t vi c,' er l,.
,r;, " ^,nr.: thei I ,k IJ". |,,', ', utt It
I.s the n:Otural retiilt emar: tni g Ir,'ot the S! ll
.1p tlt now Istihllltii in the lu,!'ter stis, to 141
conne,,t their id.-t"11 v he.fe t tilt oc f I tte11 t1i:t
n-t" wi tht the other S, luth..rn it' es, or .i,11
thoie which have dec'lred thot :r indepelndence. li.
The re nvllt,tll in Telnne-ree, vh ;c ttakes a rt
pilace next nlrth, is n;hlllang Itcvs than ec 1hit
ee,#ion.-S-uch will he the e.'s in Virc'ttla I r
i -before I'nnms.ee act lo hhtIl co-end Mis
snuri, we lmay rest assured-if matters die
r not ascull a nmore yield'ng li;ponlit,nn at the PPi
North--dil not long lagg behind--nor will Ce'S
Kentucky. 11te
These events are sufficient to bring back of
to the feehlig of the people of this State, all
that confidence which the polit cal storm .
since Noyemntwr had so dreadful'y slak, n. tilhe
We tltrefre feel a.sured that we have seen n1:
the worst of pecuniary depression, arind that ltin
Sthe payment of dbhts, among all! honorable "-;
men, will soon go on with the same promnp
ttiule s ever.
The regular reader of the papers cannot 5t
hut dicerrq that there is an uprising among Mr
e the common sense people of the North-a-- I'r
Snlong the patriotic and unprejudiced. This fro
S morning, as an evidence among others that aI1
we have e.en, we see It stated that an Ablo- I1 I
liti,nist speaker in a town in Masschusetts , f
was olntI, ol, driven off, and the house 11i:1
- smashed!-Will Satan, next, be expelled S1;
S!from his Platonic region I This act is extra
ordillary, st:l it is sign licantt of the feeling io
among the free States, in some localities. t''I
Ifavnrahle to thle Soutlh. nit
e In the paper ,f tlis mnorn;na anl evening,
there are no d +;eatches. Everything at pres Mr
. cut seemes :n strltl qulo. Extiement at Charlt- sli
a eston seeims to hiire suah"ele l. T'he Brook. I,
t I!n, it appears, did appear off Charleston, e!
pl hut did not attempt to enter. It is to he an
I regretted that Florida did not take Fort
- I'iLen b, f re the troops a In . nerson, left al
t; Iarancea and other places, to fortify that do
is almost impregnable position. lIn
as We cannot hperceive that negroes or other M.
e property here, or goods, are any cheaper 1::
than usual. We prophecy that trade will'
el be in as perfect a condition as ever in two '
- months,-and that sugar and molasses will
i - take a start upward before then. at
to We perceive that thli Council here has (
e- passed a resolution, and appointed a com
re mittee, relative to inviting the convention,
of to hold its seasion here. Si
M. 1_---=1 I
ite NEw OsRL.ss, Thutslay, Jan. 17, 1851. { tl
ke Another gloomy day in New Orleans. The is
C weather and the times singularly resemble
as each other, if I may use the expression. t
ith Dark, damp and dreary looking to the eye, it
Sare the Heaven and the earth; and equally
of forbidding does the political aspect appear
ten to the mind. Louisiana however, and the
res Gulf States may repose satisfied and assured
Ito so long as the Border Slave Stales intinmate d
uts their determination, to stand hy her sisters ti
r of the cotton and cane fields. The only news ,
h by telegraph, that has transpired since any -;
ke letter of yesterday, is embraced in two or
Sthree emall dispatches, received by the As
e sociated L'rrs, and published in all the pa
aid per this morning. The first states, thattl
urn Washburn of Wisconsin, and Tappan, of'
1d the Houtse Committee of Th!rty-three, have Ii
asigned the minority report-which says, the -
SCoastitution as at present, is sufflicient,-that p
the laws motct he enforced; that obediene n a
the present emergency is what is wanted,
Snot any new amvndments. That's whbat I
Ssay-if obedience to the lw had been ob
out served in the State of the Personal Liberty
Bas, those trubles that nw rack uas in
all pmelity, would set have ocured.
In the Senate, en the 1Ith, Mr. Cittenden's
J mhendments wmre uderemideration. There
r nare ra here, I perceive, who have
retat ope, throughl those resrlutioa of Mr.
Crittenda . I. the Hors, Mr. Osrtt fh
vored the separtion of the Northem rand
or Southera tate, bet objected to by Mr. HIal.
-m. It appears to me, that i a sea.
whje h iL being decided very preotially,
sad witheout the irefersees of Ceres.
a It oaw slaed timt at t Sumpter i eut
lgto be .isrre by the Oouee,. Thia
rug l k s ,B. emissners were la Wesaga
Ston, dmuag Its ea rremud. The pple
Ih- t ArkanmLeas, yeto t ide the 18th o
r Febsrry, whether,they wl eld a .n 1
us .ess here ui , nyth t brisk, a
may he imgiaed. ~5isa the rtegal g wa i
ytks, the evalYag papers (ThqeSday) have I
SSppered, sad with the eaeptips of me dlia
or paeb, (vary iapertaa$ ma*) there is seth.
I allude to is the following, repelved fem
Cl. C, at Fiedags !rid g .ss, wta,,m I
* tapkes l tt highest hrms, It rean
PE.sACOI.A. Jan. 16. 1861.
To the Mayor of Near Orleans.
"Could two housandl men, well armed, he
sent lronm your city, to aid in taking Fort
Pickens, and in hat tii?" the
This is a dispatch of the most vital inter- denr
eat-but, front the necessity of my writing at s8le
this hour, it appeared, I hay- not been able as t
as yet to ascertain puolic opinion, with re- An
ference to it.
My letter is already too long for a Friday I
etter; but I ho1pe it wilt appear, that my
readers may be inforrl t1, in a brief way, of
the wa,,k:g" o: the pt:ctal element. Sugar, it
I see, Ihas notit yet improved. But I hope, our l
pilnters wt he trutf,1--hop-ng for btter
th li s. I tlik, I can st e the light ahteal.
Telegraphic Synopsis M
O f ,/,,.ri i, !,',iu, ,%," i ,u,, I I l other T!e;on . .\l
Sitittr I :tvis an! Br,'wn of Mis-"- tip
siti, withdrew t'rm the Senate wn the eM
iths l hi . i n ,it tin 1 ' ,lth inst ..... th e le-tin i
P i".rts whic'h reach the city itf \Vashtii.- shit
tin, furnish :ninuilant evilden'e that the at
peple of that State . ill declare for se- t
cession .... The I'resident is unlerstotl sti.
niw to be entirely Munder the inlltlence ben
of (Gen. Scott, and is resol'ved to emplIy bh1t
all the coircive means at his c,,initi:td anl
.... AprelhensitonIs are entertained Iby th(
the .A intitistration that Maj. \htletr ,,t
may snrrenler bIefore relief cant reach' ye
him..... reli:able ctrrespl ,tent from LUi
Wa.hington reptirts the fitting out of gri
an expedition to take itimmediate pis- un
Ses.s.iion of the (Califoritia steamer... ret
Mr. homas, while Secretary i,f the ft,e
Treatry., remioved $:20t,.000 inl lpecie pa
s from New York ti New Orle:tns--for
t hat lirl,],se is ntot kitwnt.... r. Thi- a.
I ley, of South t.arlina, andtl Mr. King, as
of (Georgia. are altout to leave. as spe- tie
eC ial conutiissi, ne.rs from their respective Itr
f ,tat"., tº make cmn!nerci:l arrang.r e- st
nments with E.rip'an powers.... It is
s rcpirtieid tat Mr. Claytn ha lei,,tt ri
nmovdt frolill thei 'Trrasury I rt',:i'tnl,' t le
, ....\t t .cc.a: ,,tn tneetin in \ av,.vrly. \'
Mo.. Ihe, on tilt Ilth inst., passed re- tm
- s.olutions strnly d,'nouncing the St.
Louis l)emt'ratt, andl forbidding its cir- tl
culation-Lincilh's effligy was li`nedi't
amidst the hiring of cannon, torch lights, t
t music. &c.....flihe South Cartolina stu- 1
It dents at the Nashville Medical College ti
have been called horme by teleg;raph....
er Memphis has sent one hunIdred kegs of'
er I owder to Governiir Pettus, of Misilpi i .,
i' -tthe powder was ordered by Col. It S.
a Rayburn, of Charleston, Miss., as a don- g
ill ation to the State . ....Mayor Woold, of it
New York, in his message to the City tl
S('Council, recommends the peaceablle se- li
- cession of. that city fromn the Empire tl
State. ....The Sharp's Rifle Company at It
Hartford, C('nn., are pushing work at d
their factory; part of the establitnent ,
he is kept rltnning night as well as day. t
ge ...." .Snow fell at Corpus Christi, Texas, I
an. eI the night of the 29th ult., about two I
te, incites deep.
r Uropeam ews. -
the --
red The English journals generally con
at. demn rather than praise the circular of r
ers the Austrian Minister granting liberal j
Srefornms ... Thie war preparations of
'Y France are on a larger scale than at the
same period of 18571....Sardinia is pur
" ehasiig steamers in France to convert
tat 'them into men-of-war anttd tranusports
o I .. . . Some weeks past the purchIase of
-e horses had been made in Russia for the
the French and Piedmontetos....The Em
h*a press of the French is not allowed to
n attend cabinet meetings as formerly
T, ....The siegotif Gaeta continues night
and day....The toxt of tlhe China trea
Sty is publihed ....The Teutonia brings
Sintelligenee of the death of the King of
rjhksat at I ri em.
Tan S.ooor-or- BaoonrLvx.--The
Charleston Courier sasys this eessel
Sdraws seventeen and a half feet of was
S ter, and "may find it dilicault to get
- 1" overthe bar, if mot,it will be very dtf
- cult to get ouat".
hy, Woas or u crwes.-The Quartet.
Smaster General calls upom pluaters and
- others for the lom ofi the services of
his their negroes, for the upe of two days,
i to aid in erecting wor eof defeace onl
M I Norris Island and other exposed points.
' No' a Soxua-- -Aperson who had
' paesed his life in the peaceful pursuit
Sof agricultural, approached one of the
s aentinels at the areenal the other day,
as an d thus accosted him, "Mister, may I
ae see Mr.---" The wsoldier eddre.sed
.i. stifened himself up and is a grfp
. voice, in trqe military style, sag out
teb, "Corporal of the guard." The county
_ man lard at the sternae of his
I manner, turmed around and £e4 a ffast
Si uas his feet could carry him, which ws
Sby no lea.s slow. When last se~n the
'5 timid tiller of the gronnd was heading
-ndependent isisisuippt. sage t
-- that t
Thle scene inl thil convention of Mis- tforce
sissippi, )on Wednesday last, wlihen the ible v
ordinllace of secession, was rep,,rtedl by that :
the coilllittee, :lt aamle ip ll) t c I)llsl- reIgar
deration, was highly impressive anud cut-o1 l
sole,,m. The fullowiwng is the ordinance, the
I as reported : Iliavin
An ordinance to dissolve the Union ih'nlb,
b ttween the St'te of m s. ippi nod other le ade
Slate, untled with her under the compact ,ill
enlitltd "tlhe Constitution of the UnLitd arml
States of Arnerica" m
Th'e I. 'le of Mississippi in conven- tlhen
i-n, a:e.,l,.t4 ed to iorlin a hd declare, ('Quil.
anIlit t is h.rlrbv ord.aindl anut declarell, 1'.Ih'e
:as ttIw, s, to wit:
, -'rT N 1. lThat all the' law~e and or-I A:l
,li,::,n ,',.; I-Y w hi,.h th, . saint S t:it , t !
lM si ill" t,, ' a 1illm '"r if the O dil
S'Ihiral l otn o,f thl' nitjll, l Statli s of
An rica I,,, :td t, ,an are hereby Thi
tieird~', hei withhrawili awil that thel' I
sai, State i dlth hli,'lreby rElsumle all the Con
rigilt;, fuiiitini- and poi, ,t-rs, which I, was
tiNly ,of tlbl itw4tll'id orinilbaces winVre 1,i V
c',i Ve yb il t, ti e l ,'tov llrnt e int 1I t til said
I 1itjleb llatl', i. alid is altslbvedl, l f 1r 1 n all I
the obligiati u, irestraiits :i tiduties li
i turrle' t tI~ lte said Fedeiral iiin, and venti
shall hli'iiceftth KIe a free, iSovereign ing
alt,1 Id lnd.ltilnit State. I no
SEC. 2. That s1, nmuch of tilhe first see t
tionli of the ,Seventh Article of the Cli n t uit
stituti,,n of this tlaite i as requirs  a lcn tibn
hers of the Lgisl liture, aol all officers, a lb
both Legislative and Judicial, to take State
ai1n oath tllo supporilt tlhe l Constitutiion of F
the Utnitcl States, be ain the saue is said
hereby abrogated anti annulled. A
SEt:c. 3. That all rights acquirel acd re
-ested miiiler the !'insiiituti io of the p ii
U liited States, or uidietlr anyll act of Con- or
grss passed ill purstance tlit roof, or said
- nder anlly law of this State, and liot i- then
compatilt. withis ordilnanc, shall men
remiain in lfore and ha ve tilie saime -fi- Unit
feet as if the ordinantce had nlot beet C(o!i
aslllsed. m
r S~:c. 4.. That the l'eope orf the State Stat
of" Miss:~sipl iI herelly coiselit to Mo isl Ai
a Fle.eral Iiiioii with Sdcill of the Statesi
Sas have secltded, or may stecede from t
tlth- .it l ,nit tf t 'it l, State-lb iof Al- -
t lrica, ip -bin the basis 1'i the ilpresent I' li
sitlitubion iof the Rnithbd Stittes. exebpt 1,
sch p;irts thr'.flias ( liiibrtce other isli
1uilt t,,i than s:cl'h sece,!diig" ates. 1,1,11
iThe i,-t piroft, in ile.li e inti s- tIhe
t lentillty pi're aih ll ,lilrough tit the con- il
v. l tin ,,i and ttille .vat l vellang lf Stai
pte ,ie i. tih ltiobbies abi gahllries lour
in;, the, reidiing of this orldiiaiice.
"l hlini the Wiorllt were prop l, ntillieltd tby
r- the a'r e Nit, it,, "I n t he bl lll- the Ci t i
i'venlltoni, arel'ii iealy fh tihe i'n lin ll,"
Cobl.nI Walter Ilriok, of i iarreni, arose
' ilal addrettseil thei conventionl in a dif
n- pilied anid c , aiit tspeech, sttir n t fothr
Sthel reasonsli why hlie was not 'prepared
tb vote lb for iniliteblliate and seilarlate s- C
cessini, Ibuit declarhinlig that the causies ,de
in justitiei, the act, wnid that whatever ib
Sclourse his State might take, lie woublli
. cordiallv alcquiiscee inl the iiciision, and Si
n- give his all to the Inainteniaite of her nts
honitor aniid her rights. aC
Air. Alcorn and other gentlemen of ord
y the co-operatioln party flhl ,wed to the abs
I- like eff-et. Not a word was said by cor
re the friends of the ordinance. Events
at hadl vindicated its lnecessity and wliS
at (li. Thie "ayes" and li"naysi" were or- Dil
tIlered. .lowly the Secretary called the
tt roll, and each mennber responded in a '1
ry o tone indicating deep, intense emotion, ate
is, nt a firm and eariest lpurpose. Tears wh
t gathered in the eyes of nearly every it
actor and spectator of the solemn cere- a
mnoly. When the call was completed,
and the President announce ! the result det
-ayes, eighty-fmr; nays, fifteen-a ot
-nprofoubi silence for somne time prevailed. cr1l
)n- The President proclaimed the ordi- i)e
of nance adopted, and the convention adn
i mrned. Thus1 , with appropriate solein- e
SIity and dignity, has the gallant, en- gal
o lightened ali wealthy State of Missin- th
Ssippi resumed her indbpendence of the
or- old Unioln, and placed herself in an at- ala
rt titude to forn new relatiin s and enter fai
into a new confedercy with iher sister it.
of Events hurry us rapidly firwardt. Al- tIt
he ready three States o" the Spth have ret
m- severed their connection with the orild fo
to Republic. Before the month closes W
y three others will have foliiwed their ai
example, and by the first of February
ht the following States will be prepared w
ea- to enter into a new Union: South Car- e
olina, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, ha
Alabama, Lmoisiana. Before the 4th of o
of March next the other States of the outh it
will doubtless enter into the same con- i
federacy, and Abraham Lincoln will be
inaugurated the President of the States
which elected him.-N. 0. Dd.
et The convention met an Friday, 11th -
inst., at 10 .. x--The chair appointed
the following committee on ways and
derson, Catchings, Alcorn, Gibson amd J<
of Mr. Waltor ofered the following,
which he wished referred:
"Reuhwi, That the committee ona N
its. Southern confederacy be instructed to hi
had report, by resolution or otherwise, a do- hi
mit claration on the part of this State that a
the the waters of the Mississippi river,
.ay, within the jurisdiction of this 8tate, L
uy I shall be forever free to the navigation
sed of all other States upon its banks, or
inK the banks of its tributaries, at peace
out with this State, or such ordinance as P
tsaid committee may deem advisable oe
hus the subject.," Withdrawn.
tst Mr. Clapp, of Marshall, made a is- U
was port from the committee on postal Af- _
the fairs, recognizing the contracts made i
ing for the carrying of the mails by the t!
ederal Government prior to to the pee-
sage of the ordinance of socesion, and :
that they he allowed to renmain in full
- tforce and efli'et so far as not inconpat- P T'
C ible with the interests of the State, and Pres
Y that all violations of the penal laws in plact
i regard to postal affairs shall be prose- of ti
I cutel' in the I:nae and by authority of the(
the State in the courts tof this State their
having jurisdiction of crinmes andt mis- ary I
" denlea.nors. Order to tie printed and AI
Smade the first special order. 11an
The P'resident, in a neat, preparatory hall
remark, laudatory of South Carollina, ibe
then introduced the lon. Arniitead whil
conlniissioner of that power, who pro- ante
eceded to address the convention in an anu
:address of nearly an hour.
r- Adjoureid until 10 A. M., S.:iturlrlay. hett,
º"If__ _ _. 1raid
' Ordinancs for a loutheram Coonveti . ye,,
The fllhowing ordinaincee reconimendl - p\
ing a111 nd provi'ling f,,r a C.',liventli, of ,,1e
thi slavehohline g States to fre tr thle pre
Constitution It* a Snthern (,of,,deranev ;tr
, was p1ris ntetd in the So uth I 'arn'li i t,
I ',lvention li by \Ir. RlIhett, iand unale, ali the.
ill cider f,ri future delibleratlion : Iit
.s 11i it further vrditictle, That this Col- l'ý!
t ,l venti'll r ,einlneidils to the slavehldl- 1
n'I ing States which shall sccede fron the I tiii
Uniion of t1e UI-ited States, and to all I fri
C. other slaveholdiungl States prlepared to, eri
I unite with S uth I('arolina in the forilna- par'
n. tion of a Southern ('onfederacy, to hold the
rs, a Convention at Mlontgormery, in the
ke State of Alabama. on the 13th day of i
of February next, to agree on the terms of THE
is said Cli(,federacy. of I
And be it further ordained, That it be Il
id recoeiiiindellld to the said States to ap- mni
lie point, iby their respective C(onventions l
,n- or Li; risitures, as many delegates to dlo
or said ('olivel ti ,n, to replresent them till
in- thereini, as they have had, or may have, bIe
ial mnlt'lie' in the present Congress o' the "et
i- Unitel, States ; and that, in .he said the
'I Conventionil, the said delegaltes, ill form
ilng the said C,,lnstitution, shall vote by
tt States. h
rut " hher 'rd.nised, That it he the
tes reeC lel ti tihe said States, after wit
lhi th i of said Conlstitution shall hbe ý
n l- a d on, ill said Convention, the sa:me
X1i' 1be snhhitted,, at as early a day as
lpt p eticalleh, to the Con',ventilns jr Leg
r islaturlcs rl,-espeectively, which have ap- I
pointed the said delegates, in order that
"" lhe said Ccnstitietion may be considered,
en- nlld be ratified or rejected by said 1
S States.ll
r- Andbe i' fur!khr rrdaic'd, That in the r
opiii ion oif tis Convenlition, the Constitu- llt
lien oif the United States shouldht consti
tute the liasis of the Confede-ration of N
such States as ashll withdraw their i.,
' connect''ion with the (overnmenllt of the
United States.
rel And be it further ordnianf, That this
s Contlventi n shall appoint by hallet eight A
lhes delegates to represent the State of A
over South Carolina in the Convention pro- c-l
ehl posed, toi form the Constitution of the Ci
and Southern Confederacy, and one Com- Co
her missioner to each State, which shall call I
a Convention of her people together, in
of order that the policy contained in the
the above ordinances may be pressed on the '
by consideration of said Conventions.
'its -as
wi- Posmi.o or VllasnQts.-The Richmond
or- Dispatch, of the 9th, says : ce
in a The General Assembly of Virginia is j
ion steadily marching onward in the ourse -
wars which, we trust, will bring about a unl
ery ited Stouth, prevent war, secure a peace
erc.- able adjustment of diflicnlties, and
ted sibly reconstruct the confederacy. The
suIt decided resolutions against the coercion T
-a of a acceding State by the eneral Gov- t
led. ernment, which passed the liouse of.
)rdi- Delegates, on Monday, with five dissent
ial- ing voices, were passed by the Senate
en- yesterday, with only one vote in the ne- p
s thie one vote. It's of no consequence.
the Virginia has taken her position, and
aat she hIas dolne it with unaniinity and
nttr firmnein% and shl will not shrink from
str it. If the legislators had not taken it,
the people would have taken it for
Al- tlhemselves. If thl Legislature had not
ae reflecc d tIme public sentimeut, it could
ld not have restrained the people They
oes would have acted on their own motion,
heir and upon their own sentiments.
ary We truist, now, the General Assembly
red will pass promptly a bill calling a con
Car- vention at an early day. The counties
gia, have, with great nnanimity, favored a
lr of onvention; and if it be called at once, L
outh it will very much relieve the public
coa- mind.
I be
Ttes Tutu MAmecasurra Puasou. Inlsarr
unz.-Judge Joel PaLrker, of the Cam
bridge Law School, an eminent jurist
of Massachsetts, habu published a letter
th I in tihe Boston (Republicen) promoue
"d ing the Personal Liberty bill of that
An- State clearly uscoastitntional The
and Journail itself advocats the tepel of
the law in quehtipi. It sy :
' "The queetiou pat to the people f
a Massachusetts this d4ay is: Will you
to help your enemies or you friends ? or,
Sbroader and deeper still, will you pre
tit merve the Union or destroy it ? We be
river, lieve that the repeal of this Peomal
Itte, Liberty bill in Ma chusette will be
'tio followed by like action in other States.
e o We believe that. single act, without
eace other conesesion, and without any com
-- es promie of principle, will so strengtnen
Son the hads of oar Union friends in the
slaves States, as to plae those States
a re. under their control, nsad that nothing
i A-. shbort of it will do it, and therefore that
-.ad Union or disunion depends more upon
y the, the action of Massachasette tha apon
e that of South Carolina."
New Tour's at the lreuear.
The usual ann:al reception of tlhe
President of the United States took
place to-day from 10 to 2 o'cl;a'k. Most
of the Diplo:,matic Representatives and
the Officers of the Navy anld Army paid
their re'spects to him Itfore the customn
ary re'epltion of the public.
At 12 nit. the doors of the Executive
lMalsion were opened, anld a few who
hadl cngregated in the portico passed
ill between the double file of the police,
while the Marine Banld stationled in the
ante-room, l)prfornmed several r national
anil il.pratic airy. There was no ci'rwdl,
no rush, and nio excitemenit, as inl the
bettelr days of the l:epnblic, whsen rhe
Ypeopl throhsged to the Executive Mlansionu
to wish the President ".\ Ihllppy New
Yeoar," and congratulate hinm dn than
prolsp.erity of the tepullihc.
\e saw hitt otl i [ . pr.eIe$atie' and
enl'e 'ellat'lr llre.wet, slod tile people
ipre('~'lt wer nmostlyv frlim a distance,
ittltr:ciitl by the als virlty of the reicep
iit 'There was qluite a striikhl.- of' .e
i! .eotilli .illI l niitn c.l':+l.d*," li.illiT ofi
t lihe \'tEarrl paRssing tire I'-i.leliti with
isit lshaking hIalide. .lr-. BIuclhanlian ap
Spearid ipale asid wearied
The universal dltlless,. of the ricep
, tinl may lhave annliiVyed himn, or his Iliind
t nihlt hiau, leo inl tll the inilºerndiiig
crisis; oi the whole the receptiii .eosi
Slaredil with forme'ir yars is init worthy
the lmenltionll only as a faLt if comlparisonl.
THE TrfWER OF lltoI"'sN.--. L~nlldoll letter
of Dlec. 21, says the Empress Eulgeilie
Swas very quiet during her stay in ILon
eI donl, and moved about as a lady in
' middle life would do :
When she visited the Tower of l.oil
Sdon4 sIte waited ill the warder's roomls
0 till the requlisite iuinlber of visitorhliaul
' een ccllected together to enablel tlhe
" ''Beef cater" to conduciiht thelmn through
the en clrisitites. The residlitent coitllllllnder
hic-ard of thile Iillpress' arrival and was
Y loon iat the spot, but. flngrelia dileclined
leaving lier "eparty," annd inlisteel that
' e I sh,,ouhld c Ie arlanittelI toI race abnliit
r ithsl heer in jIwl'rIct I'ct'edoiil.
Ntt' -Uter T l-ii nts-ist nttt
.WIva .frrassfemeft
t I.A., tak l I:$ .
i HE Mail arrives is the night ald are disriljteld
I a-tivl in Itar iai rmlqlli.
I'he Ahul fr Ite snlemner I iv ll.e ..atse.e.r.. , r "rl
SMeud0,,T.''huraalny MA elnsiiardy, .t 12I o c1,. k U.
ie The Vcea'lvaia' s Matl clea.is n I luead.y, as
I- lt o'clock. A. n.
I'hi ltwia* TETI Mathil ,0n Weilw!itA. atl
i- o'--6ck, A. I.
if No down Mail on, FrIly.
rt e eln i'arhllnll Mall traves every Tnumimi moren
isr , and arllvet lire- eerv Thllrllatay ev. ier.
Ie P. V. JtNNINtitl, ,asm..aser.
Plaquemsir, Jan. 19 U1161. jill9
is important NWtice.
lit LL pernou indebted to the Coportimon of
of the Town of Plageemine, f taxes or .L
.o- cone, muet llle with Jas. I.. Barker. Town
Constable and Collecdr, on or before the brat
le ay of February * xt, if tie. would save
Scost P. E. JENINGN;.
ll Plaquesine, Jan'y. 181, 181il. Mayer.
le HOSE indebted to o open acom nt. are
q'aslted, so loe the same by pa ments,
or eels, as early in February, as plls such,
as we can se in discharging our ebligatienl
,d ipmissa to pay, we cannot ae in liquidatinS
our dete hence the neesesitr of closing up our
ccnla as slly as possible.
il January 17, 1860. jaIls
SWrangtmFi Pre Co. No. Ie
. All eimeniters, lmging la sa haviug
n as tereae in he la t meeting of the
shave namsd Co., are hereby noti
Beet, v siable ht H. Iaelane's Hall. anest
n Tuesday, the auil inst.. at 7 o'clock. P. M
v- Several acsuants will be presented for settle
of ost and the balamc of th. feds in the Tresary
t- will be dispo.sd o to whatever purpose the
members present, will ee lit teibestow it.
By request of several menl bea
ror Ben~l of Ite (Ctodie Clrre,
ot on tur ly light, the 1h isb , in the
Cathtlie Chumb-Commea at 7 dlock.
eC Ademii O ee.--Cbir half pries.
1)1, ------ --- -
Ao E Whe rmeiau, r tEe Lp of
iTes achig egra his services t* the esisan of
mins'ira and vicinity, fr c •ullag a
ic *He expel to enomene s et the 2lst f
ths mo.. Deo s s wM s giv**nt th
eality. Being dtermied ta et his ltire
ersgis th ltastetii of e nth a ir his
ar asel, he te to seaivo a nloral hain nf the
a" I jealt . ANTUO DOM IQSUn.
iter Slate of Leuwisise-Periah of Ikrrille
t In the succeion of Caroline obilia,
SIe is hes h ivr l to oa.lihUm it may eLo
iri to e sh ear s within e days fm theI
Y i dee hese why the pys 5 anad pltithor
or, s nellt he is.
Pr- Clarkas Iterv Jan. 7, 1661.
be- ,nt. _ A. ALO EAI4 I, D'y Clerk.
w els Lois r-P iEh~ .lrrrilt -
htut lD Is Saccekso do fe Caroline
tie TE ,quDr. Edwad s hhhley--
lte m l rcA .e fass CIs lisil l.
In Gs hOnr Ihstar le, Jan. 161Ws.
pate &A. MAIiOKIIIAUX 1'P i

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