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low-citizens the' chase is up; the old fox is in
my possession, and I hope that you will be sat-
isfied that the Major and I will take good care
of him, and give a good account of him. He is
not in condition just now to be held up by the
tail he has had a hard run and is considerably
ailed; but he'll do no more harm, let all go home
Sii JSror1peil ta"
come, and if you are, its your own fault, not
mine." And with that all join'd in three hear-
ty cheers for "Tippecanoe and Tyler too" and
thus ended one of the greatest fox chases ever
heard tell'd on afore, and I have only told a very
small part on't.
Yours, fellow-citizens,
j. DOWNING, Major, &c. &c.
A now version, impromtu, of Cock Robin, sent
to the New York American.
Who killed small Matty 1
We, says Tippecanoe,
I and Tyler too
We killed small Matty.
Who saw him die ? 0 !
I, says Ohio,
With my big Buckeye ! O,
I saw him die.
Who made the shroud !
I, says Delaware ;
I made it with great care
I made the shroud.
Who dug his grave 1
I, says sturdy Maine,
And would do it, too, again
I dug his grave.
Who tolled the bell ?
I, says Jersey Blue,
And pretty loudly, too,
1 tolled the bell.
Who'll carry the link !
I, says Rhode Island,
With my strong two thousand,
I'll cany the link.
Who'll bear him to the grave !
1, says big New York,
He's light as a cork
I'll bear him to the gtave.
Who'll bear the pall !
Missouri and Illinois
Must try to find two more
To help bear his pall.
Who'll be chief mourner !
Says the State of Isaac Hill,
I claim that honor still
I'll be chief mourner.
Who'll be the parson
I, says Kentucky,
And I think my text lucky
Mene, tehel oupharsin 1
A tailor, at Brussels, has taken out a patent
of invention for ten years, for a new make of
pantaloons, by which buttons, and of course but
tonholes, are entirely dispensed with. 1 hose
pantaloons without buttons, it is said, are as
easily adjusted, and kept up, as those ot the or
dinary make.
The most ingenious invention of weaving
glass with silk is proceeding with great success.
The patterns wove are beautiful in the extreme,
and have induced many of the nobility to select
them for curtains and otherornamentalfurniture.
Manners make the Man. A stranger in
lonaon, having recently lost his way, some-
...i .1 i - e o T:i
wucre in me unnnown regions m oeveu jviuis,
saia to an awKward looking, lellOW, "1 want to
go 10 jjover sireei. "ven repneu iuo
t .... iinr.im l- J ri I
low, warning cooiiy away, -wny me a laont
,1- .t TIT,. I
you go mere:
. I 1U I
Betting. The extent of the gambling spir
it that prevails in some of our large cities, may
be inferred from the fact, that about $500,000
have been lost and won in Philadelphia and
New York, on the result of the Election in Penn-
sylvania. An amount probably as large has
been lost and won on the result in New l ork.
Thursday afternoon, as a gang of prisoners on
in blasting rocks, a blast accidently exploded, by
wmcn one ui tue pnsonera was Kmea insianuy,
ana one oi me Keepers namea urawiora was so
dreadfully injured that he survived only to yesterday
mnrnmrr Atininftr OI Lnfi KfiP.nprs nnrt t imp nthor I
" r-
prisoners were so badly hurt that their lives were
despaired of.
The Irish electors, as well as the
great body of adopted citizens, the
Germans in particular, are Unpur-
chaseable and incorruptible.- libany
We are fflad to hear it. But inas-
much as the Argus and its fellow-la-
borers insist upon ltthat the late Whig
victories have been achieved by mon
ey by corrupt purchases of votes
we should like to be informed who
are the purchasable and corruptible.
If the votes of foreigners are beyond
all price, it follows that the Argus be
lieves that it is only the votes ot native
American citizens that are in the mar
ket. Pray explain. N. Y. Spectator.
The Extra Globe is dead! and Kendall has
pocketed his dollar. The last number is graced
by the 'last card' of the party. Kendall has is
sued proposals to publish a semi-weekly paper
to be called 'Kendall's Expositor.' The crea
ture foresees the re?ut pf (he elections and aban
dons the sinking shjp.
rrrvrpe ftn.TT ttjt?v "Rctom? Wo
.r , m ,
observe that many of our contempora-
nes are caning upon reter JJ. Vroom
and his associates to resign their seats
fa the House of Representatives. We
no. Let them, rather, berequired
togoto Washington, and feeling them-
selves the deserving objects of con-
tempt, draff out their three months
' , ool-nnwleWd cti.
Service, the acknowledged mstl U-
ments which the President has used
in his attack upon their own state.
We woud impoSe this punishment
upon them; and it they have any sen-
isibilities, they will be ready, at the
expiration or the term, to promise that
they will never attempt again to de
grade the broad seal of their own
New Jersey. N. J. State Gazette-.
On the evening of the 5th inst., at Mechanics-
ville, by the Rev. Mr. Pohlman, Isaiah P.
Large, formerly of Stroudsburg, to Sarah,
daughter of the late John Kaiz, Esq., of Phila
delphia. nmjmmiigLLL'i.mm.njw
A meeting of the Monroe County Bible So
ciety, will be held on Tuesday evening of court
week, at the Court-house in this borough. An
address will be delivered by the Hon. William
Jessup. The public are invited to attend.
WM. P. VAIL, Sec.
Stroudsburg, Nov. 20, 1840.
Notice is hereby given to all persons indebt
ed to the Estate of John Z. Flagler, late of
Stroud township, Monroe county, dee'd to make
payment, and all those having claims against
said Estate, to present them for settlement to
Stroud tsp., Nov. 20, 1840. 6t.
For Monroe County Courts. Dec. Term. 1840
1 Brolzman vs. Bunnel and Westbrook, No 1 1 ,
Dec. t. 1837.
2 Price vs. Nyce, appeal, No. 47, April t.
.3 Colt vs. Bond, No 12, April t. 1839.
4 Postens vs. Poatens, No 12, Sept. t. 1839.
5 J. Postens vs. W. & C. Poatens, No. 23,
April t. 1839.
6 Strohl vs. Correll, No. 14, Sept. t. 1839.
7 Brown vs. Huffman, appeal, No. 1, Sept. t.
8 Laforge vs. Jayne, No. 7, Sept. t. 1839
9 Cower and wife vs. Fenner, No. 20, Sept.
t. 1839.
10 Bickiey vs. Hoffman, Ace, and othors, No.
19, Sept. t. 1837
11 -Winch vs. Brown, No. 10, Dec. t. 1839.
12 Newman vs. Trustees of Stroudsburg Acad
emv, No 14, Dec. t. 18o9.
13 Rees vs. Perry, appeal, No 28, Sept. t
DArL-Pr v Harm. Nn fi Dnc t iqq
15 Rnimrnd ra. Susanna Smith. nnnal. No 1&.
it '
Dec t 1839
16 Rilhnrnd vs. Rilharnd. annual. No 20. Den.
, i oqn
17 HumDhrev & Co. vs. Elev, appeal. No.
la Feb. t. 1840,
18 Lander vs. Countryman, Beloof, and others,
No 12, May t. 1840
19 Heaney assignee of Siglin, vs. Shaffer, No
A Mntt r 1 RACi
2Q p,,ace; Dewitt appGal No u May L
1R1n ir J
, gtokes. mardian of Lewis Vail, minorchild
r nu-ifn v-a aa . cu... if.
Iui iiidiica Tan, ucb u. juiiu tjiiavv, mu
19, May t. 1840.
22 Courtright and wife vs. Davis and White-
head, No 13, May t. 1840.
23 Biddle vs. Snyder, No 23, Sept. t. 1840.
24 Jas. Palmer vs. Edward Walton, et. al
7nr sjnroro a psnm WTTT
vy vsci Jm tiii di wo quo u cjuij oaujo
rTTIHE Subscriber not willing to be behind the
JL times, has just received at his Store in the
iiorough of btroudsburg, a large and very superior
assortment ot
Black, Blue, Brown, Olive, and other choice col-
Single and double milled Cassimers, Merino Cas-
fjme.rs summer uio ns, siik oaun ana Marseilles
fa, ,
r '
d' Lain3 of various patterns, some of which are as
Jow as 30 cts. per yard. A very elegant assort
ment of Chintzes, Lawns, Dress Handkerchiefs,
Silk and Cotton Gloves, Parasols, &c. &c.
The above goods are fresh from Philadelphia, !
j and were selected to suit the taste and please the
lancy of those who may wish to buy at cheap pri
ces, goods of a superior quality.
The subscriber invites his customers and the
public generally, to call and examine for them
selves, when he will be happy to accommodate
them at low prices for cash, or for country pio
Stroudsburg, Nov. 20, 1840.
Stoves for sale by
Stroudsburg, Oct. 2, 1840.
Whereas, the Honorable William Jessup,
Pennsylvania, composed of the counties of Lu-
.w.wii. uuuvo Ul UXV JUUlWdl U1SUIUIU1
-----, ..-,.,, ouu uuiW, ,i.Uuc,u
Brown and John T Bell, Esqs Associate
Judges of the courts of Common Pleas of the
uu" Ul llLToe anu oy vinue oi ineir omces,
V X , V " , y i ciuimei
ann lifinpra loil Tic i
eral Quarter Sessions in and for the said coun-
ty of Monroe, have issued their precept to me,
commanding that a Court of Quarter Sessions
and Common Pleas, and General Jail Delivery
anrl rwt r n r t'
frilw. a;i "oaoi""u.
for the said county of Monroe, to be holden at
btrouusburg, on Tuesday, the 1st day of De-
ueiuuor next, to continue one week.
s tnerelore hereby given to the Coroner, the
Justices oi Uie Peace, and Constables ol the Do men in robust health require medicine Cer
said county of Monroe, that they be then and tainly, for the very excess of health begets cer
there with their rolls, records, inquisitions, ex- tain diseases unless duly regulated. If the blood
animations and other remembrances, to do those
ijiiiita vvmca 10 ineir onices are nnnfiriainmcr
said county of Monroe, or against persons who
stand charged with the commission of offences,
to be then and there to prosecute or testify as
nhnll hn inc
Seriff's Office, Stroudsburg, )
November 13, 1840. J
God save the Commonwealth
Persons drawn to serve as Grand, Jurors for De
cember Icrm, 1840.
1 Jacob Dreher, Hamilton.
2 Henry Eylenberger, Smithfiold.
3 John Staples, Stroud.
4 George Bittenbender, Hamilton.
5 James Trach, do.
6 David Smith, Ross.
7 George Trible, Middle Smithfield.
8 Jacob Mixsell, Ross.
9 Joseph Keller, Hamilton.
10 Levi Frantz, Ross.
11 John L. Wells, Middle Smithfield.
12 John J. Price, Price.
13 Joseph Shock, Stroud.
14 Joseph Fenner, Hamilton.
15 John Jones, jr. do.
16 Depew Labar, Middle Smithfield:
17 William Brodhead, Smithfield.
18 Michael Shoemaker, Hamilton.
19 Abraham Transue, Price;
20 William Small, Ross.
21 Frederick Brotzman, Tobyhanna.
22 John D. Frailey, Pocono.
23 John Bender, Hamilton.
24 Washington Overfield, M. Smithfield.
Persons drawn to serve as Petit Jurors.
1 John Shoemaker, Hamilton:
2 Adam Gaiz, Ross.
3 George Artman, Hamilton.
4 John Labar, Pocono.
5 Henry Dietrich. Hamilton.
6 William Casebeer, Smithfield.
7 Emanuel Gunsaules, M. Smithfield.
8 Christian Mixsell, Hamilton.
9 Adam Custerd, do
10 Henry Miller, Stroud.
1 1 Samuel Cramer, do
12 Charles Frantz, Hamilton.-
13 Charles Featherman, do
14 Abraham Gish, Stroud.
15 Anthony Heller, do
16 Jonathan CofFman, Price.
17 Benjamin Cortright, Middle Smithfield.
1 8 Daniel Depew, Smithfield.
19 Abraham Arnold, Hamilton.
20 Abraham Fenner, sen. Smithfield
21 William Long, Price.
22 David Eckcrt, Stroud.
23 David Nigh, Smithfield.
24 Thomas J. Albright, Stroud.
25 Adam Andrew, do
26 Jacob Crupe. Middle Smithfield.
27 Jacob Shafer, Chesnuthill.
28 Barnet Walter, Middle Smithfield.
29 Christopher Barlip, Ross.
30 John Kresge, Chesnuthill.
31 George Brewer, Stroud.
32 John Merwine, Chesnuthill.
33 Peter Keller, Stroud.
34 Simon Gruber, Esq. Pocono.
35 Jacob Bush, Middle Smithfield.
36 John D. Eck, Coolbach.
Take notice that have applied to the Judges
said court have appointed Tuesday the 1st day of
Decembernext, at 9 o clock in the forenoon, for
hearing me and my creditors at the court house
in the borough of Stroudsburg, where my cred
itors may attend if they think proper.
Stioudsbtirg, Nov. 6, 1840. t. c.
Came to the premises of the subscriber on the
10th inst., 2 Steers, one a brindle, the other a red,
also one white and red spotted Heifer. The own-
eror owners thereof are requested to come forward,
prove oronertv. and take them awav, otherwise thev
will be sold according: to law.
"iii it i. .i " J
Stroud tsp. Oct. 10, 1810.
t O uarres f Mackerel, just receive
J-" and for sale, by
Stroudsburg, Aug. 14, 1840.
For sale at this office.
nn,i qI ii,t i i i t furred tongue, or onensive breath, are the mevita-
anu also tnat those who are bound by recoem- i, 6 c u r i i.i n
. . ble consequences ; for exuberance of health, like
zance to prosecute and give evidence against the over.rich soil becomes rank, and prone to the pro
prisoners that are or shall be in the Jail of the duction of weeds, if care is not taken to have it
of tlm Cnur nf Common ? mas nf llin rinnnlv
r r .1 i . c a. i r Irom a pile of complimentary epistles lorwarded
of Monroe, for the benefit of tho Act made for t0 B p'eters by tful physicianSj touching the
the relief of insolvent Debtors, and that the efficacv of his nills. He feels proud and m-ate-
keep it before the people.
OCt. Joseph JPriestly Peters'
are dail effecting some of the most astonishing
and wondcrlul cures that have ever been known,
the town and country are filled with their praise,
the Palace and Poor-house alike echo with their vir-
tues in aU dimates and under aU temperatures
thcy stiU retain tmr wonaerjul virtues.
Breathes there the man who may not be occa-
sasionally benefited by the use of Peters' Pills 1
N? assuredly not ; for the human frame, like any
other structure, will fall into confusion and rum,
if neglected; but, by the aid of medicine judi-
ciousy 1edj it Enabled to preserve a heal-
thy and even tone: and it is the firt of well-tested
public opinion, that Dr. Peters' pills are the me
dicine of medicines in the prevention or cure of
;c ;,w,vintii t
is suffered to run riot without correcting laxatives,
i . j - - ji-tr --, r -r- ,
judiciously moderated.
Hut healthy men have an antipathy to the very
name ol medicine;: And no wonder, lor nineteen
twentieths o'f all the medicines in the world com
mence operations by making the people very sick,
whom it was intended they should make very well;
and thus in most cases the cure is considered rather
worse than the disease. But Dr. Peters' Pills ia
the celebrated and particular exception to this al
most universal rule. In them there is no gripe,
no nausea, no sickness of any kind; nay, they are
absolutely very pleasant to the taste, and rest as
quietly on the stomach as so many confits of green
peas, even when their operations are as sudden and
effective, as if they were as disagreeable and as
sickening as an old fashioned bolus. Thus the
man who uses Peters' Pills, and where is the
man that does not use them l expels headaches,
fevers, blue devils, blotches, pimples, &c. &c. and
makes his blood course as limpid and as gently
through his veins as a mountain rivulet, without
having put himself to any more inconvenience in
taking the medicine than he would have done in
swallowing so many black currants.
Should ladies take Dr. Peters' Pills 1 Doubt
lessly they should, for they not only assure them
of health, complacency ol spirits, and every bod-
ily comfort, but through their miraculous agency
in the purification of the blood, speedily remove
every imng pertaining io narsnness, pimpies, or
casual scurvy, irom inc uesn, ammaies xne eye,
and gives an elasticity and a vigor to the limbs,
and the general carriage ; and hence, when you
sce a lady witn a cneeK oi velvet soitness, a pure
lily and carnation complexion, and an easy & grace
ful bearing, the general inference to be drawn is,
that she is her own physician, and very particular
m the choice ot her medicine ; and the especial
one, that she is a patron ol Peters Pills
novelists, editors, machinists, and men of genius'
Leaving health out of the question, should poets,
and science in general, patronise Peters' Pills ? winch sound health, can be established, hun
Unquestionably, for tho vigor which they impart dreds of individuals have become convinced of
to the frame, exercises a most wholesome influ-
ence upon tne intellect : ana tne writer oi tms
feels justified in saying, that any person about to
carry out an idea, whether of composition or m-
vonftnn will hntn o mni-fl liimH iinrlarctnnr innr rf
his subject, and think better and more to the point
on it, alter he has vivified his system by a dose of
from one to four of Peters' pills- Persons in bu-
siness, merchants, store keepers, clerks, specula-
tors, &c. will derive great advantage from them
on the same principle; for if the mind is not buoy-
ant, no man can attend to the usual pursuits of
, -r ' 3 . , l, ,
life with due perspicuitv, judgment, and pleasure
nnH thr i nnthina in thp wnrlH. at lpnct ihnt
been ever discovered, so efficient in brightening
the faculties, and freeing them from participating
in the languor, decay, and imperfectibilty of their persons, after the usual scientific skill of .phy
mortal abode as Dr. Peters' pills. sicians have consoled them with the assurance
To what may be attributed these singular and that they could do no more. The properties of
wonderful eflccts Why, to their mysterious and these pijjs aJ anti.biiious and aperient medicine
inevitable action upon the chyle, and that particu- :..hj. n ,1, j
lar region of the system whence the living fluid is
generated; for thus they do not only purify the them their virtues surpass all eulogy, and must
blood, but create pure blood, the issue of which is bo used to be appreciated. The weak and del
healthy veins, arteries, and other functions, unob- icate will be strengthened by their use. not by
scured vision, firm and pulpy flesh, smooth and
clear sKin, ana tne consequent ouoyancy oi nearr,
feeling, and action. In short, whether we take
them as a matter of health, business, feeling, or
personal appearance, there is none of us should
leave our houses without a regular supply of Pe-
ters Pills.
More than six millions of boxes of these cele-
brated pills have been sold in the United States, DR. BRANDRETPI'S Office in Philad el
Canada's, Texas, Mexico, and the West Indies, phia for the sale of his Pills, is No. S. North
since January 1835. The certificates that have
upwards of 500 of which are from 'regular prac-
tising physicians who are the most competent
judges of their merits
The following are but a few taken at random,
Uicacv ot his mils, lie leeis proud and irrate
ful in being able to lay such documents before the
Ncio Orleans, April 24, 1837.
Dear Sir As an old classmate of yonrs in Yale
college. 1 take the liberty ol opening a correspon
I learn that you aro making a fortune by the sale
of your pills, which I trust is the case as I am ful
ly aware that through them vOu aro conferring a
great uiessing on the public.
J myselt am among those who have boon pecul-
larlv "enchtcd by their use. Since my arrival
hf3r0 1 bad been subject to sovere bilious attacks,
which had nearly brought me to the grave, but
Cahd 1 acknowledge it with Gratitude,) a few box-
f i . 1 T I
"a u u" compimoiy lu&uuwu x
wuiuu uuu mat ineir eueci upon oii;k huuuuuhu
ouu suur siouiuou is aunosi uimttuwua.
With sentiments of estoem,
Clarkcsville, Mecklenlerg Co., Va.,Feb. 7, 1837
Dear Sir. I embrace this opportunity of ex
pressing to you my pleasure at the unrivalled suc
cess of vour pills in this section ol the country,
It is the general fault of those who vend patent
medicines to $ay too raucn in tneir iavor ; but in j
regard to your pills I am firmly persuaded that
they deserve far more praise than you seem in
clined to give them. Six months ago they were
scarcely known here, and yet at present there is
no other medicine that can compare with them ii
popularity. In Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, de
rangement of the Jiiliary organs, and obstinate
constipation of the bowels, I know of no aprricnt
more prompt and efficacious; and I have had con
siderable experience in all these complaints
I would add that their mildness and certainty of
action render them a safe and efficient purgative
for weekly individuals; and that they may be giv
en at all times without apprehension of any of
those injurious consequences which so frequently
attend the application of calomel, or blue pill. On
the whole 1 consider your Vegetable Pills an in
valuablo discovery. Very respectfully,
Charlotte, N. C, January 1, 1S37
Deat Sir 1 have made frequent use of your
pills in the incipient stage of Bilious Fever, and
obstinate constipation of the bowels; also in tho
enlargement of the -Spleen, Chronic Diseases of
the Liver, Sick Headache, General Debility, and
in all cases have found them to be very effective.
J D. BOYD, M. D.
Mecklenlerg Co., Va., February 7. 1837.
Having used Dr. Peters' Pills in iny practice
for tho last twelve mouths. 1 take pleasure in giv
ing my testimony of their good effects in cases of
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Bilious Fevers, and
otber diseases, produced by inactivity of the liver.
They are a safe and mild aperient, being tho
best article of the kind I have ever used.
Extract of a letter by Dr. Joseph Williams, of Bur
lington, Vt. July 9, 1837.
"I cordially recommend Peters' Fills as a mild
ly effective, and in no case dangerous family me
dicine. They are peculiarly influential in cos
tiveness and all the usual diseases of the digestive
Extract of a letter from Dr Edward Smitht of Mon
treal, U. C. September, 29, 1836
" I never knew a single patent medicine that I
could put the slightest confidence in but Dr Peters'
Vegetable pills, which are really a valuable dis
covery. I have no hesitation in having it known
that I use them extensively in my practice, for all
complaints, (and they are not a few,) which have
their source in the impurity of the blood."
Extract of a letter from Dr Pye, of Quebec, L- C,
March G, 1837
" For bilious fevers, sick headaches, torpidity of
the bowels, and enlargement of the spleen, Dr re-
ters' pills are an excellent medicine.
Those who have used these valuable Pills in this
State, crive them the preference to all other kind.
Prepared by Joseph Priestly Peters, M. D. in-
ventor and sole proprietor, iNo. 129 Liberty street,
jsew York,
These Valuable Pills can be obtained of Doct
Samuel Stokes and J. D. & C Malvin's, Strouds-
burg, only agents for Monroe county
Stroudsburg, October 23, 1840.
The principle of purifying the body by purg
ing with vegetable physic is becoming more and
mof e understood as the only sensible method by
this doctrine, and are daily acknowledging tho
practice to be the best ever discovered. Now
is the unhealthy season when our bodies ar
,. w fa ff ' d . h fl. d .
the the s,ae f the stomach and uowels
ue iiuuuueu iu, uecause on uie neauny
state of those organs depends the healthy stato
of the general system; and every one will see at
once, if the general health be bad while that re-
mains locaj ujsease cannot be cured.
Aii ,i m.,i; a ,i,ot - --, ,n
All tne medicine that is requisite to restore
, , rl . n j 7, Tr
the body to a state ofhcalth is Brandreth s Veg-
etabe Universal Pills, which have performed
cures upon thousands of helpless and hopeless
bracing but by removing the cause of weakness,
the gross and corrupt humors of tho body,
rAm,ir rntr in dtVt nr r f
u-AJ xL; A;t; u
kin . Plam directions accompany each bor,
3? mai every one is ins own coiiipeient pnysi-
cian. ixeiuoinuei, uuuo aru genuine suiu oy
Ejehth street.
Agents for Monroe and Pike Counties are at
e following places.
Stroudsburgh, RICHARD S. STAPEES.
New Marketville, TROXEL & SCHOCH.
Dutottsburg, LUKE BRODHEAD,
Bushkill, PETERS & LABAR.
Dingsman's Ferry, A. STOLL & Co.
Observe, no pills are genuine sold under thj
name of BrandretlCs in Monroe or Piko coun
tics, except those sold by the above agents.
October 16, 1S40. ly,
The partnership of the underMLrned hereto
fore trading under tho firm of Henry, Jor
dan & Co., was dissolved bv mutual consent
on the 29ih of August last.
John Jordan, Jr. & John F. AVollk, tv '
of the late partners aro dulv authorrnd tn :,.
me name oi tne late firm m the settlement if
.i t i . . .-f " 1
their business.
Stroudsburg, Nov. 2, 1810.
3 boxes Box Raisins, just received and for salv
stroudsburg, Aug. 14, 1840.

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