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The whole art ok Government consists in the art of .bking honest. Jefierson.
No, 3
TERM-- Two tl -liars per annum in advance Two dollars
-and a quarter, half yearly and if not paid before the end of
the year, To dollars and :.ha!f. Those -who receive their
p.ipcrv.i earner or singe drivers employed by the proprie
tors. wlf be charged 7 1-els. per year, extra. .
No papers discontinued until ull "arrearages are paid, except
at lr.e option 01 we liuuors.
rtA lvcrtiseinenls not execedinc: one square (sixteen lines)
will b msertc 1 three w eeks for one dollar: twenty-live cents
for c.e.y subsequent insertion : larger ones in proportion. A
iiocml discount will be made to vearly advertisers
HPAtl letters addressed to thcEilitor. must be post paid.
Hiving a general assortment of large elegant plain and orna
mental Type, we arc prepared to execute every
description cf
Cards, Circulars, Bill Heads, .Votes,
BhiiEk Receipts, , - .,
Printed with neatness and despatch, on rc.vsonable tsnns
S"cfferscm. Republican.
The arIc-Eyd IKa-d.
A lovely valley where the flourishing village
of W now stands, in 1G was occupied
Tlie Four Ajrcs o Tos. .
Wht is Thouglu 1
In childhood an imperfect gleam,
A summer bower, a moonlight dream,
Glimpses of some far-shinning stream,
A rosy "wreath, the blessed beam
That dwells hi, mothers' eyes.
In youth an urn brimm'd with delight,
Sweet thronging fantasies of light, . .
Meek eyes with love's own radiance bright,
Soft music on a summer night,.
Hope budding into joy.
In manhood a benighted shore ;,
With wrecks of bliss all scattered o'er, '"
Dark .swelling doubts, fears scorn'd before
A pirii wither'd at the core,
A sea of storm and strife. , ,
Jn sge a calm undazzled eye,
Living in worlds of memory : " ; .
Low-breathed thanks for love on high,
A patient lunging fur the sigh . 1
That wafts it into rest,
f 1
Come et Hie Hear. -
Come, let me hear in that soft voice"
One note of joy, one cheering lone, . .fJi
To hid 'this sadden'd soul rejoice, .
Nor feel so desolate and lone;
Yet if a change is o'er thy heart.
Or coldness in thy sjar-like eye,
I'd say 'twer better ve should part,,, j
Arid part forever you and I. "' i 5
know 'lis madness e'er again
To hue what ne'er can be mine own;
Tor hopealas! Indeed'is vain,
And youth's fond sunnv dream is 'flown; 5
I feel the bitter tear-drop start,
l g'adly hail the hour to die
Hut still 'tis better far to part;
And part forever you and I.
by a circle of cone-topped wigwams, before one
of which, at the close of a sultry afternoon, sat
a son of the forest, whose girdle of scalps and
hieroglyphic marks told that he was a warrior
and chief of high honor. His sinewy arm held
forth a string of beads, whilo his piercing eye
looked into those of a young female who. eager
ly sprang forward on seeing the baubles. Grasp
ing the treasure with a laugh of joy, and twi
ning them in her hair, she bounded away like!
a young fawn, tu join her companions.
On the hill side near by, stood a well-formed,
fair faced youth, in the garb of a huntsman,
leaning on his gun. Through an opening in
the trees ho had been an unseen witness to
what had just passed, and as he gazed after her
who seemed a bird escaped from Paradise, he
shouldered his rifle and with an apparently
wearied step approached the bpot where the
1 chief still sat, who sceiiig him. asked :
j Whence comes the pale fafce--what seeks
j he of the red man ?"
"Food and rest," replied the other;- "three
days ago I left Shawutut, with a hunting' party;
while in search of 'game, 1 separated from, and
being unable to find them, or my way out of the
forest. 1 have since wandereu about, ant was
in. 1 am ill: let me.he lti it, and here is mo
A So&. J"cke.
A certain young lawyer of the New York
bar, whose ehm btars a strong resemblance to
the goat species, and tinder whose, arm a huge
j bundle of paper is invariably placed, took pas
sage, about u ytir since, on board one ol the
Hudson river steamboats. After the removal
of the-tea-table a number of passengers in the
cabin entered i rile a conversation which termi-
i I-.. ' m- . ; " r
nateil in pontics. i lie caain was ininenrctiy
As they approached the rough altar, an Indian
ni3id appeared before them ; fixing her, dark
eyes on tlie female, .in a warning voice she said
to hor, 4 Wed him not ! or you are. cursed. On
his soul lies the crime of , a broken heart ;' and
turning to him, added, " William Raymond, the
Violet Eye will be upon you, we' meet again"
and like a mysterious t-pirit she glided from
the church.
Treating the occurrence a a maniac's intru
sion, the ceremony was pei formed, but those j lighted, so much so that in some parts of it the
tones ol threatening evil long rang in tlie cars C0UIlt fiances of rannv were not easily distiii
of the wedded pair
Nearly two years, and the bright rays of hope
had dispelled, the fearful cloud that dimmed the
bridal day. The savage inhabitants rinding
their game dispersed, and themselves driven
from their early hbines and the graves of their
fathers, ever and anon gave evidence of spirits
panting for revenge.
At the cloe of.a. batlle in which many hun
dreds of the Indian race were slam, one stood
victorious. On the blood-stained snow" lay
William" Raymond, wounded with a poisonous
, i . . i. r.i..r L
at row, nv nis. siue was uie graceim luriii nc
guished. Our young-lawyer, with his. bundle
of papers under his arm rendered himself ery
conpicuotis in discussing political matters, and,
iii the course of his-remarks, was ery abusive"
towards Henry Clay. An old gentleman, who
was seated rather in the back ground, took oc
casion to say, that he had some acquaintance
with Mr. (5lay, and was not aware ol his being;
guilty of the gross and indecent charges which
this voting gentleman had imputed to him. J he
young lawyer then addressed himself to iIik
old gentleman, and, amongst other objection.
against Mr. Clav urod lhai he was in lavor of
, - ,, ...:,,.:... i. ..:.... i n2 ncar.tjeceived-r-she.was no more happy
1 , " , . r , i l ie trees and lowers looked .anirrv. Ashamed
i me trees l saw tne sinoue oi your cao,-.j , re"
.,, , , , t ' : before her people, she left them at-the threat
itn i ; el -mo. he in u, and here is mo- , . v ' " i " cu,
ney," added he, temptingly offering the chief a I" , ? . TV ,W
, , - I I tltlil7U lilil' ill, .v. IJ1UI ... '
nanuiui oi silver. , - ,,---,... . -
. ,P, , . y c i mi ,, i -, treacherous bosom, lien eve
"The chief of a "rest people will not lake it. 1 , , , -
ri....: ,. ,L i. r .t,.,.. i... i lier heart songht revcng,au-l
1113 dill,. 13 UIJCII iu illfi, uu;irt iuuuj:ii w , , , - . r . i . T"
. , - c n i,",n.; I i was the-hand of the violet Ly
be a white face who would. iob him ol his gtme. I . J
ence caressed, and the same voice that spokeilne bankrupt law: and, taking his well known
at the bridal altar, now btoke upon ihe car of bundle of papers from under his arm, exclaim
ihe dyino man ' ed, " 1 am a lawyer, sir ! 1 have examined this
V William Raymond, when faint and weary sl,bject thoroughly, and am fully convinced that
a dark "'maid 'of the 'forest "nursed you ; by the xt bankrupt law is unconstitutional." The old
white man's arts vou won her love. Yuur.ly-' pemlemati remarked that he did not know much
I o ... .
nappj : , abotit law, but thought the law was constitution
al. The young lawyer, not thinking it worth
whilfl to enter iiito a law discussion with an old
gentleman, whose appearance in the badly-
ihted ctfuin. rather 'indicated iiiai ue was a
--P-,-- - T .
The following census, compiled frniiniltrala
test and must authentic source, will be, tlf ti-v
terest to some of our reador-s.
Rkligiocs Statistics of some of ihe priu-
cinal denominatiun?. in the UnttHd S'ates. '"
1 OlO
Orthodox Congregaiion
alnts, Baptista' Associated Cal-vanUitc,
" g rjreo ,vttl-. a:iu
i -LiceuMates.)
Evangelical Ltih!rwis;
Episcopal Method!!-,
A .sociatr,
" Associate Reformed,! Go
Rffofiued. 20
Cumberland, 459
Diuch Reformed," 2Cfl :
.Gijrnjan Reformed,' l6"0'.
575,30 1
400 ft ,, 50.0$)
29.3 22
t ?(f)Te w School,) , 1 ,41 f) Ifl2p,6 lG
Totalreportrd, 17,07.?; 2,5W,?ti3
A Scouei
, . : -' . - i ' ' !-1 j
The Pitlsburg American relates: the filov -
ing as having occurred al one of the lintels ni
that city, recently:
Amongst a utimhur of others at the breakfast
peiK-ral As-e:ubly,
(Old School.) 1,617
4 General Aseinldy
The parents of William Raymond, came from
England, wiih the hopes of retrieving, a lost
fortune.: Ry their
age, had mingled
that demand but pageantry lor a recommenda-
r.Ji,,,.-..,l v;n: if c i- . i n. i ., i tame, was a larmr.r irom tlie countrv, w to was
loliov.eu ou ! farmer, arose from his seat-and walked towards , , ,, ,.
l,o f-,..,.l ii ' i i' t ' a i u i .! addressed by a stout, but talkative stranger, thai
lias Jouuu 1'.. - the aiairs to jro on deck. As he reached the - ' -
. . ,.f n - i ' it .i i sdi u u Ki.inu iii nun vt ui) uio uir no yru
e that poison- slairs ho accualed a jrentleinan, a resiaent ol . 1 i n i n
.r ci, ' , , . , . & i , .. , . ., i vou yln to run lor Governor here!
breast, blie Pou hkeensie. and tnmnred o! him, in a rather - rr r ,
I X lilt lilCTi 1
ed the arrow and .sent it to your
has broil" hi a charm can tnako yon well. , naaionate manner; whether he knew that old
Gra-ping al the shadow of restoration, he t eii:fe!nan who pretended to gnc an opinion iu
I" an.
r indulupnco he at an early vowed 1.) otfeome her slave and mink of none aVor 0 ihe. bankrupt law. Why, yes
vilh thus- cire'es of fashion !oliler if 'tmld apply it. He called, her t,wcre.j Ine gentleman from Poughkc
Mgeantry for a Vecommenda-1 ba4 kyPJ0? ?f !ul 0net 1 " d(,n,, ou knOW him'i ThaLis, I
& , .1 i asMie-ha fraised himse l-lo-take her hand,1 and ' nn nf ih Siinrmnfl Court of the U. St
1 homp
Tlie Grave;
-.ti.u Jir-:: .i i:f.-,.ir ... a K.:- l,or,,1i n,l . r .t. r rv ..r .i... rt c.... t'
He had learned lheir vices, and had uv "K : " u ' . , son, oi .ine ouprpme v,uu i . i
brought to .his country an unprincipled . hean, JunK na almost exnausteu. one ue u ;Thepnng lawyer ensconsen nmscu amopg
combined with a handsome face and pleasing tlmn" 1,11 lheir hf3 ,,uar,!' iT5eL h , o!d ; 'be .pas3engers on deck, and neither he nor his
i time come o er her. ann her woman s lieart-r,e-, bundle of papers was again seen.dsinng the re
manners. t , . k, , -t- r 1 .If .u r.. it . . . I : .
H ac m .paiArl on a mat in the roaoh ,BU,eu 1V(,; naising ueis e .tuu mamder ol Uie passage.
, ,,- ' r i i . i ii i l; j u height, Avith r-v laueh of triumph, and a heart
dwelling of ihe luuiaii. who recalled his ddoun-t ' " uf" l
0 w
ter to lend on him. When William beheld her
regular features, snow white teeih, , sunny
'cheeks, eves of such dazzling brightness as to
defy a knowledge of their true-color, he thank-
Great Spin, passes yon cloud vou must die.-!-' e grassiest hollow that has sunk with
i Think of. he while wife that wishes for you he mouldering bones ol a.ieiim. creature, a.iu
ide. See!1" ,,,s ,,arrow "aven mis me uau. uui u,s
. ploughed the surges oi the great vital ocean in
our si
it '
ed late for placing him in the way ol the forest
'flower. With his usual ailantry he arose at
lior nntratifo ivliirn lb Tft lll'in Said .
"This is ihe daughter of the great chief, the j ok cm the dark one now by-y
pride nf the squaw, ihe idol of the warrior! 1,3 ,u ' ,U4U,i"u
,They call her Violel Eye. Fifteen times the l -"-o sou in love so wnuiy nerveu m uaie,.
birds and flowers have come back since .the ; she pierced! h tt his heart, and with the warm
Great Spirit "ave her to rue:" turning to ner,
he added, " bring some venison and. corn for
the pale stranger."
. A little time and William joined the .games
of the Indians ; by his dating. courage, fleelness
ofjfont, and skill with the rifle,, which he, .pre
sented' to the Chief, he soon-became a favorite
with them. For the maiden, yvhje guileless
'heart knew no wrong, he gathered wild flow-
era lo deck her hair, the brightest p.imiage for
unmoved, ahe replied:
i ,t .nnr,f rti. Ii. tiat 1 "'tin! TvlTft lVl!l
not-give it. "You shall die ' and your, scalp! How ht.le refleetian expended upon-ye.
hang a. the red man's hell Snatching a dirk how much is ca ieu fur-by the grave,-by the
from, his ide. she,, continued-" When the ot hillock inal is piled over the icy. bosom
ill II' If U VilJfJJlilt; liUUl U J't'--J1,U JtVWI riUIIi
it in her own. '
' !' If v;c do' but watch the hour ,
There never "yet was human power, :'' ' n'
' 'yVhich,'couid evade, if unforgiven,- '
iThe patient' search and vigil long
:r Of one! who treasures up a wrong."
this Tittle den that the thistle can overshadow
! in a day's -.growth, the mole undermine in an
hour s labor, is crushed the spirit ttiat could en
thrall the world, and dare even a contest with
deslinv! How little it speaks lor the valus of
1 i
nneu inai ne utct not KiiowMmv
it was with other?, but that the most with' whuin
he talked would vofc for Markle.
1 Well, 1 know Markle, replied the olhar.
live iu his neighborhood but 1 can't xote'fuVi
him.' ,
Wlial is the reason V .
His life and habits,' said the oihur;',,rende?r
him unfit-.' '
'Why,' said the farmer, he is as fit as Sr
mon Snyder, and he was called a crack "Gov
ernor. Do you live in Westmoreland ?' u.,
' No, 1 live jusi across the line from ,Gen
Markle, in Fayette county, but if he was' ever
so capable 1 would not vote for him. "
1 Well, I suppose you must have some godtT.
reason for it.11
lY"es,' said the other, 'I have 1 will never
vole for a-coward Markle hid behind a log in
ihe. last war ' , .
' That is a pretty hard charge lo bring, against
an old soldier.'
1 Well it is.' said the other, 'but it is true"'
Tho fanner laid down his knife' and forkV
and lookihgMhe stranger straight in the face5.
existence, which man endures so many evils to i said, 'Sir, ycu arc a coward, and I will .prove
prolono; how much it reduces the significance 1 it. You are a liar, for I proclaim yotr such,.
' -it
Te Hew. Militia USUI. 4 . . ,
File frtllovrinj i an 'abstract of the .Militia.
nf both the pomp and wretchedness of being
reducing all ils vicissitudes into the indistin
guishable identity which minute distance gives
to tlie Stars a point wuuoui parauei, a kiju.i.,
an atom! Such is life the grasp of a child
Raissits Wiiisfcers from Seed.
The Creserit City states that in New Or
leans, an entirely novel ariicle has been ' in
enteil for the toilette, called ' New "Patent.
Whisker Seed. " The cheek-s having been pre
pared ny using an uugent inixed-with common
pitch, the seeds arc dropped in, with great pre
cis!, in, a hair's breadth from each other. In
about a .week they take root, and if properly at
tended to, they will begin to shout; precaution
muni be ooserved in not eouibing them too
strongly in lheir early growth, as the lenctf r
plants are very apt lo come. out. If the weath
er should be. cold,, it would be advisable to hold
a hoi uoi; over each plantation of whisker seed;
but the whiskers would be brought to a high
Mate of fertility, if the gen'lemen would wear J asid. save such as had been, his gifts
i-ommon cupping giass, firmly. Gxedi on in th.s .,The chief aw.ihe change., ;wjought by ihe
cuslomarv vvy, to 'each cheek." Here's an t whije man's treachery,, and Avvore . revenge On--opportunity
for the bare-faced community tu ' hisriicu. Soon after he met y.ii.h me whose
t ,.r if,- ,.t,n!..t.r.- tliit ilif nr.li man . -.vhose soul could not stand by and hear the charactr.6faa-
his brow, whiie-h. talked o! love... j IS to 45 years oldr.o perform two days duty ,he osieulation of a'nlarble naUce. and his ; old and bravo soldier traduced. ,. . ,
cloud obscured the heay,v.l ,he tolet , as at preseni,Mr payou cents lor tne compHiiy., . , snlf.n,,lir rastit, shlluu con. nliri,)r ,his our horo sloped. ,"
, but he uioM. presenocmade it suiishi'ue jkand 75 rent.- lor the regimental day. I h.s j w & cm,,nm hun; of ,ha, ' '
in..: Tttir. niKtiT m :rr'iiicii lit 'nil l in mn. .nc.itu uiniutu uiu .uuiiu uni- - , , , , ,.... ...,.,., i 'nsi tivtrnv.
tne prouu who noasi oi Jic-cmiu-u-a .-..
profit by.
Battle J.slrorci2Marj;.
As Mr. Compton, of Souiltlield near Lea,
V.'ih-, was walking through a field in the Pa-n-H
with his gun, his attention. was engaged by
!t ita w k. bovcrint! e h! he imagined In he
: tiiiio-e. Afier due dehberatiouhe -tiddenlyj
mule a dari at hts intended victim, which
piuved to be a weasel. The old adage, "catch,
a uea.Nel asleepf held ood in this instance ;
the. wea-fl s;(w his danger, aild instantly seized
-he liHwk by thehead: A seVre'atftigle here
it-.UMied but at la'i-t the-hawk succeeded iu dis
ijigHg.no hi!!it.ef, and gU a Way. " Nothing'
lim;ed, however, he returned to ilie-coiiflici as
t;'tie a- al tin: fifsi ; the trwgle then recom
menced, and vry xoon after the WeaKel- wasJ
ie.'ii dii'ggiug the dead haAvk lowards' the edge,,
,av hen Mr. Cuoipton .shoi ihe-'weusel and found
hawk, a 'before described, ,,qtilW dead, and
i.es. lijampshirc Eng) Advertiser.
i i.nt .l...Tr. tl.rt .- .r oviwlnncp tttil i.n(,-'.-n
- I v , 1 I I I 1 11 ' i fU ilJilt-ICO -IIV -111 "i V A, V. 4-- .
.er dress: placed h.s rings on tier angers, and o n p.sseu i.j n .a- i.eg.smmre, w men to, . , . breatheJ frum elernilv
tied his brizht hnudkerchlef around her nnck.i ?aku tHleCi l.nmediateiy : ..: ,i ":,,,,,,,,.,,.,, i,phm,! us
She. in rciuru. prepared hi'P loud, wove him' l'-AH'&a'.e exempt laws are repealed
moccasins and smoothed-the; long fair, .curls- 2 All white male able-bodied persons, from
writ if I
. . 1 . - ! ' I .1 . . A .... I.
ornaments lor her, urged hi,- (iep4rm?, promi-' missioner-.swnn ine state tai,.anu paiu into tuo- . . b , knoiv ,he.shay car-
sing to return -soon. She-ciubted iHU. his , .s;.n-; treasury ,.,.,, cass and th. law shrouded corpse must fallen
cerity when he pressed her in his hear:,and 3 .u Coufts of Appeal will be held; iwj loac;hcr "We sJj0Ujd jeach our van-
kissbd away the learvtjja. inoiie.e.i her eheck.?llar ; no muMcaliuHtruhients to.be purchased J j V h. of hun,jialion lh:ll i alTnrded bv
When cii, sheouiit. thte loni- hpot uf ! the Mat ; no boy taught lo play the instru-! q UCiJltclUt ,nighiy mausqleums
ask the G.eul Spirit lor hi j '"'". at. the, charge .l .he Commoiiweulth ;1 rcndert;J iinn.orlaI, wo
Many, moojts. passed, aid Vi.,ii 3i hiVMi nothing ih paid for encampment. XniM turn to tho harmless tombs of the rail-
in vain for him she loved. .Her heart, adden- j -4. 'i he dress iu2ulatton i.r the U. S. : Army is j .(mw and jn ' dcser,cj obscurity, discover
edt she no longer cheered ihe young, warmrsM adopted for vnlunieers. Armories, as direded ; j, .,I0,d whlch we msrselves must have
in their sp..ris; her orn.meni vre, thrown Uiynhe'present Adjtuant General, must be- pro- , ' , , ,. I1,mt,rv ol: mci. Friend-
vnied oy etery company, and no am 3 to oe is- .' . , , , . .,; nrth ln
., .J 1 -n . , . , ship forjjels what tho devotntng earlli lias
sued unless; this requihltiuu is cBioplled with, . ' , " ,..., i.1-t rimpm
'., , . ,,: , I c aimed, oivcn enmity ceases al loasi to remcm-
o . io comriouuug inemner w i oe ttiioweu . , . ,r i , niirM.fv
, i i i her ihi resting place ol a loo. lioxo ourselves
to a volunieer company unless under oath of f ' Mi. -,:.. ..ii,,,,.
. , '. , . , . , as we mav, devote our aliectioiis to oiners as
.he commanding ofiicer that such member paid ; ,,,,,. ,.r;i, .viih-n. in
i..i. i..r.?... 1 1 r.-. m i... we can, yet must our memory perish wiih us in
nually, and ihe. ofiicer has furnished a list, un
der oath, to. he Brigade Inspector satisfactorily.
G Theu-xpenses of the system lo.be paid out
of. tho fund collected by the Commissioners,
and the urpiu. is tu be p;ul pro rata !o the, or
ganised. vulunleer conifMuie?.
and you have not ihe courage to resmtt it.'
' Well,' said the other, '1 have heard" thelh
say so.' - '
'It may be possible,' said the farmer,, ibtitf L
believe you are lying again, for 1 don't helie;o
We have heard
vou ever heard a man say so.'
Uut the I you say so, but yoiuare no man.'
destiny that comes behind us oblivion! It lsj J he farmer then apologised to the oihers Jnr
" , .1 . 1 . . U .. ..A....l!... t I.!.. i.....,w!l Itn n r t t ll CtiWfltt. lt ntflili.
j:ot eunuTn mat we moralize u mu wiu cini.un m untnn wiiyuajji.- u n.uu, u am- i.
K.word crossed lite urnahHu-k, and t;ut Jiis spir
it to ihe happy hunting ground. .V.iplet JiytM
ssavt the green sod placed, oier. him, aud'.bro
kufi-heaned strewed the spot with flowers. Al
Iptle time anil he too was oms lrytli amidst
her people. The,y m'ourued but could uoi bring
iliej back.
. Wiliia.m Kaywond-on re.turiiiijg.to hi,s friiiids,
wjio Mippofau bim-at a-uelgiiormg utiltjipv;M;
no longer Iove,d his -forest; bride, .and ricirrr,ri!
ferred to her but to bdast of his conquest..-
. F.he. years had passed, and the n:e had felled
the .trees ar hack into. ihe enutjtry ; ijieir places
were occupied by pleasant handct nd'cuhiva
.ted patches. Whyr? had echoed ,the sftv.age
yell and shrill scre.in of the, wild bird, now
trje torieh of praise, and prayer:. iMueh was
changed, even the heart ol WiiJutin Raymond,
' Swr.VB lf yotr-iwouhi kep lliein in health,
keep charcoal by'lhenij-occasuthally .wood: ash
t;s; humanuriuo,tand pounded briiitslouo should
beJpu't inuheir swill, which shou'ldinot consist
Hf 'oiiekiml of food;ibui a heterogeneous com-
ptjdnd.' If a h'.ile -fermented, so much the bet
ter. Wo hawj had forty at a time, and hae
found lhai-they would-uoi- thrive so well on
'hasjy : pudding as on ,gopd swill. If, you feed
in tiiual enoke.d'or ferinei(ted, a few scraps and,
,as now for t.he lirsl time Jio realjy loved, and j refOso,sah fi.h, cooked wjlll ,ir, are a whnlesome
sued earnestly lor the hand of a bejiuiifui vvor
hi. lu ad bitten en'trely lhro-igh in sevdral plu-i art. 'T-as prpmisedr; ihe nuptial day arrived,
ami jriendar arobled ui the i.:Iagjj cliurch.-
.11 1 s 1 1
-and yajnauiu irgre.dK".nt; . urass aipl eeus;are
cheap, pieny.aud vvhujvaumcuiitd relisted hie
green pea...
the g'ra've.
, Cast JTvora Pfiniie. . fi
We wore sho ni snys ihe West, Chester Jef
fer.roiiian, a. few days ago, by she patentee, Mr.
Foster, a plane-, manufactured of iron, with tho
exception of the handle and wedge to tighten
the bil. The advantage of this plane is, that it
does not choko likft tho wooden ones, and i
well adapted to working in green or, wet stuif.
Thvir cost, is Jess ihan that ol the common
wooden plane. Mr. F. sold a largo quantity to
ihe government.
Someone was teliihg- the other day about
the.idngoviiy of the nlud turile, " yost": said a
wag,.w . Know all about, that, for 1 found a yen
eruble old feliow down in tho meadow last sum
mer, so pill that he could hardly wiggle his rail,
avid it'll Wilis' back was'esrved ihese'AVorda--' (?ar
den of 'EJcn, year l,,r-:AoAit. V
This stream and its situation being allurletl
td, good humoredly, in debate the other duyyfn
the House of Representatives, at Washington,
Mr. Dromgoqlc, (Loco) inquired whethsir,. there
had been any survey of the river alluded .to,
in ihe amondment propos cd. To this MY.
Schcnck, (Whig,) replied, there had, very r
cently, by certain Connecticut surveyors, , who
reported, it iu good condition, fur Whig. craft
bound down, and in excellent uarigabloorifer
for Democratic craft hound up; and, thcref;
he thought appropriation for such an objeqt un
necessary', as he could assure thc :genilemht
that the Connecticut report could he relied
i'fii32i;Uie Whole."
A major of milittain Pennsylvania, whf
had recently been eTfEj5tid'and who- wasohoi
o.verburthpned with brains, took it into his'lied
on the morning of parade, to go out and ..exer
cise a little by himself The "field" stdeate.l
for this purpoao wits his own stoop. Placing
himself in a military attitude, with his Word
drawn, ho exclaimed "Attention theiwhole!
Hear rank, ijiree paces, march 1" and .he . tum
bled down the cellar,
His wife, hearing the noise occasioned, iu
falling, came running out, and asked
My dear, have you killed yourself f '
" Go jutojhe house, wofnan,'r said. ihema
or ; " wlial do you, know about war. t
The wheat crop in WisconsTn is sanl'to'ltmk:
very well.- The papers are predicting a heavy
.surplus.-' . ' .... r

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