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Ti.uiulnv. Autrust 10, 1&4S.
""rr7 r BRNES, at Milford, is duly author-
-ict as Agent for this paper;to receive sub-UC-lnf
advertisements, orders for job-work
'pvments for the same.
inF"W. Cabr, Esq., of the" city of ,Pniladel-
I..,hMri7fid lo receive subscriptions and
1UI""" . .. -r .
adverliaemems u
streets, opposite the Merchant's Exchange j and
440 North Fourth street.
for president,
Thomas M. T. M'Ken.van, of Waiington,
John P. Sanderson, of Lebanon.
1 Joseph G. Glarkson,
2 John P. Weihenll,
3 James M. Davis,
4 Tho. W; Duffield,
5 Daniel 0. "Hinter,
(i Joshua Dungan,
7 John D: Sieele,
S John Landis,
9 Joeph K. Smucker
10 Charles Snyder
11 William G. Hurley,'
12 Francis Tyler,
13 Henry Johnson,
14 William Colder, Sr.
15 (not filled)
16 Charles W. Fisher,
17 Andrew G. Curtin,
18 Thos. R. Davidson,
19 Joseph Markle,
20 Daniel Agnew,
21 Andrew VV Loomis,
22 Richard Irvin,
23 Thomas H. Sill,
24 Saml A. Purviance
ITIr. SJctvarl's Speech.
To the exclusion of much other maiter, we lay
before our readers ihe spee'eh of the Hon. An
drew Stewart, which should be read by eve
ry citizen who has a vote at ihe uext Presiden
tial Election. ls facts exhibiting the past of
ficial conduct of General Cass, iis exposition
of his inconsistencies upon matters of civil poli
cy, and its unanswerable argument against Lo
cofoco measures and policy in general, cannot
fail lo fchow every honest unprejudiced mind,
the inexpediency of elecjing Mr. Cass to fill the
Chair of a Washington. Head the Speech.
! Cf3 The Locbfoco press is pluming itself upon
thetl'act that:Gen. Cass, at the eleventh hour, bore
testimony to the courage and skill of Gen. Harri
son. If Gen. Cass boie true testimony in the
case referred to, what infamous libellers our oppo
nents must have been in 1840, when they almost
unanimously joined in the cry that Granny Harri
son had never been within' nine mil6s of a battle !
What becomes of Petticoat Allen, and his cow
ard fabrication, if the testimony of Cass in fa
vor of Harrison is to telied upon 1 It is scarcely
worth worth while to " pause for an answer" to
the above question. Somerset Whig.
Francis P. Blair, Esq., the editor of ihe
Globe, and the legatee of Gen. Jackson's po
lnicul papers, opposes ihe nominee of the
Baltimore Convention. This truly conies nn
dT the head of defection in high places.
Cass the Monopolist.
Laborers and Poor men ! How do you like
the idea of voting for a LAND MONOPO
LY SI', as Lewis Cass is now shown to" be.
When Secretary of War he took -advantage of
his office to SPECULATE in the PUBLIC
LANDS to pick out all ihe lest of ihem, and
leave the worst for the POOR EMIGRANT
unless hb could afford lo pay him three, four
and Jibe times the governmentprices for them.
This is the way he accumulated his boasted
fortune of a million and a half of dollars. Vo
ters ; renumber fBel jand Speculator and Extra-pay
Cass, at ihe polls.--77t? Bomb-Shell.
If General Cass, at Hull's surrefider.' broke
his sword, we apprehend, that at the great Lo-
cofoco surrender in November he will jump out
of his window and break his neck.
Louisvillt Journal.
It is now twenty-five years ago that I sat all
night in a canoe at the head of a pond at Chi
cago. Speech of GcH. Cass.
The General now deserves to sit ail day, in
mosquito time, on a steamboat, fast upon one of
ihe Western sand-bars, which he thinks it un
constitutional to temoxe. Louisville Journal.
Daguerreotype Portraits.
Mr.. Be La Montanyes of New Yorkj is now
in Stroudsburg, and will remain for a few days
for the purpose fof taking miniatures by the Da
guerreotype process. Wes have examined several
likenesses taken by Mr. M., and we do not hesi
tate in saying' that they are superior to any ever
taken in this place; and persons wishing to trans
jnit their physiognomy to posterity, just as it is,
should not leave the present opportunity pass by.
There is is'no mistake about the Daguerreotype,
we have seen it tried. If any one wishes to sat
isfy himself in this matter, let him call on Mr. M ,
jiow at the Court House, who will be happy to at
tend to all requests of this nature.
Gen. Cass's presnt position may be very
well illustrated by an anecdote told by an old
ladv whose horse ran away with her. In rela
ting her sensation, she said she felt very much'
alarmed while dashing over hills and through
valleys, "but she put her trust in J'rpvidetice
till the britchin broke, and then she didn't know
what to do." Gen. Cass was quiet sure of his
election, and put his trust in Providence until
he heard that General Taylor was nominated,
and then he gave up in despair. That nomi
nation "broke the britchin" Abany Journal.
The Cambersburg Whig says : "The Ad
ministration folks are .peculiar in their tastes.
In 1840, we gave them a General who had
whipped the "red coats,"' but they called him
granny. In 1S48, they bring forwaad a Gen-,
eral who has surrendered to the "red coals,"
and they pronounce him a hero."
Martin Van Buren has written a letter to
a Committee of the Industrial Convention which
asembled in Philadelphia, in which he takes
ground for the freedom of. the public lands to
actual settlers, and gives his reasons for acqui
escing in his nomination for the Presidency by
the Utica Convention.
Deserters from rhe Cass ranks are quite nu
merous. In Lancaster county, Pa., there are
several hohdred mentioned by the Examiner,
and in Berks and M o'nt grim ore ry counties the
feeling among the derrVqcrats against the Cass
ticket is reported by- the paper's 6f t'rroseNregio'ns
to be very extensive.
The wofne'n of Seneca Falls had a conven
tion at which they put forth a " declaration of
independence'' asserting that men and Women'
w ere created equal. This being leap' year,
the. women have a peffeci fight to make "de
clarations" of any descriptions: without impu
nity. The legislature of Wisconsin adjourned' to
see a caravan which was on exhibition in Mad
ison. They are nearly all Locofocos that is
the Legislature, not the animals in the caravan.
JfXs'Granny Harrison was never within nine
miles of a batile.--Locofoco paper, 1840.
Gen. Cass was Hie gallant young aid of th'e
veteran Harrison, in the war of 1,12. Loco
foco papers, in 1848. ' '
A ITio mi men t to Governor Shiuik.
The citizens of Norristown have held a nub-
14 meeting anu uuopieu measures iu aiu iu me
erection of a monument lo' Governor Shunk, at
the Trappe, where his mortal remains repose.
Arrival of tile America.'
Seven' DXys later from Europe'.
The Cunard Steamer. America. Cam: Jud-
hiins, arrived a't Boston on Friday1 afternoon.
i tie news irom ireiana are 01 ine niguesi
importance; Dublfo was placed under martial
law, while the' people were preparing them
selves 10 meet their suppressors. The Clubs
are now more formtda'bie tn'an ever.
England and France are uiet,'bu't there ha'
been a riot at Dundee in Scotilaud, on the part
of the Orangemen.
The Archduke John was installed as Regent
of the German Empire at Frankfort; on ihe 12
ult., in the St. Paul's church'. The German
Diet conseqnently resigned iheir power to tho
Regent. ' ,,,
The duke of Genoa, ihe second son of Charles
Albert has been unanimously elected as King
of Sicily. ' t
. The Carlisle in Spain liave been defeated.
Six of their officers have been hot ; oih'ers
wer compelled to seek refuge in France.
The Cholera was still raging to a fearful ex
tent in Turkey and Russia. y
Later from Mexico.
New Orleans, August 2.'
. By the last arrival from Vera Cruz at New
Orleans, we have dates from Mexico to the
26th of July. Another contest has taken place
between the government forces under Busia
mente and The iiifurgenis, commanded by Par
edes, in which the latter was defeated. The
Government forces had entered Guanajuato;
and it was considered ihat the 6pposition to the
Government was effectually put down. Padre
Jajftuta had been taken prisoner and. immedi
atjKr shot.
Gainers bv the War. It is stated by the
Cincinnati papers that thirteen of the Pennsyl-
tanian volunteers, who passed up the river last
Adjournment of Congress Both Houses .of
Congress have resolved to adjourn on Monday
next, the 14th inst. It will now be conceded that
Congress has performed at least one good act dur
ing its long session.
A Large Eel.
Mr. John Eilenbergermtotms us that while en
gaged In fishing with a pole and line m the Mc
Michael's Creek, near Stroudsburg, on Monday
last, he caught an eel that weighed four pounds and
three ounces. The line Mr. E., had on his pole
.at the time he caught this eel, was horse-hair, and
only five fyairs in thickness.
Geii. TayloTin outli Carolina.
'i'he Democrats of Charle'on held a Jarge
Reeling a few days since, and u:,an'ra0lj:t,' week, had Mexican wives.
lesolved to sustain Gen. Taylor fort he j'esi
dency, and General Butler for the Vice Presi
dency. The meeting was addressed by the
Hon. Cilmore Sims, and several other leading
democrats. The Charleston Patriot say :
"Ou no farmer occasion has there been a lar
jier number of persons assembled every thing.
a usual at oUr public meetings in Charleston,
was conducted with the greatest propriety, but
Hill with emhuias,n and unanimity. If this
meeting: is a sample of others that will succeed
it throughout the Saie,S,u.h Carolina will he
unanimous for Taylor mi jf the meetiugs
niougaioui me country reemble it, Gen Tay-
-ir ....11 :.. . -l r ' J A
wu, go imp ine rre.smency wuh a rush .
South Carolina has nlway, been hopeless
ground for a Whig candidate. :rhB change
iw seems to .be-half right : it would be whollv
wiih Fillmore for Vich Presidcni.inatead of
)TThe,ngr6flhe A'VhairesTsllowcd oy
0,000 wives.
A Change Coming.
The NtfW York Tribune, in speaking of the
present pondi'ion of the country, declares : "We
believe thaw 'he country is now silently but ra
pidlv approach jig a crisis wherein a return to
ihe Protective J?ou:cy or universal prostration
and bankruptcy is iner.ttble. At this moment
Jialf ihe manufactories in lt';e country are run
ntng at a loss, many have stopped, and more
must stop if some decided change U not effc
led. Our iron-works, hitherto manufacturing
for railroads, are closeing up, while British rails
fill our ports and: are spreading over the coun
try. As an inevitable consequence, our Agri
cultural Produce lends steadily downward, our
recie floats away, and bur Banks are compel
led to curtail their discounts, and iobk out for
Governor's Proclamation.
Pennsylvania, ss.
In the name and by the authority of. the
Commonwealih of Pennsylvania, by Win. F.
Johnston, Governor of the said Commonwealth.
Whereas; ofi the 26lh day of July, A. D.
1848, Win. F. Johnston, of the county of Arm
strong, Speaker of th'e Senate of this Slate, look
the oath! of office a's governor of this Comrhon
wea.fih; in conformity, with the provisions of
thsConatituflion i
Now in pMsuaftce of tne power and trust to'
the Governor of this Cemmonwealih; by the
constitution and laws; granted and confided
and for preventing .all failures in the .adminis
tration of justice, I, th'e said Wm F Johnston,
have deemed it expedient to' issue this procla
mation'; hereby confirming a'ud continuing all
appointments made; and commissions heretofore
lawfully fnsued for the term of six months, from'
the date of these presents, unless the said ap
pointments and commissions shall be sooner
superceded and annulled. And I do fu'riher di
rect and enjoin all public officers engaged in the
severai departments of the Government, 10 pro
ceed with' dilligence and fTdelity in the perfor
mance and execution of the duiies of their re.
speciive stations, so as mos't effectualy 16 pro
mote and secure the interests; peace-, arid safe
ty of this Commonweain'.
Given tender my hand and the great seat of
the state, at Hafrisburg; ibis first day of Au
gust,:, in the year oTonr Lord, 1848, and of this
Commonwealih1, the 73d.
. l. s 'By the GoVero'A'.
Secfetary of ih'e Commonwealili'.' '
To the Voters (it' Monroe county 1
.Fellow Citizens : ,1 Dffer myself as a candi
date fiff the office of
ProtHotwtary and Cleric of the Courts,
m of Monroe county,
at the ensuing General Election, and respect-
iuuy solicit your bunragesu ij eiecieu, l vvui
endeavor faiihfuUy, jierxbhally, and Impdriially
to discha'rge the duties of aid off eel
Respeaifully your friend
and Fellow Citizen. , ... .
Middle Smithfield; Aug. 10, 1S48.
, In Stroudsburg, on Sunday last, Mr. Jacob'
Deati, in rhe 75'th year of his age;
ROUGHS AND COLDS. In all cases of
J coughs and colds, the sufferers will find a
pleasant but powerful remedy in Clickener's Su
gar Coated Vegetable Pill. The fame of this
medicine has already spread far and wide. Over
fiVe hundred thousand boxes of these pillswere,
sold lacSt year1, having been used in all ascertained
case Vhh! perfect success, for liver complaint,
affection'-of tne l'tmgsy palpi tatibh of the heart, in
fluenza, a'sthrrra, scarlet fes"er7 fever and ague,
dropsy, typhus' fever, and oihfef diseases'. This'
1 1 1 aaj ir.L n ... t.: : - .iIlv
pni is cuctiea vuir hub wuue sugar, su inai ine
medicinal ingredients are imperceptible to the
taste. To children, they may. be administered
iVithont! drfficult'y. So well convinced is Doctor
Clickenef of the e'hictfey m all specified casesT,
that he pledges himself to" return" the money when'
the promised effect is not produced.
For sale at the Republican Office, by T. Scto'ch;
the only authorized agent for Stroudsburg.
To: the Votefe bfMbhi-oe courit.
At the urgent solicitation of many persons
ftorri different paf.t of the comity, i hltye cbii
sented to be a catiujdate for ihe pffice of
County Cohiihissidher:
at the approaching October Election, and re
spectfully solicit ybiir votes. ( Should you think
proper lo elevate me to said office; 1 will dis
charge its duiies, to trie best of my abilities.
Respectfully, your obedient servant, .
Stroud township, Ah'aual 3, 1848. '
Jfcf3 Prentice's Last. A The Pennsylvania
Democrat acknowledges jhat Mr. M. R. Sute,
a Democrat, will vote for Taylor. We appre
h;udiih'KVa good many oiher- Democrats will
k follow Suit?
HEADACH. Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills
are a positive cure for this distressing com
plaint ; because they purge from the body those
bilious humors tfhrch are the cause not only of
headach, giddiness, nausea and sickness, &c. but
of all the ills" to which flesh is heir. One 25 cent
box of the above named Indian Vegetable Pills;
nay, a single dose, will frequently carry off a" vio
lent attack of headach; and, in cases of long stan
ding, perseverance' alone is Wanted iV oder to
make a cure of every description Of headach.
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills' a'lsb aid and
improve digestion and purify the blood, and there
fore give new life and vigor'to the whole frame.
Beware of Sugar Coaled Counterfeits'. Re
rhember, that the original and only genuine Indian
Vegetable Pills have the written signature of Wil
liam WmoHT.on the top label of each box.
For sale by George 11. Miller, yvho is the only
authorized agent for Stroudsburg ; see advertise
ment for other agencies in another column.
. Office and general depot, 1G9 Race si. PluTa.
To the' Ytiters of MdHroe couhty.
Fellow Citizens! Encouraged b'y numerous
friends I offer myself as a candidate for the of
fice of . , , , . "
County Commissioner,
at the approaching General election.
Should 1 be so fortunate as ro receive a ma
jority of . your suffrages, i pledge myself to dis
charge ihe duiies of said office with fidelity,
impartially, ro the" best of my ability. Respec
lifu'Ily; your frichd dhd fello,vf:citizeti, ,
. t , k PHILiPFiHER.
Stroud township, August 3. 1848.
By virtue of a'ii alias writ of venditioni expo
nas issued oui of the Court of Common Pleas
of Pike county, will be sold at the,C6urt tJouse
in .Milford, on
Tiursadi tlii ZMh of August next
between ihe hours' of l and 3 o'clocR fff the af
ternoon', t lie tfol (owing described tracts an
of tracts of Land, viz: ihe eq'u'al undivided m'o'ir
eiy or half part of the following tracts of land
situale in Lackawax'en township, Pike county.
One No. 135 in the warrantee name of John
Scott,' containing Twenty-five Acres. and seventy-four
perches. No. 131, Richa'rti Coodwin,
containing Fifty Acres and one hundred and
twenty perches. No. 157, John Scott; con
taining Thirty Acres and fifty-two perches.''
No. 139, Joseph Wilkinson, containing Fifty
nine Acres and one hundred,and twenty perch-'
es. Alsu the eqfuaf undivided one fourth pari of
ihe following tra'cts of land situate in the town
ship aforesaid. No. 146, James Chapman, con
taining Four hundred and ihirty-o'ne Acres and
.nine-five perches; No. 140 Joseph Wilkinson,
containing 'fhree Hundred a'hd ninety-seven
Acres a'rid fifiy-fou'r perches" No. 141, James
bolter, cofitaining four jiundred and twenty
three Acres arid one hundred and seven perch
es; No 18, James Wells, Jr. containing Two
hundred and inirty-eight Acres and eighty per
ches;' No. 149 SaiAue! Insco, containing One
hundred and ninety-nine Acres and eighty-three
perches; No. 150, John Lester co'ntaiaing Two
hundred Acres and fiTi perches No. 151, Jo
seph Wilkinson,' containing One hundred aiul
foriy-three Acres and sixty perches,' $o. 153",
Joseph' Burr containing Four hundred and thir-ly-seveh
Acres and eighty-seven; perches; No.
145, James Boyd, containing Three undred
and nfnety-one Acres arid nfty-fouf perches ;
No. ,142, James Welfs, Jf. containing One hun
dred 6nd twenty-two Acres and one, hundred
and thirty seven per.ch'es,' No. 154, John Con
nelly, containing Four hundred and eighteen
Acres and eighteen, perche?; No. 156, Aaron
Howell, containing Four hundred and fourteen
Acres and one hundred and-50 perches; No.l47
Francis B'aily, containing Four hundred and
fourteen Acres, and thirty-eight perches? No'v
126, Kichard Howell, containing rour hundred
and twenty-one Acres and 34 perches',- Abraham
Lukens, containing Four hundred and thirty-
one Acres. Also tne equal unuiviaeu one lourin
part of the following Lots in Milford township.
No. 26, John Neighly; containing Four hun
dred and thiny-seven' acres and: sixty-iW6 per
ches ; No. 27, Thomas Connard, coh'taining
Four hundred and ten feres and ninety-three
perches;- No. in the warrantee name ,of Dan
Diinmi'ck, containing atout Three rfuridred
Acres. 6ne other in(the name of John Brown,
containing One hundred and three Acres and
forty perch'es, situate' orY th'e Delaware River.
Also, another Lot in' the name of John Coopefj
upon wuicn saiu lauus are erecieu a
3 JuVivellin IfoiiVcV,'
a BARN, WAGON SHE'D' arid oiher oui hou
ses; aboui 40 acres of said la'ri'ds are improved.
Seized' antf taken, iri execution as" the prop
erty of Lewis SI Coryell afnd will be sold' by
me for cas'h 6rlv.-
HtOB KiMBLE, Sheriff.
Per. J. M. Williamson", deputy .
Sheriffs Office, Milford,
July 27, 1848. $ .'
Camp Meeting.
By Divine permission av Oam'p Meeting will
be held on ihe ground belonging to Joseph Al
t'emose, Esq. near the'forlcs of the Wilkes-Bar-re
and Norih and South Turnpikes, Monrnfe
county, Pa., to commence on Monday, the S28ih
day of August next. Our brethren itf the Mrh
istry and iheir Congregations in thfe adjoining
Circuits and stations,- are cordially invited tti
N. B'. No huckstet. will he allowed o traffic
within ihe disiarice prescribed by-law. which
u three miles, wilhojit permission from the-managers.
July 2t, 1 843. Minuter in charge, j
To "tlie'.yoteivs of Monroe count j.
FellotO' Citizens:-Being eiirnnragepl b man
friend in diflerent paris of the' County; offer
myself as a candidate for ihe nllige of
at the eKsutng General election. Should JJbo
so fohunaie as to be ,elricted, t pledge myWf
to discharge the duties of said office wiih ti'tfeQ.
jty, personally, impartially, and lo ihe besiVf
niy ability, Refpecifully. your friend,
Hamilton, July 13, 1848 -
oe bounty;
Felloho Ciierljr;--Eiicouragd by titihierouW
friends 1 offer inysblf as a candidaib for the of
fice of ' 4 !
Register dhrd Recorder?
at iKe approaching general election; and "xes
neciftUly solicit your votuanhd support. Shoulif
I be so fdrt'una,! as to receive a majority oi
yotir suffrages I pledge ifiy-elf to dtsch;i'riH ifi"'
duties of said office with fidelity, impHmaliy ah'J'
to the tiesi bf my ability.
, , . ,. , ,Plr3TER NEVrlART:
Pocorio, July 6, 184S.
To the Voters df Monroe county.
FeltoW'Cilizenst--EHcoiita'ah'd by many friend
frorri diffefefii rjarts of ih'e Cniihiy. 1 otr my
self as d candidate fof the office rif
at the ensuing General electioh. Shouid oh
so fortunate as lo be elected, 'i pledge mv'$f
to discharge ihe duiies of said office with' fijyl
ity, persofially; impartially; afid to the b'esl of
my ability. -
. Respecifujly; your frip.m).
Middle Smithfield, July G, I SiS'.-tp
Ttt the Voters' of Mofirbe' ctilihty.
VaIIA,.,. OilZ., i X? l . .
fribnds ,1 offer myself as a candidate for in
office of ...
at the approaching General election.
Should I be so. foriuiia't'e as to receive a' ma
jority of your suffrages, I fifed ge niyself to dis
charge the diitles Jf aid office with lid'ehiy,,
personally, impafiialljr, and to the beM of. injr
ability: RespecQilly. vour.humhlH ..Hrvant. '
. . , , JAMfcS'N. D'tlRLING.
Siroudshurg, July G. lg4g:
rT? , 1 ; ; 1 t
To the Independent Electors olr
31bhrb'e Cdiitity. ,
Fellow-CItMens f.---Encouraged hy many'
of my friends from differehliVafis of ihe Coun
ty, I am again ih'iiuced to' offer myself as atian
didate tot the office of
at the ehu'eihg Gen'tifal Election. ShowltS 7 be
so fortunate as to receive, a majority o ytiur
voles I shail endeavor to discharge ih& dutie.s
of said office with fidelity, and lo ihe bgst of
my ability. With' seuiiments of respect,
X remain yours rdv,
Smithfield township, June 29, 1848.
To' the' People of Monroe conn ty
Friends and Fellow-Citizens : Encouragif
by m'afiv of you, 1 am induced lo ofter mvsre-.lf
as a candidate at the ensuing 'fall election,-for
the office of
Protlionoidnj and Clerk of tlie Court's
of this Count?j;
and therefore respectfuly solicit your voles
and support. If elected, I will erideavor lo per
form the duties of the office myself, whh -fidelity
and joybur saiisfaciion.
Respectfully and truly, ;
Yrfuf friend and fellow-ciiizen, -
. rudol'hus stil'fff: 'l
M. Smithfield, June 29, 1!8V8.
To the Voters of Monroe' coun ty.
Fellow Citizens Encouraged by numerous
friends, I offer myself a's" a candidate for the of;
free of
Prbthonotary arid Clerk of the several
Courts of Monroe toitnty, '-"'
ai the approaching general election.
Should 1 beVs'o fortunate as lo receive a ma
jority of your suffrages, I pledge myself to dis
charge the duties of said offices with fidelity,,
personally, impartially, and to the best of my
Respectfully, your humble servant. ,
M. H. DREHER.1 '
Stroudsburg, June 22, 1848. , ?
To' the Free and Independent Electors
FELLOw-CiTiZENTs:--Almosi three years have
now expired since you did me the honor lo elect
me to the offices of Register and Recorder of
this County. Having, to the best of knowl
edge, faithfully ad impartially performed my
official duties; and as I have received many en
couragements from my numerous Iriend in dif
ferent pans of ihe' County, 1 therefoie laku
the liberty of again offering myself as a can
didate for the same offices, at the ensuing
general election. Should I ho si fortunaieas
to be re-elected, 1 will perform ihe duties in
cumhenl-upon me, (lo iie best of ny ability) '
personally, faithfully, and if possible, ib?yuur
entire satisfaction. 1
With sentiments of respect, ' '
I remain your pulic prvan-.
Siroudsbutg, June 8, 1848 -ie.
For sale at this Offilit)';

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