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4 I
DoctV TWnsend's
Wonder atici Blessing of the Age. .
The most Extraordinary Medicine in the World.
Tliis Extract is putnp in Quart Bottles : it is six times cheaper,
ttfe'nlesisanler, and warranted superior to any .ofd. It
cures without vomiting, purging, sickening or
ueuimaung uic raucni.
The preat heauty and superiority of this Sarsa
parilla over all other medicines is,, that while it
eradicates, it invigorates the body,. It is one of
e venvbest"
EverA nown ; it not only purifies the -whole sys
tem, and. strengthens the person, but it creates new, I
pure and rich Mood : a power possessed by no
other medicine. And in this lies the grand se
cret of its wonderful success. It has performed
within the last five years, more than 100,000 cures
of severe cases of disease; at least 15,000 were
considered iiicurable. It has saved the lives of
mure than 5,000 children during the two past sea
sons. 1
J 0,000 cases of General Debility and want of
Nrrvous Energy.
Dr .Townsfind's Sarsaparilla invigorates the
whole M'siem .permanently. To those who have
lost their mhsouiar energy by the effects of medi
cine or indiscretion committed in youth, or the .ex
cessive indulgence of tiie passions, and brought on
a general physical'uro.stration of the nervous sys
tem, lassitude, want of ambition, fainting sensa
tion, premature decay and decline, hastening to
wards that-fatal disease, Consumtion, can been
tirely restored bv this pleasant remedy. This
Sarsaparilla is for superior to any
Invigorating Cordial,
As it renews aim invigorates the system, gives
activity to the limbs, and strength to the muscular'
.system, in a most extraordinary degree.
'' Consumption Cured
oleander and Strengthen.- Consumption can be cured. Bron-
1 chilis. Consumption, Liver Complaint, Colds, Catarrh,
Coughs, Asthma, Spiting of blood Soienessin the Chest,
ration. Pain in the Side. ic, have liceit and can be cured.
&pttttng Blood.
N Kcw York, April 28, 1847.
Dr. Townsend T verilv believa that vnnr Snr-
??Kfe:ii i i .i -i i n -j
(i.tiKta oils oueii mo inuuiib, iiirougn i rovraence.
of saving my life.
1 have for several vears had' a
had " ()ri0h. h became worse and worse. At
lastd raised large ti uantites of blood, had" night
Sweats", and was greatly debiliated and reduced,
anodid not expect to live. 1 have only used your
.Sarsaparilla a short time, and there has a-wonder-fuYchange
been wrought in me. 1 am now able
to walk all over the city. I raise no blood, and
itiy cough has left me. You can ".veil imagine
that I am thankful for these results.
Your obedient sevant,
WM. RUSSELL, 65-Catherine-stl
, This is only one Nof more than four thousand
cases of Rheumatism that Dr. Townsen's Sarsa
parilla has cured. The most severe and chronic
casesaretveekly 'eradicated by its extraordinary
viilties. '
Jajnes Cummings, Esq ,nie of the assistant in
titti Lunatic Asylum, Blackwell's Island, is the
gentlemen spoken of in the following letter:
Blackwell's Island, Sept. 14, 1847.
Dr. Toicnsend Dear Sir : 1 have suffered terri
bly vfor nine years with the Rheumatism ; consid
erable of the time 1 could not eat, sleep or walk'.
had the utmost distressing pains, and my limbs"!
Wfro tprfv cttmllon 7 l,ivi ncorllfnur.lirittlnc nf
rour Sarsaparilla, and they have done. me morsel
than one thousand dollars worth of good. I am
mi much better indeed, I am entirely relieved.
You'Vte at liberty to use this for the benefit of the
Yrours. respectfully,
Fits! Fits! Fits!
Uc. ;Tdwnsend, not having tested, his Sarsapa
rtlla incases of Fits, of course never recommend-
d.ii,.anri was surprised to receive the following j
from an intelligent and respectable farmer in
Vrestchester County
Ford ham; August 13, 1847.
'".Dr. .TVuvnsend Dear Sir: 1 have a little girl
fcveh years of age, "who has been several years
Jw'Hicted with Fits we tried almost everything for
her, but without success ; ' at last, although we
i-ould find no recommendations in ourcirculars for
cases like hers, we thought, as she was in very
lelicate haalth, we would give hqr some of your
arsanarilla. and nrR rorv orlad we did. for it not
nly restored her strength, but she has had no re
. r j - i
turn of the Fitg, to ourgreat pleasure arid surprise.
he,is fast becoming rugged and hearty j-for which
uv2 feel grateful. s
"Yours, respectfully,
Female Medicine
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is a sovereign and
tweedy cure for Incipient Cpnsumption, Barren-
r i tt. ' in: ,.r ,un V,u f
' , e tVu;, i
Jstivpnp.:s. HiIpq. I rfiif.nrrrirR7i. or Yv lutes. OU-
structed or diffirnlt Menstruation. Iucontinuence
of Urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and for
the general prostration of the system no matter
whether the result of inherent cause or causes,
S rarhT" '
"ZnX ir. b" !
come robust and full of energy under its influence, i
t,jmtnediately counteracts the nervelessness oi l
that hundreds of cases have been reported to' ?us:
- Thousands of cases where families have been with-
outjr.hildren, after using a few bottles of this .in-4
valuable medicine, nave oeen ptessep vvitn nne,.
healthy offspring.
To Mothers and Married Ladies.
This Extract of Sarsaparilla has been express
Sr prepared in reference to female complainte.'
So female who has reason to sup'pose she JiL,ap
proa'cliiug 'that .critical , periody"' Thejturn of life,"
sliould neglect to taWii. as it is a certain preven
tive for any of the numerous and hurrible diseases
to which .females are sublebt at this 'time -toflifel
ihelethate frame, wh.ch is the great cause 4 Fraines.wiihonrex, concave, periscopie, hlue,
Banenness. It will not be expected of us, in. ca-. ' r,, ,, ! . , ' ,. .
r 4 . f 'i 4'r : 1 grey and green Glasses, to wh eh he would in-
ses of so delicate a nature, to exhibit certificates to 3 . , . , . .
oficures -performed but we can assure the afflicted v,te Pncular attention-. .o charge for shoeing'
oix Lectures on Oauses, .prevention aim
Cure of Consliriipiion, Asthma; Diseases of the
Heart, ahd all Female Diseases, 234 pages, 28
engravings. Paper 50 cts. ; abound 75 cis.
Mail to any part postage 9 l-2x:ts.
Shoulder Braces and Chest Expanders, $2
Mail to any pari, 50 cts. postage. Inhaling
J ubes; Silver, S3, by mail, letier posiage,
Abdominal Supporters, perfect, $8 (o S 10, for
all Ruptures, Falling of the Bowels and Womb
and Weak Back and Chest ; sent by Express
everywhere. For Braces or Supporters, or
Rupture Supporters, give height from head lb
foot, and circumference of person next the sur
face, just above the hips. If Rupture, mention
which iide. Agents wanted for ihe sale of the
above goods. Address Dr. S. S. FITCH, 707
Broadway, New York, post paid.
Match 16. l'848.--ly.
A History of 8Iic Revolution and JLivos
of liie Heroes of iBie War of
An elegant volume with IS fine Steel Plate's, and nearly 200
i., iiriii iua.,1 i;....n.t..
"This is a splendid book. A valuable nd
dinon to the Historic Literature of our country
We are much mistakenif it does not take rank
with the works of Irving'and Prescott." Fank-
ford Hcarald.
It surpases any similar work yet offered to
the American public. Neat s Gazette.
'It may be properly considered a popularised
r-r - .
Military HMory ol the Revolution, extremely
well and judicious written." N. American.
The present work on the devolution and its
Heroes, is Miperior, both in extent and design
to any mat has heretofore come under our 110
tice." Inq.
A well connected History of that eventful
period, Ledger.
t. T Ml . .1 t T T . f
"ueciutv ine oesi nopuiar mstorv at tne
XVar of the Revolution and its Heroes, thaaias
yet been given to the country." Saturday
Evening Post. 1
AGENTS WANTED to canvass for the
above elegant Work, in' every county and town
in the United otates, to whom the most liberal
inducements will be offered. ?rice only S3.
' Address (post-paid) WM. A. LEARY. ,
No. 158 North Second St.
May 25, 184?. 3m. Philadelphia.
Nsw York & Erie Rail-Roiid
From may 1, 1S48 until further
from the font of Duane treet, at 7 o'clock a.
at. ana 4 o clock, p. m. lor r'lermoni, tflauveli-
ville, Clarkstown, Spring Valley, Monsey, Ram-
apo Monroe Works, Turners, Monroe, Oxford,
Chesier, Gnhhen, NewHampton, Middlelown,
Howells, Oiisville, and Port Jervis.
For New York and intermediate places, leave
PORT JERVIS at 6 a. m., and at 3 p. m., Oiis
ville at G 35 a. 31., and" 3 35 p.' 31., Aiddletown
at 7 a. 3r., and 4 p. 31., Goshen at 7 20 a-, si.,
and 4 20 p; 3!., Chester at 7 1-2 a. ji., and 4
1-2 p. M.
Uj3 All5 Baggage at the risk of the owner,
unless put in charge of the Baggage Masters.
Fifty lbs of personal baggage allowed to each
passenger. No Freight taken by the Passenger
FOR- FREIGHT Leave New York at 5
,),c,ork P. M , per Barges Samuel ftlarsh. Hehry
Suydam jr. and Dunkirk. Leave Port Jervis at
9 a. ji', Oiisville at 10 a. ji., Middleiewn at
,11 a. jii, Goshen at 12 M: and Chester at-' 12
1:2 M.
MILK will betaken rrioming' and evening
liy trams rufining expressly for that purpose.
H. C. SEYMOUR, Sup't.
Piermont, Mav 4. 1848, if.
Eastoja and' MHford Mafl.IiSIie,-
Passengers in this line will leave Joseph
n t . r , t-.. , t
n agexbuch s inn, sign oi me tsiacK tiorse,
Eaton, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday,
passing through the following places, viz:
Richmond, Centreville, Williamsburg, Dills'
Fertyf, Delaware Wattrr Gap, Dutotsburg,
Str6udshurg. Bushkill, and Diijgman's Ferry,
and arrive in Mllford the same day: Distance
00 miles. Returning, leave Samuel Diinmick's
Hoiel. Milford, every Tuesday, Thursday and
Sattirdav, and arrive in Easion the same day.
-i . u ;
"tare from Eastoti to Sfroudsburg, Si 25
V;. " Mjlford, 2S7
N,B. All baggage at the risk of the owners,
SVg. Juno 3. 1M7. Proper.
0 Aged.
Spectacle-Glasses fitted to alt ages andsights
in Gold, Silver, German Silver and Steel
thein. For sale cheap,' at the Variety Store ol
Stroudsburg, Janta'ry h, 1846.
Attoriilys and Counsellors at Lam,
Will .aijiifd promptly lo all business 'eYitYusled
to thetr-ate. 50fficeopiWbite ihePreabyiefian
kj ii i iv u , mi uroao si reei.
' ; rebriiary 10, 1848.-J y.,.
h niw
Vive la RepubiiqeJ"
do - . ,
-4' i
' Long live the' Republic ! Long live1 Wright's' In
dian Vegetable Pills. Another crisis in the' affairs
of humanity Jbas passed ; another f"ever turned ;
the hostile, elements have met the b'attleis i'aught
and won !
A long struggle it has been first! bursting into
the wild excesses of sudden political emancipation
therfrelapsing under a victorious leader ; then
snaping the chains imposed, by the allied powers
and again yielding to time-serving conservatism.
But France ,had tasted the' sweets of Liberty.
Could she forget it No ! Her perfidious king
was, in the splendor of his povcr, driven i;2,no
miniously from his throne anil France glorious,
libcrty-lovfng Ftance, has again taken her place
in the van of nations..
Napoleon said that ''the stomach governs the
world." Nations are distinguished by the quality
of their cookery, and are indebted greatly for energy
of character to the petfectibn of digestion. While
the ancient Romans lived in simplicity, they were
invincible ; but when luxury crept in, physical and
mental enervation followed, until they were no
longer able to resist the more hardy northerners.
By improving digestion? and removing moronic
humors, Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills become
a great moral aniTpoHticl engine. They clear the
head, and by the buoyancv of spirit which they
impart, improve the heart. They thus exercise a
powerful influence in favor of civil liberty. The
energy of a People depends measurably upon
the health, of a people, and the maintenance of
their rights depends upon their energy. Therefore
give health, and you give energy and sustain pop
ular governmet.
Let all, then, chensh health, not-merely for the
enjoyment which it brings, but for'the gigantic in
terests which depend' upon it. Let Wright's In
dian Vegetable Pills be used in the spring, to
pre'ventfdisease in the' fall. Had Louis Philippe
been a' man of common sagacity, he .would have
ceded to the people those little reforms fot which
they asked, and would thus have staved off a rev
olution: But he not only denied them, but added
insult' to injury, by curtailing the few privileges
which the people had. Matter and mind are gov
erned by the same general laws. Abuses may.
accumulate in the human body, which a revolution
alone can remove ; whereas, by moving in time
the evil day is postponed indefinitely
George' II Miller, Stroudsburg
John Lander, Craig's Meadow1 " ,
Bell & Brotliers, Experiment Mills
Henry Kintz, Bartonsville J. -.t
A S Edinger, Tannersville
George Keller, Kellersvi'lle
Charles Saylor, Saylorsburg
Brodhead & Brother, Dutotsburg , - . . ,v
Jacob Long, Snydere'ville
John Marsh & Brotlier, Fennefsyille,
Lewis So"x, Chesnuthill
Remetriber, that the original and only genuine"
Indian Vegetable Pills have the written signature
oLWi-LiLlAM. WKltrliT on the top label ol eacn
Offices devoted exclusively to the sale of Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills, wholesale and'ptail, 169'
Race street, Philadelphia : 288 Greenwich street',
New York; and 198 Tremont street, Boston.
June 8, 1848. feb24, ly
The only known medicine that at the same time-pur
ges, purifies, and strengthens the system.
DR. LE BOY'S- Pills are a new medicine
which' has just appeared, and is fast taking5
the places of all others of the same class. These1
pills are composed of many ingredients, but the
two principal ones are Sarsaparilla-and Wild Cher
ry, so united that they act together :the one, through
its admixture with other substances, purifying and
purging, while the othor'is strengthening the sys
tem. J nus those pills are at tne same time tonic
and opening; a desideratum long and eagerly
sought for liy medicinal men, but never before dis-.
covered. In other words they do'the work of the
two medicines, and'do if much better than any
two we know of; for they remove nothing from the
system but the impurities; so that while they purge"
t i i
they strengthen : and hence they cause no aeoiu
t'ation, and are followed1 by no re-action. Dr. Le
Roy's Pills have a wortderful irfiuence on the
blood ; they not only purify without vveal;ening it.
but they remove all noxious particles from the
chyle before it is converted into fluid, and thus
makes impure blood an' utter impossibility. As
there is no debilitation, so there is no nausea
or sickness attending the opperations of this most
excellent of medicines, which never strains or
tortures the digestive functions, but causes them
to work in a perfectly natural manner ; and hence
persons taking them do not become pale arid
emaciated, but the contrary ; for while it is-- the
property of the Sarsaparilla, united as it i$ with
other ingredients, to, remove all that is. foreign and
impure, it is equally the property of the, Wild Cher
to retain all that is nataral and sound ; and hence
a robost state of health is thecenain result of their
united operations. J '
Agents, in Stroudsburg, Dr Samuel Stokes and
T. Henoch:
July 29, 1847,
. 1 1
Neatly .executed at tliisfOJie..
ff fl PILLS
Look at thij no Humbug Jnt(Rcaliiy.
A copy of the report of ihe Judge of Mu
sical .lrisirumerMs'aithe late exhibition of the
-Franklin InsinutKi Philadelphia:
The Committee have a warded C Meyer with
i .... i
-a premium lor tne best; seven octave riano.
The ground of this decision was the general
excellence of the piano, and especially ita pow
er, brillialicy, and delicacy of touch. The
t ii . i -t
aes niu not Pive rr emi mn.v lor ine oesi nn-
lushed instruments, .conceiving the bepalpaDle
tests of a piano to be its musical capabilities',
and riot its originality, its mechanical igenuiiy,
or that elegance of finish, which effects neither
the action nor ihe' tone, and is only designed to
pleae ihe eyef arrd not t satisfy the ear.
Auo'iher copy of the report ofnhe judges of
musical instruments at the last exhibition at
Boston;' The ctfmmitiee have selected No. 391
a seVBli octave piano madri by C. Meyer, wor
thy of special commendation.
No. 591, is a very fine instrument, partfcti.
Jarjy commendable, for iis elastic and ready
lunch, in repeated trials by different handtf
The fteys never failed of certain "ype'tfiions in
ihe shake. The tone throughout was even of
great beauty, and power from the lowest note to
highest, and, the damping was pefete rrr all
Tlief North American of Philadelphia,-January
4. 1848, contains the following' jintice;
'A Compliment to a Philadelphia Piano' Manu-
fact urbr. Our Boston neighbors know how as
well as we do to appreetttte'a good thina. 1 he
Massachusetts Charitable Mechanical Associa.
Hon, at their last Annual Fair, thai of the au
tumn of 1847 awarded.to Conkad Mkv'ER, ihe
celebrated. Piano Manufacturer of this city, a
diploma and silver medal, for ihe best seven
octave piano a compliment no rither piano
manufacturer of our city has received.
The subscriber keeps always on hand a sup
ply of C. Meyer's Pianos, which he will dis
pose of, either for cash or in exchange for sec
ond hand instruments, at manufacturers prices.
A. ZUi LC H , Agent for C. M.
Easton, March 2, 1848.--Gm
Its Works Praise Tt.
Burns, Scalds, and all kinds of Inflamed Sores
Touscifs Universal Ointment, is the most com
plete Bum Antidote ever know. It instantly (and
as if by Magic) stops pains of the most desperate
Burns and Scalds. For old Sores, Bruises, Cuts,
Sprains, &c. on man or beast', it the best applica
tion that can be made. Thousands have tried,
and thousands praise it. It is the most perfect
master of pain discovered. All who use, recom
mend. Every family sho.uld be provided with
it. None can tell how soon some family will
need it.
Observe each box? of the genuine Ointment has
the name oj S Tou'scy written on the outside la
bel. To imitate this is forgery.
Boatmen, Livery Men, Farmers, and all vho
use Horses, will find this Ointment the very best
thing they can use1 for Collar Galfs, Scratches,
Kicks, &c. &c, on their animals. Surely, every
merciful man would keep his animals as free from
pain as possible. Tousey's Universal Ointment
is all that' is required. Try it.
Bites of Insects: For the sting or bite of poi
sonous Insects, Tousey's Ointment is Unrivalled.
Hundreds have tried it and found it good.
Piles Curred ! For the Piles, Tousey!s Uni
versal Ointment is one of the best Remedies that
can be applied. All who have tried it for the
Piles reccommerid it.
Old Sores Cnred. )Fot' did, obstinate Sores,
there is nothing equal to Tousey's Ointment. A
person in Manlius had, for a number of yeors, a
sore leg that bufiled the skill of the doctors. Tou
sey's Ointment was. recommended by one of the
visiting physicians, (who knew its' great virtues,)
and two' boxes produced more benefit than the pa
tient had received from any and all previous rem
diest Let all try it.
Bufns and Scalds Cured. Thousands of cases
of Burns and Scalds, in all parts of the country,
have been cured by Tousey's- Universal Ointment.
Certificates enough can be had to fill the whole of
this sheet.
Violent Bruises Cured. Testimonials on testi
monials, in favor of Tousey's Ointment for curing
Bruises, have been offered the proprietors. Hun
dreds in Syracuse will certify to its great merits
in relieving the pain of the most severe Bruise.
All persons should try it.
Scald Head Cured, Scprest of cases of Scald
Head have been cured by Touseyls Ointment. Try
it it seldom fails.
Saltfli'hcum Cured. Of all the remedies ever
discoered .for this most disagreeable cumplaint,
Tousey's Univercal Ointment is the niost complete.
It was never known to fail. '
Chapped Hands Can be Cured. Tousey's Uni
versal Ointment will always cure the worst cases
of Chapped Hands. Scares of persons will state
Sore Lips Cured. For the cure of Sore lips,
there was never any thing made equal to Tousey's
Ointment. It is sure to cure them. Try it.
It is a scientific compound, warranted not to
contain.any preparation of Mercury. Price 25
cejits per, box. For further particulors concerning
this really valuable Ointment, the public are ref
fered to Pamphlets, to be had gratis, of respecta
ble. Druggists and. Merchants throughout the Uni
te"dState9.; '
'Prepared' by St Toiiseifs, Druggist, 1Q6 N
St. -N' Y. r. FoYsale' iStroudsburg) by
'jnSCHOOH, Agent;
Fashionable Boot and Shoe
his old stand in Hamilton a'.ren
flastou, Pa , opposite T.& P. M,x!
sell's More, continues to manufir.
lure to ode4r, eerydpcription nf
Boots and Shoes,
for men and toys ; also ihe mtwi
fashionable Gaiters, Buskins, h,tif
Gaiters, Slippers, eye, for Ladtux
and Misses, which will be warranted to fit, u.
made of the best materials, and .old at. small
profits for cash. Also on hand a large assort,
ment of
which will be sold cheap, and can be recom
The public are respectfully invited to call,
leave their measures, or examine hi ready
made stock before" purchasing eNewhere, as lie
is confident ihey will beguiled wilh the style,
quality and price of his articles.
.ALSO Just received a large supply of
for Ladies and Misses of a new style, very su.
penor, together with a stock of Men's Gum
shoes: also Children's Gum shoes. Call and
try them.
Easton, Oct. 7, 1847.
what has relieved him in su'ch a short time from
his difficulty ofbreathing,Coughandsurfocation!
He will you lwas the Ulosaonian, or ivii-
Healing. Balsam " Ask the Consumptive
i what has allayed his Cough, removed the
Pain in his Side and Chest, checked
his night sweats and placedthe rose
of health upon his cheek 1 and he
will tell you
Sherman's Olnsaonian,
Ask your friends rf they kruw of any thing thot
will so speedily cure a long and tedious Coi;h,
Raising of Blood, Bronchitis, Dyspeptic Consump
tion, Hoarseness, Influenza, d.nd diseases of the
Throat, as the Olosaonian 1 and they will tell you
No. There never yet has.bben a remedy intro
duced to public notice which has been productive
of so much good in so short af space of time. Read
the following
i Astonishing Cures.
Wm. Bond, the celebrated Boston cracker ba
ker, 98 Nassau street, , Brooklyn, states that his
wife has been afflicted with Asthma for 30 years,
and could not find permanent relief from the best
medical advice which New York- and Brooklyn
could produce, was induced lo try this great rem
e'dy. She is now nearly well. His daughter,
who was suffering from the same disease, tried it,
and was also cured by it. Mrs. Bond is now so
well that she is able to rise froir. her bed early in
the morning and attend to her usual duties through
the day without iny annoyance fro'.n her distres
sing malady.
Henry Jackson', 13th street, near the Catholic
Cemetry, came to the store for the purpose of ob
taining a bottle of the Olosaor.ian, having been af
flicted with the Asthma for more than 30 years,
and was so exhausted onhis arrival that he could
not speak. He purchased a bottle and rode home.
Four days afterward he walked from his residence
to the office without fatigue, -a distance of over
two miles, to tell of the" wonderful relief which he
had experienced from using about one half of one
Consumption of the Lungs.
Afr. Comfort, 35 White street, was so low in
the month of December last, that he was given up
by his physician. His friends entertained no hope
of his recover'. He was persuaded to try the
Olosaonian, and to his surprise it has so far re
stored him to health that Iw is now -able to walk
about the streets.
Mrs. Attree, the wife of Wm. 51. Atiree, James
Harman, Esq. and George W. Hays, Esq. can
all bear testimony from iheir own experience of
the healing properties of this Great Remedy in
Consumption of the Lumjs.
Spitting Blood.
Air.?. Thoubournc,352 Monroe street, who had
been troubled lor a great length of time by a se
vere cough, and raised quantities of blood, wa
relieved by one bottle of the Olosaonian! and de
clares it the greatest remedy in the world.
Dennis Kelly, 2$ Water street, was also relieved
from the same complaint, although he was very
much reduced when he commenced taking it, hav
ing been under the caie of his, physician during
the past winter. Although he co-ighed constantly
and was very much troubled with night sweats,
two bottles of the remedy enabled him to retura
to his daily work. He was entirely relieved.
David Henderson, 60 Laight street, George W.
Burnett, formerly of Newark, N. J., Henry Lis
bon, 199 Rivingstou street, and numerous other
persons have been speedily and permanently cured
of the same complaint by this remedy.
The Array of Names
which could be produced )f persons who have
used this great remedy would mor.e than fill a col
umn. Among the number we a? permitted to re
fer to A. M. Bininger, 102 Barclay street t Mr.
Wilson of Hoboken ;'Mrs. Bell of Moiristowa, N.
J.; James B. Devoe, 101 Reade street; Mrs tyq
Cafiree, 50 Attorney street ; If Smith,, 02 Tl'ur
avenue; Mrs. Wm. H Attre of this city,'and Mr
Archibald, 35 White street.
Ec not Received.
The onlv place in th,e City yf New Yprk.where
Sherman's OLOSAQNJ AN, or. ALL-tlEALlh &
BALSAM is sold, is at 106 Nasu s.trtjet, on?
door above A,Dn. street.
Thetvdpje Schngh, Stroudsburg,-Monroe co
James,'S. Wallace, Miliord; ?iK county.
F. Brodhead & brother, Dingman's Ferry
Pike county.
November 26, 1816, ' , 1
Flom $1 5D lo S6 50, f( sale Kyi
StroudsburgAug. 13 1846.

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