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Richard Nugent, Editor
The whole art ok Govehxment consists in the aut of being honest. Jefferson.
and Publisher
No 27.
icir -r,.-n ?nlinrs npr annum in luli-anre Two dollars
, ,ik oiiarter. half ycarlv, and if nol paid before the end of
i rear, Two dollars and a half. Those who receive ttieir pa
rs bv a earner or siagc unvers umu)cu u, mc ihujjuciui
;i ho. sharped 37 1-2 cts. Der year, extra.
,. papers discontinued until all arrearages are paid, except
, v option 01 me tauor.
r Advertisements not exceeding one square (sixteen lines)
: be inserted three weeks for one dollar : twenty-five cents
..vrv siibswiuent insertion : lamer ones in proportion. A
.i il discount will be made to yearly advertisers.
rAll letters addressed to the Editor must be post paid.
.rim? a imneral assortment of larsre elegant plain and orna
mental Type, we are prepared to execute every des
cription of
.Tnrcls. Circulars, Bill Heads, Notes,
Blank Receipts,
Printed with neatness and despatch, on reasonable terms.
The Tmstees of this Institution, have the
isure of announcing to the public, and par-
darly to the friends of education, that they
. engaged Ira B. Newmax, as Superinten-
it and Principal ot their Academy.
t'he Trustees invite the attention of parents
. I guardians, wbo have children to send from
ne, to this Institution. They are fitting up
building in the first style, and its location
m its retired nature is peculiarly favorable
. a boarding school. It commands a beauti-
:lul view ot the Delaware nver, near which it
! .1 T .1 1 1
in - siiuaieu, ana me surrounamg scenery sucn
i s the lover of nature will admire it is easily
cessible the Easton and Mi I ford Stages pass
dailv, and only 8 miles distant from the latter
j ace, ana a more saiuorious section oi coun-
y can nowhere be found. No fears need be
itertained that pupils will contract pernicious
111 tbits, or be seduced into vicious company it
fi removed from all places of resort and those
Si iiucemenis to neglect tncir stuuies tuai are
h irnished in large towns and villages.
Board can be obtained very low and near the
cadcmy. Mr. Daniel W. Dingman, jr. will
-. tke several boarders, his house is vervonve-
i ledmte care
1 T T V 1
!:ott,fienorimeni ana gnaruiansnip over ins pu-
ds, afford the best security for their proper
t r.nduct, that the Trustees can give or parents
and guardians demand.
The course of instruction will be thorough
ilapted to the age of the pupil and the time
l.e designs to spend in literary pursuits. Young
ion may qualify themselves for entering upon
l ie study of the learned professions or for art
tvanced stand at College for mercantile pur
tits, for teaching or the business of common
u. useful will be preferred to ornamental stud
's, nevertheless so much of the latter attended
as the advanced stages of the pupil's educa
m will admit. The male and female depart
; nt will be under the immediate superintend-
rice of the Principal, aided by a competent
tale or female Assistant. Lessons in music
In til be given to voune- ladies on the Piano
; a j O - -
:i orte at the boarding house of the principal, by
i experienced and accomplished Instructress.
Summer Session commences May 4th.
U ard for Young Gentleman or Ladies with
the Principal, per week, $1 50
lipils from 10 to 15 years of age from $1 to
SI 25
'iition for the Classics, Belles-Lettres, French
&c, per quarter, 2 00
I.xtra for music, per quarter, 5 00
N7. B. A particular course of study will be
vi irked out for those who wish to qualify them
- Ives for Common School Teachers with ref-
rence to that object ; application made lor
achers to the trustees or principal will meet
. mnediate attention,
Lectures on the various subjects of study wil
h '. delivered by able speakers, through the
course of year.
By ordorofthe Board,
Dingman's Ferry, Pike co., Pa., May 2 1840
From the Louisville Journal.
The spoilsmen came down like the wolf bri the fold,
And their train-bands were rev'ling on ill-gotten
And Benton's hoarse howl on the gale did resound
Like the deep deadly yell of ihe blood scenting
Like leaves of the forest wherisumriieris green.
In the year 'tliirty -nine' their bought banners were
Like leaves of the forest when autumn hath blown,
In March " forty-one" they lay withered and
strown. t
For freedom's proud bird spread his wings on the
Aud the breath of his wrath laid them low as he
And the eyes of the Yanites grew deadlv and
And Sub-Treasurers legs forever grew still,
And there lay sad Amos distorted and pale,
With a curse on his lip and a gripe on the mail,
And there lay Calhoun with his nostrils all wide,
And the " galvanized corps" lay stark by his side.
rVnd there lay poor " Pickin" arid Duncan hard by
With the Globe in his hand and a drop in his eye
And the kitchen was silent; Ihe cabinet flown,
The cravat of the humbugger hung there alone.
And the wail of the Scullions is loud in thtiir wo,
The " footstep" is vanished, the " follower" laid
And the popular might hatli the spoiler expunged,
The might of tho freemen hath freemen avenned.
w 7
Taking the Census.
" Do Vou live here sir" said a gentleman of
easy address-, and of some official importance-,
who carried a blank book in one hand and held
a silver pencil in the other " do you lire here
sir 1" said he addressirig the male" occupant as
he uuceremoniously poked his head into an Ir
ishman's shanty in the suburbs of the bity, yes
terday. " Do I what said the Emeralder somewhat
students wiUJu?re-heej - - Botiu live here sir?-sW the gentleman,
.re of the Principal, Affiose reputa- m i - t . , lnck i v
you see a wooden pavin stone, you spyin spal
peen, said Jrat, apparently much enraged
" where else would I live ? Isn't this me owri
house, and isn't me house me castle ? What
right have you to trispass on my primisis, and
step in without saying 'be yer lave, or ' God
save all here,' jist as if ye were an estated gin-
-- A -L- .... X-
"My deaf sir" said the visiter. '1 did not
riome here with the view of unnecessarily in-
truding on you, I am employed to take the cen
sua, aim uauic ij lane vuuia auu juui lamuj o.
'To take mesinsis! give me a charm 1
suppdse put your comliether on me ! Oh ! pur
summin to vou, vou decavm rascal ! do you
want to make an omddhawn or art idiot of me ?
Clear out of me concams, or I'll be after giving
you apohhogue, that'll take your sirisis," and he
made a scientific
Donnybrook fair-style, who requested him riot
to nut his threat into execution but permit him
- - j-
to exnlain.
He told Patrick that ho was employed by the
neonle to ascertain the number of people who
I' j
reside in the citv. and that he merely called
.- "
in pursuance of his vocation, to learn how ma
ny his family numbered.
'And is that all you want V assuming i
less bellegirent tone.
" No more" said the gentleman with the book
'And why the divil didn't you say so at first?'
said Pat and I'd tell it while a cat 'ud be atin' a
ha'porth o' butther. Stay, let me see and he
(becan to scratch his head to assist his mem-
ory : ) there's meself and Nelly that's one."
'You and Nelly are two said the gentleman
making his memorandum at the same time.
Well there's more of yer assurance said Pat
Do you know belher lhan the priest! Didn't he
tell us the night that we wor married that we
wor one 1
Well, I II not argue the question with you
said the gentleman 'proceed.
Well thin said Pat, theres the four gossins
that's livin, and Brian and Teddy thats dead ;
theres Nancy that's at home with her grand
mother in Ireland : and the two colleens that's
wid ua : there s pig ana tne ouia mare ana
All persons indebted to the late firm of Stokes 6j
Jtroivn, are requested to make payment on or be,-
i re the first day of July next, or their accounts
M ill be left in the hands of a Justice lor collection
Mav 29, 1840.
riPlIE Subscriber, in addition to his Fall sup
1 ply has just received a full and complete as
:tmentof GOODS admirably adapted to the sea
"n, consisting of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery.
Hard and Hollow Ware,
TEEL, NAILS, and NAIL RODS, in fact a
omplcte assortment of all kinds of goods usually
cpt in a country store, all of which he is dispose
' " sell at moderate prices.
B. Grain and Country produce, White and
ellow pine boards will be taken in exchange ; al
i oak joist, &c. &c.
troudsburg, Jan. I5th1840. '
'That will do sir' said the census taker stop
ping him at the same time who had taken a note
of the actual number of Pat's family, 'Good
bye sir.'
'O safe journey to you me darlin! said rat.
' Nothing said the stranger and he vanished.
N. O. Picayune.
1 What would you take,' said a cliap
lately to a waggish friend, 'to read the
speeches which have been delivered
in Congress during the last winter?'
'What would I take? rep led the wag.
1 Yes:
1 I'd take about two years.'
Prepared for the JelTersonian Republican.
The County was formed in March 1752,
and the first election held in October but one
member allowed to represent it.
James Burnsides.
1753 William Parsons.
'54 James Burnsides.
'55 William Edmonds.
'56 Wm. Allen, of Philadelphia; arid when he
declined, Wm. Plumsted,als'o of Phila.
'57 William Plumsted.
!58 Lbdbwick Beetihg.
'5d do. do. v ,
v'60 . , do. db& .
'61 John Mobre. '
'62 do. db; ; - .'-.
'63 John Tool.
'64 George Taylor:
'65 do. do.
'66 do. do. ,
'67 do. do.
'68 do; dd. .
'69 do. do.
'70 William Edmond
'71 do. do.
'72 do. do.
'73 do. do.
'74 do. do.
.l "
ri it':
'75 Two members were granted to the Co.
f George Taylor, And during the ses
J Peter feichline, ! sion a bill was passed
j James Allen, for two others, being
L Jbhri Arndt, J four in alll.
'76 By thb Hew Constitution, six members
were apportioned to llie Co:
John Weitzell;
Jacob Atndt,
Peter Burkhalter,
Simon Driesbach,
John Ralston,
John Van Campen.
'77Peter Rhoads, .
William McFarren,
Peter Burkhaltef;
Simon Driesbach,
John Ralston,
John Van Campeii.
'78 Peter Rhoads,
AVilliam McFarren,
Christopher Waggon erj
Simon Driesbachj
Joliri Ralstdn,
Johii Van Campen.
'79 The number of members redUcM:td five
Peter Rhoads,
John Ralston;
Christopher Waggoner;
John Van Campen,
Simon Driesbach.
1780 Pbter Rhdads,
William McFarren,
Christopher Waggoner,'
Robert Lattimore,
Peter Kohler.
'81. Jonas Hartzell;
William McFarren1,
Peter Kohler,
Robert Lattimore,
Jacob Stroud,
'82 Jdnas Hartzell,
Jacob Arndt,
Peter Kohler,
Robert Lattimore,
Jacob Stroud.
'83 Jacob Arndtj
Jacob Stroud,
Jdnas Hartzell,
Robert Brown,
Frederick Limbach.-
'84 John Ralston,
Jonas Hartzell,
Robert Brown,
Thomas Mawhoftcr,
Peter Burkhalter,
'85 Robert Traill,
Peter Trexlcr,
Robert Brown,
Peter Burkhalter,
Thomas MawhorteV,
'86 The number of members reduced to four.
Peter Trexler,
Thomas Mawhorter,
Robert Brown,
Peter Buikhalter.
'87 Peter Trexler,
Thomas Mawhorter,
Peter Ealer,
Peter Burkhalter,
'88 Peter Trexler,
Peter Ealer,
Stephen Balliet
Conrad Earick.
'89 Peter Ealer,
Stephen Balliet,
Conrad Ihrie,
Anthony Lerch.
'90 Jacob Eyerie,
Anthony Lerch,
Thomas Mawhorter,
John Mulhollan.
'91 Jacob Eyerie,
Thomas Mawhorter,
Thomas Hartman,
Peter Burkhalter.
'92 Same as last year.
'93 George GralT,
'i fas?--,
. Otitis r
f "'is
: '
-V, , , s,
t'rr -fit
Abraham Babhm'aii,
Jonas Hartzell, ,
Simon Dreisbach.
'94 Stephen Balliet,
Abraham BachmanJ
George Graft",
Joseph Martin. ,
'95 Same as last year.
'96 Stephen Balliet, , :
Thomas Mawhorter:
Abraham Bachmarij
c John C(bolbaugii. r.
'97 Jacob Eyefle, ,.
Thomas Mawhorter,
Abraham Horn,
Johii StarBird.
'98 Thomas Mawhorter
Abralkm korn, . ' ,
Jonn uoolbaugii,
Jonas Hartzell.
'99 John Coolbaugh;
Jonas Hartzell,
William Barhetl
James Wilson.
1800 Same as last year.
'01l William Bainet,
"James -Wilson;
y Jacob N'eyhart, ,
f , Richard BrodheaU.
'02 John Ross,'.
William Lattimore,"
Richard Brbdhead,
Jacob Neyhaft.
'03 William Littimore,
3ohh Rossi , j
John Coolbaugh,
George Acker.
'04 William Lattimore;
William Barhet,
George Ackerj
. . Matthias dress.
'05 George Acker,
Matthias Gress,
William Barnet,
,. , Abrahaiii Rinker.
'06 Same as last year:
'07 William Barnei
George Savitz;
George Acker,
Abraham Rinker.
- r ' .
'OS Ntiitibei' of members increased IB "five;
James Ralston,
Jacob Weygah'dt,
John Weiss
Jacob Neyhart, '
Daniel W. Dingman.
'09 Same as last year:
!10 do dol.
i 1 Henry AVihters
ifaebb Neyhart,
John Weiss,
Daniel W. Dinginah,
Jacob Weygandt.
'12 Daniel W. Dirtgmahi
Abraham Horn,
Henry Winters,
Philip Sellersi
Jacob Stein.
'1 3 Daniel W. Dingmarij
James Hays,
Henry Winters -Phillip
Abraham Rinker.
'14 George Wolf,
James Hollinshcadj
Abraham Rinker,
Philip Wind,
Peter Hilliard.
'15 Lehigh county separated from the district
and the number of members reduced to 3
.tames Ralston,
Peter Hilliard,
John Brodhead.
'10 David Rosh,
Peter Hilliard,
John Brodhead,
'17 Isaac Dimmick,
David Rosh,
Joseph Bowman,
'18 Isaac Dimmick,
James Hays,
Joseph Bowman.
;19 Daniel Dimmick,
James Hays,
Henry Jarrett.
'20 Daniel Dimmick,
James Kennedy,
Henry Fenner, ,
'21 Same as last year.
'22 James Kennedy,
N. B. Eldrcd,
C. J. II utter.
'23 N. B. Eldred,
C. J. Hutter,
' William G. Scott,
'24 C. J. Hutter,
William G. Scott,
William Overfield;
'25 Same as last year.
'26 N. B. Eldred,
Peter Ihrie. jr.
James Kennedy.
'27 N. B. Eldred,
Peter Ihrie, jr.
M. R. Butzi
'28 William Overfield,
M.,R. Butz, t
, Abraham Ilortv , . - . ,is
'29 Number of members increased "to lour
pavd D. Wagener,
George Kelchner.
M. R. Jiutz, .
Wijliam Ovcrfiuld.
'30 Samuel Stolces,
M,.R. Butz,
jpavid t. Wagener,
- Thomas Fuller.
'31 Samuel Stokes,
Thomas Fuller, .
beprge Kelchner,
.. PhUip Lynn., . .
'32 John Westbrook,
Philip Lynn,
M. R. Butz, . r
George Kelchner.
'33 Adam Daniel,
John Westbrook,
Jedaiah Irish,
, C'.,E. Weygandt.
'34 Jedaiah Irish
N.A. Woodward,
Philip, Lynn.
'3d John Huston; . v A .:
Jsaac Stout, ,.-- , "... '
C. E. Weygandt,
N. A. Woodward. . .......
'36 Pike and Wayne separated from life district
arid the number of members rcducedfto tlirFe.
Abraham Shortz,
Joseph Hirst, 1 -r
. William L. Sebring.
'37 Same as last year.
'38 R. E.. James, . - . -
Richard Brodhead, jr
M. W. Coolbaugh.
'39 John Flick,
M. W. Coolbaugh, . r. ;
Richard Brodhead, jr. '
, It thus appears that those who have'servedFtherr
Ion nest terms are -
Thomas Mawhorter, for 10 years. --
? r-' '
Jonas Hartzell,
Peter Burkhalter,
George Taylor j
William Barnet,
D. W. Dingman,
William Edmonds,
John Coolbaugh,
George Ackerj
'.it fia 'y - '
i '
v ' ; r
Am Incident.
New CUjIBErlaxd, (Pa.) June,ff.
A laughable incident occurred in
this county some time since, the cir
cumstances of which we give just as
we got them from one who professed
to be acquainted with the transac
tion. An old gentleman farmer who
had two or three very pretty daugh
ters, was so very cautions of his
charge that he would not permit
them to Iteep company with the
young men ; however, they adopted
the following expedient to enjoy the
company of their lovers, without the
knowledge of their father. After
the old man had retired to rest, the
girls would hang a sheet out of the
window, which was quite a distance
from the ground, and the beau would
seize hold of the sheet, and with the
assistance of his lady-love, who tug
ged lustily at the sheet above, would
thus gain an entance ; but it so hap
pened that one evening the girls hung
out the sheet rather too early for
the old gentleman, by some ill-wind
was blown around the corner, and
spying the sheet could not conjecture
the meaning of its being there so
he took hold and endeavored to pull
it down; the girls above, supposing
it to be one of their beaux, began to
hoist, and did not discover their mis
take until the head of the old man
was level with the window sill, when
one of them exclaimed "Oh! Lord!
it's Dad! and, letting go their
hold of the sheet, souse came the
old man on the hard ground and
stories below, dislocating one of his
shoulders, which convinced him that
his efforts to make old maids, out of
his daughters was a matter not so
easily accomplished, and withdraw
ing all further opposition to their
keeping company, he was soon a
father-in-law Freeman's Advocate,
History is the epitaph of nations,
serving not alone to honor the mem
ry of the dead, butnting, if right
ly read, a pregnantorflltthe liv
is- ?
... ift

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