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Dr. Sherman's Lozenges
HAVE BEEN SOLD in the United States,
Mexico, West Indies, Great Britain and
throughout the WORLD, in the Year 1843.
Hundreds and Thousands bless the day they were
induced by the persuation of a friend, to try Sher
man's Lozenges.
. Onondaga, May 18, 1813.
Dr Sherman: Dear Sir As 1 most ardently de
sire.to benefit my fellow men, especially those who
are the unhappy victims of that dreadful disease,
Consumption, 1 will relate, for their consideration,
the astonishing effect of your Cough Lozenges.
On the night uf July 5, 1840, 1 was attacked with a
violent cough, which threatened my speedy death.
Under the advice of two very excellent physicians,
DisParkes and Rose, I was so far relieved as to
be able to ride out, and once I attempted to preach.
1 rode 20 miles, to Cazeuovia, to attend the ses
sion of our Conference, which continued about ten
days. 1 was able to attend the session every day
for a few hours by confining myself the rest of my
time to my bed. The Fathers in the Gospel told
" me I ought to arrange my wordly affairs and pre
pare for a speedy death, and consequently put me
on the superanuatcd list. Very fortunately, and 1
may say providently, 1 heard of your Lozenges,
and was prevailed upon to try them, and to my ut
ter astonishment, after taking three one day, they
allayed the violent attacks of coughing, and ena
bled me to sleep for hours together, which I could
nut do before. 1 continued to improve under their
use for several weeks, when 1 considered myself
well, and able to resume my duties as a minister
of the Gospel of our i-aviour. How many will
mx)1i enter the gloomy vale of death, that might
long be a blessing to the world and a comfort to
their friends", if they could obtain your medicines!
May Providence favor your efforts until every fam
ily in the civilized world can procure your medi
cine, which I consider the most valuable ever dis
covered by the medical faculty. In conclusion,
may God bless you and prolong your life for use
fulness to suffering humanity. Accept my inex
pressible 'gratitude, for to you and your medicine,
through Divine blessing, 1 owe my life.
Minister of the Gospel
Spitting of llloodj
Night sweats and pain in tiie Side.
Jonathan Haworth, Esq. the well known Tem
perance Lecturer, was attacked with a cold from
sleeping in damp sheets, in the winter of 1811. He
neglected it at first, but soon found it assuming a
somewhat alarming aspect, and then reported to
the various remedies usually recommended for lung
complaints. When one tiling failed he tried an
other, until he had exhausted his patience and the
whole catalogue of remedies. His cough was al
most incessant, so that he could get little or no
sleep attended with pain in his side, spitting of
blood, night sweats, and all the usual' symptoms of
Consumption. While at Rome, (N Y) he felt that
his end was nigh that in that place he must soon
end his journey of life. Providentially, a lady
who visited him advised a trial of Dr Sherman's
Cough Lozenges. He accordingly sent and got a
box, and the first dose gave him more relief than
all the other medicines he used before. By the
time he had taken one small box, he was able to
start for the city of .New York, and in three weeks'
time he was perfectly restored to his usual health.
He often announces-the fact to his hearers, when
lecturing on Temperance, and says he owes his
life to Dr Sherman's Lozenges
From the Cincinnati Daily Times, of Jan. 4th 1S14.
Couglis The variableness of the weather this :
winter has caused an unusual number of persons
to be afflicted by colds and coughs scarcely a
family has escaped; and with many, carelessness
In attending to a cough, has laid the foundation for
consumption. Our family has not escaped the
general affliction, but owing to a remedy, used
lor the first time, they were speedily cured. Sher
man's Cough Lozenges, which we were induced
to try, proved what they are represented to be, and
affected a cure in a Jew days of a troublesome
cough, which appeared so deeply seated that
eemed doubtful if -it could he removed at all. j
"We have not written the above as a puff, but as ;
facts which the community should know. G F.
Thomas, No 147 Main street, is the sole agent in
this city
Thousands upon thousands have gone down to
graves from Marasmus, or a wasting away of the j
body, Epilepsy, Fits, St Vitus' Dance, Locked
Jaw, A poplexy, Mania, Dropsy in the Head, Pal
sv, Consumption, Pleurisy, Dysentery, Convul
' sums, and many other supposed apparent diseases; I
and many have suffered for years and years, and j
have been doctored for some imaginary complaint;
without the least relief; and others are still suffer
ing, when all the trouble arises from worms, and
worms alone, wnich are entirely overlooked, and
- when the proper treatment would have saved their
lives, and restored them to health. Every obser
vant mother cannot but see and admit the truth ;
but still many physicians shut their eyes to that
all-impoitant cause of disease.
Persons of all ages and sexes, from the tender
infant at the breast to old age, are all liable to be
afflicted with worms. Many a person has suffered
his whole life from them, and never suspected' it.
Different kinds of worms inhabit different parts of
the body ; but a long dissertation on their particu
lar locality, origin,&c. is superfluous and unneces
sary, long as a proper, safe and certain remedy
is at hand. That is all the public wants or cares
for. The sale of over two millions of boxes of
Sherman's Worm Lozenges, in less than fiveyears,
jilaces their reputation far above all other 'worm
Evidence of the Wonderful Virtues of Sherman's
Dr Ryan, Druggist, corner Bowery and Prince st.
was applied to for advice, by a man who looked
like a 'living skeleton : he said that in early life
he had been remarkably hearty and robust, but for
the last four years he Jiad been gradually wasting
away, till his coat would wrap twice around him.
He had suffercd.all but death, audliad been under
the care of nine different physicians, and not one
,of them had done him any good, neither could they
! tell what ailed him.
He said that his appetite .was so good that he
could hardly eat enough; he suffered from palpita
tion of the heart, pain and occasional numbness of
Jus limbs, and always lelt fatigued; .shooting pains
in apd a constant desire to pass something com
his bowels, and darting pains in different parts of
J his body; gnawing sensation at the stomach, slight
chills and flashes of heat, drowsiness and dizzi-
IIUSS, inglitlul UlUUUIb, itliu su iiiiociuiiic nao Jit;
that he had rather die than live. Dr R. told him
that he had worms, and he could cure him. The
man shook his head, and said it was impossible,
but he would try; so the Dr gave him a box of
Sherman's Worm Lozenges, and told him to take
them according to the printed directions accompa
nying them. He returned in three days, and said
he felt like a new being that the first dose bro't
away a tapeworm 70 or 80 feet long, and the sec
ond dose brought away 28 feet more. Thus two
doses of Sherman's Worm Lozenges effected a
cure; and although but a few months have elapsed,
he is now as fat and hearty as he ever was in his
life. After years of misery, swallowing enormous
quantities of medicine, and spending hundreds of
dollars, he was cured by only one 25 cent box of
these celebrated Lozenges.
Headache and Sickness. j
Palpitation of the heart, lowness of spirits, and
despondency, are immediately relieved by Shei-
mans Camphor Lozenges. Persons travelling or
attending crowded parties will find them to relieve j
all fatigue and give buoyancy to the spirits. Af-
ter a night's dissipation they dispel all those un- j
pleasant sensations so usually following the too
free liver. Temperance people will find them I
soothing to the disturbed nerves of their new con
verts. The most distressing hcadacha yields to 1
these lozenges in less than ten minutes. The
over-fatigued mind or body cannot find so great i
relief from any other article. Capt Chadwick, of
the Packet ship Wellington, J W Cochran, Esq.
tli8 inventor of the many-chambered cannon, his
excellency John Tyler, J oseph B Nones, Esq and
hundreds and thousands of others, who have ex
perienced relief from them can be referred to as to
their great value
Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster.
The best strengthening plaster in the world, and
a sovereign remedy for pr.ins, or weakness in the
back, loins, sides, breast, neck, limbs, joints, rheu
matism, lumbago, &c, &c,
Jos. W. Hoxie, Esq., who had been so afflicted
with rheumatism, as to be unable to dress himself
without assistrnce, was enabled after wearingone,
only one night, to get up alone in the morning, put
on his clothes, and callatouroffice with eyes beam
ing with joy, and his tounge pouring forth the glad
ness of his heart, at the sudden and signal relief
he had received from the best of all remedies.
David Williams, of Elizabethtown,N J. an old
Revolutionary Soldier, was so afflicted with Rheu
matism, that he could scarcely himself one of
these Plasters entirely cured him.
Mrs. George Nixon, one of the managers of the
Institution for Aged Indigent Females in the city
of New York, says the old ladies find great bene-
from these Plasters; they being very liable to pains
or weakness in the back, as well as other parts of
the body.
Mr. Geo. W. Spencer, Street Inspector, was
cured of the Piles by wearing one of these plasters
on the lower part of the spine.
Caution The great reputation these Plasters
have attained, has induced many unprincipled per
sons to get up worthless imitations. Ask for Sher
man's Poor Man's Plaster, and see that full direc
tions for use, and a fac simile of his name, thus,
is on the back of each. Trust none others, or'you
cvill be deceived.
A fresh suddIv of the above valuable medicines
just received, and for sale at the Republican Of-
- O. 1 I H n
rice, orrouasourg, :uonroe county, ra.
March 21, 1844. Gm.
We have tried Doctor Jos. Priesley Peters ' Ye
getable Pills, and have no hesitation in pronounc
ing them the best Antibilious Medicine that we
have ever used in our families. We are acquaint
ed with several families in this city who give them
the preference to all other kinds, on account of
their mildness, and at the same time, certainty of
action. IScxo-xorl: Juxaminer.
More than ten millions of boxes of these truly
valuable Antibilious Pills have been sold in the
United States, Canadas, West Indies, Mexico, and
Texas, since the first of January, eighteen hun
dred and thirty-five.
Hundreds and thousands bless the day they were
induced by the persuasion of a friend, to try a Box
of Doctor Peters' Pills.
They are in use as a Family Medicine, and all
who have used them give them the preference to
all other kinds, on account of their being a safe,
pleasant, and easy aperient being mild in their
action at the same time; though, in their operation,
producing neither sickness, griping, nor debility.
Doct. Jos. Priestley Peters,
Deak Sir: I have used your valuable
Pills these last four years, in cases of Dyspepsia.
Liver Complaint, and Sick Head-ache, and have
found them, in a majority of cases, the most valu
able Pills 1 have ever used.
For Sick or Nervous Head-ache, or Bilious Fe
ver, 1 would recommend Peters1 Pills in preference
to all other kinds.
The following from the EMMINENT DOCTOR
EMMERSON, is considered sufficient
I have used in my practice, these last five years,
Doctor Jos- Priestley Peters1 Vegetable Antibili
ous Pills, and considered them the Best Family
Medicine J have ever used.
A fresh supply of these valuable Pills just re
ceived and for sale at the office of the Republican,
Dry Goods, Groceries, &c. &.
The subscriber having adopted the
&j&M above method of doing business for
EgHjw the future, would respectfully invite
QegjHfall who have unsettled Book accounts
with htm, or with the late firm of
J. H. 4& J. S. Wallace,
to call and settle the same wiihoiilauy further
notice, as he is determined to close up all un
settled accounts uith as little delay as possi
ble. J. H. WALLACE.
Milford, July 1; 1843.
"I OV'AAA Hard, Salmon arid Soft Brick,
&JAjJJ for sale low. by
Milford, Dec. 14, 1843.
222 Broad'vay, corner of Ann st. New York
Commenced on the 17th February, the publica
lion of a new weekly paper, entitled
ni l -i rt 11 1 Utility VHU UV Ulw uiwluiuiua iiiui hiujw
pr f off3i PaSe.s ocXn cov- ' u, He" I States an immense provision of literary
er, contains at least one original I a e Sketch or , , f , . , t ;3 n0 ad le en.
Lssay.ofdec.ded merit; one original Poem; a let- "ment, or field of display ; that brides the
er ot gossippmg ew York Correspondence, for c f d sUCCHe3Jful wriler8. vvhose
town and country; spirited Editorials; and re- c w , monthIy, and annual
views of all the current Literature of the day-a 'ru V hV rhousands. there are vet
novel and important feature
The Tales and other leading articles are gene
rally from the pens of American authors of emi
nent ability ; the New-York Correspondence is of
a unique ana verv piquant description : the Re-
views or uooks are run, arscriminauntr. anu im-
partial; and the entire contents of the most popu
lar character.
This Magazine i3 printed on new boiirgoise and
minion type, on fine white paper, done up in hand
some colored covers, and will compare favorably,
in matter and style, wiih any publication of tiie
kind in this country.
Novel Flaai of Paiblicattots.
Splendid Literary Presents.
The popular feature of this Magazine is the
ivol.-lv rtJctrilmt inn rf ftio jt,lontirl 1 .irnrnrtf wnrks
:i 1 i .u'ran be. and is. a co
umuuir us suuauuueis mm pun-misers uuuu inc.
ru..7: i i?t. Jc .- :
luiiuuiii" uidii ; uiiun uupv oi bvciv issuu ja iiuui-
1 j r tvt.. , . m. c nnn
-and from an eoual number of tickets are drawn. !
tPn. nr mnnv n rhe nnmtw nf nresent of.
r - j ... 1 1 ill ii.it r .v.-1
corresponding numbers. Not less than ten Prizes
' 0 - !
have been offered with every number, and among
these have been such works as Harpers'llluminated
Bible, complete ; Encyclopedia Americana in 13
vols; complete works of Sir Walter Scott, in ten
Prescott's Conquest of .Mexico; Works of Shak
spere, with 40 steel engravings ; Farmer's Ency
clopedia ; Brande's do ; Alison's History of Eu
rope, &c. &c. &c. Each of these works, and a
host of others of a similarly high character, have
ppn tl.n! flitrihiitniK in this fnir nnd imnartial
monnat- omnnrr tli- ct.l icrril.oro onrt niirrl.ncpr'3 nf,
l.IUIIilV., UtIIUIIlj w 4 o UU Vt. UlIU uii..... v.
this Magazine.
1 he certificate of any of our Agents or any
Postmaster will insure the prompt delivery of ev
ery prize we offer.
Ac tlio nttl.l..ntiril. nf tliic A form -.inn 10 nflf ln-
tended to be of any direct profit, after paying edi- ,
tors and contributors, we shall offer similar prizes '
fnr ftvP.rv numhftr. innrfias ntr t ie r number and
value with the increase of its circulation.
Each number, after the first, will contain the !
drawings of the past, and the announcement of the ; "lr ? a"u'u'uu i,u fr
future literary prizes ; and we hope, by publishing j n H W Longfe ow J H Chandler C FHoff
a periodical of sterling value and attraction, with nn T C Grattan 1 S Arthur J O Neal H I Har
i,rh n vstPrnnfmaanifintinducfiments.tomve ""g10" W G Simms H II W eld Epes Sargent
ww. . j - a o
a new impulse to the cause of literature.
ID3 Editors of papers, who copy this announce
ment, or give its substance editorially, will be en
titled to numbered copies in exchange.
Mail subscribers, at three dollars per annum, in
the yeari giving chances for fifty-two magnificent
Prizes. Two copies for 85.
In all cases, we shall be accountable for the full
amount of advance subscriptions sent to us post
paid, or franked by any postmaster.
March 7, 18-H. 222 Broadway.
XHtII" parents knew the value and efficacy
of Dr. Leidfs Patent Vegetable Worm Tea,
they never would be without it in their families,
as children arc subject at all times to Worms.
Dr. Leidy's Worm Tea is composed of veg
etables altogether, and may be given to chil
dren of all ages. Directions accompany each
paper or package.
Children sutler much, of limes, from so many
things being given them for worms, without any
effect. Much medicine, given Jo children, has
a tendency to destroy their general health, and
they are more or less delicate ever alter.
To avoid the necessity of
HivniH' medicine
unnecessarily when you are certain your chil
dren have worms give them at first Dr. Leidy's
Worm Tea. It is all that is necessary.
Reference might be made to several hundred
parents in Philadelphia city and county, of the
efficacy of Dr Leidy's Worm Tea. Try it and
you will be convinced.
Price 12 1-2 cents a small, and 25 cents a
arge package. Prepared only, and for sale'
wholesale and retail, at Dr. Leidy's Healih
Emporium, No. 101 North Second street, be
low "Vine, (sign of the Golden Eagle and Ser
pents,) Philadelphia.
Also, sold at Win. Lastburn s store, btrouds
Jan. 4, 1843
Dissolution of Partucrsliip.
The partnership heretofore existing between
the subscribers, as publishers of this paper,
was on the 17th of August last, dissolved by
mutual consent. All persons having demands
against the said firm, will present them to
Theodore Schoch for settlement, and all who
areindebted thereto are requested to make im
mediate payment to him, he being authorized
to receive the same.
P. S. The JefTersonian Republican will con
tinue to he published by Theodore Schoch and
F. E. Spering, who respectfully solicit a con
tinuance of public patronage.
Stroudd)iirgh, Sept. 28, 1843.
Attorney at .Law,
Milford, Pike county, Pa.
(office nearly opposite the pri&bytcrjax
September 14, 1842.
Neatly executed at tfus Office
. - gHE .CpiiUMBIAN ?
, Ladtjand Gentleman's Magazine.
A7id filial with Contributions jrom the most'em-
tnciit and accomplished tcrilers of the country.
. The motives which have led to the commence
ment of this undertaking may be briefly stated.
greater numbers constantly arriving at maturity
f nower. who have onlv to appear on the stage
tf nnhliivmnn in rareive a brilliant award of
fnmn: and that the nowers of those whose names
are already pronounced with respect by lips of
j wisest censure, are capa me oi more aim sun
hwrlier ftvertinn than has vet been called Jortn. It
. s , .i '.i ,i r,.- i;,. ntn
duction in this countrv, especially in the pcriodi
cal channel, exceeds the supply in a very large
nronorfion. and that new supplies have only to be
presented of the right quality, and in the right
way, to ensure a hearty welcome anu prumauiv
recention. No doubt is entertained of the Amer
ican mind's ability to sustain itself certainly on
its own ground, if not abroad against an me
conmetiiion that the intellect of other lands 'can
bring to the encounter; and full assurance is felt
thatamong the millions of American readers there
rnrdinl welcome for all that
. . . r j
American writers can nroduce of excellent and
7 .
rm ll'e premises it is undoubtingly inferred,
that there is abundant room for anotner magazine,
rmtwit lstandinp- the merit and success 01 uiubu-
;.. KmnT thiol tliora -in llO Mfl HPK Ctl
uiiuauy 111 t-diii. 1 ii U - vuiii v.uu w - -----
ability to fill its pages acceptably, within the reach
nf pnrnfnl ntir! hl.firal Rntfirnnso : and. tnat sucn a
neriodical will not fail to be greeted as a welcome
i ...
visiter by thousands upon thousands, who as yet
have done little or nothing toward the support
and development of American periodical litera
Another and slronrr motive has been the foelinff
that New
Yrork, the first city of the Union, should !
no of a periodical owning no superior in I
be the home
cither merit Or SUCCeSS.
The Columbian Magazine will be published on
the first day of everv month. Its mechanical ar-
! rangements will comprise the best of.paper, type,
and workmanship, that money can procure.
Its contributors will be sought for amongst the
esi mosi popular wr ier in u.B i-ou.mjr ,
and no efforts will be spared to secure the aid of
Un m ne f. I f t 1 1 . ml t rl I l Clint. 10
"lc uiu.vuiiiuKu1..i.,ouu., o
J," 0,l?.PUB"s . Y . , OT? ' ,
J. a .turning ecu N.r wms .
John Neal Theodore S Fay Park Benjamin It W
Griswold R H Dana George P Morris Rufus
Dawes Seba Smith R M Bird Mrs Emma C Em
bury Mrs Mary Clavers Mrs-Ann S -Stephens
Mrs Francis S Osgood Mrs Seba Smith Mrs E
! F Ellet Mrs II E Beecher Stowe Mrs Volney E
Hord Mrs Lydia II Sigourney Mrs Rl S Leon
"d.M,,ss ? z!lr i? Mrs.A " 1 Annan MlSS
j in oeagwicii, miss iiannau r vjouiu.
With many of these, arrangements have alrea
dy been made, as well as with others whose rep
utation is sure, though yet to be established in the
public regard. The proprietor entertains san
guine hopes of accomplishing an object to which
he looks forward with pride the secured co-operation
of regular and occasional contributors, f or
ming a list unequalled in this country.
In each number there will be two or more En
gravings, after such artists as Chapman, Ingham,
Inman, Osgood, &c, engraved in mezzotint, fine,
and stipple, by II. S. Sadd, W. L. Ormsby, &c,
besides a plate of Fashions colored, and occasion
ally other illustrations, so that every subscriber,
will receive, in the course of the year, at least
twenty-four elegant productions of the graphic
art, which could not be otherwise procured at
three or four limes the annual cost of the whole
In each number there will also be two pages of
Music, original, or judiciously selected by a com-
petent professor" of the art. Proper regard will
be paid to the current issues from the book press;
not so much, however, with a view to notice all:
the volumes that may appear, as to the expression
of matured opinions "concerning those which shall
be deemed worthy of the public attention and J
confidence. The aim of the Editor will be, rath-
er to lurnisn judicious criticisms, on wtnen reau-,
ers and purchasers may rely for guidance, than to
. ii. i -i r -ui:
nruant n miro iMrfilnrv fhrriniplo n tioiv nilhll-
The Columbian Magazine, one year in
advance, S3 00
" " two " S5 00
Two copies one year, S5 00
Dealers in periodicals throughout the United
States and the Canadas, who wish to become
agents for the Columbian Magazine, will please
apply to the publisher immediately. The usual
discount will be made to them.
In addition to the above, the publisher simply
adds, for the benefit of all, that the work will be
sustained by sufficient capital.
Address, post paid, ISRAEL POST, Publisher
3 Astor House.
C. W. 9c Witt & Brother, have
just received a large assortment of Stove, con
sisting of
Franklin Furnace 3 and 4 boiler Cooking stoves,
do do 9 plate stoves,
do . do Parlour do.
do do Box . do!
Orange County 4 boiler Cookingdo. , fA i
Many 's Albany 3 do do. .
D'egroff cy- ears Albany 3 do do. 1 ,
poors' Patent Coal stoves. ' " ' '
And a large lot of Stove-pipe, all of which'
they will sell cheap for cash or produce.
Milford, Nov. 10, 1842.
Sherman's Cough Lozenges, and
Peters' Pills ;
For sale at this ofijc$,
Od as
TAPPAN. & DENNETT, No 114 Waslrmg-
i. 1 nnW.sh. bv subscript
ton stieet, uosiou, - . w
tion. in IounecH jiiomwv
in fourteen montmy numucre, -
- . -.. .... .nnio anrYt number.
-. . . ... ...-iMv niimncrs. ae
price oi uveniy-uv-- v.-..i.- -
Each number to contain oenceen ju, rjj r-
rCs, and be embellished wtin inejuuv.J""
Steel and Copperplate Engravings, viz :
1 Portrait of Washington at 40, by 1
2 do Mrs Washington at 2G, by U ollaatoiL.
3 Yiew of Mount Vernon. v
A Battle of Braddock's defeat.
5 Head Quarters at Cambridge.
6 Plan of Boston and environs. ,
7 Head Quarters at Morristown.., ;
.L it.
8 Head Quarters at Isewburg.
U Plan of Farms at Mount A ernon.
10 Battle of Brandy wine. ' .
1 1 Portrait of Washington, by Stewart." - '
12 Encampment at Valley Forge.
13 Battle of Germantown.
14 Fac Similie of Washington's hand-writing.
The Portraits were copied lrom the original
paintings. The plans, sketches, and other cngra
vincrs, have been compiled from the best draw
ings, as welL English and French aa American.
Special aid was derived from a series of Manu
script drawings in the possession of Gen. La ay
ette, which are executed with scientific accuracy
and beauty. " ,
The well known abilitv of the author, the abun
dant means which he possessed, viz: more than
two hundred Folio volumes of Original manu
scripts, purchased by Congress, ten j years re
searches in the public offices in London, l aris,
Washington, and all the States which formed the
confederacy during the Revolution, as well as the
access he has gained to valuable private papers in
different parts of the country have brought intu
his hands a mass of materials, original and impor
tant in their character, which we trust will In
found to have contributed essential aid in enabling;
him to execute with more accuracVand complete
ness his main purpose, and thus to have compen
sated in some degree ior the time and labor tbev
have cost. Its publication ha n-rf only involved
extended and laborious research on ttio part of
Hie editor, but great pecuniary reousio.iiut., uu
the part of the publishers.
The price aftwed to th:s work is
exertion is considered, than that of
lirsrt. when ihe
any oilier pub-
linntinn in Europe or America. I
Tht; investment
and expenditures connected with this undertaking;
are much .-.reater than usually attended such pub-
lications, an'd it win oe apparent uuu me juiu.-.i-ers
must iely oa an extensive sale for their remu
neration. , .
The enravin s alone are thought by many to
be worth The cost of the whole work. To lum
subscribers the price will be enhanced.
Many testimonials of unqualified approbation
mirh be added, by gentlemen who have examined
the0 work, but the publishers conceive it to be un
necessary. Letters ha?e been received fron ma
ny distinguished persons concurring m the opin
ion that the work is, in every respect, richly de
serving of public patronage-
Among the many who have given the work the
aid of their subscription and iciluence, are the fol
lowing gentlemen, viz: Hons. John Q Adams,.
Martin Van Buren, Jacob Burnett of Ohm, Josiah.
Quincv, John Pickering, Francis Waylaid, D D.r
Rev Moses Stewart, Robert G ShawT esq.T Henry
Lee, esq., Right Rev Biahop BrowneT Isaac C
Bates, Horace Everett of Vt , S Longfellow of
Maine, J Sewell Jones of N C, John Sergeant of
Pa., Levi Loncoln, S Van Rensalaer ol 2 Y.r
Wm L Marcy, W Pope of Kentucky, L W Taze
well of Va., Daniel Webster, Abbot Lawrence
Joseph Story, Edward Everett, Charles Jackson,.
Lemuel Shaw, Samuel T Armstrong, W B Cal
houn, John C. Warxen, M D , James Jackson, M
D., Gov John Davis, Chapman Johnson of Va.
fXf53 Active and trustworthy men can find em
ployment in procuring subscribers for the abov
IE? Letters addressed to the Publishers post
paid, with applications for agencies, orders, will
meet with prompt attention.
Postmasters and others who obtain sub
scriptions, and become responsible for five copies,
f . . .... . .i . .1...
shall receive a sixth copy gratis, or for ten sub-
scribers. two conies
and the same rate lor more.
They will please let the publishers know now ma-
ny copies are subscribed ior, anil how they shall
be forwarded.
Publishers of Newspapers who will insert
the above six weeks and foiward lo lappan &
Dennett one number of their paper, shall yeccive
a copy of the work for so doing.
, fl . twentv.cghth Voluw. and
; . . , , . ,v, iri,,t
IS Ults uiucai a uu icuuiiii; a hiuuiokc ,......
o ,
StatfiS. It has never changed Pro'prwtOT. It is
a Magazine of
With the best list of contributors in ?he country,
and the largest circulation. It contaki
Mezzotint and Line Engravings ; xFancij Works
of Art and Utility; The Genuine Coloured
Fashions ; Portraits of Distinguished!
Characters, (by artists of the iiru
class ;) and Views of the most
Celebrated Places in
the United States.
In order to give additional variety, the Publish--er
has engaged the services of eminent literary
gentlemen, familiary connected with the Literature
of Continental Europe, who will furnish Transla
tions from the Literature of France, Germany, It
aly, Spain, Sweden and Denmark.
It has been found impossible hy contemporaries
to compete with the gigantic strides of the Lady's
Book, and they have gradually jyyen up the at
tempt in despair.
GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, is empirically a
Family Book, and can be read aloud to lha fnt
ly circle. It is also an American Book, and tna.
writings of those Americans "who defame, and at
tempt to sully the feats of arms of out great he
roes, are not admitted in the work. Constant
novelty, consistent with the character of the work,,
will ever be. the effort of the proprietor.
Publishers1 IIallx Philadelphia,
IEP Postage to be paid on all orders.
Brass 30 hour Clocks,
Wood 30 do do
For sale cheap, by
TV, a
IT? 'timm

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