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Gazette and sentinel. [volume] (Plaquemine, Parish of Iberville, La.) 1858-1864, March 02, 1861, Image 2

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*434tt & gcittha4y.
TUmas o srascasRPTION.
oe year is advuce. FIVE IOLLARI ($5 00) if
et paid he advence.
Noalcriptce will he diesentisaed elem a written no.
te tht eLect i reeesed from the subl,cther hlas.
anld ll aaa rges paid.
ONE DOLLAR ($1 00) persrof , r ess. o
I[JXI JDOLI.•L (l 0O) ~er square of. taI rr the first on
*nrto d . Eh suleerpeut srer
,ertio. ad Finr Cbea  L .wever. u thk... rites will
nboe m~dte .hberl me, t ta, isered f longer r tme
hagn .ot,as ,l!ows"
3 month.. 6 monthi. I months.
Isquwe $ 500 $ 5800 a 12 00
Squ.ares 2 00 I lw it U
3 aquares 15 UO IS W 25 90
4squares I 00 11O 30 (0
5 squares llu 1 00 r 3 1o
i qaree i W)Ou 310 1 45 W5
Fhor Probssoeal or lusiaes Cards, not exceedaing one
square, with paper, onwe year, 6l5.
Aumaoearments of Caldadatee fSr oce, $11l. Cash in
.all eeas mans aiecumpay the aunountemett, whetller
headed ian by a riend or the person aounmmced.
Ths previlegeof yearly advertsers es stractly limited to
the.r own immeilate and regll.r business.
Commeaicatisee inteaded to promote the private ends
or altetest oef idivlduals, corporations or noaetues, will
be charged a advertasements.
All parsea ordering Jobs or handinr inl adverrurements
ea ecorlt of ne) lural or polatacal orgasnzalte , will he
bheld respeaable for the payment uo the same
Marrige madil Deaths pubhlihed tabout charge. Obit
uarare ioserted as other advseittrentall.
Advertasements ant marked the lenath of time they are
tu be inserted, wall be kept a the paper till lirbid. and
charged accurdingly.
All advertmsements by strangers or transient perseus
ment be paid as advance.
Personal Cards, 11 aserted at all, will he charged two
dollars per squuare.
.rJobb Work always cauk, and advertisements i re due
when last etnarted.
Satarday, Marcsh a, 18G1.
Srasso.-Witltili tihe la.t week tile
award has again become green, fruit trees have
become fully in bloom, fresh leaves are sprot.
ing from the evergreens, the birds sing more
merrily, and all nature generally has assumed
a more smiling and a more cheerful aspect.
May the cruel frost not come to throw a pall
over Nature's loveliest scene.
S We refer our readers to our terms
above. They are such as prevail throughout
the State Weare governed strictly by them.
A general acquaintance with them by adver
tisrs (as they are about the same in sll resc
psetable and substantial journals) would be
useful and save misunderstandings.
Go To BaLnr's.--Strangers and town
folk, having time to while away a few minutes
pleasantly, and desire to do so, could not
more appropriately employ the time than by
visiting our friend BA,Lv's Daguerrean Sa
loon. There are beautiful pictures there to
look at, and if not satisfied with them, why,
juseet get year m piacura and see how you
like that. And recollect, if you have any
jewelry to rpa!r, BAILEr is the man to do it
in style. Go to BAutI.v'e-do!
Twa Swiss Bur. R araas.--This ori
gial and elebrated company, it will be sea
by advertmeveatt, will perform at the OCurt
Heam is this towr on onet Tuesday and Wed.
aday eveear~ sand if music has any charms
toper eitisns as overflowing house will be
the resat. Our people here have heard Bell
-iaglig, but nothing to compete with the
emppreaehbable skill and extraordinary per
brmasee of this company, which is peculiarly
worthy of aeppert, hem the feot that eharita
his fstlttiuese iqgently reap the benefit of
their ares. Let everybhdy attend.
our mayor.
We are amm it will eate eiversal regret
to har that eur ldetilgable Mayor and Poet.
muser, P. I u Jmum4 Isq., is eampelled to
-seig the sewardohip of ar town, and re
lituiab the charp of the Poato. s, si to .
eqesms edsmily asirn at she North, which
all r his immedbiate pm sence. He will take
hi have o as in a few daysr bat, we arm
happy to my, witb twi inetioe of returning
la e seiuetheh. We a may, with the
llest hewledge, that er aseien is en
d a by ouer eatire commealty, that in all
of h rIaims with the publie, in his persea
sl pubis aesevles, Mr. JaIlsm has earned
hr Hlema~ a high rame fOr aergy sad Integ.
rtl, sd a rare eadom frm personal and
sls amse. The poor have ause to ruem-.
r him r his dertic to them ia times of
rMc and di e-ead it weaold be lng,
lag, deed, k beforer tows sld fortt his
hithlsH ad estiring ib. Ie it behalf. We
. 'tt may havea plsema time enda safe
bs to his sme and Mfemd in the South.
WHism s for the election of an exe
etir*e eew to 11 his ples, wifl e seen n
mehth elems.
Fer Bmr.w Cass-A a servant girl, a
p dusek. eb hirs, s mulett boy aheet 1
pemef et ag a at ths eSce.
See Leae Be --Thi. adeabl
m te, wi wthesW rival it pcellua
ahiese I ib tite kimotiss of the fir c-z
'The lmar member is bere s, and lke all
d it predmses, its emhelllhaamea sad
Wes ame of the highest order of skill mad
tlet. We weld y a r e dy readers,
a r yea eer sm eeainalg SA, to r Oedey,
PhIdlphi, d e this emeu sad hU ghly
ast Magml will reme ee regelmrl
STwips har arrendered to Teas
-e iae wa, mmd mesit~ie etothl .
aig_. u ii hbe mea ,
Wbs WalttlIal Darometer.
The public pulse for the last week or two
seems to be in a passive or quiescent state, w
apparently awaiting events anticipated to tl
come with the Ides of March-and upon the te
nature of those events there seems to be no ti
settled opinion. Indeed, no one appears to J
have a decided op rcon upon any subIViter" wl
policy of the U. S. Governagm at lies in the or
ence to the seceded Se eveloped within the an
womb of u Irtnight. ad
net;a or Peace--which is it to bet Opin- pe
ions upon this suhject seem to be abhut equal TI
ly divided in the public mind. Our wisest "w
sud shrewdest politicians favor the former, it
many of whom considering it an inevitable
event; while these are others, cautions and de
discreet in the formation of their opinions, re!
who adhere to the belief that peace will pre th
vaiL If so, it will be the flirt instance on re di
cord of the withdrawal of a boly of people n1o
from their Government and the formation of cit
another or new Government within the origi- of
nal boundaries of the first, witl,hout the col:i. tic
sion of arms. Llogever, this unprecedented co'
occurrenui i,ay t4ke place. Much that is i
uniprecedr'utud-niuch that is great and god. `Ti
Ike may he ihold for and looked for thlrouhl o
the superior intelligence and expanded minds all
of a fee and vituous people such as ours.- "u
'the "Pen is mightier than the Sword"-and wi
the epoch of its aublimest victory may now gr
be at hand. ' lie
Late intelligence from Washington seems to de
verify the belief that tlhis vict ry is to eliuec. I l
)espatches in the 'icay'i.e of Wedine day. a
which that cautons journal says can be isn- th
plicitly relied upon, assert that the incormnti at
adinini-tration will not blockade our ports nor
attempt to collect the revenue, atl that a vol ii
untary surrender of the frte andl mtiltary Tr
posts will he made if they are i ot attacked th
before the new adm;inisrat;ion c nures into th
power. If this is so-if this declaration, the ui
truth of which the Piaiyune so read y en. se
dorses, really emenates from the offlicial head thI
to hbe inaugurateli next Monday, asserteld in t
all earnestness, then there will be no cause tl
for war-peace will continue, and priosperty, at
and qu et and happy homes, which have for a re
season been dti-turbed, wi'l anain rev:s:t nour fi
people. If,-aowever, this decleration should
be a ruse, to deceive the South, we cannot see 1
what advantage cou'd accrue flroml t to the oi
Government of Lincoln, as the very fiat in- t1
dication to retake the for I, &c., or if they are as
not surrendered, or the Northern troops are t
not withdrawct from Sumtcr anl Pickens im. s=
mediately after the inauguration, the Southern
Confederaeywill consider such evidence as tan
tamount to a dec.rlhation of war, and at once
order our troops to take them-and to order
is to accomp;iah. (i
While Washington is now the attractive P
centre, the Congress at Montgomery is pro. C
coeding quietly but energetically in the organ.
iration of the Government of the Southern a
Confederacy. In the construction of its con- i
stitution, which was to have been reported is
on Wedpesday, the people may rest assured
that the fullest latitude will be given to Son- I
them industry and interest, and that the fu.
tore of the Confederated States, if unaccom.
panied by war, will be brightened with a gran.
dear that Republics and a united people, hi
therto, have never ezperienced. c
Looking then to the political barometer as f
indicated by the sentiments and upressions
of the people North and South, as well as by
events, we can see nothing that foretells that
the hurricane of human passions and ambi
tions, typified by the clash of arms and the
roar of artillery, is soon to overspread and V
darken our sunny land. We shall continue
to believe, till stern realities undeceive uan
that the present is an age of peace as well as 1
an age of reason..
RMER's MalAzla E s_ - v MA SRC_.-We
have rceived rom the pullihenrs, this highly
interesting periodical for March-its equal, as
a literry work, to our taste, to be fonnul no
where. It opens with the " Ballad of the
Shamroch," and "Pontise, or the seige of De
troit," both illustrated, the latter, a historical
and highly intelting sketche, s alsoi the illuh
trited article of "Adventuires on the New
foundland Banks." It contains, besides, its
usal amount of mliscellaneous and historical
matter. Our readers must recollect that this
MIagsine and a copy of the "Weekly," can
be obtained on. year for $.' No library
sholI bhe wiheot them.
WEarcAW s Is Marsrwrmraman MAtr.?
--We have, during the puast week, receive6
papers frm the Neth, of Nowmber last, and
have also received others as late s Feb. S3.
and no other date in this month bht, that of
the nad. What eca be the matteri Every
thing sees confused. We are inclinad to be.
lieve that a lo deal of this mismaagemeat
oeers at the Nerw Orleaa Pose offalce, as we
have omplaints pen top of complaints that
ar paper is arely resoved by our ambeeri
bu Paees i t eity twh e mwaocea.
eteally send our paper, sereely ever get it.
We trenat that whio the Sutheran Cofeder
ay gets or mail Seth in its wn charlge,
that something like regularity win rest.
Wo rsoed on Wednsday, "Harper's MWag.
aim" for leember, sad their "Wekly" of
the Ml4, whie the preiue·s mar of this
laetter Joural--r highly riaed at present
with the nmoels f Disk and lover--have
net yyemtoem tad. Itist e.
Sgb In ma , is fct in mostloosli.
ties in Uisimeippi, men a ealiui
for the servie I vasut nmblsrs,
iavermal military
ri the IPeole
hLe Zorner States satisied I
We were prone to believe from the hirst,
w hen the Peace Confirence idea was atlling
that the Iloider Slave Sta es.1th wonld par.
to almost any adj9ifir and give them a rec
tially eovtJdoublts ad d.1llculties of the pire'- '
Vi. We were not therefore at :.'1 - irlrrised V
rhen the telegraph informed us that the plan t
r adjustment of Mr. Guthtbe (to be seen in
nother place in to-day's pap, r) had been
dopted-nor wouhl we if that of any other t]
erson or description had been accepted.-- t
lhose Stites wanted anl excu-e for not acting t
r;th usat present, aid they have it, such as d
tis. I
It matters but I ttlelto the Southern Confe
leracy, however, what the lirder Slave States
esolve upon. Its destiny is independent of i
heir action. Knowing their interests are in.
issolubly coz,nectel with our future, the tri
Imph that is to ensue fim tiheir future sclI
itations to join u;. wtiti'h is a mnre ,lueson
ft me, is pi fr-hle to an unwiiting coule.
on now. 'l'hthev w I not .ig be ,1u;c't and
oltcented in a G(vetrl nlrTent where their i,pin
,na and ulteret, will ever be in the nitr , itv.
heir presenct plan of udj 'stmient decilcd ui t
nt between Itlhn:,clves aind their free State
lies, or any otiler thy might have asreed,
spon, growing out of the pte,-int ern. r-earsv,
rill lie of short duration. The in.-vtahle.
;rowth and prope.rity of the Southern Il lbii
ic will soon set pilihhe sentiment in the Itr '
ler Statis in this directin--the sec',s.,n i
normnenit, when the time r:;,e;, w.1 _ro %
is grows the whirlwt'd--atd it -t oiut ati
hen another of thse htates w l be knockim
it the door for admnision into our C,'rnft.d, ci .
It is on:y nc'', -sty that the peop!e of thel
Ilorder States shoull have time dtia to retl -et.
the hre:,klg uip of t'ie n:d Gtverntint, t and
he fornmaton of anothir oiit of a porti in i,
he snathi il of tL' lit <, wi , .s nd,l, , :.-"
nexcpectetd to( the "gIeat to j ,r ; if th. -
ea of thoseState<, liat it i a t, I.:. t i -trat:e ,
hat they shou! I vote a,,cR rst :c.,,1 r:. sot
udderily ft in a G,,vernmttnt wlii I tiey- ir:d
her sires hlad lvr I ul r s,, prr ..rut'y
snd so hanpp'c--pIarti uzartsa whin, if war
resulted, their own green pi:;'ns. . a, d lce the
first to he .ant,rat.-l with rat urn ti h:o,)d. t
(t)overninents are not fort.-'] ivn a ,1.r. Let i
the Border S.ate. tai'e thtiir t m \%'e pre
let they wdll be sick of their c ,ita.t btfrre
the expiiation of ,Ltwo i'.t a im-,'tettatitn,
and lng to connoct them.,selves with the des
t ny of our Con'ederary--for .,uthrwarl "'thn,
star of Empire takes its way."
-- ýº«+wti--- - I i
By 'resterday's ?laial.
We are of opinion that we shall place but
little confidence in future in telegraphic des
patches. It now appears that, in the Peace
Congress, Franklin's plan, a mordfed one of
Guthrie's, was the one adopted, and that by
a vote of 9 to 8. But, as we say els.where,
it matters but Ittle what plan or whose plan
is acceptable, it will Ie of short duition -
Congress, however, will vrjtct the plan that
has been adopted, so it is reported. Thus,
has ended in a fizzle, the Soutlerners say, the
Peace Conference, which has adjourned.
Messrs. Bell, Loug!as, Rives, G*,thrie and
.others, have hail an interview with 1Mr. Lin
coln, and earnest'y entreate.l hmi to interpose
for a settlement of the difficulties.
It is rumored that Mr. B.ll will be invited
te a sat in the Cabinet.
In the Southern Congress an export diuty
of an sighth of a cent per pound on cotton
has been passed. A resolution was adopted
inquiring into the expediency of constructing
several steel Iplated frigates. An act was pass
ed to borrow fifteen millions of dol'ars, paya
ble in ten years, with 8 per cent interest.
We perceive nothing of special interest in
the proceedings of the Legislature, by this
It is reported that i"mense quantities of
goods are being shIpped from New York to
the South, to avoid the new tariff of the Con
ederated States, soon to go in operation.
SialRIon I Prlot.s.--.s the times ca;ll
for fire-arms, we would nmformri the reader
that Mr. O. S. Jcssases, Jeweller, 20 Camp
street, New Oileass, (whose advertisement is
aen weekly In our columns) is said to have
thei moet superior description of ptstol that
hs ever appeared in the South. We are
eorry that we are not able to explain their
merits, not having seen one. Give Mr. Jsh
imxes a call, when you visit the city.
Ta Tows TMu.-A shooting affair
occurred on Monday night at the resi
dence of Mr. Lafyette Caldwell, whiich
created much excitement iit the city
yesterday. Mr.' ('hares McMain, an,
honorable and high-toibtd ylntg man of
this city, together with sutie of his
friends, were on a visit a,. Mr Call
well's house, anl becoming offended at
what they thonght ungentlemanly con
duct on the part of Mr. C. before the
ladies, they left the house, and imme
diately dispatclhed a messag( byy Mr.
McMain for an explanation. \While e
deavoring to deliver the message; Mr.
McMasin received a wound in the right
side of the breast just below the armpit,
which is pronoomced to be serious by
the physiciaps. Several shot passedi
between the parties in quick succes
sion. After wounding' Mr. McMain,
Mr. Caldwell delivered himself up to
an oeeer of the jaw.
Thes are the'particulars we glean
from the many coaBicting reports in
cirelation, the rath of none of which
ye deot pretead to vouch for. -,s
- - ~b Convention !
I Washingt ý =.....
,,tJon of Guthrie's Proposition. py
i idnolnal lacfic policy.
\A,,lS;TroxS, Feb. 213.
ii thie' I ae1(' Ciinvi. ntiot t,-day, the
relporlts tof the Special (',,lniittee on tihe a
variouS l. nis. fIr ihe. :llmi,'alh,' adl ust- a
ICllt l of ur11 political difllurence., cai1e c '
up fo. r con(,luidhr. ti.ni, a:tl1 a tuinal vtc
was taken.
the rl,1.1p"siti, 1 . e1" \Ir. utithrie, 'fI Ken-! 1(
tl'kv , al, ,11 t1d'41 in n.'4'c'rdla:n,',' with,
th.,' ws-i- t's.( "r the Virgin -'ia and isso. uri
dellh .:t, , lpr 'v:il," . The Vo ,t,,.,,l1 !'
'11 States (11 r it S ia t 1lagk ainv t it. 11
In the ien time, it is w\"ll astel'tainic ,la
that Linchln aplptr~\ms and :ladheres to .1
the laiite policy f Senator. Sew',ard '
tilli C.unerlol, inll pr'eren ee i to that , ta
Chase and other warlike avh's'rs. 11
Thoe 'nthrie Resolutions.
The ..I lowil g atre' the l ". i ntinlh al
lth41d to iln thie alve d.' patch, whichl tl
a:re s:ti,| to be A ''!,,! ,, y the' P'-.: e
:,lfelt'e l'c as a pllln of :,i .ji lultml lnt -
1i .co te. ' 1. T'iat all t]: e T.rrit,.r v ,r f
it,".: Ii ' ti E ( t tpi, l1 e t. (ln the p rl l t ll: el it
Silnvubstrl)'ry wrvitnude, exc,"ptI in pjuniah
n t i, i:t t' 'r rrlc ", is 1u'..il, bited \\ l ttl it
,- ! 1 ,l " 11 '" I t 'it ' nited tates, or tbe
, . ', . . ll!, 4 :'l Stats Il St thr pr '
:I I, l. 1h 'Territory shall be
1" ' :_.: ,ln, t1 , , ,l at, e , ,,, " e ull lder l
a';1,:t" ;" itV.i 1 'i\rnin tl ; and neither
1' ..-'",. it. c Ow Territ,,irial tsvtrn
:. , ,il i *. p0.,we" to hirle' or lire
....: 1 ,i :- I, ) s:ti Territorl y, from i
_ :, t .e',tis n lield to labor
1 .... :,. .' \ ,:.vrc 'vi'ce, alccordlilig 1t t il i
I.o (ti '-.. ",t' ithe State fromi
i ''lli s p :' ' . " , ta n. r,,lnor it
to . ..,i . T i I t l.i t (: 4 t i u t "'f sa, l tl
-: t Tirity' st . 1.hall h v e j '!l,'l tau
t'. . ". ::il,| tlt 's.,' ri lht;. .a.ll tIe pr'
It .. i I ithe c ,iirtl. aciid all tih de ,:irt
It .,:. , ' ithel ' Territ.,lial ,i \-v l-leir nt'.,
unl, i r ( -t"-, lig il t hlie t law ofa the ait
"- se t', t I." "11 w hi "h l . ll t 'li lpei'. il l ,unld t", t a
,II: l , I I' ;:ay haiveI beenl taken f and
wiilll ' a , T'rritill Noillh Ior Suaith of
,;i:iii:, wI t ,iin slch boundalry as , l- i
1 :,) 1lrescrible. shall lcontailn aI
I,1 ',l l ti l,', r ',ii 1I'tl I fo r a ti ell l e r 'o f
' ",1 t.< s,.,ice ',in l t l the then Federal
a" , 1 ! l''l o 'n i tili i plt ti he 4l 01,kle' (If
til' 1 nI ..1 " '-!.lt,' s, it Ilay, if its flrln of
.. ....er t I, Republhe'an (, iadlnittcll
itl, tl, 1nin tll n a1 n ai tlat l 'footin;g \ ithi
the r','i gial States, with or with rut in
-f vi 1llitary servitlude olr labor, as the
Cot, 1stiltltioU of such new State Wliay
p!,s, ibhe.
.ARI. 2. Th:at In Territ.1 v shall ,erelf- t
ter be act'irl,' d by the l:cited State I
withut a , rriit'lnl'l','t'e ,l" A i m:j,,rity of
Sthe Senatiors oft the States Nortih oft'
I M :,S and Dixlon's linel, and also a nlla
":ty i ,Of the Scenators Southil of said
lit ; but liI treaty ly which Territory
1 shall be atcqlired, shall bei ratiti'ed with- 1
Sout the tw o-third v ote iif the Senatolrs,
as re;ul'ired by the ;.nustitution.
Aar. 3l. That lthe Cistitution and no
aiiewl:innenlt thereof, shall be construed
to give Cningresqs power to regulate,
,abolish, or control, within anly State 'or
Terr;tory (if the 'nite State tes. the r`t
lation established or recogniizned by the
laws throrlf, tlullchhilig persi 41is bllUn I
g to ltbor or involuntary servile therein, a
Slnor to interfere with or abolish involun- t
Stary service in the Tistrict of ('ollulnbia
without the consent oif Maryland aind
Virginia and the ownlers, or without
making the owners who doi nolt consenlt,
'revi'illly, full ci mipeiisation ; nor thi
t ,wer ti ilnterflere with or abolish hinvh l-lI
utiry ftervict in places undterl the etclu- i
0 sive jiur.tditiin o f the United States
Switlhin those "St1ates and Territories 1
where the same is established or recogj
nized nor the power to prohibit tle
p any State or Territory of the United V
sSt'It4, to any other State or Territory I
thei.l'f, where it is established or re,:- I
It gnize! ; nor ti aiuthorize a specific tax i
4" any higher rate of taxes on personasI
i,,1m1d ti, labor, than on land it proporI
' tiiln tt( vaiiit"; nor to authorize any of
I thl, African race (Ir their descendants to
bei,.t, citizens, or to exercise the right'
of" suiurage in the choice of Federal
r office's.
" Asr 4. That hereafter the paragraph
i of tih' fourth article of the Constitution
Y shdll not lie c(Istrued t'o prevent anyI
_- If the States, by appropriate legisl a-1
f tion, and thr .ugh~ the action of their ju
a dlicial and ministerial officert, from en
1- forcing the delivery of fugitives from
t labor from any otber State or Territory
- of the United States, to the peraon to
I whom such service or labor is due.
I Ant. 5. The eligration or importa
. tion of the African race into any State
Sor any Territory of the United States,
whether fIr residence or involuntary
t service, is forever prohibited, and Coa
, gress shall have the power by appropri
y ate legislation to enforce the Itovisions
ii of tais article.
'- Az, 6. That the first, second, third
i,I and fifth articles of these amendments,
a snd the third paragraph of the second
section of the first article of the Con
i stitution, and the third paragraph of
in the fourth article thereof shall not be
t amended or abolished without the con
s lent of all the States.
then leaves vs wesry and d
The seutherne 'oesgresas.
Public Lands-Further Cabin-t Appoint.
ments-Permanent Constitution.
MOrNo~clERY, Ala.. Feb. 25th.
I)nring the sitting ol' (,,ngress ti -day,
a resonlution wa.q ado,1,tel instrnwti
a th,,nliittl. ,' t) itiluir," intu tl,- Irc.se:nt
ci, iliti,,l ,,f t u p l,iic li;nlds.
Mr. lh,,tt. ,f tS uth 'arlina, an
n1 unl'rc11 i ,l1 'i, al, f ,,f the 1niansitt,+' ~f
wi ich he is (Chtuirla. that a jInrtla
lint ',,nstituti,,n w,uhl L, reiqorte'd o
Secrecy was relon vlird friil the bilA! in
P,,stal utrairls, a:Is r h,1 ap1pointm1,',ts ,f
M11, rs. ihenry T. E1 h1t. 1"f . .is ,,il)1pi,
as Poistmaster Gipner.l, a.1 .J. 1'. i,-li '
jamin, of Lomi-.aia, as .\ttrny I en
Tl'h,' (;,nnisti o ners to \~a\hiintoa ,
lr,' \,is) rs. It 1 . It .X1 :0 . of L",, isiana.
\\. T. Crawf,,rd, ,,f (:1,,r.ia, awl J,,,:21,
"l lhorth, " .ilaana.
It is rumnlr.l that lMr. MTdlory. if
Attempt to Shoot Lincoln.
Wl \sm.r,+, Feb. 26.
lr, pi'r authlriti(e hrie haye. ' ive,
inform, :lti. n li" t n ( : a ttn,.' l1te l !:n to,
The Peace Conference.
'fhe ,lebati on tihel Peae C-ne ll ,venti,
est '.,rday w: v'r.v xcxitin. At in'
inll Mr. ;nthri. n;il satie t tis friensl
wire so iffinded that thiy left the hall
and thireatllne11 nit to parl icipate in the
Slproce, ilhg's, but su,.snC, untly returLvn
Important from Washington.
to Blockade of Southierna Portse
Surrender of the Southern Forts.
WVashington, Feb. 26th.-Tlhe i'loml
ing Administration will nit blockade
the ports of the Seceding States, nor
will it attempt to ea llect duties in South
ern ports.
It will also voluntarily suiri,111enr the
forts and military pists still in pssCs
siTn of tich Federal I;virinenit, if threy
are not atttacki l Ilfor.e it ,,ml,'s iait
p'Iw(r, and the n1', oitiatins to that n1l1
are comph:t.d.
In the nIflatltliiCe, I fear tlie horder
States will acel,t ary cuo:n lri."' '" ,,fi
fered eIlim, if it be such to quiet their
pe ,ple.
[The above di:pIatch was adlhrhs 'ed
I' t liaC i" our mli" n, t promiillhllt't cinlilll,:r
r cial hou.es, lby thle hleal of which it was,
kindly furnished to, us. It is frim a
iiost aluth.,ritatlve ,s11irce, ailn can be
relied u1,on.-E'ld. Fr..
Legislatlre of LoiIsiantia.
Baton lu.e, Feb. 26.--in the liu.ise,
to-t-l.y. a pttiio,,n fr a staly law. wa,
i 'iic; leIt- ,l adil refeirredl to the C omuilltt:
til the . udliciary.
lThe ihmige of Repreisetatives o-,lay
Spassedl the bill appropriating $100,t000
for thie purpose if lputtiji Forts Jack
son and St. Philip, on the Lower Missis
sippi, in a e iniplete state of defence.
The bill passed unllnillllusly.
Soutlhern ConfederaMy.
Were we tio venture a prediction, we
r would say that we here have tile thgerm
- of a Republic which history, at no far
distant. day, will reeol d as thle rmost
I powerful and wealthy of ancient anlI
Smodlern timel. It will grow, and that
- too, rapidly, by addition frmlr the North,
a from the South, and froti the WVest. Its
1I ;verlnlenclt, iUl'Aedtl of every nition
t, li of , l.llidati ln, tii, state will hesitate
to, take Phelter unller its viiilgs frol any
Sfear of lIsinu its sivereignty. The bur
dens of that iGovernment will le light.
It will be administered according to til
h Southern idea. In the exercise of itt
powebs it will be conflied within thie
Slegitimate sphere of thel Constitutiii-.
It will not lie used as til eungiare of car
Sruption. It will not ihe used an~. in.
f strument for executing tllho(ie prijectsa
S.which be~otg only to the State Givln,.
n IleIts or indlividuai enterprise. It will
Sbuild no railroads or ca alsh. It will
K undertake to build itp no tnanufactur
s ingu interests at the expense of ther
ainterests. Hence, its hurdin,s will lie
Slight, alt consequntlly thle trade will
be nearly or quite free.
t Capital, which has for thle last thlree
Squarters of a century been aggregatigl
in Northern cities, will begin to turn
h Southward. By degrees, the tralde o
n Boston, New York and ai Philadlphia,
Swill decrease, whilst that of Charles
tr tn, Savannah, Mobile, and New Or
leans, will proportionately increase.
- Immigration will also turn thitherward
SThe North has lost, irrevocably lost, we
y fear, her largest and best ctatomer
SOur futurewe may read in the past of
Canada. Negro symnpathly, which ha+
- of late been so active with us, will, i
Le a few months more, be like a tale tha
s, is told. We shai hear no moro of sla
Svery in the South, than we now hear o
a- it in Cuba and Russia. From Nei
England, at least, the sceptre of empie
is has departed forever, and that throuig
the folly of her sons.-Bawgor (¶k.
d Wilr h Emgad has now, for a wondet
a- but onewwar on 1e hands, and that
f with the lNew Zealanders.
a- W Atemporary thinks not th
least c asicuous among the kanovu
tions induced by the telegraph, i
s, that of e.mpendious and rapid publi
VII:iINIA CUiVEI,;N. . - The lr.i,4..
ing.s of the Cmnvention on the 15th,
weIre tunimlnl,,rtilat. (;,'V. Wise tmade a
RIel'ech, which le closed ty saying, "'If
Virg'inia is suiit, to Black lie",ublicat
rule, I will turn from her aled be, s,.ne
sister Co,rlluiwealth to come anidl sal
her Illthll .
Alln invenition c:alhle, the l ,ot
:+c l,"c. e"- Il,en coulliiel with that uf
It Itirl,)O-'c)ipel., 1so that ,i',tiin is r;i giTe
t, the o.je,-'ts ires.-.ntc..l Iby the latter.
---. 9----
ij 'Tihil're' are# 7-00 vein3. in an iilhe
if mthe. r-,I l'f-l..,rl. .T'ies. e: decmcinlj ,.e
tl ryl -. lihIt. and iruIII ce the pIia.
mt- In th l ,' , ton e iof the ri; ht whale.
tl,.re a tre ftrm* :30 to 800 g;alc,,i. of
Thr-t' are now 966t inmates in the
•harithhl, and ,',ii::al institutions C a t
.-w YVrk city.
R On u.,ntlay l.-,1. tIwenty eoi'ht
;ta , 4i n ere suol, at la 'i"h, N. ('., at
pri"iT- rianing from $1 :Ii to $"1,600.
MA t 1 Itl IID.
In this town on the 'lst ult., by Rev. Mr.
Iauer, of iaton Rouge. at the resideti'e of .hr.
I. opcdl Kat e. li t ) PH IAH I RbCII. of Pla
queiV fine. to .Mi A. B .MYERs, of Brandee.,
The Original and Celebrated
Saviis Bell Riners
.Ind Brass Bad.
Plan inl upon W-' r,'aaurdinary neatobref
One onIdred a& Twentryale Sel.
Il' Largeet wel 'Ighling 15 lb.; II. lmnallet 4 as.
E"-t.r ing a pe, elte l Chrome tc Scale, and Ilnking
sIw' .rwe'lle.l auredd Cencricivr,le--ackonwlegRld by
,all ihe leuding Jiournel in tlew United rStalesal
(' onsl.e. 1o e' a not asteuihitg p'rferumanre,aed a
the meilt ll.eriur curp s of llei tlkngera lhlt have
yerr appeered.
COURT 8l0r1 , Plaquemine.
Positively Two Concerts oNly.
March 5th and 1th 1861.
The' follow.nt emi,,e .t Arlia.e c..pliese the Troupe:
Mad. uadia Ilalsdell,
olue liN. ,-sIt, Pepil ef tlse Celebrated Applems..
Miss Tanae leak.
lTbhe :reoeful SitfRell Ringer.
A new - atar` iintrodcred bey this Cumpn.-lmhe
Artiele la.r i ' i t 0n pn a see of Silve'r Staff ¶tell ,
4 e sin i neiutblr. eereie soen a Seal. in sow., sn
ab,,v ano,°thwr-pla.g, uhe IosI dtrtariult O.pera
.l c-i(n . se itih he :re. al-t rapidity an pree'i son.
lpend , ieng t ile meee t liiiantl ltie acnd liveleast
Moes. Alfred rays,
._,,, Vitli r it I .,.,I I:. ~ ,ls E, q 'eernet, brIuerly
Rl -e leictr r de ra t', er i ,Con. i e.ne, Peris .
Kerr Zessaick.
,, eI e "e,0 iels as. ~ ie ie-i n e l Og lsprasE
ilre ln Ael. f i i, l',f a. , -n, (n ,.ieans .
Mr. Chas. McElustry.
Ri.l, (r'l on-. ,,,eA.d i 2 Iato El hAl.., f.renrly of
liden.dr,'+e Bee1I, New Y ,ork.
Mr. Aignite Mente,
nt, t al i s , I.cisend eeee , l et I'uer I'easu boe--.ate
e(crunieear'm Ba..-M laewf.
Mr. Albert MWmte.
Dlouble Rae. Eil I'ubr-From Sleholoea's u 41evtal
Itegeen,,tl Band, . . V.
iMr. .8 T. Partlle,
Fro l the ari.e KaIse, A.hineisre i4e., 1 fr'
iMr. W. . S=laft &%
Vice llo and F. 1 uber. D h
Mr. Dia aluadel.
Pccul., and Te.na.
iMr I. 3 lts,.
Dr. 1. O. Iety.
PRICE S.-Notwithstawldng the extre-rdlt
nary eLperne atteniding a trepe of this Iligh
order, the prices will remain the senme as !a
Sl\(;l.E TICKETS, 50 CTS.
RgPgsrVKVD 88as, 75 Centa. Chlaies
and seats can be reverred during the dy es
mleplc'tion to uhe Uourt house or Tuele Meagn.
paJny dinscouns usiec for half an hour iu
onT of tEb Hall, peeceding the Concert.
n Do'r to ipen at a quarter to . .I'eas
cent so commence at half peat 7 o'loc, uhi
L aIU voa ASA
50 ,0 p EEFr of assorted CIR3EW
d0Lo LUlEI.-R lkr rmale by
--Tan s--,. er-++
A N II.ELECTION sell ha held as t l'"CeUR?
ltlttiE, i,, the "row. af PYlequeene. Pa. A
eapired term ee P. . Js.e,m. weaigeal.
lThe polla te oepe as 10 o'clehk. a. en. mdqleO5
at I s'cleck. p. eo. P. E. JlNNllGS,
Plaq.mise, Feb. tO. 1061. 30ger.
, tPefC of Lowiu-e  .-Pareh -l Iewh-8th
Ditct Court.
In matter of Estate of &lZAsmar Drag,
.1..l ,uen AdmimimI,, e,o ,-__I
Elilsabl Dukedecd'd
Ineam to ahow coaue wisha tdait 9tlm
r Ibervnlle, March lt, 1861.
mar M. A. ISTF.VAN, Clte.
Co.r dm Gem Dis ridt J iis
Dans la ucecswion do feu Eus*aU3
A TTEN;DU que O~ey P. wHemhby as W jE
enlesieb deos le buresa de (;raeI do .3l
I Conr -e enga dealli d'miniaese* di tb se
meso defere hsbeth Duk-.'
Avia eat per le pIeset i1onne lon, ,0us 5l3
date de ee pree,m es raisons r-- II "
meat N. A. E.TLY%, l'l. 0I

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