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The ITjOuasiasaa llSlrctsola.
J3r2!aKt Wlitg Victory 'in "W. Orlosias.
We have New Orl nans dates to the 1 1th.- ;
The Whig majority in that city is 1 1'49. 'Gain,
upwards of 950 "votes. This too, in a- city
which casts hut about 2500 votes. , The lowest
Whig candidate on the Legislative Ticket , re
ceived a maprity of 1064, on the highest Tan
Buren ticket. This result astounded both
friends and foe The Bulletin says that Lou-
- 4 r T
isinna mav imw he considered sale tor narri-
?nn. f
White's majority for Congress in the First
District, will riot be mncli Jess man uuu mcs
With regard to the two other Congressiona
Disiripts. Ihe intelligence is yet inicertain
The Bee has a statement u'hich elects Daw
son tbe Van Buren candidate by 13 majority
The contest war very close. This District has
Ion"- been regarded as the strong-hold of Loco
The result is yet uncertain in the Third Con
i ninnnl nistnrt The candidates were
Winn (Y. B.) and Moore (Whig.)
The Globe claims the election of the former
'n- a small majority ; but the returns in the i
Orleans papers are favorable to the Whigs
Taking the Van Buren accounts, however, as
. orrect with regard to the three Congressional
districts, the Harrison majority is very con
siderable. The Bee says that White's major
ity is ample to allow the election of Van 15 u
renites in the other two Districts, and yet give
the State to Harrison by more than a thous
and. The Senate will, in all probability, consist
of 9 Whigs and 8 Loco Focos. The Whigs,
n is also thought, will elect a majority of the
nembers of the House.
The Bee says :hat under all the circumstan
ces, we consider the Legislature safe. Should
:'iis news be fully confirmed, we may with con
:idcncc put down Louisiana for the Hero of
ihe Thames.
New Orleans was brilliantly illuminated on
the night of the 10th, and a salute of 100 guns
lired in honor of the Harrison victory.
Pa. Inquirer.
A Siaadcr Ref anted.
Mr. John W. Baer, the " Buckeye Black
smith," has been made the object of lierce and
unremitting persecution. The most infamous
and improbable slanders .concerning him have
been propagated through the press and orally.
We invite the attention of the public, and the
particular attention of those who have been en
gaged in the dissemination of these slanders, to
the annexed statement. This siatement was
produred by a gentleman of this place, who has
given us permission to publish it. Mr. Baer
as h himself told the people, is aplain obscure
man, who is known only in his own neighbor
hood; it was consequently more easy to fabricate
slanders concerning him, and more difficult for
him to rebut them. If he had travelled in a
coach attended by servants, and been known as
one of the magnates of the land, these Federal
gentry would have been less hasty in forming
unfavorable opinious of him.
The subjoined certificate is signed by the
most respectable citizens of South Bloofield,
ihe village in which he has his home. Mr.
Baer left with us when he was here last, a let
ter of recommendation, bearing the name of
some of the roost distinguished citizens of
Ohio, which letter may be seen at this office.
Some of the names attached to the subjoin
ed certificate are hardly legible, and may be
printed incorrectly.
South Bloomfield, June 26th, 1840.
We the undersigued citizens of South Bloom
field, Pickaway county, Ohio, learn with regret
that our fellow citizen John W, Baer, has been
slandered in the vilest manner by the press and
otherwise, at the Eastv; and having been reques
ted to state what we know concerning him,
do certify to all whom it may concern that he
has lived amongst us, and that we have been
acquainted with him for more tlian three years
an j that he is just what he professes to be,
JOHN W. BAER, a poor but honest and in
dustrious blacksmith ; that he has a respecta
ble family, which he has supported by laboring
at his trade and that alone ; that he has never
been known by any othr name but John W.
Baer : that he is not a defaulter, and that he is
n )t guilty of larceny or any other crime or act
that will prevent his returning to this neighor
ho'il whenever he pleases as pretended by
those who slander and abuse him, and that we
are credibly informed that Mr. Baef sustained
iho same character in other counties where he
resided before he settled with us. Nothing but
a desire to have justice done to every honest
man und worthy. American citizen, has promp
ted us to make "the above declaration.
F. W. KELLOGG, : ' .
J. DKNNIx; " 4 ' - '
I A COB (ilCSSjjfffe, ' ,
If', A. NEWMAN,"
yv30fi COCHRAN," " ' :
. T.Q. THOMP&pX, -M
4$. F. GANDk4X;.- "
n J f ...r . v k ,
ers of the foregoing, and know them to' be' a
mong the most respectable of the citizens of
the township in which thr.y reside, and to the
extent of my knowledge fuly corroborate their
Respected Sir ; In conformity to your re
quest, I have obtained the necessary informa
tion on the subject of our friend, John W.
Baer, and in presenting the above communica
tion, I would onlv add, that you can put the ut
most confidence in the statements there made
for the character and veracity of the gentlemen
who have affixed their signatures to the above
statement is the strongest guarantee I could
give you for its correctness, having a personal
acquaintance with every individual, as also with
John W. Baer, the Blacksmith of whom I kno'w
nothing but that he is an honest sober and in
dustrious man. This was signed by a metho
dist preacher. Frederick Examiner.
Van Burenism. The The Clare
mont (N. H. Eagle publishes the fol
lowinp; letter from Mr. - Hubbard of
the United States Senate, to the Post
master at Claremont the original of
which the Editor of the paper has in
his possession. That little document
-short and sweet was enclosed in a
package of franks covering Hubbard's
speech and Kendall's address&c. &c.
recently received at that Post Office.
" Will friend Nye have the kind
ness to superscribe the enclosed franks
to such of our party that he- may se
lect and oblip-e Henry Hubbard.
The Eagle says, " Friend Nre be-
inp; at this time altogether too feeble
and imbecile to do any thing, the a-
bove has been handed to us his com
The Editor of the New Orleans
Sun says very many witty things in
favor of the ladies, and sometimes
gives some wholesome truths ; wit
ness the following-:
A woman mav sa7" what she likes
to vou, witnout running" tne risK or
getting knocked down for it.
She can take a snooze after din
ner, while her husband has to go to
She can dress herself in neat and
tidr calicos for- a dollar which her
husband has to earn and fork over.
She can go forth into the streets
without being invited to treat at every
coffee house.
She ean paint her face if too pale,
or flour it if too red.
She can stay at home in tirre of
war. and wed if her husband is kilt.
She can wear corsets if too thick,
and other fixins if too thin.
She can eat drink and be merry
without its costing her a cent.
She can get divorced from her hus
band whenever she sees any one she
like better.
And she can run him in debt all
over until he warns the public by ad
vertisements, not to trust her on his
Prextice-iana. If any of our political
friends have Holland's life of . Van Buren, let
them keep an eye upon it: Certain Loeofoco
emissaries are burning every copy they can
borrow, beg, buy, or steal.
To what do the signs of the times point now?
They point to Gen. Harrison's election as
true as the needle to the pole or a leg-treasurer's
nose to Texas. Prentice.
What will the Whigs say when they are told
that Mr. Kendall adds a thousand to his sub
scription lint daily 1 Va. Reformer.
We shall say what we always said ihat he
is the greatest adder in Christendom. Prentice.
When I am at a Whig meeting I iustinctive
ly pu. my hand upon my pocket. Dr. Duncan.
Pshaw, Doctor ! No body wishes to steal
your whiskey bottle. Prentice
JJj3"!!! all ages, and in all countries, it has
been unserved, that the cultivators of the soil
arc those 'who are the least willing to part with
their rights, and submit themselves to the will
of a master.',
"In this Borough, on Tuesday last, John A.
Carter, about 30 years of ago.
The deceased was a native of Easton, but
had for several years past, resided in this place.
His death was occasioned by .wounds received
on the 4th of July last, by the explosion wf a
v.:..i. 1 !i-i?. i
cannon wujun jjo was in nip uci j iuuumg.
HaJifts .left avbci;eaved wif and seteral sinali
irrsrmriTi I T-wmtrn in it a k
The members of the Monre county total ab
stinence Society, will meet at the Presbyterian
church in this Borough, on Saturday evening
(August 1st.) at cat
y candle light. By order
of the executive committee.
oi the executive c
Stroudsburg, July 1
b; S. PALMER, Sec'y.
The subscriber grateful for past favors, would
tlmnk his friends and the public generally, for
their, kind encouragement, and would beg leave
.to inform them that he is now manufacturing a
large assortment of Umbrellas and Parasols
which he offers for sale at Philadelphia and
New York prices.
Merchants will find it to their advantage to
give him a call before purchasing in the cities.
He would state that his frames are made by
himself, or under his immediate inspection, and
that he has secured the services of an experi
enced young lady, to superintend the covering
department. , . ,
N. B. As the subscriber keeps everything
prepared for covering and repairing, persons
from the country can have their Umbrellas and
Parasols repaired and covered at an hour's no-
401-2 Northampton Street next door to R.S.
Chidseys Tin vare manufacturing Establish
ment. " .
Easton, July "l, 1840.
TUIE summer term of the above named insti
tution commenced. on Monday, the 4th .day of
May ; and is conducted by Mjss A. TL. STraser,
an experienced and well qualilied teacher. . ,
The branches taught at this Seminary, are
' Botany,
Geometry, the
JPrmcy and Lati?i
languages, '
CyC. tyC. tyC.
Natural Philoso-
The Seminary being endowed by the State, in
struction is afforded at the reduced rate of twe
doliars per quarter, inclusive of all branches.
Having rented the spacious stone buiidingi for
merly occupied as the male Academy, tho Trus
tees are now prepared to receive any number" of
young ladles that may apply, from all parts of the
county. t
Board, in respectable families, can be obtamep
on reasonable term's. , , . w
Prom their knowledge of the sfcilV, competency,
and success of the Principal, the Trustees, with
the fullest confidence, commend the Stroudsburg
Female Scminai-v to the patronape of the public.
' JOnN HUSTON, Pres't.
(Attest) W.m. P. Vail, Sec'y.
Stroudsburg, May 15, 1810.
The co-partnership heretofore existing between
the subscribers at Bushkill, under the firm of Wal
lace & Newman, is this day dissolved by mutual
consent. Tiie books, notes and accounts are left
in the hands of Thomas Newman. Also all
those having demands against said firm will pre
sent them to Thomas J. Newman for settlement.
Bushkill, June 16, 1810.
N B. The business will be carried on as usual
at the old stand by T J. NEWMAN.
The Carding and Fulling business, will be car
ried on by the subscriber at the above named stand
and he would be pleased to receive the patronage
of his old customers and the publick generally.
The price of wool carding will be 4 cents cash or G
cei.ts trust per pound. Wool or cloth will be at
ken away and returned when fiinshed at J. D. &
C. ilalvin's store, Stroudsburg, on Saturday of
every week, where those indebted to the late firm,
can meet the subscriber and seUle their accounts.
John A. Dimmick.
Bushkill, June 1st.
r H 1551 Copartnership heietofore existing be
JL tween the subscribers under the name& firm
of Sanford and Dimmick, is this day by mutual
consent dissolved. All those having claims against
said firm, are, requested to call and receive their
pay ; and all those indebted to said firm can set
tle their accounts wiih either of the subscribers
until the first day of Septamber next.
Busb'kill June 1st 1R JO.
Notice til SSoafoaaaiB
npIIE Delaware and Hudson Canal Comnanvl
JL will pay the following freight for transpoilfcr
Coal from Honesdalc te Rondout, on their carrif
the ensuing season, viz :
Running Company s boats with an
agreement to purchase and paying
$10 each trip on said boat, and
making not less than 1G trips with
said boat during the season. $'1 40 per ton.
Running Company's boats with an '
agreement to purchase and paying
SlO, each trip on said boat and ma- - , '
king .a trip in ten days or less, 61 40 do.
Running Company's boats with' an '
agreement to purchase and paying " "
10 each trip on said boat, and ma
king a trip in 11 days, -il 35 do.
Running Company's boats with. nn. - 4 ...
agreement to purchase and paying .
$10each tripon said boat, and over-.
11 days making a tript $1 30 do.
Individuals running their own boats in. the. coal.
business will be paid tho same freight as company
, Application for. boats can bo made to the Collec
tors and Superintendents on the line of onnal.
It. F, LOllfts Eng&mr.
Oftef JOel. 4IM- C&. Co. ? ' "
For sale at this csfiice.
Public Opinion from whose decision there is no
appeal, has been so olteu and so loudly manifested
JSIVERSAL PILLS, that it is not surpnsmgthere
should be found in almost, every city, town, and
village in the United States, persons so depraved
at heart, and so utterly devoid Of the principal o f
moral rectitude, as to manufacture a spurious arti
cle, and palm it off.on the unsuspecting public as
the erenuine medicine, from tho result of which so
many happy results have been accrued to humani
ty. It is painful to think that an inestimable good
should be product of direct and immediate evil
but so it is. .
The very excellence of BrandrctVs Vegetable
Univesal Pills, has in some respects,, opened a spe
sies of high-way through which cupidity and ava
rice carry on their depredations without check &
notwithstanding the frequency of exposure alrea
dy made notwithstanding the indelible disgrace
which has been neaped upon connterfeitdruggists--notwithstanding
the large amount of human su tier
ing which has been the consequence of this impo
sition and fraud, druggists continue to carry on
this revolting traffic ; and counterfeits are as nu
merous and as varied in the market as if no de
nunciation had ever been made, and public indig
nation never been expressed.
Since, however, this destructive evil still exists,
and neither the fear of God, nor ofarthly punish
ment, can entirely put it down, it becomes my im
perative duty again and again to caujion the public
against purchasing pills of a druggist, professing
to be Brandrelh's Pills for as under no circum
stances is any of this class made an Agent, it fol
lows of course that the Pills sold at such places
professing to be Brandreths Pills are universally
base counterfeits, highly injurious to the health of
the People. . . , .
K? Established Agents for the Genuine JBran
dretli's Vegetable Universal Pills, are Invariablv
furnished with an engravad certificate,, signed, JS.
-BBAltfSIilETfS, M. E. in .my own hand
writing. This certificate is renewed every ye.ar
and whea over twelve months old, it no longer
guarantees the genuineness of the medicine. It
would be well, .therefore for purchasers carefully
to examine the certificate, the seal of which is neat
ly embossed on the paper, in order at least that the
safeguard of imposition may not at least be suscep
tible of imitation.
, , . B. BRANDRETII. M. I).
KT Philadelphia Office for the sale of the above
Valuable Pills is at No. ,8 North-eighth Street a
few doors north of Market street..
At Milford uohn H. Broduead. ,
Stroudsburgh, Richard S. Staples.
" Dutottsburg, Luke Brodhead.
" New Marketvile Tuoxell & Schocii.
May 8, 1840.
34,000 SU22CK.ESSiS.
The Courier is on as firm and independent a ba
sis as any paper issued, at home or abroad, and
its ample means will be always employed to make
it equal, as a FAMILY PAPER, to any journal
.. The unparalleled patronage, from every section
'of the country, is the best evidence of its approval.
It has the largest subscription IN TIIE WORLD!
Its list embraces over 34,OGD subscribers, extend
ing from the Lakes to (he Ocean, and combining'all
interests and classes of the republic. It is the lar
3est and cheapest journal ever issued!! Each
number of the Courier contains as much matter
as would fill a 12mo. volume, the cost of which
alone would be price of the paper for a whole year.
The general character 'of the Courier is well
known. Its columns contain a great variety of
Tales, ffarrativc, BiograpSsies, Es
says, &C4
Together with articles on
Science, Fne Arts, Mechanics, Mechanics, Agriculture, Man
ufactures, Foreign news, New Publications, Morality, Modi-
catcd Men, List of Insolvent Ranks, Letters from Europe, The
Classics. Health, Commerce, Literature, Domestic intelligence,
Education, Amusements, r acetia, Humorous J'ocncal Articles.
The Drama, City Matters, Amusing Miiceliany, The Markets,
The Musical World, Conectl'nccs current Discount ana hx
change, History, Philosoplry.
Arid all other matters discussed in a Universal
Family Journal furnishing together a vast, and.
we believe, as interesting a variety as can be found
in any other Journal issued in the W orld I :
Farmers, Tradesisieaa, ftfercHaaatts,
Teachers, Mechanics, Artisans, Men
of ILeisnre, Simleasts, And every class
oi our Country.
The COURIER may always be DEPENDED
UPON, as nothing important is permitted to es
cape a notice in its columns.
Our arrangements enable us to draw from the
whole range of the current Literature of Europe,
and our Correspondents at home embrace many
of the best Writers of this country.
This approved Family paper is strictly Neutral
in Politics and licltgwn, and the uncompromising
opponent of all Quackery.
Popular Music.
In tho Courier is inserted the music of the most
popular Airs, Ballads and Songs, as soOn as thoy
are imported . so ttiat country readers may have the
most popular music for the voice, the piano, the
guitar, or other instruments, as soon as published,
which if paid for separately would cost more than
the priccpf subscription. This perfected arrange
ment is to be found in no other journal of tho kind.
The price of ihe COURIER is only 3.
When individuals wish to subscribe to the Cou
rier, a sure wav is to enclose the monev in a let
ter and direct it to us. Their Postmasters will
nrobahlv nolitelv remit, for wo wish them in all
cases, if it meet their pleasure, to act as our agents.
ear Tcrmg
Clubs of ton will be furnished with ten-papcrs
for ono year, (provided the money be sent us'free-4
ot postage and discount,) tor bio-
Ton Dollars will procuro the sixth copy gratis.
$5 at one time will be received for 3 years.
Our friends, the Postmasters, will please oblige
by remitting arrearages and new subscriptions.
Juno 5. 1840.
Pj-int&cl at -this oilicawithfnQatrics.s.
nnil cfefcpritr4i v .
of Tifft
si&rseKSri n llepuhlicaiii
5f i
l vac Weekly Paper, to be published at Strands-
hum, Monroe CouaLii, . lu.. and Mil ord,
Pike Connl.u. I'a., siumltanvousht.
,'The whole art ofUovernmont consists in the -ant
olboii!; -hoi)jjt. dc'Jimvn. -
. . r . j i ' " i
in hrinciple. will'heall ity it!u r.urports.(lhc Hnn
and tin wavering ad;i:ate .of the (priuoi pies and
doctrines ol the democratic party, olnWatdd by
the illustrious Jkficrsok the' right ol the peo
ple to think, to speak, and to net, independent
ly, on all subjects, holding themsi Ives ivspou
sihle to no power for the frro exercise of this
right, but their God, their Country, and lnr
Laws, which they themselves have created.
A free and untraiumelod Press, conducted. in a
spirit worthy of our institutions, is a public bles
sing, a.safeguard to the Constitution under which
we live, and it, should be cherished and support
ed by every true republican. Such, then, it i
designed .to . make the paper now estab
lished, and as such, the publisher cil up
tho enlightened citizens of Monroe amtrlMo
aid him in this laudable enterprise. TlrfH
has arrived when the; Jress.shouid take a Wr?attr
and faarl.ess stand against the evidently increas
ing moral and political degeneracy of tho day,
and, endeavor, by a fair, candid, and honorable
course to remove those barriers, whioh section
al prejudices, party spirit, and party animosity
have reared to mar the social relations of mea
without accomplishing any paraniom-.i good.
will not seek to lead or follow any faction, or to
advocate and support the .schemes- of any par
ticular set of men. It will speak independent
ly on all State and National questions, award
ing to each that support which its merits may
demand, never hesitating, however, to condom n
such measures, as in the opinion of the editor is .
justly warranted, holding as a first principle :
" The greatest good to Ihe greatest nurnlnfi:"
Believing that, the great principles of demoe
racy are disregarded by the present Chief Ma
gistrate of the Nation, Martin Vax Bvrkn,
decidedly, but honorably oppose his re-election
to the high and responsible station v. hich he
now holds.
It will firmly oppose the " Independent. Trea
sury" Scheme, and all other schemes having
for their object tbe concentration. in tho hftuS.-t
of one mau, and that man the President of tho
Nation, all power over the public moneys, n
power, which, when combined with that vr--ed
in him by the Constitution as Commaiuier-in-Chief
of the American forces, Military ami
Naval, together with an enormous oflictal pa
tronage, would render him more powerful tliini
the Executive of the British Nation, "att.l in
short make our Government, de facto an "Elec
tive Monarchy. ' t
It will ever maintain that the welfare. rtir
Country and the preservation of her liept;blic:s.
Institutions should be the first and only senti
ments of our hearts in the choice of onrpnJ.it.;
servants ; ihat honesty, fidelity, and capabili: ,
are the only true tests of merit that all men
are created equalj and, therefore, should alike
enjoy the privileges conferred on them by tho
Constitution without being subject to proscrip
tion, or coerced bv the influence of party.
The columns" of the JEFFERSONIAN
REPUBLICAN will ever be open to the free
discussion of all political questions, believing
as we do, that there is no liberty where both
sides may not be heard, and where one portion
of freemen are denied the privilege of declar
ing their sentiments through the medium of the
Press, because they difler from the majoritv.
will ever take a lively interest in the affairs of
Monroe and Pike, and of the Senatorial and
Congressional Districts with which they are
The Farmer, the Merchant, the Mechanic,
and the Laborer, will each find a friend in tho
LICAN. Due care will be taken to furnish its
readers with the latest Foreign and Domestic
News, and such Miscellaneous reading as will
be both interesting and instructive. In short it
is designed to make the paper worthy of an ex
tensive patronage, both from the strictly moral
tone which it will ever possess, and tho efforts
of the editor to make it a good and useful
Family Newspaper.
will be printed on a super-royal sheet of good
quality, and with good type.
Terms $2 in advance ; $2,25 at the end of
six months, and $2,50 if not paid, before the ex
piration of the year. No subscription taken for
a less term than six months.
The Book of Subscription to the Stock of ti e
Uddci- Lohiiih Navigation Company, w.llbbe te-
oponed ot Stoddartsftlle, on Wednesdny, the l"th
day of July ensuing, when subscriptions vi: V
received for tbe balance of stockwhip u;: . s
ujet open. At tne same time ann pmrc u e i . -fnolde
rsnvilh oloct a board ot DJtcctirs
c Charles Trump,
-v . John S, Comfort,
Henry W. Drinker,
: ' William P. eiarky
Junelfr, 1840. Commissioners;
N,B. Proposals will bo received atStoddnrts-
ville,on Thursday the 1 flirt day of July ensuing,
for doing the work ei' her wholly er in jobs, requk
red by building n lock and inclined plane withthe
Stoddartsvillo. . It is expected thaftthe
necessary grading, frsturps anu ntadpinery toi
passing raft's descending thVtehigh over, the Falls
at Stoddartsvillo. . It'is expected that&the work
will be coifirnencqd as soon'asi: practicable and b
am(&untWilvIth11ie most of I'lregn.
luarcnutD) low
completed with dcsflatclu C v
- ' - s:
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