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I$0w Series, Vol. J.
Thibodaux, La., November 18, 186.5.
Xo: jfi.
One year (in advance) $0 00
• 10
t. E. LORIO & CO.
The Thibodaux Sentinel.
R4TBSOF iDF^ISTl-ilJtfek
fs S qiauk ùr tivnn-ïsÇT' ^
Fi M insertion $ I Àf) :
8 c n i i u^ertio i ...' 7",
Each fiiJ)st'i|Ufiit lus. ■ j.M)
CA.mhdaiks .. ... $1*0 (J.J ,
Corner Market- aud ßt-Louis Sts,
• ' 8R
One year (in advance)
One copx '
,.S5 00
For each Rquare of ten line* or less, the first
Insertion, $1 50. Second insertion, 7."> ctsper
square^ Foi subsequent insertions, per square,
i# cent«. , .
For professional and business cat« 15 * uki inl
ine paper, not exceeding 8 lines, for 12 mouths
$10. t , . ,
Advertisements published at :rregnlar inter
vWs* $2 per square for eacli insertion.
ÀViberal discount made to yearly advertisers^
Announcing candidates for office, $10, to he
haid for IN ADVANCE.
Advertisements not marked on the copy for
a speciftrfd time will be inserted till forbid, and
hay« ent exacted. , •
I'crsons sending communications to wire pa
per must always furnish their real names to
the Editors. We will not save or return reject
ed mailusripts:
Allusions personally disparaging to any one
will never be inserted except as advertisements
nbr weh, if peculiarly objectionable.
&oum Slivcctovi).
Hair dressing und Slit/ring Sohren
BADKAUX. i. Grocer, «»«ifrAUw* fcotlis*
Streets. .
"EMiANCHARD, OCTAVE I-.. Dry Gonds and Gro
Wl iîtrf stuff, corner »I Levee anil Jacksou utreet*,
E _ RATTlE TA Y LOK Attorney -at Laic, office cor
Maiu mid Focus nie., up stair».
B«ur«, math urin Sheriff, office at the cur;\
House .
Ekl'fk, e. j. Dry G ods Mercian! und Urocti,
Mam ut., between Jackson ami l-' ocu *.
lake, e. \v. Attorney at Lau, corner Main an j
uis BtS ,
17sh, louis -Attorney at Law, Green » t .,
^ej^warket and Levee -
Boudkeaux, theo. Grocer, corner Main and
Jackson st • ■
Livery Stalle.
P. &. co, Carriage Makers and
EOUDftEAL 'x. s Coffre House, Mailt st -, between
Focus and Jackson tu»ere. 3. bruli ' s store .)
Cavélier, theophile Dry Go,ids Merchant
a,. d Groc er, » lain st ., bet . St - Philip and Fousc .
Oolin & uroz, tcatch makers, corner Market
ail 'i St . Lewis streets .
Gwl.kptt.x. jean Hater, Maiu » reel , betweeri
St . philip and Focus .
"t\ ANSE liE AU . h., Doctor, office and residence
jl^coriier s . Bridget and St . Philip streets .
T \ ÄdRICK , a , Doctor, office '. rod - residence . Jack
9 l ) son - street
i'rao. d. Doctor, office and residence i'. oru er
Oreeu and Thibodaux sts .
XfTO, A. S. Jaxt/'rr vf tbf Pe -ce, office St.
min st.» between Mai» aud TliiUodatix
2T*IiKKT\VOOÜ, J. H, t druggist and Hjwthtcury
_ Market street .
tt^lagh, g. Vrorertf and Loger Beer, corner Maiu
j; flMidSt * Loui « streets .
lfrbdenthal, f. Dry Goods Mrrrhmvt
l Coir fec i t .nr ry , coruer Market and 8t. Louis sts .
Grocer, Curuer mannet aud St -
Fn.ford. j. d.
Philip street ^
Oasslon & lasskkrk, amdgroceries
« orner Market aud Maronge street «.
Or1ner, perdlnain'd Crocer, Main st .. between
St . Philip aud Focus .
/^^ode. j. s. Attorney at Law , comer St . Philip
ut and Tliibodaux streets .
Gljio^f, lewis Jlttvmry at Lato, Green street ,
between^i ket and Levee .
stre<4. 1
IIE .xrv cabinet maker. Main
iHDui nuiiï Attorney at Laœ t office
Ilotroer Green and 8t. Bridget sts.
TT ALL, WINCH8STER jtu+rtuy at Law. coruer
JL1 Main and Focus «tu. Up stairs .
tt" ELLEB, c. Merchant Tailor, Oreeu st ., between
■ JtVMaia and Thibodac x .
LABI7SQ.UIERE, M. Groceries, cocuer Market and
St. Louis street«.
T ASHBROOK, E. L. Doctor, office on Jackson st
JJwetween Thibodaux and 8t. Bridget.
T ,is^' h i S" Coffee House an<( Restaur at, corner
JL^Maln aud F ocus sti-eeU
M *~ ■
ever. l. j. Grocery , corner j
d St . Louis
ruer Main
OORË, 1. D. Dry Hoods Mere,
.and Focu« Uta.
ILLBRjHEN'RY Coffee House and Beer Snloon
corner St. Lotus and Thibodaux sts.
X «treetK.
«. H. Boot aud Si
eeo Maiu and Market
Philip st .,
coffee h o use, c o rne r Market and Green
PERBIN, A-, drf goods merchant, corner Main
and St- Philipp.
T) A
AO AN, A. B. Groceries, No. C Saiutt Philip
ivijire. f-, dry goods merchant, corner Mam
and St . Lonis .
E O.MAN, J. J., lawyer, coruer Main and St. Louis
streets. 0
' ~ . " v ^
EOUERS, JAMES, JStice of the Piace, Jackson
Tb , merchant* tailor Market
SANCAN, VICTOR Dry Goods •Merchant amd
Grocer? corner St. Loviuand Market sts.
IJpatheeartes, Corner Main aud St-Philip streets.
THOMPSC&. H. & CO,, Dry Goods Merchants and
Grocers, corner Main and Jackson sta.
Ore^,dSt. LZ™ 1 ™' WaiU Slreef '
corner Mai.
Vr«R«ES. J. L Umr, SMI* mid 'st7g r Ti7r,
♦ (-reen strert, bet» ecu Short aiwi s t , Kridjrct.
ii F wis «no*.
â?ï©IE«¥ *â1f 2bâ¥J*
Will Practice in the Parishes of Lafourche,
A-sumption. Terrebonne. Su Mary ami Sr.
Marfiu. (((lice in Richard's biiek building,
LOU« BUS 81,
iWïsrmsgiY Ä?
Will practice inCourts of third and fourth
Judicial District.
O i'kick : Green st..
between Levee & Parket
s-:, w. RLAKi:,
Will practioe in the Courts of Lafourche. Ter
rübenne. a::d Assumption and the Supreme Cour
m New-Orleans.
' Oi-j-'fCK : Corner of Main ar.d St. Louis streets,
over Meyer's store.
r d. burgcierk,
T iiiiodaux
Will ij-actk'c in C<mrtHg|if Third Judicial
District, and the Parish ~oÇ,^sMÏt*pti<&i.
Office over 'Badeanx's Store, lliibodaux, La.
f. s 000 de,
Thibodaux .
F.S.&J. S.GDÖBE, *
âîï© E ® S M
Will practice in"the Parishes of Lafourche.
Assumption, Terrebouue, St. Alary and St
M artia.
A-TÏ e Ä H B V Aï iL A W.
Will practice in Courts of Third Judicial
,District and Military Commission.
Office—Corner Green and St. Bridget sts
Oifers his services to the public of Lafourche
and the neighboring parishes. A.ldress Mr.
Jos. Thibodaux. at Cazenavcttts drug store
corner Main and Sf. Philip*#*.
JE . € Ii O ff, .
Cfive lessons nt private residences.
^5ö"Adi'L'«s : M. J. Dolus, Thibodaux. La.
Resumes his practice in Courts of Third
Judicial Disirict utid the Parish of Assumption,
.j^llice at llouina, La.
M. El. RIG2&T035,
NEW Oui. kan 'Ö, LA.
jîa^Prompt atteutiou given to Government
James Hogers,
©? .Tias 5>2A©1>
office— Jackson strret , a ( ew doors below o
l. Blauclkard ' s store .
w. h. ragan. Justice of the Feace , can also be
found in the same building . aug26 - tf
The Bronze Fe« Printing Office,
Francis Bouvain $ Co
>C7 Gravier street, between Camp street and
I3ank Place, N. O.
Every kind of ROOIv and JOB PRINTING ex
ecuted iu a superior style only, j *
RATEs to suit everybody ia these uncertain
^©■"Personal attention paid to all work en
trusted to the .
62 Bourbon Street,
Betweqp Bienville and Conti Sts.
Direct importation of French, English and
PRINTING, NOte Rnd CaP Papers '
®a®J,!E8A5.S AÏ91® BStAie.
Inks, Pens, Pencils. Envelopes, C odv ronkq
Pass Books, Portfolios, French Perfume^
etc., etc. Also, a largo variety of '
Printers' .Matt" ;,; 1 - «uch as Cuts
Regle ts, Quotns^inks, etc.
XX stoue ok ori1eked ATMAXCEACTCliEKs' rillCES.
Commission House in Paris
23 Rue clu Caire.
Importation to Order of Parisian Articles of
any kind,
Pursuant to adjournment the I'olici
Jury I>f the Pniish of Lafourche met thj
24lli October, I8(îî-.
Present :— .f. S. Perkins, President, J
J. :.oniiui, I). 15. Pttgli, Arsene IJergeror
So.stliene l'nlsp. J. Reiinmt, John Lyail
Jolin Nelson, VVushiiiffton Griffin.
Absent :—P. ,1- Theriot, P. Dalfere
The minuti'.i of the last meeting wer
lead and approved.
On niotion^Jary tuljourned till 3 '0,clock
p. m,
At .1 o'clock,4'. m * Jury met
Present:—The same members a.s tli
On motion duly seconded, the followin
resolution was adopted.
Whereas from petitions nnintijously an
respectably signed it is made to appear
That the levees on the lands of>Josej
Knight and Octave Folse, in said Parish of
Lafourche, and on the right bunk of tli
Baj-ou, were cut from military authority
and by military authority, it was ordered
That a committee composed of Messrs
Joseph Reniont,"Joseph Knight and Na
poleon Bourgeois, be and is lie re by ap
pointed, instriioted and directed to wtiifc
upon Gen. Canity to lay before him th
nature and evidence <>t the case and res
pectfujly reijuest liini to have and . cnu>
said breaches to be subst;uitia!ly s and tie.
roughly closed up and repaired ii&Govern
ment expenses and in the, most speedy and
effecient. manner practicable.
On motion duly seconded, the followin
resolution was adopted.
\\ hereas the Treasury is at present
empty aud whereas the (.letailed estiinuti
of the probable expenditures for the cur
rent year a\erage(.lSij. 0Ü) five thousand
eight hirndred and twenty-five dolhtri
Now therefor.' to meet, cover and de
fray said expenses atàl charges both
■dinary and extraordimiry, on motion duly
seconded, it was hereby resolved,
1st. That the parish licenses for the
present year on all taxable professions
trades, occupations and employments
fixed, determined and taxed bv* the' State
tax law of ISti), lie and the same are her
by set and assessed at tbe rate of one
fourth of said State licenses ajid that the
same be levied and collected -the present
year by the Sheriff of the parish of La
fourche ex-officio state and parish tax
2d. That one fourth of the pavish faxes
assessed and uncollected of tire vear lrflil.
be and the same are hereby ordered and
directed to be likewise levied aud collect
ed the present year, by the Sheriff of said
ex-officio state and parish tax collector.
On motion duly seconded, it was order;
ed that the estimate of the probable ex
penses of the parish for the current year
1SG3, be published according to law. •
On motion daly,<seconded, it was ordered
That the committee of finance be re
quested by the President to examina the
accounts of Alexander Ribbeck, parish
treasurer and report thereon at the next
meeting of tiiis body.*
Oil motion; Jury adjourned sine die.
{Signed.) J. S. PERKINS, President.
E. E. L eklaxc , Secretary.
The Board of Directors of Public
School met this 21st of September,ld(i >.
Where present J. J. Roman, E. \Y.
Blake, R. D. Jordan. E- E. Leblanc-, J. II.
Fleetwood, A. Petrin.
On motion duly made and seconded,
Mr. J. J. Roman was elected President.
The President appointed a committee
of three, composed of Messrs. R, D. Jor
dan, E. W. Blake and J, IT. Fleetwood, to
make an estimate in detail of the expenses
to be incurred for the ensuing year, for
the support of the school and report at the
next meeting.
On motion,of Mr. Fleetwood, the Pres
ident was added to the above committee.
On motion, the lioard adjourned nine die.
(Signed.) J. J. ROMAN, President.
P. E. LORIO, Secre^iry.
At a called meeting of tho Board of
Directors of Public School held this 12th
day of October, 1855. Present J. J. Ro
man, Pre^fefck. R. D, Jordan, E. W.
Blake. J. H/jMpeiwood, E. E. Lehlajic*
Absent Pcrriii.
On motion, tfie report of the committee
appointèd at last meeting, was postponed
till the next meeting.
On motion, the Board proceeded to fhe
election of Teachers for the "Guion A
cademy,"as follows :
A- F. Kiivbloch, Principal, Miss. Cfeor
ia ©risham, 1st Assistant, Miss. Julia
Grisham, 2d Assistant, Miss. Sarah Niles,
3d Assistant.
On motion duly seconded, it was
Resolved, That the salary of the teachers
of "Guion Academy, "• for the ensuing
year, be fixed as follows :
That the Principal shall be entitled and
hereby is allowed, an annual salary of one
thousand dollars, payable quarterly.
That the first assistant shall be entitled
and hereby is allowed, an annual salary of
five bundled dollars, payable quarterly,
That the second assistant shall be en
titled and hereby is all wed, an annual
salary of five hundred dallars. payable
That tiie third assistant shall be entitled
and hereby is allowed, an annual salary of
three hundred dollais payable •juar'.caly. .
On motion, the Constable was requested
.<> invite a certain number of carpenters,
to meet committer at "Guion Academy."
on the following Saturday, for the „ur
poso«of estimating wor ] c to |,
said school.
On motion, Board adjouri-ed
(Signed.) j.j. i;oma k.
3'. k . miiiioj Secretiirv. »
l 'Vèd ,
? -ÎV
■slate ol'l(tuf»ia:e;i,
At a cahed meeting the Mayor and Trtis
teoi*met this 13th day of October, 18(> ).
' <T.e-»resent : The Mayor S. T.' Oris.
a more, Ii. I). Jordan, J. J). LeBiaiic, A.
I emu, J. IL Fleetwood. .
Abseilt— L. G. Robichanx, II. IIofTniah
■*.-j he reading **1 tho minutes of the la-t
meeting vws dispensed with.
I he M ,13 oiy sulmiitted the ftdlowin^ re
port, which has been adopted, to wit. ;
M ayor's officio xnnionArx. r,.\
„. , TT ' October, 13th lcl^
It) the lion. I nisi ces of )
the town of Th.bojaux. £
Gentlemen- —The hooks of the Corpora
tion in which are recorded the proceed
ings of,. and Ordinances enacted by, the
1 own-Council since its organization, have
not he.pit foyttd- The fust infonnation I
have of those records is the delivery of
the same by Mr. J. XV. Knoblodi, clerk
during the administration of Mayor Leo
Ilvinel, to Mr. C. IL CruneheBg, clerk
during tho lato administration of M«yor
Joseph Nicolas, who claims to liave depo
sited them in the Court-house.
ironie copies of the printed Ordinances,
up to the year ldöO, are still in existence,
but most of' those ordinances have been
modified and repealed. I therefore recom
mend that an entire new scto f ordinances
lie enacted, suitahjo fo the present- condi
tion of affairs. New books will be required
for recording tho proceedidgs of (he coun
ci| and tho irdiuances enacted hereafter.
I am gratified to inform the council that
the Onion Academy has been returned to
<4he proper authorities of the town of Thi
bodaux, as will be seen by the foliowi
trder :
No. 8J. j"
11 E A DQ UÂ RTE Ii'3,
D k I 'a KTMKXT of c-t'ISÎÀN 'a,
[ lïxtrud.]
\ * * *
The property in the town of Thiholian.v.
otiismna . known as the - Onion Academy.-- and
now be! l.v llie a iiitary Huthoritius as abandou
d property, will be put into tin.' f^wse-sioii of
the proper civil authorities of the sua! tow«.HiiV
jeet to the condition that such possession shall
not lie to the préjudice of any interest of the U
ited States iu and to said propcrly
L'y order of Major-Ceneral E. V R! P. Canity :
Assistant Adjutant General
x \ ti T ivrj?r fl-PT! » xl
is .A i 11 A .N 1 1. 1, 1,1. Is BANK
Is/. Lient. , Act ng Am' t A Ij't General
Trustees of " Guion Acadeti» thro' Gen
The prompt «ction of Mnj-Gee. Canbv,
'h reply to tlih petition of the ]>roper int
hoities is worthy of eommeudntiiiii, «ml
Ife. tlinnks of our fellow citizcus are due
to fat officer.
It now reintiHis with you gontlmen fo
evise. ways and means to enable the
School Directors to have the Academy o
lened for the reception of pupils at as ear
ly a period us possible.
\ our attention is directed tr> a cüinino
ictifion received this ihn - , l»y nie, from
Major R. J. Palen, commanding Post, on
the subject of establishing a night police
n the town, and recommend that a com
it &'0 ho appointed to confer with tl is
officer oil that mafj^r and make whatever
arrangements may be deemed expedient,
to put a stop to the thefts and robberies
that have been so frequent of late. I am
tatisfied that tiny assistance Major Palen
Can furnish, will be thankfully received,
and any inconveniences necessarily arf
sing from the operation of a strict police
will be cheerfully submitted to, by the Ci
tizens, in order to maintain order and se
cure their property from thieves and
Respectfully submitted,
Mayor of Thibodaux.
Mr. II. D. Jordan, chairman of the com
ittee of finance, offered the ordinance
o 1, which was adopted article by article.
The Committee of finance presented |he
following report, which was adopted, and
the bond of Mr, 0. L. Ulan chard, former
treasurer, cancelled.
Tliiboilaux, October 9th, 18«.
Tlie Finance Committee through their rliairmoii
be ? leave to report as follows, on the financial allaira
ol the Cori orat na of Thibodaux .
By reference to account of J. H, Thum peon trei
surer, ii wil. be fourni that the asset» and iudebteil
lirsR of the Corporation is as follow» .
Indebtedness — — — — $2465'00
Assets - — _ _ tiCiTG I»
Of these assets the amount, due by Ludger Barge
ron s 7.1 37
And due by sundries on banquet since
Mav 6th, 18(i2, amounting to 386 6.Ï
We recommend they lie reliered as in the first case
the market-house was destroyed before the lease ex
pired and as for the bankets'it is impossible to and
out the responsible parties.
As for the balance of assets which is put dowif- in
the account of treasurer.
Du • by Jeau itiiwy on taxes $ C10 00
Due by C. U Dautiu or tax payers
siuce 1st March l.-iü S8#i !»7
Dautiu and Hossv, Guion Academy
since .March 1st, lölnS 2009 75
There assets hnve»we beleive been iu a great
ineasu e collected and we would recommend that
Collerior J L au Kossy be proceeiled against as soon as
the receipt* can be brongh» in aud the amount ;
en lected by him ran be dctinitolv asi ertauied, fPttw
whut we have aoiiocd coll.ecti.r Cumin iHtscollccted
liogo of the«« amoimtM, but what he ha« paitl i
1 he iioteaof Uie Corporatii»u botii caufcelle
elletl anil
uijcaiicelleü we recommend theui to be destroyed
V - ^
Ut» e*rixi* «Lille le ik^y tkm
j\» lor Ui^Parihli notendue iiK. we recoin lueti^ th«v
be laken «»lUhe treasurer's account ami fowl Iwitle till
\Ve fejV°o ex&uiiued the ari;*tiwt <rf«- f.- Bliin.h#r«t
\vi! i \v.trii'Wyi and rind it corrctt uiui recotunieLui
tout dis bond be
tt D- JOUDA iY, clia rnian.
Sir. J. K. Gi.urdain, elected ttild ddjv
qtialifiird Treasurer of the town of T.ljiWi*
daux, offered his bond,tor the sum tjt'Thixt}
Mhousainl d<» 11 lies, with Muthurin BoUrgmid
' H- Duuuis Hs. securities^ which was
accepted by the board. ;
motion of Mr. J II. Fleetwood duly
seconded, *«
R^uliyd, That Mr. ,T. A. R.d.iclia<is,
he ollowed to build a 'house
«I" be-covered with wooden sliingles, v h.
Mow aud'^if'. PliHip *tre«W
fi»-%Ätti the same there until* Aprfi,
1 st - Ii». , » ' -
- - - -
()n motion— R. D. Jonlmi and John It;
I leetwoot were appitiuted en « eoininittee
to wait/ut Major 1J. ,J. Paleu, c^miaauil
ing Post, to confer with him in regard to
establishing a night patrol.
O11 motion of M r. Fleet w<»od, thé Ma vor
was added to the abov^ committee^
Mr. Jord«n offered Ordinance .Vo. -if,
which was adopted article, by article,
O11 motion, Coanc.t adjoufned#"jie d. : v.
S. T. (JHlSAM<ÄIE?-»iw«r^.
Pi E. LORIO, Secretary. 1 ,
0tTuia!. 5
r.mTIYB T oi H e «J5R& OF TBK COKl'oîtiriON ,
^ lie it. iKdutv-d bjf the Mayor rind Trustet* </,«
Z'iitrii ,,f Tlnhoihnu. Tinit, within tea days after
having been duly and regtilariy qualined, l| 1(J
Aiftyc-r Trustees slial 1 procucil to elect.,
ballot, a compilent and suitable person to m'(
8-s Clerk of theTJorpjuratfoft, fyr mid during the
space«ef one year, and until hi« sriccessor shall
have been appointed.
Sec,t. t. Be it-further ordained, {-c., ^^Tliat licîore
he enters ou Ibe discharge of his duties, the
said Clerk shall take and subscribe, before son'm
competent oHicen. an oath pitfsuant to the hlrtu
prescribed iiUbe State Constitution fpr . nwjn
bers of the Çeneral Afsenitdy and all Jllietrs
and that W will faithfully. impartialîV; îmVj t w '
the best of his kiKmledgo aud abilitigp, 4iu
«hafge and perfonn tbe duties i«iposed on l^n.
Sect. 3 . Be further ordained. &r., That it
shall be and hereby is made.the duty of the
< lerk to be present at every nKjetiiig : of: the
lioard, to uuuv oke all cidled, ineetitiga of th ;
JJoard by notices in writing, ta nUify all »«•
....... , m^ify all pa
sons of appouilnieut to an*.omca, which n©tio»
hall serve as a comtnissioii to said officer • to
keen, in a fair aud legible hand, a register,
■which shall be entitled ".Minute Uook,'.' in which
lie shall traiis-cribe. iu the English language
alone, according to thfir dates, the proceedings
and deliberation!? of the Council, Cite names' of
the members. preseirt and aident, fhe usfnil pre
aniMe. the Htij«ontmeut of ofticci's and com
mittees, reports of coinuiittèes, and town q |
ticers, regululkms and resolutions, ami the
name of the member who introduced them, the
j amendments offered, and by whom, thé 'final
adoptiou of the ordinances, resohttious and ru
giilaiions, with marginal references to. all new
' aniendineiiis and supplements, the yeas ar,d '
nays when taken, the mattt r contained in the.
of the Treasurer—iu fiuefto H-nucwibe thercju
tftè pMweedhi-s in full of"- r tlie Äid Beard at
each meeting, and all election returnsf that ho
shall keepTor Uie said ". Minute•lloolf{?' a tap?
ions and detailed index refe'ring Jto eacii pi.rii
cttlar act by page ; that he shall keep anoll.c-'
record, whicii slia'i be entitled "Ordinance.
Book," iu wliioji lie shall, transcribe^" iu a fair
and ligible haiid. in the English language : Xlie '
act incorporating the town of Thiliodiiiix, aftd
every ujueiiduleut, additional and 8tif>pteiimiih
ary acTbt .the Le<>'isjatiire j every. oKditiauc.
regulalioii or résolution approved ami" adopted* •»»,
by the Hoard, according -lo tlnir dnU's and
»umbers, aud in the ord.-r that tiny passed th«
Board ; h#shall' besides keep marginal notes
and .référence^ in which he sli'all state 'tfie
substance of each section ofevi ry ordinär, oe,
resolution or regulation, ui.d refer to the page
containing any amendment or supplement, there
to ; that to said " OrÜlnätKie Jiouk"' lie slisll
appeud a fqll and detailed iudex, rcfercuig J«»
the page, under an appropriate head.,, whçic
every ord nance, regulation, resolution or copy
of acts of the Legislaittrc are traiiM rilted.
Sect. 4. & il further ordameti, &c., f |'h«t
the said Ulerk shall make out fair aud faithful
copies of every proceeding of the RotjEd, résolu
tion, rsgulatioa and Ordinaiicé adopted by the
Council, aud catii-t! t besame to Le duly and re
gularly promulgated ; that lm shall make men.*
oranda, as provided iu "f8ud ordinance, of the
inaituer, time and ph cj of every such' pl'om^»
grtiou; and. in fine,discharge and perfoftu
faithfully and cfwre'ctiy every duty imposed vn
him in his said, capacity.
Sect. ä. Be it.further ordtjiwd Tiyit,
the said 6 fleer shaft be eiUitlud to demand ftitjié^
receive, and hereby Is allowed, atl auûiiaî saTuiy
of seveiity-IK-e "d /llars, payablo «piarteiiv, va
the warrant of the Mayor.
Sect. G. Be U further ordained, it, 'Phut
should the said böicer refuse to perform and
faithfully discharge the duties imposed on littn,
the town Council reserve to thetimclTés tiia»
right-and privilege of expelling hiit)ejiwli»U;
«Shalt be done only on fhe vote of two-thirds <jt
all the members ofthe town eeuiicil,) wiid'ëôik 1 •
tailing his salary iu «ueh att aiuount as.tlifjf ;
will deem sufficient to have, the labor refusçjj.of
neglected to be dotSe. 'fully aud couiplCtc'ly' tiSl-
cuted. ; • J ui'o n >'i «I
Sect. 7. Be ft further ordained, ,&C; That
iu case of the expulsion of the clerk as afore
said, the town council shall, within three diiys,
or before, proceed, as provided by the-llita law,
to the election of a person to till the vacancy,
Sect. 8. Be it further ordained, See.; '1 liut
all lawtf, ordinances, or resolutions contrary til r
the intent and meaning of this act are hereby s
repealed and abrogated, and particularly two
resolutions in relatif the clerk's sula.'y,
approved 13th NovCtetJer, 1838;
[rSigued :] !S. I'^GiiisAMOKE. Mayor.
1'. E. oi.io, Secitlary.

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